What really went wrong?

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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's speech during the opening session of the Organization of Islamic Conference made headlines because of several disparaging remarks made against Jews. Mohamad accused the Jews, among other things, of ruling the world "by proxy." Now, I spoke out against those anti-Jewish statements as disturbing and wrong, and I still believe that to be the case. Nevertheless, the media reports on the speech were limited to those few lines about Jews, and they neglected the rest of the speech, which cogently outlined why the Muslim world has stagnated and stumbled on the path of progress.

Mohamad recalled how the early Muslims "produced mathematicians, scientists, scholars, physicians, and astronomers" who excelled in their fields of knowledge "besides studying and practicing their own religion of Islam." The early Muslims accomplished these heroic intellectual feats because they obeyed the first injunction of the Quran: "Read in the name of thy Lord who created" (Quran 96:1). 

Muslim intellectual decline began because "halfway through the building of the great Islamic civilization came new interpreters of Islam who taught that acquisition of knowledge by Muslims meant only the study of Islamic theology. The study of science, medicine, etc. was discouraged." Consequently, Mohamad continued, Muslims became more preoccupied with "minor issues such as whether tight trousers and peak caps were Islamic, whether printing machines should be allowed or electricity used to light mosques." This intellectual decline lead to the withering of Muslim civilization, with all of its attendant historical consequences. 

His overall analysis was that the Muslims' deplorable state of affairs was due to their total abandonment of Islam's guiding principles for a superficial reading and interpretation of Islam's sources: "This is what comes from the superficial interpretation of the Quran, stressing not the substance of the Prophet's Sunnah and the Quran's injunctions but rather the form, the manner and the means used in the 1st Century of the Hijrah." Furthermore, the use of violence by some Muslims has achieved nothing and has only added to the misery of the Muslims today. 

Reading the Western news accounts of the speech, one would easily think that the Prime Minister blamed all of the Muslims' problems on the Jews. This is clearly not the case. In fact, the Prime Minister said, "We also know that not all non-Muslims are against us." All this was either not mentioned or glossed over by the Associated Press. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the media has practiced selective reporting when it comes to Islam and Muslims. 

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) analyzed the news coverage of the millennium terror plots of 1999. The arrest of the Algerian man who allegedly tried to smuggle bomb-making materials into the United States was covered in 129 stories (113 print, 16 broadcast) on the day of, and the day following, the announcement of his arrest. Twenty-one newspapers ran it on Page One. CAIR also found that in the same month--December 1999--two suspected militia members were arrested and accused of plotting to blow up a California propane plant just outside Sacramento, California. If the plot was carried out, it could have killed as many as half the people within a five-mile radius. The news of the arrest, however, was covered in 51 stories (51 print, 0 broadcast) on the day of the arrest and the following day. Only one of the stories ran on Page One. Many papers ran it as a news brief. 

It is unlikely that such selective reporting on things Islamic will cease any time soon. As can be seen by the widespread condemnation of Mohamad's speech, such selective reporting contributes to the image of Islam as a violent, hateful religion. Yet that is exactly why I was compelled to write this article. Indeed, having to constantly defend Islam against the same age-old and tired accusations get very tiring. But it is a job that must be done. My God has called, and it would be inhuman not to answer.

Hesham A. Hassaballa is a Chicago physician and columnist for the Independent Writers Syndicate. He is author of "Why I Love the Ten Commandments," published in the Book Taking Back Islam: American Muslims Reclaim Their Faith (Rodale).

  Category: Asia, Life & Society
Views: 4737
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Older Comments:
Nothing went wrong. Don't ever cave into the assumptions of your enemies. We need more people like Mahathir who has the stomach to speak the "...truth in front of unjust rulers.." or oppressors.

Just follow the Q. Settle problems according the Q and Sunnah, not how your enemies want you to settle.

What really went wrong with the Muslim nation is much more complex than what Dr. Mohatir, Dr. Hesham, and that famous Jewish writer (who started it all) have proclaimed. For modern times it seems the West has erected a glass ceiling over the Muslims on what and what not to achieve. This may be obvious from the time of Mohamad Ali Basha of Egypt to present with numerous examples in between. In the middle ages, the Ottoman Empire covered most Islamic countries. It was greed and nationalist pride that depleted most Arab and Muslim countries of their best minds and souls to enrich Turkey (the so-much-centralization was fatal, and when the west hit Turkey hard in WWI everyone else fell like a straw. The division of Arab countries between France, Britain, and Israel). In early times when Muslims controlled the world and produced wonders of science, medicine, math, ... the fundemental difference with what the west has now, and that time is APPLICATIONS/TECHNOLOGY. Early Muslims had mostly pure science because it was an early stage of human knowledge and because of two important factors that are stuck to Islam one way or another. The first and simplist; there was no mass demand/revolutions to improve the status of the masses, give them more 'in life', or to equalize them with the rulers. This is in contrast to Europe later and all its revolutions to gain for the masses luxury and comfort close to what the rulers and upper-class had. Common Muslims were supposed to be "content with what Allah gave/prescribed to them". The second and more deeper reason was in the psychy of the old Muslim scientists and that is "our mission is to see and understand the glory of the creator in what is around us, and not to invent/improvise products of comfort and richness for the masses". As such, most of the early work went for show-and-tell and then was captured by Europe at an important point of history. The West does not put any limits on its own scientists' thinking/product (except funding

I would like t log in and say Allah is the best of judges and he will judge us all one day. It say's in Quran to Obey Allah and His Prophets in the case of our's in order to follow his way you must be familiar with his traditions. This is the reason for all the confusion and Deviate behavior common to other religions today,'No True Historical Records'! The hadith is an important tool in ensuring that our Deen stays pure. As far as the Hadith related by Mr. Dilawar Khan, we would all do well to study modern 'Western' medicine since some find Islamic Proceedures ancient and Barbaric. In Western Medicine The Commonly used estrogen supplemental medicine for women in the treatment of menopause is 'Premarin' which is short for 'Pregnant Mare Urine', Animal and Human after birth is commonly used in western cosmetics, and Bull Semen is an additive to add testosterone to your Energy Drinks, and Finally those of you who give XMAS, and Valentines gifts to your female companions will be shocks to find out most of your Fragrances are derived from the glands of animals, which in some cases are murdered for the extraction. May Allah protect us all from ignorance. Oh, by the way make sure your beef and chicken sausage isn't being stuffed in PORK casings.

Alhamdulillah, I appreciate the concern raised by the author with regards to the speech of Mahathir Mohammad. I have gone through the entire speech and find there is nothing wrong against the Jews. Rather, they have been quoted as the community who became dominant on the world map with their zeal and hard work. Through most parts of the speech Mahathir pointed out the weaknesses of Muslim community and guided towards perfect wisdom. History works as a mirror and it must be looked upon while evaluating oneself. As I could revealed from study of Quran, Quran is itself a true history of ups & down of different ummah and as a matter fact we should primarly look our face in it for taking a lesson. Mahathir has partially drawn attention of the ummah towards its drawbacks. It is broadly & deeply explained in the width and breadth of Quran. May Allah bless us to draw the true inspiration from Quran, which is the time tested medicine for the cure of dead community. Aameen - sarfaraz

First Of all Mahathir comments about Jews was not anti-semitic.He was speaking to an Islamic audience about the backwardness of the Muslims and using the Jews as an example ie they were persecuted terribly by Hitler and they turn it around by educating themselves in all fields and now they can put considerable pressures on western politician to make decisions go their way.

In response to comment 19004: Jesus (PBUH) never said "The holy spirit will be sent" what he said was that the SPIRIT OF TRUTH will come.The Christians interpret this to be the Holy Spirit ie the greek manuscript does not translate to "holy spirit" but to "Spirit of Truth".In his Epistle 1:4 John said "Test the Spirit because many false Prophets have gone out into the world", here John is using the words "Spirit" and "Prophet" synonymously ie Spirit of truth could also be referred to as Prophet of Truth.

This is a translation from the contemporary english version of the Bible, after Jesus supposed crucifixion Luke 24:38-39 "But Jesus said,"Why are you so frightened? Why do you doubt?
Look at my hands and my feet and see who I am! Touch me and find out for yourselves.Ghosts don't have flesh and bones as you see I have" Luke 41-43
"Jesus then asked them, "Do you have anything to eat?" they gave him a piece of baked fish.He took it and ate it as they watched"
Here is the question ,if he died on the cross what is he doing with flesh and bones and eating baked fish after his crucifixion? The Prophet of Truth (Muhammad peace be upon him) said Jesus did not die on the cross and the above verses of the Bible confirms this.

May Allah guide us to the truth where they differ. Ameen and Salaam.

As salaamu alaikum,
I am a newcomer in Islam. This is my fourth
Ramadan. I think that today those fields
mentioned in the article are saturated with
scholars and
scientists, etc. Back then I don't think there
were as many "people" attempting to better
society, in that, life was probably good and
less stressful. Today, however, we find
ourselves more concerned with trying to be
better muslims and keeping our families safe.
Could it be that all of the different sects has
influenced one and all?-like a distraction?

The more I think about it the more I think the US needs an Islamic University. One that pushes the envelope in research on the problems of sustainability and the environment (alternative power, water purification and food production). One that has an extension and technology transfer program to help the undeveloped world (see above). And an education program that not only prepares people to work within the world but to be good duas along with the traditional Islamic subjects of calculus and algebra, astrophysics and astronomy, chemistry and alchemy, medicine, optics etc. Something to churn out thousands of highly educated, highly intelligent, well spoken members of every culture in the US to be representatives of Islam within their culture. People that can debate religion with strong arguments from the sources the others believe in to help bring people back to monotheism. Monotheism first then maybe Islam. People that are well on their way toward being model humans, perfected beings, peacemakers.
The world cannot be healed until there is a critical mass of peacemakers. But like "what is a Christ" the world has forgotten what a peacemaker is.
If you think about it, those that wish for an Islamic political, economic system should head the call of the seven P's. Proper prior planning prevents pitifully poor performance. To enact Islam as a political, economic system one must ground the study of the noncorporeal in the corporeal and the study of the corporeal in The Creator. For instance, I think I have finally worked out the mathematics that shows why "eye for an eye with forgiveness" is optimal and more interesting that a mix of "eye for an eye" with "eye for an eye with forgiveness" creates a trajectory in a society toward less crime and more justice. Although a good peer review would be nice.
By basing Islamic rules not only in the Quran but also in hard science the critics are silenced and the people gain the in depth understanding to take them further.

yes i 100% agree with u and it was a good example.

To be honest media is the most strongest power
this people have in their hands and they know how to utilize it they r the masters so psychology and muslims r not aware of it most of them .
Non-muslims have no fear of god that leave no boundries for them ,they r free to do anything.
salam alaikum .

Mr. Tonto, this evil army helped Islam to establish in Balkans (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania). Janissaries themselves were devout Muslims. One out of five children per household would be taken away to receive the best military training and education available and had the chance to be promoted as high as a wazir. If Balkan Christians refused to convert they had to pay tax if not then they got the sword! But in the US the Natives Americans and Black slaves did not have that luxury to be tolerated, they had to be assimilated. The Ottoman policy was not to assimilate but to keep the various people with their own cultures. There were 40 different nationalities in the empire, you could tell who is who by just looking at their dress attire. During the boom years of the Ottomans there was no easy access to become a Janissary but as the empire deteriorated old Janissaries started to enroll their sons (marrying was prohibited for a long time also)and other relatives. If there were 100.000 soldiers, only 1/10 of them would gather to make wars, and half that would return before reaching the war field. They became more efficient to change Sultans than going to wars, more importantly they resisted change. They would prefer to use swords against guns, not a smart way to win a war. The Seyh-ul-Islams were not interpreting Koran rightly but rather in a backward way. It took 300 yrs to accept and use the printing machine because it was rejected as it was called the devil's invention. All these contributed to the backwardsness of the people. Finally in 1826 the Janissaries were terminated and a new army was formed. The Empire survived until 1922. The Janissaries certainly contributed to the decline and fall of the Empire. Other reasons: weaker Sultans enjoying Harem life instead of leading the armies, Valide Sultans' roles in state and administration decisions, financial problems because of lavish life style and loans with high interest rate from European and yes Jewish bankers.

As-Salaamu-Alikum wa barakatu,

I didn't find anything wrong with the speech given by Prime Minister M. Mohammad. However, I agree fully with the general comments of our Brother Hasaballah. A full version of Dr. Mahathir's speech was printed and I thought it was balanced and it reminded Muslims that we must use our intellect to solve our problems and work harder toward change through peaceful means.

I have the greatest respect for Prime Minister Mohammad. He has brought his country into the modernity through peaceful means in spite of opposition from Western financial quarters. Believe me this man is no fool and the West knows it. My only hope is that Prime Minister Abdullah will carry on his tradition of advancement and tolerance.

I believe one of the greatest challenges facing the Muslim world today is the correct image of Islam. We must also understand that Islam can never, ever be hijacked by anyone. However, Muslims can allow themselves to be deluded under the false notions that they have or following the teaching of Islam under their wicked impulses.

So there is a big struggle for the hearts and minds of humanity and we see that Satan is working hard to bring about his plan of misleading the people.

Dr. Mohammed comments about the "special" stauts of Jews is not something we should take lightly. We should ponder over his words and reflect on it's truthfulness in the spirit of tolerance and understanding. We should also pay close attention of what comes from the mouths of those who charge others with being anti-semetic, a term that still escapes me in terms of it's real meaning. We are praying for peace, understanding and Allah's forgiveness during this Ramadan. May Alah bless the believers to implement the challenges presented by Dr. Mahathir.

ABD said:
I would like to respond to this article as I did on another progressive Islamic website. I feel my point is important because it is something that I believe that is overlooked by most Muslims when discussing Mahathir Mohamad's speech. I read his entire speech, while he makes many good points; there are some things that he said that I find disturbing.

1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews.
We are up against a people who think.
With these they have now gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power. We cannot fight them through brawn alone.

Funny, I never knew that there is currently a war between the Jews and Muslims.

Hesham Hassaballa complains about selective reporting. But by neglecting the above statements in his article, he is guilty of the exact thing. It is one thing to condemn Israel's brutal treatment of the Palestinians. It is quite another to condemn an entire religion on the actions of a select few. The problem with Mahathir Mohamad's speech is that you can not stereotype a whole religious minority in acting one particular way. It is complete paranoia to say that every Jew is in cahoots together to get the Muslims or that the Jews are collectively responsible for the failure of certain foreign governments. That is like saying if I get mugged on the subway by a black man, is every African-American collectively responsible for that mugging? Of course not. If the Jews are oppressing the people of the Muslim faith, how come they are not oppressing say the Buddhists, Hindus, Christians or the Scientologist for that matter? And I sincerely doubt that at a conference of Buddhists or Christians, another world religion would be denigrated and attacked.
In America, like the rest of the world 1% of the populace hold 99% of the wealth. Sure, within that 1% there are some Jews. But 99% of them are in the 99% of the have nots. In every religion you have your extremist

AFIFI said:
i agree with Mahathir and i agree too with the writer, i dont understand why there still a muslim against it... don't they realise that muslim country now is in pressure, and i hope.. especially to the european, that right now we must learn that what had happen to jews long ago had been a history, the word of anti-semetic had been misused, after all... dont we realise that there is a lot of prophet had been choose by god from the semtic commuty - how can we judge that Mahathir as a muslim leader is anti semitic( he did say that he is not antisemitc), this is all because of jewish media wrong interpretation that maybe they too afraid the new muslim wave rise- a wake up call to all muslim, we must be greater than before as we are the caliph on this this earth. may ramadhan bring new spirit to all of us

There is too much hypocrisy in the pagan world today. Just because 18 Muslim kids Big-Banged a few builings, everyone looking for WHAT'S WRONG w/ ISLAM.

How come when similar destruction is endured by Muslims in Palestine and Chechnya every day, No one is asking What wrong with Christianity and Judaism?

In terms of science& tech, remember the West was in dark for centuries and WHAT GOES AROUND, come around (there is a cyclic nature to everything)? So stop being STUPID.

I can find thousands of things wrong in SO CALLED "Civilized Society" or also in "MODERN MUSLIMS", who are proxies of enemies of Islam.

I agree with the author and Mahathir Muhammed's views. However it would have been better if the leaders of the Islamic nations had signed a defence treaty like NATO's. This is the only way to get rid of terrorism. Terrorists are frustrated individuals who take up arms when their leaders refuse to do so. Once the leaders realize the fact that they have to defend their countries and make a united stance, the terrorists will start losing their acceptance and admiration in the Islamic world. There is a good chance that they might even align themselves with their governments and do a real Jihad which is to defend their countries in ways which do not come into the category of terrorism.In my view, 'sparing innocent lives and making peace efforts but fighting as a collective force if invaded by outside aggressors' is the proper way of dealing with current crisis.This is the first thing to do. Once they are secure on their borders, they can devise plans to counter western advances in technology and sciences. This is what muslims did before. They did not start studying sciences during Makkan period. We are in a crisis simillar to the one we had during that time.

I am totally in agreement with this article and I have read the entire speech by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. In his speech, I did not find anything wrong, he just spoke the truth about the Muslims and the Jews. He mentions that the Jews ruling the world "by proxy." It is true. No one will deny that. Now billions of dollars from American taxpayers have been sent to the terrorist state Israel every year. Many American soldiers have to sacrifice their lives in Iraq in order to protect the Jewish state. So, who is the fool? Wake up Americans! Every time you are open your mouth about the bad Jews, you will accuse as an anti Semitic. Sure, there are many good Jews in this world.

Its time for us Muslim to Unite! I'm glad that someone is taking the stand and expressing the truth. May Allah swt help us all gain confidence, Iman and strength in order to show the world the beauty of being a Muslim.---Jazaka'Allahu Khairan

Salamu Alaikim,

The author has done such a fabulous job by bringing us back to reality. I do agree that Muslims in general have been living in the dark ages for centuries now. It is time to reclaim our faith and show the perverted, the warped, and those who claim to be Muslims, that they cannot and will not manipulate us into hate and obscurantism anymore. We are cognizant of their schemes and humanity now is working to defeat them. Our source of faith is the Koran before anything else, and it is time for all of us, Muslims, to honor it by reading it and fully understanding it. I abhor the fact that millions of "Muslims" around the world do not carry out their spiritual responsibility toward Allah/God the way they must. It is time to set a good example to the world by seeking what Allah has advised us to do and that is to pursue all fields of knowledge and wisdom (science and literature) and not only the study of religion. God has created us to enjoy life as we were going to live forever and worship him as we were going to meet him tomorrow. It is time to shed the hide of ignorance, backwardness, and oppression in the Muslim world. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, and yet they have almost no impact on world affairs in terms of advancement and progress.

For the exception of Malaysia, no other Muslim nation-state has a place in nowadays scientific thrust. It is time to wake up and contribute to the well-being of all human-beings and cease being oppressive and un-Islamic. Islam is a faith which is inclusive. We should embrace the Jews and the Christians to share with them our faith and show them the truth about Islam, a faith of compassion, love, enlightenment, progress, and discipline.

May God bless us all; Ameen.

As Saalamu Alaikum

The reason for the current situation of the Muslims is simply this "La Illaha ill Allah" does not exsist in our hearts. We only pay lip service to it. The companions of the Prophet(PBUH) had thirteen years to aquire faith. There were no laws other than "La Illaha ill Allah" for thirteen years they had their hearts prepared to accept the injunctions that were to come and so when they were told to do something their response was "We hear and we obey". The laws of Islam came in small bitesized pieces. Later day Muslims have not had their hearts prepared to accept the words of Allah and our religous leaders seem to have forgotten that for a seed to grow the soil must first be prepared to receive the seed. Then too the best way to learn is through a good example. Where are our good examples now? Where are those Muslims who are kind to their neighbors, who forgive rather than hate? Why do Muslims control 2/3 of the worlds wealth and still make up 2/3 of the worlds refugees? Why are the Masjids only full during Ramadan? Why in America do Arabs refuse to stand next to African-Americans in the prayer line? Why are their no Islamic hospitals in a country with 8 million Muslims? Because "La Illaha ill Allah" is something we say not something we belive.
The problem brothers and sisters is that we do not have Islam in

M. JUNG FROM U.K. said:
I endorse what Mahtir Muhammad has said, but saying and imolelenting the same are two divergent matters. Mahatir has violated every principle that he enunciates in practise.

Mahatir also confuses Zionism with Judaism and many of his comments constitute a generic slur on the "Jews".

Islam does not permit this. We ohght to be against those who are the enemies of Islam but not against non-Muslims. This balance must essentially be maintained both in words and practice. Wa'assalaam

I have read hisentire speech and I saw nothing wrong of what was said. If you say anything about jews you,re immediately anti-semite.Ifyou read Karen Armstrong book A history of G-d you will see what happen to the muslim world.

TONTO said:
what went wrong is that europe, after enduring the black death, mongol hordes, and children that were stolen from them turned into a satanic army to be used against them (janissaries) finally had enough people to defend itself properly. that is what went wrong with islam.

Alhumdulillah brother Hassaballa wrote a nice piece here. I just want to raise one issue, it does not have to do with this article. The entire section that talks about the "jews ruling the world by proxy" has been taken off almost every website I searched that had the text on it's website. It has basically disappeared. I find that disturbing. The only places you will find that phrase spoken by Dr. Mahathir Mohamammad, will be in articles written that criticize the comment itself as being "anti-semetic"......

the only place on the net that I have found where this section (39) was not censored, is on the official OIC website. So if you're looking for it, go to www.oicsummit2003.com. I really find this unbelievable that everyone else removed this section. No wayy...jews don't rule hte world by proxy, this act of removing this section from thousands of websites posting the speech obviously displays this.....yeah exactly....Wassalaam!

When Mahathir said about the jews ruling the world by proxy, he is telling what it is. Even CNN and everybody who follows US foreign policy knows that in US political arena, jews lobby is very very strong, even the candidates have to bow to this fact.. and honest people understand that political lobby means proxy... and US is trying to rule the world... but failed miserably.
Yes, Islam is for Rohmatan lil alamin... when current Muslims leave the teaching of true Islam.. Allah will replace with new Muslims whom Allah loves them very much.... and Mahathir is one of them... he is honest and brave and only fear Allah.

I don't understand how you could put up comments by a person who does not believe in the Hadith? I am talking about the post by Dilawar Khan. Do you even have some scholars or at least knowledgeable people who screen the posts before they are put up or you don't care? Are you out here for the service of Islam or to distroy Islam?

Mr.Dilawer, I think you're confused. I bet you fancy yourself as a "modern moslim." Its become standard practice amongst ignorant and arrogant folks like you to blame "clergy."
Wake up, We dont have a clergy, we have religious leaders who're falsely blamed for everything negative. You cite cultural traditions practiced in conflict with Islam, and again claim religious leaders are to blame for this. This is a blatant lie, most of the people who practice as such are neither religious and are more interested nationalistic themes. The vast majority of religous leaders have time and time again stood against such degeneration, only to have their warnings fall on deaf ears. And besides what have people like you done ? NOTHING.
The reality is that todays backward Muslims are the so called "modernists" who discourage and outlaw acquisition of theological knowledge, all the while serving faithfully at the altar of those who dont mean them any good. The last 100 years of Arab history is a testament to this.
As for Mahatir, while he was mostly right, he is no friend of Muslim religious leaders, who are his main opposition, and have criticized his excesses.
The author shouldnt worry about defending Mahatir, those who hate us and our faith will make up anything to justify their delusions. Instead simply cite the hypocrisy of their phony free press. Trust me, THAT never gets boring.

Allahu akbar!! A very well written article!!! Not only did he have a point to his article, he supported it with good solid examples and evidences. And most importanly, it wasn't too wordy or boring so that the average person could easily understand him. Many authors on Iviews can learn from Dr. Hassaballa! I totally agree with the author's point of view. There needs to be more fair coverage of "Islamic" things. There is so much distortion against us, I think we're still living in Middle Ages Europe! It is so important for Muslims in America to get involved in politics and most importantly, VOTE!!

I applaud Mr Hessaballla's reasonable article. I
think there is much food for thought in Mahathir
Muhammad's speech and the howl of outrage from
some sources is frankly OTT (over the top). Jews
may have felt surprised by some of the suggestions
contained therein but outraged? Get real. The
Israeli government and many Jews have a lot to

Islam, today is a religion hijacked by a basically illiterate clergy raised on the traditions of their local cultures rather than Quran. Quran has been replaced by hearsay called "Hadith", clearly disguised as "Sharia". Islam has become a savagery which indulges in chopping off of hands and stonings and similar mockeries.
Most of the Muslims show off their piety by arranging these gatherings called "Milad", where they sing superficial lyrics in praise of our prophet (pbuh), while Quran says," Say ye, "We believe in Allah, and the revelation given to us , and to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob and the tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus and that given to all prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them: and we submit to Allah". Quran 2:136
Our faith in Allah is so weak that we have become accustomed to grave-hopping of saints long gone, in hope of getting Allah's ears, while in every rakat of every prayer we robotically repeat, " Thee alone we worship and to Thee alone we turn for help".
The author of the article is a physician, he may be surprised to know that under an "Islamic" government, he may be forced to prescribe camel's urine as first line of defence against disease.
If you think I am insane, here it is "Sahih" Bukhari for you.
Narrated Anas bin Malik:
A group of people from "Ukl(or "Uraina) tribe--but I think he said that they were from "Ukl" came to Medina and (they became ill, so) the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) she-camels and told them to go out and drink the camel's urine and milk(as a medicine). So they went and drank it, and when they became healthy, they killed the shepherd and drove away the camels. This news reached the Prophet early in the morning ...........".
I think you get the idea. Look it up, it is in Volume 8, Book 82, Number 797
Now, you tell me what hope there is for a nation that not only believes in this gibberish but considers it a heresy to question it.