Yes, We Are Determined to Fight Terrorism

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Another beheading. Another al-Qaida video. Another terrorist claim that the act was committed to liberate Iraq from outsiders and another abuse of Islam. 

Terrorists are not only killing innocent individuals but also alienating people, including many Muslims, from Islam. The terrorists project their actions as a favor to Muslim causes all over the world, yet they hurt Islam and Muslims more than anyone else. They may claim to be Muslims, yet they are Satanic in their words and actions. Their long beards, their references to the Quran and their emphasis on religious rituals don't qualify them to be called Muslims. Their actions clearly spell out their true evil face that shows nothing but hatred against the innocent creation of God.

Muslim Americans have taken a strong stand against these terrorists, yet we need to do more. Non-Muslims are losing their lives and property in attacks orchestrated by terrorists, but Muslims are fast losing their credibility and integrity to convince others that Islam has something meaningful to offer to the progress of human civilization.

Muslim Americans owe it to their faith, as well as to the generations with whom they share their planet, to fan out in different parts of the world and take an open and hostile stand against terrorists. This is not a time to sit idle, issue a few statements or simplistically cite the Quran or the teachings of Prophet Muhammad on peace and living in harmony with others. This is a time to appeal to the hearts and minds of Muslims all over the world to convince the masses that violence is unacceptable and terror is reprehensible. Policy differences over the Israel-Palestine conflict or the presence of U.S. troops in the Muslim world or even the so-called imperialistic designs on the part of multinational cooperation can never be used to justify the killing of innocent people. The need of the hour is to mobilize streets in the Muslim world against terror. A jihad against violence is a must if Muslims want to restore the credibility of their faith. 

Muslim Americans are resourceful. They contribute over $10 billion to the national economy. They are one of the world's richest Muslim communities. They are also the world's best-educated Muslim community. They can utilize their resources to organize grassroots campaigns in the Muslim world to combat terrorism and violence. They can send their leaders and Imams to different parts of the Muslim world to challenge terror advocates, whether in Gaza and the West Bank or in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. They must mobilize Islamic workshops and training sessions focusing on the antiterrorism message of their faith. 

Only through such efforts can Muslim Americans demonstrate that  Muslims are serious and determined to fight all forms of injustice and violence. Otherwise, they will be seen as a community that has double standards in combating violence and terror. They alone are capable of fighting terrorists who abuse their religion and they alone must prove to the world that they are capable of defeating terrorists in their own territory.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is the Editor of the Minaret magazine which is a monthly publication from Los Angeles, California. Minaret is a national publication focusing on Islam and Muslims.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War  Channel: Opinion
Views: 8975

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Older Comments:
While I applaud the idea, I fear that anyone Muslim or non-muslim, who
goes to areas full of indoctrination in violence will immediately be
torn limb from limb by mobs.Unfortunately,these mobs will believe they
are doing the will of "Allah" and we will lose a most treasured
asset;a Muslim who practices true faith.

Yousef Assalamou Alaikoum, I beg to disagree with the non-sense you posted. You mentioned the 1990's Algerian problem and the fundamentalists. What do you know about the Algerian problem? How do you think it started? And who do you think started it and perpetrated it? And above all, who do you think fomented it right after the FIS won the elections? And finally who benefited from it and the whole propaganda that it generated? Do your honest research about the Algerian problem of the 1990's and finally draw your honest conclusion, then and only then you come back and repost your comment. It's too bad I just read your post after more than a year, but I hope you are still visiting this site and hope you can come back to your senses. I unconditionally love all my brothers and sisters, and you are no exception in my heart, despite your non-sense. Come back with us please: Insha Allah, this brief timeline will help you get started

June 1990 - FIS wins the local elections with 54% of votes cast, winning 46% of town assemblies and 55% of wilaya assemblies (think of wilaya as province). The current government alarmed and dangerously unhappy suddenly decided to diminish the power of the local governments (provinces) and redraw the electoral districts. For your information, this is called gerrymandering, in the so called democratic countries, it is allowed only in Holland as far as I know, but not in your country, go ahead try it and you will see your own country upside down.


As far as educating the non-muslim world about Islam. It's easier said than done. I have seen many efforts made by muslims to do so, if only they were given the opportunity to do so. We recently had a fund raising here in california to build a mosque - most non muslims refer to the mosque as "breeding ground for terrorist" - very few of them showed up. It is really sad the jihad that muslims life has become after bush became president. About two years back, we applied for approval with our city to build a mosque at a specific location which was denied reason being that that was too close to a school, etc etc.. and they didn't want much traffic there. Now, there is a church being build there...!!????
It is very difficult to talk to people regarding Islam, they are the ones who have to take the first step which is wanting to know, having the curiosty to ask why which will then give us an opportunity to talk to them. You can't rationlize with a person who refuse to listen. In order to have a decent conversation with some, one should be willing to talk and one willing to listen, unfortunately, in my opinion - there are lots of muslims talking around the nation regarding Islam but very few non muslim listeners - i am afraid they prefer to not use their own brain and listen to the American media.

Bob is lying...just listen to what the Americans are saying about the Muslim American Marine (Ali) of Lebaneese descent....They're (even the U.S. gov't) saying he is a defector and collaborator ....All of these assumptions are based on his religion. HE IS A MUSLIM...

Do civilized people behave like that? Why ask why? Try Bud Dry! Let me stop here before....

Thanks for your comments. I think those who
approve of terrorism as a means to oppose US
foreign policies are missing the basic Islamic
position on the issue. Similarly, those who say
that we do not need a campaign to fight terrorism
are not taking into consideration the Quranic and
Prophetic teachings in this regard.
The prophet never ordered acts of terrorism in
order to seek a change in the policy of the Makkan
chief vis a vis Islam.
After the murder of Summiya, the Prophet never
asked his followers to kill those who were
responsible for her death.
After the sanctions imposed on the Prophet by
Makkans for almost three years, the Prophet never
asked his followers to indulge in any act of
The Quran describes the mission of Islam as a
mission of mercy.
American policies vis avis the Muslim world are
bad. They are unjust and they are being
manipulated by those who are determined to
maintain the existing power structure.
However, the response to these policies of
injustice is not violence or terror against non
combatants or civilians.
My response to American policies will be
determined by my understanding of the Quran and
the sunna not by the understanding of Osama or
Zarqawi or Zawahiri or my own hatred and anger.
I think we must speak against violence and terror
if we are committed to God and His prophet. If we
use both of them to serve our egos, cultural and
political agenda, then I am afraid, we will never
be able to play the role of workers for humanity
that we are encouraged to be.

While I agree that the terrorists are causing more harm than good, I can only agree thus far. To fight against oppresion is required in Islam, but it is important not to transgress limits.

Thank you Akbar Khan.
Here's another interesting article.


The United States and Israel are the 2 great terrorist states in the world today. In the past, it was the UNITED KINGDOM. No doubt about it.

9/11 and all these "neck-cutting" taking place b/c of the stupidities of these 2 countries, the U.S. and Israel, and the STUPID citizens of the 2 countries. The citizens of these two nations must be greatly ashamed of themselves.....Let me illustrate w/ just 1 simple example-

Before the war in Iraq, the people of the U.S. were FOR the War and now the oil price, among other things, is going up, THEY ARE SAYING "...IT's was a mistake going into IRAQ".

Now, one can see how stupid and self-fish(no cheap oil/jewleries, no need to go) the citizens
of the U.S. are!

When Muslims are being killed in large numbers every single day by the illegitimate state, Israel, and by the today's savior/angellic state, the U.S., I do not hear or see any outcries or Candle ligit vigils from the "angels" living in the United States and the West. That tells you how sick and racist-minded the people living in the West. Of course, not every one is sick in the U.S., Israel, and the West, but MAJORITY are (around 99%).

You do not have take my words for it, just read the history of these people. Their past is sick. The past is always a good predictor of the present and of the future.

Remember! U.K + HITLER + U.S. + creation of "illegitimate state" Israel = today's "neck-cutting".

They are the thieves and oppressors of this world. They are after resources of the world, and helping others is NOT their game.

What a shame!

"....Oh mankind..Don't let the material increase in this world make you grow violent and transgress..."- Allah, Who according to the WEST is also a "TERRORIST" ...How low man can be!

Anyway, I,H.A,however, would like to hug the shameful creatures of the WEst and Israel to squeeze the shameful "chips" out of their systems. That's only way we can wake them up...


BOB said:
Refering to the comment posted by Rashaad Essop...........I am american....I have many many friends(of different religions and cultures)..............And I do NOT know anyone who hates Islam.....Contrary to the belief in the muslim/arab/islam world.....Hate is such a harsh word..............I am hardly religious.....I am a Christian by birth......I have always been taught that hate is nothing more than an expression of insecurity and fear..........Hate solves nothing....It is counter productive....
AGAIN, I am american, and do not know anyone who hates anyone just on the basis of religious beliefs...............that is ridiculous....It is ignorant to even think it is true.....
Govt policy here in this country like most in the world today, even in a democratic society does not always reflect the ways of ALL.....Please, refrain from stereo-typing....

What's wrong Saif? Afraid of a perspective that NEVER gets mainstream media attention because rich, fat media conglomerates showcase news in print and tv according to the views of the media corporation owners?

I would advise, by the way it's not spelled advice (they are two different words), people TO READ WHATEVER THEY WANT TO READ! The moment you start restricting freedom of press, is the moment you start to believe lies as being the truth, and as truth somehow becoming lies. By the way, good luck with that.

I highly agree with this article.....Beheading an innocent person, and doing so in the name of ones God is ironic to say the least....

Hopefully, the world will unite against terrorism......

I dread to think what will happen if terrorism is allowed to be tolerated.........During WW2, the atom bomb was dropped on two japanese cities to help save the lives of US servicemen......Now, times have changed........If terrorism is not halted.......or, if there is another attack on US soil where innocent americans are attacked and or killed..............I dread to think of what the US Govt would do to respond........The difference between protecting ones soldiers with ones civilian population can be quite profound....

i would advice people not to read articles posted by RENSES (the link provided by Ahmed). It's full of the most fantastically ridiculous conspiracy theories, these people must be writing from some mental asylum. Let's not become like certain groups of people in the US who still believe OJ is innocent. The simple fact is YES there are people who claim to be the guardians of Islam perpetrating the most heinous of crimes in the name of preserving the religion of PEACE. By the way I have to admit, despite the atrocious acts committed in Abu Ghraib and in the Afghanistan prisons, the US system IS working and people will be brought to justice as opposed to the people who are going around chopping, not chopping more like sawing people heads off. Wake up Muslims, America and the West are not the enemy, we are our own biggest enemies.

I think a protest march shouuld be organized including other human -right groups to protest the killing of innocent peoples and captives or hostages in the name of Islam. This way we show the world that we are not supporting this brand of Islam.


I notice that those who disagree with the article always make the excuse that the al-Qaeda or Hamas actions are the result of American policy or Zionist/Israeli occupation. I do not wish to act as an apologist for America or Israel but when Sunni Muslim fanatics kill Shias in Pakistan while at prayer- exactly how is this the fault of the US or Israel? The massacre of Black Muslims in the Sudan, which is being waged by Arabs and the Islamic gov't of the country- how are the Zionists and/or the Americans the root cause of that fanaticism? In Algeria since 1990, thousands of innocent Muslims have been killed, in their own land by fundementalist groups- what does this have to do with Palestine or Iraq? The answer is nothing. We can not and should not simply take ALL the blame for the terrorist elements within Islam, but neither should we constantly seek to make excuses by blaming the Jews or the Americans for our bad apples.

I would have to agree with Ben when he says that these people who behead other people do not care what people think about Islam. Honestly they do not care what articles Faith freedom would write.

Dr Abdullah, no doubt you are a devout and conscientious Muslim and your intentions are pure. However, I think you need to take a step back and look at the situation Islam is in before you launch a campaign against terror. Our people are bombed like cattle, our resources are looted from us, our way of life in our own homes is challenged and meddled with by the West, our lands are stolen, and our religion insulted. There is a Jihad to dedicate yourself to in any part of the world, whether it is actual fighting or just alleviating the conditions of Muslims through constructive means. And yet you are focusing on the one thing that some Muslims do that harms non-Muslims. I urge you to look inside yourself and analyse how much your perception of the world has been skewed by watching Fox News.

Having experienced life in America as a Muslim myself I am only too aware of the zealous patriotism that you are constantly exposed to, along with the tremendous increase in hatred for Islam since 9/11. I would remind you of two things that I hope can help you to strengthen your faith and thus re-focus your perspective from apologising to our enemies, to strengthening ourselves. The first, that the Allah tells us in the Quran explicitly that Jews and Christians will never fully accept a Muslim until he gives up his beliefs and follows theirs. Secondly, that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us that no man who holds anything higher to Islam is a Muslim.
This would of course include patriotism or the concept of America.

I urge you to give up your struggle to please Americans at the expense of your religion, and to recognise that there will always be a gap between us - which side of the gap you are on detemrines whether or not you are a Muslim.

I urge you to read the following:§ion=0&article=47273&d=24&m=6&y=2004

BABLU said:
Yes, we are ready. But where is the root cause? US foriegn policy creates problems in muslim countries, which results in unrest, which in turn result in voilence. There isn't much relation with Islam except it allows to resist injustice. Thanks.

I am a muslim and I love America. My neighbors are kind, they are generous, they help when my family is in need, they have a kind word when they see us and they are non-muslims. I don't live in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia, and frankly I'm beginning to think, maybe Bush has it right. For example, only now are we muslims beginning to feel horrified by the acts of suicide bombers and the ever escalating acts of barbarity in the name of Islam, while these vary same types of acts have been met with silent approval or outright elation when it was perpetuated against the Israelis. Let's all take the first step and stop acting like a bunch of hypocrits. You now what? who cares about a piece of land called Palestine when it comes at the cost of losing the moral underpinnings of my religion. I have no love for the zionists, but look what's happening in Iraq was to some extent perfected or made acceptable by what's been happening in the West Bank and Gaza. Why don't the Arabs show some solidarity and rescue there brethren from daily humiliation by taking them in and inviting them into there hearts and homes, instead of perpetuating their endless agony. Putting it quit simply let the Jews take the Land, and let the muslims countries take the people.
We muslims in America have to come to terms with the fact that we have been blessed by Allah to be able to live in this country, a country despite it's short comings is full of good, sincere people. People who are more open to new ideas and who try to understand as opposed to the corrupt, beaurocratic, closed minded societies that we've left behind. Truly Islam's future and it's beauty has the capacity to manifest itself in the most vibrant fashion in this country. We should all persevere to make our friends and neighbors understand Islam. We should become engaged in this society, join the military, local governments and cut ourselves off from the sordid mess that is the Middle East.

check this out guys !


I agree with the contents of this article.

it is said, over and over that prayer is what will save us. but, if you were on a journey in a car, and you came across a rock which was in your path, would prayer somehow remove the rock from the road? of course not. even if you prayed forever, the rock would not move.but if you got out of the car and moved the rock manually, the problem would be solved. yes prayer is good, but Allah works in magnificent ways. He will probably not send a lightning bolt down to earth to move the rock for you (although its possible), but He has given us arms, legs and BRAINS so we CAN move that rock. similarly, while our enemies-the people who so passionately hate this amazing religion of Islam-while they continue to bully us, to murder our brothers, to rape our sisters, to use us as scapegoats, do we sit in the shadows and pray or whatever it is we do, or do we fight back? i say the latter, and the best methods of fighting back are shock tactics, like these executions and if the 'West' wants it to stop, they should stop as well.

Good article. As for Ibn Salim who said "the solution is to struggle against the negative American and Western attitude towards Islam and Muslims. This way they'll combat the root and source of terrorism: The American and Western attitude towards the Muslim World." Certainly true that there are and always have been stereotypes and unfair negative views of Muslims and Islam, but this is hardly cause to ignore the problems in your own backyard. I really don't think the type of people who cut off heads or blow up Israelis and now Iraqi Muslims really care that Westerners have unfair stereotypes nor do they murder because they are offended that many Americans think Muslims are terrorists. Face the fact that although every religion has its bad apples, there has been, for whatever reason, a high and motivated number of fanatics within the Muslim world. It must be condemned and fought against by Muslims. The West owes a debt of gratitude to Islam for keeping and expanding the flames of ancient knowledge, science, math and medicine. Islam owes itself the debt of vomiting out this Jihadist ideology which may have started with suicide bombings against Jews, but has since moved on to Christians and even fellow Muslims.

Well said Ibn Salim. In fact you got it right on the money. I am not an apologists for the actions of someone else. And this article makes it seem as if Muslims in other parts of the world outside the United States are somehow supporting terrorism in the majority. I find that kind if silly, because the double standard begins when you talk hot air about democratic freedoms and equality for all in America, meanwhile at least to my knowledge, 20 Muslim women were raped after the 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center, Masjids and Gurdawaras and even Hindu Mandir's were burned to the ground and spray painted with graffiti, broken into and property was damaged, and the president is sitting is standing in the White House Press room babbling on about "you're either with us, or you're with the terrorists"...then Afghanistan is once again bombed off the face of the Earth, thousands of people lose their lives...yet we are supposed to place more emphasis on the death of one American, in comparison to thousands of innocent people around the world, whether they be Muslim or not, dying out of unnecessary reasons such as economic terrorism by trade barriers, tariffs, and illegal sanctions - leading to mass poverty across Afrikaa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, including the South Indian subcontinent.

I think this article should have focused towards saying, don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah, I do see where you're going with this, but your central idea just lacks a crucial element that is necessary in order for Islam to be understood correctly. Muslims must not be afraid to talk about their faith and answer the questions that many good hearted American have about Islam. Without this human relationship, there is no use in condemning anything because you won't be taken seriously if there is no human relationship between Muslim Americans and other Americans.

I disagree with the overall tone and emphasis of the article.
Indeed terrorist actions against innocent civillians are against the Shariah and should not be condoned however intense the provocation and oppression.
However the Muslim Ummah in the West would do better by bringing into focus and highlighting the roots of these issues rather than knee jerk condemnations:

The Iraqi sanctions and previous wars and bombing campaigns in the Gulf , the clear one sided and continued support for all Zionist actions in occupied Palestine , the Western support for dictatorial regimes in the Muslim world (S.Arabia, Egypt, Uzbekistan), the double standards in the call for 'democracy' in the Middle East and the hypocricy of the US stand on human rights (e.g Abu Gharib, Camp X-Ray) have all created the conditions for the human misery and disasters we observe today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Additionally Muslims should try and present the Islamic solutions to these problems in an intellectual manner to the people in the West rather than presenting a defeatist agenda to continued attacks against Islam in the media or by engaging in acts of violence against civilians.

Let me tell you a better way to fight against unjust violence seemingly perpetrated by (few) Muslims.

First off, however fervently the Muslims in America try to display their animosity to 'Islamic violence', they won't be able to convince anybody in the West. Morover, other Muslims will feel alienated by their brothers in America in the face of the ongoing American and Western actions perpetrated against the Muslim World.

So the solution is to struggle against the negative American and Western attitude towards Islam and Muslims. This way they'll combat the root and source of terrorism: The American and Western attitude towards the Muslim World.

Can you back that opinion with facts from the Quran and Hadith or is it just your personal out look on Islam and how to be a "moderate" and acceptable westernized or rather "civilized" muslim.

what is the proof that the ones who are carrying the beheading are really who claim to be. what is the proof that they are not israeli mossad agents sending movies of beheading non muslims in the name of islam.

american muslims might be the richest of all muslims in the world but the 10 Billions they contribute is not to the muslism world but to the american treasury which then uses the same funds to power the israeli military war machine.

american muslims may be the most educated lot but yet they couldnt stop the unjust murder of iraqis at the hands of the very army to whom they pay taxes. what is the use of such education?

and u wan to know why those beheadings are being caused u wan to know why?

this is why

Funny how someone dies just when Bush is in a lot of trouble, isn't it? Kind of like how HAMAS always sets off a bomb when Ariel Sharon most needs it.
But for the moment, let's stipulate that this is the real deal. Whose hands are stained with the blood?

Who lied about weapons of mass destruction?

Who lied about Saddam and 9-11?

Who lied about Iraq and Al Qaeda?

Who has been invading Arab nations using these lies and deception?

Who authorized the use of torture on often innocent Arabs, occasionally to the death, and forcing family members to watch?

Paul Johnson would be alive this very minute if Bush and the NeoCons had not launched wars of conquest in the Mideast on fraudulent grounds.

Who is to blame for Paul Johnson's death?