Whom did Mr. Bush speak for?

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President Bush's muted appeal to the United Nations for help in Iraq failed to impress many. His speech had nothing new and showed little grasp of Middle Eastern realities.

Mr. Bush missed a most excellent opportunity to convince the world of the need to rebuild Iraq collectively under the direction of the Iraqi people. Although it is wishful thinking -- He not only failed to represent American interests in the world body, but also refused to acknowledge or at least distance himself from all the lies that his administration perpetrated during the build up to the Iraqi war.

Mr. Bush is pursuing an agenda that is not representative of the American people and interests. It is an agenda that justifies the views of the shortsighted experts who cannot see anything beyond the Israeli borders. It is an agenda that satisfies the warmongers and it is an agenda that puts Americans in harms way. None of the leaders who forced our young American men and women to sacrifice their lives in Iraq have their sons and daughters serving in the army. On the contrary, many of them have been on the payroll of companies that are taking financial advantage from the Iraq war.

Mr. Bush maintained an uncompromising and adamant approach to Iraq in his speech. He justified the principle of preemptive strike. He justified the lies and he used the barbarism of Saddam Hussein as an excuse to initiate the war unilaterally. He misled the American people once again when he said that the real purpose of the US presence in Iraq was to build a democratic nation founded on the principles of secularism.

The Bush administration attitude is no different than what British, French, Portuguese and Italian colonialists said a few hundred years ago when they invaded Asian and African countries and destroyed the land with their insatiable lust for money and power. They argued that they invaded the land to save it from tyrants and introduce civilization. They also said that the local people were incapable of running their affairs until guided and directed properly. The result of these so called 'noble' intentions was that the imperial powers colonized the newly acquired countries for well over 200 years, pillaging the resources of those regions.

Mr. Bush is using the same logic and language: Iraqis cannot govern themselves. They need direction and guidance. The US has all the expertise to rebuild the country and its infrastructure and the power will not be transferred until the Iraqis prove capable of running the country. This logic concludes that the people of Iraq are not capable of taking care of themselves. It is important to note that Iraq is the country that produced the highest number of scientists and technologists in the Arab world. If these people could show their technical genius during the reign of a brutal dictator they can certainly show miracles in building their country under a civil regime. 

Even more dangerous is the logic of preemptive strikes. This is a recipe of lawlessness and political anarchy. This gives rise to a new jungle law which gives the right to go to war on whims and desires of any group.

The Iraq problem is solvable provided the Bush administration is willing to see beyond Halliburton, Oil, Christian Zionists and Israel. The "Iraqi Problem" can be solved, when people of Iraq and their legitimate groups and organizations are given an opportunity to take their own initiative in organizing their country without any outside intervention. The problem can be solved if these people are given an opportunity to act freely without any interference from Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is the Editor of the Minaret magazine which is a monthly publication from Los Angeles, California.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: George W. Bush, Iraq, United Nations
Views: 7653

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Older Comments:
The content of articles is authentic to attributed war against Iraq without support from peace seeking world community despite much protest against it.This war put muslim world in instable situation and unless they flourish in real islamic pratice the long term impact will be more destructive.

We all know American agenda in the Middle East is not for the interest of the American people but for the interest of the Zionist state Israel. No matter if, it is right or wrong. This is one of the reasons that make Sharon so arrogant toward Palestinians. Sharon thinks if he slaughters six millions Palestinians then he would grab more land. Same as Bush, if he can kill six millions Muslims he will solve the Middle East problems. What Hitler did to the Jews, slaughter six millions of them hoping that would solved the world problem. See what happened! We should learn from history.

I totally completely utterly absolutely agree with Dr. Aslam Abdullah.

However, I am a Muslim and I blame myself, me, and H.A. for sleeping, eating, drinking with the RANCHBOY.

I also point finger at me for providing airports and military bases, making secret deals behind closed doors, and selling cheap oil so that my dictatorship and kingship can be protected.

I also MAD at me for not informing American Public about Muslims and Islam, and for not running for political office, and for not balancing the zionists and christian fundamentalist forces in the U.S. gov't, and not being an advisor to the biochemically challanged American RANCHBOY.

I also blame myself for NOT writing commentaries to other American Newspapers in order to balance the negative views of ignorant Americans with my postive and correct views about Islam and Muslims.
Hence, I severly criticize H.A. for ONLY hanging around at Islamicity.com

To summarize, I blame me, myself, and H.A. for the RANCHBOY'S dreams of imperialism.

However, I praise Dr. Abdullah for taking the rights steps of making people aware of the plottings of the RANCH BOY which nowadays ONLY take place at CAMP DA'UD in witchistan of Maryalnd. Yeah, the Ranchboys are always very sneaky.

I think America should be doing more in preparing for global war and less in trying to start it. Waiting for "good" to indicate when to go to war would seem to be the winning formula - insha'Allah.

I don't think I could have said it much better myself. This author has clear insight into the situation facing the US and world body. If more people like this could organize themselves there might be some change in the US Government's policy in the middle east. Then again, if they organized they would probably be hunted down by the Homeland Security Department henchmen.

Shame on Bush !!! , now begging for monetary help from UN and Europe , within 3 years in Office Poor US having twin deficits at home & in a messy position , down popularity , if nothin done Bush be out by 2004 , digging his own hole I say , Iraq war was without UN resolution , now Bush had to clean the mess completely with or without UN rebuilding , well beginning of destruction , Love to see BUsh on the next script , eat it !!! cool!! while Europe It is OIL time mate , Wise decision , say no to war , join later !! Open Iraq for free !!! Let celebrate ...