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Dr. Shaihd Athar was born at Patna, India. He did his medical training in Karachi, (Pakistan), Chicago, (Illinois), and at Indiana University where he is a Clinical Associate Professor. He was President of Islamic Society of Greater Indianapolis 1986 - 1987. He is an alternate delegate to UN (NGO) for World Muslim Congress, the president of Interfaith Alliance, an active member of Council For National Interest, Christian & Muslims For Peace, Amnesty International, Physicians For Human Rights, lslamic Medical Association, Solidarity Int. For Human Rights, advisor to weekly TV Progrwn, "Faces of Faith", WTHR Indianapolis. Indiana Council for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Relation Committee.

He was nominated for 1992 Jefferson Award and received Diamond Award for outstanding volunteerism from the "United To Serve America". He is a U.S. Citizen and lives in Indianapolis with his wife and four children.

He has written and published over 110 articles on Islam, authored "Peace Through Submission" (PTS) and edited "Islamic Perspective in Medicine". He is currently working on "Invitation to Islam - Letters of a Dayee". He has spoken to many Muslim institutions, mosques, universities and churches all over the USA. He is listed in the International Directory of Specialists in Islamic Studies published from Rabbat, Morocco, 1991, and North American Muslim Resource Directory, 1994.

Update 2000

Other books are "Health Concerns for Believers" , " Reflections of an American Muslim" and "Sex Education -An Islamic Perspective " all published by Kazi Publications in Chicago and available from amazon.com and can be read at his webpage www.islam-usa.com. His collection of English poems was just released by Watermark Press "Reflections in Love".

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Amnesty International, Interfaith
Views: 6238

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