What Else Hasn`t Israel Told America?

I was still a teenager, but I still vividly remember Israeli television, Channel I, showing some Lebanese women throwing flowers at advancing Israeli tanks that thrust themselves into the heart of Beirut in 1982. Israel invaded Lebanon with a long list of pretexts; one was to liberate the Lebanese people from Syria and "terrorist Palestinian groups". Following the "liberation", Israel staged an election that was 'won' by its main Christian Philangists ally, Bashir Gemayel. 

We have already learned of the Israeli role in the war on Iraq. But aside from policymaking, American and Israeli media have informed us, on several occasions, that Marines Corps were dispatched to Israel to learn of the 'successful' Israel army tactics used to 'quell the Palestinian uprising in the Jenin refugee camp. (US News & World Report - Feb, 17, 2003)

But if America, the brave, humbled itself to the point that it accepted to draw its lessons from the tiny nation of Israel, then maybe its time to learn the Lebanon lesson from start to finish.

When millions of people around the world set to avoid the unjustifiable American army invasion of Iraq, they were moved by a straightforward point of reason: one, you don't impose democracy, and two, you don't free a nation with cluster bombs, let alone the lack of legitimacy and the unmistakable business interests tainting the Iraq "war adventure" from day one.

Others wished to see their resentment regarding the war as part of a greater, and more complex picture.

In the last few years, there was more than one self-indicting doctrine, composed by the George Bush administration's top players that sought world dominance, even before the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001. A quick flip through the 90-page document: "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century", a blue print for future American foreign policy drawn by the same famous characters that have orchestrated and implemented the invasion of Iraq, would highlight the American quest for world dominance, for the sake of cheap energy and strategic control. 

Marginalizing the United Nations, forging a British war alliance and invading Iraq was outlined in the document, and has been implemented, word for word. But "even should Saddam pass from the scene, bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will remain permanently - despite domestic opposition in the Gulf regimes to the stationing of US troops - as Iran may well prove as large a threat to US interests as Iraq has".

It's the above scenario that many of us fear, as we witness American government's eagerness in re-shaping the future of our world and the future of coming generations.

For those thoughtful individuals who refused to buy into the frenzy of the media and government war hawks' claims of an immanent Iraqi threat, the war is technically over.

But those who are bold enough to admit that the end of the Iraq war is just the beginning of an illegal occupation that has already drawn lessons from the illegal and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine and Lebanon, must realize that their responsibility in standing for peace and justice, has just grown tremendously.

Certain segments in the US government (which have 'coincidently' allied themselves with the ideologically misguided, and morally bankrupt Israeli right wing Likud party), have committed themselves to what neo-conservatives (aka neo-imperialists) term "total war".

While such wars might in fact divert the attention away from the economic downfalls already sweeping this country, and prove rewarding to Armageddon prophecies campaigners and modern-world gold-hunters, it reaps disasters for most of us: people who are genuinely concerned about raising our children in a more peaceful world.

I know victory is sweet, but what is so sweet about declaring a fraudulent victory, if all we have done is set the stage for more uncertainties? Cluster bombing our way out of every hurdle, or every time 'our leadership' is challenged is unlikely to gain America the status or the respect its people desire.

CNN showed jubilant Iraqis whose hate for Saddam Hussein blinded them from seeing the fact that they had just fallen into the net of another head-hunter, who cared little while dropping bombs on civilians areas so that it might confidently declare: "we have liberated 600 oil fields".

I was still a teenager, but still vividly remember Israeli television, Channel I showing some Lebanese women throwing flowers at advancing Israeli tanks that thrust themselves into the heart of Beirut in 1982.

Two decades after the Israeli "liberation" of Lebanon, and the "restoration" of democracy, the collective struggle by the Lebanese people has prevailed, driving Israeli soldiers back to the Israeli border in one of the most remarkable victories ever achieved by an Arab nation. 

Aside from the fraudulent propaganda, Israel invaded Lebanon seeking dominance, expansion, strategic control and natural resources (water). Interestingly, its defeat came at the hands of a generation that was born after Israel invaded Lebanon in 1978.

It's humbling to see a 'great democracy' like America drawing lessons from a 'tiny democracy' like Israel. But the tiny democracy should have been truly honest in teaching the United States the other half of lesson. Sure, Israeli bulldozers destroyed most of Jenin, but the camp is still fighting. True, Israel occupied Lebanon to advance its strategic interests, but it experienced a bitter defeat twenty years later.

'Total war' is an electrifying concept that might raise the adrenaline of the flag-waving, "nuke the Arabs" segment of the American population. But "total war", while it can never achieve 'total victory', can still generate 'total defeat', a lesson that took Israel twenty years to learn in Lebanon, and is destined to learn in Palestine.   

Will America wait that long before realizing the disastrous path on which it is embarking?

Baroud is the editor-in-chief of the PalestineChronicle.com and editor of the book entitled "Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion."

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Older Comments:
it was awsome
god bless u
and ur orgainzation

in Quran it is a vers : " comes RIGTS goes WRONGS"

it true . because it is word of God

we see every momemt victory of RIGHT, BUT devil think it is a lost.

God bless Americans, God bless all nations, God bless all his creatures and God protects all he creats and do not let DEVIL DOES WHAT EVER HE WANTS.


I have no stake in Isreal or Palistine. But strapping bombs onto the backs of kids is wrong no matter what your political goals are. I urge you to stop teaching hate to your children.

The United States should learn a lesson from their closest "ally", Britain. The British Empire went far and wide. They even conqured the US and ruled them too. See where that empire is now? See where those rulers are now? History will tell the stories of this invasion as well. The perpetrators will pay a price in due course.

Are there any "good qualities" that Allah (who alone is good, per Mark 10:18) would not permit us to enjoin? I think the answer would be, "No." For one thing, if Allah (who is most merciful) would not permit us to enjoin something, I do not think it would be something we should consider to be good for us.

We might very well be unable to adopt certain political or economic systems - that have some "good qualities" - due to the unsuitability, according to our religion, of those systems as they currently exist. Might we, however, extract from those systems "good qualities" that Allah (to whom we return) might enable us to enjoin?

Upon the founding or after the territorial expansion of an Islamic state, could that state properly refuse to enjoin what would be considered good - especially, if currently in use by the state's new subjects? I think the answer would be, "No." Otherwise, the state would (effectively) be oppressing its new subjects - out of ignorance, for the sake of convenience, to serve vested interests, to assert cultural dominance, etc.

I believe these questions are worth asking. Those Islamic authorities who would habitually forbid what is good, regardless of their good intentions in doing so, would seem destined to fail as government officials who are sworn to serve the Master of the Last Day. May their authority to govern us be a blessing to Muslims everywhere.

In reply to cc: I think that governments which compel their subjects to do things "for their own good" are headed into trouble. I think that governments which ignore what Allah has commanded us to do are headed into even worse trouble. I think that governments which enforce, as Allah's instructions, rules that are not in fact from Allah are headed into the worst kind of trouble. Anyway, you asked for my opinion.

As Salaamu Alaikum.

The United States will have to learn a lesson in human determination. if the Iraqi people decide that it wants to be governed by themselves, then it will and can drive the mighty United States from their land. It will take a Jihad on the belief and trust in almighty ALLAH. The opressors of Iraq has set themselves up for wrath against themselves, by doing the work of satin:(world domination)I say! people of Iraq unite against the satanic super power and become truley free.

MMDVC said:
There you go with that double standard stuff. Total war would be a good thing for the muslin countries because they might have to face what they truly are and be forced to live in a world with the rest of us.

Who would you blame then for the poverty your governments keep their people in while lining their pockets?

How could you tell everyone to get out of your countries when it's OK for you to work and live in other countries.

How are you going to explain other countries like the US and Israel not just rolling over and defending themselves just because you want them to?

How are you explain fighting back against terrorism when it hasn't worked for decades?

Admit it, no one believes all the lies anymore. Time to stop living in the past and join the human race and then someone might respect you.

In response to cc,

First let me say that there is no Islamic State currently in the world today. Al-Hamdulilah (All Praise is due to God) there are countries trying to form an Islamic State (ex. Iran, Pakistan, etc) and some have made more progress than others.

Unfortunately the mentality I see in you is in so many others. The beleif that there never will be anything better so why not stick with what we have.

What would've happened if the Prophets felt that way. Would Noah have built the arc? Would Jonus died in the Whale? Would Moses joined Pharoh? Would Prophet Muhammad (SAW) joined the Quraish?

What we lack today is what the Prophets all had. That is complete faith in their Lord, Allah. No matter how bad things were, no matter how hopeless they may have felt, they had complete faith in their Lord and Allah never turns HIS back on HIS true servents.

So we must learn from GOD Prophet's (our examples). Each Prophet started with nothing but beleif in Allah and after many years of humiliation and persecution each triumphed over their enemy.

So how do we establish a true Islamic State, we turn our faith completely to Allah. Our next meal, our next job, our next decesion we make this next minute, we ask Allah to guide our footsteps, our manners, our conduct the right way. Then and only then can we begin to build a true Islamic State.

Always remember nothing is impossible with the help of Allah.

As-salamu-alakum (Peace be upon you)

Well thats a very interesting point you have, but I do agree that its better to have the money from the Iraqi oil to go towards the Iraqi economy rather than Saddams pocket. when Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, we would have been criticized for not helping, and now many people are glad that Saddam is gone but want the U.S. to leave now, what kind of thanks is that? I guess the U.S. cant win no matter what we try to do.

America will not attack Syria. The US will learn from the folly of Iraq. It is in the best interest of the US to stop doing any business with the Middle East. The US should stop importing any materials from Muslim countries. Immigration should absolutley cease and desist. Educating foreign Muslims in American Universities should stop permanently. You people should go your own way and we should go ours. You stay out of America and we should leave you alone and stay away from your countries.

Yahya Bergum and Abdul,

As a Christian I would love to see the U.S. under Christian rule where the laws and traditions of the bible are strictly enforced. The only problem with my statement is that whose interpretation of the bible should be followed? Lutherans, Catholics or Evangelist. And even if we are able to enforce the "right" one then we have the fact of human involvement and many factors that follow it like greed, lust (for power, money), or religious control of the masses.

The truth is that only the Prophet Mohammed was able to maintain a truly Islamic society almost free from human corruption and that right after his death the human factor came into place creating subgroups within your religion such as the Sunnis and Shiites. Who fought each other to their deaths to maintain or regain their religious control? And even after their disputes were settled many other groups arose to claim the Caliphs "throne".
So a truly Islamic State is an illusion as much as pure Christian State.

I have a question, that I think only a Muslims can truly answer, was Afghanistan, under the control of the Taliban, a true Islamic State? Or is Iran a truly Islamic state may be Syria? Is there such a thing as an Islamic State at this point in History? What is preventing the creation of a truly Islamic state today?

Abdul - I very much agree with you, even perhaps one hundred percent, regarding Islamic rule. My concern pertains mainly to the possibility of discrimination, against inclusion of non-Muslims in the governments of Islamic states.

Obviously, any official who had some measure of "final say" in governmental matters would necessarily have to be a Muslim. I think that such an official would have to feel they were accountable, to Allah, for upholding Islamic law.

Just the same, I could imagine that non-Muslims might still enjoy an opportunity to represent themselves (and to pay for that privilege) even within Islamic states. Non-Muslims would merely have to understand their decisions, actions, proposals and so on would be required to conform to Islamic standards.

To me, this would seem to present a number of opportunities, for example, to promote the merits of Islamic rule among those who might otherwise be unduly influenced by Islam's opponents. I am presently wondering what other readers might care to comment on this general subject.

Also, do any of my own comments appear to be in error? Jazak-Allahu Khair!

As Salaamu Alaikum - Yahya Bergum

As-salamu-alakum (Peace be upon you):

It amazes me how everytime you turn on the news you hear that America is a friend of Israel. As if that justifies Israel's actions.

Half a century ago people talked about how communism was being forced onto other nations. If we fast forward to today we see democracy being forced onto nations. Yes I agree Sadam had to go. But to force democracy onto the Iraqi people is no better than Sadam the dictator being there.

If Iraq is a muslim nation then the laws of an Islamic Society should be put in place. The problem with a democratic society is the laws are man made, where the majority decides what is right and what is wrong.

In an Islamic Society, where the laws are based on the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), GOD rules. Not man lusts and wants. For example, alcohol use to be forbidden in the USA. But as the majority lusted for it, the law changed to reflect there lust.

The point I am trying to make is Allah(GOD) has laid out for his servents (us) how to run a perfect society. But as long as we follow the path of our lusts, there will be chaos, war, and no peace on Earth.

The parallels of 1982 Lebanon and 2003 Iraq are amazing indeed. What's even scarier, is that the outcome will probably be the same; a humiliating American defeat in the full sense of the term. Your article also reminds me of a Lebanese religious scholar who predicts, with the help of the Quran and mathematics, the demise of the current state of Israel in 2022 A.D.


History is wittness to lot of lessons learned by mighty nation but in the end all make same mistake they become arrogant and then fall apart, recent example is USSR.

I am beginning to think the primary obstacle to restoration of the Khalifah is the present state of arrogance of those who would seem to be among the leading advocates. I do not feel encouraged by Muslims (may they enjoy the guidance of their Lord) who seem inclined to insult nations that might someday be answering Islam's call to success - Insha'Allah.

Please consider using something other than hate, for motivating believers. Is the condemnation of someone we have never met considered to be the way of Islam? If not then why would a Muslim expect something on the wrong path to productively serve the cause of Allah?

As Salaamu Alaikum.

This piece is a terrible mix of propaganda and half truths presented as God-given wisdom. And that is bad for what seems to be the very cause of its author. Too bad.

The intervention of the coalition forces in Iraq is more than justified for millions of people too. I am not an American, but I can see quite clearly that Saddam Hussein was fool enough to help make massive terrorist attacks on their ground. You can't deny such projects were supported, at least in words, by the Iraqi regime, can you?

It is not proven, to say the least, that "you don't impose democracy", and even if Iraqis choose to follow another dictatorship rather than to take that chance to give themselves a democratic system, it won't be as bad as it was under Hussein, will it?

Where are those "unmistakable business interests"? The US didn't take Kuwait's oil in 1991, did they? And arab oil is for sale, isn't it? Why would the US run a war for getting a freely available product on the market? It is much more expensive to take it like that than to just buy it.

"Marginalizing the United Nations"? In this case, the UN, that is France and Russia (and a bit Germany, for internal political reasons)obviously marginalized themselves. And you don't ignore the economical interests of those nations in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, do you?

I don't know what you and yours have been suffering because of Israel and, indirectly and directly, of the US, but I see that you are not a part of the solution when you write such things. No, you are an element of the problem. You are condemning, that is you call bad feelings upon your target. You say we need more war, more suffering, like most people claiming to "fight" for peace, actually. But doing peace means defend, and not condemn. Defend Palestine sure is a noble and justified cause. Condemn the US is not. But it is so much easier and safer, isn't it?

It is remarkable that a guiding democracy like the US can follow the example of Israel, a state found on terrorism and in dfiance of so many Un resolutions.

This is yet another example of how the Zionsits have eroded the fabric of the US soceity. Indeed the US has forgone its own interests in the world to pursue that of Israel.

Well said dear Baroud. Unfortunately it might just take the US another 20 years before they wake up from their slumber and by then many lives will have been lost. How sad that such characters in this current US admin can control the masses of the Americans, who seem to be drowned in entertainment, pleasures of this world, pronography,, music and having fun. Yet underneath it all this very nation has the power to shape the world to the better through its generousity and free spirit.

Wake up America, the land of the vercheous.

Ahmed Asgher

In the end America will attack Syria, and the Syrian Government is deserving of nothing less. The Baath Party of Syria has been killing "real" Muslims for years, and justify their actions by calling the Muslims, extremists, terrorists etc. Take a look at all the people in power in Syria! Do any of them even look like Muslims? Prophet Mohammed (SAW) told us to trim our moustache and grow the beard, the baath party folk shave their beards and grow their moustache. COMPLETE OPPOSITE TO THE PROPHET (SAW) MESSAGE. Na'uzubillah. Is this not declaration of war on the prophets message?

The injustice that the Syrian Government has been committing against Muslims is about to be returned to them, with the full compliments of Allah. What does the Quran say about how people should treat others, (specially Muslims). Let me quote a line from the Quran "do not be unjust to others so that others will not be unjust with you"

So wait a few months, and America will attack the Baath Party of Syria, under the exactly same pretext the Syrian Gov has been using to kill Muslims. They will accuse them of being extremists and terrorists. Aaahhh the irony!! And when America will attack Syria, these Baath Party Cowards will call for a Jihad from the very Muslims they have been torturing and killings over decades. WHY SHOULD THE BELIEVERS FIGHT FOR YOU? ARE YOU ANY BETTER THEN THE AMERICANS!

A little word of advice to the believers intending to go to war. When going into battle please ensure that your ranks are clean as much as possible. Victory is guaranteed for the BELIEVERS, unless offcourse you have hypocrites amongst your ranks. This means, that your group should not include military personnel of any "Muslim" country, unless you are sure of their Emaan/righteousness. Inclusion of members of the Baath party (for example) into your group will ensure your annihilation. Sadly, there are currently no "Muslim" governments worth fighting for or with. Fight 4 Allah n defend the bel