The Racism Barrier: Answering William Safire

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IDF soldiers dragging a
Palestinian after killing him

In the United States, the Palestinian narrative receives the same brutally dismissive treatment meted out to the dispossessed natives whose moving plight it strongly conveys. Concrete evidence is blocked and barred entrance at the gates of serious social discourse much as Palestine's pregnant women are stalled and forced to give birth dangerously at checkpoints; important historical facts and statistics are swept aside like the lives of stone-throwing youths shot dead by ruthless occupation soldiers; undeniable facts on the ground are met with shameful silence by the mainstream media, their mastery over the art of indifference evidenced by a lack of outrage against the crushing realities imposed upon an increasingly desperate Palestinian mass pressed under the Israeli boot.

No doubt complicity in colonialism requires such cowardice as a national necessity: can a nation hand over its billions, its tanks, its fighter aircraft - its foreign policy -- to a settler-state without also relinquishing every basic and fundamental principle of human justice? The last of these exports, of course, must be cloaked in the most deliberate distortions and obfuscations, hidden and buried under layers of disinformation and lies, so as to soothe the conscience of initial doubters and stifle criticism evinced by those unimpressed with the farce playing out before them.

One of the primary court jesters in this gruesome debacle is William Safire, ardent Zionist, columnist for America's paper of record, and personal friend of indicted war criminal Ariel Sharon -- who, naturally, holds the position of Prime Minister of Israel. On October 1st, our eminent columnist published a wonderfully deceptive and revealing piece titled, "The Arafat Barrier". Mr. Safire justifies the creation of Israel's monstrous twenty-foot high, barb-wire-adorned apartheid wall by invoking the specter of Arafat as an all-pervasive demon whose evil influence can only be exorcised by erecting a massive physical barrier. In less than two pages, Mr. Safire manages to compress so many lies and myths into his argument that one almost expects his salvos to explode straight out of an Israeli tank barrel and into the body of any Palestinian standing in the way.

No such luck for our New York Times columnist. But "The Arafat Barrier" does afford us on the pro-Palestinian Left the opportunity to expose and illuminate the moral poverty of Israel and the core tenets of Zionism itself. Any breakthroughs in the public debate about Israel can only emerge if such leftists actively tear apart the casually presented lies by going on the offensive.

Mr. Safire starts out with an impressive burst of fire: "By unleashing and sustaining suicide bombers against Israeli civilians, Yasir Arafat outfoxed himself: the Palestinian boss has given substance to the Israeli dream and U.N. promise of 'defensible borders.'" 

Immediately, Arafat is anointed as the chief scapegoat for the latest manifestation of Israeli racism. Arafat, all-powerful and all-evil being that he is, snaps his fingers, conjures up hordes of suicide-bombers, and orders them into Israel. Imbued with magical powers, he not only summons Palestinians into action single-handedly, but has actually forced Israel to build a costly wall spanning miles. Arafat would be flattered-and also, one might gather, confused: deity that he is, he can set Israeli construction firms into motion but remains unable to escape the crumbling walls of his own shelled-out compound, where Israel has imprisoned and threatened to execute him for the past year. Surely, God works in mysterious ways.

Mr. Safire conceives of Palestinians not as a living, breathing, human people, but as mindless beasts controlled by a single leader, a leader beset by internal divisions in his own party and trapped under penalty of Israeli "liquidation." In our esteemed columnist's hallucinatory world, none of this matters: Arafat is everything, everything is Arafat. 

By making suicide-bombings the active agent for what is then inevitably characterized as the Israeli "response", Mr. Safire also rips bombings from their context, positing them as irrational and unprovoked attacks. This is a deliberate reversal of the actual flow and volume of violence: a century of Israeli expulsions, village-razing, expropriating, murdering, raping, looting, tank-shelling, bulldozing, and air-bombing preceded this desperate Palestinian response. It is a response which does not account for even 25% of overall casualties since 1987. 

Suicide attacks inside Israel were never a part of the Palestinian strategy until the 1990's, after the first Intifada, when Yitzakh Rabin ordered Israeli soldiers in their confrontation with protestors to "break their bones." Israel murdered hundreds of Palestinian civilians, mostly youth armed with only stones and the dignified pride of a people defying Ben-Gurion's prediction about them and their forefathers: "Their old will die, and their young will forget." Many have died: none have forgotten. 

After framing the violence in terms of the most desperate reaction of the oppressed against their oppressors, Mr. Safire must have felt quite pleased with himself when speaking of "the Israeli dream" of "defensible borders." In truth, Israel abhors borders; its entire existence, including its very creation, depended precisely upon swallowing up and aggrandizing Palestinian land, every boundary a temporary vortex, a set of teeth arranged in a voracious jaw set to devour more and more Palestinian land and property while spitting out or chewing up its inhabitants. Indeed, how strange for our court jester, striking a serious pose, to speak of "defensible borders" about a nation founded by a group of European settlers in the heart of the Arab world.

Palestinian workers being herded
and humiliated by Israeli army

Nothing has revealed this historical -- and ongoing -- reality of Israeli ethnic cleansing more clearly than that nation's own group of 'new historians', who have exposed Israel's past via declassified archives for the past twenty years. The founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, writing in Europe more than fifty years before Israel was created, raised the urgent matter of "spirit[ing] the penniless [Palestinian] population across the border" and "expropriat[ing] gently the private property on the state assigned to us." As the blade of colonialism was sharpened by time this "gentleness" gave way to the formulation of Vladmir Jabotinsky, Zionist leader of the 1920's and admirer of Mussolini's fascism: "Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population. This colonization can, therefore, continue and develop under the protection of a force independent of the local population -- an iron wall..." 

Others who followed expressed equally revealing comments: Ben-Gurion, justifying the expulsion of Palestinians from 1947-1949, said, "I support compulsory transfer. I don't see anything immoral in it;" Moshe Dayan gloated in 1969 that "There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population;" a few months ago IDF Chief of Staff Ya'alon described Palestinians as a "cancer" for Israel requiring "chemotherapy." From 1880 to the present, Zionism has seen its control of historical Palestine rise from 0% to 7% to 48% to 78% and now 100%. Israeli historian Tom Segev summarizes, "'Disappearing' the Arabs lay at the heart of the Zionist dream, and was also a necessary precondition of its existence." In a word, the verdict is in, and Mr. Safire should take note: Israel does not want "borders" unless they are marked in Arab blood.

Our columnist continues, "Two-fifths of the barrier against terrorist infiltration is already built," and soon after he terms it "a protective fence." At first glance one is inclined to rejoice: surely, a wall erected between colonizer and colonized, a "protective" wall preventing "terrorist infiltration", might have been constructed, in a moment of Israeli generosity, to provide Palestinians some small respite from the infiltration, usurpation, and annexation of their land, homes, olive groves, and water resources by Israeli zealots. This would be a most welcome development: accounts of our Israeli 'new historians' inform us Israeli terrorism has resulted in the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians, the displacement of almost a million more, destruction of a half-thousand villages, and theft of truckloads of private property, jewelry, land deeds, bank accounts, furniture -- in 1948 alone. 

In the end one is left disappointed, for Israel's new wall is in fact another one of its agents of violence in its vast array of overt and subversive weapons, designed to destroy the Palestinians by isolating and demoralizing them. As reported by the London Guardian on July 3, 2003, the wall is an excuse to engage in the old Zionist pastime of land theft: "The Israeli government has confiscated hundreds of acres of Palestinian land on the West bank," the article begins, "this week." Not to worry: this will be accompanied by another Israeli favorite -- destroying homes: "The first phase of the road map...obliges Israel to stop demolishing Palestinian homes -- but yesterday an Israeli official accompanied by soldiers...mark[ed] out the confiscated land and hand[ed] out demolition orders." The military administrator had an explanation for Guardian reporters ready at hand: "It's a bit sensitive." 

But hasn't the administrator read Mr. Safire's latest? -- the wall is made to protect Israel's "vulnerable" cities. Whether these cities are built on land occupied in 1948, or land occupied in 1967, or land occupied yesterday, does not concern our columnist: even the settlements, "where 200,000 West Bank Jews live," the good writer kindly notes, must not be left "exposed" to evil Arafat. That the very existence of these settlements epitomizes the total negation of Palestinian rights to land they have lived on for centuries, and represents a violent thrust into Palestinian lives, does not trouble Mr. Safire. Every settlement is but one spike on the deadly end of a mace, for each one is accompanied by racist bypass roads which slice up Palestinian villages and are accessible only to Jews, bringing with them army checkpoints, blockades, and outposts, all instruments used to harass and beat Palestinians on a daily basis, a phenomenon widely reported by international and Israeli human rights groups as well as Jewish and Christian activist groups on the ground who have been attacked by the settlers themselves.

Yes, Mr. Safire, the settlements must be "exposed"-that is, seen for what they are, colonial enclaves occupied by racists built on stolen land. 

Our columnist nonetheless goes on. After explaining that he once "choppered" into the settlement of Ariel with his good friend Sharon in tow, he hails the illegal enclave as a "courageous town." Does Mr. Safire lack the intelligence to see that there is actually very little that is courageous about settlers, living a posh existence off of stolen land, often as hooligans assisted by the army in their mission to ravage a basically defenseless Palestinian people, burning their crops, poisoning their cattle, and ransacking their stores? Once the inevitable rage on the Palestinian side accumulates, it implodes: not in an army base or settlement, but, most of the time, in a major Israeli city. What a deluxe, consequence-free venture for the "courageous" settlers (and army)! 

But of course, as our columnist reminds us, this is precisely why the wall is being built: so that Palestinian anger at present injustices can be further aggravated and pressurized by the separation wall enterprise before unleashing itself, perhaps not in a suicide bombing (or perhaps so) but through crude though increasingly improved grenade, rocket, and missile launches. The specific means do not matter: No people who have endured this much violence and suffering will lapse into complacent cooperation with their own extermination because of any wall, no matter how high it reaches, how many volts run through it, or how many moral eunuchs support it.

After reviewing some details concerning expenditures for the separation fence, Mr. Safire goes on to restate one of the most oft-repeated lies of the past decade: Arafat was "presented with almost all the West Bank" - excluding our "courageous" Ariel settlement - refused this kind offer, and "launched the second intifada."" To lend this lie legitimacy, Mr. Safire cites Dennis Ross. The problem of course is that Dennis Ross is a prostitute of the pro-Israeli lobby; formerly propped up by the noxious American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), he works as a consultant for a pro-Israeli lobbying group and is a colleague of the American ayatollah Daniel Pipes. Our 'friend of Sharon' might as well have invoked David Duke to back up the integrity of the Aryan Nation. 

Ross or no Ross, a more categorically absurd fairy-tale spin of events concerning the Barak accord and the second Intifada is difficult to imagine. Barak never offered to hand over all the West Bank to the Palestinians, because Barak in fact never agreed to dismantle the settlements at all. Indeed, he built more settlements on the West Bank (some forty) than Likud's Netanyahu. Palestinians would have lacked real control and sovereignty, their land reduced to disconnected ghettoes, broken up by Israeli settlements and surrounded by the soldiers guarding them. A brief look at any recent map of the Occupied Territories with the settlements shown confirms this. 

Moreover, Barak denied the Palestinians sovereignty over not only land but water, since the settlers hold monopoly over water rights. He also announced there would be no compensation, not to speak of actual implementation of the UN-guaranteed right of return, for the millions of Palestinian refugees created by Israeli ethnic cleansing over the years. A specialist working for the British Foreign Office put it thusly: "Barak offered the trappings of Palestinian sovereignty while perpetuating the subjugation of the Palestinians." (Guardian, April 10, 2002) This is the substance of the "offer": a prison cell with a sticker label.

As for Arafat "launching" the second Intifada, the truth turns out to be quite different. The deliberately provocative visit of the Likud hawk Ariel Sharon to a Muslim place of worship is what sparked the second Intifada. Sharon, surrounded and escorted by hundreds of Israeli troops and at the time best known for his murderous performance in the Lebanese refugee camps in 1982 (before more recent murderous performances had to be taken into account), marched into Islam's third holiest place on the day of Muslim prayer. Even Israeli "liberals" termed it a "provocation." In the first few weeks of the violence that followed, Israeli soldiers, described by former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges as the only troops he has seen who killed children "for sport", murdered hundreds of Palestinian civilians, most of them teenagers. In the same period there was only a dozen or so Israeli dead. 

Mr. Safire has completely inverted the truth on two major counts in the course of one sentence. Does Mr. Safire borrow his method from Mr. Goebbels? Perhaps; what is quite clear is that he borrows his ideology from Mr. Jabotinsky & co.: explaining the need for Israel to hold off construction for one part of the wall for now, he gleefully adds: "That does not mean to abandon Ariel; far from it....fencing can encircle each of the villages, defending them as islands, or perhaps a horseshoe-shaped barrier not attached to the main line with Israeli troops stationed in the gap." Our columnist sketches out, in military language, to what great lengths Israel must go to secure its colonists, positioned like artillery, supported by walls, flanked by troops. Is this any way to live - as garrisoned "islands"? Yet this is supposed to be the Zionist dream: an existence which, dependent on separation and exclusivism, removes the Palestinians and "redeems" the land for the Jews. Yet, politically, financially, and demographically, it is so absurd and fantastic that Mr. Safire must play the role of General to achieve it. 

This is no small matter: It was Jabotinsky, after all, who penned the essay The Iron Wall and once wrote, "Zionism is a colonizing adventure and, therefore, it stands or falls on the question of armed forces." He and other Zionists, however, posing their solution to what Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein has described as "the reciprocal challenges of Gentile repulsion or anti-Semitism and Gentile assimilation" facing European Jewry, adopted the position that Jews will constantly be harried and disrupted in Gentile society because of their efforts to assimilate, and will find refuge only in their own homogenous state. Has not the opposite occurred?

Consider the following: In his revealing book The Seventh Million: The Israelis and the Holocaust Israeli scholar Tom Segev notes, "The Revisionists" - the wing of Zionism Jabotinsky belonged to -"had fairly wide-ranging links to the Nazis," adding that their leadership "distributed a memorandum to its members" advising that "The Nazis should be treated politely and with reserve." (p. 32) By 1928, Segev adds, "The revisionist right...had long been sympathetic to Benito Mussolini and now and then even to Adolf Hitler's Nazism-except, of course, his anti-Semitism," and quotes a 1932 Revisionist lawyer as saying "Were it not for Hitler's anti-Semitism, we would not oppose his ideology." (p. 20, 23) Such was the level of faith placed in European racist philosophy by Zionism (how different were Goebbels and Jabotinsky?). Even Ben-Gurion, who was repulsed by Jabotinsky as Segev notes, declared "If I knew that it was possible to save all the children in Germany by transporting them to England, but only half of them by transporting them to Palestine, I would choose the second..." (p.24)

Zionist leaders invested so much in their racialist approach that they acted at the expense of other Jews. To cite Segev's book one last time, the author quotes 1925 Zionist Jacob Klatzkin, author of Encyclopaedia Judaica, who wrote, "If we do not admit the rightfulness of anti-Semitism, we deny the rightfulness of our own nationalism." (p.30) In practice this meant the Zionist attitude toward the Holocaust left much to be desired from the humanist point of view. Yet precisely where Jews have separated themselves, discriminated against and pushed apart the racial Other (Arabs), life has been most difficult; where they exist as equals and partners in multicultural societies, such as America and Britain, and now even Germany, they are thriving, with anti-Semitism no more (or in some cases less) prevalent than other forms of racism against other minority groups. Therefore the core tenet of Zionist philosophy, that anti-Semitism is a natural and inevitable Gentile impulse, has now been discredited by reality and shamed by history.

So whereas mindless pro-Israel fanatics like Mr. Safire cling to their precious settlements and all the madness that comes with them, others have become wiser: Avraham Burg, former speaker of Israel's Knesset and former chairman of the Jewish Agency, has written an article which, given the stature of the author, is worth quoting at length: 

"The Israeli nation today rests on a scaffolding of corruption, and on foundations of oppression and injustice...It turns out that the 2,000-year struggle for Jewish survival comes down to a state of settlements, run by an amoral clique of corrupt lawbreakers who are deaf both to their citizens and to their enemies. A state lacking justice cannot survive. More and more Israelis are coming to understand this as they ask their children where they expect to live in 25 years. Children who are honest admit, to their parents' shock, that they do not know. The countdown to the end of Israeli society has begun...A structure built on human callousness will inevitably collapse in on itself." (Guardian, September 15, 2003 [adopted from original publication in Hebrew in Israeli paper Yediot Arahnot])

Returning to our op-ed piece, Mr. Safire is doubly pleased with himself for having not only spelled out the details of increasing Israel's neurosis but also showing that such a maneuver would illustrate that "Israel respects America's intercession" and that "only Bush - not the Europeans or U.N. - can influence Sharon." The swipe at the rest of the world is understandable enough: aside from the U.S, everyone else is, of course, "anti-Semitic." But the first part is truly comical: whatever inkling of impartiality maintained by the Bush administration that has not been crushed, intimidated, and bullied into irrelevance by Israeli lobbying and browbeating has been ignored by Sharon anyway, save killing Arafat. Whether or not the White House withholds a few meager millions to "punish" continued Israeli construction of the wall is meaningless given the cover of UN vetoes, military hardware, and billions in loans and investment it has showered upon Israel. In short, there has been no "intercession": when Israel sticks the six-inch serrated blade into Palestine that Mr. Safire calls "the Arafat Barrier" America will not be absolved because it did not pay for the last few centimeters. 

After making some noises about "extend[ing] the fence to defensible [sic] positions," Mr. Safire makes a nod to the introduction of his piece with an equally dishonest and disgusting ending: "That gives future Israeli governments opportunity to improve territorial defenses if a Palestinian partner does not emerge. When that peacemaker does emerge, he or she will find the defensible-border issue already settled - thanks to Yasir Arafat." 

In other words, Israel will do as it pleases, pushing the Palestinians into a more and more hopeless predicament, such that a puppet leader of our choosing will be forced to bow and kneel before the new territorial reality created by irreversible Israeli colonization. 

The final and oft-repeated canard concerning the lack of "a Palestinian partner" for peace is also a nice ending touch, and, in fact, the one part of Mr. Safire's article with which I agree entirely. Indeed, no nation has worked as hard to find a peace partner than Israel, which has been searching so meticulously and methodically that it has occupied the entire Palestinian nation to find this treasured partner. Israel's advanced search party of F-16 aircraft and Merkava IV tanks has scoured the land; its bulldozers overturned houses, its torturers beaten children, its security services corralled thousands of men, to find and dig out this reluctant Palestinian messiah.

But a willing accomplice to Israel's genocidal agenda with even an iota of support from the Palestinian masses will never be found. Mr. Safire can continue with his paper columns, Mr. Sharon with his tank columns and Israel with its barriers, bullets, bombs, and bulldozers: it will not matter in the end. Every injustice, every atrocity, has and will only continue to sharpen and strengthen the indomitable Palestinian will to resist against all odds.

M. Junaid Alam is studying Political Science at  Northeastern University, Boston

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The Muqata has its own "barrier" of oil barrels
which bear posters in Arabic and Hebrew. Their
Message is "There is someone to speak with."
"There is something to say." President Arafat is
still the elected leader of Palestine and is as
worthy of entering dialogue as Sh

Merely Disagrreing with this article won`t hide the truth or change the Israel's heinous past. It`s about time the Israelis need to give up their " Israeli Dream" which is its expansion from tigris to the euphrates. Not only that but if the new "prophecies" revelaed to Sharon for the whole world as "the promised land" to jews, then rest of the world need to pack up n find some other planet.

Wow, John, I thought you were referring to zionism when you where comparing communism with Islam. Islam is not a political phylosophy; it is a religion, the oldest religion on earth. In fact, Islam has been on earth from the beginning.

Nazism is based on superiority of a race over the rest of humanity, zionism is based on superiority of a race over the rest of humanity, and many people in the world are catching on to this.

Muslims have been attacked and oppressed for centuries by Christians and have used the zionist for last half century to continue their repression. Look at the world, all Muslim countries have been colonized by western countries, not the other way around, more Muslims have been killed throughout the centuries by Christians than the other way around. If your bases of history is 911 than I recommend you to read more on history.

...if Israel is THE promise land, why Jews still scattered around the world?Why don't they stay there and wait for the armageddon?

I read a comment here on Islamciti by a person called himself HAFIZ.I could not go back to it for some reason so I can quote form it. I breif, this what that person said. First he introduce himself as a muslim (liar). He talked about how would would blame the US being crule while Islam did the same thing by whenthe islam spread in large areas int he world.
My answer tio him is that he is either totaly ignorant of Islam or totaly ignorant period. He should read about Islam and I dought that he is a muslim. People that followed islam in peace were more than who foloowed islam in war. I tell that person if he is so sure about crulty of islam, he can go to the US and convert there you will be protected. My adivce to his ignorance is to go and buy a book for ten dollars call the " the "clash of fundmentalisim".
I garantee this person tactics in his response, is a typical jew tactics.


How easily the tenements of one's religious book are forgotten. This land, all of it was given to everyone not just the jews or the arabs or the christians but to all of humankind. The basic is to treat everyone as you would like to be treated, all the killings going on right now is not right and it will not lead you to Heaven. The bloodshed must end. I agree with this article. But is it really going to do anyone anygood. An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind.

Muslim: look at the numbers: over 1 billion Chinese, mostly not Muslim; 800 million Hindus, not Muslim,; 14 million Sikhs, not Muslim; 2 billion Christians, not Muslim;millions of Buddhists, not Muslim; hundreds of millions of atheists and other eligious streams, none of them Muslim. And just over 1 billion Muslims

Just remember:the communists failed, after committing numerous atrocities and mass murder on a scale never seen before in history. They failed because theirs was a closed system, that attempoted to enslave man rather than free him. Most of the people I have listed above tend to think the same about Islam, partly on the basis of Muslim oppression of non-Muslims (still ongoing. Islam needs to break out of its self-imposed prison and needs to think seriously of co-operating with other faiths to solve the terrible problems we all face, rather than waste its undoubted talent in presenting itself as superior and being aggressive.

Survival of the fittest. If you can't beat them, then join them. May be the best man. If the arabs are kicking ass then so be it - join them. If the Jews are kicking ass then so be it - then I'm a jew. If its the Christians, lets join 'em. Hindus kicking some ass, lets be a hindu. Lets stop the whining and join the winning team will ya, then we all win!!! Has one person whining on this site changed history just yet? I thought so. Anyone with me?

According to the World-Wide Law, I can't say anything because if I say something against the Jews, or if I have a different view-point that the Jews hold, I will become anti-Semitic.
According to, Semitic means:
Of or relating to the Semites or their languages or cultures.
Of, relating to, or constituting a subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic language group that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, and Aramaic.
Wow! All of a sudden, if I say anything against the Arabs, or the Aramic people, I will be anti-Semetic.
So if the Zionists are against Arabs, and spreading hate amongst themselves and the Arabs, they themselves are 'labelling' themselves as ant-Semitic.
Looks like some people will be busy for a while looking for a new word for being anti-Jewish, or simply cutting out the word "Arabs" from the dictionaries.
Talk about having double-standard.


- if so, simply look at the picture in the aricle in which the dead palestanian is dragged like an animal and the soldiers appears to be smiling.

The soldiers' behaviors prove true that the ZIONISTS have succeeded in poisoning the young soldiers' mind with VENOM more potent than Hitler was able to do to his soldiers.

The picture also cofirms the FACT that ZIONISTS consider ALL PALESTANIAN, ARABS, AND MUSLIMS (even those who are WHITE skinned, converted, NEW MUSLIMS living in NORTH AMERICA AND EUROPE) as pigs and animals.

Solution: Be patient...and build bombs...STOP thinking about buying from your enemies...and STOP being proxies of your enemies...


John Norman, you are greatly mistaken about the world's people. There is a growing awareness that Muslims are the victims.

Despite all the propaganda, Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world. Inadvertantly, the zionists have helped propagate Islam more than any Muslim country or organization has been able to do. Today, Islam is more known by most of the planet's people than ever before. People are converting to Islam in places that have no Muslim presence.

More over, in countries like Japan, Brazil, Australia and many other parts of the world there have been record number of demonstrations against what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians and the war in Iraq.

If you haven't heard of this, you must be getting your news from American mainstream media. They certanly will not cover this kind of news.


John, not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. You must be both! So good luck ...the "Shameful Wall".

Thanks for the input Akbar. The problem is we have to be very frank, and that means stating unpopular truths. Take the Talmud, no greater exponent of jewish racism and hatred exists. And then theres the brainwashing jewish children receive where they're indoctrinated with hatred towards goyin ie non-jews. They're taught that everybody owes them something. Its only natural that this kind of mindset would serve to be the womb which bore the monstrosity of Zionism.
Unless there is a reformation within judaism discarding the supremascist teachings of the Talmud the world will not know peace. Thankfully the torah jews who openly stand against Israel and its evil are a welcome start.

You don't seem to understand. Zionists are Jews. Just as islamists are Muslims or Palestinists are Palestinians.

It is also unfortunately true that there is a war between Jews and muslims as there is a war between Muslims and Christians, Jains, Sikhs, Buddishts, Hindus, animists, atheists, socialists, etc. Don't kid yourself that the whole world is sympathetic towards the Palestinians. Muslims or Arabs. The contrary may be true. And remember, Muslims are outnumbered by approximately 3 to 1. The Muslim world needs to wake up out of its medieval slumber and allow itself to extend the hand of friendship to everyone. If it cannot, then so be it. The days of Muslim imperialism and colonialism are over and they are never going to come back.

Salam. What's with posting the email addresses? I quickly get tired of inquiries into my sex life. Could this feature not have waited until after Ramadan? Oh well - I know that Allah knows best.

That reminds me, is anyone working on getting the dates (in addition to the times) that the comments were submitted to show up in the More listings again?

Wishing all "Ramadan Mubarak!" - in advance.

--Yahya Bergum

There are many good Jews and good Muslims in this world. This is not a war between the Muslims and the Jews but it is a war between Zionists against Palestinians. When Muslims have seen injustice done onto the Palestinian people, not only Muslims but also the whole world feel sympathetic toward Palestinains. If this is a fair game, the world will think differently.

The shameful wall is like a concentration camp, if Israelis think that it is for security, this wall is justified, so what the Hitler did with the concentration camp was justified then!

H.A. thanks John Norman for coming back. Mother Eve is very happy to see her sons and daughters electronically communicating with each other and which according to her is safest form communication. Only emotion runs high via this method. No one gets hurt.

H.A's goal is to bring back all the sons and daughters of mother Eve back ONLY to

God is Great!!! God is Great!!!

Well's not a matter of what Ahmed thinks about what Ben Franklin said about Jews, it's what Ben said about them and WHY Ben said what he said about them. The extermination of the native population in America, the attempt to do the same thing to India, by the British as well, and then the British mandate that was used by those conqerers to steal land from Palestinians and give it to Zionist rule. This is what is Racism....MUSLIMS are not here to be convinced by your argument that "only Muslims and Jews are racist"...Zionists are racist...if you want to read about what Orthodox Jews think about Zionists and the state of Israel, then visit,, and Neturei Karta's website the Neturei Karta have been in Palestine since the Zionists entered in the early 1900's and protested the creation of Israel and still continue to do so til today. Rabbi Weiss can tell you that according to the Torah, the state of Israel that exists today, is not the state of Israel that the Torah talks about. His research, according to the Torah, is that Israel is not supposed to even EXIST. And I can understand that, b/c clearly it is a LIE of a state and as Mahathir Mohammad had said, that it is basically being used as a proxy to control the world. His statement that Jews rule the world by proxy is not anti-semetic one bit. People say every day that America rules the world with its advanced weaponry, or whatever. Do you see Patriotic Americans disagreeing? No because they know that their country is the most powerful in the world. But you know what, you never know when the table's will Paul, try and conceive for once in ur life, that all the senior staff in the W.H., Wolfowitz, Perle, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld openly say they are fully behind ISRAEL. When you decide to open your eyes to the truth, maybe then u will follow in the footsteps of those who actually DO something to fight lies.

YAHYA BERGUM FROM [email protected] said:
Assalamu alaikum. I noticed that William Safire, in "The Arafat Barrier," referred to the town of Ariel, Palestine, as all or some portion of a "five-village salient." According to, the word "salient" indicates a thrust or outward projection in the line of battle closest to the enemy. That particular word would seem to be an interesting choice - for a Zionist's description of a West Bank settlement. (

Also, while reading the "Cheney's new adviser has sights on Syria" article, posted at Asia Times Online, the apparent shift to support for tribalism - at least within the Levant - by neoconservatives seemed more than a little intriguing. It would seem that some of them were beginning to write off Arab secularism as a failed experiment as early as a decade ago.

At least I have found great reassurance in the knowledge that Allah knows best. Alhamdulillah! And that all glory belongs to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala).

--Yahya Bergum

H.A. Abandon you? Never! I would never want to abandon anyone exposed to bigotry and extremism.

Actually Morland, I know full well about Benjamin Franklin's lifestyle, I'm no fan of his but his analysis of that dreaded tribe from Khazaria is dead on correct.
Its quite simple, I do not see Jews as chosen people nor do I worship them like hypocritical christian "fundamentalists." I'm holding them to the same standard as anyone else. Since they've chosen to define themselves as thugs and gangsters who steal land and murder innocent Palestinians as sport, I see nothing wrong in Palestinians retaliating after over half a century of being refugees in their own land. Cr all you want, the Palestinians aren't going anywhere no matter how much you and your hero/terrorist Sharon wish it were so.

May Allah bring Jesus(Pbuh) to sort out this problem , true beleivers of God need to identify each other no matter what relegion or lifestyle they practice.

MUHAMMAD H.A. is glad to see brother John Norman back aboard I thought he'd decided to abandon us forever....

Jazak-Allah br. Ahmed.
All praise is due to Allah (SWT), and we will work together (electronically) to discuss these issues, and to enable civil discussion to prevail here at iviews/islamicity.

I just read over the article again...and as some had said earlier that it was too long and confusing, I personally must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the organization of SOLID information presented in explaining the motives of Israeli army officials, Mr. Safire, AIPAC, Likud, and the likes of them. I learned so much from this article.

LOOK FOR "PALESTINE IS STILL THE ISSUE" it was a documentary that aired on PBS a few weeks ago. An Israeli father's daughter was blown up by a Palestinian boy, and doesnt' blame the bomber...he actually understands what made him do it...and he blames the state of Israel. I wonder why WE never see that here in the "land of the free". The film shows the true horrors of Israel's oppression, censored here in the 'West.' It made me so sick. As the host visits the remains of the Palestinian Culture Ministry, it had been rampaged, torn apart, childrens paints and crayons all over the walls, the photocopier machines were smothered in feces that were in ziplock bags, which the Israeli soldiers used to release themselves. On top of that, across the hall from them were toilets and clean washrooms which they could have used, but instead, decided to crap in bags, and smother it over equipment. And nothing compared to what people who have visited Palestine's occupied territories have seen. Take Rachel Corrie, crushed by a bulldozer, then run over a second time just to make sure that she was crushed well enough. Yet her peace-activist friends are still there, working very hard and remembering her tragic death. May Allah (SWT) help us to bind together as one human race to work together in defeating animalistic ideologies (Zionism).
"Honest broker" yea right, Jhoota Amreekan dalaal!

Ahmed - since we are talking about racism (a crime we know only Jews and never Muslims are guilty of) why don't you tell us what you think slave-owner Benjamin Franklin said about them? And tell us also whether you agree with it, and whether you think it is racist.

Great points as usual Akbar, since you mentioned Benjamin Franklin, have you read what a said about Jews. Fascinating material.
Prof. Alam's articles are always excellent and seem to force the trolls to come knocking. Not surprising given a loony Hindu fundementalist and pair of jewish idiots (from the same tribe as Saffire). Good ol' Mahatir was so right.


Let me try to explain.

The Palestine-Israel conflict is not an Islam-vs-Judaism conflict. It has started because Zionist Jews have forcefully and tacitly stolen the Palestinian lands from the Arabs. Imagine 50 years ago, the whole West Bank and Israel was Palestine and there was no such thing as Israel state.

Now, 50 years later there is a bigger Israel illegitimate state and smaller Palestine state (West Bank). In other word, the Jews used to have nothing and now they have Israel illegitimate state by grabbing Palestinian land and still doing it (illegal settlement) with the support of US (and Americans keep wondering why Arab and Muslims become more hateful towards Israel and US!)

Worse, after stealing their land, Zionist Jews now want to virtually imprison the Arabs by building the apartheid walls around West Bank. It is analogous to a thief comes and steal your land; then finally agree to give you back 1/4 of your land due to neighbor's pressue, then decide to imprison you in your own land. Tell me if you can sit idle and do nothing? Can you?

Thus, the main issue is Zionist Jews have stealed Palestine land and still continue to do so till this very moment with help first from United Kingdom and now US. As you are reading this e-mail, illegal homes is being build in illegal settlement area.

The rest of the conflict such as suicide bombing and HAMAS is just a reaction to Zionist Jews original atrocities. Suicide bombing happens because those bombers want to teach Israel a lesson for stealing their land. Hamas attack Israel because of the same reason.

The conflict is not Islam against Judaism. In fact, Jews and Christians have special place in Islam - they are considered as the 'People of the Book'. Moreover, Muslims men are allowed to marry Jewish or Christian women.

The conflict happen only when Zionist Jews steals the Palestinian lands and not because Palestinian are Muslims and Isreal are Jews.

I will not explain to you Romesh, because what you said is not true, it's as simple as that. This is a struggle for Israel to complete it's ethnic cleansing by insisting that Palestinians either live like animals in their cage called the wall, or they move to Jordan and suffer ethnic cleansing. As Desmond Tutu asks Israel, has not Israel learned from what they suffered 50 years ago? Have they not the sense to learn that from what happened to them, that they should not do it to someone else? Apartheid at it's best is what Israel wants, and if they can't fulfill that dream of theirs, then they want Palestinians to be exterminated from from Palestine, ala Slobadan Milosevic's ethnic cleansing of Bosnians and Albanians, and ot leave their homes for hundreds of years and move into Jordan. This is ethnic cleansing, not a battle between Islam and least for Muslims it is not. Grow up Romesh...and don't give me the whole "suicide bombers" sob story. The last suicide bomber who came from Hebron, came from there because Israel seized control over the entire city and was subjugating it's citizens to violent crimes. Then u saw the suicide bomber jump on a bus and blow it up. How do you expect to "demand" Yasser Arafat to stop this person from doing that when his PLO is not being allowed by the Israeli Defense Forces to intervene in the city?

As far as the wall situation goes Chandar, Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of American history will tell you:

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security."

I thought that this struggle in Palestine is a "Struggle between Islam and Judaism". No mention of that appeared in this article. Why not?

Let us get to the crux of the problem "Is it a struggle between Islam and Judaism or the struggle for the Soul of Islam" or not?

What is exactly the problem? could somebody explain it to me.

First of all - this article is too long and gets boring.

I am however strongly against Israeli politics towards Palestinians. I think that death casualty ration alone should give a clear idea of what's going on.

On the other hand, I am strongly opposed against suicide attacks on Israeli civilians. Beside the usual implications, they give higher legitimacy to Israel's policy. It is dark ages for the "modern" world to just sit and watch and let such things happen, a world where clearly people don't share even a shread of empathy and wisdom to find better solutions. In wars, there are no winners - only those who died and those who lost them.

To Paul Morand,

can you please tell me who this leader was? I have heard of this allegation from another zionist.

The problem with this assertion is that the Palestinians where not independent at the time, they were under the British rule. Moreover, the nazis saw Arabs and Jews the same way, they were both semites to them.

Another fact the zionist wish not to be discovered is that many Arabs and Muslims fought and died against the nazis. Other than the obvious fact that most of Arab and Muslim lands were under British and French colonial power and so they would have to serve in those armies; many Arabs and Muslims saw the nazis as a great threat, because it was clear that if they won the war the Arabs and all other races that resided in those lands would have been wiped out or enslaved by the nazis.


MashAllah! Excellent article. We need more writers like Mr. Alam. Israel will do what it has to do. The question is, what are Muslims doing about it? up to now we have been nothing but mere spectators. What a shame!

Not only is this article extemely long, but it's completely confusing and unclear. Mr. Alam needs to stop showing off his vocabulary and explain clearly what Israel has done wrong to the Palestinians and why Israel isn't allowed to go to extreme measures to defend its citizens when any young Palestinians can show up at a Cafe and blow themselves up, killing many innocent civilians. No matter whay you say, suicide bombings ar MURDER and you can't justify it. Whatever legitimate cause the Palistinians have against Israel is destroyed with this nonsense act of violence.

If you want change in the Muslim world, you have to start VOTING, DEBATING, and bring change through PEACEFUL means, because strapping our bright, young children with bombs instead of educating them well only destroy us.

Assalam ule kum

Knowledgeable response. You should send this article to the editor of the NEW YORK TIMES and the LA TIMES.

Two brief comments on this long and very flawed article:
- When Israel was integrating the territories and 'exploiting' the cheap labour there, this was described as apartheid. Now it is creating a barrier and preventing Palestinians from entering Israel, this is also supposedly apartheid.
- Palestinians constantly accuse Zionism as being complicit with the Nazis (when they are not privately saying what jolly good fellows the Nazis were). Yet their own leader was sitting in Berlin during WW2 or raising SS troops in the Balkans while the Jews in Palestine mobilised to fight with the allies. I have never heard a Palestinian leder express regret or even embarassment for this fact.

Gee, the writer is a student of political science and a self-avowed leftist! No doubt, a Marxist, too.

One of the first qualities that a political science student needs is an ability to read -judiciously. This article is nothing more than a political rant laced with propaganda.

I only trust that his college is not affording him tuition. What a waste of public money or someones's private endowment money.