10 things every Muslim can do to make a difference

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Doesn't it seem like there's just too much that needs to be done and it is beyond me to do anything about this?

There is extreme poverty and hunger all around the world, (There are about 1 billion people who are living on less then $1 per day and about 2.8 billion people who live on less then $2 per day). A large part of the Muslim world is suffering under these conditions of poverty along with the pain and agony of war; the kings and dictators are plundering our lands; there is systematic and rampant misinformation about Islam that is consistently being propagated; our children are succumbing to a life of materialism and the nothingness of pop culture; some of our families have no interest in understanding and practicing Islam; the Islamic Center, Schools and Organizations need funds; a large part of the world and specifically the Muslim world is deprived of the process of acquiring knowledge...

Have you ever felt like the problems are just too great to solve? Have you ever blocked it out of your mind because if you really thought about it, you would become depressed? If so, then you're not alone. Of course, there are some people who will make one specific issue their focus and they'll work to help in that direction. For example, someone might make the support of the local Islamic Center his or her cause. Someone may make it their lifetime objective to share the message of Islam with humanity. Another person may adopt the mission to support and establish Islamic Schools and yet someone else may take on the task of providing relief to war and disaster victims. But most of us don't have time to do justice to those types of goals like we should.

But the alternative, sitting at home and watching TV is hardly worth our time when there are real people out there who need us, and a cause that we must support.

As Muslims we constantly need to understand the real meaning of submitting our selves to the will of God and practice the essence of humanity taught to us by the one who was sent to us as a mercy to the worlds, our beloved Prophet Muhammad .

So in view of all the variables that affect most of our lives in the modern world, following is a list of ten easy things that every Muslim family can do so that we can contribute to the betterment of our selves, the Muslim community and humanity at large.

Once you go through the list you can add your own things to do to this list.

Before anything else, there are hungry children everywhere who have needs right now. There are several reputable programs that offer orphan sponsorship  at very low monthly cost. We know that we can afford to do it. Supporting an orphan can make us close to the Prophet in Paradise. Click here for Orphan Sponsorship

Go to the Mosque at least once a week for Salat

Even if someone can not go to the local Mosque for the Friday prayers because of their job, then we can at least go for one Maghrib (evening prayer) once a week or for Zuhr (noon prayer) on the weekend. Whatever time is suitable we can at least take timeout for this once a week - with our family. This will help us and our family make the Mosque a center for activity and our children will develop ties to the community. If we don't like the way the Mosque is operated, we have an opportunity to make it better by getting involved. If someone lives in a remote area that does not have a Mosque, then pray together at home with all the family members.

Send your children to an Islamic School

If your children go to public school, and there is no Islamic school nearby, then make sure they either get into some Sunday school program, or, if the local Islamic Center doesn't run it right, then pool together with some like-minded families and run your own program at somebody's house every Saturday or Sunday and conduct it the way you think it should be done. This is the minimum requirement for not losing our children to materialism and other social ills.

Buy at least one book, audio or video per month

Have you ever wished that there were better items for you and your family's pleasure? Unfortunately, there is not enough support for writers and artists. People who write or produce for the Muslim market have a very difficult time sustaining them selves. That must change if you want to see wonderful products for ourselves and our children. Just buy one product per month. Collectively, this can encourage our creative and talented brothers and sisters to do more. Visit IslamiCity Bazar.

Become a host family to new Muslims

The convert experience is basically one of isolation and loneliness. You'd be surprised to know that most converts are often ignored by the people in the Islamic Centers. Beyond a few pleasantries and handshakes, they are usually never made to feel welcome or accepted. They are often cut off from their non-Muslim friends and relatives so they are doubly vulnerable. A new convert should be invited into various people's home for dinner as often as possible and especially on Islamic holidays. Get together with others and make sure you all put the new convert on your guest list for any sort of gathering.

Keep extra Quran translations and literature handy 

You never know when you'll find someone interested who wants to know more. Besides, our children may only understand English. Encourage the children to read the translation and discuss the Quran with them.  Quran and Quran study materials.

Invite your neighbors to your home for dinner

Most of the time we are so involved with our circle of friends, family and co-workers we forget the people who are living right next to us. To be good to your neighbor is an important example shown to us by Prophet Muhammad. So invite your neighbors to your house and get to know them and let them know you.

Make a big deal out of the family meal

The concept of a family meal is a dying trend. The dinner table is not only a place of sustenance and family business but also a place for the teaching and passing on of our values. Manners and rules are subtly absorbed over the table. Family mealtime should communicate and sustain ideals that children will draw on throughout their lives.

Establish an Islamic culture in the home

Make sure you and your family have cultural-type items in your home in abundance that are associated with Islam or Islamic culture. Everyone in your home should have prayer beads, prayer rugs, kufis, Hijabs, (even if they're worn only for prayer), gowns, posters, wall plaques, stickers, logo-shirts, Islamic screen-savers on the computer, and so on. You want to establish an identity in your home.

Be a good example

Face it: human beings learn and form opinions primarily through modeling. In fact, we can't avoid being an example and model to our family, children, friends, co-workers, neighbors and even strangers, whether good or bad. Being a good example, then, is probably our most important job.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just some things that can be done, with minimal trouble and fuss, by each and every Muslim family. Through these ten points several aspects of Islam are being served and we can feel that we are doing something in an organized fashion to help promote a healthy and constructive way of life, at the same time we can fulfill our responsibility to our Creator. Give it a try and see how easy these things really are.

If you have other ideas about the things one should do to create harmony with God, within your self, your family, your neighborhood and humanity at large, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Adapted from "Ten Things Every Muslim Must Do" by Yahiya Emerick

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  1. ahmad javed from india


    The text was very-very relevant to the Islamic world.We have forgotten the real spirit of Islam and have been caught in mere rituals.The spirit of Islam as advocated by Quran and the prophet(pbuh)is totally missing from the personal lives of most Muslims today.We may praying namaz,zakat & roza as prescribed but we have made these rituals as the end and not the means to project an example for others.In the time of the prophet(pbuh)people used to convert by merely watching the characters of Muslims!Now they may be deterred.We can't fotce people to read the book unless they see the effect of the same on us.But look what we are doing.We are not patient,we are not persevering and consequenly are being bracketted as terrorists.I sometimes have a funny idea that others have assimilitad the highest values of Islam in there system and have gone ahead.Whereas we have strayed from it.Look at the various reform processes that heve changed the very face of various societis have in fact been inspired by Islam,Many just modern laws have their origin in Islam!We need to go back our roots in true spirit and not letter.We have to tell ourselves that namaz will purify us and have to be mentally ready only then we will bw true Muslims who by his shear character cinvert people .

    khuda hafiz

  2. oke godwin olaoluwa from nigeria

    may Allah continue to bless u as u enlighten us on the deen

  3. mohamed haris from india

    allah has gave a facinating thinging power to the human beings.My friend thing for what purpose allah has gave such power?i got some idea from quran.Allah creat the human only for preaching and

    practising the commandments of allah other than this whatever may confront us,we should overcome all those objectives,then only we obtain the pleasure of allah.pleas give important to deen ul islam that will lead you to jannath.otherwise we confront the unimaginable,woeful hell.My give some importanc to sunnah of muhammed(pbuh). This habit has brought pleasure of allah and it will

    bring the SAFAT of apostle(sal).pleas be

    steadfast in islam,otherwise no one can help us.

    once the prophet has said his companien, who has the most intelligent person in the world,then he said,those who live in this for hereafter.this is not exact ahadith.

  4. adamu musah from ghana

    Never try to be too unique or superiour over your colleaques.alway teach you family and friends humbleness,forgiveness and above all always encourage them to go through the obstacles of life with ease.

    let them know the dangers involve in having pre

    -marital sex, taking in drugs and indulging in

    rubbery of any kind.

  5. Aska from UK

    (Please do not publish my email address)

    Salamun Alaikum

    Just write a letter, email or telephone to defend Islam and also our muslim brothers and sisters who are suffering. Many are in prisons, others are in concentration camps like: Palestine, Chechnya and Kashmir.

    If you see positive article in the Media write to them and praise it.

    If you see a negative article in the Media write to them and defend Islam.

    Make a habit of writing at least one letter a day.

    When you can write a letter:

    ' When people put pen to paper to ask for the freedom of those held in Violation of their Human Rights, prisoners are released. Why curse the darkness when you can write a letter. '

  6. aqsa from PAKISTAN

    parents should also keep checking their children and give time to them and must not ignore them so their children could survive in this world as an muslim

  7. Ruqaiyah from Ireland

    1.Love for your brother what you love for yourself.

    2.Actions are juged acording to intentions.

    3.Help one another.

    4.Protect your religion.

    5.Do not get angry.

    6.Do everything for the sake of ALLAH.

    7.Learn more about ISLAM.

    8.Whatever happens to you good or bad is by the will of ALLAH.

    9.Respect yourself,others would respect you.


  8. Oussayma from Canada, Montreal

    Jazakum allah kheir all of you.

    The most important thing is to indeed keep our islamic identity and not to be ashamed of it (why should we anyway?) Good muslim friendship is extremely important. Friends that remind you of your prayer time, of haram as well as halal. To make a real difference, social gatherings in the remembrance of Allah swt are very useful, because often, we tend to forget many aspects of islam, but if we are lucky, there'll be a sister or a brother around to remind us of our who we really are.

  9. Dr. Irshad Ahmad from Pakistan

    To create the harmony with Allah, it is necessar for Muslims to vist mosque for Salat, five times a day, because it is the prime duty of the Muslims.

  10. Hamza balarabe Muhammad from Nigeria

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah.

    I'm here by thanking you for sending an article to me, and i need you to contineu. thanks Wassalamu Alaikum.

  11. Awa Sey-Manka from The Gambia, West Africa

    Good points. I think it will be best if the parents possess these qualities and practice them as a good role model for the children to look up to.

  12. Azizi Salum from Tanzania

    I appreciate the points; and I encourage my fellow muslims to use this internet service effectively so that we can draw more benefits out of it rather than just wasting our time watching ponography. We must remember that we are being driven out of our faith by these dirty sites.

  13. atahar khan from india

    my comments are not so related to topic,sorry but i want ans.of one question is that why are muslim contries not take unity at least at the time of trouble on one country(iraq).we can make diff. by adopting "shariyah"but why not.we should establish islami rules in each muslim(ONLY NAME)country.

  14. Shafura Haniff from Canada

    Assalam Alaykum, my comment is "never dissuade your children from practising Islaam if you don't, truly it destroys them eventually and they become lost." Jazakumullah

    Wa Salaam

    sister in islaam

  15. Sara from Egypt

    Al Salam Ala man etaba al hoda

    if you perform keyam lel salat then you'll be better by time...it's not a Fard but it's optional...but beleieve me it improves you...e-mail me for at [email protected] ofr more info about this pratyer....you can pray it starting from after Isha prayer untill before fajr prayer any time within this....

  16. Fayez Khwaja from USA

    Establish a weekly/monthly (some even have a daily) study circle in your house. If you don't feel confident yourself, then invite a learned brother to the house. But be consistent, and plan around it. May allah increase us in knowledge of his deen.

  17. shahnaz from us

    all of us must establish a habit of praying five times salat with family at home or at work inshaallah

  18. zubeida mustun from canada

    Most of the muslim countries have the financial capabilities to eradicate poverty in the islamic

    world, but the don't. it's not to their advantage.

    first and foremost the population is ignorant. Educate the women, their world will be a better place.We should look at the works of Agha Khan

    foundation, may be there is something to learn from his dedication and commitment and his constant pledge to educate the west on islam.Check the setup in Afghanistan. Not even the American can measure up to his work.Islam is too divided for them to make a differance and be respected by the west.Once there is unity and less dependency on others Islam can bloom again

    and we can go forward.

  19. Patricia from France

    Hello !

    Another idea is to ask your local mosque to

    organize an inter-faith gathering to help

    non-Muslim people in your community to

    understand Islam. More than ever, people

    need to understand and communicate, not to

    hurt each other or feel isolated. About a year

    ago, I wrote an article for this site "Islam is an

    Expression of God's Love" about my first visit

    to a mosque and the warm, welcoming

    reception I received.



    After my visit, I had a dream to organize a

    gathering for non-Muslim people to learn

    about Islam. It was more difficult than I

    imagined to find a speaker, a meeting place,

    etc. But finally I had a gathering on April 19

    here in Paris, and with good attendance. A

    Muslim couple from a local mosque spoke to

    a small group of over 20 people (all religions

    -- Christians, Jews, even some Buddhists and

    agnostics-- all open-minded and interested in

    learning). It was also positive to see several

    teenagers in attendance -- don't forget to invite

    older children and teens, and offer

    age-appropriate learning activities for them,

    too. Afterwards we shared a meal together

    and had a wonderful evening of conversation.

    As a thank-you gift, I gave the couple an Arabic

    calligraphy poster with the words "Love and

    brotherhood are the fruits of Peace." I readily

    admit that organizing an event like this is not

    easy, and you need people to commit time

    and energy to make it happen. But the effort is

    worthwhile and the personal and spiritual

    rewards are great!

    Yours in friendship,


  20. saheed oladipupo from nigeria

    be a believer not a religious person;a religious person(though muslim) will only have affection for the muslim alone whereas a believer will love all mankinds and will even concern about how they will get idaayat from Allah,so that they too will be among the dwellers of al-jannat..

  21. Ahmed Asgher from Bahrain

    Spencer Ash. Well said my freind. Muslims, especially American Muslims must vote in unison, on matters concerning their societies in the US.

    Forget the bickering and tribal mentality as who said what. The writer is trying to give us views on what we should do in a foreign society and he is right in every sense as well meaning.

    Islam has come to eradicate tribal mentality and in-house bickering. Grow up and face the challenges of your lives. Take lessons from what the Jews have done in the US. With such a minority they lead the US in all aspects of science, politics, arts, literature, etc. and with so much influence - could we not use such influence to our advantage and promote world justice instead of personal benefits.

    Sure we may not like it, but if you have a better idea then apply it and by all means be better than them but only in good deeds - and when you do, you will make us all proud to be called muslims. I pray for that day as the Quran has called us, people of the middle of the road - not extremes. A just people. Let us do justice to this religion.

    Ahmed Asgher

  22. Aseem M. Koshan from USA

    Markus. Brother man, I read your idea and I think it will work. I recommend telling, or even pushing, the idea to this influential organization....

    http://www.msa-national.org (of USA and Canada)

    ..they've helped organize massive demonstrations about Palestine. And organizations like them. There definitely needs to be a worldwide Muslim administration. For example if even half a billion people boycott US goods or millions don't go to work for a week every three months, etc. there is power there. Power to resolve the Mideast, power to get the message of Islam out, etc. Muslims need to learn from Ghandi, Doctor King, Prophets, etc. and stop with this red tape from hell that is stiffining up their minds. Kennedy proclaimed american Humans on the moon by decade's end, and with Allah's Allowance, that happened, the praise be to God.

    Inshallah Muslims gifted, by God, in government will rise up and try to form such a government. This is a jihad that needs to be taken up. I get the feeling my jihad has to do with music so I'm not going to dedicate my life to such a movement.

    Ya Allah the Glory to Thee.

  23. Juwairiah from USA

    I am dissapointed to see how many people who have made comments here seem to be in a fanatical vein, as per usual. That is one of our main problems in islam. There is nothing wrong with the suggestions printed in the article yet I see post after post about things that are "wrong" with it. One person even said they were not islamic at all!! What is THAT about? Which leads to my suggestion: Be open minded to new things and suggestions. Don't be fanatical about everything pertaining to islam. Live an islamic life but not a fanatical, critisizing life. That is possible in islam but some do not seem to be able to achieve that balance, SubhanAllah.

  24. M.M. Fazal Ahmed from UAE

    Foremost is to come out of the pit of interest if you've fallen in. Thus assuring of yourself that you are not at war with Allah and Al Rasool (Sal).

  25. shafeequr-rahman from INDIA

    Excellent. These are some of the points which Muslims expecially Indian are supposed to work on it. ISLAM is going through one of its bad phases of reputation. So, lers strive hard to represent ISLAM as the way of peace, patience, love and defence. Inshaallah.

  26. Ismail Abdul Rahman from Singapore

    My personal opinion that we as Muslim can do daily adding to the other list.

    1. Gratitude eg. daily see all the blessing Allah have given us, Islam,Health,knowledge,family,freedom and ease to perform religious obligation.

    2. Charity eg. smile,doa,helping others

    3. Forgiveness eg. daily prayers forgive people that have in a way or other hurt us, ask Allah to forgive them and give them prayers may Allah bless their life. Even to our enemy.

    4. Daily prayers for our parent, religious teacher people the have in a way or another help us with our religion.

    This is just my humble opinion. Please reply if you received the email and I am open to feedback.

    Ismail Abdul Rahman

  27. Bolaky Bassir Azum from Mauritius

    Very interesting and easy to implement.

  28. Salim Said from Kenya


  29. Shirley El Karout from New Zealand

    As a new muslim, I was well-received at the local Islamic Centre and was blessed with the support of my intelligent and tolerant non-muslim friends and family.

    Even so, I can certainly vouch for the need to offer hospitality to muslim converts, as we cannot share special occasions such as Eid or Ramadhan with our families. On this "family" occasion, include friends who can't share the time with family of their own, whether because they live far from their homes or because their families don't share their beliefs. Invite them to breakfast in Ramadhan. Or before Eid ask "what are your plans after the morning prayer?"

    On the subject of being an example - good or bad -remember that we are the face of Islam for our neighbours. My muslim friends' openness and willingness to provide information about their religion in response to polite and genuine interest was what lead me to a deeper searching and alhamdulillah to a new understanding of the world and my place in it. Don't see a casual enquiry as an intrusion. Be friendly and informative, and you may start another pagan on the road to the One God. At the very least, you will be promoting a better understanding of our wonderful religion and helping to counteract prejudice and bigotry.

    I became more interested in Islam and started asking serious qustions primarily because of the shining example of one patient, tolerant, well-educated woman who had a deep love and knowledge of her religion. You can be the person who makes soneome start to think about Islam, just by bringing your duty to God into each aspect of your life. If you are fair in your dealings, acknowlege and apologise when you hurt someone, work hard when nobody is watching, try to be kind and tolerant of others' opinions, educate yourself, and above all build on the strong family and community values of our religion...people will notice and wonder: "what does he have that I don't?"

    Assalum aleikum, and may Allah bless you in your efforts to se

  30. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Please consider exerting pressure on American commercial interests for more wholesome products. Muslims have (already) had a major effect on certain American industries such as those companies who make popular medications - which are now (largely) alcohol free.

    Muslims could have a similar impact on other industries such as entertainment and meat packing - just by making it a simple matter of economics within such industries to offer products that are also acceptable to Muslims. The American entertainment industry is largely responsible for fashion trends set throughout much of the world. (Think about it.) Also, food products marked as "Halal" (on the package) would help to promote greater public awareness of Islam.

    If you feel - instead - that you should boycott American products, well, then don't buy American products. If you don't watch any American movies (anyway) then don't worry about trying to encourage American producers to emphasize modest apparel and chaste behavior. However, if you DO buy American products - or if you DO watch American movies - then please consider trying to improve what gets produced in America (and elsewhere).

    As Salaamu Alaikum.

  31. e_r_s_h_a_d from India


    I appreciate your ideas.They are very good and easy and good to try out too!Inshallah i will try to follow these 10 things.

    Thank you very much for considering me and sending me this mail.I will await your reply and other mails too.

    Thank you,


  32. Abderrahman Azzam from Morocco

    Most of us, if not all of us, must try to learn at least one foreign language to enable us to pass the Word of God to non-muslims who are interested in Islam but don't speak Arabic and are, somehow, shying away from getting educated enough to better understand Isalm, not only as a faith, but a way of living that all mankind should share and come to understand.

  33. Mila from Indonesia

    This is our homework to make Islamic Image to be better and for making a better a life for our Islam. We can start do for Islam from ourselves first,improving ourselves and I think the atmosphere will getting better.

  34. Abubeker Osman from U,S..A

    Oppose countries like Saudi-Arabia from using sharia as a weapon. They don't obey it themselves; it should not be implementing on others.

  35. Abdo Mitiku from ETHIOPIAN/CANADIAN

    I do agree with your 10 thing Muslims do, except one thing regarding Jumma prayer. Jumma is a ferd (must) every Muslim should practice. We have to give up few hours of work. If we are allowing Muslim to choose between days, yes in did we all prefer to go mosque on holydays like Sunday or Saturday therefore we have to encourage all Muslims to go for the Friday prayer?

  36. khadra from Egypt


    We all watch T.V and see the problems and situations in this time and think...what can I do. " I want to make a difference, but can I?" Were so worked up in this life that we dont think of the next. We get mixed up in our matters and forget that there are other people here. Our brothers and sisters and the future of this Ummah is hurting and the pain and tears should teach us a lesson. But were still in the same place. I my self want to make a difference and with Allahs help, I will succeed. And I will die shahid, inshallah. And i hope another Muslim will here of my death and also get that warm feeling inside and go out there and give their life to God. We dont know how long well be here, so make the best of it and of all things remember Allah


  37. Shuruti Juma Mwajirani from Kenya

    I disagree with the second point of going to the mosque at least once a week, for all abled men Friday prayers is a must, by saying that one is too busy to go to the mosque for friday it means you are putting worldy affairs before akheera which we are forbidden to do. Our prayers are obligatory and are what differentiates us from kafirs.

    Please be careful not to give the wrong advice about the religion to suit our worldly affairs, because it is our worldly activities which will take one to heaven but ISLAM and adherence to it, as ALLAH will ask about your prayers and how you performed them, putting pursuit of worldly pleasure in form of riches should not be more important.

    Please advice your readers on the importance of the 5 salat daily, put ALLAH and HIS prophet first not the world. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said that this world is like a prison for the believer and heaven for the unbeliever.

    Please give the right information and do not innovate or cut corners, as this is a terrible sin.

    Your brother


  38. Mansoor Khan from U.S.A & India

    The sufferings are a result of our ignorance and inactivity. We need to be educated in all walks of life. Most of us are unable to give proper education to our children because of poverty. The affluent have ignored to educate their own children let alone the needy of the community. Atleast for two centuries we are in a state of recession in the matter of education and learning and if a few have gotten education and risen from that state have not looked back to help out those who are left behind. Those of us who are in the U.S will not have any difficulty to sponsor educating a child in our extended family back home and help him to be a very constructive believer and servant of Allah.



    Before sleep in the bed make a little analysis ,what i did in the day sort out wrongs and once only try to promise ownself to try not to repeat.While doing it cut yourself off from other thoughts and pretend as you are answering to your lord,EVER ALL MIGHTY ALLAH,HIMS LOVES YOU 70 TIMES MORE THAN A MOTHER LOVES HER BABY,in this analysis last question must be.Did i replied to my ALLAH for HIMS favours and HIMS LOVE to me.

  40. irfan ahmad gheba from PAKISTAN


    Before sleep in the bed make a little analysis ,what i did in the day sort out wrongs and once only try to promise ownself to try not to repeat.While doing it cut yourself off from other thoughts and pretend as you are answering to your lord,EVER ALL MIGHTY ALLAH,HIMS LOVES YOU 70 TIMES MORE THAN A MOTHER LOVES HER BABY,in this analysis last question must be.Did i replied to my ALLAH for HIMS favours and HIMS LOVE to me.

  41. Arshad Mirza from USA

    Assalamu alaikum - According to an authentic hadeeth of The Prophet (pbuh) in Sahih al-Bukhari, a man whose heart is attached to the mosque will be among those who will be shaded by Allah under His shade on the Day of Judgement. The least we can do is to try to go to the mosque for prayer at least once every day, insha Allah.

  42. spencer ash from united states

    Muslims need to become active on a political level whether on grass roots community based issues or issues of national importance such as the allocation of our tax dollars to support corporate welfare and/or military states (israel). Musims are almost tribal and cliquey -- concerning themselves, in the main, with a certain type of muslim from their native lands etc... If you want to influence the world you have to become a source of moral leadership, a voice of socio-political consciousness -- remembering Allah is important, but Allah made man his vicegerent, we are suppose to shape circumstance, not relegate ourselves to routes that lead only to home, work or the mosque. We are being bullied and humiliated by better organized, galvanized, and determined communities who let themselves be known on all fronts. we need to get off our knees and get in the streets -- Allah helps those who make an effort to help themselves -- heaven is not a welfare office.

  43. Malik Khan from USA


    1- Read Islamic books specially Quran with explanation, everyday.

    2- Join an Islamic Group like MAS or ICNA and work for Islam.

    3- Propagate Islam with wisdom to workmates,

    Place adverts in the news papers about Islam or buy air time on TV to show something about Islam.

    4- Respond to any attack on Islam in Media by writing to them or calling them.(Subscribe to CAIR)

    5- Take special care of your children with regards to tarbiyyah as the culture out there is very strong(Materialistic culture is an easy trap cuz one doesn't have to restrict himself for any sins)

    6- As Quraan Commands Stop people from evil and promote virtues.

    7- Always strive to increase your Imaan by reading or by attending/listening(audio) to Islamic talks.

    8- Avoid commiting sins as much as possible, otherwise it will make us insensitive to maroof(Good).

    9- Involve in community activities to serve the community and to empower them.

    10- Become politically active and form a strong lobying group to effect the foreign policies.


  44. Mbarak Ali Mwinyi from U.S.A


    Mentioning Allah is the best thing one can do to him/herself.AL-RAMAN,AL-RAHIM,AR-RAZAQ atleast after every Fardh prayer.


  45. Umm Muhammad from United States

    Know that Islam is SUPERIOR to all other ideologies, religions, ways of life and philosophies. Stop believing that Western "civilization and society is better than Islamic civilization. Don't apologize for anything in our great religion!!! If you don't understand something in Islam ask a scholar that knows the Holy Quran and Sunnah. Stop imitating Kafir ways. Be proud that you are Muslim and don't hide it. Try and eliminate something that is non-Islamic from your life each week. (i.e. T.V., music, credit cards, etc.) Learn Arabic, teach Arabic. Read your Holy Quran EVERYDAY. Don't imitate kafirs. Don't imitate kafirs. DON'T IMITATE KAFIRS. Don't be ashamed to practise this religion fully even if you are called "extreme", "fundamentalist" or "radical". Look these words up in the dictionary. Ask others what they mean by these words. Develop Islamic meaning of these words and apply them to kafirs. Trust in Allah and fear only Him. Learn duas to say in different situations so that you will always be in rememberance of Allah. Some Kafirs want to instill fear in us. Be strong and know that Allah has promised us victory but if we don't please Him he will bring up another people to do it.

  46. Asif Khan from United States

    Asalamu Alaikum

    As I read the article entitled "10 Things", I noted some excellent suggestions. For example sponsoring an orphan and sending your children to Islamic schools, among others. I do however disagree with one statement. In point number 2 the author wrote:

    #2 Go to the Mosque at least once a week for Salat. Even if someone can not go to the local Mosque for the Friday prayers because of their job,

    We should go twice a week. If a person is not going to jumah prayer than he or she needs to do so. Muslim men are commanded to go to Jummah salat. Most companies have no problem letting their Muslim employee's go for Friday prayer. If they do, they need to be reminded that we have a religious obligation that we are required to meet, and practiceing our faith is protected by law here. It is not worth keeping that job if it hinders us from going to Jummah.

    So as I do agree with the author, I also feel that Jumah prayers are not optional, they are mandatory. In that case we should try to make two prayer at the Masjid.

    Allah hafiz

  47. Asif Khan from United States

    Asalamau alaikum

    As I read the article entitled "10 Things", there where some excellent suggestions. I do however disagree with one. On point number 2 the author wrote:

  48. Olasunkanmi Busari from Lagos, Nigeria

    Yes, this is the truth, had it been every Muslim is aware and it can be duly followed.

    Maa Salam

  49. mohamed nowfer from Sri Lanka

    whenever we learn quran ,I srtongly feel we must study the background of the revelation. It will help get the real undestanding on the envirment which its revealed.

  50. Shahid from USA

    Assallamu Alaikum

    One of Allah's most beautiful name is "As-Salam." Salam means peace and therefore Allah is the source of all peace. If we want peace in the world, our country, state, city and family we must first obey the source of all peace whose name is Allah.

    By performing our daily duties such as prayers we are obeying Allah and in return we will have the peace we need in this world.

    Before looking for answers from somewhere else, look inside yourself and ask the question of submition to As-Salam.

    Do I pray my daily prayers, fast during Ramadan, pay zakat every year and performed or planning to perform Hajj in the future?

    If not then work on it so that you may enjoy the salam and blessings headed your way.


  51. Nargis from USA

    Thank you "Islamic City". Reading this article and others' ideas already makes me feel better.

    After each salat, we must make dua that Allah is the seer and hearer of the unseen and unheard. May Allah strenthen us in our deen and make the Muslim Ummah be one.May He give us patience that we desparately need during these difficult times. May Allah protect the Muslims of Iraq and and the holy land.

    Only holding on to our Iman will help us get thru these difficult times smoothly.

  52. Iman from United States


    Try and make it a goal for one's self to read at least one surah per month whether it be really long or very short. Then think about it it can affect you in your life. I find that helps keep me inspired.

  53. Gail from U.S.A

    Asalaam Alakium----What an excellent article! It has given me much to think about. Thank you, not only for this newsletter but your great website! Keep up the good work! Gail

  54. Rawia Ossama from Egypt

    We should also never forget to pray "keyam el leil" i.e. praying at night after praying the "Eshaa", and it would be better to pray in the third part of night at which "God" asks every night the people to ask him whatever they want to give them it and to apologize for their misdeeds so that God forgives them. We should not forget that our prophet Muhammed was very insisting in praying "keyam el leil" and he has always advised his friends and his family to pray it. "keyam elleil" is the best prayer after the 5 prayers we are obliged to pray everyday and our prophet said that it is the honor of the "moemen" to pray keyam eleil. It is also the best way to have a good relationship to god and it is considered one of the "kafarat" the misdeeds i.e. it erases our misdeeds. And thru experience it is the shortest way to love God and to be beloved by god and makes u feel very happy and gets u very very close to god.

  55. Viola Gary from USA

    As Salaamul Alaykum, I want to make a comment first as to the word "god" being used instead of Allah. Allah commands that we should call him by his most beautiful names and the word god is not one of them. Use Allah more often. I am not being offensive just real and striving to give good niseehah. second. The Muslim home should resemble the Masajid as we as Muslims are commanded to do by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S. Putting up of pictures or the ayats of Allah from Al'Quran was not done by our Salif As Salih, so why are we instructed by you to do so? Please help me to get a better understanding of the way to follow our best example in the Prophet Muhammad (S)in staying focused on ways to help the Ummah and society at large. Jazakullah Khairun.

  56. Laura Tabor-Huerta from USA

    I very much like your list. I have joined IslamiCity to gain an understanding of Muslims and the Middle East and Africa, etc. I think many of the ideas are relative to non-Muslims. I will try and visit a Muslim temple. I continue to make meal time at home special and we all eat together. I cook healthy food most of the time. I get to know my neighbors. I have various religious and cultural items in my home but I feel if I put Muslim items in my home I may be doing it for an appreciation of art instead of for religious reasons like I do with Christian items. Specifically, I have a complex spirituality that is personal and I graft various religions and cultural ideas into my own. I am looking forward to finding more friends who are Muslim, because I feel there has been much misunderstanding between the Western Christians and Muslims everywhere due to the exoticism we have of other cultures.

  57. Yusuf from Canada

    The most important thing Muslim must do is:

    TABLIGH ( Call people towards Good things and stop them from doing bad deeds). That is the duty of every Muslim. We are suffering because we have left this work.

  58. saleha from united states

    saaalam alyekum wa rahmatullah,

    In a world where there seems less hope but muslim should never be hopeless because by the will of Allah, Truth will prevail. All we need to do is call Allah, call our creator to give us victory and to take us out of ignorance.

  59. Sufyan El-Amin from U.S.

    Have Patience & Perseverance.. because Muslims are promised Victory... People who fight in the cause of ALLAH (swt).. are Martyr's and end up in Paradise...those who are the enemies will die as KAFIR's...

  60. Map from USA

    10 things from God to every human can do to make a difference:

    1.You shall have no other gods before Me.

    2.You shall not make for yourself an idol.

    3.You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.

    4.Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.

    5.Honor your father and your mother.

    6.You shall not murder.

    7.You shall not commit adultery.

    8. You shall not steal.

    9. You shall not give false testimony.

    10. You shall not covet.(envy your neighbor)

    Exodus 20

  61. tahir from uk

    Be muslim

    Teach others the need for humility (do we need NIKE trainers, new cell phone/car?)

    Listen to non-muslims and quietly talk to them of the piety of Islam.

    Don't feed services that undermine Islam...investments,goods and labour.

    Finally always remenber that everytime we do something it is should be in our concious and for a positive purpose.


  62. Parvez from England

    Rules of engagement: The right to defend one self. I think that is the US policy, actually I think that is everyones aim and policy. However In this endevour to defend oneself, one might take what ever measures are necessary.

    Although I agree targetting innocent civilians is wrong and that it should not be done, you should ask who devised the term "All fair in Love and WAR" and "Collateral Damage". Before yo start pointing the finger at the actions of others and their reasoning you must ask yourself why do they find themslevles doing such desperate acts.

    The US and the UK both used depleated Uranium shells in the last Gulf War and this Current conflict. The result of these deliberate actions has lead to the direct death of Thousands of Childrean due to cancer related illnessses.

    In addition Cluster bombs were used in both conflicts which are simply airbourne land mines. These cluster bombs are very small and have caused more civilian deaths than military. Due to the re size and nature they have caused more damage to children, "MAMING and MURDERING".

    To top this all of the UN sanctions on Iraq has lead to many more thousand deaths of INNOCENT children and civilians due to the deleberate actions of the US and the UK government blocking essential medical supplies. The head of the OIL for food program resigned in dissgust over such polcicies.

    So therefore your so called DEMOCRATICALLY elected government has been responsible for the direct MURDER of innocent civilian and worst of Children, all for "A FIST FULL OF DOLLARS" please do not try and take the high moral ground, try and learn the facts not the Proparganda that your government pumps out.

    ON your second point, your implication that Allah is sleeping or that your "God" may be better or stronger, PlEASE do not think that by winning a few battles you will win the WAR. Eventually ALlah's will, will prevail.

  63. Bawa Razack from Australia

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Point to remember, do not condemn other religions or beliefs'. Expose Islam by your actions and doings as a "MUSLIM"

  64. Sabrina Sally from Sri Lanka

    When shopping, always buy only what is halal and from Muslim manufacturers and retailers. If you find that their products are not of the same standard/quality as others, then let them know so they will make an effort to improve. We can help each other this way and strengthen our Islamic community.

  65. Juma from Zanzibar

    I would like just to assist the establishment of 5 regular prayers as compulsary, and Sunnah prayers as well whenever a chace available. Salat (prayer), is going to be the first thing to be put in someones account, in the life of the here after. We are supposed to take it seriously. This is the specific time we are talking to The Almighty Allah. So let's show our full respect and draw much of our attention to The Lord who extremley has full knowledge of what we are doing and what we are intending to do. Salat(prayer) ofcourse protect us against bad deeds and all sorts of evils. And if once you notice that you are engaging yourself into those satan affairs, be aware that your prayer is very doubtful, and you have just been wasting your time. So far, spend your time with budget. Every one among us is going to be questioned how did he spend his time! Get ready.....

  66. Abdul-Jalil Mohammad from US

    Do things as a family and as a community. Work out,i.e. lift weights, run around a track or trail , excercise, learn how to shoot. The brothers should try to make all of the salat in jamaat in the masjid. Build an islamic community with stores, schools, and moving around the muslims.

  67. Shhakah S. Mujahid from USA

    -Be mindful of Allah's Mercy always; and be merciful to others.

    -Be pleasant in daily transactions with others.(Some of us are so mean and do not realize how this affects others--especially people who may be already suffering and just need a simple smile)

    -Return a greeting at least as pleasant as the one given you (as we are taught in Qur'an).

    -Always be grateful for whatever Allah gives you.

    -On your way to the grocery store, ask if

    others who may not have transportation would like you to bring them something back.

    -If you drive to the masjid, ask others who have no transportation if they need a way home from the masjid. Too often we pray next to people at Juma'ah, then drive directly past these same believers as they wait for hours at a bus stop just to get home. This encourages people to come to the masjid; to know that at least others are concerned that they get safely back home.

  68. John from USA

    Dear Umar Majeed,

    Many Muslims are fighting Jihad each day and they die each day and still their effort is futile. They die for nothing. They have tried to change things for years by murdering innocent people and yet the world grows even more resistant to these efforts. This should just go to show that the real God of creation does not approve of these cowardly ungodly men. To kill ones self in the name of religion is not required by God or this allah. Suicide has no honor or final result but seperation from God. These are mad men fighting a war in which there is no hope of final victory or redemption from their sin. To take innocent life is contradictory to any scripture in the Koran or the Bible so these crimes are contrary to the word of God and condemned by Him. These people are reserved to a devils hell from which they can never return. US soldiers send them there every day in Iraq. Muslim Jihad fighters will never learn for history has proven this fact. Peace is a universal desire of the world that will never come because true peace is only found in God fearing men but which Muslim Jihad fighters have no respect for God or His word. No true Chrisrian would blow himself up and take innocent life. Many men posing as Christians have committed attrocities in the name of God but these too have erred. Don't take this as a personal attack on you but look at the results of what the attack on America has brought about. Our Christian nation has defeated Al Quaeda and Iraq and all their Jihad soldiers. They and their God are defeated by the one and only true God. They boast their God will deliver them as they die by the hundreds.

    Maybe their God is not listening to their prayers or He has gone to sleep while his people perish in their ignorance. Either way I'd find a new God with more power. Good luck on your jihad your going to need it. I don't think allah cares one way or the other.

  69. Sora Saari from Singapore

    Peace to all. I agree to the 10points discussed and to be practiced. Another point that many muslims lack of practice is to give a smile to a muslim and non-muslim ...... that helps a lot for the other communities to befriend with us ....

    Thanks and ma'asslam

  70. Rabi'a Abubakar from Malaysia

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    As a muslim, I have been quite upset about the war in Iraq. I feel helpless: unable to do anything to help those who are suffering over there. I thought about what I could do;my own personal contribution.I feel that it is not much but at least it is something.

    A couple of weeks ago, I decided to start fasting Mondays and Thursdays. I used to fast on these days some time ago but I stopped because of my studies. However, I am back to fasting now(Alhamdulillah). I am finding it quite difficult but this gives me a better understanding of how those affected by the war feel.

    In brief, what I am trying to say is that fasting is one of the things that a Muslim can do to make a difference.

    May Allah help the Muslims in distress all over the world and May we strive to do better for the sake of Allah. Rabbana taqabbul du'a. Jazakummullah khair.


    Sister Rabi'a

  71. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Please consider encouraging observance of Islam's first three pillars, by those people of the book with whom you discuss religion - at work, school or elsewhere. Perhaps more importantly, please politely but consistently display an unwillingness to associate others with God. Please do not appear willing to participate in any such sin. Such unwillingness might lead non-Muslims to consider what they themselves actually believe.

    Those who associate others with God may reference a few common but "commonly questioned" passages of the Bible - in attempting to promote a polytheist doctrine. So why not in response refer to more "consistent sounding" passages - if doing so might help to open someone's eyes to the truth?

    If God so wills, the following passages may be helpful in "liberating" someone from the sin of associating others (who were created) with God (who was not created):

    1) Mark 10:18 (there is none good but God),

    2) Quran 3:84-85 (no worship will be accepted, other than worship of God alone),

    3) Quran 6:101 (the "Wonderful Originator" of our world - and of all the other worlds - has no son).

    I apologize for any errors in the notes in parentheses for the references above.

    As Salaamu Alaikum

    -- Yahya Bergum

  72. Sharon L. Muhammad from United States of America

    Point Number 11:

    Be patient when dealing with others.

    Point Number 12:

    Be slow to judge. Search for the actual facts when coming to decisions/conclusions.

    Point Number 13:

    Share the knowledge of Allah with others. Do not hoard the blessings that He has given to us by withholding the principles of Islam.

  73. shanaz begum from India

    As-Salaamu-Alikum. This has been the discussion of the non muslims that if muslim girls who wear nakabs and go for collages , as soon as their enter the primises , their just remove and the dresses they wear are scanty with sleeve less shirts, tight pants etc.They move out of the college primises from the other gates on they motorbikes , its really annoying to hear that .

    This gives a wrong impression on the other religious that ,when girls are foursed to do things which they don't like this is the result.

    Our girls have to be taught the ethics of wearing the burqha, so that they don't misuse and degrade it.

  74. Habib-ur-Rehman from USA

    # 11 Promote Islamic Studies and Sunnah

    I would like to request to the Muslims arround the world that we all need to learn the meaning for the Quraa'n and practice the Sunnah of our last prophet Muhammad (pbuh), because if we do not follow the sunnah, simply we are living like animlas and knocking @ the doors of darkness and ignorenece. We all Muslim needs to study first about our religion and then just those hints about other religions where God has spoken abou the Islam and Muhammad (pbuh).

    Yes, brothers and sisters it is true and i have all the prrofs that there is mentiong about Islam and prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in other religins please study all of them and share with others, so we can help other to understand the Islam.

    Please love each others just for Allah, not for (money, woman, pleasure)etc,.

    I know deep in my heart that if every single man and a woman gives priorty to Allah's command then to this world I sware by who has my life in His Hands, He can make us and this Islam like a SUN and the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad(pbuh) as a sunshine, we need to ask him and,,,

    only Muslim has a direct connection with Allah Al-Mighty, so please, , ,

    beg Him,

    cry to Him,

    like a child, and he will answer ur prayers, cleane your heart like a milk and be with Muslim like a net,




  75. fabeha fazal from USA

    May Allah subhanaotallah reward you for writing such a simple but useful article. I forwarded it to all my friends. I strongly believe that none of us will have any problem incorporating these simple beautiful things in our daily life. May Allah Suhnaotallah guide us in our efforts. Amen

  76. Sahl Syed from Canada

    There is one major factor that has prevented Muslims to obtain their positon as they had done before. The Quran being the main source for law and dignity has been shaved off of the Muslims hearts. They have completely or nearly completely mixed in a confluence at one point of their lives similar to the western life style. When I mean nearly, because of the mere fact that some Muslims at an early age attend Quran classes and than halt when a little bit older. The final assertion is that Muslims will be worn out like cloths but not Islam and this deen will be handed to another nation if Muslims do not realise so.

  77. Abdur Razzaq from usa

    Wal Hamdulillah:

    Our Sheikh, Imam Al-Awzaaee, who was from the taabi'uun, said:

    "The Companions of the Prophet (the best of generations) were upon 5 things:

    1) Sticking to the Jamaa'ah

    2) Clinging firmly to the Sunnah

    3) Frequenting (or also building) Masaajid

    4) The recitation of the Qur'aan

    5) And Jihad in the Cause of Allah

    In these 5 points we find the Hidayah to our Fitrah - Following the Qur'aan, and the authentic Sunnah, and the understanding of the Righteous Predessesors. If we do these things, we will be successful (1) within our ownselves, (2) with our families, (3) with our communities, and (4) as a global Ummah of Muslims. May Allah strengthen us all to give more of whatever resources we have at our disposal fee sabeelillah.

  78. SH.ANIS-UL-HAQUE from Pakistan

    Iread the article, it is pity that as being a

    Muslims we forget the very message of Prophet

    Muhummad peace be upon him, The Iraqi War is an eye opener to muslim world,its time we forget our

    difference and gather on one platform and seek

    guidance from Allah. Inshallah We would overcome

    the enemies of Islam.

  79. DavidC from USA

    The dinner invitation idea is a good one. Most

    people would be flattered by such an


  80. Imtias K from Norway

    A very good article. The guidance are easy to follow and well thought, specially for us born and raised in Europe.

    Thanks a lot! This really makes a difference!


    Imtias K

  81. Khadija Anderson from US

    Take your children to as many Islamic events as

    possible. This will encourage them to make and keep

    other Muslim children as friends and will help

    cement the connection to their Muslim community

    and identity.

    Have an Islamic community gathering/potluck dinner

    once a month. One community in our area does this

    during the summer with picnics at a local park and

    during the rest of the year at a community center

    that they rent out. You can take these opportunities

    to introduce muslims from other areas and even


  82. Abdur Razzaq from usa

    Sister Amina from Mexico: May Allah bless you for following the deen of Allah. However I must disagree with you in establishing interfaith activities. There is nothing wrong with inviting people to Masaajid or other Muslim functions to prosletize, and introduce them to Islam. This was actually commissioned by the Prophet (SAWS) as he sent missionaries all over the world to Invite to Islam - but in a way which is better. We should give as much if not more da'wah, in our daily living and dealings with our communities.

    However, interfaith worship is not permissible according to the majority of ulama that I have heard from. It involves the allowance and sanctioning, of pray to other than Allah. Muslims cannot go to these gatherings with the mindset 'Pray to whoever you wish', not if you firmly believe in 'Laa Ilaaha Illallah' and place your trust in Him.

    Lastly, we must declare the legitimacy and superiority of Islam, as Allah says in the Qur'an 'The religion with Allah is Islam'. However, it should not be declared with arrogance and contempt. We should respect other religions, be kind and generous to them, and give them da'wah, knowing that this deen is the only way. May Allah give us guidance and tawfeeq.

  83. Rana Munad from USA

    Learn about how US Policies are made and how to influence them.

  84. umar majeed from disputed kashmir


  85. Um Muhammed from Saudi Arabia

    1. Make love the foundation of your relationship with your children, and not fear and threats.

    2. Make a habit of saying certain phrases like "Ma sha' Allah" "In sha'Allah" "Bismillah" and "alhamdullilah" in your home and with your kids for all kinds of occasions.

    3. Let your kids know the importance of charity and make it a habit to give to the needy any form of sadaqat.

  86. hr iskandar from malaysia

    make Islam as the adhddeen of your Home.start the islamic way of life from your family at home.

  87. asad durrani from USA

    11.Perform Allah(swt)Zikr as a group once every week.children should be welcomed.

    12.Go in Allah ,s path ,remind your brothers in Islam about the din of Islam,it does not matter whether they are practicing muslims or not.Visit the people who are sick or have a sick person in the family.

    13.In the morning when we get out of the house to go work or otherwise ,we should put out your right foot out first and say this dua"bi-ismi-Allah tawakulto aal-Allah.wala-hola-wala qouwata-illa-bi-Allah -il-aali-il-azim".our entire day will be counted as aprayer.

  88. Nizar from South Africa

    Islam at work :-

    How about getting all Muslims to meet once a week to discuss Islamic matters at work.

    e.g. - Salaah facilities & Halaal catering etc.

  89. Markus from australia


    I am a new muslim and my muslim name is Habibie.

    I think that Islam is a beautiful religion but at this time it is the "Dark Ages of Islam" Majority of us are poor, and uneducated. So my idea is this; The RECOVERY of ISLAM is in EDUCATION. Those who live in a rich or western country should educate themselves as much as possible and take position in media and business. Those in rich countries should form groups 2-3 or more families and sponsor a gifted student from a poor muslim country and support him/her until the child graduates from a university and return home and thas help his country to prosper. Each mosque (or group of mosques) should have a chosen 3-rd world muslim country and concentrate on this country making sure there are students studing voriety of subjects that will enrich this country. The business Muslims of that Mosque should see if there is possibility to open an office or a factory in that country. The community of that Mosque should travel for a holiday to that muslim country and spend their money there. There should be a webside newsletter for all muslim to see the progress, needs and achievments of this venture.

    The progress will be slow but surely going in the right direction. Allah will first help those who help themselves. Amin.

  90. Mujeeb Abbas from Canada

    Pray to Allah during salah each day, that he join the hearts of all Muslims and make us feel like we are one ummah again.

  91. Marie Fal from Senegal

    You must consider other people as you do for yourself.

  92. Saberi from Cape Town, South Africa

    Assalamu 'alaikum

    Muslim ideals should include attending the Mosque at least once a day for communal prayers instead of once a week. The more effort we make to engage ourselves in Islamic practices, the more reward Allah will give us Insha-Allah.

    Also, start weaning your family away from the television. Removing this form of entertainment too quickly will result in rebellion and defiance. Television watching is one of the most destracting forces away from islam.

    I pray that we take heed from all progressive suggestions Insha-Allah

  93. Farhad Carrim from South Africa

    Our actions are judged by our intentions. It follows that our thoughts culminate into our reality. Therefore, lets take dhikr (rememberance of Allah) to a diffent dimension. Example - by repeating many times over, "I am healthy and happy, by the Grace of Allah, Most Gracious, then so it shall be. In this manner, try to remember all of Allah's 99 names / attributes. Was Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

  94. BH from United States of America

    I am not Muslim, but I respect the fact that Muslims stand up for many things i cherish suchas honesty,charity, kindness, and love. Please don't allow your religion to become corrupt and perverted like the Christians have theirs.

  95. ahmed from usa

    This is the best article I ever read on this website! I encourage you post more of these rather than posting nonsense and foolish articles like the of Hady Amr.

  96. Haji from usa

    let us proud of being muslims, and show up our I dentinty as muslims, and serve our children from exploitation of western culture, simply by keeping them busy with islamic studies everyday after school.

  97. Mrs.Raseena Ashraf from U.A.E

    We should organise meetings and gatherings within family members and friends discussing the main teachings of the prophet and Quran. Create an awareness within ourselves first and then the world.

  98. Najwah KhanBey from USA

    First and foremost, put your Islam before anything else. Love Allah (SWT) with all your heart and soul. And if you cannot do this, then at least fear Him. We will be in His presence and held for account sooner than later, inshaAllah. Regardless, to whatever is happening, put Allah first. Think about it>>>it is thru the test that we practice our faith. Fear Allah

  99. Ahmed bin Ibrahim from USA

    Sponsoring students for Islamic education is definitely an important aspect of helping out muslims. This goes a long way in helping individuals who may have the zeal for knowledge but cannot do so due to financial disability. We should try to limit our luxuries to understand the needs of muslims all around the world. How many times have you come across letters where the person writes that he needs sponsorship for reading Islamic literature? These are people who are usually new converts/reverts or studying to find out more before they convert/revert to Islam. Some of them are from detention centers too.

  100. A Nassar from UK

    Supplication for one in distress

    'None has the right to be worshipped except You. How perfect You are, verily I was among the wrong-doers'

    Laa 'ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka 'inni kuntu minn-al Thalimin

    ==Then Allah Says' We responded to him and saved him from his predicament or crisis , AND so we save the believers' The believers in Allah and in His Quraan and His promise and the power of this blessed Duaa that Allah will answer insha'Allah from he who is afflicted with sadness or disaster or crisis; there would be no stonger reason for despair and loss of hope than being in the stomach of a whale!! but Allah shows us the strength of faith and teaches us the Duaa that opens the doors of His mercy and the secrets of His kingdom. The Creator of the universe deals with it as He wills and is not bound by a natural law or the logic of our minds.

  101. Bethany Lewis from united kingdom

    Be yourself, not what others want you to be. Be true to your belief's, even if you get laughed at because God see all and hear's all, and loves a true believer, but if thats not enough then just be yourself for yourself. Dont do wrong things because you will be excepted by a group, in your heart you know what is right and What is wrong. Never promise things that for some reason you may not be able to keep that will lead to mistrust.

  102. Shahzad Akhund from U.S.A

    I confess that I do not offer all the five times prayer. The guilt hangs heavily on my conscience. But I do offer the Fajr(Morning) prayers regularly. I've found that the Fajr prayer is the best meditation one can do. It is a sort of spriritual vitamin for the rest of the day and the related anxieites and/or stress. Try it and you will find out for yourselves.

    May Allah show us all the right path, Ameen.

  103. M Imran ur Rehman from pakistan

    1 all muslim countries should stop the oil trade with US and UK

    2 bycout all western products

    3 all Arab countries should take decision to say americans to exile from there lands

    4 never allow any western company to do business in muslims lands


  104. Sultan M. Ghani from Qatar

    - Be sincere and truthful in everything you do in your day to day life.

    - Be kind to other human being irrespective of their belief, caste, creed and colour.

  105. Abdullah Ibrahim from Nigeria

    Let everyone join hands towards the spreading of the deen, by enjoining the good and forbidding the evil and our brothers and sisters in the Islamic world should please and try as much as possible to work with brothers in the Islamic countries working for the re-establishment khilafah. Because that is the solution to our problems today, if we can remove those tyrant rulers who are giving our bases and resources to the kufar to slaughter us then insha-allah the ummah will triumph again as it did until 1924 when the khilafah was destroyed.

    Just imagine if the leaders of countries such as Saudi, Egypt, Syria, Qatar, Pakistan and Bahrain were to unite against the war that is currently going on not just this particular war any war against the ummah by refusing to give out our airbases, unite there various armies to stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Iraq and terminate any current trading with America in other words switch off the oil taps as it has been ordered by Allah we should not involve in trading with countries we are at war with. Just imagine if this were to happen how then will America be picking and choosing and bombing us as they wish but it is a shame brothers instead our rulers the American agents are doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. Below is a link for brothers and sisters who may be wondering what I meant by working for the re-establishment of the khilafah. Feel free to visit the site if there is any questions please feel free to contact the site administrators. (www.1924.org).

    Jazak'Allah Khair!

  106. LOUBNA NASSER from U.S.


  107. Sheik Ally from Guyana

    Fight the jihad on themselves first.

    Believe in their religion.

    Know their religion.

  108. Radhia Ibrahim Abdullah from canada

    When its up to me, I would list it in this order:

    1)Make dua for those who have little

    2)Take action by giving money to the poor as often as you can

    3) Read the Holy Quran as much as you can

    4) Tearn away from such things that may make you forget about Allah ta'aalaa ( television, music)

    5) Spread the knowledg that you have wheither your a teacher or a student

    6) Never forget about Allah ta'aalaa

    7)Show hospitality, kindness and generousity to all beings

    8) Speak about the One All-Mighty in every gathering

    9)Have a good character

    10) Remember death as often as you can

  109. Mohamad Khaled Sleiman from Brazil

    The 11 thing in this list should be: We have to bring islam back, we all have to fight to unite all islamic countries, without caring with language or with the history(like the war of Iraq and Iran), to make a khilafah, to stop the persecution of islam!!!

  110. Mohammed Abdul Mujeeb

    Point #2, we can't suggest alternative ways for obligatory things in Islam. We can't be more merciful and wiser than Allah, there is reason why men are required to offer prayer in mosque @ appointed time. The author need to verify this point with a scholar

  111. Abrez from ENGLAND

    try to spend time with the family & get to kno each other because a family can be a wonderful thing.

  112. Mohammad Ali from South Africa

    Whenever faced with a situation,be it in your town, your home or even a scene from the media and news, divert the mind of your growing child towards Islam by asking the question(loudly) "what does Islam say, or, what is the Islamic solution to this issue? This will generate Islamic thinking, research, curiosity and develop an islamic mindset for the child as he steps out into the world one day and is faced with these or any other situations, and will confidently deal with them acording to Islamic requirements.

  113. Masood Ul Hameed from UK

    Please accept my appreciation for making things simple to follow.

    We should think all the time how can we understand, follow, and propogate Islam with out making it difficult. This is in accordance to the saying of our beloved Prophet may peace be on him. May God bless you for your efforts.

  114. najeeb from United Arab Emirates

    I like your "10 things every Muslim can do to make a difference" article but i have some comments on the second one " #2 Go to the Mosque at least once a week for Salat" i believe that all Muslims men should go to the mosque 5 times a day

    to attend salat al jamaah (group pray at the mosque).There are many Mohmed Prophet(sala allah aleeh wasalam) Hadeeths advice us and some times order us to pray all 5 times pray at the mosque daily .Al hamdulelah (Thanks gud) some time Islam is flexible at emergences cases ,for example if a muslem can not pray at mosque in war times ,sick ,raining a lot,...,then he can pray at home. I believe that Muslim should do his best to pray at the mosque because of the rewards (hasanat) he is going to get is a lot (As Profit, sala allah aleeh wasalem, said that 1 pray at mosque equal 27 pray at home ).If we remember that hadeeth, where one Muslim came to Mohmed Profit ,sala allah aleeh wasalam, asking him for a permission to pray at home instead of praying at the mosque because he is a blind (can not see at all ),initially he allow him then he call him and ask him if he can hear the azan, this Muslim said yes, then mohmed break his permission and ask him to pray at the mosque.

    Gazacum allah keher to pass the correct informations and Believes to all muslims worldwide .alsalam alekum warahmat allah wabarakateh .

  115. Aseem M. Koshan from USA

    In the name of my Beloved Best Friend Allah, May I be completely sacrificed for Him.

    Ya Allah, Subhanullah wa Tala, I pray for intellectual security concerning this. This is something between Thee and me, so only with Thine Permission would I consent to this veil being Dropped.

    When you rise up after "Allah has Heard all who praise Him" make a flower in your mind for Allah and then say "Praise be to my Lord". The flowers will become more and more creative and spin and change color and soon be often replaced by birds and birdsongs and outer space and special poses, etc. Don't hold back your creativity, given to you by your Lord, trying to save it for the next raka.

    You will Glorify Allah, The Truth, Most Kind, Most Beautiful, may His Divine Love Be on Muhammad. Muhammad is the Message, Hamd is the Message, Praise is the Message, soft hearted Muhammad is the Message, I don't feel worthy of uttering His Name. This is the Message or at least part of it, and Allah Knows Best.

    Ya Allah Subhanullah Wa Tala, if Thou Wills, this e-mail will Go through and something hidden will be Revealed. I love You. Ameen.

  116. syed adil ahmed from pakistan

    when Allah created hazrat adam it was with a purpose. the purpose, as stated and explained to by my mentor mr mufti of peshawer-pakistan, was to let adam and his children exalt the virtue of 'aaj'zee' (humality) since it is aaj'zee that Allah likes most in adam and his children.

    this is one quality that does not belong to Allah and He likes most in His creations, and this is the reason why Allah created all.

    every human being that thinks, reaches the same conclusion. some associate this to service of humanity, others to the submission to the dictates of His will. but all told and done, it translates into rising beyond self and serve His purpose. humanility not only makes one submit to the will of Allah but also help us find His creatures upon whom He bestows His favours.

    this comment is submitted with the hope that all my brethern of the world in search of peace will give it a thought, and submit to the attainment of 'aaj'zee' to earn the love of their Creator, the one and only Allah.

  117. Nasser Khezrian from DUBAI-UAE

    While planning for a tour we better visit an Islamic country.

    While talking to our children, we better talk serious and with respect about other Islamic nations.

    While going to sleep or waking up, we better have a few seconds or a few minutes of recitation (zikr), and to remind other family members of the same.

    While driving we better get used to listen to the holy Quran instead of songs.

    While teaching our children how to save money, we better remind them to keep out a very nominal portion for donations too.

  118. naseem a chaudhry from uk


    I totally agree with your ten points,but before we go on to those points,we have to covince our selves that we wre muslims. Instead of fighting over insignificant things like saying "ameen" loudly or quietly, or "holding hands" over chest or at tummy level during salah,we should be tolerant,and make science our profession in order to counter act the threats of WMD. Wasalaam.

  119. Ahmed sayeed from India

    Assalam Allaikum,yes you are absolutely right,muslim should obey these thing,but also take the knowledge of scientific thing and computer,If any muslim obey these 10 things and also having the deep knowledge of science and computer then it is said to be the perfect in deen-e-islam and in world of science,every muslim should adopt these thing then our community can develop in the world.Allah Hafiz

    ahmed sayeed

  120. Mohammed Naim from Canada

    1.Smile and talk politely with everybody regardless race, coluor and religion.

    2.When you promise, make sure to honour the promise.

    3.Make a habbit to help general people, whenever they need it and whenever we could.

    4. Try to stay firmly on 5 pillars of Islam.

    5. Always take care of parents.

  121. Raymond A. Klesc from Indonesia

    Start a Qur'anic study group in your home. My wife and I started a Qur'anic study group in our home more than three years ago. We meet every Thrusday evening and have seen our group grow from its humble beginnings to more than 40 people. On any given Thursday evening we have more than 20 people gathered to listen, study and exchange ideas concerning the Qur'an and how the Qur'an helps guide us through our everday problems. We have a small meal afterwards and this allows for a fellowship to build between all of us.

    Our group is open to all comers especially new converts or thouse seeking information about Islam. We have had many of our non-Muslim guests accept Islam through our Daw'ah and embrace Islam by saying their Shahadah in our home. May Allah bless them and contiune to guide their hearts.

    We continue to meet through Ramadan starting with breaking fast together and enjoying Maghrib, Isa and tarweeh prayers together. Ramadan becomes a special time of the year as our gathering grows to more than 40 people with entire familes gathered to pray together and share their knowledge.

    This has become a most rewarding experience for us and has made our home a focus of Islamic study, tradition and peace. Thanks be to Allah for allowing us the opportunity to share our home with our brothers and sisters.

  122. Pete from Chine

    Although FGM ( including clitoridectomy and infibulaton ) predates Islam, it is unfortunate that Islam always gets a BAD NAME whenever FGM is mentioned, because the people who still hang on to this "custom" are mostly Muslims. Because FGM is an abhorrent and incredibly inhumane practice against women and girls, Muslim communities around the world should jointly announce a complete, total, unconditional BAN on FGM. Any parent who mutilates his or her daughter or has her mutilated WILL have both his or her hands chopped off in PUBLIC. This UNIVERSAL LAW will, I'm sure, eradicate FGM in Muslim communities on the face of the earth this nutty and inhumane practice in a few years, inshah Allah. Praise Allah !!!! allah is the GREATEST. If Allah had wanted to legitimize FGM, it would have been revealed to the Holy Prophet in one of the surahs. After that, small number of FGM cases will only be practiced by christians and atheists, no longer by any Muslims anywhere.

  123. Philip Fortin from Canada

    1) Be not apologetic about your faith. Islam is what it is and there is no reason for us to water down our convictions in the face of adversity.

    2)Seek out those Muslims in our communities who are suffering from what is becoming popular injustice. Help them pursue legal recourse and hold the powers that be to account for the rights that they claim to uphold.

    3) Unify this Ummsh. If you are a Shia than visit your Sunni neighbor, and vis versa. Know that there are subjets that should not be discussed, for the sake of peace, but make every effort to bring us together again.

    4) Be instrumental in the dismantaling of the governments who are supressing our brothers and sisters.

    5) Unify. Unify. Unify. It is crucial that we pool together our efforts. Welcome other movements/organizations and try to find common ground where we can work together.

    6) Prepare for the day when you may have to fight. Today is fitna, it is hard to understand who really has the interests of the Muslims at hart. This will not always be the case. Prepare for the inevitabe.

  124. syed Shahabuddin from Hyderabad, India

    These ten things which u want us to do or make a habit to do some atleast are very good and make a muslim a true muslim.But in countries like Indiam pakistan aor any gulf country, most of the ten things are a routine.In countries like america or any european countries, they mean a lot.Whatever be the place, one should have enthusiasm and zeal to follow Islam in his life and invite other by practice to do so.Let us strive for the cause of Islam and our Aakhirath.

  125. Amina al Jerrahi from Mexico

    Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim

    11. Engage deeply in interfaith activities. Muslims accept all the Prophets, a.s., and that makes us ideal candidates to host interfaith prayers for Peace, for prosperity in the human family. It is extremely necessary that we share the legacy of of light of our sacred tradition with others who can appreciate it's subtlety and it's magnificence. Do not isolate in muslim ghettos and please don't do proselytism. Just humbly be the light of Islam for others to benefit and plese, do not declare it superior to other religions.

    12. The muslim men can open themselves to the feminine energy of the Allah through sharing prayers with women intimately. That will soften their hearts so they will shine in expansion.

  126. Lucy El Sherif from Canada

    I strongly agree with Brother Mohammed Ansari. We must hold on to our faith strongly, but we must also excel in education. Too often I feel knowledge of faith is subsituted for knowledge of other scientific and creative fields. This is wrong. They must complement each other if we are to become strong societies that do not depend on the charity of others, as is the case today. Allah (SWT) will not drop food from the sky while we pray. We must pray AND work hard at making ourselves a more rational and economically viable society.

    I also strongly think that unless we value ourselves and our kind as equals to those from the West, we will not deserve to be treated equally. In most Arab countries, a foreigner from any Anglo country is paid much more for a job than the same work done by someone from a Third world country or even a native. A native friend of mine at an international Big Five accounting firm located in the Middle East was paid $7,200 a year while his New Zealand colleague working in the same office on the same projects was paid $120,000 a year! Sadly this scenario repeats itself throughout many Muslim countries, where nationality plays a considerable part in determining salary. How can we be anything if we value each other and ourselves sub-standard, even while performing at the same level as those we look up too? At worst it is racism, at best it is self-hate.

    I think we must also stick our heads out a little, especially for those of us who live in the West. Muslim and Arab parents encourage their children to stick with "safe" professions like medicine and engineering. There are very few Muslim lawyers, media personnel, politicians and other professions that have an influence in public life. We need to be a visible part of the communities we live in and build strong networks of our own.

    We must also not give up on everything as being so hopeless, so we stop trying. We must have faith in Allah (SWT) even while it sometimes seems ble

  127. KHALID BAIG, MD, FAAFP from U.S.A.



  128. Sabina Mohyuddin from USA

    Assalaamu alaikum

    One thing every Muslim family should do is to make salat together at least once a day. Maghrib salat is usually the most suitable time. Then afterwards read only 2-3 hadith and explain them to your children. The benefits occur when it is done everyday.

  129. Ashraf Ahamed from USA


    You have mentioned in point no.2 that whoever cannot attend the Friday prayers must try to go

    to the Mosque at least for one prayer in a week.

    I think this point is against the teachings of

    the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH)

    because Allah has already stated the importance of 'Juma'ah' in the Quran for which there is indeed even a separate chapter 'Surah Al-Juma'ah'. This Surah specifically asks the believers to hasten to the remembrance of Allah by leaving whatever work he is doing at the time of Juma'ah. So you cannot lay emphasis on the virtue of any other prayer in comparison with Jumah at the Mosque.



  130. Nizar W. Ramji from Canada

    It is great idea and I personally believe that all Muslims across Canada and USA should participate in World Partnership Walk hosted by Aga Khan Foundation Canada and USA. You can register online for the World Partnership Walk.

  131. Mohammad A Ansari from USA


    All those ten things are very important and will be very pleasing to Allah Subhan u Taala. However if we want empowerment of muslim Ummah then we have to emphasise to our young generation to excell in scientific education. They have to be skeptic in teir learning process and give up the learning by rote, which has been our characterstic for past several centuries. I am dismayed when I repeatedly here that cause of our backwardness is our lack of imaan. I am confident that state of our imaan is far better than other people of book. The main reason we are backward is because we have lagged way behind in modern scientific education, not beacause we are not praying as often.Korean and Cinese have progressed in last 50 years by acquiring education,both men and women. They dont even beleive in God. Our religious leaders have long fooled the masses by telling the lie that modern education is anti Islamic and we are paying the price. Unless we realize that the real cause of our backwardness is lack of education in our men and women we will not be able change our condition. It is a shame that out of somany Muslim countries there is not one Institute of Higher learning. My prayer is that Muslim will soon heed the advice of our beloved prophet PBUH and acquire knowledge.


    M A Ansari

  132. AAA from UK

    Read Qur'an and hadith and take practical measures to adopt them in your daily life for eg give out of what Allah has bestowed on you ie wealth, knowledge, abilities etc. To give out from your wealth deduct a certain amount from your salary each month etc.

    Also we must never underestimate the power of dua(prayer). We should aim to start and finish everything with dua. The is the only way we will ever become a more God concious society, is if we increase our connection and awareness of God.

    Also we should fulfill everyone's rights over us so that on the Day of Judgement noone will have a real cause for grievance over us...and everyone does have a right over us, from your parents to a person you pass on the street.

  133. Samshath from UAE

    Muslims should form a study group and meet at least once a week to learn the meaning of the verses in the Holy Quran and also allot a day for reading hadith.

  134. Abu Asma from USA

    Here are 10 we would like to suggest...

    1) Pray sincerely: We should pray to our creator and sustainer the Almighty Allah (swt) to bless our rulers with wisdom no matter which part of the world we live in.

    2) Understand and follow true message of Islam: Let us struggle to study the deen of Allah(swt) and follow as such Allah(swt) Intended us to follow.

    3)Be a good example wherever we are: If someone is a doctor let him/her be the best doctor in the


    4)Correct the Image Problem: We are being stereotyped to be violent and intolerant. And to some extent some of the so-called Muslims has restored to that. And enemies of Islam have used that to tarnish our image.

    5)Build the bridge of friendship with our co-workers and neighbors: We should not only talk

    the talk but we should also walk the walk like

    inviting them to our homes and sharing with them food and beauty of Islam.

    6)Find out commonality and ignore the differences:

    Find out from the fellow Americans who are gainst war or against drug or against domestic violence or against environmental pollution or against......and work with them. Make a common issue, the issue of the entire Humanity and not just the issue of Muslims.

    7)Look beyond the current crisis: Let us not become the reactionary but work towards a larger goal. Set a long term goal and work towards it.

    8)Be fair and honest towards others suffering: See how the people around the world are protesting against his war. There are fewer Muslims but the larger part of the people are non-Muslims. So whenever, we see the injustice we should speak against it, not only when it occurs against Muslim.

    9)Establish educational institution/hospitals and

    start scholarship programs: We really believe we should give 10% or more of our zakat to these institutions. We should establish Islamic Yale or Muslim Harvard, etc. open not only for Muslim but for people of all faiths.

    10) Finally, remember that our

  135. Shafi Ahmed from usa

    In addition to what you have posted on the web.

    1).First priority to join and seek membership of

    any muslim organisation and work with them with

    sincere conviction to seek allah pleasure.2) Listen and try not to undermine the organization rather contribute. If you have any good idea according to quran and sunnah please donot hesitate to present with all humility and seek help of other fellow muslim brother and try to promote atmosphere of dailoge rather then arguments. Please show respect to other muslim brother and listen to him first rather then make comment without looking merits in his suggestion or his view. this is last comment but every import also search for those brother and sister

    Who are not well to do provide help with whatever

    muslim brother and sister need. There are other

    suggestion but these are the most important. The

    community which is not in harmony will not bring

    any harmony to any other community.

    Shafi Ahmed

  136. Ghassan Khaled from USA

    Need to add make Duaa' "Ask Allah".

    Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and the Companions used to pray and then make duaa' whenever things gets tough!

    A well-known and documented incident happened when the Prophet was in a very weak position, so he made duaa' and Gabriel came and asked him if he wants him to get the mountains around Mecca to tumble over the non-believers!