What Israel does to Palestine - we are doing to Iraq

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A few days ago, the American forces in Baghdad drove 17 truckloads of rubble and dirt up to the secret military area of Baghdad airport to air-freight to the United States. No journalists reported on this macabre operation, even if they knew about it. For the muck came from the site of an atrocity committed by the US Air Force at the end of its bombardment of Iraq. 

The Americans believed Saddam Hussein was hiding in a suburb called Mansour and so, despite knowing that the area was packed with civilians - the operation would not be 'risk-free', as one of the US spokesmen later claimed, the nearest he acknowledged that it was a gross breach of the Geneva conventions - they dropped 'bunker-buster' bombs on the densely packed houses of Mansour. They killed 16 civilians, including children. But where was Saddam? It was a sign of their desperation that almost two months after they occupied Baghdad, the Americans suddenly began scrabbling through the Mansour debris. Back in the United States, scientists would be tasked to hunt for evidence of Saddam's DNA in the dirt.

I'm not sure whether precedents allow others to commit war crimes in the future - or whether a repeat performance allows others to justify past precedents. But does Mansour not remind you of Ariel Sharon's little operation in Gaza a few months ago, when he ordered an Israeli pilot to drop a massive bomb on a crowded Gaza slum, demolishing a building, killing a Hamas official and - by the strange and beautiful symmetry of such atrocities - massacring 16 Palestinian civilians, including many children? We condemned Sharon's slaughter of the innocent, which he called 'a great success'. But how can we do so now, when we are silent about our own murders in Mansour?

Want to criticise the Israeli army for brutally shooting down stone-throwers in the West Bank and Gaza? Well, we'd better be careful now that the US army does the same in Falujah.

Care to demand an end to the torture of Palestinian prisoners at the notorious Russian Compound interrogation centre in Jerusalem? Not much point any more. With three prisoners beaten or tortured to death by American interrogators at the Bagram prison in Afghanistan - the US admitted to two of the three 'deaths under interrogation' back on 6 March - and the scandal of Guatanamo with its trussed-up, drugged and hooded prisons, its drumhead courts and its probable death chambers (for Brits, too, it seems), we can forget Israel's beatings.

Loud were we in our outrage when Israel's indisciplined soldiery looted and vandalised the Palestinian homes of Ramallah last year - but we can complain no more. For now we know that America's indisiplined soldiery (from the 3rd Infantry Division, to be exact) looted their way through Baghdad airport in the days after its capture on 3 April. All praise to Time magazine - of all publications - for breaking this story. But please, no more criticism of Israel's venal soldiers.

Europeans chorused their indignation at Israel's murder of 'wanted' Palestinians - or 'targeted killing', as Israel and the BBC like to call this revolting practice. Yet now that America openly boasts just the same vile tactics - attacking cars in Yemen, convoys in Iraq, villages in Afghanistan (and just who did they kill in that latest convoy attack near the Syrian border?) - we must be silent.

Last year, the Israelis produced a 'dossier' culled from captured Palestinian documents, 'proving' that Arafat was directing 'terrorism' against Israel. The papers, mistranslated and doctored, proved nothing of the kind. But after Tony Blair's mendacious 'dodgy dossier' before the Iraq war, who are we to criticise Israel for its lies?

And how can we ever protest Israel's flagrant violation of UN Resolution 242 and its occupation of Palestinian territory when the United States is occupying the entire ancient land of Iraq after illegally invading the country, killing thousands of its civilians, taking over its oil fields and then failing even to capture the murderous dictator who brutalised his own people (let alone the weapons of mass destruction which don't exist?)

Yes, precedents are dangerous things. Take the signal prescient event that occurred in the life of many Independent readers. A massive construction, symbol of a nation's power, was destroyed by 'terrorists'. The nation's president immediately signed into law a decree for the 'protection of the people and the state', including mass arrests and the right to impose 'restrictions on personal liberty ... violations of the privacy of postal ... and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches ...'

The government then said it had 'proof' that 'terrorists' were going to attack the homeland, to destroy 'government buildings, museums ... and essential plants'. This legislation then allowed the elected leader of that nation to embark on a series of cruel occupations, after the second of which he announced that 'not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators'.

The public building destroyed by 'terrorists' was the Reichstag, the 'enabling legislation' to destroy human rights legislation was signed by Hindenburg, the 'proof' of the terrorist plots was provided by the Prussian government. The elected leader who claimed to be 'liberating' Austria was Adolf Hitler.

A monstrous parallel, of course; revolting, historically out of all proportion, bizarre. Well, let us hope so.

Copyright: The Independent. UK - July 12, 2003


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Older Comments:
I am totally agreed with Article !!! ,USA the promoter of freedom of speech and religion , but sad and very irritating fail to save lifes and humanity in Iraq and in the world , USA is two faced devils , shroud in peace slogans , anti terrorist , democracy , very double std , the whole world knew that except arrogrant USA, USA should be doomed by now , they worshipped wrong gods (three gods instead of One) but keep on living like a king , but anyway this is the sunnah of Allah , or typical , Powerful do not mean blessed and right , but be ware , Powerful can lead to destruction , arrogrant , straight to hell fire , may Allah save us from that bad qualities , but thinking that they had served God or gods , humanity , think that they are heroes , make me puked and dispised them , the USA , youre the truth bloodmonger !!! more excuses for blood , anyway .. how is your state California running 38 billion deficit , another capter 11 in the making , but not one company , the whole state !!! , that is wat I called "blessed America" , I love this site , site of truth and genunine freedom of speech !!!, so typicall with the westernerssss , if right of Islam and Muslims are mentioned and discussed , then it is anti american , anti western , and baised !!! ..wat a short sighted .

Maybe the US is doing the same thing as Isreal, but the US is the most fair "emporer", as we've been called emperialists, in the history of the world. Just be happy you can point out its faults without getting killed. Even with all the foibles of the US in Iraq, it's fairness and humanity is unpresidented. We need to realize how rare it is for history's greatest world power to show the amount of justice and equity that it has.

What you have pointed out here is that there is always room to improve. Thanks. Your voice has been heard due to the freedom of Religion and press promoted by the United States.

Have a nice day

To J Miller-My motivation was much the same as yours, because the western media all have their slant on thing. This site has it's bias antiwest, antiamerican, and antiBush slant in most of it's articles and posts, but please do not judge all Islamic sites to be like this.

There are very good sites out there that are not just spewing propaganda and intolerance. I would also urge you to spend some more time on Iviews. Find out who runs the show etc.; it might surprise you. Look through past articles; and you will find the typical posts, but the voice of reason and solutions are there instead only a small number worldwide of people who just buy the party line.


Dear J Miller.....

Some of your view I agreed and some of it not.My friend J Miller, if u try to educate yourself on what Muslim beliefs, u must know and understand on what the roots of this problem, when its started or how its started and etc. I have a few suggestion to you my friend:

1. Try to study on Al-Quran
2. Do research on Muhammed (PBUH).
3. Pls makesure all books/articles written by Muslim author.

This article wrote by Robert Fisk on The Independent. UK - July 12, 2003 and base on his view. U cant make the judgement or conclusion on what Muslim beliefs by reading an articles 'Made In Human'.

From my opinion no human are perfect except Muhammed (PBUH). No country are perfect except Muhammeds' Kingdom.No book/articles are perfect except Al-Quran.


I don not condone the acts of violence committed by Israel and the United States, but how fair is it not to mention the other side of the story. I see no mention of all the suicide bombings that have occured in Israel at the hands of Muslim extremists. I would agree that some of the things done in Iraq by Coalition Forces are horrible but the end result will be for the better of the Iraqi people. They will be free and no longer under the rule of a murderous dictator. And yes, it is sad that innocent people have died. As for your comment on the World Trade Center, it is quite obvious you do not understand what America is about. We were not upset for a building which was destroyed...it was for the thousands of lives taken by terrorists...Muslim terrorists. I came to this web site to try and get a better understanding of Islam; to educate myself on its beliefs and now after reading your article I'm not so sure I care to know anymore. I hope not all Muslims share this same point of view.

May Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala) accept the sacrifice of Rachel Corey and grant her peace. Amen.

A nice article.

And let me tell you that that is why people in the world believe that Israel, America and British are all same. Infact, no difference between them.

It's time that all muslim brothers and sisters rise up to their feet,start doing some soul search within themselves and their families.Even today our Imaan can be brought back to life with a little hard work.
For doing this we need to leave our homes and start to gather in holy places like Mosques and Islamic schools where the feeling of oneness & brotherhood is rekindled.
Women play a very big role in todays modern world.Mothers please start to advocate our deen to our young children,please encourage your husband to get out of the comfort of our cozy home's and go out for Salaat(prayers),and express some worry for our deen.
Fathers be aware,its high time! your children are in great danger in todays world,todays media,lifestyle,sexed up news, insufficient knowledge about Islam and other vital sources are all responsible for diverting our children from the true path and letting them to indulge themselves in haraam places like Night clubs, Theatres, Cinemas, Beer Bars and other useless locations which succesfully keeps our children away from learning & practising our Deen.
Kindly take some note out of these articles and be prepared,because the Kuffars have made all the essential schemes for breaking down the back of the Muslims & wipe out every possible traces of Islam from todays existing world.
Start being serious about the Salaat , the Quran,Donations,Hajj and the compulsory Fastings,send your children to islamic schools,the general public please start building islamic societies around them,keep sufficient knowledge about Islam and modern world.Please try to follow as many sunnats of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), these things collectively will act as a protective shield around you and your families in times of great difficulties.
Insha-Allah Muslims around the globe will be succesful in getting back their lost Deen and retain peace all over the worl once again.
Please keep prayn Brother's and sister's.
Assalam V

I really liked the ending part of this article!

Would like to analyze the word "terrorism".
By Definition, it means, the systematic use of violence as a means to intimidate or coerce societies or governments.

If so, the invasion of Iraq to do the "Regime Change" is an act of terrorism.

My Solution to this bully : Every country should withdraw from NPT and start working on Nuclear Projects to cover their behinds. Make UN redundent the way it was made by the US.

This is an extreme view now, but so was the invasion of Iraq 8 years ago.

We should support articles like these. Maybe, just maybe, they will become so commonplace like the propaganda that it is exposing and perhaps act as a counterweight for all those moronic CNN and FOX news broadcasts.

The fact remains that this is an utterly ignored fact. Everyone knows it but anyone who is brave or stupid enough to speak out against it is automatically labeled radical, terrorist, extremist, consrpiracy theorist or the CNN favourite Islamic Fundamentalist. To make matters worse, most people answer these unfounded allegations as if they were refuting evidence in a trial. Nothing fuels propaganda more than know-it alls who have an answer for everything and try to get into useless arguments like Israel is controlling America. Who cares. Everyone knows it. Stop repeating it like it is breaking news. These type of discussions are the things that propagandists salivate over. They love taking an idiotic comment and twisting beyond belief.


What Mr. Robert Fisk has penned now was known to the Muslim world (not to the puppet Arab Leaders)months ago. It's not a surprise that American forces are doing the same thing after all they are of the Jewish lobby. Today it's in Iraq and tomorrow? May be in Syria, Iran and so on. What Bush did, after lying to American citizens is not an act against WMD but a revenge in the interest of his father. Well, his brother Blair also joined the action. So what's next? Obviously the continuation for establishing the American Empire.
People of the Arab countries should give up their 'isms' and unite to give the real answer and bring in the change.