Beware of Injustice, It's Hell !!

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"If he holds the upper hand, he goes about the earth creating mischief and laying to waste crops and human life. God does not love mischief. When he is told to have fear of God, he is seized by pride which drives him to wrongdoing. Hell shall suffice for him--what a wretched resting place!" (Quran, 2:205-206)

Killing of innocent people is an act of injustice whether it is done on American soil or elsewhere, whether the victims are American people or the people of other countries. Using suitable language to cover up carnage does not make it humane or legitimate; it becomes only a deception and another act of cruelty against humanity.

To help the Middle Eastern countries democratize is a good objective. After all, dictatorship, absolute monarchy, sheikhdom, authoritarianism and military rule that characterize the 'Muslim' Middle East and the greater part of the Muslim world, deny many of the fundamental and legitimate rights of the people. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the existence of these regimes is the root cause of many of the evils and injustices (as well as extremism and violence in the region), and the earlier these archaic systems are replaced, the better for everyone. It is also worth mentioning that the regime of Saddam Hussein was among the worst. Such a brutal regime is always a curse for a nation. It is thus no wonder that today no body mourns at the fall of the dictator. However, helping Iraqi people achieve "liberation" from an authoritarian regime should not mean occupying their land and introducing imperialism. Who would support such a strange theory of liberation? Considering the people of Iraq; who are more educated than many others in the region; incapable of understanding this simple fact is indeed ignorant.

Do we not understand that killing of innocent people, including hundreds of children, bombing their homes, destroying the countries infrastructure, polluting their land with depleted uranium and taking over the control of their oil fields is being viewed by the Iraqis and people around the globe as imperial occupation? The world wonders if such an occupation is justified today, then what was wrong with the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in 1979? For many concerned Americans, such an expedition will invite more troubles, jeopardize American interests and goes against the spirit of the founding principals of this country.

So where are we now? We are passing through an uneasy and uncertain time. We are witnessing deception, death and destruction in many parts of the world. In an increasingly interdependent world, people of conscience need to be a voice for justice, and say, enough is enough. It's time to bring madness and insanity to an end. Otherwise, history will not forgive us. There is no denying that remaining silent in the face of injustice is tantamount to taking part in it and that is a grave offence by any standard.

The current world scenario brings many pertinent lessons for the Muslims in particular. They need to look introspectively and put their houses in order. They should not finger point only at "non-Muslim" injustices and then turn blind eyes to the injustices done by the "Muslims" whether they are dictators, kings, generals, politicians or anyone else. Although unrepresentative government, abuse of power and denying people's fundamental rights are clear signs of injustice which have no place in Islam, these are, unfortunately, common in the Muslim majority countries. This is not to suggest that the rest of the world is swimming in the oceans of justice. Indeed, many democratic regimes are also under the grip of few unscrupulous people who are behaving in tyrannical way and unleashing unprecedented havoc on the earth.

The Muslims must remember that if they deviate from the path of truth and justice, they can not be worthy of being protected by Almighty God. Prophet Muhammad has cautioned: "No sin is more swiftly punished than injustice."

Imam Ibn Taymiya, the great teacher of Islam, while explaining prophetic sayings on the issues of justice and injustice, wrote the following: "God upholds the just state even if it is unbelieving, but does not uphold the unjust state even if it is Muslim." [1]  In the Quran, God Almighty has described how He punished many of the nations for indulging in injustice and mischief on earth. The deviations for which the past nations faced devastation, how can the contemporary Muslim Ummah gain exaltation by adopting the same conduct?

What the Muslims need now is to rectify their lives in conformity with God's guidance. They must stop adopting a self-complacent approach of justifying their failures by blaming the wrongdoings of others. Muslims have to be a standard-bearer of truth and justice, as they are commanded in the Quran: "O You who believe! Be upholders of justice, bearing witness for God alone, even against yourselves or your parents and relatives. Whether they are rich or poor, God is well able to look after them. Do not follow your own desires and deviate from the truth. If you twist or turn away, God is aware of what you do." (Quran 4:135).

History bears this witness that nations that caused injustice to their fellow human beings did not survive for long. It is against God's Sunnah (way). The present trials and tribulations should be taken as a warning from God for the Muslim Ummah to wake up and to follow the course of returning to the path of righteousness. The Quran reminds us: "Evil has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned, that He (God) may let them taste (the consequences of) some part of that which they have done, in order that they may return (to the right path)." (Quran: 30:41)

How to return? Almighty God has already exhorted: "Therefore summon (mankind), and take the right course, as you have been ordered to; and do not follow their whims, but say: 'I believe in whatever Book God has sent down; and I am commanded to be just among you. God is our Lord and your Lord.' "(Quran: 42:15)

[1] Public Duties in Islam, Trans: Muhtar Holland, Islamic foundation, 1987, p.95

Mahbubur Rahman is the Editor in-Chief of The Message International. He can be reached at [email protected]

  Category: Americas, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Terrorism  Values: Justice
Views: 16348

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Older Comments:
People have the right to speak their own opinion. According to God, "Everything happens for a reason". The statement" killing of innocent people is an act of injustice whether it is done on american soil or elsewhere". America is based on violence, due to history (slavery). Who ever disagree with this statement is in denial(satan). I must speak the truth because, God is watching. There have always been wars during biblical times. If people are doing wrong according to God's principles, then let them not exist. Remember Sodamm and Gormmorah. It was happening then,its happening now. God destroyed everyone if there were wrong doings, including children. What is the USA focus? Did you ever think why people are getting bombed? Maybe it is because the USA is trying to make the country like itself. For example: drinking, naked bodies showing(the way the women dress), pornography, sports(better known as devices for minorities, to destroy themselves. You are dealing with an educated person here. Get mad if you want to. You are hurting yourself, and remember God is watching, you have to meet him (God)one day.

I agree with the editor. It's an excellent article. We must raise consciounsess this way, and warn about the Allah's darn consequences if injustices committed by any country.

To help the Middle Eastern countries democratize is a good objective. Well the way U.S. is helping to make these countries democranize is NOT right, although I do believe that many of the so-called "Islamic" governments are not in accordance with Islam. U.S. (or certain organizations and individuals eg.government) want to establish a "New World Order" in which their power will dominate globally thus giving them all sorts of benefits eg.control, oil, other natural resources, etc. Helping to so-called "democranize" those countries would not be such a good idea, but they need to be brought back to the way of God.

"...the existence of these regimes is the root cause of many of the evils and injustices..." Actually, as a matter of fact, the root cause of all this evil are the clever, decievers who have started these regimes and are spreading so much mischief throughout the world, letting others do their dirty work. So keep in mind that these regimes were started by those individuals who want to dominate. Who was the clever idiot who gave the Saddam Hussein the "power" and weapons so they could go into Iran.

"...the regime of Saddam Hussein was among the worst." NOT true. The worst "regime" was and IS Ariel Sharon's. And that would link with the U.S. too, but the U.S. does it in a very smart way. Israel has committed the worst crimes ever, and killing more than, if not evquivalent to, Hitler. There are "regimes" that are FAR more threatening than Saddam's. We all know Bush's real reason for going into Iraq. There are far worse threats that need to be dealed with.

email me: [email protected]

Sir, I red ur articles carefully and I fully agreed to it. The American and Irails main aim to kill muslims, but the Arabs till date take carefully, they are always like a comfortable life in America and Europe, day to day more muslims brothers and sisters are killed in Israil, if the Arab countries take a decision unity decision against the Israil and America they never repeats such things. In this circumstances we the Muslims of the world to help the poor muslims.

It's hypocrasy of the Muslims to now blame the US for killing Iraqis during the takeover of their country. Where were the Muslims when Saddam gassed his own people and executed them like flies? Where are the Muslims when Saudi Arabia let girls die in a stampede in school where they were not allowed to escape because they were "improperly clothed"? where are the Muslims when Sunnis kill Shia and vice versa in Pakistan and when Druze battle Sunnis and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria and Iran play kingmakers? So if Muslims kill Muslims it is fine, but others are not allowed to kill Muslims.....hypocrites

Asalamu Alaikum,

This is a very important article that all Muslims must
contemplate, not only as a world citizen, but as a
person who submits to God and practices the perfect
deen of Islam.

For too long, Muslims have complained and worried
themselves with foreign governments being the evil
unjust aggressors instead of seeing themselves as the
complacent helpers of evil, uin-Islamic governments.

Social justice must be more alligned with everyday acts
of ibaddah. Not that the idea is not a part of Islam, but
today, it is not really a part of how Islam is practiced.

May we all strive in the way of Allah's deen. Ameen.

We the Muslims need to to put our house in order before we out creticising anyone else. this does nothowever justifies US action on Iraq or any other Islamic country. If the heads of all muslims are one and they speak with one voice. Then nobody will dare any of us.

I agree that what we need today is introspection not finger pointing.
U.S. invaded iraq because we muslims failed to liberate iraq from tyrannical rule of Saddam husein, if we would have done it, america would not have invaded Iraq under pretext of liberating.
Bin laden would have done great justice to muslim ummah if he would have launched his jehad against these corrupt unislamic regimes in our countries particularly k.s.a rather than u.s. first.

your views deserve more wider publicity

First of all, I agree that most Muslims should re-think about their government(s) and its up to the Muslims to bring a change NOT for anyone else to jump in and start a war on the name of WMD or any other FALSE BS!
Are you saying that, it's okay for USA to invade every single contry with a different system that USA doesn't agree with?
I agree that Muslims should "NEVER" kill any inocent regardless of his or her faith that should apply to everyone NOT just Muslims.
when we start a "FALSE WAR" and kill hunderds of thousends of women and childern then we (UK & USA) should be Questioned and punished!
Eye for an eye sounds good but forgiving is GREAT however "Baby Killers" (aka.US Army) should never be able to rule Iraq. It is in every Iraqi's best interest to fight back and run their own contry withOUT pleasing USA or Isreal.
As of today we have NOT seen American government beeing honest when it comes to "Muslim part of world". United state is NOT JUST. Therefore it has NO right to invade Iraq. USA gets in a way when UN tries to help and solve any problems in the M.East? USA wants to solve it withOUT the UN or anyone's (i.e.,EU) helps for "Selfish" reasons. Muslims should not kill anyone but they shouldn't play dead either.
Your artical hmm.. for the most part it sounds more like you are NOT muslim and "Paid by the CIA" to say what you said. CIA bought few Mullah's wondering if you are one of them?!
I think we (Muslims) can see your tone and your way of trying cover up when it comes to talking about the death of thousends of Iraqi women and childerns and you are telling Muslims to calm down.
You have provided few parts from the Qura'n to make your point across but I can make a stronger case against your sayings and able to provide more information from the Qur'an in order to prove that you were/are "WRONG" for saying what you are said. In my opinion you are taking Qur'an out of contects to please YOUR boss (CIA, Mossad).
would like to hear from y

A lot of muslims are confused.Democracy,Islam.We don`t seem to know where to draw the line.To my understanding Islam has nothing to borrow from democracy.It is a complete system of human behavior.You reference Q4:135 bears it all.Hold onto Islam firmly and do not sound appologetic while talking for Islam.I don`t see a reason why we always tend to mix things up.Again as a way of life Islam has nothing to borrow from Democracy.The champion of democracy and "free world"today (Mr.Bush)is no diferent from Fahd,Saddam or Mubarak.Lets pickup our senses.Probably has gone on some leave for the little pleasures of the world.

I believe, we are not-right/wrong/weak/un-believer/fait-less which make 'others' strong and cruel.
I respect Mr. Mhuathir Mohammad (Malaysia PM) on saying, we (Muslim) should make ourself strong by all means then critisize others.
We invited them to do 'so'. Like, if my home no wall-bondries then anyThing/anyOne can invade anyWay/anyTime. (May God bless us with true Islam, amin).

This is a great article. Articles like this should be on the front page of the leading newspapers around the globe.

I think this article will help a lot of people bring back their common senses and stop all the blood shedding and lying (in order to take revenge for Daddy's assisination attempt and killing thousands of innocent civilians)

Regarding democracy, I believe the world needs an ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY. Western Democracy is turning humans into animals.

Nobody will get away with killing the innocent. They all will be subject to infinite justice.

The blood of Muslims is NOT cheap (this sentence is ONLY FOR the ZIONISTS and the morons and thugs of the WHITE HOUSE. That's we believer (Muslims, those who worship ONE TRUE PARTNERLESS GOD) believe in the Day of Judgement; that's when the infinite justice will be served, NOT IN AFGANHISTAN in 2001. How STUPID people can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This article brings to light an extremely important issue: Muslims wronging other Muslims. No doubt, there is much injustice inflicted upon Muslims by non-Muslims, but the sad fact is that our own people no longer feel comraderie with their brethren. If we won't care for each other, how can we expect others to do so?

Although installment of democratic governments in Middle Eastern countries is not the Islamic ideal, it is far better than the current situation in certain areas. We must move up the ladder towards a more tolerant government instead of making a dive for a purely Islamic one, since goals are better achieved with time and continued effort.

Muslims, wake up! Care for your brothers and sisters. We must support each other, as it is clear that no one else is on our side. Americans brag on about freedom and have gone so far as to try and instill it throughout the rest of the world, and we see the effects of that wholly in Iraq. Had Saddam Hussein's government been less greedy, cruel, and self-serving, the Iraqi people would not be going through imperialistic occupation and further torment and loss right now.

If we do not support each other now, then there is no hope for an actual Ummah in the future.

Most assuredly, I commend the fight to end injustice. God can't look at the commission of sin and indefinitely, injustice and the commission of such acts is a sin. However, I disagree with the article on the basis of the democratization of fundamentalist Islamic states. Sure, I do beleive that these nations would benefit from a democratic state in which church and state are separate entities,and the rule of law prevails but I beleive the west should end the consistant medling in the Islamic world. In accordance with Islamic morality and tradition, I beleive that these states should keep their legal customs, although many would consider some of the judgements to be rather heinous and brutal - if not malicious. Stoning a woman because of an extramarital affair in my eyes, is a wicked act that God does not condone. However, I beleive that Islamic custom should be followed. As for stoning, I recall something Jesus (PBUH) said something akin to "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

i agree with the author. we humans are destroying our planet in pursue of our personal gains.
may Allah guide us

Dr Mahathir Mohammed, Prime Minister of Malaysia, has said, "Muslims tend to emphasise and venerate the form rather than the substance in the practice of everything." Personally, this neatly sums up what I have been suspecting for perhaps the past year or so.

For example, my current thinking is that if I am quoting the Quran in support of my own political arguments (in written composition) then I should include, "A'uzu billahi minashaitanir rajim." I think a prime example of "harmful superstition" would be that I needn't include a request to Allah, for refuge from Satan, before quoting Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) in support of my own political arguments - simply because I happen to be presenting my arguments in writing (as opposed to audibly).

Was not the Quran revealed in the form of recitation? What then might a mind that reasons make of the instructions, within the Quran, to ask Allah for refuge from Satan before reciting from the Quran? Might not such instructions also apply to "written presentations" that include passages from the Quran - at least when intermingled with political arguments?

Assalamu alaikum.

--Yahya Bergum

I agree wholeheartedly with this message. The Ummah should take notice of their wrongs before they criticise the Kafirs.

I am for the article on the most part untill i got to the part of democratize the meddle east. I am Pakistani living in the US i am not against democarcy, but Islam has its own system of government. If you look back in islamic history, the fall of islam begane with the end of the islamic system. I think istead of trying to mimic the west and blow up all of our holly lands in the name of "freedom" or democarcy we need to imbrasse of own legel system and government that was laid forth by our prophet.

All this suffering, all this pain. Why do humans do such horrendous damage to eachother in the name of our Most Holy God. There is only ONE God and that God LOVES all of creation. What America is doing is extremely disturbing behaviour. Consider what it has done to put our United Nations into a very embaressing position, of being sidelined by the USA . Iraq is not for the USA to take, USA you are in a big mess now and it's going to go down like all the other Governments of such ilk
Put a stop to your governments agenda
Doe's the USA have any compassion for the 1000's of kids dying under your dicusting cluster bombs
No wonder there is now a movement growing in Iraq. Have you seen the way that the US soldiers just kick down peoples doors and doing as they please, freightening innocents without a second thought for the physcological, emotional and future repercusions of being thrown into a spontainious Armed Conflict. Imagine people coming into your house in such a way, how would you feel?
There is a better way, it is the way of peace, communication and putting to rest all of this needless violence.
At the moment we have the wrong people sitting at the table. They all seem to have thier own agendas which they do, in a kind of isolated sense. We need to come together all under one God


When we as one human beings start to realize that we always rationalze our negative judgements and actions of others to a positive fulfillment of our way of thinking. Christians always say that we must be like Jesus Christ where we must love one another and the Muslims always says we must be merciful to one another. Who are we kidding but us. Let's stop using religion as an excuse to our negative actions to one another. Let us all start a religion that preaches to coexist and love one another because we are one of a kind in this universe. So please join me to start this mentally in all of us.

This article is simply drawing our attention towards our faults and shortcomings. How can we ctiticise others for their acts when we Muslims are committing the same. Charity begins at home. We must sort out our households first in terms of justice and other Islamic ways then the rest will sort itself out at higher levels with the help of Allah(SWT). We must help ourslves as Allah helps those who help themselves. We must be true in our intentions. Muslim Ummah should be one and united, not divided into various nations based mainly on race, culture and geography contrary to islamic tenets. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. We are falling because we are divided. We must strengthen ourselves by getting united and helping each other, not by giving away young muslim lives in foolish acts. If we are strong we can resist any advances against us successfully and we will be able to hold our heads high up only to bow them to Allah(SWT).

The pith of my comment is to start work at the most basic level that is our households. Our nation is our children they will do what we teach them. If we teach them Islamic ways they will follow Islamic ways. They will be the rulers of our nations following Quran and Sunnah,Insha'Allah.

May Allah give us Taufeeq to understand the basics and follow Islam in every aspect of our lives.

But if America liberated this country do not they have the right to do what they are doing? They did do what no other muslum country was willing to do.

I beleive that if muslims can work together we will be able to fight injustice. We muslims are supposed to look-out for eachother regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. Our youths are the leaders of tommorrow so it is up to us to educate them on what islam is really about. If we can get them to understand and act in the right manner then we will succeed in keeping true islam alive in thier hearts.

AA. What does US being a democracy have anything to do with this article? Our own "Muslim" govt are scandalous, and dictatorial but we overlook that when we are placing blame on others. They are in cahoots with most of what goes on, yet they give us the "Islamic" PR on the home front. Who is the more unjust of the 2? Atleast some non-muslim tyrants tell you their real objectives upfront...

Aslamu Alaikum,
Thank You brother for your information and command. I believe that we can bring justice and peace. In this era medias has to play a good role to teach people, We welcome such newsletter.

Thanking You


Though, injustice is highly condemned in strong terms by Allah,western democracy can never be a good alternative to bring about justice world over.Justice can only better be established if we all refer back to Allah's book and the teachings of prophet muhammad(saw).This includes the Sheikhs and Kings in the Muslim countries more importantly. But not to opt for western democracy as option, rather a good look should be taken to re-establish the islamic Khilafah which is people oriented and not for just the few elite. The present scenario pays the nouvea rich only and not representative of the people, in order words, the dominant system of governance needs total over hauling especially in the Muslim states who know the evil of injustice.

Yes we are against injustice. We should not blame others for our problems. We should try to correct ourselves. And we must fight injustice wheather it is against muslims or non muslims. This does not mean we have to follow seculer humanism, we can follow the word of Allah and the sunnah of the Prophet(s.).
May we all fight injustice.

Assalamu alaikum. Evidently, Muslim Chaplain Yousef Yee (U.S. Army) was carrying a diagram of the jail cells at Guantanamo Bay in addition to a list of the detainees. These are apparently the classified documents that resulted in the captain's detention.

It is the sort of mistake I could see myself making - in an effort to remember who is being held in what jail cell and so on - but Chaplain Yee is never the less an officer of America's armed services. Surely, minimum (and seemingly obvious) standards of security would need to be upheld in such a potentially volatile situation.

My prayers are with Chaplain Yousef Yee and his family. May Allah will for them to be comforted.

--Yahya Bergum

Democracy is not something that can be transplanted from one part of the world into another, by means of MERCENARY SOLDIERS AND POLITICAL MERCENERIES who are not in Iraq to liberate the people...those soldiers are there because they will receive their monetary rewards from the US military so that they can go back to their Ivy League Universities after killing a few Iraqi's hre and there and go about their normal lives, right?? You think that these soldiers are committed to staying their in the name of democracy? How can people swallow such a load of LIES!!!!!!??? And listen, politicians do not take to the podium before the world, in the name of spreading democracy in Iraq or the Middle East, it is all about BIG BUSINESS and Agenda's of those who have vested interests and are involved with lucrative corporate contracts...did everyone all of a sudden forget what this means backwards andupside down ---> 710??? When will we learn from historical consequences, even when they are just a few months OLD! These Political mercenaries are doing nothing but speaking in the name of spreading "democracy" in Iraq as a cover for their true insidious plans (refer to Pax-Americana and PNAC). Now that the world media has, in a majority, pronounced that no WMD have been found and that it never was there....will you people remember that it was this administration that told us all that they did...and that the US public firmly believed that Saddam was directly involved in planning hte 9/11 attacks? ANd hten when that was proven to be a lie as can accept that the US administartion in Iraq today will spread democracy because they say so?
After seeing the US administration lied on various occasions to the AMerican people, you still believe that they intend to spread democracy? What will it take for you to change your minds, YOU CANNOT TRANSPLANT DEMOCRACY!!!!



It is a good worded article with good meaning and message to the Muslim Ummah. I pray Almighty Alllah to give us " hidayath " to do good things and to follow Quran and Sunnah through out our lives.

Assalam Alkuim,
"to help the middle eastern countries democratize is a good objective." This statement is wrong. I agree with A Muslim comment. Democracy is not needed in the East, what is needed is the Shariah Law, the Quran and Sunnah. Democracy in the west where I live has given drugs,pornography, abortion, christians can't display the ten commandments, pray in public forums even though they are the majority, homosexuals who force their lifestyle not just down your throat but it is on all television programs, taught in public schools and wanting to get married, NAMBLA, the north american man/boy love assoc. which encourage men having sex with boys (this assoc. is legal under the 1st admendment) prositution (legal in Las Vegas "Sin City"), political system that is rigged, no-fault divorce, broken homes, women who are only sex object w/ no other value, women who think they are men and have to work as hard as a man cause democracy is capitalism and the country has to have more people to tax, a county that was stole commited genocide against the native indians & established slavery for africans for over 200 years. Does that sound like the Middle East needs any of those qualities? Remember this democracy is man-made law where the majority rule, so if the majority says it is legal for a man to marry a boy then that will be the law of the land. Man-made law doesn't have to be right just the majority. Democracy is man-made law, Shariah is divine law. What is best to rule human beings is what created them that is Allah(swt). No society is perfect, but I'll take a imperfect shariah rule over a perfect democractic rule anyday. The East is not following the Shariah so it feeling the punishment of Allah(swt)justicely so. The ummah is not following the divine law because fear of the West and greed, instead of fearing Allah(swt). We are & will pay the price for this disobedience.

The question would be what can we do about it?, as a musilim living in USA it is becoming frustrating to witness such injustice. I so many times have the urge to send letters to newspaper or even call the white house , the only thing that is holding me back is my husband. The other day I was reading the transilation of Surat Al- Maidah when it suddenly struk me that this is exactly what is happening right now, and the Bush administration has no clue about the acutal psycology of musilims, they simply do not understand that what went on in Sep. 11th" if it was carried out by Osama Bin Ladin and his supporters" and what is going on right no in Palastine is just people acting out in retaliation they are constantly being provoked either by Israil or USA, and the problem is it is still going on even more intense. i have a question. Has anyone thought of a link between 9-11 and the humanrights conferance in South Africa just before 9-11 when the USA walked hand in hand with Israel, when Israel was accused with defying all human rights when it came to the Palastinans and practicaly wanting to ethnicaly cleans the Palastinans.
Jazakum Allak Karan

Excellent article. No country in the world has the

he right to interfere in internal affairs of another country. Might is Never right. Great mighty Empires, like Roman.Greek, and lately British failed ultimately.


This below is very off-base.
Democracy is an EXPERIMENT.
America is a democracy.
Yet fornication, alcoholism, overt sexual dressing,
drug use, obscenities (of all kinds), disrespect
of parents and adults, a corrupt political
structure, an over-populated jail system, are ALL rampant.

So democracy is a GOOD objective?
To separate God from a political way of life?

So it's democracy that you (a Muslim) would like?
How about the DEMOCRACY of the west that
recently removed the 10 Commandments from the

Or what of the DEMOCRACY that keeps our
Muslim brethren from seeing their families
or attornies at Guantanamo Bay?

How about the DEMOCRACY that was supposed
to be even handed in choosing a President of the USA
but instead won out by financial/political influence?

How about the DEMOCRACY that was supposed
to stand on behalf of the people AGAINST WAR IN
IRAQ but instead kowtowed to the administration
(reference being to corporate media).


I'm truly outraged by this e-mail you've sent out.
It is a complete slap in the face towards all
Muslims hope to achieve and blaming it on
the Rulers is outrageous. Why not remove the
Rulers and implement Imams who know and
understand the Qur'an? Why do you choose
DEMOCRACY as the objective?

DEMOCRACY is a failed experiment and ONLY
the theocratic Shariah rule MUST run the land,
so it says throughout Hadith and Qur'an (to follow the Shariah and Qur'an as guidelines.... strange I don't remember hearing the word DEMOCRACY mentioned there)

it is true that islam forbid taken onces life
without any course,muslim leader must wake to
fight such act as it gives bad name to our
dear religion islam.

excellent article . This is Justice .When we engage in self analysis and are prepared to see our own shortcomings then we have made a start.And guided by the Quran and Sunnah it becomes mandatory and incumbent upon us to implement a change.For Allah SWT will only change the condition of a people unless they change themselves,.We all agree with this yet like hypocrites we do not make the change . And we know that if you do not change you will remain the SAME. Allah has promised that if we do not fulfil the mission of this Khilafat He will confer this honour to another people. And this peopole will be from those who have submitted "Samena wa Ataana" We have acknowledged that the Good Lord had annihilated many a nation that had displeased the ALmighty. There is no time to blame for it has not made any difference to the Dictators. Saddam's humiliation and disgrace is a lesson staring them full in their face, be the muslims or non muslims . The curse of Allah SWT is on these dictators. Posterity willl sit on judgment on the self destruction of these Tyrants. May Allah SWT reward you for this excellent article.

The American occupation of Iraq is against any civilized rule.

i have to say that this article is an interesting article despite what is going on in Islam we must remember not to kill the innocent.
Keep up with the good work

I greatly appreciate the article you have written. As an American Jew--and proud of it--I am happy to read an article that points out the problem of despotism among most Muslim-oriented nations in the Middle East.

At the same time, I appreciate your call for a Just World. It is time for all Nations to most hopefully and ultimately be able to lay aside hatreds and form anew bonds and ties that create Peace on an world-wide basis.

For this to occur, however, terrorism and needless acts of violence and carnage must be eradicated.

Above all, I am a loyal and patriotic American, and am in favor of whatever our President, President George W. Bush, Jr. decides to do.

May G-d Hashem Bless Us All.

Praise G-d.


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This article as it is a solution to the entire world's problem. The author only used islamic verses to support his views but other religions also have thier principles (in thier religious books or rites) towards justice on this earth which are not different from all the verses qouted by the author.I think if everybody regardless of the races,religions and faiths will agree with me and implement the words that are provided by the author this world will be a better place to stay. Injustice is the bane of the world even mostly among the muslim leaders and communities.

The article describes the condistions that are applicable to the whole of entire Ummah. Thanks to the author, may Allah reward him for his use of pen in the way of divine justice on the face of the earth.

We have heard and read on the killing of innocent citizen by the Saddam regime but no one dare to challenge on the killing of the Palestinian by the Isreal in Lebanon and in West Bank. No one dare to challenge the Killing innocent people by the American in Afghanistan,Iraq,Latin America, Vietnam and many more. No one dare to mention the killing of chechen by the Russian in Chehnya, ethnic cleansing by Milosovic in former Yugoslavia. All these leaders are free to do as they wish in the name of anti terrorism and in the name of justice. No one dare to bring these leaders to justice so WHAT IS JUSTICE ??. There is no differences between Sharon, Bush ,Putin and Saddam.
The medias ( CNN, ABC, BBC, CNBC, FOX etc) are also equivalently to be blamed for not telling the truth.Why???.
The United Nation, OIC, NAM , ICJ only listen to the masters. Thus where do we go from now.

Clear and straightforward.

I am particularly keen to forward items such as this to friends and colleagues.
Would it be possible to have a "printer-friendly" version?

An appropriate article for the present time.Thanks to the author for such an important and couragious article.May Allah SWT give him more taufiq to write more in future for awakening the Muslim Ummah.