Sowing the Wind

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"Sharon you are playing with our Lives" - Israeli protestor holds a poster during a demonstration in Tel Aviv protesting against the assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

The murder of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin by Israel was an act of terrorism, and an insane one at that. It has not only opened the gates of hell, as one incensed Hamas official declared, it has also slammed shut the door of peace. 

If for one moment the Israeli leadership imagined that assassinating the Hamas leader would stem the tide of violence, they were deluded. Sheikh Yassin's murder will not diminish suicide killings, it will increase them. Hamas will want to retaliate, as massively as possible, to retain credibility in Palestinian eyes. Other groups too, such as Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and Islamic Jihad, will retaliate, because they want revenge and because they too want to gain credibility and prove that they are the viable, powerful, sole opposition to the Israelis. They will rush to wrap themselves in a bloody martyrs' flag - and young men and women will be readier than ever to lay down their lives as suicide bombers. 

For Israel, the Sheikh may have seemed to be a major part of the problem. But he was also potentially a significant part of the solution. By killing Hamas' spiritual head, the Israelis have struck down someone they might one day have been able to talk to. Their missiles have killed a leader who enjoyed massive respect, who could have called a halt to militant violence, and would have been listened to had he done so. 

Instead, Israel will reap the whirlwind. There is likely to be a struggle for power within Hamas and between Hamas and its rivals. But that struggle will be played out through suicide bombs and counted in the number of dead Israelis. The killing will be anarchic, uncoordinated, but all the more deadly - and it is entirely Sharon's doing. He doubtless hopes that such an overspill of violence will turn Palestinians into targets for George Bush's "war on terror". He is clearly willing to sacrifice Israeli lives for the sake of destabilizing the Palestinian resistance. Either way it is clearer than ever that he is utterly ruthless and will stop at nothing, and no one. Is Arafat next? The gloves are off. Nothing can be ruled out. At this critical time, the Palestinians stand united against Israel; so do the Arabs. But that is not enough. There must be a determination at last to force Israel to halt its murders. It has canceled a meeting with Qorei. It must be forced to the negotiating table, forced into concessions. There is only one state that can do this. The US.

We demand action by Washington to rein in the Israeli murderers, to stop Israeli terror. Is Washington sincere in its commitment to justice, or is it as usual only going to mouth platitudes and do nothing? To quote George Bush, if it is not with us, it is against us.

Source: Arab News

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Hamas, Occupation, Palestine
Views: 2959

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Older Comments:
Not so fast, Tim B., I give you the benifit of doubt, on that you speak more out of passion than reason. If you prove me wrong, I will give you an appropriate answer to that. For now I shall treat you as somebody that looked only at the half of the whole picture. On your very disturbing comment on this website, "If I were able to speak to Mr. Sharon I would say, "Good shot. What took you so long?" What was your intention? We are grieving for a man, that no matter what you consider him to be, for us is a holy man and the unfortunate way of oposing the Israeli occupation is a compelling piece of evidence of how desperate are the people in the territories. Do you think that the Palestinians as a nation are psychopaths and suicidal mental patients? Did you not ask yourself, : "Wouldn't these youths rather drive cars, court girls, study, work, travel and enjoy life?" Did you ask yourself that question, punk? Or you dismissed such mental exercise on the assumption that that was their "un-Christian" Moslem way, huh butthead? Did you reduce them(the Palestinians) to vermin or cockroaches, before you justified Sharon's action? If you looked upon the Palestinian people as your most unfortunate human brothers that are driven out of their ancestral land that they inhabit of more than 7000 years, starting with the Cananites and ending with the Arab assimilation. The people are the same, foreign powers took rule of the people from the beginning. The Cananites, the Egyptians, the Philistines, the Hebrews, the Assyrians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Europeans(crussaders), the Arabs, the Mongols, the Turks, the British and finally the Zionists. With the exception of the latter two, all and more nations I did not mention, form the present day people that are called Palestinian. They are Arabic speaking people today, they speak this language from almost 1500 years. Look apon it like the USA, everybody speaks English, but are all the people of British descent? The same with Palestine.

This killing has speeded the process of 'Saddamisation' of already 'Talibanised'[Jewish version]Israel,in the garb of democracy and protection of Anglosaxon world order Israel is acting like a totalitarian state of George Orwell's imagination.

SAM said:
The Israeli government resorts to escalating its war of annihilation of the Palestinians every time it faces a new problem regarding the Palestinian people's rights, assuming that by using power, it will settle the crisis; however, that is not the solution to its problems. Israel doesn't want to admit that the main problem is not the Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation, but the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land and its consequences, such as Jewish settlements

I did not read this article but all I know is this Man was a Muslim and he was killed when he came out from the Masjid, perhaps he unjustly caused death to many and perhaps to purify him from his sins, Allah took his life just after his salat, his connection with God. Non of us here can understand Sheikh Yasin to give an opinion. As we know that God is All forgiving. It is not man we hate but it is ignorance. Let us be humble and read the opening(al-fatiha) for Sheikh Yazin and others like him. May Allah forgive Yazin for his mistakes for Allah truley forgives all except the ones who associates him with others. Unfortunelt today we have all these self-proclaimed judjes who have the key to the unsen. Shame on you wether your Molsim,Christian, Jewish or Buddist. No more namima! , no more slandering !slandering and gossip is not characters of a Servant of God!

If I were able to speak to Mr. Sharon I would say, "Good shot. What took you so long? If you had killed this phony man of God two years ago there would be many people, both Israeli and Palestinian still alive today." Cold-blooded monsters like Sheikh Yassin deserve no mercy. Good riddance!

in a fair world this article would make a diffrence,but we all know that is not the case.the leaders we have today are all,gready,power hungry and don't realy care about the people the supposed to represent.i think we should all unite against them and show them that we won't accept this.regardless of our diffrences in race,religion or language.if we unite we can chenge the world for the better.

Well Ahmed Asgher, I really don't post comments here solely for your benefit, so you are free to ignore what I say. But I stand my ground on this one. I condemn the Yassin's towards innocent Israelis (i.e. his open support for suicide terrorism against them), and I make no apologies for that. Nonetheless, I take comfort in the knowledge that God will deal with him justly in the afterlife, regardless of any attempts to lionize him on earth.

Peace Hudd D'Alhamd!

It's telling that you characterized my comments as those of a "dogged Zionist", because this is the jist of the misunderstanding. I've never claimed to support Israel unconditionally. I think the reason why I seemed so "negative" to you (and most likely a great number of other people) is that I generally react strongly to what I view as objectionable. Doesn't mean I hate people or feel no compassion for the unfortunate. It just means that I don't see misfortune as an excuse for wrongdoing. I regret that people take umbrage at my approach, but it's how I feel. In the case of Yassin, I view his actions against the Israelis as inexcusable, so that's why I don't mourn his passing the way the Muslims on this site do. But to each his/her own...

Peace out!

Nick Cameron does it again:

"Morality dictates that we condemn terrorism in all its forms, regardless of excuses."

Rehtoric rubbish yet nowhere he condemns US or Israeli agressions against innocent people, people who did not do 911, stupid. Your words are starting to look like an ugly girl with heavy make-up - no direspect intended for ugly girls.

I should have taken the advice of my trusted friend Zinedine of Morocco and ignored your self-righteous comments. My fault. Still, better late than never.

I now join the ranks of brothers on this site who shall ignore your one-sided, biased, and ignorant comments.

P.S. You indicated a few websites for brother Yahya Bergum to look at but you must be so ignorant not to even mention the hundreds of Palestinian children who have been shot in the head or heart by IDF - a clear sign of their evil intent - then compare the thousand Palestinian dead civilians and the countless made homeless v. the few hundred Jewish victims. For every Jewish victim there have been 7 - 3 times more dead Palestinians with Natanyahu comiiting the highest ratio. Pull any way you wish but your views are the same as those of Zionsits who always excuse evil Israeli plans and want to dehumanise a whole people who fight an evil occupation which is hell-bent on ethnically cleansing them. You can't even comprehend a simple question: What came first: Occupation or Resistance? but you want to justify evil occupation and even more filthy land grabbing
by Sharon and genocide by IDF.

Then you fully reveal yourself by saying that you do not read Chomsky - it must hurt like hell for Zionist appologists to read the truth - even by Chomsky who by the way, is a Jew himself and very learned - you avoid facing truth and that is HYPOCRACY Mr. Nick Cameron or whatever you call yourself! (I believe that is not your real name)

Yes the assasination of Yassin was a terrorist act. But both Sharon and Yassin are terrorists. When you live by the sword you die by the sword. Sharon will meet the same end. But, the truth is this is not a condemable act. Just as Sharon's assasination, if it occurs, will not be a condemable act. Both Palestine and Isreal have a right to exist. This region is a mess. There are no nonreligious answers and religious answers cause violence. Just as all Hamas are targets, all Isreali people who perpertrate terrow are targets. The main difference of course is the disgusting suicide bombing. If Hamas had any foresight they would except concessions, regroup, be "good", and then take over Isreal politically.

What I meant, "too late"? Not what you understood. I perfectly agree with what you said: "I rarely think it's ever too late to be rational." If anybody thiks differently, that means that the person would be oposed to progress. What I really meant was, you presented yourself in a very negative posture for quite a time. Thus this rationalization of your thoughts seems a little bit awkward for a dogged Zionist, allow me to put it this way, your going on record proved that you are a rational man, contrariwise to what you presented yourself for a long time. I am glad you came out of the closet and showed your human side. I was under the impression that I was chatting with none but the Devil himself, if you know what I mean. Now, you make me believe that you are not blind, but maybe misguided? And you can rationalize and understand evil from all sides. And that is good. I wouldn't say, we are "fighting" the same war, but maybe we both look for a lasting peace from different perspectives. Did I convey the message? Peace out!

Travis Johnson:

The State of Israel is a globally recognized sovereign state and U.N. Charter member, and it exists in the Middle East and not Texas. Besides, the Israelis want their state exactly where it is. Of course, if they want to move here then they are free to do so, as far as I'm concerned. There will always be a safe haven in America.

This is to Nick Cameron: When you say you believe that "the state of Israel has a right to exist" have you ever considered giving some of your American land to Israeli people? What about giving parts of Texas since it is a huge state? Why don't US give Texas to Jews and all of the Jewish around the world will be invited there. That way they (both US and Israel) don't need to go through a huge struggle, and they will leave happily after. They have been scattered all around the world before anyway, so what is different? You already imply that the foundation of the state of Israel might not be just, so why not keep this injustice to create another 'free' state for Israel here in the US?


I don't understand why it is that you feel so offended whenever I comment. I'm really not so bad once you get to know me. Regardless, I stand by my position that Yassin's killing was not necessarily an evil act.

Hudd D'Alhamd:

I'm not sure what you mean about being "too late" for rational thought. I rarely think it's ever too late to be rational, although I've always strived to speak with a rational basis.

Yes indeed, names are very important in society. But as far as I can tell, this virtual world through which we are communicating is not real society. Nonetheless, you would be right to conclude that this name has personal significance for me. "NC" are initials that Muslims from another site gave me as a nickname a while back. (Nice people over there, which encouraged me in believing that most Muslims are good people.) So if you prefer, you may address me that way. In any event, why do you think you need to know my background? Aren't people more than just their bloodlines?

As far as you telling me that people here don't "endorse" terrorism, I believe that I've seen a small minority who have. But what I've been referring to is not endorsement of terrorism so much as the litany of "Yeah, but..." excuses that I hear from the Muslim world.

A few days following 9/11, a major news network here held a town meeting dialogue between Americans and some Muslim exchange students. One of the things that struck me even back then is that while the Americans were pouring out their heart and soul about how bummed out they were, the exchange students kept wanting to talk about Israel and how it's our government's support for the Jewish state that caused 9/11. Here these Americans were, many of them on the verge of tears because , and these foreigners wanted to chat about Israel! Maybe it's a cultural thing, but to many Americans this is offensive. (Yahya, if you're reading this then I know what you're thinking. But I believe my comments on the Yassin article constitute a different situation.) And personal experience has suggested to me that this line of thinking is not uncommon in the Muslim world. Anyways, I'm getting off-point so I'm stopping myself

Akbar Khan:

Looks like my comments didn't go through due to connectovity, so I will try to reconstruct it to the best of my memory.

I have no problem with you telling other people that "Nick Cameron" isn't my real name. For me, it's just a moniker, nothing more. As far as your threat (if that's what one could call it) that you won't be "discussing" with me anymore, my response to that is sure, why start now? From the very beginning you've been talking at me rather than speaking to me. You do not respond to my comments. You corrupt my words and claim that I'm this that and the other. So I don't think your promise not to "discuss" will bring about any practical change from before. As far as things "going one ear and out the other", I consider this to be little more than you projecting your own faults onto me. I've listened to many Muslims here and I've respectfully disagreed with them, citing my reasons. If the Muslims here don't like it, then they can choose to disregard my comments. As I said before I'm not here for hearts and minds, only to express how I feel and why.

But there is one thing that I should note. You are well aware that I feel unease towards the Muslim world because you've criticized me for feeling this way numerous times. Why then do you demand my real name and/or my personal sob story about my experience with certain Muslims over the Internet that made choose anonymity? Clearly since you know that I won't give this out to anyone who hasn't won my trust (i.e. you), I believe your purpose most likely serves some rhetorical gamesmanship goal. I choose not to play your youthful games at this time.

Salam Brothers!
Like I have pointed out in one of my other comments on another topic, trying to reason with Mr.Nick Cameron (not a real name? well atleast this message is intended to whoever is in disguise) is like striking our own head against a wall. Our head will break but nothing happens to the wall.
Let's leave Mr.Nick Cameron alone to dream in his own fool's paradise.

Well, well, well! A bit too late, your rational opinion. As concerns the majority on this website you presented yourself in a very negative, dogged zionist, and all the rest, Akbar Khan put it in his posting. You lost confidence and credibility. I understand Akbar Khan, you ought to make a simple research on the psychology of Muslims. I don't imply that every Muslim would have the same reaction like Akbar Khan, but honestly, when you revealed that Nick Cameron was an unmatching alias, it shocked me for different reasons than Akbar. You see, our names are very important in our society. They say a lot. We have a string of names. I have oficially seven and para-officially eleven. I could use any pair from these eleven, and my own neighbour wouldn't recognize me. I go usually by my kunya(a title only in Arabic), Abu Hammad or Buhammad. Calling me on my given name in an Arab society would be an insult. That's why what you see, Hudd D'Alhamd, is my nickname and my family title. Using these two you could trace me to my door, if you reached in my neibourhood. Could anybody find you using Nick Cameron as a reference? This is Akbar Khan's problem, he doesn't want to converse with a shadow, an unreal person. Fine, you were afraid, you could use a nickname and a name existing in your family, your mother's, your uncle's, etc., a real name. In that case if people refer to the canotation of that name you don't get shocked and then you are forced to reveal that the name is not even by a long shot related to you. What if I introduced myself as Joshua Jones and played you around. Then you would say, "ah, you are of Welsh ancestry?" And I would say, "Nope!" You would say, "then you are black", do you see at what am I getting? I understand, your right to privacy, but do not mis-represent yourself and do not perform false advertising for a fictitious character like Nick Cameron. You see everybody is saying something or much about himself/herself. It's building raport.

I will not be discussing with you anymore "Nick Cameron," about anything. When you revealed that this is not your real name, I realized that for you to sit there and talk with Muslims about such important issues in the world for so many weeks on this website, all the while being afraid to post your real name, explains why so many attempts that Muslims visiting this website have made to explain things to you from another perspective, goes in your ear and out the other, so to speak.

It shows me that you are not trustworthy, and I see your hostility towards an open, and understanding dialogue with people on this website. If there is any fear you have or any threats you feel that may jeapordize your personal security by posting your name here, please let me know how that is possible, then maybe I will reconsider talking to you again if your reasons are valid. And if not, then unfortunately I am afraid that I will not respond to any of your comments anymore, but as long as you keep using the name "Nick Cameron" here, I will just respond with a comment stating that this is not your real name, and I will let others know that I have tried to reason with you on very simple issues before by referring to old articles, and that my attempts failed. From viewing your posts, you characterize yourself like a Zionist-the way you favour the government of Israel and its brutal tactics on Palestinian people at large. Zionists come in many shapes and forms...kind of like the description given to terrorists, hmmm?

I really don't care to know who or what you are, but I will say, please continue to converse with others on this website, I am not stopping you from doing that, but I will not stop reminding everyone that this is not your real name. I will simply analyze your comments and respond with truthful answers for others to read instead of addressing them to you.

To me, you have lost your credibility in being someone who I can engage in a dialogue with.

I'm not even a Muslim and I'm disgusted with Israel's assasination of the Hamas leader. No, terrorism is not the best way to solve a problem, but neither is open war on a people whose country has been stolen and who only want the return of what is rightfully theirs. Israel is going to continue to face violence until it begins to treat the Palestinians like human beings.

The United States should absolutely repudiate this action and should drop all alliances with Israel, in my opinion.

Hudd D'Alhamd:

First of all, I am familiar with the term, "Chutzpah". If I'm not mistaken (and I very well could be), it means "courage". If so, then I'm puzzled that you'd criticize me for having courage.

You should not view me as a "pet peeve", since I'm really not worth so much of your negative energy. I am but a simple man who desires little more than to live a good life free from injustice. In any event, I think it's becoming clear what exactly it is that you're asking from me. It seems to me that you want me to go on record as condemning all injustices perpetrated by both my government and Israel. That's a simple enough task, so consider me on the record now. I condemn all injustice, pure and simple. (See? I'm easy.)

But I also want to go on record as saying that Israel has a right to exist. It is a globally recognized sovereign state and U.N. Charter Member. Whether or not it was founded in a just way does not change this reality. In this sense, Israel is little different from a few former British colonies that I'm sure come to mind.

Also, I did not claim that the majority of Americans approve of Bush's overall job performance. However, a recent poll was taken that shows the majority believe in a Saddam-9/11 link. Apples and oranges.

Well Ahmed Asgher, that all may or may not be true. Nevertheless, none of what you've said justifies Hamas' murderous program againt innocent noncombatants. Morality dictates that we condemn terrorism in all its forms, regardless of excuses.

I condemned the article in its entirety. It is misleading to the Muslims and to the whole world. It is trying to lecture a renowned murderer. It is trying to remind the responsibilities to an illegitimate nation. This article is a piece of garbage. Wandering Muslims must come to the terms now - Existence of Israel or Peace. You cannot have both. The choice is very clear. Muslims are behaving like cowards. Sharon and party are not insane as stupidly this article is trying to portray. It is a very determined, well calculated and well timed attack. If Mushrraf can get away with the mass murder of Islamists in Pakistan then why not Sharon? Martyrdom of Sheikh is much coincided with the operation in full swing against Islamists in Pakistan. Are we not hypocrites here? Sir, Sheikh Yasin was great man with a vision. He was probably the greatest in Palestinians. But he was not coward like us. The most troubling moment for me is the reaction of the ordinary Muslims. Same mud throwing on America and Israel. This has not worked. This will not work. Salaheddin Ayubi did in throw mud - he has thrown the crusaders out of the land. By the way Sharon and his Zionists party knew very well that Muslims of the current age are just a bunch of hypocrites and cowards - and we are. Are we not the same people who were clapping and excited by the Camp David accord under Clinton? Now we are crying. This is just a rehearsal. Destruction of Aqsa Mosque is probably next in the line. Confused, disoriented, hypocrites are some of our hall marks. I again condemned the article and request the writer - please don't fool Muslims and the humanity.



Nick Cameron concludes his posting by saying:

"Bottom line is that we must oppose all forms of terrorism."

How gallant! People like you can only dress their words in fashionable lines. "Terrorism" appears to be redefined in the American vocab. Let me remind you thyat the whole state of Israel is built on terrorism - from its inception its founders were terrorists gangs and murderers, including Menahem Begin and other little creeps of the Isralei elite. Do a google if you need more education in this line on Jewish gangs like Stern, Hagana, Ergun and the bully Sharon who was called 'man of peace' by your misguided president.

Sharon has much blood on his hand, as in Sabra and Shatila; Dair Yasein and more than 100 Arab villages now totally wiped out of the Israeli landscape. What school you go to? Why don't you educate yourself or perhaps you never want to see the atrocities that Israel carreis out daily against innocent and helpless people. And when they re-act; idiots like you brand them as "terrorists".

Every Eruopean and African Jewish convert has automatic right to Israeli nationality but the indigenous people are made to live in refugee camps with no right of return to their homes. Homes to which many still hold the keys to! You can feel proud about your stupid government when they restore the rights of Palestinians to their lands and homes - may be when pigs fly! Instead they pay billions to the terrorist Israel to even kill more Arabs. Remember Israel is the only country with no defined borders. The periah state wants to grab more land and more your filthy tax-dollars. Zionist historians confess to wanting Israel cleansed of Arabs vermins. READ b4 U write.

When 750,000 Arabs were forced from their homes, that was terrorism. When none of them have any recourse to a court of law, justice or to arms, then they fight the way they know best and they don't need guidance from biased poeple like you. Their rights WILL be restored one day. Allah

It shouldnt come as a surprise that those who persecuted and murdered many of their own Prophets are now killing old men in wheel chairs.
Jewish terror will not defeat the heroic Palestinian people, may God Almighty make them victorious.

Yahya Bergum:

Were you addressing me? If not, then please disregard the following comments.

Your hypothetical concerning a rock-throwing child is a puzzling one, since I cannot give you a full answer without more details. Right and wrong are often cut-and-dry issues for me, but questions of morality are more often than not context-determinaive.

For example, why did the IDF soldier (who I presume did the shooting here) shoot the child? Did he genuinely believe that the child had a grenade, or did clearly see it was nothing but a pebble? In such a case, right and wrong depends on the proportionality of the soldier's reaction. Concerning the parents, did they have reason to believe that their child intended put himself/herself in danger the morning that they sent him/her off to school? And *if* they did, what actions if any did they take to prevent their child from acting foolishly? In this case, right and wrong would seem to depend on whether or not the parents were negligent or reckless.

As far as your question about why I "seem to be inclined to start arguments at funerals", two things. First, I do not think of Iviews/Islamicity as a funeral. As far as I can tell, it's an American website (based in Culver City, in fact) that publishes information and opinions concerning the Muslim world. And this website invites comments from its visitors, whether such comments agree or disagree with the site's content.

Second, I am do not post what I post because I am "inclined to start arguments". My primary intent is to express my opinion, and I believe that I did that here. If in doing so I help to contribute to a genuine exchange of diverse opinions, so much the better. After all, I believe that honest dialogue is the first step to conciliation. If, on the other hand, an argument ensues and we're reduced to sniping at those who differ with us, then the best thing is for us to take a step back for a moment and then return to the table

Muslims/Arabs should be united and this is time to show the world the strength of Islam.Arabs should and can do a lot in this matter if only they be loyal to the Muslims and not to US.I pray for our unity and May Allah give us the strength to stand and voice against the oppressors for peace and justice.

So (my friend) if a child is shot for throwing a rock at a tank, would any potential "alleged wrongdoing" be on the part of the "Israeli gov't" or on the part of the parents who permitted their child to walk to school? Was it wrong of the parents to permit their child out of the house when Israel Army snipers were alleged to be in the area? Would this perhaps simply be the sort of terrorism about which we Americans need to remain open minded, in the best interest of our nation's security?

Also, just out of curiosity, why might you seem to be inclined to start arguments at funerals? Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un (Verily, to the Creator we return).

Peace be with you.

asallamu alykum brothers n sisters...Palestinian should stand tall and should retaliate...we all should have no fear because we have allah...believe in the faith and inshallah allah will lead us to the right path...subhanallah one of the greatest shiekh has been murdered..all of should realize this is also the sign of the day of judgement...please try your best and remember allah...forgive me if i said anything that has offended you...sallams

Lets say the US is not sincere in its commitment to Justice. Then what are the muslims going to do? Find someone else to appeal to??

And then few decades later when we get tired of appealing for Justice to the next entity we conclude that it too is not committed to Justice we will then have to search for another new entity to appeal for Justice????

Let us fix our socities. Improve education, Increase economic activity and power increase innovation and take the lead in technology then we will be in a position to make sure we deliver Justice in cases like these.

Well I'm sorry, Nick, I do insult you! The way you act I figured you can't be insulted! You display a kind of freshness what can be called only by a Hebrew word to be 100% descriptive: "Chutzpa!" I believe you are familiar with the term. Of course I am in a bad mood, you became my pet peeve, Nick! Me anti-American? You must be kidding me. I live on Hollywood movies, my whole family does, especially the comedies. I tell you what anti I am. I am against any form of discrimination: racial, religious, cultural, social, sexual orientation(not that I approve or promote it, but I don't have a problem if my co-worker is one). I am against any kind of violence and cruelty to humans, animals and the environment. I am a Green Peace Activist. Now you understand that we could never have an agreement. You could be a million things but Green Peace Activist is not one of them, I'd risk a bet on that. I am against war and the proliferation of any war machine. I am against stupidity and intellectual coma or mental infexibility, if you will. I am against imperialism, colonialism, occupation, invation, assassination(which for me is the same thing with terrorism), terrorism, fanatism and fascism. I am against the present governments of USA and Israel. Nick..., I don't want to be a nice guy, I am a nice guy, reconsider your thought. Again you make statements that don't jibe, making me believe that you either are the Devil himself or you really are blind as a mole! You said that USA would hunt down those that would plan attacks on innocent Americans. I sign to that. US does not hold under occupation, neither Mexico nor Canada. Let US do that and she will have her own South Bank or North Bank. Then and only then your comparison between US and Israel would make sense. Israel has the right to defent herself. In an occupied territory? Let Israel get the hell out of the territories and kill any terrorist that would infiltrate from free Palestine into Israel. Let's have first a free Palestine!

Well Zinedine, I can assure you that I'm neither heartless nor a redneck. I care about the hardships of Americans who have been dealt a bad hand. As great as my country is, it is not perfect, so compassion is always helpful. However, compassion does not mean that I have to accept it when innocent people die at the hands of terrorists.

Generally I don't read Chomsky.

How can the West and Israel expect the Palestinian Authority to reign in extremist groups when the Israelis regularly target Palestinian Authority security forces??? It is ironic that the Jews of Israel act towards the Palestinians like the Nazis in Germany did to them!

All of us want justice and Peace.
No blood for that.

Salaam brothers & sisters,

Jazaka Allahu khairan brother Hudd D'Alhamd for your time & efforts. Nick Cameron is a heartless red neck & is a waste of your valuable time. Here is an article for people with a brain to read: Wars of terror by Noam Chomsky. Nick, don't bother reading it because teaching you is like pouring water on are simply fruitless.

Hudd D'Alhamd:

Yes you do insult me, but I'm starting to believe that your conduct is more attibutable to being in a bad mood than it is to anti-American bigotry. I can forgive that more easily, for what it's worth. But I really do think you should take a deep breath. You seem like you want to be a nice guy.

That being said, I don't think I was wrong in my earlier comments. In America, people who are responsible for the intentional targetting and willful murder of innocent people generally get sent to Death Row. In this case, that's what the Sheikh did. But what distinguishes this situation from my America example is that Sharon didn't give this guy a trial. Is this extrajudicial? You bet. Is it evil? Given the Sheikh's history, I'm not so sure that it was. And as I said before, alleged wrongdoing by the Israeli gov't does not excuse wrongdoing by Palestinians.

Bottom line is that we must oppose all forms of terrorism.

To mmy memory I recall that Allah states in the Quraan't don't take the christians and Jews as friends and protectors, the christians and jews are freinds and protectors of each other." This is not the exact quote but it shows the miracales of the Qur'an.


I am a man. ;)

I will answer your questions one at a time:

"Why do innocent Palestinians revolt or try to kill innocent Israelis?"

Palestinians revolt because they consider the Israelis to be an occupying power. That is the root of it, although now it's more complicated. For example, many Palestinians claim to fight the Israelis because of alleged ongiong human rights violations by the IDF. Many Israelis would agree with them, which is why many have chosen to stand beside peaceful Palestinian protestors and against Sharon. On the other hand, those Palestinians who take revolt beyond peaceful demonstrations and into attacks on innocent people are not themselves innocent.

"What is USA's interest in Middle East?"

Security and then commerce. In that order.

"Why does USA have a huge budget for Israel?"

Because those who are stridently in favor of aid for Israel grossly outnumber those who are stridently opposed. However, I wouldn't say "huge".

"Why do only USA, Israel and other devloped countries could have nuclear weapon? "

America have them because we were the first. Our allies, like the Europeans as well as Israel, have them because we let it happen, for a number of reasons. As far as your apparent belief that nuclear weapons and democracy go hand-in-hand, I disagree strongly. Some nuclear powers, like China and Russia, are hardly democracies. Many democracies, like Denmark and Japan, are not nuclear powers.

That's just how it is.

The murder of the Sheikh resulted in statements such as "the opening of the gates of hell"

Makes one wonder what this guy was a sheikh of...Islam or politics.

The Jew and his brother, the Arab, will spill each others blood until the end of time.

They are both arrogant, pride-filled people who consider themselves ALLAH's chosen.

They deserve each other.....

I look forward to all the hypocrites hiding under the banner of Islam meeting a similar the very hands of their Jewish brothers...and vice versa.

Let them kill each other....eventually they will learn...they are not chosen because of their tribes....but because of their submission to ALLAH!


Someone in the Arab world must step up and
state "Murder is not the way to peace." You can
argue forever about whether Israel has a righ
to exist --it doesn't matter it does exist and it
was created so that the few Jewish survivors
who were left after WWII had a homeland.
How anyone can mourn the leader of a group
that was dedicated to killing is beyond me.
The Israeli government was wrong to
assassinate him. He was wrong to head an
organization dedicated to murder. Who's
right? Who's wrong? Will it take WW III to
decide? Will it turn into "Kill 'em all let God
sort 'em out???" STOP THE VIOLENCE. Both
sides. The U.S. The Arab World. The rest of
Europe. The rest of the world. Think peace,
people, before it's too late for all of us. First, if
you are a citizen of the U.S. and can vote, get
Bush the hell out of office. If you're in another
country and reading this, instead of getting
angry at me, try to think of a solution to the
madness that the world has become. THINK
blaming everyone else and guess what? The
U.S. is guilty. The Arab world is guilty. The
resot of the world is guilty. EVERYONE IS
GUILTY . So let's just accept that and move to
live instead of die.

Since the assasination of Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, I feel anti Semite. The Zionists do not deserve to live.


I agree with Waqas. We shouldn't be asking for US administration's help. 2 things need to be done:
1)Muslims and Muslim Leaders should unite
2)American Muslims should get involved in the american political process. We should have some clout on that stage.

i have ahd enough what is israel playing at stupid people

I like to ask Nick Cameron and others like her:
Why do innocent Palestinians revolt or try to kill innocent Israelis? Think about background history.

What is USA's interest in Middle East?
Why does USA have a huge budget for Israel?
Why do only USA, Israel and other devloped countries could have nuclear weapon? It seems they talk democracy for themselves not for others. Do you think people of so called developing countries are stupid, they do not know how to handle nuclear weapon, and USA and its allies are the people with wisdom..

Imagine, if Sharon has been assassinated...
The WORLD will flip!


the death of shiek yasin is a terrrible crime for
the world not only will palistianians suffer but
americans will suffer to beacause bush hasn't
taken action agianst this . in fact he gave the
green light for it. now radcail islam will attack
the world including us . i pray for yasin's family
and friends . long live palistine , long live shiek
yasin . all palistinians must FIGHT the israeli
emeny were ever they may be . jews ,
christians , and muslims must stand and fight
for palistine and end this one thousand year
old conflict . DEATH TO ARIEL SHARON ,
STATE OF ISRAEL. all jews must overthrow
WE WILL BURY U . god wants all men to live
in peace . these men don't want it.

You complained Nick that I insulted you?! You are an insult to yourself! Analyze the crap that you just posted on the web! Do you think that Muslims don't differenciate between hypocracy and honesty? You are utterly mistaken on that subject, pal! This, what you said, "While I don't advocate Israel's actions, I don't consider its conduct necessarily evil.", is one great stinky piece of hypocracy! Let me answer some of your heretic idiocies you are not ashamed to post: 1) Not Hamas, but Israel declared war on all Palestinian militants. If you have an occupation, it is your Godly/Holy right and obligation to fight for your freedom. And everybody in the known history did just that, fought for their freedom to the applauses of the future generations of free people. Now, get this into your thick head, Israel and USA are occupiers. Call yourselves whatever you want to call yourselves, under any sane and sober judgement, Israel occupies Palestine and USA occupies Iraq and Afghanistan. If you have as much brain as a herring and as much sense as a fly, you can get easily the picture. Occupation? Fight for freedom! The means? Whatever available! There is nothing to lose, only to gain. This is what people of your stripe will never understand. Rather die a martyr in the pursuit of a noble cause like the liberation of your country than reach old age in a state of slavery! What a moron! I can't believe you, Nick! That Hamas had commited acts resulting in deaths? Heelloo!!! there's a war out there! That's what happens in war, people die, Nick, they die nastily. An eye for an eye, rather for every 100 Palestinian eyes, one Israeli eye. Do the maths, how many Israelis died in the Intifadah as compared with Palestinians! Whom are trying to fool, fool?! That you don't buy the hypothesis of Ahmad Yassin being able to sit with the Israelis? As long as the Israelis continue to behave like demigods, who the hell do you think would sit down with them for talks other than and only USA.

Asslamu alaikum,

Many Muslims do not believe that the US can force Israel to the negotiating table. If the Arabs do believe, that is their own cup of tea. It does't require much energy to realise that the US is Israel and Israel is US.

Killing Sheikh Yassin, Arafat or any other Palestinian will NOT solve Israelis problem - it will rather complicates it.

As for Sheikh Yassin, may Allah (SWT) grant him a house in His Paradise.


i cant believe that still Arabs think US is the only country to bring justice and contain israel. the jewish neo-cons are taking US for a ride to benefit israel. US is a hijacked country today and it will never be able to bring justice in the middle east unless US liberates itself from these israeli lobbies. it is time for arabs to have some self confidence rather than expecting US to come and do the justice. collectively, arabs have the strength to bring down any country on this planet to its knee. Allah have given them resources which the rest of the world needs to survive and they kill the arabs to get their hands on the oil. let the arab people bring leaders among themselves who will fight for justice among arab men and women and children. arabs need leaders who can unite the people and dare to challenge the west. west will be very happy as along as dictators of arab countries suppress their own people and keep the oil flow to the west. the media in the middle east shows part of the truth. what about the arabs being suppressed and brutalised by the arabs? we wait for the day when arabs respect each other and stop suppressing their own people. that is the day no israeli will be able to humiliate a palestininan or rob his freedom or land. just doing prayers wont bring luck on arabs, they need to believe and live the way THE PROPHET (PBUH)did. no need of US to bring the justice.

Salams, A large problem is Sharon and his willingness to do the dirty work of Zionist ideology-- meaning considers loss of Isreali lives that will probably follow a necessary sacrifice towards objectives to greater Isreal. Again he produces deteriation of situations to allow the mass transfer of Palestinian populations and emotionally manipulate many people. It is a calculated decision Sharon made to diminish hope of Peace. Sanctions and arms embargo against Sharon's regime is the least US can do, yet in current environment I can only pray that such a thing can come about.

bismillahir rahmanir raheem. inna allahi wa inna allahi ra'jaiun. I am saddened by the actions of the Israeli leader Sharon in commiting this act of murder. It is murder when you specifically target one particular person to kill. And you offer no due process and perform the killing outside of any judicial, legal process. This flies in the face of international law. Sharon is personally responsible for this from all accounts. That being said, the Quran entreats us to show patience in the face of adversity, it does not mention limits to that patience. It is also wrong to kill innocents. It is high time that both camps stepped away from this bloodshed and violence. On the Israeli side, Sharon and his government need to be replaced and the forces for peace in that arena need to be allowed to have a larger voice. It is also time for the Muslims of the world to speak out strongly against the violence that is commited in our names. My name will not be connected with that ever! Muslim leaders need to support the cause of the Palestinians but not the methods. They need to gather together in no uncertain terms and resolve to solve this problem together with the other players on the world stage. This is not an easy task, but if you pray to Allah (SWT) he will give you the strength to do it. The problem is that most governments, both Muslim and not are so corrupted by their own greed and lust for power that they forget that the only true power comes from Allah (SW) and from obeying His commands. Make no mistake that there are influences fomenting this conflict from outside the region. But also make no mistake that Shaitan rejoices over it as well. Shaitan needs no "help" from the leaders of the world, and they, every single one of them that supports any violence are helping him do his work. wa allahu alim.

Innaa Lillaah Waina Ilayhi Rajicun!!! As many others said ,These Jewish People will never make any peace aggreament with us, This is not about PALASTINE, but this a war againest inlam, and they are fighting with us bczz we beleive in the almighty ALLAAH, some thing they don`t,, Dear brothers and sisters, and all of you who have got faith in their hearts, The death of sheikh Yasin, left Both happiness and sadness in our hearts, it left happiness in our hearts bczz he always asked ALLAAH for shahadah, and he got it, After cleaning him self from sins, by doing what he must do(salatu fajr), he also left sadness in our heart bczz he was our leader and aour sheikh, We pray to Allaah That He will recieve what ever he prayed for and meet his loved Prophet in Janna,, And we also pray to Allaah, that our Religion ISLAM, shuold get stronger, and that they will be thousands of Sheikh YAsin to be born inshallah

Innalillahi wa innailahiraaji'uun

Many times we saw the true face of Israel, and why we still trying to make a peace with them, patient has a limit and we knew from Qur'an that "Israelis" will never make any peace with Islam and it's very fundamental. This assasination was another true face of Israel and the pretense of unknowing the assasination buy US Gov. (most of the heavy military equipment and War machines were supplied by USA). It's a pitty that we believe to a country which support Zeonist to make a peace? this war won't end untill the last muslim stand on the palestine ground and one of us becoming the victory, (palestine problems is not just for palestinians but for All Msulims).
They declared a holy war years ago and we must response this war with ours. So now let's face the reality, act now by supporting palestines in any ways (Islam's ways), act locally and think globally!!!

I agree with most but strongly disagree that we should ask US for help. Are the leaders of Muslim nations disabled or too dumb to understand the unity we need for our brothers. How many Muslim countries have given their armies to the Palestinian brothers to protect them? The biggest culprits are the Muslim leaders. Are US a Muslim country? Are US our brother? Is US ever just for Muslims? Sickening is the display of today's Muslim leaders. Cowards and nothing more. Our prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) went to battles under one flag of Islam. Today too many different flags are dividing the Muslim ummah. US have no responsibility to support Muslims. Stop asking for help and be united.

I agree with the author that this disgusting act by the Israelis will lead to more dead Israelis. I disagree with the author when they say that this act has slammed shut the "door of peace." The "door of peace" was slammed shut the day "Israel" was founded upon thier racist, genocidal ideology of Zionism.

allah willing, we will prevailm, and defeat Isreal and the Zionist.

when people see movies about the holocaust, they ask why it was that the jewish people did not rise up. in places they did. there are few movies about this though. but the majority did not rise up. now the palestinians are being systematically divested of their land and their lives and are rising up. and people say how dare they. people have a right to fight back against genocide. especially when the most powerful country in the world supports and funds it and even the charitys that feed clothe and provide medical care are cut off to the people. terror is terror and it is worse when it is sanctioned by the state. sharon did not do this to STOP the attacks he did it to ENCOURAGE them to give him the excuse for a final solution.

I beleive that the United States should take action against this. The Palestinians lately have not done anything to stir violence. Israel earlier last week and this week launched an offensive when it was suppose to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. How does this help the Middle East peace plan when a person like a father to the Palestinians is murdered after prayer. The sad thing is again the innocent Israeli's and the innocent Palestinians will have to pay the price for this. There will be no peace until there isn't an Israeli millitary personnel in sight for the Palestinians.

I am almost paralyzed with grief over Sheikh Yaseen's
murder. Israel betrays its desperate state as a counterfeit
nation that has a short shelf life, and whether they admit it
or not, deep inside they know it. Let the metropoli of the
United States prepare to welcome the hoards of Israelis who
will now seek to migrate there. Having grown up in the
West, I can't help but feel sorry for those who wish to
recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, and am
thunderstruck by individuals who live in Islamic countries
who have such unwholesome inclinations.
I trust Allah will reward the Sheikh and those who were
martyred with him with the delight of heaven. As I weep, I
also rejoice that the Sheikh is now under the complete
protection of his Creator.

I say to all Muslims. Let our grief be sublimated into
purposeful action to rid our lands of these foul plunderers.
Let us be careful not to hurt children, women, and innocent
men so that we do not offend Allah.
First, out with the House of Saud, out with the Exxon Mobil
Chevron Texaco oil cartels who steal our resources, out
with Mubarak and his henchmen, out with Musharaff. Then
the dominoes will fall. This signals the beginning of a
powerfully coherent struggle.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. May all of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's mourners be comforted (Ameen).

Reportedly, the White House has gone from expressing that we need to keep the sheikh's assassination in perspective to being deeply troubled by it. Reportedly, public support for the current government of Israel -- at least among the citizens of Israel -- is at an all time low. (Alhamdulillah.)

Surely by now it would be clear to just about anyone that the Likud Party, collectively, has no real interest in peace "with liberty and justice for all." May the One who causes peace to reign in Heaven let peace descend on Israel and on us all (Ameen). May it be the will of Adonai that Israelis who seek peace receive protection against all who do not (Ameen).

There should be no negotiations with terrorists, hence the folly of trying to reach an accord with Israel.
Jewish terrorism needs to be dealt with if the world is have any peace whatsoever.

absolutly outragious! they killed someone important, both politically and religiously...big mistake! it is more than time the US faces its responsabilities!!! unfortunatly it seems like they won't untill it becomes in the gov interest to do so...lets think

While I don't advocate Israel's actions, I don't consider its conduct necessarily evil. Fact is that Hamas has declared war against Israel with all the homicides that it has sponsored. Furthermore, Hamas has committed acts causing the deaths of at least some American exchange students. And Hamas' current veiled threats against Americans seems to confirm in my mind that Hamas might be America's enemy as well. If so, then my government may soon have to take an active role in dismantling Hamas for good.

I don't buy the author's hypothesis that the Sheikh could have ever been open to talks with the Israelis. Hamas seeks the total dissolution of Israel, and this is a clear non-starter.

We can only hope that one day in the future, the Palestinians will learn that willful targetting and killing innocent Israelis is not an option.