Lie and Conquer

The British Empire, at the peak of its expansion, was credited for developing the "divide and conquer" military strategy. I wonder how history will remember the United States' imperialist policies - "lie and conquer"? Perhaps.

"September 11 has changed the world" we are constantly reminded. That was a lie. The truth was that a "new world order" had already been crafted by Pentagon think tanks and strategists, and was spelled out as bluntly as it gets, by the now deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz, as early as 1992.

Furthermore, "Rebuilding America's Defenses", an infamous document that detailed the future vision carried by the so-called neoconservatives, was drafted and published before the collapse of the New York towers "changed the world". What the terrorist attacks merely did was provide a pretext for Washington's strategists to consolidate the pre-designed plans, ahead of schedule, while the horror of the attacks guaranteed a solid foundation for popular support.

Many optimists hoped that, despite the viciousness of the attacks, an historic awakening would in fact spread through the United States, where the public would rise and confront the disastrous foreign policies of their government that provoked such travesties in the first place. That didn't actualize, for the launching of unjustifiable wars helped unite a shocked and confused public behind a dishonest government. Regardless of their political leanings, Americans often unite in times of war. Washington seems determined to keep it that way.

The return of al-Qaeda operatives, or the rise of new terrorist groups, resulted in the latest deadly bombings in Saudi Arabia and Morocco; fresh proof that the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq were anything but "wars on terror".

Many knew in advance that overthrowing the Taliban would change nothing in the equation, because it is injustice and oppression that breed terrorism, not a tiny regime that was engaged in endless tribal civil wars.

But nobody dares addressing such seemingly irrelevant concepts such as injustice and oppression, especially in times where new war fronts are being opened, so that the public will remain involved in "marching behind the troops". New wars had to be fought under the banners of freedom and democracy, while in reality, they only served the pre-planned strategic, political and ideological interests of Washington's ruling elite.

It was necessary to attack Iraq, because such regime change was predestined years ago, and those benefiting from it had already lined up from Tel Aviv to Washington, passing through London of course. George Bush tried desperately to link the overthrown Iraqi government to al-Qaeda. Even the CIA's chief George Tenet had then informed a Congress committee that proof of such a relationship was "unsubstantiated".

The war was fought anyway, under such false pretexts. But as none of these pretexts proved accurate, new lies were injected into the story to justify a war in retrospect. It's rather appalling that television screens have shown us such horrific scenes of mass graves in Iraq, allegedly belonging to Iraqi dissidents killed by the regime, but no mention has been made to the US role in all of this. Many of those buried in such graves were those killed in the Iraq civil war of 1991, which erupted when former President George Bush called on Iraqis to overthrow their government. He promised them support and delivered none. But because of the desperate justification of the immoral war, the rotten corpses attained untold significance. Being confronted with the corpses of Iraqis from both sides of the civil war is the latest attempt to win our applause, so that we might drop our position that the war was immoral and the subsequent occupation is illegal.

But whoever said propaganda ends when wars do? Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has just uttered the latest of the lying campaign. Rumsfeld, the dynamo of the Iraq war, is now claiming that al-Qaeda operatives are "busy" in Iran. He linked the latest bombings in Riyadh and Casablanca to Tehran, apparently as an attempt to pressure Iran to cut its support for Hezbollah and other resistance movements. The statement was another warning shot for Tehran to stay out of Iraq, whose future is set to be determined by Washington only.

To further alienate Iran, the Los Angeles Times reported that the United States has indefinitely broken off all dialogue with the Islamic Republic, canceling a meeting scheduled in Geneva on May 21, between Iranian and American officials to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

Failing to end terrorism, or confront its real roots, Washington is now hoping to benefit from it. The easiest way to force a country to its knees is to allege that intelligence information indicates a link between the defiant country and al-Qaeda. And Bush's "you are either with us or with the terrorists" doctrine is the only proof needed to convince the media that a war is legitimate.

Washington continues to spread lies, while injecting fear and panic into the hearts of Americans, simply by elevating the terrorist threat level whenever policymaking necessitates.

Many factors shall prove that these wars of lies are doomed to failure, but one of the most important factors in all of this is the American public, which has been marginalized and deceived for too long, coaxed into putting their total trust in the "greatest democracy on earth". The US administration is operating with the hope that no awakening will ever take place to disturb its malicious plans. Americans must prove the neoconservatives wrong, before the damage goes beyond peace and security, to include democracy itself.

Ramzi Baroud is a Palestinian journalist, editor-in-chief of the Palestine Chronicle.

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Older Comments:
Ahmed-Nothing wrong with the PNAC as far as I can tell because that's our system and that's one of their rights if I agree with them or not. People can actually form groups for or against the government, and the American public is pretty good at sorting out all the spins on election day.

They are also pretty good at figuring out the you support our corrupt governments-leave us alone routine. Can't have it both ways.


To Mr. Asgher : BRAVO ! Superb post and rebuttal.
thank you !

This is for people like Jeremy Crossman and Marlene. I think it is people like you whose heads are burried deep into this quagmire.

Take a close look at PNAC and if you don't know what that stands for then you are burried deeper than I thought.

Would you invite your neighbour for a party knowing full well that he beats up on his own children? I would say most reasonable people would not do such a thing and some would even try to save those kids from such a father.

When your own government and your representatives in almost all Arab countries sleep with the despotic rulers and sell them arms only for those arms to be used against innocent people, then you should take a big portion of the responsibility for our miseries. We can not fight a government whose elments are in full cohort with your government. Yes we have done so but most of us end up behind bars if not killed.

Note that Saddam was one of those leaders. The rest are also bad, yet your government chooses to side with such tribal warlords and self-appointed kings, as along as they serve your interests. No one in the US is interested in the people of the ME. Ask yourselves why do you have to have so many military bases in the region - and all before 911.

You support Husni Mubarak so he can control Egyptian opposition. By the way in his last election he won 99.9% of the votes. That is the sort of democracy your govenment supports.

In short you are control freaks, because you have the power to do so. You must control us because we have the oil and it has been our curse. Why don't you just pack up and leave us to rule ourselves instead of meddling in our lives, selling massive amounts of weapons to all those regimes, icluding Israel who uses your weapons to pillage and kill innocent Palestinians.

Perhaps it is you who should wake up and tell your government to just leave us alone. 50 years of intervention is enough. Come in peace and we would follow you but not bearing arms - Ah

I agree with most of what you say . But the question arises what are the muslim leaders doing to counter what the United States is doing. Ofcourse I would say they are helpless since thir economies are dependent on the United States of America.
United we stand, Divided we fall?

Very reassuring. The best I have read for a very long time on Bush's illegal war against the Iraqi people

For the most part an accurate article, with one glaring exception. Mr. Baroud makes the big mistake, when he underestimates the importance of the 9/11 attacks. It doesn't make any difference that all these "plans" for order or "defense building" exist - and I'm sure they do, there was no way the administration could go forward with these plans if 9/11 never happened. As an American who watched the towers fall, the Pentagon burn, and heard of the group of brave people who knew what was going to be done with their aircraft sacrificed themselves to save many lives; I knew that for us, this would never go away. We have been very blessed in this country to never have experienced such a vicious and horrific attack. Because of this the press dared not criticize the government - something men like Walter Cronkite, one of our greatest newsmen said was a big mistake. In addition to that the Democrats, with few exceptions, refused to speak out against the coming war with Iraq. In the months leading up to this war, I spoke with a lot of people, and visited many "pro war" websites. Every one who justified war with Iraq used the 9/11 attacks as a driving force for their decision. Most people who watch a lot of news, heard there was no plausible evidence to link Al Qaeda to Saddam Hussein, but chose to ignore it, I think because of the helplessness and fear that these attacks engendered. The American public has historically been opposed to going to war if our allies or we have not been attacked in some way. If someone needs help with a just cause, asking for help from the everyday citizens will most often bring good results. Attacking us, verbally, or with weapons will almost never get cooperation. That is universal the world over. All governments have ulterior motives, and they all mislead their people from time to time. Right now, the US is at the top of the list, and this is very sad, because there are many really good things we do as well.

Good article. As usual the opposition cant seem to counter Baroud's points. The truth is too much for the frothing apologists of empire to handle.

Hey there AAMIR: While it is true that the Muslims of the world are being subjugated on all sides I no more think they are doomed than I think the evangelists will convert everyone to tritheism. Violence on the Muslim side is no more a solution than violence on the side of the West. It will not move people toward the compassion necessary for peace. At best it can be used to create a "Mexican standoff" in which neither side will carryout the threat. Peace, as Muslims well know comes from the heart and mind not the jackboot or trigger finger. You may not be able to resist US coercion economically or politically but they can only knock you off the throne of peace if you allow them into your hearts and minds. Even then it is not knocking you off but tricking you to leave. As my father once said "I am not afraid of the snake, only what it might cause me to do to myself." Remember this, as long as you stand tall and still the snake will eventually craw off on its belly. Thrashing about only causes it to strike.

As an educated and informed citizen of this world I can say without reservation that the path the USA is in now is not only just, but past due. This all started when Jimmy Carter showed weakenss over the Iran Hostage "Crisis". Show weakenss and enemies attack.

Second, when are the Arabs going to understand that it is their own Governments that repress them. Stand up to your own systems of Government and let the USA be a blueprint for the freedom of your people. Oh wait that would never happen, must have religon rule everyones thoughts.

Of course the USA had contigency plans for this kind of thing. We are a country that tries to think ahead so that we can be prepared. To think that we attacked ourselves on Sept.11 is just plain ignorant. To think the Jews did it is even more ridiculous. Pull your heads out of the sand and come into the new century.

Jeremy Crossman
U.S. Citizen

Actually, Julius Caesar developed the "Divide and Conquer" strategy.

the whole world is awakening to this new colonialism in the making spearheaded by zionists and crusaders. but i beleive the truth must prevail. all these innocent blood will not be shed in vain.
when i was a kid i used to hear, a time will come when trees and rocks will talk saying there is a jew hiding under me!! i think that time is coming pretty fast!!

I have tried unsuccessdully to purchase an English copy of the Quran. Where can one buy one?

Truth has a way of asserting itself despite all attempts to obscure it.

The American people unfortunately are used to political shading and spin. But how long can the American media and government fight this war on terrorism in the name of "freedom" and "liberation" remains to be seen.

The world knows and so does many Americans as to what are the underlying agenda and powers that are playing this game. Eventually truth will emerge, as it always does, and when it does, the house of cards will fall, Inshallah.


Your analysis is absolutely impeccable . The Muslim world has an acute problem in that it is being terrorised and subjugated by the strongest power in world history . In this nefarious purpose , it is aided and abetted by the European powers ( who , after a period of petulance have fallen in line ) who , in turn , are too weak economically and otherwise to resist US coercion . How should the Muslim world resist this new imperialist power that is determined to dominate and subjugate it ? Is violence the only solution ? If it is , who will be the ultimate beneficiary ? Have the Muslims of the world any chance ? Have you any advice for those who feel so powerless and ineffective ? Are they in fact doomed ?
I shall be interested to know your views on this pressing problem for the Muslim world .

Yours ,

Very well laid out article and well presented.
People are beginning to realize and many are already convinced of what the U.S is actually up to. Maybe not in it's own country but the whole world knows it. Falsehood is bound to perish sooner or later and truth will triumph soon coming out slowly but surely like the resplendent sun but which will never set!

I hope that our domestic policies will be consitent with our foriegn policies. There should bill rights, a pursuit of happiness, due process, the right to bare arms, free enterprises, etc. for all the citizens of the world.

As-salaamu alaikum, the comments made by the first person are comments of a slave-minded, brainwashed amerikkkan slave. Since 911 there has been no proof of any islamic involvement. If you want to get to the bottom of this issue just look at who gained the most from this incident. The muslims gained absolutely nothing while amerikkka has had new laws inacted, and the anti-arab or islamic sentiment is running high. In a court of law the evidence that amerikkka presented would laughed out of the courtroom. to hear more e-mail me at [email protected].

10 Terrorist sympathizers must be killed in response to what?? Are you off your rocker?? The coward terrorists playing hide and go seek are your officials in Government and your allied Governments from Britain, Australia, Spain, Portugal, with their troops in Iraq helping ot occupy the country. Where the heck have you been for the last 2 months? Did you not see US Soldiers and Western Media personnel running out of the country in the attempt to steal gold bars and US money found in the country?

You want to know who gives death? The US Central Command from Qatar, instructing it's soldiers to shoot upon open crowds of peaceful protesters, and then claiming that they were shooting first...that's why there were innocent children killed in hte crowd as well?

YOu want to know who is afraid to stand up to their enemies and look them in the eyes? YOUR Military adn it's operations, hitting Baghdad with hundreds of missiles to cripple the city and kill innocents, so that an easier invasion of hte city would be possible. Is this your rationale? To destroy and plunder the way the British did in India for 200 years?

Lie and Conquer, Divide and Conquer, call it what you want, but the truth is that everytime you Westerners speak in the name of spreading peace, through war measures, you're not speaking about getting peace, either you want a piece of the action, a piece of the loot, or a piece of FLESH!!!! IS that many lies of hte Bush Administration, no WMD, no imminent threat to the US by Iraq, no Saddam or offsprings of his found, no Freedom for the Iraqi people, instead they get chaos and more poverty, no proof of a connection between Al-Qaeda and the former Baath Party, yet US troops still sit in Iraq TERRORIZING every Iraqi with their foreign rule of law???? Yes the UN has conformed to the US Occupation, naturally since the UN was invented by the US. Let's not forget that by the UN sucking up to the US,it is still relevant, hahah democr

TRUTH said:
Lucas, you're an idiot....we will see on the Day of Judgement who will exalted and who will be humiliated...

Typical inflammatory cry-baby talk. The author should rather look to his own dishonest government for solutions for the problems they have caused for their own people as well as people all over the world for decades.

One wonders why he doesn't ask why all the money given for years and years in the name of the oppressed (from the very same government he puts down in this article let alone from many other sources)has never reached them, but rather lined the pockets of their leaders to keep themselves in power.

If the US tries to change the governments of the oppressed anywhere on the face of the earth, we are the infidels and occupiers. If we don't, then we are still the bad guys because we let injustice continue. This kind of cry-baby talk just doesn't get it with the American public because you have been at it for years.

I have to say, I do agree with the author of this essay. Although many things are kept under close scrutiny, we know that there are hidden agendas at work. May Allah help us all, Ameen.

Wassalaamu 'alaikum

This message must be understood by all in america,so that they can and must dismantel the false govermentalism that ALLAH knows all too well about and his judgements are on them the truely Unrightous, that can not begile the world for very much longer,Amien.

Salm alikoum:

I am an Algerian student in the UK,i am doing journalism and i do understand the role media-especially in Ameria-is playing to keep its own people under fear and uncertainty so that the governments-most of them are controlled by Zionists-can operate on the behalf of their people,but only in the interests of the elite.
I do agree with your approach,and i think that the next war will be between these vicious governments and their people.
I also think that the article "Fake terror:The road to dictatorship" appearing in the is another approach to understand what is really happening.
Thank you very much my brother and salam alikoum.

I hear only how the US has been wrong in all of its actions, but, by allah, for every american, whether arab brother or not, killed by terrorists, 10 terrorist/terrorist sympathizers must be killed in response. At least. In addition, There seems to be no offering as to who the real terrorist is in this article, but rather referring to any attack of the US as malicious. As long as the snake coward little terrorists are playing hide and go seek, the US will seek them and hunt them down like the vermin they are, and represent to the nth power. The US has no ill intent in regard to peaceful arabs who don't plot like the Quran commands not to, but rather will strike the poison givers in the heart, those who live for an extremist rationale which brings death. Also, the suicide bombers must take their own lives because of their fear to stand up to their enemies and look them in the eyes when they die, like an American does to the very end...Allah hu ackbar....