The Passion of Love!

Mel Gibson's "Passion of The Christ" stirred a storm of controversy months before it was released. Riding the crest of the storm stood Jewish organizations, headed by the vociferous Anti-Defamation League, who submerged Mel Gibson with a deluge of criticism, stamping his faith-based labor of love with the dreaded scourge of our politically correct times: the "anti-Semitic" label. 

Falling in line behind their masters and commanders of the print and visual mediums, many critics and editorial writers panned the movie for fear of being nailed along with Gibson to the crucifix of anti-Semitism. Their verbal tirades were broad and diverse. Hence "The Passion" was termed pornographically violent, exploitative, masochistic, openly anti-Semitic, etc. 

What is worth noting here is the fact that, days after the release of "The Passion," Steven Spielberg announced the DVD release of his 1993 Academy Award winner and Holocaust drama "Schindler's List." Coming eleven years after the movie was made, the release of the DVD version is, to borrow a cinematic term, "too on the nose." 

Spielberg's not-too-subtle knee-jerk reaction seems more like a grim reminder to the gentiles than a commercial ploy. It is almost as if Spielberg wanted to say, "make no mistake, anti-Semitism cost six million Jewish lives and the Christian West is responsible. Let's not forget who is the victim here! Hasn't the Holocaust taught you, gentiles, anything? Hollywood has been hitting you on the head for decades with brain-washing Holocaust flicks masquerading as entertainment to teach you that any criticism of Jews, no matter how accurate, justified, merely a projection of the New Testament and the faith of almost two billion Christians, is anti-Semitic and therefore unacceptable." 

The question that is begging to be posed is this, "is 'The Passion' really anti-Semitic?" 

Casting its religious mantra aside, "The Passion" is Mel Gibson's best film to date. The movie is undeniably a masterpiece of cinematic bravado. The fact that it was shot in Aramaic and Latin, two dead languages, added so much authenticity to its characters and gave enormous power to its central theme. 

"The Passion" is a very brutal portrayal of human madness and sadism. Its message is simple: unrelenting forgiveness and love in the face of intolerance and cruelty. Jesus, according to Christian belief, went to his untimely death willingly to teach humanity that love is the most powerful expression of good. A transcendent message so timely and pertinent to our nihilistic and barbarous world. 

"The Passion's" graphic violence was inevitable and thoroughly realistic. The unfair lashing from mainly popcorn critics who live and die by the sword of their corporate sponsors, that the movie was bordering on sado-masochism is utterly ludicrous. One doesn't have to look far to realize that we are bombarded with bloody murder on a daily basis. Steeped in blood around the clock so much that we've become as much sensitized to violence as a pack of Hyenas feasting on carrion meat. 

Not long ago, all humanity watched helplessly at the most powerful military on earth pummeled a helpless third world country to ruins on live television. The spin masters of lie and deceit talked the majority of peace-loving people into a futile bloody war that has thus far killed hundreds of thousands of innocents for what amounts to a heap of unsubstantiated hogwash. And while we're on the subject, let's stretch our imagination a couple of countries west of Babylon; to the only Middle Eastern country that benefited from this shameful war: Israel. 

The one-eyed Goliath with a two-hundred nuclear warheads arsenal mobilized its foot-soldiers in the Pentagon and White House to set afoot operation "Eliminate Israel's Foes." Chief architect Paul Wolfowitz and his staunch pro-Israel acolytes and co-religionists Douglas Feith and Richard Perle, successfully hoodwinked a naive and cartoonish president and lead him headlong into one of the biggest blunders of recent history: a brutal war that never made sense when it was hatched nor as it continues to degenerate into daily mayhem and chaos in what used to be a stable country. 

But since Spielberg and his tribal chiefs want us to believe that Jews can do no wrong, we have to shoot both our conscience and reason dead and believe that the triumvirate architects of evil are in fact three wise men on a mission from God to rid the world of miscreants. 

The notion that there is no such thing as "bad Jews" is absurd. While watching the movie, one cannot help but realize the fact that apart from the Romans, all supporters and detractors of Jesus were "Jewish." Suffices that Jesus himself was a "Jew." So where's the anti-Semitism? American Jewish leaders argue that it lies in the scenes where Jewish Scribes and Pharisees demand the crucifixion of Jesus. These scenes, they argue, will foment hatred of Jews. But isn't this portrayal found in the New Testament? Haven't Christians believed in this premise for two thousand years now? Reason mandates that if there was anyone or anything that should bear the brunt of Jewish anger, it should be the New Testament, with all its four Gospels, and not Mel Gibson's movie. Perhaps Jewish leaders would want to revise Christian Scripture and rid it of anything that displeases them. 

Let's not blame "The Passion" for anti-Semitism but rather point the finger to the true culprit, to the very monument to anti-Semitism and cause of all anti-Jewish hatred: Israel and its more than fifty-years history of systematic repression of the Palestinians. Its current wall of shame that is turning the West Bank into one big concentration camp is where Jewish leaders should look for answers to the world's growing anti-Semitism. 

Israel's dehumanization of a people who were unfortunate enough to have been born on the land of secular Zionist Biblical fantasies and Israel's history, replete with extreme injustice and cruelty, is eluding Jewish leaders. The suffering of Palestinians on the one hand and Israel's perfidious inequities on the other have never registered on their moral compass. Palestinians are summarily dismissed as Jew-hating terrorists, while their pain is ignored and their humanity all but obfuscated. 

Spielberg and Jewish leaders will not cease to protest and brain-wash gentiles, reminding them with each Holocaust movie or vociferous press release, that only Jews suffer; only Jews are entitled to multi-billion dollar compensations; only Jews are above criticism. Their suffering has earned them immunity against any wrongdoing. That's why Holocaust movies will continue to be made and propelled into public view to serve as eternal reminders, as monumental testaments to Jewish suffering. "Criticize us and we will smack you with the anti-Semitic label" seems to be the motto of most American Jewish organizations; "Any criticism of Israel, right or wrong, also qualifies as anti-Semitic," screams another motto. That's why the American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC) is the most powerful lobby in Washington, in business to insure that U.S. foreign policy is strictly kosher and that all Congressman, Senators and U.S. presidents are circumcised according to Jewish law. 

There was a man once who sacrificed himself to teach arrogant and self-righteous powers that love conquers all; that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword; that he who uses mercy is superior to he who used punishment and cruelty; that he who dies for a just cause meets his Maker with a clear conscience and he who is iniquitous and ruthless, for him there will be a Day of Reckoning. 

Audiences worldwide responded to Mel Gibson's grand themes by rewarding "The Passion" at the box office with $150 Million in just ten days after its release. Whether Mel Gibson is anti-Semitic or not, will remain a contentious issue. But one thing is sure, the box office bonanza his movie has reaped worldwide is a testament to Gibson's intentions. No good deed will go un-rewarded. 


Salaam Abdul Khaliq is a free-lance write living in Los Angeles.

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  1. Akbar Khan from Canada

    If it's morality that you seek, then take a look in your own backyard first before throwing garbage in others.

    I seriously believe that you need to give your American brethren morality classes before you preach about Muslims lacking morality.

    Stop contradicting yourself, first you say taht you are not generalizing about Muslims being violent, and then you continue on further to say again that "it is the way of things" that Muslims need morality lessons. Your morality lessons for Muslims are garbage. You sit there on a pedestal talking about Muslims coming up with excuses for this and that, and at the same time, while you know of the illegal occupation of Iraq and the neglect of Afghanistan, you still cannot accept the fact that your administration and American society that was fed all this information to hype them up about war need a HISTORY lesson on top of a morality lesson. As American media cried and complained about the Taliban destroying the faces of buddha in Afghanistan, where was the media's massive outrage at the destruction of the oldest civilization in the world, Babylon and Sumer? Or the deaths of 15,000 Iraqi's so far....the penetration of Iraq by foreign fighters who never existed while the Baathists were in power? Your government's support for tyrants like Hosni Mubarak, the house of Saud, King Assad, General Musharraf, etc...where is your morality concern for this? Muslims in these countries need justice, but as long as your government allows these dictators to remain powerful and strong and then speaks about spreading democracy at the same time, then Muslims have every right to talk about the wrongdoings of Israel and the American administration(s). Don't accuse me of not liking American Muslims. You should start to reflect upon this and reconsider your simplification sweeping statements of Muslims, American or not

  2. Nick Cameron from United States of America

    Akbar Khan:

    What generalizations do you think that I made that you find objectionable? Perhaps it is a generalization to say that I think most American Muslims are good people who oppose terrorism. So what? Do you believe that most Muslims in America are not good people? If so, then feel free to enlighten us.

    On the other hand, it is *not* a generalization for me to say that the rest of the Muslim world makes me feel uneasy, for in this statement I only express how truly I feel. Does that mean that I think Muslims are "broadly very violent"? No, those are your words and not mine.

    At the same time, it's true that I find H.A. to be a disturbing person, but this is something different. And as I told you previously I do not believe such attitudes are uncommon in the Muslim world. I believe that this is the way of things.

    Do you still remember what I said about morality in the Muslim world? I believe that it's morality that keeps people at peace with one another. Without morality, it becomes easy for people to rationalize and excuse conduct that harms others. We can see such immoral rationalizations whenever someone claims to condemn criminal conduct only to follow up with a "Yeah, but Israel..." or "Yeah, but the neocons..." or other exuses. And as my own observations have proven to me, excusing wrongdoing is only a few steps away from eventually committing wrongdoing. How often have we heard excuse after excuse for the crimes of Muslim extremists? Based on my own observations over the past 10 years, it's enough to make me worried for my country.

    Now it's true as you say that I don't know personally all Muslims, but I don't think I need to. Not even Muslims know all 1 billion Muslims. The point for me is not who knows how many Muslims, but how many Muslims would act morally to end extremism against non-Muslims instead of resorting to the same old excuses?

  3. Akbar Khan from Canada


    I agree with Umm Muhammad...Nick Cameron your "that's just how it is" statement is starting to make you sound like a broken record. You should really stop your generalizations of Muslims, it's pretty obvious that, as I have conversed with you in the past on this website, you have accused me of the exact same generalizations of others at one point. Unlike yourself I stopped doing that as you pointed out to me, but you continue on about you feel uneasy towards all Muslims outside of America in a general sense of your own that is fueled by your presumption that Muslims are broadly very violent. You can believe that all you want, but I think it's just because your defensive ever since we started joking around about you shaking in your underwear after H.A. scared you hahah.

    Umm Muhammad is right for saying that you really do not know Muslims...and please let us know again that you've lived in a Muslim country so that you can make it sound like you know all about Muslims everywhere. I live in Canada, but I don't go around saying, I know what all Muslims in America are like, or what all Muslims in Malaysia are like!?

    The way I see it, continue to post your comments generalizing about're not winning any hearts into understanding you that way anyways from all the times you've visited here and done that.

  4. Nick Cameron from United States of America

    Umm Muhammad:

    I take it you haven't been reading all my comments closely. My unease towards the Muslim world does not extend to Muslim Americans, who are generally good people who love America. If all the Muslim world followed the examples set by Muslim Americans, then I'd be much more comfortable.

    That's just how it is.

  5. Umm Muhammad from United States of America

    Nick Cameron how sad you sound in your fear of Muslims!! Not all of what the media says is the truth! OPEN UP YOUR MIND MR. CAMERON. You probably have met many of the Muslims that come to this site and don't even know it. Just because a person is blond blue eyed and is wearing jeans does not mean they could NOT be Muslim.

    You probably think all the Muslims you have seen dress like Muslims. you would be surprised.

    Even if a person is just a casual Muslim they can not harm you just because you are Christian or whatever. Gosh, you are missing out on so much because of your FEAR! Your attitude reminds me of how some White Americans felt about Black Americans in the 1920's movie Birth of A Nation!

  6. Nick Cameron from United States of America

    Umm Muhammad, how can we be Americans if we are unwilling to dissent, especially when our most sacred freedoms are in danger? I absolutely agree with you that we should fight for our constitutional rights, even if it means opposing our own government.

    A healthy amount of dissent will keep us strong in the long term.

  7. Umm Muhammad from United States Of America

    To Abdullah Hakim, how could Jesus save anyone when you don't even believe he could save himself?

    you don't even believe God saved him!

    What we should be focusing on is the blatant

    blasphemy on an Islamic website!! An Unforgivable sin in Islam!!!

    What we should be focusing on is that so many Christian are so confused by the trinity that they abandon religion altogether.

    wake up! WAKE UP!!

  8. Umm Muhammad from United States of America

    Abdullah Hakim, I take it that due to what you posted that you are Christian? Do you as a Christian also believe that Christ was created?

    Do you worship a man that you believed died?

    I love Jesus because I worship the one who created him. And I know that HE WAS NOT CRUCIFIED!


    What we should be focusing on is the BLASPHEMY, of attributing human like qualities to God and

    God like qualities to man.

    What we should be focusing on is the Christian belief of the trinity and how this confuses so many Christians that many of them abandon religion altogether. Because it doesn't make sense.

    What we should be focusing on is that Christianity does not answer questions people have about life and when people discover Islam the finally feel like they have arrived home.



    How dare you people come on this Islamic website

    and utter this blasphemy!!

    How many times do I have to say it, wake up!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!

    How can Jesus (peace be upon him) save anyone when you don't even believe he saved himself?

    you don't even believe God saved him!!

    So now you want people to be just as confused and in doubt as you by worshiping someone who worshipped God only, did Jesus worship himself?


  9. Umm Muhammad from United States of America

    Good points brother Ahmed and brother Akbar.

    But I do have to say that I am American and some Americans have awakened from the deep coma to realize the truth. It is like someone talking bad about your family member, even if what they say is true you are still going to stick up for them. Sometimes I think surely Americans can't be that dull not to see the atrocious things their government is doing.

    It seems like to keep their freedoms and ideals the most patriotic Americans would be the ones that stand up against the government.

    It is so sad Americans are so brainwashed they don't even know what is going on right under their noses. Probably won't find out until 50 years from now when our grandkids won't care.

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!

  10. Nick Cameron from United States of America

    Akbar Khan:

    This is way off-topic from this article, but I guess I should address this nonetheless.

    My reaction to H.A. should not surprise you, and I don't think it does. I said from the beginning that the goings on in the Muslim world make me uneasy. Fact is many of your brethren (and quite possibly even people on this site) would slit my throat just to make a political statement if they had the chance. And I believe that a majority, who aren't necessarily as bloodthirsty, would try to make excuses for such acts, saying that my government or Israel is to blame if not outright denying that a Muslim did it. I point to the Madrid article and the comments of this website's visitors as confirmation of this point. (Of course, I note that none of this applies to most Muslim Americans.)

    What Canadians think about me or my government has nothing to do with me, since most Canadians wouldn't want me dead.

  11. Ahmed from UK

    Good points Akbar. For cameron to continue his polemic despite the fact that he's been wrong on every point leads to one logical conclusion = he's an American, a person for whom facts and figures are only relevent when cited selectively in their own interest.

    We all know them for the liars that they are, as our "leader" phony Tony has been proven to be.

  12. Akbar Khan from Canada

    H.A.....boy you've done it this're making the guy shake in his underwear. Tone it down, I think he doesn't know that you're pulling his leg.

    But this part is true Nick, you should come check out Canada, you'd really see how riduculous everyone thinks the American government is in their actions worldwide. Most Canadians actually see the U.S. government as a bigger threat to world peace than Al-Qaeda. This is based on dozens of polls taken here...from the Toronto Star, to Globe and Mail, to CBC NEWSWORLD...Montreal newspapers, Vacnouver newspapers, etc. etc....

    Just thought I'd let you know...join one of those pro-Israeli message boards or chat rooms on hte net...boy you'll see some really "scary" stuff there Nick, I've watched them speak aboutMuslims and Christians as being "dogs", and "whores" or "beasts."

    Interesting how Spain will withdraw it's 1300 troops from Iraq....Masha'Allah! I will be waiting for Italy and Japan to follow suit, Insha'Allah!

    Subhan'Allah, Allah hu Akbar!

  13. abdullah hakim




  14. Nick Cameron from United States of America


    Like many of the Muslims (and possibly even one non-Muslim) here, you seem to presume too much. In this case, you seem to presume that your opinion of my worth really matters to me. In truth, it's not your personal flaws that would affect me so much whatever aggressive actions you may take against me as a result of your flaws.

    On the one hand, to me your presence is merely words on a screen as long as there's an Internet between us. So in this case, it doesn't really have an impact on my life that you're a bigot. On the other hand, you and Muslims like you would scare the living daylights out of me if we were to meet in person. Fact is that apart from those Muslims who are also Americans, I would be too afraid for my own life to risk meeting the any of the ones here in person. Not saying that most Muslims are dangerous people, or even that I have malice towards Muslims because I certainly do not. But I also believe that there are enough dangerous Muslims in the world that would make me proceed with extreme caution if I needed to approach a non-American Muslim. This is the reason why I'll probably not visit a Muslim country for the next few decades unless it's on official business.

    Many Muslims like you would frighten me to the core. It is the way of things.

  15. H.A. from Yathrib

    This is for the American "peace boy", Nick Cameron...

    The world outside the United States is NOT the MUSLIM world. There are Christians and atheist countries out there.

    You don't have set your "Civilized and freedom seraching" feet in a Muslim country to realize how much people hate America's hypocrisy.

    Just go to Canada up North;You're going to realize how stupid your gov't is making you all look all around the world. Hence, you don't have to go to Europe or Middle East/Muslim countries to figure that out.

    Don't agree with me! Well, then Just phone Nelsen Mendela and other real intellectuals like him. They'll tell you name of the real terrorist and the authentic terrorist gov't in the world.

    Anyways, Enjoy your freedom fries!!!

  16. Nick Cameron from United States

    H.A.'s words deserve repeating:

    "You don't have take my words for it. You could try setting your "Freedom loving" feet outside the US and just say I live in USA or I am an AMERICAN. You'll get the fate you deserve with the blink of an eye. Of course, I (the Islamist) would be very happy if they shower you with flowers while you'r alive and not after your death."

    In a nutshell, he illustrates exactly why I feel unease towards the Muslim world right now. So if anyone accuses me of overreacting in the future, I will refer them to H.A.

    Peace out!

  17. Khaja Nazimuddin Ahsan from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Allah, The All Mighty, by His Mercy, surely knows

    the sincerety of the people of the Book, may He guide us and them to His Paradise, Ameen Ya Rubb.

  18. muslimah from USA

    Regarding this article, I found it a bit confiusing. The author should have stick to one topic of discussion; instead he has mixed several very complex issues and consequently lost me.

    I would like to answer a few posts I have read:

    Al Sharp's quotes of the Qur'an. First of all the verses refer to at the time of prophet Moses; the Jews have since broken their convenant with God by not accepting prophet Jesus, therefore they have forefitted their right to the land. Moreover, the Palestinians are the sum total of all the ancient inhabitants of the land including Jews.

    As Hudd D'Alhamd said previously the disposession of the Palestinians has nothing to do with Jewish religion. Please research on the founders of Zionism and the leaders of Israel, you will clearly see that they were mostly atheists and agnostics and secularists. They have used religion only as a political ploy.

  19. H.A. from Yathrib

    Hmmm!!! Nick Cameron sounds like a "Peace boy". He "peceacing" us here on this site. Instead, he should be "peceacing" the war hawks in the U.S. gov't . I think he should serve in the Bush Administration immediately, ONLY FOR HIS OWN SAFETY, not of mine.

    That's because he would be very lucky if he does not come in body bag for setting his two "CIVILIZED" feet outside the USA.

    You don't have take my words for it. You could try setting your "Freedom loving" feet outside the US and just say I live in USA or I am an AMERICAN. You'll get the fate you deserve with the blink of an eye. Of course, I (the Islamist) would be very happy if they shower you with flowers while you'r alive and not after your death.

    Too sad!!! See what the Gringo's brought on them by themselves!

  20. A Nazzal from USA

    Imagine for a minute, especially in the current political environment, if (God Forbid) the religioun of Islam was different.

    Imagine if Muslims believed the fundamental condition of humanity was original sin. That humans by their nature are sinners and there is just no way for them to repent and get away from the fact that deep in their soul, they are sinners. Imagine if Muslims believed God just couldn't find a way to redeem his own creation and cause them to repent, do good and just couldn't forgive them. Imagine if Muslims believed the only way God could redeem people is to have a son (or he himself took the body of a man depending on which Christians you speak to)and then to brutally, cruelly, and extremely painfully torture and kill that son and that somehow acknowledging that terrible event occured to save Muslims, then they would be saved. Imagine if this is what Muslims would believed.

    Now imagine what would be said about Islam in that hypothetical situation, particularly in today's political environment.

    I imagine people would be saying; "what kind of sick religion is this that believes God had a son and then murdered him as a sacrifice so he could save humanity?" They might add; "And to whom was this sacrifice being made anyway. Since God is the Supreme, the Ultimate, the Pinnacle of Power and Majesty, Unequaled, to whom is he showing a sacrifice?" I imagine they might say; "What kind of people find their redemption in killing, even with resurrection, of God's only son. What kind of a religion has its redemption rooted in suicide?".

    Just imagine.

    If you want, imagine again if the Muslims replaced the Jews in the Biblical writings of the Jews and Christians. "Christ killers, murders" might be hurled at every opportunity if only it could be hurled at a Muslim.

    Stop imagining now and think, why is it that so many people are defensive about the Islamic religion. Is it because it is the revealed truth and it is so difficult for them to fac

  21. Alan Nazzal from USA


    Notice the word "vice-regent" (khalifa). Not man, mankind, human, people, etc. but 'vice-regent'.

    And the angels ask the question, Wilt Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood?- Whilst we glorify you with praises and thanks and sanctify you?

    In immediate response the angels are told that the Almighty knows what ye know not. Yet the full response which is a monumental commentary on Allah's creation is not summarized in a single verse or few words. But here, very early in the Koran, the question is asked, the stage is set and the answers follow throughout the book.

    There is no appropriate conclusion to this discussion. After all this discussion is an introduction, not a conclusion. All that can be said in closing, is Allah knows best. We do our best to understand His Ayat and seek the forgiveness of The Most Compassionate if we have erred.

  22. Alan Nazzal from USA

    The blame of "That woman made me do it" is a charge which has resounded throughout the ages. But perhaps, that is a side issue and another story in itself with many other aspects to be added.

    Having sinned, the Wrath of God falls on Adam and Eve. By association, so it falls on all mankind for all generations to come, even though it is recognized that a person should not or does not bear the guilt of another. This is guilt by association, even though no association is established.

    The story from Genesis goes on to say to Eve (to "the woman"); "I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing.... your husband will rule over you.:

    It goes on; "To Adam (notice he is not addressed as 'the man') "Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you .... Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles.....By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food..."

    What reason would God have to take vengeance against these two? Why is the Almighty so angered by the actions of these innocent, unknowing people? Isn't He most Glorified and most Magnanimous above all else? The story of Genesis adds; "The Lord God said, 'The man has now become like one of us'" Is it out of jealousy, having attained a comparable level of knowledge that they must be punished? And how could anyone have possibly become "like one of us".

    Moreover, did God leave the fate, the human condition for all earthly time to a bad decision by one man? One man who "listened to his wife"?

    Imagine a young child making a mistake or some mischief. Imagine a toddler spilling a glass of milk. What does a good parent do? Does he or she come down on that child with vengeance and wreak a terrible punishment on that child? Or does a good parent teach the child, encourage the child, raise it up and show it kindness and mercy, some guidance?

  23. Alan Nazzal from USA

    First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am not taking this as an opportunity to attack any group of people or their practices. I do believe, however, that between silence and attack, there is room for a reasonable discussion of issues and matters of importance.

    Many, including Mel Gibson, Priests, Ministers, and others of the Christian faith, have said that the reason for the supposed crucifixion of Jesus is their own sin. They go on to say that since humans are sinners and there is no other way of absolving their sins, God had to sacrifice Jesus as atonement for their sins. They, through their sin, killed Jesus.

    One element this story relies on is the concept of the original sin. That is not to mention the inferred limits it places on the capacity of God to forgive, who is in fact capable of all things. Without it, the story, the movie, the doctrine, etc. make no sense. Why else the death, the crucifixion, the suffering, the sacrifice to absolve the sins, if sin was not a fundamental condition of mankind from which to be saved? So it is worth taking a little closer look at this concept of the original sin.

    The roots to this Biblical story lie in the book of Genesis, the first book in the Old Testament of the Bible, where that book's version of the story of Adam and Eve is told. There it's been written Adam and Eve disobeyed God's commandment and they were punished for their actions. Actually, looking at it in more detail, Eve disobeys God, takes the advice of the serpent and tempts Adam to eat the fruit and eats of it herself.

    When God asks Adam why he disobeyed, his reply is "The woman you put here with me- she gave me some fruit from the tree and I ate it". There, right from the start, the blame goes on "the woman". One can imagine what a burden some women through out the ages had to bear. Actually, one doesn't have to rely on imagination alone, for there are many accounts of how women have been looked on in certain segment

  24. Nick Cameron from United States

    One other thing, Adamu Ibrahim Muhammad. What makes you think that I'm descended from English royalty? For that matter, what makes you think that I'm an Anglo-Saxon? Surely you don't believe that all Americans are white...

  25. Nick Cameron from United States

    Peace Adamu Ibrahim Muhammad!

    Do you speak Hausa?

    Anyways, I don't see what's amusing about this article. Yes, Muslims just like anyone should take this article for what it's worth. And I believe that's what I've done. "The Passion" was never meant to be a movie political agendas in America, which is why I voiced my disagreement. End of story.

    Peace out!

  26. Adamu Ibrahim Muhammad from Nigeria.



    1. I've followed must of your comments not only on this article and I find them amusing! And in one of your comments here you find it hard to believe that the many 'muslims' should take the article for what it is worth. quote;

    "The author of this article has taken the movie out of its intended context and exploited it to make a political statement about Jews. What's worse, many Muslims on this site seemed to have taken his bait."

    2. I meant "imbecile" decendant of Queen Victoria. by the way I speak little Arabic just for your information.


  27. Akbar Khan from Canada

    Insha'Allah, My dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam we will all learn more Arabic! I encourage my fellow posters to post more messages in Arabic.

    Let us understand the beautiful meaning of the Glorious Qur'an.

  28. Umm Muhammad from United States of America

    What is amazing is that this movie is blasphemous to Muslims. Whats even more amazing to me is that Christians worship someone they believed died. Muslims don't worship him but they believe that God SAVED him. It seems like it would be the other way around.

    I don't know why this article is even on here.

    Is the writer trying to establish some kind of solidarity with Christians?

    Or does the writer like the movie because of it's stereotypical depiction of Jews?

  29. Nick Cameron from United States

    Adamu Ibrahim Muhammad:

    Two questions for you. First, when have I ever "made jokes" about or "sideline" the issues of this movie? Second, what do you mean when you say that we are "inviciles"? Please note that many of us do not speak Arabic.


  30. Adamu Ibrahim Muhammad from Nigeria.

    Great article indeed. But I still 'm holding to my original idea that the Israel-Palestinian issue, for as long as its not going to be taken as Zionism Vs Islam, the frustrations to the Palestinian and by extension the muslims (Cos' of the masjid-al'aqsa) will continue. Thereby given inviciles like Nick, Christopher and Al opportunity to be able to sideline the measure issues and even afford to make joke(s) about it.

    Islamise the issue and see the result. Stop making it look like Arab and Jews fighting over a piece of land. As far as I'm concerned real Arabs and real Jews have since become extinct. What we have today are bunch of opportunists full of greed fighting over a piece of land that is dear to Allah.


  31. Ahmed Asgher from Bahrain

    Chris Ward: you raised the question that no one has responded to Al Sharp's posting.

    Firstly Al actually quotes Sura 5:22-23 but the text is correct as per English. To understand God's reasoning one has to read the verses preceding these and the ones after these.

    Let me quote the verses before. That is 5:20

    "Both the Jews and the CHristians say "We are sons of God, and His beloved." Say: Why then does He punish you for your sins?" Nay, you are but men, - of men He has created. He foregiveth whom He pleaseth And He punishes whom He pleaseth, and to God belongeth The Dominion of the Heavens and the Earth and all that is between And unto Him is the final goal (of all)."

    The story according tto the Quran goes on to show that the ISraelites used to bicker between themselves and God wanted to test their faith.

    The Old Testament also confirms this issue when God enters into a Covenant with the 12 tribes BUT under conditions that are clearly spelt out both in Quran and OT. The Chosen Race business thus had a price tag which the tribes did not adhere to. Hence God's wrath if you read the OT and the admonition that the Quran spells out.

    So yes they were promised the land and were chosen, BUT under certain conditions that they follow the way of God so that they become a light unto other nations - they choose to follow the ways of life and gave Moses a hard time as you can see in OT and the Quran.

    I urge you to find a copy of the Quran or search this website for Sura 2: verses 40-46.

    Then you will realise that as Muslims we believe in all Judaic prophets as well as Jesus and that Islam unifies the 3 religions, yet despite us believing in your prophets as Christians you do not reciprocate, whereas Jews neither believe in Christ nor Islam, yet those verses expalins the sources of revelations and that God choses whom He does for the purposes that He sets out, yet most of us are unworthy of His blessings.

  32. Hudd D'Alhamd from Canada

    Christopher! Your answer to:"I understand that you do not want to let your palestinian brother down. But there are other battles to fight for goodness. What is your opinion of the 2 million Christians and anamists that have been killed in the Sudan? Do muslims consider this as less of an issue becuase it does not involve a holy city? From my understanding Islam, in part, is about equality and I think there should be equal coverage for all the downtrodden people of the world. Do you think these people who die have lives that are worth less than muslims? Let's start with your statement that there are other battles to fight. Fair, only that from all other battles, Israel is the single imperialist power that USA is one-sidedly supporting. There are a lot of hot spots in the world, most recently: Haiti, Kosovo, Kashmir, Chechnya, Ruwanda...,they are resoved in one way or another. The Israelo-Palestinian problem is not. I believe the reason is too obvious to the most feable mind that I should waste time on repeating myself. My opinion on the 2 millions killed in Sudan? It's a myth. The war there is between two nations, speaking two different languages, inhabiting one space. Nobody invaded nobody and they make a point of difference through the religion. Much like the Kurdish in Turkey. They profess Shiism rather than Sunnism in order to make the difference more obvious. 2 millions? The Ruwanda crisis and Tutsi genocide amounted to 850 000 killed and became a UN scandal and a court order on genocide. Do you think that UN and the world sided with the Muslims in Sudan and covered up a genocide of 2 million people? How old are you Christipher? Do you ever research what you believe or you take it as granted? In Sudan the killing is on both sides. It is not a religious issue of Christians against Muslims. They lived together for a thousand years without problems. That ended when missionaries came to Sudan. Do you get my drift? Don't look further, Zionist Christian Missionaries.

  33. Hudd D'Alhamd from Canada

    Hold on Christopher. I'm here! Your mental defecation:"The real problem is a differnce of opinion on the word of God. Actually Jews don't wish to drive others out but theoretically they could use their sacred book as a reason to. The best solution is for the muslims to keep mecca and medina and let the jews and christians have jerusalem." Are you living in the Middle Ages? Heeellooo!!! Knock, knock, anybody home upstairs?!

    There is no God issue on occupation. In accordance to the norms of either God or Human Rights, you cannot occupy, oppress and dispossess a nation on any criteria, Godly or Pagan! Honestly, are you riding the white poney or are you shooting the crap on this one..., God, I hate morons! First, the inhabitants of the land known today as Israel were Muslim and Christian Palestinians. Ask any Christian Palestinian what would he prefer: A Zionist State or An Islamic Palestinian state? Ask a Muslim Palestinian what he prefered: A Zionist State or a Palestinian Chistian State. Are you cracked in the head? Don't you see what's going on? You have the indigenious Palestinian people on one hand(Irregardless of religion) and an invading foreign(European and American) force on the other! How could I put it to you in more lay person words. It is like Mexico invaded Texas and reclaimed it(they had it less than 200 years ago, more right for that than if they had it 2000years ago!). What would Papa Bush say about it? Why Christians are not allowed in Saudia? Are the Christians an indigenious population of Saudi Arabia? Why a Taliban cannot be a citizen of the USA? The same idiotic question. I could put to you a whole set of imbecilic questions like: why a Communist cannot run for the presidency of the USA, why can't a Buddhist be member of the British Royal House? Do you want more? What have all these to do with the occupation of Palestine? Like I told you it is not because of Judaism, Christianity or Islam. It is simpler than that: Foreign Invasion of a people.

  34. Hudd D'Alhamd from Canada

    The rest of your comment, Christopher, is the very apple of discourd. Christian blindness, I call it, because I believe that Christians have some merit, especially if they achieved higher education. Listen to your garbage:"This hatred has always stemmed from jealousy of their gift to rise from the ashes and become integrated productive members of any society that will not actively discriminate against them." Which any nation of the world has not these characteristics? What's wrong with you? Are you a darned racist? The Japanese people arose from the ashes of a nuclear holocaust to be the leaders of the world business today! They are neither Jews nor Christians. Will you consider to become a Shinto? The Gemans were bombed to the Stone Age phase, they resurected from the ashes that Jewish people will never dream of reaching with all the help of the world. You have to admit like individual people there are endowd nations more or less, some are very endowd. The jews do not belong to the latter. Why in the world anybody in his right mind would be jelous on a people that tresspassed every saction on human rights and are not doing that good. When was last that you talked to an Israeli? They crowd Canada's doors begging for refuge and they are turned back by thousands. How many are crowding the gates of Israel for entry? Every Jew struggles to emmigrate to the West, to Canada, USA, Germany. Give me a break Christopher, get real.Your comment:"In a similar manner that all nonmuslims had to be driven out of Arabia according to their sacred book why do muslims find it so offensive that Jews wish to drive out all nonjews from their state? I understand it goes against muslim scriptures but palestians go against jewish scriptures." You are pathetic. The Jews with the help of the West conquered a land inhabited by another nation. You cannot claim a land because it was supposedly owned by your ancestry 2000 years ago? Are you stupid? It is like Britain would make a claim on Denmark!

  35. Hudd D'Alhamd from Canada

    Christopher, here is the second part on the verses, posted by Al Sharp as:"Koran 5: 20-21, states: "Bear in mind the words of Moses to his people. He said, 'Remember, my people, the favour which God has bestowed upon you. He has raised up prophets among you, made you kings, and given you that which He has given to no other nation. Enter, my people, the holy land which God has assigned for you. Do not turn back, and thus lose all.'" . Let's listen to the professional translation:"20- Remember Moses said to his people: 'O my People! Call to remembrence the favours of God unto you. When he produced prophets among you. Made you kings and gave you what He had not given to any other among the nations. 21- O my People! Enter the holy land which God has assigned to you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then you will be overthrown to your own ruin." Al Sharp's final question:"Is Allah urging the Jews to enter the Holy Land no matter who already dwells there? If so, the "crime" would be to stay behind, thereby failing to submit to God.", is not only an evidence of crass ignorance but also of prejudice, two incompatible characteristics with a jurisprudent Muslim. As you can see for yourself Christopher, the verses refer to the great favours God granted the Jews and the conditions that those favours should stay. As for the closing statement of the verse 21, refers to things we already know from the New Testament and history: the destruction of the Temple and the Diaspora caused by Emperor Vespasianus. There is nothing derogatory, anti-semitic or anything inviting to hate in these verses, won't you aggree, Christopher? Like I said, you have judgement and insight, granted to you by Almighty God, use those tools to work for you. Find out the truth for yourself on your own terms, don't take things as granted only because you assumed they were true. Read for yourself what you want to know with the innocence of a baby, not with the shrewdness of an adult. We will find the Truth.

  36. Hudd D'Alhamd from Canada

    Dear Christopher Ward, I will first comment on the Quranic verses, then I will answer your direct question.

    It is wrong to use any passage of any holy book in bits or missing vital parts that would obscure the original message. (Sorry, br. Al Sharp)

    According to Al Sharp's interpretation:"""We said to the Israelites: 'Dwell in the land. When the promise of the hereafter comes to be fulfilled, We shall assemble you all together.'" Source: The Koran 17:104."" Let's listen to the professional, (Abdallah Yusuf Ali, official translater of the Quran) on the same verse, but to really understand the context, I will quote from 102 to 104: 102-"Moses said, 'Thou knowest well that these things have been sent down by none but the Lord of the heavens and the earth, as an eye-opening evidence: and I consider thee, indeed, O Pharaoh to be one doomed to distruction! 103-"So he resolved to remove them from the face of the earth: He drowned him(The Pharaoh)and all who were with him. 104-"And we said thereafter to the children of Israel, 'Dwell securely in the land' But when the second of the warnings came to pass, we gathered you in a mingled crowd."

    As you can see, Christopher, this passage from the Quran does not have any implication with the state of affairs dealing with present day Israel or Palestine. It merely refers to what the Old Testament already related: The story of Moses and the Pharaoh, the dividing of the sea and the possession of the promised land. "The second of the warnings" refers to the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. I really don't know what got into Al Sharp, but as you can judge for yourself, there is no passage of hate in these verses. I found the verses stimulating and promoting God's purpose with mankind through Moses, the Children of Israel and Jesus the Messiah. It is a very dangerous practice to take bits of information and use them to make your own point. That's why I have aside of the Quran in my house also the Bible and other holy scripts.

  37. NA from USA

    We should thank Mel Gibson for showing the truth. The TRUTH is how cruel the Jews are. Jews think they are Gods chosen people(BIG bull-shit). But they are the one who does all kinds of mischief in this world. No one can imagine how cruel they are when it comes to Muslims. I don't understand why they hate Muslims? One day they will learn that they are CURSED PEOPLE.

  38. Nick Cameron from United States of America

    This is so silly that it's sad. "The Passion" was not about Jews or Muslims in America. It's not even about America. It's a profession of faith for Christians concerning the death and resurrection of Christ, our Savior. The author of this article has taken the movie out of its intended context and exploited it to make a political statement about Jews. What's worse, many Muslims on this site seemed to have taken his bait.

    Too frustrating sometimes.

  39. H.A. from Yahtrib

    I,H.A., (the Islamist) would like to hug and cuddle the Jews, Christians and the sabians (the civilized ones), who HATES me (an Islamic terrorist/ a terroy creatuRRe).

    The more you hate me (a Jihadist), the faster I (follower of the "evil" religion) will bring the RED LOBSTERS toward the tips of your "civilized" tongues....AN UNDENIABLE OFFER by me (the lower creature of Earth)!!! No downpayment is required!

    It is time that Mozlems (ISLAMIC FUNADMENTALIST JIHADIST TERRORIST TERROR TERRORY CREATURES ISLAMIC TERROR...My "boy" feels terror...) writes an article about how to hug the deviators (the sin city promoters)....All these "passion" stuffs are's a kind of sin (in my (a suicide bomber) opinion) for MOZLEMS(the uncivilized creatures of this UNIVERSE ) to waste time on the things that NEVER happened...

    As I (a danger to the "civilized" world) have succinctly stated above, it is time Mozlems (the ISLAMIC DANGERS to all the counties and streets of the U.S.) stop wasting time on artilces like "PASSION".

    Pardon me ( a terror ejector and spreader) if I,a long bearded weird, towel wearing, Islamic terror storage swiss bank, have terrorized the "civilized" ones....

    Don't laugh while in motion...just pay to heed to what's going on in your surroundings....Nope! I have terrorized the "civilized" ones again.

  40. Ahmed from UK

    Big whup. Jews are being hypocrites as usual. They spread hate against every group on a daily basis, so why are they whinning now ?


  41. Akbar Khan from Canada

    I do not think that you read this article and understood is Saarah. You totally missed the point of the writer. You wrongly assume that he is trying to single handidly villify all jews, when he clearly names the groups who are working to try and say that all jews are blameless and none of them do bad things. These groups he labeled are AIPAC, Steven Spielberg's timely release of "Schindler's List," right after The Passion was released, and then the nation-state, GOVERNMENT of Israel and it's actions....these are the culprits involved in demonizing anyone and labeling them as being anti-semitic for even stating an historical fact about jewish people in the past!! Meanwhile, Arabs, Christians, and others are allowed to be demonized by hollywood directors over and over again, while no one criticizes them! I think you missed the entire point of how hte author clearly differentiates Zionism and Judaism. There is NO DENYING Israel's crimes against humanity, war crimes, and illegal occupation against Palestinians, and their neighbours (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon). I suggest that you read how Palestinians are labeled as Jew-hating terrorists. THIS, by Israel, is a true generalizatoin of an entire people. Please educate yourself on these matters before trying to write off reasonable criticism by Muslims of others as generalizations. That is a very shallow understanding you have shown for this article, indeed.

  42. Vic from SA

    A very well written and presented article. And truthful. I had just posted a comment to an article condemning "The Passion" in the Jewish site "The Western Wall" asking them if they were ready to also condemn "The New Testament" and when came to your own article I noted that you had also risen the same question.

  43. Christopher Ward from USA

    Hudd question for you at the end of my statement.

    This article sparked less controversy than I expected. This is good. On the question of the crucifixion of course we will have to agree to disagree. On the question of the palestinian issue I was intriqued by the question of Al Sharp about the verses he quoted from the Quran. Does anyone with understanding of the Quran want to comment? In regards to hatred of jews, whether the issue of isreal is settled before the end of times or not, they will always be hated. This hatred has always stemmed from jealousy of their gift to rise from the ashes and become integrated productive members of any society that will not actively discriminate against them. In a similar manner that all nonmuslims had to be driven out of Arabia according to their sacred book why do muslims find it so offensive that Jews wish to drive out all nonjews from their state? I understand it goes against muslim scriptures but palestians go against jewish scriptures. The real problem is a differnce of opinion on the word of God. Actually Jews don't wish to drive others out but theoretically they could use their sacred book as a reason to. The best solution is for the muslims to keep mecca and medina and let the jews and christians have jerusalem. As far as for Hudd, I understand that you do not want to let your palestinian brother down. But there are other battles to fight for goodness. What is your opinion of the 2 million Christians and anamists that have been killed in the Sudan? Do muslims consider this as less of an issue becuase it does not involve a holy city? From my understanding Islam, in part, is about equality and I think there should be equal coverage for all the downtrodden people of the world. Do you think these people who die have lives that are worth less than muslims? Take care.

  44. Blanche Awad from USA

    Brilliant illustration of the frustrations Americans of Arabic extraction have been chafing under. To say anything against the Jew whether true or not, you are branded anti-semetic. Yet how can the Arab be an antisemite when he himself is a semite.

  45. Musa from USA

    Hollywood's Jewish directors have been making movies villifying the Arabs and the Muslims for many years. Their movies make fun of our culture and religion and imply the notion of guilty by association on all of us. The acceptable norm in the western world is that they can do whatever they want. Only God knows how long this inhumane double standard will prevail. Mel Gibson's movie will give them some taste of what we have been experiencing for so long.

    On a different note, Steven Spielberg may be a great Jewish director, but not a good human being. Anybody who hates anti-semitism, but supports Israel's every bit of brutal aggression and occupation can not be a good person.

  46. Yahya Bergum from USA

    [Qur'an 4:157] ...they slew him not nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them...

    In a sense, Muslims might be inclined (perhaps) to view the "The Passion" as an original work of fiction by the Lord of the Worlds.


  47. Saarah

    We Muslims are slowly learning our responsibility in this life, insha'Allah: that we have to actively use ourselves in the most honest, sincere, and kind of ways, to represent the Islam that we love.

    This article does exactly the opposite. It brews an overt insensitivity, hatred for one religious nation with an almost self-demeaning flattery for the other.

    Generalizations, of any kind, are wrong and unacceptable. As Muslims, we are taught to be tolerant and fair in our judgement, and placing such a blanket-statement of hatred toward the first of the monotheistic faiths does exactly the opposite.

    This article degrades an entire mass of people by trying to put words in their mouths, entire paragraphs at time, and with no humility at all, attempts to write as fact the thoughts of others.

    This is simply not fair. As Muslims, we must try insha'Allah, to defend our faith with the goodness and purity of our faith, acting out Islamic tenets of kindness and justice.

    Anger for the cause of justice is justified, but simply against those who are the perpetrators, not on an entire race of humans.

  48. R. Watkins from Unites States

    Well Said! ("Thank you God for blessing Mel Gibson with the courage to tell the truth of the crucifixion of Jesus as it is written in their own books.) amen

  49. Niru from USA

    Jesus in the Qur'an:

    "They said in boast, "we killed Jesus the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah," but they killed him not nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts with no certain knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for a surety they killed him not, but Allah raised him up unto Himself, and Allah is exalted in power, wise." 4/157-158

    "When Allah said, "O Jesus, son of Mary! Recount My favour upon you and your mother, when I strengthened you with the Holy Spirit, so that you may speak to the people in childhood and in maturity and I brought you the book and wisdom and Torah and Injeel. Behold! When you would make, out of clay, the figure of a bird, with my permission you breathed into it so that it became a living bird, by My Leave, and thou healest those born blind, and the lepers, by My leave. And behold! thou bringest forth the dead by My leave. And behold! I did restrain the Children of Israel from (violence to) thee when thou didst show them the clear Signs, and the unbelievers among them said: 'This is nothing but evident magic.' " 5/110.

    "I have come to you to attest the Torah, which was before me, and make lawful to you part of that which was forbidden to you, with a sign from your Lord, so fear Allah and obey me." 3/50.

    "She (Mary) said, O my Lord! How shall I have a son when no man has ever touched me.?" Even so, Allah created what He wills, when He has decreed a matter, He but says to it, "BE!" and it is!" (3:47)

    More verses in the Qur'an on Jesus: 3:45-55, 5:112-115, 61:6, 4:156-159, 4/171-173, 19/28-32, 19:16 - 22, 43:61, 61:14. 61:6

    Narrated Abu Huraira (RA), a companion of Prophet Muhammad (SWS: Allah's Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) said " the son of Mary will descend upon you as a just judge." [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

  50. Hudd D'Alhamd from Canada

    Fair & commendable, Nick Cameron. However, you overlook the root cause of this argument, as you overlook the Palestinian tragedy. Question is why do we have this argument? Because of Salaam Abdul Khaliq? Not at all. If this movie would have had the criticism of 'Jesus Christ Superstar', Mr. Abdul Khaliq would have never considered to waste his time on a meaningless thing. It is because of those(not all,evidently) Jews that were afraid that this movie would bring out a wave of hate against Jews. In the given political arena of the world, this would be the last thing they would need in their regained terrain with the US due to the incidents of 9/11. US was never on the side of the Palestinians or the Arabs or Muslims in general. More & more international support and sympathy for the downtrodden people of Palestine made them very uncomfortable with their side-taking attitute in the Middle East. 9/11 tipped that balance toward the Israelis on the detriment of the Palestinians. This judgement bewilders me. First, between the Israelis & Palestinians is a way different set of affairs than between Mr.Bush & Mr. bin Ladin. US was not occupying Afghanistan with claims of being their land promised to them by no other than God himself. US did not perform terroristic acts of ethnic cleansing and of freeing the land of undesirables. The innocent suffered. The Palestinian guerrilas withdrew after attacks on the Israeli army, the civil population was left behind and thus at the mercy of the Israelis. At that time they didn't have any. In other words, somebody threw the first punch, it doesn't really matter who. What matters is that it has to end, but it won't. There is a vicious cycle fuelled by the indifference of US to the pains and injustice suffered by an oppressed people. This will always surface. It is on the conscious of every righteous Muslim. It is like letting their little brother down, to be trampled all over, again & again by the bullies of the world.

  51. Homaira from USA

    This article was one of the best pieces I have read in regards to "The Passion" and in regards to the overall feeling of anti-semitism. I completely agree with the idea that there has never really been a movie that was not sympathetic towards Jews. The holocaust was one of the worst events in human history and I pray that something like that does not occur again. But if you think about it, the thousands and thousands of innocent palestinians that have lost their lives is just as bad, but it's not being talked about because of the jewish dominated media. All we hear about is the suicide bombers who kill themselves and who kill "innocent" jews. Well what about the Israeli military and there brutal stances against the Muslims? We don't hear about that at all. In the movie, if anything, the Jews were sympathetic to Jesus Christ. They were yelling to save him. And even Judas who turned him in was remorseful and full of shame. The main reason, in my opinion, that Jesus was crucified and chosen over the murderer, Barabas was due to greed and power and had nothing to do with faith. The Jewish priests were afraid of Jesus becoming more powerful than them, and with power comes fortune. And the Romans were also more concerned with power than with faith. I think Mel Gibson told the story through his movie in a very classy fashion that served his purpose: to make you feel emotion. Whether it was anger, hurt, sorrow, sadness...if you felt something, then his purpose was served. The crucifixion was an emotional event and the movie did justice to it. This article was smart, open-minded, and respectful. Written with compassion as well as insight. It's rare to come across articles with such refreshing and unbias material.

  52. Al Sharp from USA

    Please see below, and give me your opinion.

    "We said to the Israelites: 'Dwell in the land. When the promise of the hereafter comes to be fulfilled, We shall assemble you all together.'" Source: The Koran 17:104.

    Koran 5: 20-21, states: "Bear in mind the words of Moses to his people. He said, 'Remember, my people, the favour which God has bestowed upon you. He has raised up prophets among you, made you kings, and given you that which He has given to no other nation. Enter, my people, the holy land which God has assigned for you. Do not turn back, and thus lose all.'"

    Is Allah urging the Jews to enter the Holy Land no matter who already dwells there? If so, the "crime" would be to stay behind, thereby failing to submit to God.

  53. Salim from USA

    bismillahir rahmanir raheem.

    Whether or not this movie portrays an accurate version of "who killed Isa (RA)" is irrelevant to me. The point is that this conception of the way that Isa (RA) was treated is incorrect according to the Quran and therefore I don't believe it anyway. So it is a fiction. We as Muslims should be concentrating on spreading the true version if Isa's (RA) life as it appears in the Quran and as we have been taught. Do not let all this commercial Christian hype turn you from the truth. Mel Gibson is a devout Catholic and wants to support that story, plain and simple. The whole anti semitic question is irrelevant to our purpose.

    Wa allahu alim.

  54. H.A. from Yathrib

    Hmm!!! H.A.'s dear brother Jonh Norman of UK(UNITED KINGDOM) is back. H.A. would like to meet him at Downing street for big brotherly hug, ONLY to squeeze the hatred chip out of this system (W/ a big BROTHERLY and "STATE-OF-THE-ART" HUG).

    It's seems that I,H.A., got another lost brother, Nick Cameron, here. Let me contact Mother Eve to see where it would be MOST appropriate to hug this son of Mother Eve...Crawford Ranch and Camp David are two possible locations....

    Wow!!! too many lost sons of Adam to hug. I, H.A., do not mind though....

  55. suhayb from canada begin with the fact that this movie made 150million is a good indicator of its level, it follows the likes of Batman, Jurassic park or Terminator2...just ridiculous! the manipulated sheap liked it, perfect!! wow our world is certainly a much better place now that we've seen a danish looking jesus bleed for a couple of hours. yes this movie fuels hatred, just ask people when they get out of the theater. yes it was stupid of jewish organisations to make such publicity by denouncing it, they should know that many ignorants will love the idea just because of that. Yes israel is totally wrong and needs to be stopped. Maybe we should have are own Spielberg to make good movies about the Palestinian struggle, why not financed by oil?! and finally, no one puts a gun to peoples head to watch Shoa movies, don t like it don t watch it,simple. but it won't change the fact that Europeens are collectivelly and symbolically guilty to jews but also to Roms the later still oppressed EVERYDAY. thank you

  56. Nick Cameron from United States of America

    Hudd D'Alhamd, I agree that the movie was not anti-Semetic. Moreover, as a Christian I believe that it was a fairly accurate reading of our New Testament. Nevertheless, I don't think it was appropriate for Salaam Abdul Khaliq to use the movie as a basis for criticizing Jews. The story of Christ's crucifixion is sacred to us, and should not be politicized in such a way.

    But that's just my opinion.

  57. Hudd D'Alhamd from Land of the Great North

    For those who wonder, why do Muslims catch on this subject when it is not according to their faith the answer is simple. We, Muslim do not discuss its authenticity to the Quran or even the Bible itself. It could have been a sheer fantasy, a futuristic theme like other of Mel Gibson movies, Mad Max for example. We discuss the movie and its cinematography as a piece of art. As a message, was it or not anti-semitic? If anti-semitism means spreading hatred toward jews, then the movie did not do that among right minded people. When were the events, true or not true, supposed to take place? 2000 years ago? Is anybody trying to blame a present people for things that happened 2 milleniums ago? Nobody tries to blame Modern Germans for what happened a little more than half a century ago under Hitler. It wouldn't be right. The people that might have done or condoned the crucifiction of anybody are long dead. The Roman carried out the execution supposedly, did anybody think of accusing the Italians of having killed Jesus and now hipocritically worshiping him? Of course not. Especially in Islam, where everybody is responsible for his/her actions and nobody bears the sin of his/her ancestors. This issue seems rediculous to me. However, I agree with the author, the nowadays events in Palestine generates Modern time anti-semitism. People will not hate Jews for what their ancestors did, but for their present actions. I do not give a hoot on the story. For me Jesus was no God(God does not have mortal needs), nor was he crucified, that would explain reports of he being seen after the supposed crucifiction. We Muslims believe that the gards mistook the two Jesus in their custody. One was Jesus the Messiah, the other one, Jesus Barabas(barabas=son of the father in Aramaic). For the untrained Roman this was very confusing. We Muslims believe that Jesus was a great profet having the title of the Messiah and God took him up to Himself.

  58. Yahya Bergum from USA

    If Hitler had managed to find work as an architect, in that typically Jewish dominated field, while he was residing in Vienna then he might have avoided developing a rather nasty dependency on strychnine (and presumably the typically resulting mental health issues). Naturally, it is all speculation at this point but history might have taken a rather different course.

    Likewise, if Mel Gibson had found a more receptive audience when he first come to town with his project, the movie might not perhaps have had such an "antagonist aspect" to it. If he had been proposing to make just another "shoot em up real good" crowd-pleasing action/adventure picture then I imagine he would have left town with a check in his hand.

    Also, I had thought that between Hitler and Stalin the total number of murdered Jews was closer to 11.5 million. Why do you suppose Stalin was so astounded when Hitler eventually attacked the Soviet Union?


  59. abdullah salim






  60. Esther from USA

    Though I hate most movies I do like this movie. Anyways I do not think this movie is ant-Semetic. In my opinion no one will go out and attack Jews after seeing this movie. Shame on the critics. They should leave Gibson alone.

  61. john from uk

    One has to wonder why a Muslim critic would come out in favour of this movie, given the fact that no Muslim believes, for one instant - if he is true to his faith, that is - that jesus died on the cross. Crucifixion, incidentally, was a Roman punishment. Jewish punishment for capital crimes was stoning. The romans crucified 5000 rebels along the Via Aoppia when the revolt of Spartacus failed. That they should bother their heads about the crucifixion of a Jew in their colony is patently a ridiculous assertion.

    Secondly, the substance of the crucifixion is that Jesus had to die. Without his death, humanity, or more specifically Christians, would not be absolved of all sins. Without his death, Christians could not be sure of God's love.

    So is there antisemitism in the film. Not having seen it yet, I can't be sure but I suspect quite a lot.

    Lastly, your critic seems quite taken with his fellow critic's description of the film as a "Palestinian Braveheart". Here, he misunderstands the label "Palestinian" which was certainly neither Muslim nor Arab in those days. And if Jesus was a "Braveheart", then he was a political rebel, like william Wallace in gibson's film. That was the reason that he was crucfied by the Roman authorities.

    Secondly, your critic

  62. Akbar Khan! from Canada Salaam Abdul Khaliq, that was excellent! The part where you say:

    "The notion that there is no such thing as "bad Jews" is absurd. While watching the movie, one cannot help but realize the fact that apart from the Romans, all supporters and detractors of Jesus were "Jewish." Suffices that Jesus himself was a "Jew." So where's the anti-Semitism?"

    And then later on bring on the truth:

    " Let's not blame "The Passion" for anti-Semitism but rather point the finger to the true culprit, to the very monument to anti-Semitism and cause of all anti-Jewish hatred: Israel and its more than fifty-years history of systematic and brutal treatment of the Palestinians."

    Jazakum'Allah Khairun. You did an excellent job once again. I must print this and photocopy it and give it around so people start to think intellectually instead of thinking as followers based on wha they see on television and read in mass conglomerate newspapers about this movie.

    Mel Gibson, I feel like huggging him for not being afraid to stand up to the repercusions of the Zionist-controlled mass media, and their political lobbying forces in the USA. Wow he really stood up to them. Seriously if you think about it, who really had the guts to show everyone that standing up to the Jewish lobbies in order to state something that Americans believe in according to the bible, IS POSSIBLE.

    I think the correct words would be....Muslims should take a page out of his book, and not be afraid anymore about being labelled anti-jewish or anti-semitic when they use passages from the Qur'an for example and we stand there and don't defend it in the fear of being labeled anti-semitic.

    I think as a Muslim community, our Masjids need to explore the verses in the Qur'an that identify with Jews and Christians, and really teach the people who attend hte masjids, how all of these verses concerning Jews and Christians relate to one another. Maybe Islamicity could launch this project? Wassala

  63. Fred from USA

    Gibson can thank jewish fanatics everywhere for making the movie a resounding sucess. Without their constant assault on free speech, such an outcome wouldnt have happened. Thanks for the free advertising dullards !

  64. Arshad Qavi

    Very stirring article for those who ponder. Keep up the great work.

  65. Nick Cameron from United States

    I have been told that Muslims believe the crucifixion to be a "corruption" of the "real story", which is according to them, that the people were tricked into crucifying an imposter. That being said, why is a Muslim voicing support for a movie that he surely must believe to be a "corruption" of the truth?