New Rebuild Iraq Games

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Sure to be on every kid's Christmas list this year, and most likely forgotten by the next, is Lego's new mammoth "Rebuild Iraq". A whopping 985-billion-piece play set with no instruction manual, the set will only be available to children of the United States but may require the help of the UN.

"The possibilities are endless," says Richard Perle, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Lego. "Iraq can be rebuilt in any number of ways - it's a big responsibility."

With the big responsibility comes a hefty price tag. Children should be well advised that it may take close to a year's worth of incessant whining, lies, and threats if there is to be any chance of getting the new Iraq set.

In related toy news, Electronic Arts will be joining forces with Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root to bring an "Iraq Rebuilding" Expansion Pack to the popular line of The SIMS PC game. Limitless funds courtesy of the American taxpayer will allow the user to develop oil fields, build pipelines, squash local uprisings, as well as build airfields and bases along the borders of the country for as-of-yet undetermined reasons.

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  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
Views: 2538
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What? You havent' recognized what the bases and airfields on the borders are for. Never played empire? Military must be on the border before it is across the border. You control the cities to control the country. The borders are for launching an attack.

... but this isn't really a joke ... its some awful reality. The only joke was here was the justification for this war

some jokes are too sick

While building Iraq in Legoland, we ought to put a little warning on the package:
Not suitable for children under 5 who cannot recognize bells from cluster bombs we dropped on them. Also, may accidentally step on baby bombs burried in soil or obstructed areas. US Armed forces not responsible for children's negligence.