Israel Scores Roadmap Victory

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Although it may appear as casual "tit for tat" tactics, Middle East violence cannot always be explained with such simplicity. The nature of the recent escalation at the Lebanon-Israel border is more complicated than it may appear. 

Lets be a bit bold while unveiling the context that might have influenced the most recent violence engulfing the Lebanon-Israel border, which so far, has resulted in the killing of a young Israeli man and the wounding of four others. 

The Roadmap peace initiative - introduced by the United States and accepted by Israel and the Palestinian leadership- is not going very well, for either party. 

Palestinians say that Israel's release of 350 prisoners - keeping in prison 6,000 more, is simply not sufficient, especially as Israeli forces have arrested more than the number of Palestinian prisoners it released since its acceptance of the roadmap. 

Israel seems a bit too nervous because of the lull of violence. The right-wing government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon thrives on violence. Under the banner of shielding Israel, Sharon managed to pull off a separation wall that is currently in the process of swallowing up 10 percent of the West Bank. He is expanding illegal settlements while cracking down on Palestinian resistance groups with a free hand, under the pretext that he is "fighting terror". 

But none of the pretexts of the past are of much relevance anymore, at least during this stage; Palestinian groups halted their attacks, almost completely. Those who wished to violate the ceasefire - signed by Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and various Palestinian factions on June 29- were caught and sent back. Even Israel's frequent raids on the West Bank, most recently in Nablus, which killed several Palestinians, are bearing Israel no fruit. Once more, Hamas, along with other groups, assured Prime Minister Abbas that they would adhere to the ceasefire. Instead of a violent response, they simply handed Abbas, during a meeting in Gaza on August 5, a long list of Israeli violations of the ceasefire. 

Confused by the Palestinian reaction, Sharon kept on playing an old tune, declaring that his government "will not tolerate roadmap violations." Whose violations? 

Despite the complicity of pro-Israeli media in the Western hemisphere, Israel is slowly regaining the image of the aggressor, an image maintained by Israel for too long, yet interrupted occasionally by Palestinian suicide bombings. 

But it is not only the PR campaign that is occupying Israel's mind. Rumors in Washington that were circulated by the media, indicated that the U.S. government might withhold aid to Israel over its insistence on constructing the separation wall in the West Bank. (AFP - 5 August). Although President Bush distanced himself from the reports, his repeated use of the word "problem" while referring to Israel's wall might have not been a slip of a tongue after all. 

True, the right-wing alliance of the current Israeli and American government is too robust to be hampered by a lousy 1000km long wall - so what if 100,000 Palestinians will be encaged by tons of steel and concrete - but Israel who labored to forge that alliance is not the least ready to be in a defensive mode again, alone taking the flak while Palestinians are lauded. 

On August 02, Ali Hussain Salih, a top Hezbollah official was assassinated in Beirut when a bomb ripped through his car. Since the Israeli intelligence is known to be active in Beirut, Hezbollah was convinced that Israel is the one responsible for the assassination. 

A few days later, Hezbollah fired on Israeli positions in the occupied Shebba farms (the only remaining Lebanese territory in Israel's hands.) Israel fired back, bombing villagers in South Lebanon. Hezbollah, once again fired, this time reaching a population center in northern Israel, killing a 16-year-old teenager. Hezbollah dubbed its attacks the "Martyr Ali Hussain Salih Operation," after the man believed to have been assassinated by Israel.

Was Israel taken by a surprise by these sudden attacks? Not in the least. 

What was truly sudden about these attacks is how Israel, (with the help of its friends in the United States government) managed to change the standings in the Middle East game of politics. 

First, the escalation at the border helped transfer the pressure onto Lebanon, Syria and Iran, evoking condemnation from the U.S. government and top U.N. and European officials. The question of linking Iran and Syria to terrorism has once more resurfaced, which has played well in the hands of pro-Israeli pundits in the U.S. government and media. 

Second, the separation wall, which has occupied the imagination of politicians in the Middle East and around the world for weeks, has been cast aside. The construction of the giant wall continues unabated with little or no criticism. 

Third, Israel is once more the victim, as portrayed in the media. In fact, the Jerusalem Post tells us that Sharon doesn't intend on retaliating with a major military strike. Instead he'll allow the diplomatic channels to help "neutralize" Hezbollah; a sound move, indeed. A major strike against Lebanon will archive the border violence under the "tit for tat" file. Israel wants to prolong the fiasco by engaging the United Sates, the United Nations, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, the Arab League, the European Union and the world's media in the less urgent matter as long as possible, so that it avoids the accountability pressures of the Roadmap. 

But in the midst of all this, few have noticed that Israel has practically "froze" the Roadmap for peace, with Sharon telling his Cabinet on Sunday, August 10, that the Roadmap of peace is "on hold" until the Palestinians dismantle all of the anti-Israeli occupation groups, even though the occupation continues. 

It no longer matters who provoked the border violence starting with the assassination of the Hezbollah official on August 02. What matters, at least to Israel, is that for now, it won an important round. Now, Sharon, a pressure-free man, is likely to pressure the Palestinians further over dismantling resistance groups, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in particular. 

Sharon's call is likely to resonate, this time much stronger in Washington and its influential media, for as far as the untrained-eye of U.S. media and officials believe, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, are all synonymous to Al-Qaeda.

This is what Israel has been pushing for since September 11 until this day, and by far, this has been its most valuable card.

Ramzy Baroud is the editor-in-chief of and the editor of the anthology entitled "Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion," now available at:

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  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Occupation
Views: 3889

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DAvid regarding your questions in your post 16998 You are right to ask where are they those Palestinians protesting hand in hand. There is only answer to your questions will be a...question; what kind of media do you watch, hear and read?, However I sincerely believe you are trying to seek for real journalism and I am pleased to know people like you visit such sites, just keep looking on the net.

As for the young Muslims, I can assure you they are not "donkeys" but brave people that for sure have a lot more honor and guts than you and me.

Peace be with you

isreal or palestine... truly whats in a name? does it really matter? i believe that people in general just want to live their life peacefully whether they are muslims, jews or any other religion or race. why do humans have to be so arrogant, and hate one another based on their ethnicity, religious beliefs (ie beliefs on life, creation, God, afterlife, ...)and/or gender. I mean, in the end we are all humans, why must we bring in hate by distinguishing our selves w/ names. lets stop being nationalist, intolerant, arrogant bastards and tolerate each other for once! i for one am getting sick of all this unecesssary hatred. where does it get us in the end? i am not saying people don't have the right to be mad, cuz sure as hell, all of us are entitled to that right, but must we lost our cool and begin acting like asses? we must rise above all this and stop for the sake of humanity. i may sound rude and foolish, but cut me some slack and give me some credit, we all know about our human nature for greed, im just suggesting we attempt to control that for the sake of mankind. after all life is short, why not spend life doing something worthy and beneficial to those who will live on when we die as opposed to getting ourselves killed in suicide bombings (an act i despise and see no outcome but hell).
as for the palestine/isreali issue, both sides are to blame for the intensifying conflict we see today, i just think one of the two would have understood this concept by now and would grow up and do something about as opposed to blaming the other side and continue the countless innocent deaths of the victims of this tradegy.

Good points MrMarcus. I saw some very pro Palestinean treatment of protests for the first time on the national network news this weekend.

I'm for the Palestinian cause. I just wish they would leave behind old, failed strategies and these protests are a good start.

Actually David, Palestinians do a hell of a lot more protest and organizing then what your media bosses are willing to show you.
As for "donkeys," I think that term better describes your fellow co-religionists who are have drenched the holy land with goyim blood.

It is obvious that the Arab/Israeli conflict will continue until one or the other is completely defeated on the field of battle. This being the case, why should Israel continually put itself and its people at risk by continuing to talk peace with those who do not want peace.

The ARabs have been beaten again and again, and will continue to be because God is on the side of Israel, his Chosen people. Better the Arabs give up the land that they never lived on anyway and stop geting themselves killed needlessly

Israel or Peace. The choice is clear. Muslim countries are responsible for the existence, expansion and arrogance of Israel.


It is sad that people like Sharon get away with opression in 'your face' all the time, what is more sad that the world leaders are opressive and agressive and have no fear from Allah, lots of people are around the world are fealing this but they also feel that they can't make a difference, Devine intervention would have to occur in my opinion but the people must know that first. There is movie I watched recently called Beleiver and it is about a Jewish kid who becomes a Nazi, it is very intersting because you get to see their weekenes and this movie they show how Jewish people have coonnection in Givernment, newspaper and you see his anger at his own people. Watch it

Where are the thousands of Palestinians lined up, hand in hand, against the fence in protest? Where are the muslims standing on the old "iron curtain" protesting the new one? Where are the international protests using easily portable fencing to create news events?

All the Palestinians can think of is to find new, idealistic Muslim youth to turn into explosive donkeys. Will they ever learn that one must organize & work to turn world opinion?