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Dr. Syed Hasan

Dr. Syed Hasan has been nominated for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to serving and uplifting humanity. He has dedicated over sixty years of his life for the betterment of others.

Dr. Hasan is the founder and director of INSAN (Urdu for Human), an educational and humanitarian mission based in India. For almost forty years the INSAN Institute has been promoting education and educational awareness, educational accessibility to financially disadvantaged, adult literacy, preteen/teen marriages, local economy and employment to disadvantaged, and humanitarian assistance.

The Institute is housed in bamboo huts, which makes up the Insan School and College. The institute is located in Kishanganj at the junction of India, Nepal and Bangladesh, is carrying out this bold experiment, winning many hearts in the process.

Dr. Hasan started the institute in a humble environment. He had no land to start his project. He first helped start the National School, thereby, establishing his bona fides with the school authorities who permitted him to conduct his own classes in their building before or after the school hours. Dr. Hasan started with 36 students. Since then, there was no looking back. A hut was hired at a monthly rent of Rs. 50. (about one US Dollar today) "Insan" was born.

Today the Insan School and College has a complex of 200 huts spread over 200 acres. Assets of the institute value over ten million rupees. Among the huts is a hall that can accommodate 5,000 students at a time.

INSAN School/College is famous for its well-rounded educational development for students and its creative and innovative approach in education that inspire learning, creativity, critical thinking, confidence building, leadership, discipline, self reliance, sharing, equality, brotherhood, tolerance, community, and faith.

Hostel bungalows for the INSAN primary school

From cleaning the blood and beds of the T.B. patients to eating with 'mehters' (Indian toilet cleaners, belonging to untouchable class), or simply helping those in need, he has been always on the forefront of many social causes. Testifying to the magnitude of his sacrifice many consider him to among the great humanitarians of our time.

Syed Hasan was inspired to do good works after seeing the disparity prevalent among his people, conflicts and human sufferings of World War I and II, and then the communal riots in pre-independence India. During his stays in America he witnessed the impact of racial segregation. However, he also saw hope and was very influenced by many reform movements, and peace movements.

His mission with INSAN has always been to create a platform to serve humanity with the only long-term hope for the progress of civilization  --- education. He believed that education plays a vital role in making a kinder and gentler world. His mission has been a successful paragon of unity, harmony and brotherhood. He has created an atmosphere where people from different backgrounds, casts, religions, regions and languages work, learn, live, and grow together.

Dr. Hasan received a masters and doctorate degree from Southern Illinois University. He has always been a devout Muslim. His actions and mission have always reflected his deep rooted religious beliefs.

For more information contact:

Saba Syed Hafeez, INSAN Foundation

110 N. Chapel Ave. # 15, Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone: (626) 576-1582

Email: [email protected]


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  1. Ahmad Saeed Ansari from U.S.A.

    Assalamu Alaikum.

    I pray and hope this Dr. Syed Hasan is the same person who taught me in the 6th grade in Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi in 1949 and later earned his Ed.D. from University of Southern Illinois, Cabondale, IL. This noble teacher is a real teacher who has guided thousands of human being. During my childhooh, he was my guide angel. I am so moved to hear about one of my childhood teachers. He is a well deserved candidate for this noble prize. Too bad, upon his return from U.S. to Jamia, Delhi, the vice chancellor at that time did not recognize his qualities. At that time, I happened to be visiting Jamia. I was saddened to see him leaving the institution, Jamia, he loved. Alhamdulilla, he made a wise decision. May Allah make him more successful in his mission. Ameen

  2. Ameena A. Saeed from USA

    I am deeply touched and inspired by the details

    on Syed Hasan saheb. What a courageous man, if only we had more people like him, our community would be in the forefront.

  3. saeedbinhamid from saudiarabia

    it was a great news for islamic world that a person of calibre is nominated for some noble cause god bless him and may his sacrifice be comes an example for the society.

  4. Dr. SAAD BIN HAMID from Saudi Arabia

    I had seen with my own eyes the work done by this great person.It will be a very little tribute to this down to earth man if he is awarded for this prize. A man who left all his comfort just to serve the human causes , dispararites & what not. The place were he took this missioin is very backward & infact before he took up this noble cause the litereracy percentage was below 05%.We request the Indian govt. to push his case .It will be a great tribute to this country as well. May ALLAH grant him this award---AMEEN.

  5. Mohd.Shajahan from India

    Assalamu alaikum....

    I am very proud of Mr.Hasan is nominated for Humanitarian award. A muslim who has dedicated his life for poors and aged peoples. We need many Hasan's to change our society.

  6. Mohd.Shajahan from India

    Assalamu alaikum....

    I am very proud of Mr.Hasan is nominated for Humanitarian award. A muslim who has dedicated his life for poors and aged peoples. We need many Hasan's to change our society.

  7. mohammad zobair mallick from usa

    I feel very fortunate to know this great man on this earth. All his life was only for the people who had nothing and he educated thousands of people without any reward.He always believed on the true teaching of our beloved prophet MOHAMMED S.W.(P.B.U.).May allah reward DR.HASAN WITH A NOBLE PEACE PRIZE which he fully deserves. ameen

  8. IRSHAD from USA



  9. Anwar Ahmad from USA


    It is indeed a news of great pride and honour for the entire Muslim Ummah. We are gratefult to peaople like Dr. Hassan for his towering work annd dedication. Given the current anti-muslim climate this nomination goes long way. May Allah bless him and Inshallah award him with the Nobel peace prize.


    Anwar Ahmad

  10. Rashid Jamal from India , But now working in Doha - Qatar

    He is a man of example . No award can Compensate the kind of services he has given to this world and still giving , but if he is given Noble Prize then atleast we will know that there is respect and value for your hard work. My best wishes are always with him and his organisation.

  11. Shaza Khan from USA


    I wanted to extend my congratualations to Dr. Hasan for his Nobel Peace Prize nomination. The nomination and consequent recognition of his hard work and dedication is eye-opening and truly very inspiring. Whether or not the nomination materializes into an actual award, the real reward is with our Lord. May you all be rewarded immensly for the work you do, and may your efforts only continue to expand, ameen.


    Shaza Khan

    New York

  12. Fatima Jessie from Oman

    Asalaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. What a beautiful article about a model human being, Mashallah. And that a Muslim humanitarian has been nominated for such global recognition as the Nobel Peace Prize! What a great dawa opportunity! And a wonderful inspiration for Muslims around the world to engage in the same type of works as Dr. Hasan! Inshallah Dr. Hasan will not only receive the sawaab and 'ajr for his good acts, but for the acts of the others who follow in his foot steps after hearing of him. Ameen!

    Wa Salaam,


  13. Jawaid Iqubal from USA

    Everyone lives for them self, Syed Bhai always lived for others.


  14. Shakil Kakavi from UAE

    Hard work and missionary zeal has its own impact.It is honor for The Noble Peace

    Prize itself to be confirmed to a man of missionary zeal of INSANYAT Janab Syed Bhai.

    Dilee Mobarakbad to Syed Bhai and all concern.




    Former Teacher at INSAN

  15. nkher from usa

    Alhamdulillah for such a beautiful for Allah. Many of us think of doing such good works,but only some truly devote to such wonderful works. May Allah bless Mr. Hasan.

  16. Qhalid Fareed from USA

    Peace be upon you!

    Humanity and peace is still in this world because of people like Dr.Hasan in every corner of this earth. We need more people like Dr.Hasan to eradicate illiteracy and show Islam in right way but can we try ourselves to follow the footsteps of him rather than expecting our leaders or others to do it for us???.

    This is a lesson for all of us. I hope that we remember it all time.

  17. sameena from US

    Muslims like Dr. Hasan make me proud to call myself a Muslim. Education is a great equalizer and no doubt we need more people like him in South Asia who understand that. South Asia is a place is where for thousands of years the masses have been kept in a slave-like status by denying them the opportunity to educate themselves. Unfortunately, as evidenced in the Rape in Pakistan by an uppercaste tribe of a lowercaste Muslim woman, there are quite a few muslims in South Asia who believe in such rascism even though it is contrary to the beliefs of Islam. With more people like Dr. Hasan, we will be better able to equalize South Asian muslim society and be an example to other communities in South Asia. With the modern world being beamed into Hindu homes with TVs, billboards, internet and other media, we can be sure that this century is going to witness one of the great civil rights struggle of our lives in South Asia, Muslims need to gear themselves to contribute to it in a meaningful way. The pure Islamic message of egatarianism and the inherent dignity of a human being is sorely needed in South Asia. It would be wise for us to get rid of our own racial prejudices and reflect our Islamic humility and respect for human dignity in both our words and our actions.

  18. Nuraini from Malaysia

    this is the sort of person i have always tried to be. while i don't think i am suited for large-scale community work, i do believe, was raised to believe in and practice the spirit and soul of the Quran and not merely the words of it. From people like these I understand the importance of honour - as it encompasses the whole of good and the abstinence from not only evil but also apathy. People like him also show how being good actually requires understanding and forgiveness for imperfection, and requires looking in the mirror before demanding others to be good. Muslims preach by example, and i wish for my example to be a good one like him.

  19. LA from India

    Islam is all about Endurance, perseverance, patience, struggle, sympathy and compassion along with sacrifice of our personal comforts. These and none other are the important elements on which rests the philosophy of and creed of Islam but is seldom manifested in our times.

    Two such personalities whom I know are undoubtedly, Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi who resides in Pakistan and our Dr. Syed Hasan of India.

    Their efforts for the upliftment of the poor and selfless help to the needy far surpasses the eligibility for the Noble Peace prize which is long overdue for both of them. It might benefit their noble cause immensely and associate the name of Islam with something other than what it's wrongly been associated with in recent times.

    People like these are indeed manifestation of the Right creed of Muslims as mentioned in this Quranic verse: "You are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah...(Al Imran:110)"

    May Allah(swt) give birth to more such sould in our midst.

    L Ahmed

  20. H.A. from I-N-B Border

    Hmmmm....How many Mozzzleemss like to COPY Dr. Syed Hasan??? and How many like to COPY OBL, Hamas, Sharon, the COWOBY and Kings and Queen of Middle East??? PLEASE STAND UP!!!

    You all (Mozlems) having been sitting for too long. It would not hurt standing up a little!!! Dr. Hasan has turned gray doing all the work. You don't have to take my words for it. Just look at him.

    I would like to know how many of the Presidents and of the Queens who have posted comments on this site have taken similar steps as Dr. Hasan. Do their children have developed the same kind of attitudes toward the betterment of humanity as Dr. Hasan? or are they floating in the lamda of WINE of modernity in the name of freedom???

  21. Tahir Nawab Ghaznavi from USA

    We need more Muslims like him. An excellent example of what we Muslims ought to be trying to achieve.

  22. Aysha from UK

    salaam all readers. I have only a sentence to say: If only there were more people like Dr Hasan in the world.

  23. Petiwala Mohammad Amin from India

    Assalamoalaikum, Congratulations ! This is a matter of pride for all Indians and particularly for all Indian Muslims!

    This is a breaking news and i dont understand why this has not come in any of the media reports or newspapers?!!!! Where are they all ?

    My salute to Syed bhai as a human who is helping other humans, as an indian who is taking care of fellow indian brothers and as a muslim who is performing his duty!

  24. mohammed from sudan

    those prices will not be given to any anti western only those who support western ideas can gain such prices.

  25. Mike Ghouse from USA

    Dr. Hasan is a shining exmaple of what Islam is all about. Serving the mankind, accepting all people as they are and service to mankind was not be discriminatory...

    The message of universality that Islam carries is conveyed by Dr. Hasan very well indeed.

    As an Indian I am proud of him and salute him.

    Jai Hind.

    Mike Ghouse, President

    Foundation for Pluralism


  26. Mansoor Ahmed from USA

    Congratulations to Dr. Hasan!

    I belive whatever prize they can give but it can never match what Allah willl have instore for him .....

    May Allah reward him and let us follow in footsteps of such great people

  27. Md.Faiyaz Akhtar from USA

    Insan Movement initiated by Dr.Hasan is a mile stone for the development of socially under privilleged people.He helped to change the out look of one the most backward areas of North East India.His work should be sited as a model for developing countries to design their development plans.

    I was his student for ten long years(1977-87);I can witness his determination and dedication tward upliftment of the area.

    Now, goverment of india and international agencies should come forward to strenghten the hand of Dr.Hasan for multiplying this model at state and national level.

    Thank You,


  28. Rasheed Ahmed, Acting President, Indian Muslim Council-USA from USA

    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    On behalf of Indian Muslim Council-USA, I congratulate you (Dr. Hasan) for this nomination and more than that I admire and respect your (his) selfless efforts in the betterment of humanity at large. May Allah Subhanahuwattalah bless in abundance you (him) and those who are helping you (him) in this noble cause.

    Please remember us in your Duas.

    Wassalaamu Alaykum

    Rasheed Ahmed

    Acting President

    Indian Muslim Council-USA

  29. Mansoor Ahmed from USA

    I belive whatever prize they can give but it can never match what Allah will have instore for him .....

    May Allah reward him and let us follow in footsteps of such great people.

  30. Mohammed Jawaid Iqbal from USA

    I met with Dr.Syed Hasan (Syed Bhai)at Insan School Kishanganj India in 1982 when I was admitted in Class VI there. I was reading "Simple Living and High Thinking" in books. But I found a live example in Syed Bhai. Nobody was able to believe on first sight that he is the director of such a great institute and have such kind of simplicity. But I realised after sometime that sacrifices and dedication to mankind made him a diffrent person. I feel proud to be his student and disciple.

  31. Dr.Nadeem Zafar Jilani from UK

    The life and work of Dr.Syed Hassan and his selfless contribution towards educational upliftment of people of one of the most backward regions of India has been examplary.I am really happy that world at large is recognising his noble efforts.I hope that Noble Peace prize this year goes to this simple,saintly,committed educationist rather than any politician!

  32. Shamim Sheriff from USA

    I am on of those few blessed ones whose life was touched by Dr. Syed Hassan. He is just among a handful of truly selfless individuals on this Earth.

    He was my teacher in the third and fourth grade at Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi, India. Had he not left for U.S., he was expected to teach the fifth grade. If I was asked to name the one most unfortuante incident in my life, it would be the loss of his blessed stewardship. He has always been the most dedicated, energetic and selfless soul imaginable.

    He could have easily chosen to stay in U.S. and shared in its material bounties like 99.9% of us do; but he chose for himself a life of material depravation but spiritual richness.

    I seriously doubt that he will win the Nobel peace prize - who wants to be in the sorority of Menachem Begin, Henry Kissinger, Yitzhak Rabin and Shamir anyway - but his reward is far far higher than the Nobel Prize.