The Hudaibia Approach

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As a Muslim I agreed with my Spiritualist friend who was willing to offer whatever sacrifices were required for defending Islam. But I believe every Muslim must use his intellect and take into account the realities around him or her before taking any action. One must ensure that the ends as well as the means at his disposal meet the moral standards of Islam. For instance, it would be unthinkable for me to rob someone in order to buy a ticket for Hajj, or to attack a whole army with the help of two friends and getting killed without achieving anything. With such perceptions I found it difficult to share with my friend the perceptions of the dangers and the sacrifices that he carries with him.

My spiritual friend is well versed in theology, but has no clue of sociology and historiography that was founded by Ibne Khaldun who explained how societies succeed and fail. When he talks of knowledge, he is not referring to Algebra, which takes its name from the Arabic book Kitab aljabr wa al-muqabalah written by Al-Khwarizmi or for that matter Algorithms which is a highly developed mathematical concept worked out by the same Muslim Arab whose corrupted name it still bears. Yet the scholar was a product of a madrassah of 9th. Century Baghdad and this friend of mine graduated from a 21st. Century madrassah in Pakistan. He has not heard of these 1200 years of gems of knowledge that were borrowed by those nations who now rule the world, because the knowledge of religion has since been separated from the knowledge of the world around us, that was never the intention of Islam.

Perhaps his compartmentalized knowledge that excludes the realities of the changed world, is the cause of confusion in coping with the world that he hardly understands. No wonder he is frustrated in finding why has his society collapsed over him. A person with such a victimized perspective may buy or steal Klashnikoves in desperation to express his rage but may not be able to repair them when they malfunction. Such a person may aim guns at the enemy but may not know how to calculate the trajectory. In his frustration he is ready to lay down his life to bring back the glory of Muslims but he has no idea how it will come about.

Though his intentions of defending Islam are noble but his sacrifice of life may go to waste because the idea of defeating his perceived enemies with the destructive weapons that he borrows from them, is by itself self-defeating. It would have been a different story, had he chosen to borrow the instruments of construction from his adversaries to build his strength, like his adversaries did in the 15th. Century Europe.

First of all he must identify his true enemy that has put Islam in danger, which is his IGNORANCE of the technology of progress. That makes him an incomplete entity in the world community that is driven by knowledge. He must pick up the threads where he had left and make a run to join them with the present day realities, whatever it may take. It is not as formidable a task as it may look at first sight. He has sufficient means to educate himself and the sources of information are in plenty and faster than ever. All he needs is the will to overcome the obstacles in his way to recovery. This may however need sacrifices --- but a different kind of sacrifice.

He has to prevail upon the rulers who decide his destiny, not to misappropriate billions to keep in their personal accounts, but spend for educating the masses. It may cost them their power and treasures, but will make them more respectable and their nations more powerful. He has to join forces with his compatriots in other lands to bring about solidarity and to ensure cooperation in trade, industry and research that are the true sources of power of a people and only guarantee for peace. These efforts may no doubt put my friend in trouble. He may be put behind the bars, but such sacrifice of personal freedom will deliver freedom to Ummah in the long term. This may cost him even his life, but it will be a worthwhile sacrifice and will deliver what no suicide bomber has been able to achieve.

My spiritual friend asked me, how could he survive as a weakling, while the long process of change takes place. He does not have to go far looking for an answer. It is already spelt out in the great wisdom of the treaty of Mecca that can be called the "Hudaibiya Approach". When you do not have the wherewithal to prevail upon your adversary, there is no need to kill innocent people, which is against the teachings of Islam, or get killed yourself in vain. Use diplomacy --- simply make peace and persevere. This approach may be used to enhance the strength of your social and moral values and to re-structure your knowledge base, which will win you more friends and make your economy and defense capability stronger.

Those who are trapped in Wana, (Wana is located about 17 miles from the Afghan/Pakistan border on the eastern edge of a valley approximately 4,500 feet in elevation. In March 2004, Pakistan military carried out an operation in the region against suspected al Qaida and Taliban members) are sadly the victims of circumstances and their own miscalculations. Their clever friends made them believe that they were fighting a war against the Godless Communists and defending Islam. In fact they were sacrificing their lives in defense of Capitalism. When the truth was revealed and the friendship turned sour, they became the victims of the same Capitalism --- for Capitalism has no friends but the lust for wealth. Sadly, it is questionable whether these fighters did serve Islam then or are serving it now, despite their pious intentions. Valor may be a commendable quality, but watchfulness comes first. Not only should one know his enemy but should also be able to choose the battleground where he can win.

People who want to master their destiny must possess the KNOWLEDGE of how societies progress and grow from strength to strength in the fields of economy, science, technology, diplomacy and solidarity with friends, and how the greedy adventurers can be kept away. A deep faith in the essence of Islam should provide an anchor, which others may learn to emulate.

The author is an independent commentator based in Karachi, Pakistan

  Category: Life & Society, Nature & Science
  Topics: Hudaibiya Treaty  Values: Education, Knowledge
Views: 4875

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Older Comments:
Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers have reportedly raided the residence and the offices of Ahmed Chalabi and have arrested an unknown number of his associates. A statement that was submitted by a spokesman for the Coalition, Dan Senor, appears to indicate that the raids had nothing to do with (perhaps any) U.S. investigative efforts currently in progress. He has referred questions about the raids to Iraqi authorities.

Pentagon officials have also played down the U.S. role in the raids, saying that the troops were acting at the request of Iraqi authorities. Additionally, Pentagon officials said that any charges or legal actions against those persons who were taken into custody would be handled by the Iraqi judicial system.


Perhaps what the U.S. military hopes for is a competent source of proper guidance. Individual servicemen are seemingly searching for valid reasons to be in Iraq, as long as there seems to be little they can do about being there. It seems to me that many servicemen are simply hoping to bring about an increase in freedom for the people of Iraq - admittedly freedom as they themselves have been taught to understand it - but freedom is their goal insha'Allah. If anything would seemingly be preferable to oppression then where might be the logic in preventing freedom, as long as such freedom is not primarily a conduit for tumult?

Given the current political situation in America (as well as in Iraq) the U.S. military might soon be in search of sensible leadership - perhaps on the part of Iraqi authorities - who knows? Why not at least consider helping the military to find it, at least as long as U.S. armed forces are officially invited to remain in Iraq? Perhaps leadership that was able to see beyond war-booty would be their lost item. Who knows where they might recover it?

Also, why should one strive to inspire oppression on the part of one's adversaries? Admittedly, the strategy sometimes seems to be effective but it still seems to be a bit backwards, considering how it also seems likely to guide anyone it effects in the wrong direction.

(Asslamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.)

Fi aman Allah.

As upset and angry as the current situation makes some of us, the author is absolutely right. One way to know if what you are doing is pleasing to Allah, is how you feel. If after the salaah and fasting and thikr (zikr) you still feel upset and angry, then what we are doing cannot be for the pleasure of Allah, otherwise we would find solace in communicating with our Maker. There is a time for fighting, but its not now. The strength of Islam lies in people being willing to die for Truth and Justice to prevail. But that requires that we be willing to die in a manner that is pleasing to Allah. Not out of our frustration and rage. And Allah knows best.

whislt I accept brother Zinedine's words and lawys value his excellent views, I must say that in reality we can not come face to face in arms with the firepower of the US Army. it wud be suicidal, so we have to use our minds in this instance.
Indeed given the weakness of the Umma and Arab leaders who are all aligned with the US and can not do anything to upset the US short of few useless words upon such gatherings as they normally do. People like Sharon has read them like a book, a short story I might add. They are a bunch of toothless rogues who can not help the Palestinians or the Iraqis or the Syrians with any weapons or army. So for the poor Iraqi to bear his chest and face the F16's is to commit suicide.
It requires tact, patience and perseverance. Shwoing their crimes as in Gitmo and AbuGharib is one way to draw public opinion, yet things like beheading of innocent Americans do nothing to promote islam. To the contrary, it damages the iraqi opposition, look how the papers cover it instead of Abugharib. Still I admire Moqtada Sadr and Falluja fighters but feel sad that they are killed daily in large numbers, exactly because of US firepower superiority - but Allah sides with the right not might. It is a dilemma and it saddens me when I hear of trampled rights and innocent deaths.
We must expose thier lot for what they are. A bunch of Neocons Christian Zionists who aim to control world's resources by force and who do not give a damn for life, anyone's life, except their own ill-conceived plans.

Salaamu alaikum,

Brother Aijaz Noor is right. Let draw historic lessons not just from Sulh Al-Hudaibia but also from the battles of Badr, Uhud, Al-Ahzab & Hunain.

After all Allah did not say in the Koran that weapons of mass destructions are necessary to proliferate before you go on small Jihad missions, no instead Allah commands Muslims to have a strong faith in Allah and "to prepare what you can afford in terms of manpower & weaponry" in Arabic "Wa a'eedu lahum ma stata'tum min quwa wa min ribati lkhail".

It must be said here that Sistani has followed this peaceful path whilst demanding from his followers to stay at home until the situation is resolved whilst at the same time has given the UN and Bremen a list of what constitutes democracy. Bremen is the one who is dancing with the devil and can not see that Sistani has provided him many golden opportunities to exit Iraq with degnity whilst restoring Iraqi degnity.

The big BUT is: How long one is supposed to play this ill-conceived negotiation game? and How long one is porepared to put up with indignity in one's own home? and be dictated unfair terms by a foreigner? who invades local homes at night, insults men and women and brands anyone they like as terrorists., stick them in prisons and do what they like with them. The gallant US Army woman who appears in the photos has actually said the photos were taken November 2003. This is indeed the tip of the iceberg.

Besides if they had good intentions they should be happy to be subjected to the ICC (International Criminal Court) but the US does not want to abide by such lofty institutions for fear of prosecution.

Their first aim was to save the oil pipelines and then to discuss the old pipeline to Tel Aviv and then to ensure that any Iraq government's first priority is to recognise Israel. Have they come to liberate Iraq or Israel?

So, how can one negotiate with such a party with twisted logic?

The answer is then one of the two: A) Give up because they have superiority in firepower and deal with the outcome later because we have the numbers, or B) Fight knowing full well that you die.

Perhaps, for the sake of self preservation, the answer then lies in dealing with them as diplomatically as one can appealing to world public opinion, until Allah give us the 'faraj' Insha'Allah. Such is Sistani's way, may Allah lead us all to his way.

dear editor assalamualikum, the article betrays lack of faith , it places emphasis on material strenghts and human knowledge and planning but no where does the author talk about the help of Allah , muslims have always won decisive victories since the time of badr with the help of Allah despite being inferior in terms of military might against their enemies . the problem today with muslims is not lack of knowledge as the author have us believe but lack of faith and love of dunia , acording to one estimate 17 %of muslims is usa attend jumah salat !! is it any wonder than that we are being humialiated around the world , Allah does not change the situation of the a people until they change themselves , the need of the day is for muslims to turn towards Allah and seek his help , this does not mean that we withdraw ourselves into passivity , this never has been the islamic way , we strive with all we have and seek allah 's help while obeying his commands in the manner taught us by our beloved prophet , peace be on him . while doing this the believers put their trust in Allah rather than in their own capabilities - remember hunain ??
if i have said some thing good it is from Allah ,all mistakes and errors are mine Allah and his prophet are free from mistakes. jazakallah khair

Salaamu alaikum dear brothers & sisters,

There is a big difference between self defeatist strategies (the author's) & smart diplomacy. One has to ask first: what is Sulh Alhudaibia & what lessons can we Muslims learn from it? I advise you all to visit this website to draw the line between puppet thinking & Jihadi thinking. Please read a translation of the treaty of Hudaibia aka Sulh Alhudaibia in Arabic:

I hope this helps new reverts to Islam and you too brother Johannes!

All the best to all sincere people in this world & the hereafter; wa Akhi dawana ani lhamdu lillah rabbi alameen

Salaamu alaikum dear brothers & sisters,

The author is partly right but misses a whole array of important points. I don't have enough time to mention many of them neither do I have the intention of elaborating...
Brief: Brother Naufal Zamir has very good points & was right on most of them but I would like to correct some of his mistakes here. Mistake #1- Quraish was as bad as Israel & the USA because they broke the Treaty of Hudaibia so did the Jews of Khaibar during the battle of Alahzab although the messenger of Allah respected them

Mistake#2- Al-Azhar university founded by Alfatimiyeen in Egypt was not the world's first university; the world's first university is Alquarawiyeen university in Fez, Morocco.

Mistake#3- Jordan does not manufacture planes, it assembles them.

Mistake#4- At prophet Muhammad's time, there was no such notion of a nation-state but what existed are city-states & empires. Medina was an Islamic city-state and not a nation state. The concept of a nation state & the first nation-states rose from Europe.


The beliefs outlined in this article are what scares most people around the globe. It basically asks muslims to bide their time and accumulate power to overcome others. Just leave us alone! These types of beliefs are why the middle east is in the sad shape it is today, and why it is being changed by force. Poeple live in filth and are either uneducated or are merely brainwashed. Reading this articule just reinforces our need to stay the course in Iraq.

BNAK said:
Excellent comments Mr.Naufal Zamir. I totally agree with your comments.

I can agree, but, only to a certain extent. We absolutely must not fight evil with evil. However, from this article, I get the impression that muslims should "join" there enemys b/c of their lack of education and understanding. The author stated that a person should be aware of everything involved before reaching a conclusion. To this I agree. However, the user states that in the event that your enemy is to powerful to take on, we should practice submissiveness. Should we not include our selves in the equation. Have we stopped for a secont to consider that Arabs fight because they have witnessed previous examples of this so "called" democracy. The Iraqis are aware that the June 30 deadline, is not releasing sovereignty to their country. And that the US will in fact stay in control. These terms are quite similar to what the Americans, of African descent experience everyday. And guess what? They are citizens of this so called "democracy". Where blacks make up 12 percent of the population and 80 percent of the prisosns. I hate to tell you all this but the US leaders only care about perception. They will present something in such a beautiful way, while the true nature of that very thing is evil. Democracy sounds good but American democracy is tainted with evil. That is the new way of stereotyping.

Dear Lauri, Islam is a religion of humanity. The fact that some of the followers of Islam interpret it differently does not in any way change the principles of Islam. According to Islamic principles God created us all equally in terms of intelligence and so on. No one is superior to one another. The only thing that unites us all is the fact that we are all one race the human race.

The history of Islam is unique and one can not learn it through the internet only. You can also find that in places of knowledge like universities. Also in no way does Islam reduce the state of women. Women have the highest status in Islam the fact that politics, tribal culture and western media brings muslim women to the status of how they cover themselves is itself undignifying.

No religion or democracy gives women more status than Islam. A muslim woman can be a leader, a mother, a president, a judge and they did do all these when Europe and the rest of the world did not know about the status of women. History never lies.

I think there needs to be more dialogue between muslim people across the globe and the west. We need to create bridges so that we can all share the beauty of our diffrences.

Killing is not an option in Islam, every soul is sacred. Muslims are not allowed to even kill a fly or ant let alone a human being. There is a lot of misunderstanding between the west and the muslim world.

Islam is a challenge to the whole mankind. Challenges which we have not yet tackled. If the true principles of Islam are practiced it will create a world where there is peace, prosperity, equality between all and true preservation of our environemnt.

I will share the following ursl with you to bridge our differences in relation to women and Islam:

Muslim women leaders:

Muslim Heritage:

Prince Charles' Latest Speech on Islam:


This article has quantity, not quality. Nowhere in this article am I swayed to even have a chance to see the view of the author. There is nothing in this article that bases its thoughts from the Qu'ran or fromt he sunnah. Critiquing one's own people is not an adequate solution to the problem of Muslims today. You must first look at yourself before you offer any criticism or advice to others. Our place in this lifetime is to serve Allah (swt), judging what others should or should not do is not our jurisdiction.


AHMED said:
Laurie, why should anybody condemn the Palestinians for defending themselves against jewish terror. Oh but I forgot for for that zionist .. like yourself irrationality, criminality and lies are the norm.

One thing seems obvious in today's world is that Muslims Lack patience.

Innalaha maa-assaberin.


Really to the point hope people will listen to you

Finally there is an article posted on this
website that doesn't follow the juvenile, (read:
"gotcha America!") transparent anti-western
slant of posting headlines that only have to do
with Muslims as victims and not as

Message to the Islamic world: You want the
respect of the world? You're not going to get it
by killing (Oh, by the way, Islamicity, where's
the headlines about the Palestinians gunning
down the children at the funeral in Israel? )
Guess you forgot that in your "balanced view."
Get an education, Islamic world. Men AND
WOMEN!!! Learn about non-religious topics
such as math, science, economics, and the
history of the rest of the world. Remaining
ignorant and forbidding your female children
to get an education will only keep you out of
the mainstream of society and you'll be
continued to be viewed as a kind of radical
fringe religion instead of what you deserve to
be viewed as: peaceful, intelligent,
open-minded people. The author is
absolutely right about the riches being
wasted. Maybe democracies are not perfect
but they are a hell of a lot better than these
tribal kingdoms that seek to enslave the
masses into submission and poverty who
can find peace only in death. Think about it.
For those Islamic people who are living in the
Western world -- would you trade your lives for
a life in Afghanistan?

Very interesting article. Simply stated, the author is on the right track. Only those who desire to be wowed by fancy words, and pseudo intellectualism are left unimpressed. Were we not warned about those who speak eloquently?

Far too many of us worship the enemy as if he is greator than Allah(swt). We the enemy wants, we ourselves begin to want. It is sad. My traveles to both North Africa and Saudi Arabia have proven this to be true. We are in a sad state. Until we decide to worship Allah(swt), we will remain in this sad and deplorable state.

By the way, someone had the audacity to speak of others not having morals or ethics. Yeah right, I am sure that person is 100% righteous, just like all hypocrites.

Wa Salaam

One question in relation to hudaibiya.

- when rasuallah made treaty, did that treaty implied lack of freedom for him (pbuh) in establishing his own community based on the teaching of Quran?.

o answer is No.

- are current mustlim nations not making treaties today with usa?.

o answer is yes. King abdullah of Jorden. Husni Mubrak of Egypt. Mushraf of Pakistan. Karzai of Afghanistan. Turkey?.

- Is Jorden, for instance, who have long friendship with usa, an empire of army strength and centre of Dawa.

o answer is No.

- Question is why?.

o answer is the puppet put in incharge to rule the area are the agents of self soul, who loves to rule and in the process they also obey the orders of their master.

- Question to the auther.

o who will make "hudabiyah" like treaty with kuffar. Musharaf, Husni Mubarak, King Abdullah or Karzai?.

- when you mention "huydabiyah" mention the context and the outcome of it.

o The Messenger of Allah pbuh, immediately preceeding the hudaibiyah were working to strengthen the state and getting ready for war, which he knew is comming soon. He was focused and he grabbed the innitiative.

- You can not become the economic super power or even a smaller power without showing your courage, your believe and your willing to sacrifice for your believe.

o while its nice to mention hudaibiyah, its also nice to mention the history before and after it.

You know... our political and social structures are complicated, but one thing for sure... they are balanced
Sadam Husain with his sadistic torturing manner is matched by the US Army.
Islamists who kill innocent people are matched by the US Army again, remember they are killing 55,000 Iraqi civilian and + lately +1,000 in Falluja
They have scholars, we have too, they have scientists, we have too... so don't worry too much..
we Muslims are not that stupid.
But remember, ups and downs come natural... we used to win, now we lose, so what... everything comes by the Wills of Alloh for us to improve... but balancing act is important.. otherwise the arrogant would think they can do anything they want...and that's unjust and stupid.

Be fair and square..

After reading this article,it is very clear that the author is well-versed in imposing his "modern" ideas or call it opinion.
There isn't any mention of the name of ALLAH and his beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
The problem is within the author,me as a reader and all the Muslims around the planets. Why complain each other!
Not only 5% of the Muslim population prays, how we can be prosperous? Impossible! Deen of Allah comes first,then anything else and all the so-called sciences. Throughout the history of Islam, as long as Muslims followed Islam properly,they were victorious, soon as they left off, the help was taken away from them.Because Allah has no speacial "contact" with Muslims that he is going to help them eventhough they sin.
One may have Phd. in a subject, but may not know how to wash/clean himself according to the Sunna of my Beloved Nabi(PBUH)(this is the only accepted way as far as Allah, Nabi are concerned)
so what this Phd. has brought any good?
Education starts at home :no where else! As I'm a university student in Canada,they don not teach you any moral values,not to mention social ones.
Pick up any book written by anyone, you find that Muslims had help of Allah when they practiced Islam 100%. Not only by writing article that don't even make any sense,rather criticlize freinds/fellow human beings.
Like the ex. of Wana the author gave, I mean if the writer was in same situation, what would he do???
He would NEVER write same kind of article. Those poor people( followers of my Nabi PBUH) were said to be terroristes, attached in their homeland,what kind of justice is this! Armies are made first for the safy of the country,and then if someone invade,they defend. So what the Pakistani army did??? Attack his own people,kill/rape, right?
If stupid gouverment of Pakistan can kill his own people just because Bush tell them to do,THEN people of Wana have every right to defend themself by following the orders of ALLAH!
Peace to all!


salamu alaykum.
this is a little off topic, but why dont the islamicity admins every put up articles discussing the entire ummah, as opposed to the mideast? why dont we just call islamicity middleasterncity?
several hours ago the russian installed puppet ahmad kadyrov was assassinated in chechnya. the thug closet soviets who are obviously responsible, will claim muslim terrorists did it, they'll go into chechnya and destroy the last buildings they didnt destroy last time. everyone should go to and use an image search of what chechnya looks like today. there isnt a single building standing from what was once a modern city with hundreds, perhaps thousands of buildings.
this new bombing will give the russians the go-ahead from chimpy in washington to annahilate the last remnants of free thinking people in chechnya.

its incredibly sad that muslims the world over have forgotten what chechens, uzbeks, nigerian muslims and kashmiris are going through. focusing and trying to alliviate the suffering of the palestinians and iraqis is admirable, but lets not forget our other brothers and sisters.

salamu alaykum.
a well written article, something i've been trying to write, but havent been unable to formulate myself, kudos to the author. akbar, the first thing i disagree with you akhi :).

i've never come across this 'hudaibia approach', i'm not aware of its historical significance, who came up with it et.cetera. dont know why the author just didnt refer to it the 'common sense approach'.
the author is right in that our only enemy is ignorance. not america, nor russia, nor f16s, moab's or depleted uranium shells, but ignorance. its because we've left the deen that ignorance has become widespread. being a practicing muslim is synonymous with being an intellectual. its why muslims succeeded in the old days when we were severely outnumbered. every sahaabah was an intellect, i dont mean it in the genius sense, but someone with firm knowledge of his/her surroundings, the purpose of his/her life, the meaning.
it isnt capital gain, nor girlfriends or everything american and frivolous, its working to please allah (swt).
the fighters all over the world may think they're doing good by ending their short lives by blowing themselves up and taking a few unfortunate souls with them, but according to the deen - they arent.
its really sad when you think about it. muslims arent progressing because we've adopted kaafir political and economic structures that are completely anithetical to whats in the qur'aan.
but inshaalah we'll bounce back, its what every muslim believes.

Hudaybia was a treaty between TWO STATES (i.e. Muslims in Medina and infidels of Mecca). At that time Muslims had a STATE of their own. Therefore how can this be an example when there is no ISLAMIC STATE who effectively dictates ISLAMIC MOVEMENT? How can there be peace with OCCUPYING FORCE? Was Medina occupied? Grossly mistaken approach to Hudaibya treaty

Secondly - The Hudaibya treaty was NOT A FONY treaty. The reality is - Israel and US break their treaty within days, not months. This is a fact. They break it to their convenience. E.G. THE ROAD MAP!

Often peace propagators emphasise two aspects of Hudaibya: 1. Muslims of Medina if escape to Mecca-wouldnt be returned & 2.Muhammad SW did not sign the treaty as a Prophet. Carefully thought these were no setbacks for Muslims. 1> Muslim who would leave Prophet SW - what good is it to get him back? He has left anyway; 2> Whether the treaty is signed by Prophet SW as a Prophet or as Head of Medina- Doesnt make any difference as it didnt contravene any Islamic ruling.

Islam came to dictate the reality; not the other way round. Muhammad SW when asked by his uncle to accept the top post in Mecca on kufr terms -he (pbuh) said he wouldnt agree on kufr terms even if he has been given sun on one hand and moon on the other; or his (SW) head be separated

Science & technology can ONLY flourish when Islam is THE WHOLE SYSTEM. It is futile to blame on education & tech. We have plenty F16s. Our resource runs the world. Jordan makes AEROPLANES! Alazhar -the oldest University of the world. Ummah have 500000 PHDs/MS. We ONLY lack AN ISLAMIC SYSTEM. How hopelessly scholars in Alazhar are divided! This wouldnt have happened under a STATE and AMEER.

1 Million soldiers sitting inside barracks of 52 states based on ASABIA dictated by oppressive rulers under kufr systems.

We need a STATE as a shield behind which Muslims will fight - Then we can consider peace & Hudaybia.

Tony Blair and British Defense Secretary Geoffrey Hoon are at this moment planning on fooling Pakistan, when the so called interim Iraqi government is given limited powers which do not include control over Iraq's National Security, nor over it's Oil infrastructure and development by mayn foreign companies.

Now what Blair and his cronies wish to do now, is to take advantage of Pakistani and Indian governments which said that they would send their troops to Iraq only if a United Nations resolution was passed. This in truth is NOT what Pakistan at least has said regardless of how important or valuable Pakistan's government's words really are, they are that Pakistan woudl only send troops under the command of hte United Nations.

During June 30th when Iraq receives its so-called hand over of power which is basically a lie since htey will be receiving limited and monitored control from the CPA, Pakistan will be durign this time, the head of the UN Security Council, and Britain in the meantime is working feverously to put Pakistan in this tight position, by pressuring them at this time to convince all security council members to agree to this hand over of so-called sovereignty to Iraqi's, and when everythign goes wrong after this so-called hand over of sovereignty, blame can be placed squarely and soundly on Pakistan and or this time Blair and his ministers I believe, plan on convincing Pakitan and India to put their troops in Iraq since Iraq will now be under United Nations' command, again, supposedly.

Now all of you should think to yourself, what will Pakistan do in this crucial time, will it make the right decision, in favour of hte well-being of Iraqi's? Let's remind Pakistan not to fall into this trap of being told what they promised - As I recall, they promised to deploy troops only if Iraqi's wanted them there, not only if Iraq was under the control of a United Nation's command only.

Voice your concerns Muslim bro's and sr's.

I agree with the author and it is a great article. I think all of right thinking muslims should denounce this lunatic fanatacism among our religious right. If we dont improve our weakness, we are our own worse enemies. This is the same religious right which in 1947 opposed the creation of Pakistan and now that they have become a lawless militia, they are killing their own brethren in our country. Let us all join hands and tell these stupid jihadis to stop this wave of terror and get busy with getting some education about the real message of Islam, i.e. to bring peace and justice to this world.
These narrow minded Mullahs will never learn from the Hudaibia example as they dont have some wise teachers in their madrassahs. Let us help open educational institutions in our country where we can teach our next generation to be the real leaders of the world.


Well written, and apt mention of Capitalism in a world where the vast majority of populations(billions of non-Muslims included) suffering greatly as victims of Globalism's rules and policies developed to benefit the few rich and established.
As spinoff of this current article, in current global village environment we need to stop the erroneous 'US vs THEM' and build our intellect/knowledge to allign and join resources more fully with the movements for Global Justice.
Vital issues like Global Warming are currently happening around us, and require our attention,intellect, and ingenuity to combat/reduce the increasing damages to hundreds of millions in decades to come.


I find that that this article is unconstructive. While it provides a focus to look towards, the content mentioned in the article drew very little relevance to the suggestion for Muslims at the end.

I am not against this article I just think it could have been written better, wassalaam.

Wonderful article. Although this may sound false to many people, but I know that it is possible to live in a modern society and still be a person of faith. It isn't easy because we are often surrounded by people with no moral character and no love for their fellow man. However, as the author says, "People who want to master their destiny must possess the KNOWLEDGE of how societies progress and grow...". Peace to you all.