The Faith Triumphant

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"Do not be dejected nor grieve. You shall be the uppermost if you are Believers." (Quran 3: 139

The first thought which comes to mind on reading this verse is that it relates to the form of Jihaad which is actual fighting; but the spirit of this message and its application, with its manifold implications, is greater and wider than this particular aspect. Indeed, it describes that eternal state of mind which ought to inspire the Believer's consciousness, his thoughts, his estimates of things, events, values and persons.

It describes a triumphant state which should remain fixed in the Believer's heart in the face of every thing, every condition, every standard and every person; the superiority of the Faith and its value above all values which are derived from a source other than the source of the Faith.

It means to be above all the powers of the earth which have deviated from the way of the Faith, above all the values of the earth not derived from the source of the Faith, above all the customs of the earth not colored with the coloring of the Faith, above all the laws of the laws of the earth not sanctioned by the Faith, and above all traditions not originating in the Faith.

It means to feel superior to others when weak, few and poor, as well as when strong, many and rich.

It means the sense of supremacy which does not give in before any rebellious force, before any social custom and erroneous tradition, before any behavior which may be popular among people but which has no authority in the Faith.

Steadfastness and strength on the battlefield are but one expression among many of the triumphant spirit which is included in this statement of Almighty God. 

The superiority through faith is not a mere single act of will nor a passing euphoria nor a momentary passion, but is a sense of superiority based on the permanent truth centered in the very nature of existence. This eternal truth is above the logic of force, the concept of environment, the terminology of society, and the customs of people, as indeed it is joined with the Living God Who does not die.

A society has a governing logic and a common mode, its pressure is strong and its weight heavy on anyone who is not protected by some powerful member of the society or who challenges it without a strong force. Accepted concepts and current ideas have a climate of their own, and it is difficult to get rid of them without a deep sense of truth, in the light of which all these concepts and ideas shrink to nothingness, and without the help of a source which is superior, greater and stronger than the source of these concepts and ideas.

The person who takes a stand against the direction of the society - its governing logic, its common mode, its values and standards, its ideas and concepts, its error and deviations -will find himself a stranger, as well as helpless, unless his authority comes from a source which is more powerful than the people, more permanent than the earth, and nobler than life.

Indeed, God does not leave the Believer alone in the face of oppression to whimper under its weight, to suffer dejection and grief, but relieves him of all this with the message: 

"Do not be dejected nor grieve; you shall be the uppermost if you are Believers." (Quran 3:139)

This message relieves him from both dejection and grief, these two feelings being natural for a human being in this situation. It relieves him of both, not merely through patience and steadfastness, but also through a sense of superiority from whose heights the power of oppression, the dominant values, the current concepts, the standards, the rules, the customs and habits, and the people steeped in error, all seem low.

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  1. Mohamednur Mohamed from U.S.

    thanks to my brother, Syed for his writing this beautiful article. it is a releif for us in this bad times we are experiencing today and it is more than a true, the believers will be uppermost.

    we are waiting the promise of Allah, which will happen.

  2. quratulain from pakistan

    i think what the writer is trying to tell us is that as a human we need to rely on the unseen power of allah . tawakal will keep us free from the clutches of the socitys problems. if we sustain the consiassness that allah is present and it doesnot slip our mind for a single moment then we will not feel let down.

  3. Imam Bilal Yasin El-Amin from USA

    A beautiful article, expressing profound ideas in a simple manner. I am sure these thoughts and expressions sustained Brother Syed Qubt during his persecution in Egypt. G-d bless him.

  4. Amien Widodo from Indonesia

    I like thsi bulletins and very helpfull.

    This time I need an information abaut hydrogeologocal proccess of "Zam-zam" springs.


  5. omar minyawi from usa

    the writer was oppressed during the time of Nasser in Egypt. I do not know if this piece was written when the writer was in prison, or between prison-terms. The writer definitely relates the verses to the situation of people or groups not nations or countries.

  6. hassan patani from thailand

    assalam moalaikom.

    plaese give us more about islam what the meaning of islam,why muslims are make trouble in the world,specially in arab country,why thier are not unitqe the way of islam?

    thans you


    pak haji

  7. Fatima from denmark

    Every soul will taste death and meet its Etarnal fate.Every soul will be in the unlit grave. Return to its Mighty Creator(Allah swt).

    At last your soul will go to HELL or Heaven.

    Decide which now. Do not Delay.

    Come on my brothers and sisters lets pray.

    Oh mark the words that I do say.

    Decide which path now. Do not Delay!

    come one my brothers and sisters lets pray!

  8. khalid jaffar syed from india

    really a superb verse. i liked it very much n thinking to have it as a poster

  9. Muslim from USA

    To Frank:

    As a Muslim I feel compelled to respond to your statements. You said "most of all Muhammad didn't even know where he was going after death."

    This statement and others you made prove you are very ignorant of Islam and the life of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    Heaven is guaranteed to all the prophets and the righteous people. I suggest you to seek more knowledge of Islam from Muslim scholars.

    I would like to ask you a question if you are a true seeker of the truth. Have you ever read the Bible, both the Old and New testament? If you are familiar, I would like to ask you why Christians have broken most of the laws of God, when Jesus said in the Bible he has come to confirm what came before him. That means he upheld the laws of Moses and the previous prophets, which contain the prohibition of associating others with God (while most Christians have associated God with Jesus and the Holy Spirit), the prohibition of eating pork, circumsition for males and more...

    Also, how come the concept of the trinity was unknown to all the prophets in the Old Testament? Those prophets emphasized the one'ness of God and the grave sin of worshipping others than Him.

    Have you ever heard of the Nicean Creed? Do you know that many Early Christians were massacred because they refiused the imposition of the trinity as the official teaching of Christianity decided upon in the Nicean Creed? Most Christians at the time who lived in the Middle East held the belief Jesus was a prophet, not the son of God or part of triune Diety.

    Many Christians charge that Allah is not as merciful as their Lord in the Bible. I just would like to make one point, Allah does not need to kill an innocent man in order to forgive the sins of unrightous men, He forgives those who repent and make amends. That is more merciful and just indeed. Moreover, in almost all the chapters of the Qur'an start with "In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful the Most Gracious". T



  11. acklima from TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO

    If one cannot change the world...then dont let the world change you...

  12. Matarr Suraa K Baldeh from Gambia

    I believe that God will one day weep our tears as because we are being prosecuted left, right and center just because we are Muslims. We will not grief and will not dispare as God knows best.


  13. khaalid khan aka bro. sam from guyana

    assalaamu alaikum to all the ummah. very good article . presently i am using milestone in my class.i am willing to learn islam more i am an islamic worker at the guyana islamic trust 29 lombard street georgetown. guyana.i will be most happy if you could send me anything like books video audio etc. my home address is 54 back street mc doom village georgetown .guyana. please let me know how is the brothers and sisters .where are you based. could you please give me any brother name so i could communicate with. jazaakallah. may allah bless all of us keep us all and guide us all to the straight path. and may he reward us with jannatul firdous.take care brothers and sisters. looking forward for your reply .wassalaam.

  14. Paul J Thomas from USA

    Thank you so much. I needed that message today.As the challenges of injustice continue to confront us, it is only in God our hope must be. The climate of greed and underhandedness that seems too often to be the victor must be turned through our faith in God. Together, with God's wisdom and mercy, we must transform our society as indeed God transforms our own life. pjt

  15. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Frank - peace be with you. Most Muslims seem unwilling to accept Paul's writings as the word of God. With all due respect, you might enjoy a better audience among Muslims if you submitted only New Testament verses that directly quoted Jesus (peace be upon him) and also preceded those sections of the New Testament that report any sort of cruelty inflicted on the person of Jesus (pbuh). This would preclude, for example, submitting verses taken from "The Acts of the Apostles" in addition to verses in the four Canonical Gospels which appear to sanction the worship of Jesus (pbuh), extend "binding authority" to Christian clergy, etc.

    Interestedly enough, as far as I know, Jesus (pbuh) is the only one of God's messengers - or of God's prophets for that matter - whom the Quran qualifies using the name of his mother, Mary (with whom the Quran tells me God is well pleased). In my thinking, this indicates that Jesus (pbuh) might be properly referred to as the "son of woman" - may God forgive me for any disrespect in such references.

    Please note it was no one less than Jesus (pbuh) himself who told us that God alone is the one who is good. For confirmation of this, please refer to Mark 10:18, Luke 18:19 and Matthew 19:17. These verses would appear to lend credence to my declaration that God is not Three but One.

    Again, may you have peace. I apologize for any offence I may have caused. Any truth in my comments should be attributed to God, while errors in my comments belong entirely to "yours truly" - Yahya Bergum.

  16. ali abd alrahman from usa

    I have one problem with many muslin who say god rather then Allah when talking or writing to none muslims. Using the word god can also imply that there are goddess as well. Do not be deceive that many none muslims do not know who Allah is. Many muslims I think are ashame to say Allah to none muslim.



  17. Frank from U.S.A

    I would first like to thank this website for opening there articles to the public knowing that all comments might not come from believers in Islam. I would hope the comments would be also. On that note I believe everybody has a faith (even athesism is a faith in that there is nothing) and faith tells their believers they are better off than nonbelievers, so stay strong even in this world full of evil and persacution. So I see where Muslims can find peace When comparing themselves to the world. Islam in many ways is bueatiful when truely looked at by human eyes. So ifI was looking for peace and the choice was the world or Islam I would devout my life to serve Allah. But since there are other choices I must search Islam past just the Surah's you mentioned. When I find things like Surah 23, all mentions of the scales, even if inyour favor still no Promise of Heaven. When I read the Hadith,And I see that even Muhammad (peace be upon him) believed in Allah but a study of his life didn't show peace from thinking he might be possessed to having to change past Surahs because Allah changed his mind , and most of all Muhammad didn't even know where he was going after death. So a Muslim's mind towards the world yes more peace but towards Allah, stress out of this world. Now Iwould like to Quote the Bible "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved-you and you household" Act 16:31 and "In Him through faith in Him we may approach God with Freedom and confidence." Ephesians 3:12 Icould go on and on with messages in the Bible from God to man That say yes you must believe in the Cross with all your heart but when you do Salvation is guaranteed. Now that is true Love and true love brings true Peace. Now don't get me wrong Christians have sort of the 5 Pillars to but true Christians don't do works to get to Heaven but because welove the Giver of Heaven. Jesus =s peace ask him yourself you have nothing to lose since heaven Is not yet yours. I meanthat with love we allneed truth

  18. Khaled Mohamed from USA

    I find it true.

    Without a more superior power that directs our actions we are lost; we are subdued by the pressure the society places on us.

    The feeling of being superior because I take my directions from the most superior powerful makes powerful and strong even if I was actually being oppressed and all types of injustices are being committed against me.

    Taking that into consideration, I can face all types of misfortunes and oppression with the strong feeling I am the Winner.

    May Allah Guide us and save us from HellFire

  19. Zinedine from Casablanca, Morocco

    Salamu alaikum,

    Dhikr not Zikr is the backbone of Salat. It links the creation to the creator. To keep that link alive & not become one of almughaffaleen living in a world of alghafla. The best dhikr is la ilaha illa Allah: "Know that there is no God but Allah..." Holy Quran. The Shaheed (martyr)Sayyed Qutb want us to understand the true meaning of the great kalima & the sufi master Abdessalam Yacine stresses the need to recite the kalima for 15 minutes three times a day until dhikr influences our way of thinking, our behavioural patterns & eradicate all forms of Shirk.

  20. Badar from World

    Soubhaanallah! This passage shows that everything that is susceptible of being looked for is, in fact, in the Qur'an. This is the message i have been looking for lately. Patience is such a great quality; Muslims should be known for their outstanding ability to remain patient and "steadfast" whatever happens and no natter what. When I read that Aayah, my heart is overwhelmed with joy as I witness the Greatness and Presence of Allah, not to mention the timeless aspect of His message. My experience has been that whenever my meditations lead me to some gloomy area of thoughts, some lustrous message pops up from the Qur'an or Hadiths to enlighten my mind and teach the right thing. I can't be but thankful and grateful of Allah. I invite you all my bros and sis to remain strong in this test, which is life, and that is the point of being patient.


  21. Alia from USA

    I enjoyeyed reading this article. I like how Syed Qutb took one verse and explained the deeper implications of what it all means at the individual level.

    JazakaLlaha khair

  22. Saeed Khan from USA

    Alhamdullah. Beautiful articles like this one always remind me how fortunate we are to have Islam.

  23. Nadir Hasan from USA

    As Salaam Alaikum!

    This came at a very important time for me. So important. Allah know our hearts and minds and G'd never neglects or leaves to loss sincerity in the human spirit and its desires for fairness, justice and rightouesness. May Allah have mercy on us and protect from the clutched of Satan, Inshallah.

  24. Nadir Hasan from USA

    As Salaam Alaikum!

    This came at a very important time for me. So important. Allah know our hearts and minds and G'd never neglects or leaves to loss sincerity in the human spirit and its desires for fairness, justice and rightouesness. May Allah have mercy on us and protect from the clutched of Satan, Inshallah.

  25. aliya from UK

    i just talking generally for the regular islamic city bulletins and i think it is really good to be having such information at hands,I really wanted to thank you for all you are doing. Jazakumullahokhair

  26. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Assalamu alaikum. May Allah be pleased with the article's author, Syed Qutb.

  27. Faridasohrab from J&K ,India

    Respected Editor

    Aasalamu -aliecum

    Thanks for sending me weekly Bulletin.I very much beleive in the above message which is a gift from Allah/I being a woman and mother of two chlidren.lost my Husband Dr.sohrab Durrani in Saudie air crash in 1996.I as a believer.and very optimistic inshallah for here after.have asked Allah for reward and patience to me for my love to have been taken back in his kingdom.So All- hamduliilah I and my chlidren are being blessed my Allah for the patience and acceptance of challanges for life boldly.Iam great ful to Allah for guiding me and my chlidren.Thanks once more for sending me Islamic bulletin.


  28. LOUBNA NASSER from U.S.


  29. Jibrail from United States

    May peace be on you. Allah allowed this article to instill a sense of peace in my life today. The concepts and ideas were very organized. May peace be on you.

  30. S. Md. Kabeer Ahmed from INDIA


    Masha Allah a very good article. Its quite nice and presents the subject in the best way it can be presented.



  31. Rafeeq Abdullah Salaam from usa

    Alhamdu-lillah, all Muslims should read and feel these words. For surely La ilahaill Allah.

  32. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Assalamu alaikum. May Allah be pleased with the article's author, Syed Qutb.

    Also, should not this article's second reference to the Quran read 3:139 - instead of 13:139 - as the article's first reference reads? If this had not been in reference to the Quran, it would not have seemed worth mentioning. Jazak Allahu khair.