Globalize Justice and Banish Terrorism

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Oppression is the oldest weapon used against the weaker segment of a society since time immemorial. Developed nation-states have successfully combated this evil by giving the common man a voice in lawmaking and rendering oppressive acts subject to judicial intervention under the law. However the world community, which is a society of nations by itself, has no such effective mechanism for resolution of disputes and still suffers from the oppression of one nation against the others. It is therefore not surprising that suffering humanity is driven to violence in desperation, every now and then, finding no other alternative. 

In the history of the Western thought we witness an acceptance of right to overthrow an oppressive government as the key to their political evolution. Uprisings were initially condemned with such ignoble labels as treason, treachery, rebellion and mutiny. But eventually the 'rebels' were glorified as heroes by the liberated millions. They are none other than George Washington, Simon Bolivars and Garibaldis , now seen deified on pedestals of the world capitals. To quote from The Declaration of Independence, 1776 of the thirteen United States of America that legitimized rebellion against the King of Great Britain. "We hold these truths to be self - evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" ... "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations (sic) ... evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government ... for their future security." 

Neither the human nature nor the oppression inflicted on humanity has since changed; only the methods have. The contemporary state is equipped with potent weapons of death like air power and heavy artillery. It has invented new covert devices of political and economic domination. The 'rebel' groups stand no chance of winning in open warfare against them, any more. As a last resort they are compelled to use the tactic of sneak attacks, to shake up the conscience of their tormentors and the world. Whether they wear the garb of religion, nationalism or ethnicity, they perceive themselves to be the victims of some injustice. The current hate words used to describe such protestors have changed to militants, urban guerillas, desperados and terrorists. 

The modern perspective has reduced the planet earth to one integrated entity. Poverty in tropics will cause deforestation, which will result in global warming and damaging biodiversity to the detriment of the affluent North. Disease like AIDS, if not checked in Africa, will reach the shores of America. The nations robbed of their resources and economies by intervention and occupation of Western powers need to be rehabilitated not for moral but pragmatic reasons. They deserve to be treated with the same norms of justice and fair play, the developed society has prescribed for itself. As universally agreed in United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) but never practiced: " Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law" and ... "progressive measures should be taken at national and international level to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance ... among the member states and the people of their territories".

The state as an aggregate of individuals is also entitled to the same human rights in community of nations. The United States of America, the great champion of equality, freedom and democracy at home, however, does not see things that way. In order to force its own will over the rest of the world, it resorts to using its financial muscle to arm-twist the United Nations into acquiescing to its own agenda of self-interests. When the International Court of Justice convicted and fined USA for indulging in unlawful acts and killings in Nicaragua in 1986, the country refused to accept the verdict and proved its obduracy by vetoing the Security Council resolution confirming the verdict. Further, it refused to pay up the fine even after the General Assembly, representing the entire world upheld the punishment. As if it was not enough, the intransigent USA then declared never to accept the jurisdiction of the World Court in the future. It proved its hypocrisy by refusing to ratify the protocols and treaties, it initially accepted in the interest of the whole mankind. It retracted from the Kyoto Agreement meant to prevent global warming and the establishment of International Permanent Criminal Court, with the disdain of an active and conniving criminal. Sadly, it manipulates the American media to keep the Americans in dark about their Government's delinquency in foreign affairs. In today's world the small or weaker states have been made to pawn their sovereignty and well being of their people. Some of them have bartered off their independence for their dynastic protection and opportunity of corruption offered by the big powers, while others have succumbed to the debt burden of the multilateral finance institutions or geopolitical pressures manipulated by the same powers. All such nations, struggling to keep their hold, are oblivious of and even responsible for the damage of the fragile global environment. Most of them use repressive measures to silence dissent of their citizens, in order to serve their own purpose and that of their masters abroad. Their mechanization is responsible for various insurgencies, small wars and killings through terrorism. The current coalition of the West, after killing numerous victims of their choice, will soon stand answerable to the world for failing to resolve the outstanding issues. 

It is time now, and the world community owes it to the suffering humanity and to itself, to establish international rule of law in order to make it possible for the world to enjoy a semblance of civil society. International justice needs to be established through legislation under the UN Charter and dispensed by specialized International Courts and Arbitration Tribunals on political, commercial, territorial, commercial, environmental and human right issues. They must adjudicate on all conflicts, not only between one state and another but also between people and the states. The aggrieved people would knock at the doors of Justice rather than take up arms, kill and get killed. The Palestinians, Basques, Tamils, Kashmiris, Nagas, Moros, Kurds and Latin American Guerillas, as well as the Green Peace and Seattle activists are some of many others waiting to do so. Question may be asked as to how the laws will be enforced and the writs of the Courts executed against non-compliant and belligerent powers. The answer lies in the untested power of the informed citizens in censuring and shaping their national policies and world community of nations exerting peer pressure against the defiant powers and eventually ostracizing them. There are signs of both trends taking shape already, which need to be highlighted and bolstered up the world bodies.

The spirit of individual, has fortunately remained free and alive, is moving towards a global consciousness. The new frontiers of free-flowing information is breaking through the barriers of state-orchestrated media and reaching out to the citizens. They are uncovering blatant injustices and misdemeanors of the states and promoting a new solidarity through cyber-activism. The nexus between the state and the individual is being modified, creating space for the concern of the world along with the country. The youth of the North is protesting against the disease, hunger and environmental deterioration in distant part of the world, as if they were his own problems. The aggressive Seattle phenomenon and environmental protests repeated in different parts of the West is a case in the point. The universal concern for humanity, not being part of the agenda of any government, is being taken over increasingly by Non Government Organizations of the citizens. The youth of the South is reaching out to the rest of the world in desperation, to tell of his woes caused by the tyranny of the dominating powers.

Some states are already beginning to reflect the concerns of their citizens in their foreign policies and showing inclination to win the day by censuring the wrong and promoting fair play. For the first time the friends and foes alike, jointly showed the USA the door of the UN Commission on Human Rights to its utter shock. The USA has also been condemned openly for opposing the establishment of The Permanent International Criminal Court and the Kyoto Protocol for controlling the Green-house gases, both of which are progressing despite its opposition. Hatred against American and British governments, expressed in violent demonstrations before the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq all over the world, and the futility of the whole exercise after the event has opened the eyes of the nations for introspection.

States do not have conscience but people do. Information is the only tool that can trigger the collective conscience of humanity to a global activism. It will help democracy transcend the short-term parochial interests and respond to the broader concerns of humanity. The UN and the responsible states will do well to spend more on creative dissemination of information, even at the cost of other activities. It will prove an indirect investment for delivering justice to the deprived and releasing forces of good governance, alleviation of poverty, development, health and education in a more sustainable manner.

Globalization of justice is perhaps a pre-requisite of globalization of trade.

The author is an independent commentator based in Karachi, Pakistan

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Human Rights, United States Of America
Views: 3382

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Older Comments:
Weak and oppressed.

poor, blind, old, woman, with no children or husband or brother is also accountable for the progress of islam. and she will be asked what she did.
she can say i had no mahram to go out but i cried all nite and prayed to Allah for the progress of islam.

To whom it may concern: I think that it was childish to submit your comment using my name. For whatever it might be worth, Allah willing I try to avoid assuming that I am going to Paradise.

For the most part I agree with this article. The western nations are very much out of line, especially the United States. The US and other western nations rape and pillage the thrid world countries in the name of profit. Then also make them indebted to such organizations as the IMF and world bank.

As salaamu alaikum.
I don't believe that I will experience world
peace in my lifetime. Our governments are
not interested in that. There's no money in
peace. There's money in war!
"We hold these truths to be self -evident,
that all men are created equal, that they are
endowed by their Creator certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and
the pursuit of Happiness" When this
statement was made the black race (the
slaves) were not considered in the equation.
They had no rights............
"But when a long train of abuses and
usurpations ... evinces a design to reduce
them under absolute Despotism, it is their
right, it is their duty, to throw off such
Government ... for their future security." 
When the freedom fighters of today exert
themselves and show some type of force,
trying to throw off such government, they are
accused of terrorism. Are we NOT to follow
the Declaration? Our government
has always and all ways been hypocritical
towards the rest of the world; like a bully.
Serving up injustice every chance it gets.
The government causes world problems.
Do we really need a government?
Peace and Blessings

I disagree with this article. I have disagreed with all the articles post on iviews, so why should this be any different!

Anyways - here's my reasoning. The Prophet said Paradise will be occupied by the weak and opressed, and I for one am happy that I am going to paradise.

Shalom Aleichem, John Norman. The article on which you have commented is clearly internationalist in nature. It is arguably Marxist. In what way if any might your initial comment (questioning the impartiality of Muslim jurists) relate to the text of the article itself? The article does not appear to lend any support to typical Islamist proposals. Note that the author throughout the article advocates close cooperation with secular, international organizations. You appear to feel that you have rendered your comment to be in some way relevant to the article by noting that its author is based in Pakistan.

Please tell me, if the first person who stops arguing is the person who emerges more honorably from an argument then what perhaps might be said about the person who starts an argument for the sake of leaving the other participant arguing? The only rationale I can presently imagine, for your having submitted (please forgive me) such a seemingly irrelevant comment, is that the author advocates various alternatives to terrorism - alternatives which have proven effective in improving the circumstances of suppressed populations. Would that be the sort of thing (again, please forgive me) that you feel must never go unanswered if the suppressed population in question might potentially be Palestinian?

May the One who causes peace to reign in Heaven let peace descend on us all. Ameen.

Peace be unto you, John Norman.

Mr. Norman,

I want you to read this article:

Mr. Norman,

I am a Muslim and I should tell you that Christians and Jews in general are better served and treated on all levels than Muslims in their own lands. This is a fact and no one in the world can refute it. I have been there and I have seen and undergone that. The judicial courts in most Muslim states are nothing but kangaroo courts of different colors and shapes. The ordinary Muslim is the most persecuted under all circumstances: social, economic, political, etc. It is truly a sad reality. This reality will change only and only after the majority of Muslims are finely educated like their Christian and Jewish brothers in humanity, and their corrupt and despotic leaders are forever gone.

By the way, I have Christian and Jewish relatives.

Thank you.

Great Article. As for neurotic jewish twit Norman, instead of race baiting and focusing on the authors country of origin, why not come up with a rationale critique. Oh but I forget AskheNAZI jewish terrorists arent exactly rational people are they ? Typical

I agree with the writer. The root cause of the current crises in teh world is injustice. To john norman: What's your point? For the 3000 Americans (of all religions) killed on 9-11 by the by-product of US Cold War against USSR, more than 20,000 Iraqi and Afghan civilians have died. Don't forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the 1/2 million Iraqi children whose slaughter was justified by Secretary Albright. The odd terrorist attack aside, Christians live in peace and dignity throughout the Muslim world.

Due to lack to time ( I gotta go to work), H.A. would just like to say that I, H.A., would like to meet MY DEAR BROTHER JOHN NORMAN FROM U.K. at the downning street for a big brotherly hug and ,of course, for a family union.

I can't let this brother of mine go astray and hate Muslims. It's Mother Eve's order.

More later....

I forgot something. If you are so enamored with the riff raff that destroyed public and private property in Seattle then please feel free to invite them to your workers' paradise (and may peace be upon them).

So if we paid the money directly to the Nicaraguan peasants would that be considered satisfactory? Would the fine be payable in euros or dollars-US? Would Castro and the EEC's euro-mongers be taking a slice of the pie -- or only the Sandinistas?

If you want the UN to meet in Brussels then that is certainly okay with me. If you want Sheik Osama to file suit for the Arabian Peninsula then, by all means, enable him to do so. Would you expect that the World Court could decide the issue?

Additionally, it is not the West's bastions of usury that have been slicing the tendons of your halal investment organizations but your own bureaucrats who have been doing so. Who has been keeping whom in the dark?

If you do not like the way the U.S. does business in your region then perhaps consider petitioning the Ayatollah for an audience. And "jazak Allah khair" for having done business with my countrymen. May you enjoy every success in your attempts to increase democracy.


Muslim nations can in no way be absolved of their wrongdoings and inaction. They have a greater responsibility.

The powerful Western nations believe that "might is right". No honest and sincere mediation/intervention can be expected of them in international conflicts as most of them are of their own making, for e.g., the Palestinian-Islraeli conflict, the Kashmir conflict, the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, etc. Hence, no justice can be hoped for in the near future as they look for only their selfish interests. Only when the corrupt, and oppressive "World Order" is overthrown can humanity be liberated from their clutches. Fortunately, this seems to be in the offing.

Since the writer is Pakistan based, perhaps he can tell us how a Christian could obtain justice in a Muslim country?