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As a Caucasian-American who found truth in submitting to the will of God, the will of God that promotes peace, liberty and justice for all, I did not celebrate 4th of July this year as I have not for the last 10 years. The simple reason is that as "a symbol for the principles of freedom and liberty", 4th of July is not enough for me to celebrate without the implementation of those principles of freedom and liberty. When America is truly free and just for all of it's citizens, then I will celebrate.

To understand what I'm talking about, all one has to do is investigate the continuing true history of oppression and injustice in the US. To cite an important, serious and underemphasized example: the extermination of Native American Indians. Historians estimate that there were originally 5 million indigenous Native Americans in Canada and the US with 2000 language groups. Did you know that among the slave population in the US, one out of four slaves was a Native American? We also shipped 10,000 Native Americans to the West Indies during the slave trade - that figure was only for a one year period. We traded them for blacks slaves who wouldn't be able to escape back to their homes. In case this sounds like "old" history, the Navajo and Apaches were enslaved in the Southwest up until the middle of the Civil War. The US fought 5 of the 7 major battles of the War of 1812 against Native Americans. On a more subtle note, by 1862, 10,000 whites had moved onto the Nez Perce Reservation in Oregon. A senator of Oregon suggested that the US remove the Indians!

These wars and the oppression of Native Americans were only because of one thing. The Natives refused to acculturate to the ways of the people that had invaded and taken over their lands. Any group that fails to assimilate to a level that Americans feel is acceptable is targeted.

America initially accepts others under the credo "All men are created Equal". In 1775, congress formulated a speech to the Iroquois, signed by John Hancock that said, "The Six Nations are a wise people, let us hearken to their council and teach our children to follow it". Later, in 1790 after unleashing the Ohio War, George Washington denounced the Ohio Indians as "having nothing human except the shape". Dehumanizing one's enemies continues to be an American trait.

I am leaving out examples of oppression of other members of American society - Black, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Oklahomans in California during the Dust Bowl, and now, Muslims. Basically, the stories are all the same. I include my own Islamic culture here and do not specify immigrant Muslims not only because of recent governmental policies which no longer discriminate between us - naturalized or born citizen, but because of direct hate attacks that I have experienced. One man told me to get out of "his" country. Actually, this man was correct in his observation that under my white skin and blue eyes I wasn't an American. By accepting Islam, I purposely un-assimilated from American society. I don't want to be a part of this culture when its true beliefs, practices, and political agenda go directly against Islam.

These are just a few examples of the arrogance and ethnocentrism of America. Historically, nothing has changed. Another thing that hasn't changed is the taking over and enforcing the American ideal of "liberty and justice for all" around the world.

Here are some facts that show how the continuing legacy of oppression and injustice that America inflicts on others in other countries. The facts above and below are found in James Loewen's book, Lies My Teacher Told Me; everything your American History Textbook got wrong, Simon & Schuster, 1996:

Examples of US governments attempts so subvert foreign governments before 1973 include:

  • Our assistance to the shah's faction in Iran in deposing Prime Minister Mussedegh and returning the shah to the throne in 1953;
  • Our role in bringing down the elected government of Guatemala in 1954;
  • Our rigging of the 1957 election in Lebanon, which entrenched the Christians on top and led to the Muslim revolt and civil war the next year;
  • Our involvement in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba of Zaire in 1961;
  • Our repeated attempts to murder Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba and bring down his government by terror and sabotage; and
  • Our role in bringing down the elected government of Chile in 1973.

Loewen further writes with regards to Chile, "in 1974, CIA Director William Colby testified that 'a secret high-level intelligence committee led by Henry Kissinger himself had authorized CIA expenditures of over $8,000,000 during the period 1970-73 to destabilize the government of President Allende.' Secretary of State Henry Kissinger later explained, 'I don't see why we have to let a country go Marxist just because its people are irresponsible.' Since the Chilean people's "irresponsibility" consisted of voting for Allende, here Kissinger openly says that the US should not and will not respect the electoral process or sovereignty of another country if the results do not please us."

This historical incident showcases our government's policies towards other countries. Even though these events took place before 1974, 28 years later things have still not changed.

While I believe in the ideals that the US stands for, I do not believe in nor agree with the way in which the US hides behind and twists around these ideals to benefit itself. I reject the idea that the American people are not to blame for their government's failings. I believe that by flag waving and declaring themselves proud Americans they are acting with complicity, for what does the American flag or government stand for given these historical facts? I find no independence of conscious through participating in such events.

In conclusion, with these few but significant examples laid out, I will restate that I do not celebrate, nor intend to celebrate Independence Day until all it's citizens have attained equality and freedom.

  Category: Americas, Featured, World Affairs
  Topics: Independence, United States Of America
Views: 7476

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Older Comments:
I agree with the article that not the American people are against any country or religion but thier governments and politicion are. I still believe that only the American people can stop all these blunders. May god bless American people.

Dear Ronni,
"NO nation is without it's faults, atrocities and wrongdoings" ......u r right. That mean - its including America!. U suppose to take all this critics to make your loving country more better place. Not to hit back and keep saying that your country is better than any country.No one is perfect except Muhammad PUBH!.No country is perfect except Muhammads' kingdom.

"Why only single out America?"
Because America is the only country trying to change the world into their way in every life aspect. If that country didnt want to follow your rule then u will impose the sanction. If that country still survive then u attack them.

Well expressed.
mir m. ali

To Ronni in All islamic Countries off course u can't preach but u can practise ur own religion be it ur muslim or not in Malasia for example there is a large muslim community but they are also living side by sides with people from other races and religions as well.I'm sure u would love to preach in a muslim country and make the islamic religion extinct....The author does not state that the USA is equal in freedom in the islamic counties but she is stating this,america has oppressed people of all nations eventhough it claims it has freedom.Remember not even the muslim countries claim they have freedom unlike America where songs are made about the american freedom but as the author has stated it isn't true.....Native Americans,Chinese,Japanese,blacks,Now muslim had not get their freedoms where are their freedoms now..She received a hate attack and with the policy of The american Country....

For god's sake i live in Singapore a non-muslim country and all of us are free from this type of attacks we respect each other's race and religious belief and this country was not built from war and invading each others land but from cooperation and peace.U should be ashamed of your country man cos my country eventhough not well known is much more peaceful and respectful of people's belief.And not to mention my country isn't a show OFF like yours.Ur country so arrogant look at the way it wages war. so what it is the most power country in the world so what??U think god bless America my foot!!Satan bless America with human blood,Iraqi blood,Afghanistan blood,Veitnamese blood,Russian blood(from cold war)American leaders i can say are vampires:[

SHADAB said:
Mr Ronni..
First you get out of the countries of native indians.. America is based on looting and confiscation only.. Secondly if you say otehrs to get out of america then listen so called gentleman, if you inhumane americans get out of my and all those countries in form of military, corporates and cultures then we all non americans would get out of dying america.. americans came to others land.. looted it, killed the people, stolen treasures, made money through corporations and banks and americans thus are all getting jobs.. what we will do then? you mean to say that we should live in our countries but buy only from american companies so that you suckers get job and money so you can exploit us more.. just watch how world events take place.. hitler, pharaoh etc all had met ends so will america cos its sin's pot is filled up now and all those powerful great civilisations died out like this only when they started oppression on others..

Salaam aleikum,

This is an excellent article and should be required reading for all of those shameless apologists and sycophant "traditional Scholars" and "intellectuals" among Muslims who either overtly or covertly condone the acts which the author of this article mentions and condemns. What is sad to see is that this level of understanding and confidence is lacking, especially in immigrant Muslims who are too scared and too afraid of losing their treasures in this dunya to see things clearly.

So, I guess the writer of this article finds Muslim nations to be more equal or fair than America? If he doesn't like it here, why not leave? He has the FREEDOM to do that and go live in Pakistan somewhere. You know, in most Muslim-run countries, it is against the law to preach any other religion besides Islam. Do you call THAT free? I challenge him to find "the perfect country" and then let me know about it so I can move there. NO nation is without it's faults, atrocities and wrongdoings. Why only single out America?

Although I don't know much the details about those complicated policies of the US. But, all the past and present events of the world confirms your article. Please keep writing with the spirit and belief that one day inshAllah everyone will be able to realize for the betterment of everyone. May Allah bless you!

I fail to understand why people have the need to put down my country. If you dislike being here so much, you should leave. You are right, you are not American. You go live another country for a while and see what it is like. You complain but the truth is, if you hated this place so much you wouldn't be here. My country doesn't do everything right all the time. We make a lot of mistakes. But, you know, Humans run it. If Allah ran it we would be perfect. I know how close minded you all can be, so most of you probably quit reading by now. For the few who are still reading, try praying for the country instead of condemning it. And also use your right to vote. If you are being personally attacked contact the police. If they don't help you, contact the ACLU They will help you. I pitty people who do have the audacity to condemn the place they live, because they are the ones who do NOTHING to change it.

It's a pitty to hear from a citizen of big country which is promoting a democratization, justice, equal right for the people to other contry.I can understand if the case was happened in smal country, like in Africa. But in US, oh..man. It's weird. I pray for you all, for those people are oppressed, threated unjustice, and may God bless you.

I am trully proud of our sister Khadija that she is so daring to express her sorrow and disopointment. Khadija, may Allah (God) The Almighty Bless you and protect you. Jazek Allahu Khayiran!

I understand how this person feels. I'm also a Caucasian American Musilim. I served for 5 years in the US navy and was stationed with the US Marines for most of that time. The United States is not something I'm proud of. It represents hate, intolerance, justice for the rich and powerful, and anything immoral. The US forces itself on the world. I thought World War II was about stopping one nation from forcing itself on the world. It's interesting how history repeats itself. It is shameful that the US is turning into something akin to Nazi Germany.

I agree with your article but my question is when will the american public wake up.


A true and courages account of one sister putting forward her believe, and should be joined by the freedom loving American people.

MAy Allah reward you for your accurate retelling of historiacal facts. May Allah help you and guide you always.
JAzaki Allahu khairan.