World Court: Tear down Israel's illegal wall

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Palestinians Vindicated

There has been so much blood, so much despair, so much injustice and so much anger over the tragedy of Palestine. Yesterday the quiet and carefully measured judgment from the United Nations' International Court of Justice in The Hague on the illegality of Israel's 400-mile West Bank wall resonated all the louder for its calmness.

Here was an international body handing down a decision arrived at after a painstaking sifting of the evidence for and against the wall. The court has reached the conclusion that the wall is illegal, that construction must stop and that compensation must be made to Palestinians whose homes and farms have been destroyed or blighted by the edifice.

If Israel wants a wall, there is nothing to stop the Sharon government building it on its own territory. But even though the Israelis have claimed that it is only a temporary measure until suicide bombings stop, the judges at the International Court were firm that this does not entitle Israel to build the wall on Palestinian land.

The Sharon government had anticipated this verdict and said because it was not binding, it would not be bound by it. It preferred to point to last week's decision by the Israel Supreme Court that a part of the wall should be rerouted because of the hardship it would cause. This judgment proved nothing because it ignored the basic fact that Israel is simply not entitled under international law to throw up this monstrous construction on land that is not its own.

History shows that Israel will now sit tight and hope that the United States will once again come to its aid by blocking any further action. The process has already begun, with a White House spokesman denouncing the decision and claiming the court was "not the appropriate forum". 

But Washington has some difficulty this time. Though The Hague court's decision cannot of itself force Israel to comply, it can form the basis for action by the UN. In the normal course of affairs the United States would squash any anti-Israeli initiative with its Security Council veto, but this is not a good moment for the Bush White House to start laying down the law at the UN.

The only way that it can disengage itself from the troubles it has unleashed in Iraq is by having the UN accept a powerful mandate to step in and support the Iraqis. Bush has always refused to admit that American support for Israel lies at the heart of the distrust and hostility it faces in the Arab world. However, with the International Court of Justice's carefully argued decision, Washington has an opportunity to make its critics in the region sit up and think. If it accepts the ruling and backs the United Nations General Assembly unequivocally when, as seems almost certain, it calls on Israel to comply with the judgment, the Sharon government will be unable to shrug off the decision. There has been a clear and fragrant breach of international law and the world's self-appointed policeman ought to find that completely unacceptable.

Source: Arab News

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: International Law, Occupation
Views: 8299

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Older Comments:
The major difference between this wall and the Berlin wall is that this wall keeps killers out of Israel. The Berlin wall kept people inside the Soviet Union who wanted out.

I am sorry for palesteinian people, but I confirm that one day the wall will collapse down

Mr/Ms Peace. First of all, post on another name, your comment does not inspire peace by a long shot. What kind of .. comment is this?"there not building an illegal wall on palestinian land, there building a legal wall on israeli land." There was a nation before the Israelis that considered fact a flick of their insane ideology, the Nazis! The Fascist Germans, like the Israelis, considered an ideological Vaterland as physical truth. They considered the whole East(Russia, Ukrane, Belarus, etc.) as part of the German ancestral homeland. When your beloved Hitler came to power he went on claiming the Vaterland that unfortunately was inhabited by other nations. Does it ring a bell? The same way the Israelis claim the Eretz Israel as from the Nile to the Euphrates. Hitler and his Nazi clique were as crazy as a crowd of loons. You Israelis should have learnt from Hitler's folly not adopt his morbid ideology. So, my mate Peace, there is an Israeli land and a Palestinian(or occupied) land. Do not mix the jars, you might end up with a urine sample instead of your favourite honey brand. Your next comment:"and why can't we build a wall for safety if people are just going to keep killing us, what the hell are we suppose to do!" Well, Peace, nobody said that you couldn't built whatever you wanted on your own land. This is the problem, you are building something on a land that was not yours! About being killed, no wall will ever protect you. Your philosophy and ideology of superiority and that of force and conquest and the rule of terror brought you this misfortune. Allow Palestinians a state, property and self determination in a soveriegn country of their own and they will have a lot to lose. As for now they have nothing to lose, why wouldn't they kill you? In the moment they had something to their soul, they would think twice to kill themselves for merely a dozen of Jewish lives. Ask me if I would kill miself, the answer is, Hell No! Why? Because I have a lot to lose!

Remember Ronald Reagan said "
Mr. Gorbachev -Teardown this wall (Berlin Wall)". I wish he was alive and said the same words to Israel.
Israel not only should teardown the wall,
but also
1)PAY the compensations ,
2)FACE all UN-sanctions.
3)FACE serious trials in the international court,
4)STOP spying muslims & apoligise to muslims,
5)STOP playing tricks especially with US.
6)STOP acting like a baby (calling US for help).
7)GIVE unconditional access to its nuclear and other facilities per UN (minus US changes), or face serious consequences( sanctions, force,boycott) like other muslim countries.
8)Should not get US aid( Tax dollars)( check out the website
9)MUST not face 'VETOs '- Justice & Fairness to ALL'
9)LOT MORE...........
Enough is Enough.
ALLAH(GOD) bless the WORLD


The khazar "jews" that are in the the "state" of Israel are unfortunately the movers of the US kangaroo government which in turn is => the UN. So what happens now? As long as the neocons are in the mantle of leadership of the US you can bet that the ICJ's decision will not hold waters even when tabled at the "UN". We however have to wait for November to see if Ralph Nader(a lesser of the other evils?) could be(?) elected. But I have my doubts!

American Muslims have a great task this November to stand totally for justice in the world. Mobilise and go to the polls, it's the only way out. We here will be praying for you.

The Apartheid Wall is how the world sees it, with the exception of the US Government and Israel, of course. So called role models for democracy and peace are the fore-runners in the majority of the wars in the world today, and development of highly sophisticated nuclear arsenals, like Israel's Jericho Missiles which have at their tips nuclear devices installed.

Of course, their immunity to international laws and conventions is waved off as the norm and their arrogance for allowing this wall to continue to exist is a slap in the face of the good people of the world.

To the individual from Australia who named him or herself Peace (how ironic), how can you claim that Israel is building this wall on their land, when it has annexed unebelievable amounts of land in the West Bank from the indigenous Palestinian people?? This is the level of brainwashing many people have nowadays, that they think that this wall is being built on so called "Israeli land". That is so sickening that there are people who think this way, that it makes me wanna hurl.

to the one called "Peace" from Australia, I suggest you listen to an indigenous Jewish Palestinian called Rabbi David Yisroel Weiss of Neturei Karta, who says, according to the Torah, the state of Israel is not supposed to exist. That according to the Torah, the current state of Israel is not a Godly one, but a Zionist/Nazi State that has manifested itself as a threat to the world. Israel is NOT a Jewish state, it is a Zionist state which goes against the Torah.

If you do not believe me or still think you know what you're tlaking about, I suggest you visit,, or

The naming of a park area or whatever in Austria, after the founder of Zionism, Theodr Herzl who was an Ashkenazi and not an ethnic Jew, is a disgrace to Judaism, and humanity at large. These Zionists are athiestic in their ancestry, and reject God's message. Visit the websites, okay "Peace"?

Its ridiculous that israel with the support of USA stooping to build the barrier to prevent the palestine freedom.This wall is the crime against humanity

The wall must come down. It's kind of stupid. It's hard to believe that the zionists could be that stupid. Haven't they learn anything from the situation in South Africa, Germany (Berlin wall) and even from America (from the Blacks:segregation, skin color barrier)?

In the same token, the Palestinian must stop suicide bombings. That's unIslamic and very stupid. And that's not how one should fight the trangressors and the oppressors. Yes, they have taken your land forcefully. But you have to deal them peacefully, not forcefully.

Both sides need to hang out with each other and go shopping together, and invite each other to his or her homes.

The most important thing for both sides is to cut all their ties/relationships with the United States' gov't. The US gov't is evil from day 1 (not the people) only a few thugs in the gov't. Just observe and learn from the Iraq situation. Cut all your ties with the U.S. ==> then you'll have peace and harmony exactly like you used to have before the emergence of the United States.

If America protects Israel with it's veto power from the ICJ decision on the illegal wall, there will never be a two-state solution in the Middle East. America cannot use the United Nations to help support its policies whenver it pleases, and disregard the World Body when it disagrees with its foreign policy.

It is likely that America will veto any resolution that would require that Israel tear down the wall, and thus the Palestinian, Arab as well as Muslims in the world will once again point out the hypocrisy of American foreign policy.

America needs to think about the long term effects of its foreign policy. It cannot claim to support justice and democracy in the Arab world such as in Iraq, yet prevent justice in Palestine.

The outcome of this issue is the single most important factor in determining whether there will be peace in the Middle East or further violence, and the designers of American foreign policy cannot take this issue lightly.

I agree with it. But the only problem is how are they going to make israelis accept that.

This appears to be a wondrous turn of events, God willing, for the rightful inhabitants of Palestine. I would imagine that any open areas of land, confiscated for this project, should be returned to productive use as quickly as possible. My one question would be might the structures themselves potentially be of some use to a sovereign Palestine?

I thank God for this news. I am so glad that the mudering and slaughtering of innocent Palestineans by the Isreali military has come to an international forum where it can no longer be ignored. I orginally thought that this article concerned the wailing wall that the Jewish people innovated behind the Mosque in Jerusalem, but destryoing this wall will be a small first step for justice and equality as well. If the US supports Isreal in this clear violataion, I believe the US's motives will also be globally recognized (to any country's media who hasn't already done so). I would not be supprised if the US does support Isreal in this heinous crime, the US has already shown how none of their international actions need international approval. I hope and pray that justice and liberation will be achieved by the Palestinean people and that every country that aspires to do evil deeds and corruption will not prosper.

Dawud Williams

there not building an illegal wall on palestinian land, there building a legal wall on israeli land.
and why can't we build a wall for safety if people are just going to keep killing us, what the hell are we suppose to do!

It is time for the international comunity to stand against israel and her stupid arrogant tyranny and abuses against palestinian people enough is enough

i think for the sake of humanity we should all get along. god created us with a freewill to choose from right or wrong and we need to stop all the bloodshed and reunite live in harmony for a change!!!!!!!!!