Why were the Iraqi prisoners Tortured?

While prisoner abuse reports are horrendous, and especially destructive of America's reputation and respect in the world, the entire war has been mismanaged from the beginning. Those responsible for the Iraq occupation have turned the American military presence in Iraq into a crusade by adopting policies and procedures that expose a religious and racist agenda and prejudice against Islam, Muslims and Arabs.

Religious prejudices against Muslims are inspired by a rhetoric orchestrated by neo-cons and a group of religious radicals led by leaders such as Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, John Ashcroft and Jerry Falwell and endorsed by military officials such as General Boykins.

These acts that have drawn outrage from the world community cannot be seen in isolation from statements that some of the most ardent supporters of the current Bush administration have made against Muslims and Islam. Statements like .. Islam is an evil faith - Prophet Muhammad is a violent leader - Muslims worship evil - Muslims send their children to die for God while Christian revere their Lord who sacrificed his life for others - Such statements create hatred against one-fifth population of the world and in the case of Iraq, where most of the people do not share the religious believes of the occupying forces, has created an environment of crusade. 

There are a large number of chaplains in the US army who are supportive of people like General Boykins, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Franklin Graham. In fact many have baptized soldiers in Iraq during the occupation. 

The American Muslim community is rightfully apprehensive of the prevalence of these trends in the army and other institutions of power. It fears violation of its constitutional rights at the hands of those religious extremists who like General Boykins and John Ashcroft regard Islam a problem for American society.

The American Muslim community should join hands with other patriotic Americans in their demand for an open investigation about the prevalence of the culture of hate in the army and other institutions of public policy. The American Muslim community must also make demands for the inclusion of Muslim Americans in a fact-finding mission to Iraq to assess the real extent of hatred against Muslims and Islam. 

The incompetence and mismanagement of the Bush administration can no longer be concealed. In April 2003 Sadism regime collapsed and Iraqis were ready for a new deal. However, the Bush administration has given them a dirty deal.

What is at stake is the future of humanity that the religious right is willing to risk in its eagerness to win the White House once again for the current President.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is the Editor of the Minaret magazine which is a monthly publication from Los Angeles, California.

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Older Comments:
Bush should have taken heed of a warning by a British Iraqi expert who warned the Americans: going into Iraq is easy but going out is going to be messy.If revenge ( for Sept 11 attack) is the motive for torturing the prisoners and invading 2 Muslims countries then it should be made clear since that "famous" day of Sept 11 2001 the Americans and its allies have killed more than 20000 innocent lives.Because of the current US policy, I feel the Sept 11 attack was justified and Mohammad Atta & Co.who performed the courageous act have been totally exonerated. America invaded Iraq to protect Israel. Pure and simple.
To defeat Israel the Arabs must drive the US and its Allies out of Iraq. I believe no matter how long the war takes the US will be defeated in the end. If this happens it will cause catastropic demoralisation of the Jews in Israel.
Remember: great empires come and go. So will the US empire.

Romesh, your point is well taken. Muslims should indeed speak up about the treatment of prisoners in Muslim places. To that end, I have been surprised by images showing how well Pakistani security forces have treated detainees even moments after those same security forces lost some of their number in battling those same detainees.

I find Romesh Chander's views quite disturbing! There is an underlying tone of 'somehow these people deserved this', 'this is okay because it probably happens elsewhere'. This is shocking and disguting behaviour. Typical I might add of Pakistanophobic hindus who conveniently overlook the genocide in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

I must sadly agree that the columnist is, in the main, correct. There is a mentality among many American Christians that says whoever is the enemy of Israel is the enemy of America. I am sadly convinced, as many others, that our president believes himself to be divinely ordained to protect Israel at all costs, and this (partly) underlies the reason for the invasion of Iraq. Mr. Bush is greatly motivated by and supportive of the Evangelical Zionist movement.
I would like for all readers to note that there is a rapidly growing movement in American Christianity that rejects that belief! We do not believe that modern Israel is the chosen people of God! We are not anti-semitic. We are for Biblical truth, and for peace, based on humanitarian basis. I have personally written a book "Israel 1948: Countdown to No Where," that refutes the ideas of Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye and others, who claim that 1948 was the fulfillment of prophecy, and is proof that Israel remains as God's chosen people. I also have a website, where you can read similar articles: www.eschatology.org. You can order my book from the website. There is also a video, based on the book, that is available, and shows that the modern Zionist claims are false. Let it be known that there are American Christians that deplore the atrocities against the prisoners, and the underlying theology and ideology!

The Champion Of Human Right ... The US Should Look Under Their Carpet.

The treatment of prisoners at Gitmo/AbuGhariab is quite deplorable. But is this treatment any different in Jails of Egypt / Sudan / Pakistan and Saudi Arabia? I think not. The surprising thing is that victims of Egyptian / Saudi / Sudanese / Pakistani jail abuse are all MUSLIMS and abuse is also by muslims. I have not heard a word against Egypt / Saudi Arabia / Sudan / Pakistan. Why not!!

Nick Cameron, the blame is not only on Rumsfeld. The American soldiers are first American citizens, lived in the USA and are well aware of the political sentiments in this country. Anyone living in the USA is able to feel the atmosphere of pure hatred directed at Muslims. Whether in print, radio or tv one tries to get the news from, they will find the most outrageous propaganda against Islam and Muslims. This hatred has not started on 911 or the first world trade center attack, this dehuminazation of Muslims has been going on for decades. If there was a poll about what Americans think of Islam and Muslims, there is no doubt the overwhelming majority will have a negative opinion. Those soldiers went to Iraq with hatred in their hearts, not compassion and love for the Iraqis. Therefore, it is not surprising that they would abuse them once they had them under their control.

When the Americans went to Somalia and opened fire on an open market, killing thousands of people incuding babies, and the anger of Somalis was shown when they killed 18 soldiers and dragged one dead soldier in the streets. Americans were not shown why the crowds were so angry. They also did not credit the Somalis for not killing or torturing the soldier they had captured. They gave him a bed to sleep on, the best meals they could afford and gave him even a Bible to read. The same type of compassion was shown to westerners in Afghanistan, where they showed a great deal of respect for their prisoners. All those positive actions have been so under reported that most Americans are not aware of them. Even Jessica Lynch said she was treated well in the Iraqi hospital; she remembered one of the nurses singing lullabies by her bedside. Even when the US government and media tried to allege abuse she vehemently rejected it. Of course, her story was soon dropped and many in the right wing criticized her.

PS. The Canadian soldiers who tortured the Somali boy were members of a nazi gro

These Iraqi's are tortured

1. Because all the Muslim leaders some way or other helped America and Britain in this war.

2. Because Saudi Arabia provided 3 bases to crusaders to attack Muslims from the holy land.

3. Because Saudi Arabia still providing cheap oil or free oil to crusader army to kill Muslims

4. Because Kuwait provided logistic support to launch war againt Muslims.

5. Bacause Jordan helped the crusader Army to kill muslims in Muslim nation.

6. Because Qatar provided bases to launch this illegal, immoral war against humanity.

6. Because Jews Agent Egypt provided support to this war against Islam

6. Because we muslims just sitting and watching all these happenings.

7. Because we muslims never voiced our opinion with rest of the non-muslim people who opposed this war.

8. We muslims did not support and were NOT there with the non-muslim Americans and Europeans when they protested against this war.

9. Because Arabs and Muslim leaders are not condemning these attrocities, when the leaders of other nations promptly condemn these atrocities.

There are so many things like this. We must blame ourself before blaming others.

As i said earlier,
Christian leaders are doing what they are supposed to do.
Jewish leaders are doing what they are supposed to do.
Muslims leaders(????) are NOT DOING ANYTHING what they are supposed to do.


There is one simple reason to why Iraqi prisoners were tortured;and any one would agree with me when i say, iraqi people were tortured for the same reason that the palestineans are tortured by israel soldiers day-in day-out. They got what they want, the iraqi oil. So the only issue left unsettled is religion. If oil was the only thing in their agenda, then there would be no need to torture iraqi prisoners. Apparently, the religion of islam has taken root in their agenda as a serious thread which need to be dealt with. So one of the instruments they use to defeat islam is to humilate muslims.

So for their information they should know that they are fighting the war they cannot defeat. Islam is a very profound religion which no human can dismantle given any situation or circumstance. It is true that by enlarge they managed to defeat communism as an ideology, but as for now they cannot defeat islam as a religion.


BNAK said:
Sincerae Smith:
May God Bless you for your comments. I hope there are many Americans out there who share your feelings.

BNAK said:
Nick Cameron and People like Nick Cameron:
Imagine for once, yourself in the shoes of an iraqi prisoner, having been caught while in wrong place at the wrong time, your family subjected to humiliation in front of you, beaten, your women family members frisked in front of your eyes, you are bludgeoned in front of your family, then you are taken to a prison, though no evidence of you having been involved in the resistance fighting is found.
Then at the prison, you are stripped by the women soldiers of the occupying force, spat on, pee'ed on, sodomised, subjected to worst kind of humiliation and torture. Then tell me for God's sake would you not fight to take revenge? Tell me for God's sake would you not take up arms against the enemy and fight them with whatever means available without being concerned for your own life, raging with the feeling of revenge?
Then, yes, that is exactly how you are converted into a so called 'TERRORIST' from a common man. For your fellow brethren, you are a common man, fighting back to avenge the humiliation you suffered at the hands of the enemy while for the enemy, you are a TERRORIST.
I simply shudder at the thought of how many people in the world, not just in Iraq but in any part of the world echo the same story narrated above.
Can you just imagine for once the plight of a common iraqi? whose honor for him is more important than his life? No wonder that in today's Iraq, torned with attrocities, humiliation, murder, rape, plunder, deprivation of basic human rights, it becomes a breeding ground for the so called 'TERRORISTS'.
Your forces coming from the so called the most moral society in the "civilized world" where, your own people are subjected to torture, sexual abuse, and where worst kind of crimes are committed against your own people, can NEVER be able to export your 'SHAM' democracy to Iraq.
The whole world has witnessed the shameless torture of the Iraqis. Get out of Iraq now, before more TERRORISTS are born.

This news of torture of Arabs and Muslims as a business as usual for the US and UK as sad and revolting as it is, I hope, will also cause the Arabs to realize that they cannot remain docile and be treated like dogs stripped naked, humiliated and beaten and murdered by the English, Israelis and the Americans. Arabs have oil and other resources, which if combined can certainly defeat both the US, UK and Israel. Why don't the Arabs realize this? because there are few fat corrupt Arabs in key government positions who love the soft comfortable life that the American or the English guarantee them in return for their unflinching support. The Arabs need to identify these clowns and throw them out and most of all Arabs and all Muslims must unite. From Nigeria to Russia to Iraq to the UK and US, Muslims are being systematically murdered and killed. Are Muslims going to take this humiliation and quietly acceppt being treated like animals or are they finally going to stand up for who they are and respond to his degredation and shame with that formidable force they were once famous for? when the Muslims were true Muslims and had no fear for death and no love for this world? Where are the true Muslims?

The clash between the West and Islam, western media (CNN) calls "The Clash of Civilizations". The way U.S. soldiers have done to the Iraqi prisoners shown that who are "The Barbarian".


Let me re-quote:

"Religious prejudices against Muslims are inspired by a rhetoric orchestrated by neo-cons and a group of religious radicals led by leaders such as Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, John Ashcroft and Jerry Falwell and endorsed by military officials such as General Boykins.

"These acts that have drawn outrage from the world community cannot be seen in isolation from statements that some of the most ardent supporters of the current Bush administration have made against Muslims and Islam. Statements like .. Islam is an evil faith - Prophet Muhammad is a violent leader - Muslims worship evil - Muslims send their children to die for God while Christian revere their Lord who sacrificed his life for others - Such statements create hatred against one-fifth population of the world and in the case of Iraq, where most of the people do not share the religious believes of the occupying forces, has created an environment of crusade."

Put simply, the author is scapegoating the so-called right-wing supporters of Bush for supposedly creating an environment in which American soldiers would engage in such heinous acts as those that we have seen on the photographs. That's a farce. These right-wingers are in America, and yet a decade ago some Canadian peacekeepers did the same thing. This is not a problem created by high-profile right-wing Americans.

If anyone is to blame, it is people like Rumsfeld and his subordinates for not taking care of this problem before it became one. The DoD is responsible for our military, not Rush Limbaugh et. al. So we should put blame squarely where blame is due.


The above Reuters story has the following:

One former military police officer said his company killed at least four Iraqis during chaotic disturbances there:

"You've got to understand, although it seems harsh, the Iraqis, they only understand force," he said.

Also recall the scene from Lawrence of Arabia:

Lawrence: "I killed two people. One was yesterday. He was just a boy, and I
led him into quicksand. The other was . . . well . . . before Aqaba. I had
to execute him with my pistol, and there was something about it that I
didn't like."

General Allenby: "That's to be expected."

Lawrence: "No, something else."

General Allenby: "Well, then let it be a lesson."

Lawrence: "No . . . something else."

General Allenby: "What then?"

Lawrence: "I enjoyed it."

Rochelle Mathis, have you not been paying attention to the words of figure heads in the U.S.? Here are quotes from two of the leaders mentioned in this article that insults the Islamic faith http://www.theturkishtimes.com/archive/02/10_15/f_falwell.html

Now you can say that you have seen a quote that condemns the Islamic faith. Every people, and religion has its bad seeds, but when an entire faith gets stereotyped thats when it has crossed the line. This article is just pointing out the bad seeds in the U.S. In order for change to be brought about, problems need to be admitted. Knowledge of these bad deeds on the part of the U.S. is essential to try and stop more bad deeds from reoccuring. Like the wise Socrates said "There was one only good, namely, knowledge; and one only evil, namely, ignorance."

History repeats its self. Does that seem historically familair when you concern how the african slave were brutalized in the same manner. It appears the anglo saxon's nature is to domain all non anglo saxon. They get great joy in hurting muslim and non anglo saxon. They have two faces they say it was wrong and they are is sorry. Sure they are sorry, sorry that thier evil agenda was exposed. Humdeallah, allah exposed the evil that was done.
Iam very hurt that my fellow muslim were hurt. Inshallah may all muslim on this earth have peace,love,harmony,perfect,health and prosperity and most of all protected.


After the 9/11 attacks, the Jewish-controlled media scrambled to cast any blame away from America's blind support for Israel's crimes. But how would they explain to the people why the terrorists hate America so bad they're willing to sacrifice their lives to harm it? Easy! Blame their faith, Islam, by claiming it's a terrorist, violence-inspiring religion. They claim "the Islamists (sic) hate us because we're a freedom loving people, and they're out to conquer the world and forcibly convert us to Islam. They want to enslave our women the same they enslaved theirs and treat them like cattle." And as usual, the typical American Joe-six-pack and Sally-soccer-mom bought into this BS instead of using their heads. The Zionists steered the war from a political struggle against a racist, thieving aggressor (Israel) to a war of civilizations and religions between Islam and Arabs on one hand and Christianity and The West on the other. This is why the GI's write "Allah" on their missiles and say the insurgents "stupidly think Allah can't see them in the dark. May be that's true, but our helicopters sure can." This trailer-trash mentality is the result of incessant anti-Muslim indoctrination by the Jewish elites, even those who claim to be "humanists". Ironically, the alleged victims of the Holocaust are using the same racist tactics of the Nazis to revile the Arabs and Muslims.

The reason the Iraq'a are/were tortured is because the American's do not know islam nor do they want to learn what it really is, and they think the unknown is bad. Some day they will see what a mistake they are making, but all we can do until then is pray for those who are being hurt and pray that they, the wrong doers, will be guided in the right path. Islam excepts all and judges no one. Christianity doesn't, one big reason why so much conflict is happening. Hopefully those men and women doing these horrible things will pay for what they did. The government says they did nothing to allow this to happen, but we will see if they do anything to punish them, for some reason i dont think it will happen.

Sincerae, I too am appalled at the depth to which this society has sunk and I truly believe that Pat Robertson, and his ilk, are Satans little helpers.

Why were the Iraqi prisoners tortured? Because they could!!!! Because they had POWER!!! The very fact that they photographed themselves speaks volumes regarding the fact that they truly do not think that these prisoners are human beings. These people are the same kind of people that tie cats together by their tails to see them fight, or attend chicken fights, or dog fights. They are truly of the lost. They really don't think they are wrong. Woe to the oh America, you have rejected your Lord and he will strip you of your finery and punish you most severely for you have surely gone astray.

If you live in the US, write your congressmen, your senators, call for justice! If you don't, write your representatives so that they can pressure our government. This must be stopped, immediately!.

May Allah look into our hearts and not find us wanting.

L Alahem

I don't think Americans need to apologize for the conduct of these soldiers anymore than Muslims need to apologize for 9/11. People, what those troops did was wrong, and they'll be punished. That's all that any outsiders can ask of us.

I can only imagine that the U.S. military received far better information from locals who trusted U.S. forces than from locals who did not. Furthermore, locals would seem likely hear about mistreatment of locals abducted by U.S. forces, whether or not the military acts to enable Americans to hear about it. Also, until the current U.S. military presence in Iraq is afforded a greater degree of legitimacy, it would seem to me that "detentions" in Iraq would amount to abductions. Why else would U.S. administrators seem in such a hurry to recognize Iraq's "sovereignty" - out of deference to the opinions of their political opponents or perhaps to avoid inspiring resistance by Iraqi militants? What answer would seem most likely?

Of course, for patriotic Americans, there might yet be a silver lining to this particular scandal. Why would U.S military leaders choose to share their little "photo album" with the American people at this point in time - because the U.S. military could not hope to delay or defuse an investigation into events at a facility under U.S. military control? In the past, U.S. military leaders have submitted fantastic estimates of costs and manpower requirements to U.S. politicians, in order to avoid misapplications of U.S. military assets. Perhaps the U.S. military is hoping to employ "negative press" for similar purposes, especially in the face of increased political meddling (beyond being promised whatever it takes to finish half the job, as usual).

Iraqi prisoners are/were tortured because they are Muslims. These American Christian neo-cons hate Muslims and what is happening in Iraq is the best example. No one can deny that.

"Religious prejudices against Muslims are inspired by a rhetoric orchestrated by neo-cons and a group of religious radicals led by leaders such as Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, John Ashcroft and Jerry Falwell and endorsed by military officials such as General Boykins."

This is indeed true these people are injecting hatred and injustice. These are the Christian radicals (people) who are leading this great country. These are the people who are slowly but steadly destroying America and its value.

Thier Christian Ideology is very dangerous and will lead to destruction.


when Muhammad Asad said that the crusades were the founding act of the post-roman Western empire he was right, however it seems that today the US tried to do it again seeing this empire collapse slowly but surely, i say tried because Europe didn't follow as much as it was expected to...never under estimate the stupidity of an administration. once again, this administration s lack of intelligence goes beyond belief. how on earth did those people end up controlling the biggest military and economic machine on the planet...??!! i guess some "oil brains" are behind that.

I am in disgust over the actions of a few of our soldiers. However, I have not heard a single quote from our admistration supporting the actions of these soldiers. Nor have I heard a single comment that speaks ill of the Islamic faith. But a condemnation of the actions of those who have taken extreme actions against those who do not share the misguided beliefs of those such as Bin Laden. It is a shame that so many are willing to spread hate, and unfortunately, those exist on all sides. No one should be "FORCED" to practice a certian religion.(Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc.)

MH FROM US said:
Mr. Cameron - The people mentioned above may not have endorsed sexual torture against detainees, but I don't think you are foolish enough not to understand the context that led to these inhuman acts. As a Southeast Asian Muslim living in the US, I can readily testify that most of the average Americans are friendly, respectful to other cultures and religions, and have very good moral and ethical standards. However, I am also dismayed by Pat Robertson (among others) and his constant attack against the Islamic faith in his 900 Club TV program, far right-wing talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Neil Boortz, Bill O'reilly et. al. whose main mission is to downgrade Islam and also the liberals that are tolerant to other cultures and opinions. What do you expect the average GI Joe or Jane to do if these so-called learned and respected people preach such intolerant, racist and xenophobic sermons? In my country, where more than 50% is illiterate, our TVs or radios do not denigrate other religions. in the contrary, they broadcast verses from the Bible, Gita, and Tripitak alongside verses from the Quran. I am not saying in any stretch of my imagination that everything is nice and dandy in Muslim countries. Whatever happens in Muslim countries are the results of illiteracy, the lack of secular education of our religious authorities, and from the sense of injustice regarding Israel-Palestine issue, and off course, there are some evil people who are just bad. I couldn't believe my own ears when a caller in Neil Boortz program (yesterday, May 6th) openly called for bombing all Muslims and sending them to Allah (God), the elation in his voice if Arab oil dries up and they return to their camel tending days! I couldn't believe my own eyes when I see the way Islam is portrayed in Pat Robertson's program - Islamic prayer ritual is shown as if people are practicing a satanic ritual! Please do not tell me these people have no followers.

Nick Cameron, that quote says "Religious prejudices against Muslims are inspired by a rhetoric orchestrated by neo-cons and a group of religious radicals led by leaders such as Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, John Ashcroft and Jerry Falwell and endorsed by military officials such as General Boykins."

It's the prejudice against Muslims, that quote says nothing of them endorsing sexual torture. So please if you want to defend the above mentioned people then be my guest. But before you defend them I challenge you to show me quotes of any of those above mentioned people that praises Muslims, or Islam.

Yes, Yes, Yes :"The American Muslim community should join hands with other patriotic Americans in their demand for an open investigation about the prevalence of the culture of hate in the army and other institutions of public policy." Thats what I'm talking about!! Nick Cameron - what are you thinking - or better still why don't you start thinking?

I am a Christian and I appalled by the depths American society and some Christian leaders have sunk. What those American soldiers did to the prisoners in Iraq and possibly in other prisons throughout Iraq and Afghanistan was an abomination. They brought to Iraq what they were in America; and what America has become.

Americans have long lived under an illusion of their righteousness. America is a land saturated with lies, disrespect, xenophobia, immorality, and racism. People like Pat Robertson are a disgrace to Christianity. They are liars, and they sanction the murder of anyone who is not like them.

I understand about humiliation. I have experienced it from my own "people" (Christians and black Americans). I have experienced from white Americans. But my humiliation is nothing to that those Iraqi men and others experienced. When will more Americans and Christians get off their high horse and realize that they are not superior to anyone. The Bible states that God loves all people and do not wish to see anyone perish.

I am ashamed as a woman who happens to live in America of the photos I saw. I see now that it will take utter catastrophe for more Americans to stop being self-centered, and to stop profiting off the misery of others. I pray that someday, America will awake from its coma of apathy and greed, and become the place it claims to be. The Bible says that pride goeth before the fall. Since it may take God to destroy George W. Bush and his minions in body and spirit before they apologize to the Arab and Muslim world, I will apologize for them. I apologize for the barbarity of a people I am ashamed that are my fellow Americans.

I don't think most Americans realize how serious this situation is, and the nature of these dangerous Un-Christlike people who run the US government. It only took a diamond necklace to bring down the French monarchy in the 1700s. A group of atrocious photos could do the same for America.

When they become religious fanatic, they will be murderous. Who killed the Muslim and Jews in Spain if not the Christian Fanatic, who massacered the Muslim in Palestine during the Crusade if not the Christian zealot??

The main reason why the American soldiers have abused the Iraqi prisoners is the dehuminazation soldiers are taught, that is what many experts say. But, that would be plausible if they showed evidence of similar abuses of nazi and fascist prisoners in the second world war. That war was 100 times more intense than what the American soldiers are experiencing in Iraq. The main problem with what has happened with the prisoners has a lot to do with the American culture. In America the people of the world are not as human as them. With the exeption of Europeans, the rest of the world is populated by subhuman people. Moreover, the worst of all those subhumans are those that belong to the religion of Islam.

Anyone can see this through the portrayal of non whites and especially Muslims in movies; we can see it more clearly in the slant of news in mainstream media, whether they are tv news and documentaries, radio and print. Muslims have felt hated in the West long before 911 and the hatred and dehumanization has reached a level comparison to the nazi era when the Jews were dehumanized in similar fashion.

The question Americans ask "Why do they hate us?" shows the core of the problem. They are the ones who hate, they are the ones who have gone to Muslims lands killed multitudes of people, devasted entire people and control the fate of millions in that part of the world. Yet, they want to be loved, appreciated for their goodness and on top of that they feel they have the right to hate Muslims and they site 911 and other terrorist attacks, while they do not acknowledge any responsibility of the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who died as a result of their military and policy actions. To sum up they are pretty much saying love us while we hate you.

As it is obvious to everyone who read the comment posted by the artist formerly known as Nick Cameron, that he himself did not understand the quote he posted himself. It reads:

""Religious prejudices against Muslims are inspired by a rhetoric orchestrated by neo-cons and a group of religious radicals led by leaders such as Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, John Ashcroft and Jerry Falwell and endorsed by military officials such as General Boykins."

I challenge anyone to give a single quote by any of the above mentioned individuals to show that any of them specifically endorsed the sexual torture of POWs."

Obviously anyone can see that the article states that these individuals endorse religious prejudices against Muslims. The artist formerly known as Nick Cameron's addition of the words "endorsed sexual torture of POW's" ARE his own words and his own naive perception.

The article demonstrates that the root of the problem lies within the so called leaders of American society and their perceptions, attitudes, and lack of understanding of Muslims and Islam.

That's just the hard truth, so I guess the artist formerly known as Nick should stop drawing his own conclusions and understand where the root of hte problem lies within American society and it's so called leaders and their ideological mindset's which constantly attack and defame the Islamic faith and it's believers.

George W. Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld, and General Boykin's attempts to calm the situation have fallen on deaf ears, simply because the US occupiers cannot be trusted.

Also, this is not an isolated incident which happened in Abu Ghraib prison, as new photo's of different prisoners was released I believe either today or yesterday, showing American Marines dragging Iraqi's by a collar on the ground like dogs.

Let more of the truth to be unveiled, to show the world the gruesome nature of Western occupiers...lastly, lets not forget British soldiers urinating on Iraqi'