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The article published in Newsweek ("Challenging the Quran," July 28) defies categorization and hence troubles whoever may like to respond to it. It claims to draw on excerpts from academic research containing "bomb shells" that could produce "a new interpretation of the Quran."

The article claims Professor Luxenberg's is "likely to be the most far reaching scholarly commentary on the Quran's genesis, taking this infant discipline far into uncharted and highly controversial territory." Who is Luxenberg? An unknown scholar writing under a pseudonym. The "scholar" is hiding his name for fear of repercussions, despite the fact that several people have written on the same subject in the past and present without taking such a precaution.

The professor works at an unnamed "leading German university" and his research is acclaimed by "Moudher Sfar" - probably another pseudonymed scholar from Tunisia we've never heard of. So much for academic credibility. Pending availability of the original paper and the author's real name, this is little more than a pseudo-academic piece published in a non-academic magazine. Thus, any response must pick through the bits and pieces scattered on the pages of Newsweek and conduct a point-by-point analysis.

Describing Luxenberg as one of a small but growing group of scholars studying the language and history of the Quran is amazingly wrong. For 1400 years, there have always been groups in the East and West of Muslims and non-Muslims, faithful and skeptical, who wrote volumes about the history and language of the Quran. The unknown author here is neither a pioneer nor a hero. Muslim scholars, including the likes of the Muatazelite school, Imam Zamakhshari, Al-Tabary, and countless scholars (of various readings of the Quran) are hard to count. There are also so many Western scholars and Orientalists who wrote about the subject in abundance that some of them would be restless in their graves if they read the claims in Newsweek.

The article surmises that "translations of the Quran are never considered authentic." Translations are judged as either accurate or inaccurate. No translation is authentic. When you translate Shakespeare to French or Voltaire to English, you may be accurate or not but the work will never be authentic, simply because it is not what was said by the original author. To make this sound like a peculiarity for the Quran or a particular thinking of Muslims lacks academic objectivity.

Luxenberg's chief hypothesis is that the original language of the Quran was not Arabic, but "something close" to Aramaic. What is the meaning of "something close?" What is it? Where is it? Who would understand it? Who will understand something close to English or German? These are questions that any semi-academic mind would ask.

He asserts that Arabic as a language and system of writing was not developed until 150 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. This strange assertion contradicts the major volume of pre-Islamic poetry, which is used even today to help in understanding and interpreting the Quran.

This poetry includes seven famous pieces that students study in middle schools throughout the Arab world, known as "Al Muallaquat." This refers to poems that were hung on the walls of the Kaaba as exhibitions of the best literary work in the pre-Islamic era. (The Kaaba, a cubic temple, has always been attributed by Arabs to the patriarch prophet, Abraham.) It also contradicts the Encyclopedia of Literature by Merriam-Webster, which states, "The intermittent revelations to Muhammad were first memorized by followers and used in ritual prayers, although verses were later written down during the Prophet's lifetime."

We have in Al-Azhar library a manuscript "explaining the unusual styles in the Quran" written by Imam Sagistani 153 years after the migration to Medina, in perfect classical Arabic. When we look to what is known as Christian Aramaic, we notice that Jesus spoke in Aramaic, while the gospels are written in Greek. It is far fetched that the Gospel would be written in Greek while the Quran would be written in Aramaic.

We notice that Christian Aramaic, "which is actually the Syrian language was the literally language of the City of Edessa (now Urfa in Southeast Turkey) became the tongue of the entire eastern wing of the church from about the third century C.E. down until past the Muslim conquest." Obviously the Muslim conquest was carrying with it the Arabic Quran.

So the process upon which the rereading of the verses in Aramaic is false and as Muslims jurists wisely say, "what is built on fallacy is false."

Then he talks about "houris," which are allegorically symbolic beings of bliss in paradise, as being raisins and fruits. It is his prerogative but this does not provide anything supernatural to look forward to the life of eternity.

It seems that what he was referring to as raisins is "kawaib." He challenges what he claims as the Arabic meaning of "beings with swollen breasts," while if he had known Arabic, he would have understood the term as "beings of distinction." For this translation, we refer him to a real Austrian scholar on the language of the Quran, later known as Muhammad Asad (Review The Message of the Quran).

The claim that the Quran's commandment to women in surah 24 to "snap their scarves over their bags" becomes in Aramaic "snap their belts around their waists." I challenge the professor to show us where he brought this verse of snapping from? Quran is available and surah 24 is easy to read.

In the Newsweek article, Luxenberg writes, "Even more explosive are the readings that strengthen scholars' views that the Quran had Christian origins. Surah 33 calls Muhammad the 'seal of the prophets.' In Aramaic, the word 'seal' means witness so he must be a witness of the Prophets." We really don't need all these acrobatics to prove a meaning that has been mentioned clearly in several areas of the Quran. Muhammad was a witness just as believers are witnesses, and Muhammad followed the good models of other prophets who came to testify for and confirm the truth they brought from God to humanity. So where is the brilliant discovery?

A similar case can be made for the arguments around the word "revelation." The author had to go to Aramaic or what he calls "something closer to Aramaic" to inform us that it actually means "teaching" of the ancient scriptures. He may be referring to the word "wahye" in Arabic, which means teaching, revelation, suggestion, setting instinct, putting the law of order to things, intuitive ideas, outbursts of thoughts and creativity. Wahye described scriptures, the nature of the heavens and earth, the instinct of the bees, the flow of poetry, etc. So there is no new "revelation" that Luxenberg is bringing here. What Newsweek slips in about Egyptian court, Nasre AbuZaid, Fatwa, etc. is opportunistic journalism, not fitting the standard of the magazine.

Dr. Maher Hathout is the senior advisor the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Southern California.

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  1. quranteaching

    The main issue is that we don't understand Quran because it's not in our language. We need to learn Quran with meanings so that we can understand what does Quran say to us.

  2. Abubakar S.Sani from Nigeria


    This is a good prove to those who critise the Authenticity of the Qur'an translation or even the the Real text i.e in Arabic.The response given here is perfectly genuine and challenge to whoever tries to challenge or allege the Holy Qur'an -The Book of God.

    May you be rewarded abundantly for your effort of enlightining the one who misunderstand the Islam.

  3. Shahrbanu Parpia from Canada

    When I read the article I was overwhelmed with sadness and grief. Islam and the Quran are being attacked from all sides because they alone have not succumbed to the falsehoods surrounding us and Insha'Allah they won't. Unfortunately, those with weak Imaan might be lured on to the false path. That a magazine like Newsweek should publish such garbled, strung together falsehoods without checking their veracity and orgin is lamentable. Serious scholars do not hide under pseudonyms.

  4. Ahmed Ali from USA

    All I have to say is If He claim to bear the Truth, He wouldn't have to Hide his face!

    Jazakallahu Khayr Dr. Maher Hathout!

    All praise are due to Allah, As long as there are men of knowledge like Dr. Maher, Allah(swt) will reveal the truth no matter how much the enemy of Islam, the soldiers of satan, will try to cover the truth.

  5. Mohamed from Germany

    I can't believe news'weak' actually published such crap. Wake up Muslims!!! Follow the Jewish model of anti-semitism, come up with an anti-islamism act and hunt down papers/individuals who intentionally attack Islam. Take them to court, if one gets bitten, the rest will hide in their holes. I wonder if someone came out and criticized Jewish beliefs, would newsweek publish it? The answer we all know is most unlikely. Why? Because they know the consequences. Well they need to know the consequences when they do the same to Muslims. I'm sure there are plenty of good lawyers out there who can do the job and force an apology from newsweek, publish Dr. Maher's response and maybe even make some money out of it (nothing wrong with that).

  6. H.M. Faiz from Sri Lanka

    May Allah Almighty Bless Dr. Maher Hathout. Who is this so called Prof. Luxernberg to find fault with the Divine Revelation. The Holy Quran itself has made a challenge 1400 years ago to produce atleast one verse like those from it? The so called Prof. must be a mercenary of the Jewish lobby who put out such blasphemy from time to time. No matter what these useless fellows mutter, the Quran is ever green and pure and no one can find fault on it. It has changed the minds of so many westerners who have accepted the fact it is divine.

  7. HAfiz Ibrahim from Pakistan

    Take my point carefully:

    we believe more in the orally Qura'n than in written Qura'n.

  8. Anna from Canada

    Every day, there is more proof that The Crusades have not ended. Allah SWT has promised that He will preserve this miracle and no matter how many Salman Rushdie(s) come out of the woodwork, the Holy Qur'an will prevail.

  9. a s khan from india

    It is time to sit on all religious texts and make comparative study. It is too erarly for the writer to conclude or to hurt others if it is not an attempt to spread blsphemy.

  10. Parvaneh from USA

    I, as a revert to Islam, am so fed up with these types of people it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be 'nice'.

    What I see happening as of late is reminding me of what was going before and during the second world war. These are alot of the same types of tactics that were used against the Jews in Germany. They started with the spreading of rumours, lies, and other types of misinformation. Then markings. Then banning from society. Then camps. Then extermination.

    If we do not 'wake up' and start to act in regards to what is going on here we are going to be under attack in the same way they were then! Oh, actually, it has already started.....

  11. K from Tunisia

    well, this article is a good answer to has been an attempt from shaitan to create in people of faith, where there is no doubt that the koran came in arabic, the divine language of pradise, and which starts in with "this is the book in which there is no doubt." It is a book and the only one which is protected by allah (subhanahu wa tahala) from any mistake. For 1400 years, the Quran has not changed, and has been recited in the way it the same way that it has been recited by the angel Gibril to the Prophet(salla llahu aleihi wa salam).

  12. Mohamad Ansari from USA

    I like the way Dr. Hathout presents his lectures and I like the way he reponds here to this article in newsweek. Jasaka Allah Kul Khair Ya Shikhana. Keep the good work. Allah will always support us as long as we are supporting His cause. Alahuma help us all the way to spread the word of true Islam and the light of Allah until the day of judgement.

  13. Jusfiq Hadjar from The Netherlandas

    Dr. Maher Hathout should read the book first before commenting it.

  14. Sayyed Waqqas Ahmad from Canada

    Myron Zecklorf really needs to go and either read the Holy Qur'an, or visit so that he/she can really see how scientifically sound The Holy Book of Allah really is!!!

  15. Musa from USA

    Please read the following lines taken out from the Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, verse no 14 thru 18:

    [14] Afterward he (Jesus) appeared to the eleven themselves as they sat at table; and he upbraided them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they had not believed those who saw him after he had risen.

    [15] And he said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.

    [16] He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.

    [17] And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues;

    [18] they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover."

    Based on the above criteria, can anybody find a single Christian in the whole world? Or was there any in the past 2000 years? It's very shameful that some people choose to critisize Al-Quran while maintaining the authenticity of their Bible. Yet they don't have any answer to the verses like the above ones and there are many other contradictions in the Bible.

  16. Hamza Kahn from USA

    The arguement that Islam's lingua franca, Arabic, was developed until 150 years after the bereavement of Islam's prophet, Mohammad ibn Abdullah (ibn-Amina) is something the west will dwell upon for a while. However, instead of yelling, cursing, and swearing revenge as the Ummah's response, the Islamic community may want to follow the path of dialogue. To put it simply, the Islamic community should view the article as an unrealistic point of view, and (as has already done, write editorials, essays, and articles producing clear-cut evidence to disregard this "NAZI" professor's point of view, as that of an angry Bohemian Coporal enteusist, as well as completely untrustworthy.

  17. Hamza Kahn from U.S.A.

    Good defense of the Qu'ran, and strong messge here. We can expect a bright beacon of hope from this website.

  18. mebrocky from USA

    I found the Newsweek article online, read it, and I can truly say it is trash. Why the editors let it go as written shows the level they will sink to in order to sell more copies. To open an article dealing with a beautiful and Holy work such as the Quran by referring to terrorists is not only stupid, it is dangerous. The rest of the article tries to make the book seem like an expose. Since when does a book from an anonymous linguistics professor deserve such a review? The answer of course is that it does not, unless some thoughtless fool wants to sensationalize it to provoke people to buy the magazine. The worst thing about this is that this idiocy was only published in the international edition so unless people in the U.S. find it on the web they don't know that an American magazine has once again printed such horribly offensive words targeted at Islam. Please know there are many thousands of Americans who know the truth and beauty of Islam. I am a Christian, and this is what I believe: God has revealed himself to humans through our great Prophets for thousands of years. The main message has always been the same regardless of how and when it was written. There is one God, caring, benevolent, and all people of faith should care as much for their fellow man as they do for themselves. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed all knew this, and their teachings reveal this to us most beautifully. These great works have been challenged historically, linguistically, and in other ways. This changes nothing for people of faith.. Regarding Dr. Hathout's article, I think that criticism of the book itself should wait until it can be studied thoroughly.

  19. Akhtar Hossain from USA

    The German scholar doesn't deserve any rebuttal; the guy simply wrote some nonesense. As Dr. Maher pointed out in his article that " serious literary works existed before Quran" and preserving great books by memorization is also nothing new. It esisted before quran. Quran is only 1400 years old; we have works from ancinet Grece, ancient China and ancient India.

    I think any body can be Fox news, New York Post expert if he is willing to say some anti-Islamic , anti-Muslim stuff. Actually it is Allah ( not us) who is preseving the Quran. It is in the Quran, I am sorry I can't quote the verse.

  20. Syed Jamaluddin from India

    Alhamdulillah, that u've posted this article on your website.And also helped others know about it. Mr. Luxemberg is not a new person, speaking against the Qur'an.People like him have been there since ages and until recently, we see Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen trying to explain people, what their dirty minds interpret.

    Anyway, good work done by you. We muslims should collectively give a punch to Newsweek, for publishing such type of articles , which hurt the sentiments of the followers of the Holy Book, who are in millions all around the world.

  21. muhammed from india

    In the Name Of Allah, Most Beneficent , Most Merciful

    Praise be to Allah , Peace &Blessings upon prophet Muhammed (SAWS)

    Our faiths in Qur'an increases when we understand its authenticity. We know that Qur'an speaks absolute truth, when we read chapter 10verse92

    So this day We shall deliver your (dead) body (out from the sea) that you may be a sign to those who come after you! And verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Ayah (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs , revelations, etc.).

    And we see the body of Ramses in the Royal Mummies, Museum in Cairo .

    This is just one of the many verses that testify for the authenticity of Qur'an

    God has said in Qur'an chapter 12verse2

    Verily, We have sent it down as an ARABIC Qur'an in order that you may understand.

    Having read the above sentences, we should not have any doubt about the language of Qur'an

    Those who argue about the language of Qur'an, being derived from Aramaic, do invent a lie concerning Word of God, that is a lie against God. And its said in Qur'an chapter 11verses18

    And who does more wrong than he who invents a lie against Allah. Such will be brought before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, "These are the ones who lied against their Lord!" No doubt! the curse of Allah is on the Zlimn (polytheists, wrong-doers, oppressors, etc.)[].

    As to the result of these actions these people are trying to blow off the Light of Allah, they can be never successful as Allah says in chapter 61vrse8

    They intend to put out the Light of Allah (i.e. the religion of Islam, this Qur'an, and Prophet Muhammad SAW) with their mouths. But Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate (it).

  22. MOHAMMED from USA

    For the disbelievers, nothing would make to them to believe. Yet, they continuously engage their energies to distorting the message of the Quran and want to prevent the believers from carrying on their faith. But, alas the unbelievers would be losers in this world and in the Hereafter.

  23. Feysal from SWE

    I hope Allah will give you reward "ajar" for the good projection you are giving to Islam from misleaders.

    I want to ARGUE every muslim to react against any trial of attack against Islam or muslims. It allways startes with smal thing that we do not give so much attention.

    Allah will allways be on our side, if we do not abandon him

  24. Sohail Bhatti from Pakistan

    Challenging the Quran Article in Newsweek is just another covert attempt.

  25. Abdul Ali al-Razaq from USA (occupied)

    Assalam Alaikum,

    This article needs no real intense debate because this author is paid to say this--it reminds me of the bogus stories these jahiliyah journalists wrote about the invasion (discovery) of this continent already inhabited by over 25-50 million people.

    Muslims were here as early as a century before these jahiliyah "explorers" from the east and west of this US occupied continent--one will not find this information, nor the genocide practiced as policy by this same government upon the indigenous Nations then and now, in any history text.

    This article is not meant to be accurate, it is meant to slander and bring ridicule to the Qu'ran--its an attack of the worst kind and it is supported by Newsweek. However there must be a strong response, Allah (SWT)and Muhammad (SAW)have spoken about this in the Qu'ran--it is not unexpected. Getting back to the US role, this goverment is probably behind this effort. Next month the WTO Group meets in Mexico and a response to this by Muslims would be very effective.

    So this article comes as no surprise but its real intent is to denounce and demean at the outset first, and then if successful, to render the Qu'ran as not just mistranslated but useless and therefore, "just another 'religious' book."

    I would like to debate this so called author about his shameful and racist article. The real title here is cloaked and hidden, written by an infidel and unbeliever who calls himself an author and actually writes as part of a literary crusade against the Qu'ran, the Muslim people, condoning unjust wars against Muslim Nations--it's about psychological warfare perpetrated, aided and abetted--under the mantle of objectivity--its about hatred.

    I stand behind my words and will defend this unholy attack against the word of Allah (SWT) and his miracle to the universe--the Qu'ran.

  26. Fayyaz from USA

    Good answers to every comment made in the Newsweek. I am very impresseed by the research done by the Muslim scholars and the article's author Dr. Maher Hathout.

  27. Abdul Rashid from USA

    great argument against the newsweek article.

  28. S. U. Rahman from Saudi Arabia

    I want to thank Dr. Hathout for writing this response to an stupid article which should have not been to the print if there was proper scholarly screening process. The editors must take a note and not let the garbage come to the readership.

  29. sham mohammed from trinidad

    Almighty Allah is the author and protector of the Holy Quran (Alhamdullah!). We muslims fimly believe this because Allah says so in the Qur'an.

    We are therefore not allowing such an irresponsible statement to affect our steadfastness and our piety. May Allah bless the Ummah, and may He bring guidance to the ignorant.

  30. Salam Choucair from Lebanon

    Challenging the Quran, seems to be written by an amateur coming from the shadow and not a scholar. It is merely another attempt not to be up to snuff. It doesn't deserve such a puffy title and it is a waste of time reading and responding to it. It applies to the trendy opportunistic journalism that tries to bring into light lifeless dummies and to propagate their rotten thoughts. Sadly enough, any pygmy today, wanting to reach the peak of fame quickly, throws "bomb shells" onto the Muslim communities and sits back to reap a guaranteed free and speedy publicity. What is written in the article is a confirmation to the majesty and superiority of the Holy Qur'an and its Arabic language, the language that defied top Arab instigators since the pre-Islamic era and now our German fellow pupil here. May Allah reward Dr. Maher Hathout for his wise reply and let this be a message to all other qualified Muslim scholars, researchers, academics and intellectuals to highlight the need for a profound speech and objective dialogue directed toward the "West" who is misguided by mainstream media.

  31. Jonathan Byrd from USA

    I have tried for a long time to be patient with Christians, being a former one, and I must say all we can do is pray for these people. I am sick of them. As a muslim, we don't go around lying about their religion. The glaring inconsistencies, admitted changes in the book, and historical revision of its text is there without the need for anyone to lie about it. Yet these people choose to purposefully lie about Islam. I know that Allah, SWT, says in the Quran that they will not be happy until they (Jews and Christians) get us to believe like them, but this constant lying is annoying. I think its time we as muslims start distorting the message of these people, we may actually get it back to its original meaning.

  32. Abdulrahmen Alcodray from USA

    We must remain steadfast in our effort to do good. Do not be derailed by such words, but rather strenghten our resolve as Muslims to represent ourselves to society by all means. Truth will stand clear from error.

  33. Warda Hadi from USA

    I know Dr Hathout's reputation in muslim society. What he said is representating what many other muslim would like to response to the article in the Newsweek.

  34. gaffer from Canada


    Well, this is another attempt by the west to discredit Islam. They are creating another Sulman Rushdie. As a believer, I believe that ALLAH will protect his words. And, I thank brother Maher Hathout for his efforts and love for the Qur'aan.

    While our protest to Newsweek may not produce anything for which their response would be "it is a freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to write and say whatever they wish", we must protest. The protest must be in an organized way. Individual protest would not work and would be thrown away as an another stupid muslim talking. We must boycott Newsweek and its sponsors and when the botoom line is affected, they will listen.

    But we must protest.

    Once again thank you for your prompt writeup.


  35. Maliha_zai from Canada

    in the name of Allah the most Gracious, the most Merciful

    "this is the Book (the Qur'an), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqun [the pious believers of Islamic Monotheism who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)]". (Quran Sura Al-Baqara, verse 2)

    Sadaq Allahul Azeem

    There is no doubt that this book is from Allah (swt) and it is His words. The wisest book (Al-Qur'an). Subhan'Allah. It is a complete way of life. Full of Miracles. Subhan'Allah!

    Allah(swt) challenges all mankind, and jinns to produce a sura or verses like Qur'an, but surely no one can bring a sura like Quran (even the shortest sura or a verse). This challenge is enough for those who say Qur'an is not correct or not the word of God or any other fake and false claims they relate to Qur'an.. Astaghferollah.

    So it is not surprising to know that such ignorants still live in today's world, who present their fake analysis without providing any authentic evidence.... they live in the darkness of their own ignorance, the Noble Qur'an tells us about their state.........


  36. Fatima Khamissa from Canada

    Thank you for defending the Quraan. The ONLY source of unaltered truth for 1400 years.

  37. Dr. Muhamad Arif Haji Kasmo from Malaysia

    I am proud for the Muslim to have such an eloquent professor.


  38. Faraz Siddiqui from Canada

    Peace on you all,

    I got an email that directed me to Mr. Theil's article and the response by Dr. Hathout.

    I have seen how Dr. Hathout has broken down most of the points in the article and I could not agree more - I am looking at the two articles from the LOGICAL point of view and do not want to be biased just because I am a Muslim.

    I am really looking forward for the book to be published though, so that our religious scholars can answer to the Professor's comments.

    I see that this article was really based on the article by Mr. Theil in that all the content was challenging Mr. Theil's point of view. I would have liked it if it had another part to it, where Islamic teachings were mentioned. We need not only to challenge that article but provide our own views too.

    For example, we should tell the readers that the Quran was written by a number of scribes just as the Prophet received his revelations. It was these LEAVES and other media that were used to make the full volume later on.

    We also know that the sayings or traditions of the prophet were NOT WRITTEN DOWN UNTIL MUCH LATER so as to avoid confusion between the words of ALLAH and the words spoken by the messenger of Allah.

  39. Matt from Malaysia


    'Moses wrote Genesis through Deuteronomy. Muhammed claims this as truth' He did?

    'Satan hates Israel so any nation who hates them is a servant of Satan even if it is a so-called Christian nation as Germany was' Puhleese!

    'Any nation who opposes Israel through history has fallen(because Israel is supported by nuclear power countries) and all nations who have favored Israel have prospered(because Jews poured more money in them for supporting Israel)'

    'If one believes in God love should be the diplomacy believers negociate with.This goes far beyond governments and gets to the heart of those who really matter'. Israel is a democratic country (wave hands sarcasticly)

  40. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Myron --> Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? (Quran 21:30)

    May peace be yours, Myron, as well as such additional understanding as you might wish to receive.

    Also, my thanks to Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, for zena having indicated that the lower of the two "Newsweek graphics" is "hyperlinked" to the original article.

  41. Hasaan Ahmed Gilani from Canada

    I can't believe that newsweek of all magazines would publish trash like this.... they should apologize and make amends.... or I'd like them to publish something like this over the Bible... but then we're Muslims why should we stoop to their level.

  42. onzie travis from United States

    There is a cottage industry in America and Canada, composed of mostly Christians with degrees in Islamic Studies, whose exclusive purpose is to distort and attempt to undermine Islam! Isha Allah, they won't be successful!

  43. Muslim from USA

    To all those who charge Islam with all sorts of wrong notions, I would like to suggest that mainly Muslim scholars are the best option to really learn what Islam teaches. I truly believe if most of those who attack Islam read some books from Muslim scholars, their minds would change. Unfortunately, most of those who antagonize our religion, base their knowledge from non Muslims who themselves do not understand or do not want to understand Islam.

  44. MixMaster from UK

    Hey Zerkloph, you must switch to decaff. The Quran unlike the Bible and Old Testament is scientifically sound. Talk about desperation on the part of the ignorant. You losers are grasping at straws.

  45. Mohamed Hegazy from USA

    I would like to thank Mr. Hathout for his response. I beleive that The writer of the Newsweek article is taking advantage of the lack of knowledge in the Arabic language of many people who just can't investigate his/her claims and breaching their trust in Newsweek which allowed such unsubstanciated claims to be displayed and presented to the readers as legitimate and credible research. The writer is also taking advantage of the post 9/11 climate during which some people became more inclined to accept anti-islamic propaganda because of the general climate of hostility to Islam and Muslims.

    As a highly educated Muslim Arab, I would like to invite every one looking for the truth regarding this issue to do his/her own research to reach the truth of this issue. I beleive that anyone that does that will be surprised to find how insulting to the intelligence and thinking of the readers this artcle is. He/she will also realize how mistaken was Newsweek when they published this fiction and called it research.

    Mohamed Hegazy, Ph.D., P.E.

    Phoenix, AZ, USA

  46. Salwa Abd-Allah from USA

    This is an excellent reply to the Newsweek article. It shows the virtue of Muslim character even when under attack in such a shameless and unscholarly manner. Muslims should continue to exemplify the benefits of the first command, which was to read!

  47. Abdul Mannan from Germany

    I think the article is very good and this is the right way to treat with these so called Western scholars.It helped me also to understand my religion in a better way. thanks

  48. gigi from pakistan

    i totally agree with DR.MAHER HATHOUT and congratulate him for writing such a good article in defence of islam.

  49. madmax from Maroc

    Assalamu Aleikum,

    The question Allah ta'ala asks us all "fa bi ayi alaa irabikouma toukadhiban", should make even the most ignorant think without to much effort.

    The orientalisme has never be and never will be a science, much less an exact science but will always remain only and interpretation of obscure minds.

    Jazakul Allah al khair Dr. Maher Hathout

  50. faisel from usa

    I always respected news week and it is ok to challenge anything but it should be based on facts.Please do not compromise your integrity of good journalism. this is in regard to your article "challenging the quran".

  51. A Mohammad from Canada

    This Newsweek article is about a 311 page book in the German language, titled Die syro-aramaeische Lesart des Koran; Ein Beitrag zur Entschlsselung der Qur'nsprache. An more detailed English review of the book is available at

    The language referred to as "something close to Aramaic" is Syriac. Following is my opinion "Luxenberg's" claims as presented in the above book review, as a Muslim:

    1. "Luxenberg concludes that the transmission of the text from Muhammad was not likely an oral transmission by memory, contrary to one dominant claim of Islamic tradition."

    Luxenberg's entire hypothesis rests on this assumption - that the early Muslims were not capable of perfectly memorizing the revelation of the Qur'an, as recited by the Prophet, nor were they capable of transmitting the memorized revelation through oral tradition. Yet anyone living amongst Muslims today is aware that there children as young as 4 years old who have memorized the Qur'an with perfection. There is nothing unusual about oral transmision of knowledge - Luxenberg is effectively denying the validity of ALL oraly transmitted information (Islamic or non-Islamic), and this is unacceptable from a logical point of view.

    In the MSNBC/Newsweek article, it is stated that "The original Qur'an, Luxenberg contends, was in fact a Christian liturgical document--before an expanding Arab empire turned Muhammad's teachings into the basis for its new religion long after the Prophet's death."

    There is not a single historical document that can support this assumption. Many scholars have tried to show that the Prophet derived the Qur'an from the Bible. Luxenberg however is the first person to claim that not only is the Qur'an derived from the Bible, but it was not written or recited by the Prophet. He has a very active imagination.

    I urge Islamicity to visit the review (above) and to post a detailed refutation.

  52. sajjadul islam from bangladesh

    i could not read that edition of newsweek bangladesh has baned it. this article helped me to uderstand folseness and conspiracy against the quran of the writer. many many thanks and regards to the w


  53. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Was that Newsweek article available only on-line or something? I can't find the "Challenging the Quran" article in my July 28 copy of Newsweek. Regardless, I give thanks to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) for the response from Dr. Maher Hathout. I also thank Allah (swt) for the acts of others making it accessible to me.

    I find it astounding that anyone would try, for example, to pervert Allah's instructions for modesty into an argument for immodesty - if I correctly understood that part about the donning of scarves. Such a lie conceivably might be "promulgated" to promote fashions intended to accentuate a woman's endowments!

    Insha'Allah analyzing the motive can indicate the participants. What might be some motives? Insha'Allah anyone who participated in such an offense would later wish to be forgiven by Allah. Astagh-ferullah!

  54. Abdi Sheikh from USA

    Asslamu Alaikum brothers and sisters!

    Allah says in an Ayah meaning "we brought this Quran and we will protect it"

    It is no wonder that despite the bad publicity Islam is racieving that Islam is still and contineous to be the world's fastest growing religion. It is no wonder than that this is a mercy from Allah. Is it?

  55. zena from USA

    thank you for having a link to the Newsweek article. it is always good to be able to read the source of what is being reacted to. the article Dr. Maher Hathout wrote had a calming effect on the despair the other article aroused in me.

    it seems the height of arrogance to claim to be an expert in someone else's culture.

    but men seem to reach new heights of arrogance all the time.

    the comment about money, sadly, i'm sure is quite true: both Newsweek and the author of this insensitive work seem to want to promote sales.

    and, if the Salmon Rushdie example is any indicator, they may have found a way to spark sales of a book that might otherwise have gone unnoticed by all but GOD.

    Inshallah, as one responder has noted, this will promote more interest in the Qur'an, and, once read, will allow new readers to judge for themselves, rather than take the opinions of others -- scholarly or otherwise.

    ...things are not always as they seem...

  56. Myron Zecklorf from USA

    Why waste time argueing over the writings of a culture that had not yet arrived at an understanding of Science and Nature. Just like the Jewish and Christian Testaments the Quran is just a feeble attempt to explain reality. True knowledge comes from study and analysis of facts using logical methods, not attempting to analyze ancient works of superstition and ignorance.

  57. Riza from USA

    Take a full page ad in the Newsweek to counter the false story. I am willing to contribute towards the cost. I am many will too. Good Job.

  58. muhammad khan from usa

    excellent response.

    "newsweek" should be ashamed of degrading to this low level of "garbage journalism" !!

  59. Akbar Khan from Canada


    People who write articles likes this one in Newsweek Magazine, are only trying to say the Qur'an was not delivered in the current form or Arabic that it is in today, is probably due to a few reasons:

    1 - "Luxenberg" is trying to invalidate the Qur'anic Arabic and create doubt in people's minds, through his false research.

    2 - He is afraid that the similarities between Jesus (AS) teachings and Muhammad (SAAW)'s teaching will be revealed; Such as, when Jesus(AS)spoke of God to his followers, he referred to him as Allaha, because that is how you say God in Aramaic. Obviously if this was common knowledge people would accept the name of God according to Islam, which is Allah (SWT).

    3 - Luxenberg has no knowledge or understanding of the Arabic history so therefore he is bastioning in his ignorance. Before Islam came to Arabia, The Tribe of Quraysh, that Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) was from, spoke a dialect of Arabic, and this is the dialect that was used for the Qur'an...this should not be new news to any Muslim.

    It is obvious that Newsweek and their interview with this "Luxenberg" character are silly attempts to somehow say that primary Islamic sources (Qur'an), are somehow in Luxenberg's mind created from Christian sources. It is only laughable, b/c the knowledge in the Qur'an, as Muslims clearly know, is far beyond the teachings of the Bible. The Qur'an is a miracle, and contains miracles, further the Qur'an challenges mankind to produce just a verse like it, and in 1400+ years, no one has succeeded.


  60. toby from usa

    I don't understand why Islam claims to be the one true religion when the actual scriptures are found in the writings of Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah and many other of the prophets of old and are also recorded in the King James version of the Bible. If it is the word of God it is true no matter where it is written. Muhammed claimed to have written his own revelation but if muslims would study the original writings they would see he only stole the writings of Islam from the prophets and then changed them to meet his own ideas of religion to deal with the times in which he lived. He did what was necessary to unite a seperated people. A people who desired to have what God had given to Isaac the son of Abraham. If you believe one part of the prophet Moses' writings you have to believe it all or none. Moses wrote Genesis through Deuteronomy. Muhammed claims this as truth. So why deny any part of it if it doesn't agree with your own needs. God doesn't care about your opinion of His word. He said it and that's all there is to it. Even as a Christian I have to accept God's Word and believe that Israel was chosen but turned away from God and that is why they have suffered so much as a nation. Satan hates Israel so any nation who hates them is a servant of Satan even if it is a so-called Christian nation as Germany was. Any nation who opposes Israel through history has fallen and all nations who have favored Israel have prospered. Check out history for yourselves. Even before America it was true. History should be our teacher and not our enemy. I don't always agree with Israel but neither do I agree with the US in all of its beliefs. I certainly do not agree with Islam and terrorism and will always stand against terror as a way of diplomacy. If one believes in God love should be the diplomacy believers negociate with. This goes far beyond governments and gets to the heart of those who really matter.

  61. Jake Alley from USA

    It's important for certain groups to bolster the notion that the Islamic religion and the Quran are what fundamentally drives terrorist causes like Al Qaeda. This is what the Newsweek article is about. It's so "Joe 6 pack" can read it, be confused by it, secretly think that his confusion proves it must be scholarly, openly quote it so he appears scholarly, and draw a further conclusion that Islam itself is the root cause of most terrorist acts.

    Without commenting on the obvious and absolute absurdity of the idea, Muslims need to be aware that this is indeed what a great many people are thinking and that powerful interests are promotting this idea. It is up to us to empower ourselves financially, politically, and in the media to do something about it. It is an obligation to help perpetuate the truth.

  62. Khan Muhammad Jan-e-Alam from Bangladesh

    The Qur'an - today bears exactly the same words as it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).The article "Challenging the Qur'an" is one of the most heinious conspiracy against Islam and a trick to misguide the Muslims having weak 'Iman'. The opinion of Janab Dr. Maher Hathout is very appropriate. May Allah, the Almighty save us from such a Fitnah. Ameen.

  63. Hannahzarah Avarraschild from U.S.A.

    I read alot of various scholars on various subjects. Before I run off believing what they say is the truth I find that it helps me to remind myself that too many scholars live in a publish or perish environment and have to come up with things to survive. One of the best ways to publish is to come up with something contraverisal. It doesn't seem to need to be proved and too many scholars justify their conclusions by quoting other scholars. Therefore I tend to look at all scholarly discertations with a bit of skeptism.

  64. Matt from Malaysia

    Opps! the Zionist did it again.Although I don't need to read your article to understand this scam, a billion of Muslims need you.Thank you Dr.Maher.

  65. Shad Shahid from India

    All that Newsweek has done is mere propagation of the right-wing Judaeo-Christian conspiracies to undermine the message of Allah, Lord of the Universe. However, all these conspiracies will surely die out as Allah has taken it upon Himself to safeguard and preserve the Qur'an for all time. They can only misguide some of the people for sometime but whomsoever Allah wills will be guided to the right path-- it is extremely foolish for anyone to think -- and history bears testimony to this--that they can deviate Muslims from their faith; this is not arrogance that leads me to saying this but belief in Allah.

    Newsweek would be well advised to conduct a similar research(sic) on other scriptures.

  66. Parvez from US

    I was reading the responses Brother Mahmud of philipines is right. This may be a help from allah to the muslims.

    We must welcome the attention on the Quran. Many non-muslims will read it and Im sure that some will learn to appreciate it.

    Let us muslims not miss such opportunites to keep the Quran in public memory. While dicussing the article we can enlighten the world about how the Quran is reaveled and some of its glorious contents.

    Indeed this is a gift from Allah.

  67. sparky

    very well written,Thank you.

    I hope you sent it to newsweek.

  68. Ali Mohamed from USA

    Great job Dr. Maher Hathout. May Allah reward you for what you have done for the Ummah of Islam. Your response is truly emphatic and analytic. Well done doctor. I wish you respond to every offensive article which defames the true religion and it won't be long before Allah, Almighty rewards you.

    Your brother in Islam,


  69. Parvez from us

    You know there still exist in americans the notion of superiority over other races it does not manifest itself directly but through cleverly hidden contexts.

    Probably they assume that since muslim world is in such a state of stagnation and perhaps so overawed by the west that it will see these silly and contirved stories as something that will cause suspcion to grow. Most muslims with even a little knowledge of the history of Armanic and how the bible was assembled and its varous faults can only laugh at the supidity of such expectations of these so called journalists and scholars.

    the world recognises the real face of the neo-con conservative and the grip it has on US govt. It may not appear so but the world is changing ulimately the billons of non-westerners will take their palce in the world. Some Americans understand this possibity and thus the mad rush to stem the slide.

    But the inevitable will happen. I doubt a few decades later any one would even remember the feble attemtps to stem the tide.

  70. Zane from USA

    Controversial indeed. Many Muslim readers wrote to complain about the piece. "Firstly, any genuine scholar worth his salt will have the courage to defend his views instead of hiding under a pseudonym. Secondly, Luxenberg's chief hypothesis is that the original language of the Qur'an was not Arabic but something closer to Aramaic," writes a correspondent from Singapore. "As a Muslim, I would like to share with your readers verse 2 in Chapter 'Joseph' of the Holy Koran which reads 'Inna anzalnahu qur'aanan 'arabiyyal la'allakum ta'qilun.' The eminent Koranic scholar Abdullah Yusuf Ali has translated it to mean 'We have sent it down as an Arabic Koran.' Note, it is 'arabiyyal' not "aramaic-yyal.' Aramaic is the language spoken by Jesus, who was born around 600 years before Prophet Muhammad. Now that is definitely not a hypothesis."

    Quoted from:

    Oh, Muslims unite!!!!!

  71. Zane from USA

    Salaam, this article in newsweek is just one of the many attempts to discredit, misguide, misleading or create public opinion that actually Qur'an just like the previous revelation had change. Christoph Luxenberg can say whatever he is up to you to believe him with his human mind or believe in Allah Subhanawataala Almighty which provide guaranty that Qur'an will be preserve till the day (Yaumil Akhir). So ..again just because Christoph Luxenberg or any other orientalist say so do not mean they are correct. La ilaha ila Allah wa Muhammad rasul Allah.

  72. Olumide Ibrahim Anifowoshe MD. from USA

    I am not surprised about this article. Non muslims just do not understand how a religion like Islam could have been so successful.How can they pray five times a day everyday,how do they all fast during ramadan,how can they recite the Quran and some can memorize the whole book,why do they all agree to recite and pray in Arabic even though they are so diverse and speak different languages.How come they don't celebrate christmas and are not even bothered about it. Why don't they believe in Santa Claus etc,etc.

    What else can the Non muslims do than to attack the Holy Quran.They think if we can prove the Quran false, then maybe the religion will stop growing. They come up with Scholars and experts to discredit the Quran and will not stop.

    Newsweek has never written any article on Ahmed Deedat,indirectly they have helped advertise the upcoming book of this "German scholar".

    What we need to do as muslims is to continue to be steadfast in Islam,learn more about Islam,teach it to people at every opportunity and we should be good example for others to follow. Contrary to non muslims' beliefs,Islam was not spread through violence.......the Quran says there is no compulsion in religion, there truth is always so distinct from falsehood.

    Islam has spread from Arabia to every part of the world....Africa, Europe, Asia ,North and South America and it's still growing.

    What else can the non muslims do than to try to stop this.

    Allah says in the Holy Quran (Chapter 10 verse 38) Or do they say "He forged it"? Say:"Bring then a surah(chapter)like unto it and call to your aid anyone you can besides Allah,if it be ye speak the truth!"

    In fact read from verse 38 to 44 of the same Chapter.

    We only need to hold fast to our religion and continue to read and follow the teachings in the Quran and Hadith to strenghten our faith.

    So my brothers and sisters in Islam these charges of falsehood by unbelievers are not new and will not stop.Prepared for them by being knowledg

  73. ahmed from usa

    There has been a lot of wishful thinkers through the ages that tried to discredit the Qur'an. But Allah (swt) has promised to protect it. Here is how Allah (swt) refutes the so-called scholar Luxenberg:

    41:44 Had We sent this as a Qur'an (in the language) other than Arabic, they would have said: "Why are not its verses explained in detail? What! (a Book) not in Arabic and (a Messenger an Arab?" Say: "It is a Guide and a

    Healing to those who believe; and for those who believe not, there is a deafness in their ears, and it is blindness in their (eyes): They are (as it were) being called from a place far distant!"

    Fussilat (41:44)

    20:113 Thus have We sent this down - an arabic Qur'an - and explained therein in detail some of the warnings, in order that they may fear Allah, or that it may cause their remembrance (of Him).

    Ta-Ha (20:113)

    14:4 We sent not an apostle except (to teach) in the language of his (own) people, in order to make (things) clear to them. Now Allah leaves straying those whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases: and He is Exalted in power,full of Wisdom.

    Ibrahim (14:4)

    16:103 We know indeed that they say, "It is a man that teaches him." The tongue of him they wickedly point to is notably foreign, while this is Arabic, pure and clear.

    An-Nahl (16:103)

    12:2 We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an, in order that ye may learn wisdom.

    Yusuf (12:2)

  74. Aleem Khan from canada

    this article that contradicts the luxenberg article was well written.

  75. Muslim

    My blood boils to know about this. This is ofcourse not a personal attack on me, nor an attack on my ummah. This is an attack on the word of Allah. What has happened. How did we get to this point. Kafirs are going to teach us about Quran and we will "listen". Allah please protect us from this evil that is around us. Allah, we are finding ourselves in this world that has become an enemy to You and Your word. Allah please protect us when Your wrath comes to those who try to change your word, protect us as we have no connection to anything they say. Allah forgive us our sins, give us courage and strength to fight your and our enemies in all fronts that they engage us in. Allah, you are our Lord, we turn to you.

  76. arifin muftie from indonesia

    Some one who is an expert of al Qur'an must write as a counter article in Newsweek.This is a somekind of public framing by the magazine.

  77. hala from U.S.A



  78. Liban from Canada

    The term scholar has become so cheap that every religious zealot having beef with Islam can be passed off as "foremost expert in Islamic studies." Why don't they leave Islamic studies to the Muslims. Don't they have their own religion.

    The Bible and Torah are filled with enough BS to keep Luxenberg and Newsweek busy for three centuries. Go study that.

  79. Kamil from usa

    Dr. Hathout gives an excellent response to this so-called expert on the supposed new interpretation of the Quaranic language. May God bless him. There will never be a shortage of false experts on Quran and Islam. However, God Almighty has promised to protect His Book, regardless of countless hypocrites's assaults, and the weakness of the Muslim community to withstand these assaults.

  80. abdirahman from uk

    as a none arab, i find the preservesation of the arabic launguage paramount for understanding quran. this langauge should be a live in the text and in the mouth of men and women of as to guard ourselves from this sudo they attempt to deconstruct QURAN.......IF IT WASNT FOR THE MERCY OF ALLAH IN HIS PROMISE TO PRESERVE THIS REMINDER(QURAN)....SO IS THE PRESERVATION OF ARABIC LANGUAGE INCLUDED...........from the idiom of the taxi driver,market dealers, modernist, journalist..and the modernist interpretation.

  81. Shuja from Toronto, Canada

    Prophet Muhammad (saw), the Glorious Qur'an and Islam. These are the three words that have become the center of attraction in the globe. Rightly, Allah (sbt) has said in the glorious Qur'an that HE (sbt) will use the capabilities of the enemies of Islam to promote His (sbt) deen. These criminals from right and left are attacking Islam, Prohphet Muhammad (saw) and the Glorius Qur'an without realizing that they themselves have put the agenda on the table for the whole world. Being a Muslim myself, I welcome the initiative. I don't own the propaganda outlets like New York Times, BBC, Universal Studios or Walt Disney studios to promote Islam. Newsweek is a multi-billion dollar entity and Muslims should learn to cash this initiative undertaken by the enemies of Islam and promote deen and take the message of truth to their doors. Ordinary non-Muslims will read Newsweek, and inshallah, they will become more curious of Islam, Prohphet Muhammad (saw) and the Glorious Qur'ran. Nobody cares of Bible, Geeta or Jewish scriptures anymore. Nobody talks of Jesus, Ram, Moses or any other religious personality. They are all outdated and outclassed. Like it or no, Prophet (saw), the glorious Qur'an and Islam are current and future of this planet. The glorious Qur'an is well on the way to become the constitution of this planet, inshallah. Shuja

  82. badrul kahn from usa

    I always have lot of respect for newsweek, it would be good for the magazine to compair the present and previous scholars work and prints something dear to the whole Muslim community.We are peace loving citizen of the world.Peace.

  83. Mushtaq Ahmad from Pakistan




  84. Aziz Djaout from Canada

    I hope you will publish Mr. hathout answer in your next edition.

    Thanks !


  85. Marian Musse from USA

    I agree with author of the article. This is not the first time nor the last time that Quran has been challenged, and Newsweek a widely read magazine should reconsider in accepting article that written with factual errors. As the saying goes "Litte knowledge is Dangerous.

    Allah Knowest Best


  86. Yahya Bergum from USA

    I can't find the "Challenging the Quran" article in my July 28 copy of Newsweek. Regardless, I give thanks to Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) for the response from Dr. Maher Whatnot. I also thank Allah (swt) for the acts, of others, that made it accessible to me.

    I find it astounding that anyone would try, for example, to pervert God's instructions for modesty into an argument for immodesty - if I correctly understood that part about the donning of scarves. God willing, anyone who participated in a thing like that would later wish to be forgiven by God. Astagh-ferullah!

  87. Cherif Loutfi from Egypt

    Dear Mr.Maher Hathout

    I congratulate you, on a very good and consistent article ,I hope many start be active like you, and respond to the Zionists twisted propaganda .

    I remember reading a French article citing what that german scholar have said about the Koran.

    I sent a reply , but it was only a drop of water in an Ocean. You cannot imagine my happiness when I read your article ...Thanks

  88. yacine from United Kingdom

    My intention in this article is to unveil some propagandist expressions which show the intention of both the writer of the book and of the newsweek's journalist.

    first I must thank Dr.maher harthout for his response to the article.His response was that of a knowledgable man in this field of study unlike the following response.

    The association of the article's title which includes the word quran with the attacks of the 11th of september shows that the American press is still thirsty to see more hatred directed towrds islam, most imporatantly towards the holy book of this religion.The word challenging means that there is something great in the Quran which the enemies of islam tried so often to challenge.The real challenge as represented in the Quran is to write one Surah like that of the Quran and then call people to appreciate it and follow its orders.If Mr.Luxemburg is a specialist of Arabic, he would try to defy and challenge this invention of a surah and he can join in his team jinns if he wants.

    A second hidden intention is the will to dissociate Arabic from the Quran.This shows that the writer of the article is aware about the strength of the arabic language the chosen language to reveal the's strength lies in its power to describe things in a musical way and the power to convince and to show clearly.this was mentioned in the Quran as "lisanon arabiyon moubine" and i hope Mr.Luxemmbur will understand this verse for he knows arabic and a translation may be "unauthentic".

    the comment of the writer of the article : "Such interpretations will undoubtedly draw the ire of many Muslims?and not just extremists" -this comment shows the intention of publishing such an article.It is considering all muslims as extremist if not trying to make them angry by encouraging such articles and writings which attacks ,under the vail of mew interpreations, a religion of a billion people.It is a criem shot with words to kill a culture and a religion

  89. Ahmad from Singapore

    This is a great article. Good job Dr Maher, May Allah reward you.

    That German "scholar" has made a poor case with made up "evidence". Period.

  90. Syed from USA


    May Allah Bless You, a Good rebuttal to the ignorant pagans who have been around since revelation of the Greatest Glory to mankind. Allah swt has disgraced them in this world and the next and that is one good reason to hide identity ;). may Allah bless and guide us all

  91. A slave of Allah Almighty from Domain of Allah Almighty

    Assalamo Alaykum,

    You see the enemies of allah during the life time of the most beloved prophet of allah, and a mercy to the mankind Prophet Mohammed (SAW) may everything I have be sacrified for him for the sake of allah the almighty, tried to put off the light of Quran but listen what allah says in the Quran close meaning of which is

    " The disbelievers wants to put off the light of Allah (The Glorious Quran n Mohammed's (SAW) Guidence) with their mouth, but Allah will perfect it (establish the supermacy of Al Islam against all the ideologies in the world) even if the disbelivers do not like it"

    Also we must remember this quran is easy to understand for those who fear allah and will bring wrath on those who reject it in both the worlds in this life as well as in the next life.

    Whats happening today is not new, enemies of allah always rebelled against allah and his prophets from the time of Adam (AS), Moses (AS), Isa ibn Marium (AS) (Jesus - AS) till the Prophet Mohammed (SAW)and this has not ended yet but the struggle will be going on until the last day.

    So give glad tiding to those intelligent people who belive in the Creator Allah the Almighty and his prophets.


  92. OsManli from Canada

    Yes, it amazes me at the "overnight" non-muslims "islamic scholars" can "break through" and "enlighten us" about the Book of Allah!

    This is not new, the Kuffar have no bounds, and their lies will not diminish the light of islam... they are like flys trying to cover the light of the sun.

  93. Reza from USA

    as-salaamu alaykum,

    the newsweek article is more propaganda than journalism. as with hadith, we should be careful from whom we receive our information. being that the writer is jewish and the german scholar goes by a pen-name (unheard of in scholarly circles) this article deserves to be in one place--the rubbish bin!


  94. Dr. nasser from usa

    A human cannot challenge his creator. Therefore, luxenberg is a zionist and he is still one of those people who disobeyed Allah. He's a person with a child's mind. I believe that he was using some narcotics and became hallucinated and started acting that way. God will punish him like beni israel whom they disobeyed God. He's one of those people that should be ignored because he's to me as that he does not exist. God is great.

  95. fethia from U.S.A

    May God bless the doctor who wrote a very specific facts to respond on the article written by the megazine. I also would like to suggest that this respond should be well reached every muslim organization so do ur best to the importance of this article reach every muslim institution and have it at least on their notice board . for example in Mesgid

  96. K.Mohamed from UK

    Assalamu alaikum Dr Maher,

    May Allah reward you for defending our deen with insight and clear elucidation.

    The kufars will keep attacking the quran but to no avail as history bears witness to it.


    Mr Mohamed

  97. Akbar Khan from Canada


    An incredibly silly atttempt by Newsweek magazine to cowardly display their raging dilemma in facing the absolute truth contained within Qur'an Al-Majeed. It amazes me that such a magazine would follow through with such unconstructive journalism...may it be for their failed attempts to somehow tarnish Islam with such vague and bogus conclusions by this "Luxemburg" character, I don't know, but it's clear that Americans need to know more about the world of faith outside of the Judeo-Christian mentality. People who read that trash and have no understanding of Islamic history, and the history of Makkah, the Kaaba, who built it, Prophet Ishmael (as), Hagar, and Prophet Abraham (as) in Islam, well, I just pray that they may be guided and forgiven for their lack of understanding of Al-Islam, and may soon open their hearts and learn the knowledge which Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon us to understanding and ponder upon, Insh-Allah. Jazak-Allah Khairan.


  98. Mahmud L. Kingking from Philippines

    I have not come across the article "Challenging the Quran" in Newsweek. But I believe this thing has happened with the permission of Allah so that people may read and have the opportunity to examine and find the truth and genuineness of this Holy Quran. Insha Allah many people will believe and enter Islam. Alhamdu lillah

  99. Sahibzada Muhammad Ayaz from Pakistan

    Ignorance of the authors of the "So-called" study was / is apparent to all persons with even a little genuine knowledge of Islaam and its Holy Book (Al-Quraan-ul-Kareem). However, an expert in journalism could make a convincing rebuttal of the news item (which as pointed out in the response comprises only bits and pieces selected randomly to make it sensational). Dr. Maher Hathout of the Islamic Center of Southern California has discharged this duty (Fardh Kifaayah), on behalf of the Muslim Community admirably. I am thankful to him and the Islamic Center of Southern California for this. Jazaakumullahu Khayr (May Allah bless you with good reward)! Aameen

  100. Syed Moize from USA

    Dr. Maher Hathout has done a very good job and has left not a single point raised in the Newsweek article unanswered. As a matter of fact, I as an ordinary Muslim, with an average level of Islamic knowledge was able to throw away all the objections/doubts raised in the Newsweek article, while reading the article. I am wondering how come some people gain the designation of "scholars" and "intellectuals" while they fail to exhibit a basic understanding of the subject matter and mis-quote the facts. Furthermore, may I suggest to Newsweek to check the authenticity of the references and examples quoted in an article before deciding to publish it.

  101. Umair Ahmed Khan from Canada

    This article is not a new entity for Muslims because since from the time of our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the enemies of Islam are planning to eliminate Islam or misguide Muslims. To do so, their usual attack is on those people (muslims or non-muslims) who have not studied Islam in some detail. Moreover, this is why they are trying to remove the Muslim scholors. As far as the Quran is concerned, it is the responsibility of Allah to guard the Quran.

    It has been manifested now that the US is attacking on Islam rather than any regime or whatever.

    Muslims must increase their Islamic knowledge so that they may response to these kinds of attacks easily and raise their voices against the enemies of Islam.

  102. Paranoid from India

    rankly...there was no need for Dr. maher to waste his precious time in responding to these microminute publicity seekers like nutty professors of Luxemborg. Nevertheless, a job well done.

    When will these self described oriental non Muslim scholars of Islam realise the futility of their argument that Muslim around checnya and palestine and kashmir are dying for the pleasure of having 72 virgins around them in paradise and think that if they can somehow break or dent this sensual aspect of Muslim Paradise, suicide bombings will stop??

    How foolish and naive can one be? For what pleasure are people of LTTE dying or when anto colonialism fights for Independence took place in India or Libya or even America, did the people die?

    Resisting Occupation in Kashmir and opting for Self Determination in Kashmir or Chachnya doesn't require the lure of some virgins up there? Why can't a professor get these beyond me.

    Not to mention, most of the spinners went quite and dumb, when female suicide bombers struck from Chechnya to palestine but our Prof Luxenborg goes on in delusion.

    Finally, billions of people have come and gone from this world since the Quran was brought to us as a Guidance and Truth by someone who was a 'Mercy to mankind'. That Muslims have forgotten about it and kept it in closets and almirahs, is a different matter but Professors like Luxenborg have come and gone in millions and hardly able to change corrupt a letter of it's authenticity.

    His, is a fight for corruption in the Holy Word, which gets lost, even before one thinks about it in his mind.

    A year from now, and chances are, no one will remember Prof Lux...errr...Who???

  103. Zeeshan from USA

    I think Newspapers and magazines like Newsweek create a controversy to increase their sale and publicity.

    The author has done good work to clear up the so-called "brilliant discoveries" of Luxenberg.

  104. MixMaster from UK

    I dont see how anyone in the age of the internet would still pick up a rag like "Newsweek." I'm not surprised that such cheap drivel is published in thrid rate publication. If you want real news without the spin, stick to counterpunch, iviews and