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Sunday is one of the most important holidays in Islam: Id al-Adha, the feast celebrating Abraham's faith and willingness to sacrifice his son to God. It would also be a good occasion for the American news media to dispense with Allah and commit themselves to God.

Here's what I mean: Abraham, the ur-monotheist, represents the shared history, and shared God, of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Many Christians and Jews are aware of this common past, but seem to have a tough time internalizing it. Lt. Gen. William Boykin, a deputy under secretary of defense, made headlines last year suggesting that Allah is not "a real God" and that Muslims worship an idol. Last month in Israel, Pat Robertson said that today's world conflicts concern "whether Hubal, the moon god of Mecca known as Allah, is supreme, or whether the Judeo-Christian Jehovah, God of the Bible, is supreme."

Never mind that Hubal was actually a pre-Islamic pagan god that Muhammad rejected. Mr. Robertson's comments, like those of General Boykin, illuminate a widespread misconception - one that the news media has inadvertently helped to promote. So here's a suggestion: when journalists write about Muslims, or translate from Arabic, Urdu, Farsi or other languages, they should translate "Allah" as "God," too. A minor point? Perhaps not.

Last August the Washington Post Web site posed this question to readers: "Do you think that Muslims, Christians and Jews all pray to the same God?" One Muslim respondent wrote yes, each of the three major monotheistic faiths "pray to the God of Abraham."

Christian respondents, however, were equivocal or hostile to the notion. "Jews pray to Yahweh," one Virginia woman wrote. "As a Christian, I pray to the same God." But she insisted that "Muslims pray to Allah. Allah is not the God of Abraham." This woman might be surprised that Christian Arabs use "Allah" for God, as do Arabic-speaking Jews. In Aramaic, the language of Jesus, God is "Allaha," just a syllable away from Allah.

Still, who can blame her? Earlier that month, NPR reported Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza City intoning, "there is no God but Allah." Last week, The Los Angeles Times mentioned mourners for a slain Baghdad professor reciting, "there is no God but Allah" at the university campus. In September, The New York Times reported an assassinated Palestinian uttering, "there is no God but Allah" before he died.

"There is no god but God" is the first of Islam's five pillars. It is Muhammad's refutation of polytheism. Yet to today's non-Muslims, the locution "there is no God but Allah" reads as an affront, a declaration that inflammatory Allah trumps the Biblical God. This journalistic rendition distorts the meaning of the Muslim confession of faith. 

Of course, there are distinctions to be made between religions, which the press shouldn't shy away from. But there is no need to augment these differences artificially, especially at the cost of an accurate understanding of the origins of the Abrahamic faiths.

John Kearney is a student at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Source: New York Times

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Allah
Views: 7143

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Older Comments:
Good artical, but Islam is more than god of Abraham, pls remember (or study) in Islam teaching, Allah is the god of Adam, daud (david), Suleyman, Jacob, daniel, Joseph and even god of messiah. Christians should pray for the god of messiah, not messiah himself.

As for the word Allah as reference to god, remember in Islam Allah have 99 other names, (pls refer Al Husna) so call The Great one with all good names (regardless mother touge), as long as we know we pray for the one and only God.


Dear brother Abdullah.

I both agree with the author and with you.

I agree with the author for his argument that Muslim, Christian, Jews worship the same God.

Definitely there is only one God in the whole worlds. If there are more than one God, the universe will be in chaos with one god would be trying to outdone one another (nauzubillah - God forbid). Thus, if we can agree there is only one God, definitely we all worship the same God.

Although being a Muslim, I agree with your argument, but your points are beyond the author's topic.

Again, I agree that we all worship one and same God. However, Muslim, Jews, Christian define that one God in each own way. And whose definition is the truth is another topic not touched by the author. That could be studied in another forum.

Of course, being a Muslim and using my God-given intellect, I 100% beleive that Islam's definition of Allah is the truth. Still, that's not the topic of the author.

The author discuss the fact that Muslim, Jews, and Christian worship the same God. Whose definition of God is the truth is not the topic of the author.

this is for Edgar faster, there is a lot answer for your question,first you have to understand that islam not the religion of muhammad(pbuh) and his follower only but islam(peace) was religion since the first prophet throught the last,this is what God said in Quran: O apostles! eat of the good things and do good; surely I know what you do. And surely this your religion is one religion and I am your Lord, therefore be careful (of your duty) to Me.But they cut off their religion among themselves into sects, each part rejoicing in that which is with them.(quran 23:51-53).now let me ask another question, did jesus ever said that his religion is christian or chatolic? further more God explain to us why He make us in different language,color etc. O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). Quran:49:13,
this is just few answer for your question, if you have more question you can email me [email protected]
may God guide all of us to the right path,wassalam


christianity thou' a monothestic relegion follow trinity in god they say FATHER+SON+HOLYGHOST=GOD.but ISLAMS 1st PILLAR SAYS THERE IS NO GOD(father+son+holyghost) BUT ALLAH SUBHANAHU WA therefore when we translate the FIRST PILLAR OF ISLAM from Arabic2english lang we donot translate word ALLAH SUBHANAHU WA TAALA into god in secondplace.

This is bcoz 2 show difference between CHRISTIAN TRINITY GOD and AlLAH SUBHANAHU WA TAALA, so the statement he made upon FIRST PILLAR OF ISLAM is baseless. he as a student journalist couldnt understood the depth of the FIRST PILLAR OF ISLAM and his journalist rendition trumps his own affornt 4 trying to distort a MUSLIMS FAITH which he can only dream about.i want to give him a better advice either to start journalism on BIBLE and correct the 80,000 MISTAKES found in it or understand ISLAM by reading QURAN with a pure heart intended to find a true relegion n then bring faith in ALLAH SUBHANAHU WA TAALA.


H.A. wrote:
Right after the BIG BANG OF 9/11, the rate of Christians reverted to Islam was 266%...

So how exactly did this happen? Did all the Christians convert to Islam, convert back to Christianity, all convert to Islam, 66% convert back to Christianity, and then convert back to Islam?

H.A. also wrote:
Not a made up %age.

It's an impossible '%age'. Whether 'impossible' fits in your definition of 'made up' is up to you. Also, I personally know one Muslim lady who converted to Christianity three months after 9/11. She also brought along her three kids. Now I don't know that many people, but if I know of four people, your statement of 'NOT A SINGLE MUSLIM...' has to be off by hundreds at least.

Have a nice day.

very good artical and I think that it is well written. I to believe that if more people read their book for understanding and not argument sake they would also see that we all pray to the same god. It is troublesome to know that people are so lost today that they don't even know the original language that their own books are written in. We were all warned this day would come.

my God is ur God. when i asked a muslim about their God, i asked him is ur God the God of Abraham coz thats the only God i know. and he said YES!!! i used to be a christian but now i submit to God in islam. there is no God but Allah!!!!

To Craig Mayberry:
Based on your irresponsible and mindless comments about God, one can easily judge your
level of Christianity and what a poor Christian you are. Such comments fly right back into the
face of the message of Love and Peace that Christianity brought.

Christians like you are a blot on Christianity as you only bring disrepute to a great religion
revealed to Jesus (PBUH) by God. You say that Islamic God is a Satan but nay! it is the Satan
in you that has mislead you and has made you to make such irresponsible remarks about God. By
making such spinelss comments, you have accomplished nothing but the Wrath of God for which
the only punishment is a blazing Hell-Fire that will keep burning you until Eternity.

Come out of your bigotted and Islamophobic thinking and you will come to realize like many of
fair-minded Christians and Jews that the God of Muslims, Christians and Jews is the same. The
difference is in the way of worship and whose message they follow. By your remarks, you have
committed a blasphemy against both Islam and Christianity.

May God guide you to the right path and instill in you some sanity and help you identify the
True Message. Amen!

Dear John Kearney,

I agree with you that the Jews, Arab Christians and Muslims share the same name for the one and only true God: Allah in Arabic, Allohim in Hebrew, Allaha in Aramaic. What you don't understand is Allah does not mean God, it is the personal name of God. God in Arabic is Ilaah. When we Arabs and all Muslims as well as Christian Arabs and Arabised Jews as well as those Ethiopians that know Aramaic say Allah or Allaha or Allohim call God they use his nom proper, his proper name to address him.
If I am to say: "There is no god but God" I am not specific in what I mean. Do I mean Rama, Chrisna, Visnu, Jesus, Izra, Hubal, Manat, Allat, Al'uza? No I mean Allah. And that why we Muslims say: "There is no God but Allah" There is a verse in the Quraan when Allah reminds us of his oneness: "Know that there is no God but Allah" and knowing that Ilaah means God. Allah did not say "There is no god but ilaah".

Wa salaamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah,

After throwing the tinker "there would be the wars of gods if there were 2 gods in the universe", I would like to present another tinker - about the misunderstanding that Islam promote terrorism.

It is known among all Abrahamaic religions that Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son (Ismail in Islam's view, and Isaac in Christian/Jewish views), peace be upon them all.

Abraham was about to 'slaughter' his son as his commitment to the God's command when God has replaced him with a lamb.

Now, this is imagine this 'mocked up scenario'- Let's just say that only Islam teaches the above,while Christian and Jews do not - Walla! Christian missionary and Jews would have had party time condemning taking Abraham's sacrifice to equate it as Islam as being cruel and inhumane for teaching a father to sacrifice his own blood.

But, since Christian and Jews also teach the same, this point was never raised up by them. In fact, Abraham's sacrifice is noted positively as a symbol of man's complete obedience to the command of his God, which is rightfully a correct way to view it from Islamic, Christian, as well as Jewish view.

A nice link here:

Comments are welcome.

I do agree on one point. I do believe that God means Allah in Arabic, I am aware that Arabic speaking Jews call their God Allah.

I will put some sciptual definition of the true religion out of the Bible.

De. 10.12 And now Isreal, what doth the Lord thy God require of you, but the fear the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, and to love him, and to serve the Lord with all thy heart and with all thy soul.
Mk. 12: 33. And to love him (God) with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbours as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.

I believe that the diference of linguistics
creates a causation of difference among the
people of the world when it refers to a certain
thing. I alos believe this notion can also reflect
on the theological aspect of doctrinal
Undoubtedly though through these differences
we do see some resemblence in various
monotheistic cultures. In Christianity there is
the "One powerful deity that created the world."
Along with this notion comes the Judaic notion
that "this deity has created man, and gave
man the laws to abide by." Going further we
see man coming to the understanding of
himself and through the psychological
evolution of man's knowledge he learns of
himself more then forgetting God.
Of course, this is known through Islamic
history and apart of Islamic history is the
notion that it is not until the prophet
Muhammad ibn Abdullah who revives man's
original belief in God.

We call God many names and it is because
he is who he is as it is said in the Bible. "I am
that I am" the one thing most I respect about
Jews is that, they refrain from saying his
name. Perhaps it s too holy but I tend to go
further and say that names sometimes
pewrsonifies objects.
When we are naming things in our language
we are indirectly or directly personifying those
objects according to our culture and language.
Of course we humans may not know who
God';s name is nor should we get caught up
in such a ridiculous commitment.

I believe that the notions are similar if not the
same and all beliefs that retain the
cognizance of him makes them the same.

This post is from that Christian brother Craig
and the Muslim Turkish brother who personify
God through their false claims GLORY BE HE

Great article. Education and understanding is key in breaking down barriers and eliminating hatred and misconceptions that people like Mr. Mayberry have.

As a Christian, he should know that his church has killed millions and imprisoned millions more because they did not follow the Bible. On top of that, he is ignorant enough to first think that the God of Islam and Christianity are different, and then has the audacity to state that the Islamic God preaches death and destruction.

Mr. Mayberry should try to explain the events of the Inquisition and the Crusades, where Christians in the name of his God slaughtered millions - including other Christians.

Tell me Mr. Mayberry, why does your God of love and peace preach such words:

Deuteronomy 20: 13 - 17
"And when the LORD your God gives it into your hand you shall put all its males to the sword, but the women and the little ones, the cattle, and everything else in the city, all its spoil, you shall take as booty for yourselves; and you shall enjoy the spoil of your enemies, which the LORD your God has given you. Thus you shall do to all the cities which are very far from you, which are not cities of the nations here. But in the cities of these peoples that the LORD your God gives you for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but you shall utterly destroy them"

Is this your definition of love?

More people have been killed in the name of your God than any other religion - so take a good look before you cast stones.

Let me educate you on the one true God. The One to whom Jesus cried "Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani" to, while on the cross. (Translated as God God why have you forsaken me)

Note the similarity between Eloi and Allah. It is one and the same. Allah(Eloi)is the name associated with the one true Supreme Being. This is the same Being that all the Abrahamic faiths pray to - even yours Mr. Mayberry. So be careful whose God you desecrate. It may very well

H.A. would like to take this opportunity to say that H.A. comes in love and peace.

& it appears to H.A. that MY DEAR EVANGELIST and GODLESS PAGAN BROTHER, Craig Mayberry, is a hardcore Islamophobic. I (H.A.) have a few questions for my DEAR BROTHER.

{ Mother Eve constantly encourages me (H.A.) to engage all my brothers whether they are zionists, evangelists, or Hindu terrorists. }

So MY DEAR DEAR Brother Mayberry!!!
If your Evangelistic Christian religion/GOD is so perfect and complete, WHY SO MANY CHRISTIANS and EVEN CHRISTIAN PRIESTS are becoming Muslims.

Right after the BIG BANG OF 9/11, the rate of Christians reverted to Islam was 266%, while Christian grew 46% IN THE UNITED STATES. Not a made up %age. NOT A SINGLE MUSLIM BECAME CHRISTIAN!

Anything you have to say about that?

I suggest you work on your phobia and learn to face the reality. I feel very sorry for you MY DEAR BROTHER! Everytime I go to the mosque, I see another white skinned EUROPEAN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN becoming Muslim. Of course, the BLACK SKINNED AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE REVERTING TO ISLAM faster than an anthrax bacterium can revert or convert to its avirulent or virulent forms, respectively. Ever wonder WHY?

Don't worry!!! You will be converted/reverted too! Resistance is futile! Give up your cross!!! We are Muslims!!! You will be converted!!! Resistance is futile! The tempation is very high! The God of Muslims is irresistable!!! Let the clock do its ticking.....

Before I (H.A.) departure, H.A. would like to say that his arms/receptacles are open for reception and would like to meet MY DEAR BROTHER Mayberry in the town of MAYBERRY for a big brotherly hug and ,of course, for fishing while whistling whossowhosooo....

Allah is the greatest!

I seek refuge in Allah, who alone is good, from the accursed Satan. May you receive peace - Ameen.

peace be with you...

i'm one of those who are concerned w/ world events. thank you for you column. but in this letter i would like to share different ideas based on my convictions & observations in world events.

Do you think time will come that people on earth will attained true peace, security & happiness? Do you believe that if the religion of the people all over the world are all Islam (Muslim), or all are Catholics, or all are protestants.. real peace, security & happiness will be attained?

Please help me answer those questions. I'm not a Muslim, but i don't hate Muslim.

yes it is true. im 100% agree

As a Christian I belive that there are stark differences between the god of Islam and the God os the Universe. The islamic god is interested in death and destruction the Christian God is a God of love and Justice. Muslims sacrifice each other as suicide bombers and their victims everyday. You god is Satan.

asalaam alikum
Well said and well written. This is indeed a worthy article to pass around, especially to my christian family and friends. Emphasizing our common origin and common ground will go farther in our jihad of dawah than all the finger pointing and snobby holier than thou-ness that we as Muslims sometimes seem to muster.
I must say, as a former christian, I was not surprised that Pat "moral majority" Robertson stuck his foot in his mouth again. He has been doing it for years, and not just to muslims, but to other christian sects. I wonder if he buys flavored shoes for the occasions. Anyway, unfortunately, many christians do look to this type for guidance, and I ask Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, that they would also be exposed to more educated and less inflammatory teachers.

L. Alahem

If there were to be more than one God. All the God would have started nuke war in the heaven. This is the mere evidance behind having One God. Islam is nothing new , it is the religion of Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses , Jesus and Mohammed(praise be to all of them). These are the people who confuse themselve without understanding the sequence.

Thanks for your clarification of the word Allah to uninformed. Muslims believe that there is only one God for all His creation. Your God and my God is one God (if you believe in only one God,Allah in Arabic). I believe many in the media deliberately twist the truth when it comes to Islam and Muslims. Unfortunately, they do not want to understand Islam. They thrive on spreding lies about Islam. Rev. Pat Robertson knowns nothing about Islam and has no desire to know. He is trying to misguide people about Islam which will benefit on one. People: please study Islam and find out that Allah is your God and my God and you will know the truth. Do not believe all the bad things you hear about Islam. Find out the truth.

I agree with everything the article said, and was glad Dr.Kearney mentioned NPR. I also was angered by their mis-translation of La Iliha Ila Allah. But, to be fair, I have to say that some moslems when they speak of God in their conversations insist on saying Allah, even though they could say God especially when speaking to a non-Moslem English speaker, as should a person who is speaking to a German or French use the respective word for God in that language. Since Allah is only the Arabic word for God then it should be used when speaking in Arabic, after all a Persian who says "Khudah" is no less moslem than anyone else. Thank you.

I'm so much endeared by the write-up.I have critical thinking that if everybody that expresses belief in monotheism, I have hard difficult why he/she cann't subscribe to the divine names of God in any linguistic.

Andy Johnson, you have missed the point completely.

I ask you why do you charge that the prophet Mohammed had borrowed or stolen the religious teachings of Jews and Christians, and do not apply the same charge to Abraham for steeling the teachings of Noah who came before him, or why don't you charge Moses for stealing from Abraham or jesus for stealing from Moses etc... All those who I have mentioned where messengers sent from the one and only God, to confirm the truth of their predecessors' messages and to correct the untruths that were attributed to them, the last messenger Mohammed followed that noble tradition.

I have no doubt that you are bigotted, your statements show your obstinate devotion to belittle and discredit the others, the different. If you haven't realized bigotry is a disease that blinds once consciousness, so I recommend you to ask God to cure your disease, then you might finally realize you have been blind for so long. God guides those who seek the truth, certainly not the arrogant.

Thanks John for a nice article. Appreciate it. I am always of the opinion that there are more similarities than differences in these religions. But if the clergies were to say it, lot's of them will loose jobs. And I mean clergies of all relegions, I have heard muslim Mullahs not accepting any other faith than thier own, even within Islam, and I have heard priets talk on TV in a fashion that some don't even think that Abraham (pbuh) was a righteous prophet of God.

Any how, if we started to get along 100% tomorrow, the world will probably end a week later. Maybe not a bad thing come to think of it.
Thanks again.


I believe Muslim leaders are passing out a great opportunity to educate the general public about what Islam really teaches vs the widespread misconceptions told about Islam.

What Muslim Leaders should do is to actively travel around the country and give speaches regarding this matter, they should organize Muslims communities and unify them on this topic and engage the media more strongly. And protest if they are not allowed to air their views.

I am certain that the enormeous silence I see today will have grave consequenses on our children later on, when the atmosphere against Muslims will be much more dangerous than today. Only then, will we ask why haven't we been more outspoken when we could have. I am not trying to be pretensious by predicting the future, the past has taught us that the consequence of silence at a time of crisis brings more escalation of violence and more genocide.

America today has anti islamic hate talk in the airwaves of radio and tv without any voice to counter it. Democrats and republicans are in competition on who hates Muslims the most, we have no diffenders among either party.

What happened to the scholars, the imams?

I beg the people in charge of this web site to mobilize the Muslim communities and leaders in a campaign of information as have the done for the democrats, the internet is a great tool to start this mobilization. I would volunteer my time to this cause. Please understand that this kind of campaign is the best shot we have to safeguard Islam and the future of Muslims in this country. For Allah to help us, we have to help ourselves first. Lets stop this frustration with all the lies they tell about Islam, and lets be active all over the country to teach what Islam really says. This kind of campaign could go internationally, but first we have to start here. Please, consider this seriously.

We believe that all creatures are remembering Him
constantly even if they are not aware of that
However, talking about people's perceptions and
interpretations,the fundamental difference between
God and Allah introduced by Jesus, Moses (PBUT) and
Mohammad (SAS), is that Allah roams in the believer's
heart, whereas God sits on a throne created by man's
thinking. As much as I respect their practices, my
opinion is that the christians, jews, even the majority of
muslims made up their own idols, and started calling it
Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi says "Whatever you cannot
think of is He!". Christians later went further to call our
beloved prophet Jesus (PBUH) their God. Where is
the self-subsisting, omnipotent Allah, where is a human
who used to eat, drink and breath like us?

Allah should not be translated in any languages, for it is
a proper name pointing to Him (even "He" is a
misleading of English language, for sex is not
associated with Him).

We can examplify my point with another very strong
point: Nowhere in Qur'an, worshipping is mentioned. It
is "abd" (i.e. server), or servitude of Allah that is
reminded. Idols like man made God are worshipped.
You do whatever pleases them, and in return, they
reward you or punish you. In Islam, it is only the human
that is torturing himself, and sees the result of his deeds
in the last day. In the very essence of it, there is still
the love of Allah, that is hidden behind the worship. But
it is not the proposition that is made in Qur'an.

Please don't replace the image you created as "God"
and call it "Allah"! Read the Qur'an carefully, and Allah
willing you will understand the difference.

May Allah leads all of us in the right path.

Jazakum Allah Khayran

as a catholic i pray to the same god that muslims do.

I think this was a good article. I have long wished when people write in english they should use God instead of Allah and when writing in arabic they should use Allah instead of God. In regards to whether we all worship the same God the best answer and most truthful is from an academic perspective we do. From a jewish perspective we do not, from a christian perspective we do not, and from a muslim perspective we do.

Paying close attention to details so that we can satisfy the human need to control all things, which stems from the fact that we inherently know we can control nothing, is the religion of man. Submitting to do what Christ told us to do without trying to reason away His truth by finding inconsistencies is the religion of God.

assalamoalaykum dear brothers,sisters,respected elders and far as i am aware there are ninetynine names for our creator and Allah is i believe one of those.
may Allah guide us all towards the true path.

If JEWS and CHRISTIANS understand and accept ALLAH as true GOD, then there won't be any religion in this world but ISLAM.

But PEOPLE OF THE BOOK always try to refute this truth because their fundamental believe lies in refuting this truth.

This post is in response to the posting by Andy Johnson. I felt both sad and agitated at your following comments:

"Mohamad was a visionary leader but he fell into hypocrisy when he took the Torah and Oral Torah and used it to create his own empire, stealing the Arabian middle class' wealth to defeat the royalty."

Have you ever heard or read about any muslim passing such derogatory comments about Jesus (PBUH)? They why do you bigotted Christians and Jews resort to such mindless and spineless comments about our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAS)? All muslims respect all prophets sent by Allah to the mankind including Jesus (PBUH)and Moses (PBUH) and belief in all the messengers is an integral part of one's Islamic belief. Muslims believe in the original message that Jesus (PBUH)and Moses (PBUH) brought to their people while bigotted Christians and Jews like you openly deny the Quranic message and say that it was concocted or created by Muhammed (SAS). By saying so, you are indirectly denying the divine messages revealed to Jesus(PBUH) and Moses(PBUH) and have exposed yourself to the wrath of Allah. Remember that Allah loves those who love all his prophets and by passing such irrational and derogatory remarks about Mohammed (SAS) you cannot change the fact that Al-Quran is the true message of Allah sent to his beloved prophet Mohammed (SAS)and that it affirms the original message revealed to prophet Jesus (PBUH) and to prophet Moses(PBUH). YOur denial is not going to change the fact and you are ONLY inviting the wrath of Allah for which there is a severe punishment until eternity. May Allah guide you to the right path and give you the wisdom to understand the true Message. Ameen!

Whenever I see an article that talks about different religions, I cringe because I don't know what to expect. This one actually made me happy and relieved and I wish I could circulate this to as many people as I can. Awesome!


I'll get to the point in case some people
object to open and free thought.
You can pray to whom ever you think is God
but the God I know wouldn't approve me killing
my Brothers,or give me a vision to have sex
with a 10 year old. Pedophilia is wrong no
matter where you live.

A better translation would be: There is no deity except the One and Only God.

Thank you Mr.Kearney for this great,short and clear article..

Wa salaam Yusuf. I am uncertain what you meant by, "Jews and Christians WILL NEVER ACCEPT ISLAM." I noticed that a large number of comments, submitted for this article, appeared to have been posted in perhaps the same instant. Your [submission] appeared to have been one of fourteen such comments (posted at perhaps the same moment). One other in that group of fourteen was submitted by Edwin Dysinger, who made reference to "fellow Christians" (indicating that he himself was a Christian) and who stated that the Quran was one of, in his own words, "the original sources that God sent down."

In what way were you intending to say that Jews and Christians WILL NEVER ACCEPT ISLAM? Did you perhaps mean to predict that not every single one of them will come to embrace Islam as Allah's choice for their own religion - or perhaps that they will never accept Islam unless Allah wills that they do so? Before perhaps responding to this particular comment, please (for Allah's sake - not mine!) remember that Edwin Dysinger has responded, in an affirmative manner, to an article in which the secondary theme may perhaps be said to be, "There is no god but God." (Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Yusuf.)

PS. Insha'Allah (God willing) my thinking is that only God (i.e., Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala) is worthy of worship and that genuine glory is entirely Allah's (i.e., God's). Incidentally, in both my public and private submissions, I attempt to say "Allah" more often than "God" in no small part because a commentator at this site suggested that Muslims should do so - jazak Allahu khair (i.e., may Allah thank them for me, whoever they are and wherever they might be found).

Hello John!!!
- Are you still a student at the Columbia Univeristy?
- Haven't you hired a body guard for going from 1 class to the next?

I feel sorry for you. I suggest you change your major. If you ever write such an article and if the Zionists, the Evangelists, and the neocons ever read your "MUSLIM-tilting" article, YOU'LL BE UNEMPOLYED the next day.

Remember!!! most Chiristians and Jews think of them as the good ones and consider the Muslims as the evil ones. They can't wait for the day of Armageddon! The Evangelists and Zionists take pride in the signs that all the Jewish are gathering in the Israel. They consider such assemblage in Israel as signs for upcoming Armageddon and which has been predicted in the Bible.

Anyways, H.A. wishes you the best luck.

On a side note:
H.A., however, would like to tightly hug Boykin and all the other professional zionists and Evangelists, who can't tolerate Muslims. I missed them very much more than I missed my girlfriend, who is far from me at the present moment. (NOT A JOKE!)

The specious argument put forth by some evangelicals as to whose "god" is the true God has to be analysed in a more sutle detail. If these so-called Christian evangelicals, who clearly have a deviant ulterior motive, were to accept the fact that Muslims worshipped the same God as they do; then that acceptance would call their whole belief system into serious question.
It would call their concept of the trinity, the nature of Jesus(Peace be Upon Him), salvation, the Day of Resurrection, etc. under serious scrutiny.
The truth of the matter is that they do know but they deliberately lie in order to maintain their corrupt spiritual and political agenda.

As Almighty God(Allah) has said:
"They know that this the truth as well as they know their sons."

It is a shame and a disgrace to the peoples among the Abrahamic faiths that this notion should enter into anyone's mind. What matters
most is how we treat each other. What good does it do for me to properly pronounce the name of God if I treat others whom God has created with
fear, hatred and disgust?
We need to reach out to one another with good
deeds of charity, with an eye towards practising justice and fairness, and realize the human dignity and worth of all mankind, not just the ones we agree with or grew up around.
The true meaning and sincerity of our "belief
in the One God" is pointless and worthless if we
fail to recognize that this "God" loves and cares
for all of His creation. We need to be 'reflectors' of His Love. We need to
'practise what we preach.'

I agree with the article and was aggreived to the way people of no consequence such as Boykin, Robertson, and others in the media have sought to misrepresent the muslim faith. As human beings we can be subjective or objective and to be objective is to acknowledge what other conscious human beings believe, so those who follow what they consider to be the God of Abraham and are clearly monotheistic should be acknowledged for it. To be subjective and question something about someone that they themselves know nothing about such as whos is the real God is insane. They, by doing this are seeking to show themselves to be prophets doing what they consider as Gods work. But instead they are showing their religion as being reactionary and illegitimate and a their disbelief. Muslims consider Isa(AS)(Jesus) as being a True Prophet and being righteous. These people do a discredit to him as they themselves know that their Jesus acknowledged the romans even though he did not agree with them and gave them their due in this world. So the least they could do was not to hide the facts and show their ignorance. There are those who dont agree with Boykin or Robertson or the medias misrepresentation and they know that the disbelief of these people to their faith is palpable. Christianity has been eroded and the battle is not now against Christians and Muslims but battle of middle of the road Christians who believe in non of the actions in terms of prayer of their faith but more of sensationalising themselves and seeking to think their "fundamental good" should be transferred to all humanity when it is transparent that their just hypocrites and regard their faith to be based on hypocrite ideals. And they have no fear of God that their accusations are such that only God would know the Truth and that if similar accusations were made as to something personal about them that they only knew they would be quick to call that person a charlaton. Allah, is the One, True God, believe.

I think Mr. Kearney should be commended for his genuine effort to dispel some of the misunderstandings about Islam. I agree with him that Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have major differences and one must not shy away from making those differences distinct. But at the same time we as Muslims should establish common ground with the People of the Book, as Allah (SWT) commands us to. The same common ground will, In Sha Allah, lead us to remove the misunderstandings the People of the Book have about Allah (SWT) and pure monotheism, for Islam is the ONLY religion that teaches,establishes, and promotes pure monotheism.

Good article.

It's worthy to note that english speaking muslims are often the ones that say "There is no GOD but ALLAH"

For some reason we have some sort of predisposition to say ALLAH instead of GOD.

What most muslims around the world and here in the US don't get or refuse to get is this:

Jews and Christians WILL NEVER ACCEPT ISLAM.
WHY: It will render their faith that most of the Bida they introduced and the justificaitons they created over the centures will be wiped out!

Here's a more wordly view:

No Jew will ever give up INTEREST on the money they lend.

No Christian will ever give up PORK and WINE!

The western media is an extention of the people that own and run it....JEWS AND CHRISTIANS.

Get it...

This article is like an oasis in a desert of hatredness prevalent in the media. I would like to point one thing.
The Master Creator and the Controller of the universe has 99 beautiful names and one of them is ALLAH. Though all the names have such deep meanings that books can be written on each one of them, ALLAH is unique because it represents ultimate qualities of the Creator.
The word ALLAH can only be singular, there is no plural for ALLAH. There is no gender to the word ALLAH. Only the Creator can be called ALLAH and the rest is Abd-ALLAH or slaves of ALLAH. The sooner we realize this, the better.

This well writen article is bot timely and describes the subject addaquitely. We of course need to recognize as all the unignorant do that the Abrahamic monotheism was a break not from the idol worshiping of the Sumarians but from that of Egypt. As we look deeper and deeper into the relation of Moses and the Exodus from Kempt (Egypt) we will begin to find the real origin of what everyone keeps missing. Mohamad was a visionary leader but he fell into hypocrisy when he took the Torah and Oral Torah and used it to create his own empire, stealing the Arabian middle class' wealth to defeat the royalty.

If we move away from conflict and towards peace we can easily see that we all have belly buttons, we all have mothers, we all want to be loved and we all want to love.

This is universal, as universal as HVHY or Allah. To bad this universality has been lost in translation. Translation that has created borders and Nations, niether of which God cares about; men chose to fight and died over borders and Nations. God just sorts it out.

Well done. You are going to make a good journalist. Keep up the good work and fear no one but God.

Read Al-Kafiroon from the Quran


G.T. FROM U.S.A. said:
yes, allah is the arabic word for god, but that is where the similarities end. it is very clear that the god of the bible and the god of the koran are completely different, even if they have similar roots. i can recognize nothing of the christian god in the koran. (i'm not christian, btw)

Thanks Mr. Kearney for making this point. I also have been frustrated by the attempts of fellow Christians to suggest that Allah is another God. While living in the Arab world, I was frustrated over Muslim misinformation regarding Christianity. This is an example of Christian misinformation regarding Islam. Rather than arguing over points of misinformation, why don't we go back to the original sources that God sent down, the Torah, Injeel and Quran, and learn for ourselves what God Himself wants us to know.

Allah in the universal language simply means the Creator.Any other is His creation or creatures.Therefore when a Muslim says "La ilaha
illa-Laah" that simply means "None has the right to be worshipped except The Creator".
There are over 25,000 languages in the world,I speak only 13 of these languages.And in each of these languages there is a different syllable for the name of The Creator.
Jesus (Alaihi-Salaam)did not speak english,neither did the Prophet Muhammed But coincidentally,they both related to the Creator as Allah or Allaha.Not God.But if you are or speak English and as far as you call Him God,and refer to the Creator.But not god.

The statement that Jesus' God is Allaha, and that that is only one letter away is misleading. Many words have only one letter difference but that one letter usually involves making it an opposite meaning. That is akin to saying that santa and satan are the same becuase they are closely related in their spelling, one a ficticious jolly man to excite little children, the other the ultimite in evil influence and power. I do beleive though that it is unimportant what you call God as long as you love and respect him he will open your eyes and pour blessings into your soul. A battle over whose God is the right God would probably anger our God. God searches the hearts and minds of men and those who respect his omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience power. We would do better to learn to listen to one another than to do battle over names, as a christian I understand that this life has little importance and is but a blink in eternity, so instead of being offended at meaningless things, shrug it off turn the other cheek as Jesus said and move on to spreading the word of God and not be like the pharisees who could not see past the letter of the law and let us live in the spirit of the law. God bless.

Aslam'o'alikum to all readers. I am not as good writer as the previous two brothers. I would say that using capital G in God and then saying it is different from Allah (SWT) is wrong. To me god is a reference to an idol etc and God / Allah is a reference to God/Allah of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. I did feel in the article that a deliberate attempt has been made to cause conflict in the understanding that all Prophets (peace be upon them) guided us to the same God/Allah.

Excellent article. I've always wondered about this point,and thought that I'd missed something in my limited knowledge. It turns out that I was right all along - it really should be translated as 'there is no God but God'.

Thanks for the education, but there should be no stopping here. It's the duty of everyone who reads this, Muslim, Christian, Jew or atheist, to complain whenever this term is used in the media. This misuse can only serve to divide an already divided world by negating our comonalities.

Now I need an article to explain what Amen (Ameen) means. Is it really a left over from Egyptian sun worship?

If there were two different gods (God forbid!), one for Muslim and another for Christian and Jews, definitely the two will fight one another to gain bigger slice of the universe. Once in a while, we would receive NASA reports god-scale war in the deep universe. Right? Seems like a joke?

Definitely, coz it's is a joke. The idea of having 2 gods in a universe is a joke that does not hold water.

The truth is, there is only one God. Different people interpret God in their own way based on the books they beleive as their holy books. Muslim's Al-Quran, Christian's Bible, and Jewish's Old Testament, and so on. As Muslim, definitely I interpret God based on Al-Quran.

God has given us intellectual to study and decide which interpretation of God is the truth. Is is Islam's? Or Christian's? Or Jewish's?

Bottom line - there can only be one God in the whole universe who rule the whole known as well as unknown worlds. He is the God of the worlds (Rabbil 'A lamin). Who He is?

Use God-given intellectual to know him.

I agree. In arabic we say: La Ellah ila Allah= There is no god but God itself= There is only one god. Muslims submit that this universe and what is beyond,is created by one god(the only god. In arabic Allah,Alrab(God), Alraheem( most merciful)or Alsaboor( the patient) and other names, they all have the same meaning, the same way God in English means Dieu in French.

Well written. The closing line needs to be explored more strongly for bridgeing in the Abrahamic faiths.

I have heard many times, in fact I am pretty sure it has been a million, that American Christians have proclaimed that Allah is not what they call their god, and that Allah could never be their god - and that "Islam is an evil embodiment of an entity that wants to destroy Christianity." I too was once the Christian who felt that the truth was in Paul's fallible doctrine of Jesus. The Quran was written way before my birth and it already foretold about their Christianity's complete ignorance, uncertainty and lack of understanding of their OWN faith. I am now a Muslim, an advocate of those who revert to their natural state - a state away from delusion caused by emotions that tied into Christianity, bypassing simple logic - All praises belong to Allah...the Christian's God, and Muhammad (pbuh) the Christian's last Messenger and comforter.
What Americans should remember, whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Mormon or Jehovah's Witness, that your CHRISTIAN FAITH and Book is of a Middle Eastern descent. Your Jesus was Middle Eastern! English speakers, especially from United States can not grasp the concept of simple language translation and the loss of true definition of words and intent upon translating between even just two languages, let alone three (Greek, Hebrew & Aramaic or Chinese, Japanese and Korean.) Also they tend to forgive the concept of dialects and vast rhetoric. As a result, you have different versions and interpretations of the Bible, and even Christians will argue amongst themselves. I've seen it and heard it! Allah ta 'ala is the only interpretation you need. Allah is who you should submit to, after all He is the Creator of you and your ability to have an opinion. Allah is the only NAME you need to remember when you forgot yours or your lover's. Allah is the end to your confusion. Allah gave His Messenger to deliver to your soul's "mailboxes," the only mail worth opening- even more important than Ed McMahon's million dollar sweepstakes.

If the person who was quoted had not spoken in English but rather in Arabic then any claim that they had said, "There is no God but Allah," is indeed a willful distortion of what they had said. Examine "la ilaha illallah" for yourself. A decision to include Arabic and Germanic references for God (while capitalizing the word "God") clearly seems intended to be inflammatory on the part of the translator. Of course if someone insists that I do not worship the same god that they themselves worship, I am perfectly content to take their word for it.

There is none good but God - it is but one, God, who alone is good (Mark 10:18, Luke 18:19, Matthew 19:17).

[Mark 9:41] "For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward."

May you have Peace (Ameen).

Nicely done Mr.Kearney. However, lets keep this in perspective, both Boykin and Robertson are evil doers who belong to the John Nelson Darby cult of evangelism. These maniacs and their followers have one mission in life, to ignite the biblical war of Armageddon, which explains their love affair with zionist terrorists who according to the small print will be used as raw material for this war. These psychopaths make the Taliban look like bot scouts.
Thanks also for claryifying what "Allah" means. However monotheism did not start with the Prophet Abraham (saw), it was preached from Prophet Adam (saw) till Prophet Muhammed (saw). They preached Islamic monotheism, thus all Prophets are Muslims.