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What should have happened long ago happened on this fateful Wednesday. The dictator fell and fell with humiliation. His statue was dragged in the streets by those who were the citizen of the country he ruled for almost two decades. Indeed, in this is a great lesson for all those dictators and monarchs who rule the Middle East and other parts of the world. The worth of their rule is nothing but the dust under the feet of their own people. The regime collapsed due to the overwhelming war machinery the coalition troops put together. It was not the people who brought the regime down. It was the US and UK military and political - Coalition - forces that caused Saddam regime to crumble. These forces didn't intervene on behalf of people. They intervened because they wanted to secure their own political and economic interests.

If these forces had really cared for people and democracy, they would have allowed the opposition groups in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries to exercise their right of freedom more freely. If the "coalition" forces had really cared for justice, they would have forced the apartheid state of Israel to follow the UN resolutions demanding total withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian land. These forces represent an alliance of Multinational Conglomerates that have a corporate globalization agenda, Zionist Extremists who are keen to control the Middle East, and Radical Christians who see in Muslims a targeted community for conversion to Christianity.

This alliance is likely to play a key role in the post war Iraq. Each will help the other. The Iraqi opposition will be a willing partner in the strategy of the emerging alliance. The opposition with the exception of the Shia community is dependent on the "coalition" forces for their survival. Who ever controls Iraq in the post war period will be ruling on behalf of the alliance.

What happened in Iraq will not stop at the borders. The turmoil will spread to other parts of the Middle East and beyond, if the current rulers refuse to play the tune of the alliance. The people once again will be pawns as they have often been in this chess game of politics. The Middle East and other regions that may be on the radar of the alliance are in for a long crisis, a crisis that is capable of profoundly affecting their social, religious and political values.

The future is uncertain unless those who claim to be the ruler's look at the reality with eyes wide open and work for the social, educational, political-freedom and security of their people. The future is certainly bleak if people of conscious do not rise with eyes wide open and look beyond the worldview of corporate media to understand the world we live in and work to establish a universal system of peace and justice for all.


Dr. Aslam Abdullah, is the Editor the Minaret and the Muslim Observer

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War
Views: 2787

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Older Comments:
most pro-war american and non-muslims don't understand the stand-choice difficulty facing by the muslims in this war.muslims, esp. those moderate have to choose between lesser than two evils.

here, saddam was less evil than the invader, because history tell us what will happened after the modern western invasions in the middle east.

they will installed a puppet regime (armed them with dangerous weapons), surpress the democracy, take all their oil (rumors:channel to golan height,why golan?), divide iraq to 3 states (so, they will be easy to subdue, inflate israel's head, set up another base, tell the Iraqi what to do and so on.

though I was happy to see the Iraqi is freed finally, I'm still worried that they will jump into a huge sand pit, and have the long way to real democracy like the scandanavians.not like those lame a$$ $heik$.

Blaming Islam for what happened to your country is not a solution.using force to conquer the defenseless people doesn't make your country safe either.

In the end, the Iraqi lose their religion, country, pride, wealth, right to self-determination.who know maybe your great-grandchildren will visit a country call "Greater Israel in then Iraq".

only Allah knows why

I have read the article "Eyes Wide Open" with great interest. As an American, I was happy to see the Iraqi people be free of their dictator. I, also, would have been more pleased if the people of Iraq had been able to do that on their own instead of the "coalition" doing it. It certainly appears that the coalition had other agendas in mind as well. As an American, it was presented to us that Sadaam would need to be taken down for several reasons: his possible connection to terroists, weapons of mass destruction that could be given to those people that hate Americans, and his horrible treatment of his own people. I, for one, was happy to see the people of Iraq be free; although I would have liked to see a fellow Arab country do it for them.
I am a Christian who has studied Islam and believe there is a lot of good between. There are many Christians that do not know the Quran and what it means to be a Muslim, and these are referred to in the "Eyes Wide Open" article as dangerous in that they seek conversion from Muslims to Christianity. I hope they are in a minority and do not bother the wonderful tradition of Islam and all the true believers of the one, true God. There are many Christians that believe that one cannot obtain salvation unless one is a Christian, and there are many Muslims that believe that one cannot obtain salvation unless one is a Muslim; but I believe that God/Allah loves all his followers and that at the time of our meeting Him in the afterlife, we will all see Him the same way.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express myself.

Hey Toby
first of all I am not talking religion here.
secondly,you haven't answered my question yet.forget about it.I have other Qs:
why the US does not want to assist the muslim,christian palestinians and liberate them from israeli occupation and atrocities for over 50 years now???
Why the US has always vetoed the united nations resolutions against israel ???
why didn't the US condemn the cancellation of the Algerian elections in the 90's which were democratic,instead they and the French backed the terrorist Algearian army generals ?
I could go on and on with my questions...
I am 100% sure that you don't have a straight answers.bearing this in mind you stand discredited you and your claims that you have always wanted to assist muslims. as simple as that .

Placing blame does not help any situation.....The facts remain that Iraq had many years to comply with the wishes of the civilized world......Those countries that harbor, encourage and support terrorism better re-think there policies....
The World fortunetly will be made safe and secure by the US Military..........
Somebody has to do it.......Fortunetly Mr Bush has the guts to stand up to terrorism.......Terrorism no longer will be looked upon as a crime.....But a war against those that value life, and freedom of choice...
The Arab states need to advance to at least the 16th century......Oppression seems to breed radicals.........and Radicals will no longer be tolerated, if they attempt to force thier outlandish and primitive viewpoints on others.....
War is ugly........Nobody wants war......But this war was started on Sept 11th, 2001.....advanced to Afghanistan......to Iraq.........and on to wherever terrorism is hiding.............
Next on the arab agenda is to put blame on the US for not stopping the looting in Iraq......I am sure.........Let's be responsible for our own actions............Let us all open our eyes, and realize that we all have the same goals, dreams, and aspirations, as well as a right for a better life...............No one has the right to impose thier feelings or opinions or beliefs on anyone.......If not for sept 11th.......The US Military would not be in Iraq.....They would have not been in Afghanistan........but....It is war....and the US has to protect not only its civilians....It must also protect its own national interests and security......That is life.........That is human nature.....History does repeat itself.........As in the Case of a certain evil person that terrorized the world almost 70 years ago.........it cannot and will not happen again......People seem to forget that Saddam killed more muslims (his own people) than anyone on the face of the earth......and for some unknown reason to the civilized.....He is a

What planet is this author from? To look at the world around you and learn nothing from the experiences is very sad.

I am one American who is in full support of the US forces in Iraq. To put the members of your military at risk and to accept the financial burden of paying for it all is one that no one should take lightly. To me the question was: "Is the world a safer place with or without Saddam Hussein?" To me the answer is obvious.

The author's claim to the US wanting to control the world's oil supply is ludicrous. Oil producers, and there are many of them, will gladly sell their oil. If that is the goal, why doesn't the US just seize Kuwait or the Emirates?
Liberating the people of Iraq is only the second most important agenda to me. Ridding the world of Saddam was #1. Who were the intended targets of his weapons of mass destruction? Iran, Saudi Arabia? Jordan? HE HAD ALREADY USED THEM ON HIS OWN PEOPLE. So why was he so tolerated and praised in the Middle East?

I have no illusions about the future in Iraq. The US needs to withdraw as soon as possible. The Iraqis who are blessing the Coalition forces today will be the same people cursing the Coalition forces next year.

The people (in a general sense) who live in the Middle East should be the ones re-examining their world. The people in the Middle East are not stupid, but I would say that they lack clear objectives in life. I am trying not to sound mean here, but it seems that the only things that the Middle East exports is oil, religion, its people, and lots of trouble. Why? This region has the land, the people, and the smarts to be a paradise.
Ask yourselves why is it that Middle Easterners can come to the West and succeed where they can not succeed in their home lands?

The issue is for Islam to modernize itself for the 21st century, based on the principles that make it a great religion. This must be a broad based effort, and not one imposed on the unwilling by dogmatic leaders.

Ahmed, don't get so angry. I agree they are just as ruthless as Saddam that's the whole point. But answer me this, Why is it every time America tries to assist a Muslim country to help in any way, you see us as a conquering and an occupying nation? Muslims from all over the world come to kill Americans. Is this more important than liberating your brothers? If the Arab nations are not strong enough to oust a criminal like Saddam does it make you feel ashamed that the Us is. Is it not true we have the power to take over any nation now of our choosing? But no American in this country would ever have such ambitions. That's one reason this country was founded. We embrace all people of every color or religion. The founding of our country was done by basically Christian men but we allowed all religions to migrate and worship freely here. Its beginning and its history is not one all Americans are proud of but with time we are learning from our past mistakes to better our tomorrows. We are not haters of Islam but as Christians we don't embrace it either. We only embrace what is true worship of the only God Jehovah and His Holy son Jesus Christ. But because of our faith we tolerate other faiths to worship in peace in our midst. We may not walk the same road but when we cross paths I pray it is a peaceful meeting along our journey. Each of us believe we are right, but the truth remains someone is wrong. When we do cross over I pray Gods arm of mercy embraces each of His children. If we do make our place in heaven by our deeds let it start here by our prayers for one another. I pray each of your actions and deeds have the best intent for the Kingdom of Heaven and are not obscured by the actions of others who do not have Gods interest in their hearts. May God continue to bless you in all your Holy endeavors.

Thank you for an eye opener to the problems in the Muslim world, not only in the Middle East. You see this aggression didn't happen overnight, it was in the making for some 5 years +. You see America knows what she wants and then she starts to plan on how to get it. America is a great country, but is has been hijacked by a group of guys who have a vision and is carrying out this agenda to acheive this goal. Let me ask a few questions:
1) Why is America attacking Iraq and not Isreal?
2) America's states cannot even afford essentials services and she wants to spend $75B to liberate the Iraqi people, isn't there something wrong with this ?
3) How many times did America changed their reason to invade Iraq?
4)If you are liberating the Iraqi people why the American flag keeps popping up?
5) If America had cared so much about the Iraqi people why did they and thier gang placed sanctions on the people that caused so much death and abnormal birth defects?
I have to stop now its just unbelievable. Do you honestly think that Osama was in a cave and carried out such a well coordinated attack on 9/11 on the most protected country in the world. Then I guess that Russia can send their submarine under the water to America and nobody will know when they arrive.

as salamu alakum
dear brother i would just like to mention to you that i read your article and i loved the way you expressed that and i really enjoyed your article and agree 100%
salam alakum

yes sadam was not good for his people,
yes iraq people should have get riven of sadam,
yes the world should have dane something
about sadam.
when the world is grying for PEACE,
when some people are breakink the law for peace, or giving thear lifes,
When a nation will not leasen to the UN and the world, then some thing is wrong.
Now lets say Im a leader of a nation, and this is how im thinkink.
I have good ekonomi, alot of bisnes in the country
alot of tourist, nice climat, lets say 90% in the country are workink.
Now let me ask you do you think i world go to war?
The anser is NO, becouse my people are in peace, and they dont want war.
But i steel go to war,way.
Let me tell you way, (The WORLD IS BEEN GIVEN A
ULTIMATE) bee whith me or against me.
Sa no wonder way same one like sadam Must be
taken out, becouse he become against,
Now let me ask you, 2 muslim countrys have been eliminated, which country is NEXT? which religon
have they?, yes it does meter.
Im hapy that im not a leader becouse i worldent klos my eyes, or be shut my mouse, becouse im a leader NOT a folower.
..................Thank u....................

Dr. A Aziz Choudhary

So we should conclude that Saddam (R.I.Hell) was part of your Ummah. So losing him degrades your community,? Wow, with views like that no wonder your Ummah is where it is.. You can have all the weapons and technology you can lay your hands on but if you do not please God, they will not help you. Just ask the Russians, or consider how can the Japanese excel so greatly without a powerful Military? Although I oppose this war, I know that it was a bunch of Extreme Muslims Arabs that came knocking on our door and now that we found our Jihad, Arabs don't want to play any more.

We can fight our way back to the Stone Age; there is no limit to our murderess imagination. But, I rather leave all this to God's Imagination and pray that Muslims and Us in America can adhere to his all-powerful Love.


Hey Toby
Why didn't the Muslims act first to the attrocities commited by Saddam.
will you please stop your madness,and stop talking about muslims as one entity ?
they "muslims rulers" did not do anything against Saddam for 2 reason :
1-they aren't any better then him.
2-they aren't as rogue as USA.they have no power whatsoever to go against the the UN charter and the international community.
hope you get it through your skull and brain.

now let me ask you a question
why can't the US do the same thing to Mubarak and Al saud and Sharon....etc???

Thank you for an excellent eye opener article every word of it. By the way the toppling of Saddam's statue and the rallying was staged and choreographed. The rest is for you to find out.

Robert Smith UK,
I totally agree with your statements. Why didn't the Muslims act first to the attrocities commited by Saddam. They truthfully just don't care or they support the torture and rape of their own people and religion. Maybe that's why so many flee to this country. I just don't understand a religion that complains against and fears other religions so much it is willing to sacrifice so many people for a cause they don't even believe or understand. Christianity went through a dark period during the middle ages and still today some attempt to pervert the religion, but still we do not send our children and women as human bombs or human shields against our enemies. I believe these so called infidels who call on Jihad as an excuse for their anger are being influenced of Satan and not really following the true teaching of Islam. They have perverted a belief of an ordinarily peaceful religion and turned it into a religion of vengeance. They even butcher their own clergymen. My bible says touch not Gods annointed spoken by King David when he was pursued by Saul. Maybe one day the eyes of Islam will be opened to the true light of righteousness over religion and tradition. Well Robert may God continue to bless you and yours.

The present Iraq crisis should open the eyes of all the muslims all over the world.I feel the security of the muslim world lies in self suffiency in every field,and especially in defence technology.Because the security of any country depends on its military power,Iraq war leaves no doubt about it.So people from all the Muslim countries should sit togather to think and discuss about the possibilities of self defence.They have to take measures to stop the brain drain from their countries and provide avenues for such research.I think it is the right time to think in this direction to save the Ummah fom fruther disintigration.

Robert please dont show your ignorance about history. read the following and go tho the articles in this site as well as others.


In 1881, the Egyptian nationalist movement succeeded in convening an elected parliament, but this was aborted only a year later by British occupation. Tunisia had promulgated a constitution in 1860, setting up a Supreme Council purporting to limit the powers of the monarchy. But this was suspended in 1864 when the French discovered that it interfered with their ambitions. Turkey elected its first parliament in 1877

Iran elected parliament in 1906, with powers to confirm the cabinet. A year later, however, the British and Russians carved up Iran into their spheres of influence, a development that would lead to the dissolution of the parliament in 1910. Nevertheless, the constitutional movement persisted until it was suppressed in 1931 by a new dynasty brought to power by the British.


Dr. William Draper in 'History of Intellectual Development of Europe'

"During the period of the Caliphs the learned men of the Christians and the Jews were not only held in great esteem but were appointed to posts of great responsibility, and were promoted to the high ranking job in the government....He (Caliph Haroon Rasheed) never considered to which country a learned person belonged nor his faith and belief, but only his excellence in the field of learning."

This is the Earl of Cromer's (first British Viceroy of Egypt) account of why the British took over Egypt 1882, (1908)


The population is heterogeneous and cosmopolitan to a degree almost unknown elsewhere. Although the prevailing faith is that of Islam, in no country in the world is a greater variety of religious creeds to be found amongst important sections of the community.

Mr Manjit in your eye the only terrorism is International terrorism. So for you national terrorism is ok. In which place did you learn mathematics? Yesterday a jewish group carried out a bombblast. Apparently it is only a group not a terrorist organisation since it targetted muslims. While calculationg 100 percent what gymnastics of the mind did you do to exclude the terrorism of the Sikhs(whom you appear to belong)? It was even international remember Air India plane "Kanishaka" dropped in the atlantic with hundreds of passengers thanks to it. The same west that gives muslims lectures did not declare the Khalistanis(Sikh Terrorists) as terrorists till sept 11 happned ie more than a decade after the Plane bombing. Suddenly the case hanging in candian courts got a philip and is about to be solved.
Or do you forget who first used the Human bomb? The Tamil Hindu(Sri Lankan)terrorists LTTE(even now called the most dreaded terrorist group in the world)fighting against the Buddhist Sinlalese Srilankans. Remeber this was also International(They blew apart the prime minister of India).
Howcome you dont give the label of terrorists to the Hindus who killed 2000 muslims in Gujart. Or for that matter the Hindus who killed 3000 Hindus in 1984 In New Delhi. How come you forgot the Jewish terrorists (whose acts are well documented) who bombed for the creation of Israel.
Then you also forgot the christain catholic Irish terrorists who ferquenty bombed in the neighbouring UK as well as in Nothern Ireland.

I think that you could take a well deserved break in life and go back to school and learn mathematics. Lack of this basic skill is clouding your communication capabilites.

In a few years time when you are done we will deal with the questions you have raised. Rembmeber you also forgot Iran(Muslim) fought against Iraq for 81/2 years.

Dear Sir,
Saddam Hussien killed 1.0 million muslims. Did any muslim country or muslim ummah stop the butchery of muslims. What if Israel kills 1.0 million muslims? What if Israel gasses 10,000 people and kill them in 1 hour? Will the muslims do nothing as they did when Saddam Hussien did all of this?
Biggest problem for muslims is that:
1) after the caliphate secualr education in the muslim world is finished;
2) there is no top college/university in the muslim world where non muslims can study;
3) muslims gave up science, arts and culture (witness the silence of muslims when Taliban sent afghans to stone age);
4) 2/3 of world refugees are muslims (running from muslim rulers);
5) 2 muslim genocides were committed by muslims (Yahya Khan - killed 2.0 million muslims in Bangladesh and Saddam Hussien killed 1.0 million in middle east);
6) No muslim country/leader has the courage to fight for muslims killed in number 5 point; and
7) Arabs who are less than 2% of world population supply almost 100% of international terrorism. The islamic militants mostly kill (almost 90%) women and children (which is against islam) yet no muslim leader says anything.

Why can muslims not be introspective?

May Allah give the right wisdom to the present rulers in Middleeast to follow democracy which is is one the priciples of islam but unfortunately these rulers throws in the winds.

MR. K FROM USA said:
I recently read Dr. Aslam Abdullah's article on the fall of Iraq and the intentions of the coalition in so ridding the world of this dictator. I must say I respectfully disagree with Dr. Abdullah's views. While the US has its own interest at heart (real politik, just as every country has their own interest before others), when our interests coincide with another countries interest, it is not a bad thing- but a good thing for them. I lament the fact that Dr. Abdullah generalized the whole coalition force as "Zionist Extremists" and "Radical Christians" "who see in Muslims a targeted community for conversion to Christianity". These ideas are lacking both in merit and evidence- many muslims serve in the US military- and the West has to some extent become so secularized that religion is put on the back-burner of almost everyones political agenda. Surely such inflammatory statements are not meant for the betterment of relations between the Ahl al Kitab."You will find that the closest to you in love are those who call themselves Christians because there are priests and monks among them who do not behave arrogantly". I think it is important in this case to remember this, and to act with logic, and not emotion. I agree wholeheartedly that we should work in this world to create peace and justice for all. And that this is not necessarily only an Islamic endeavor- i think our friends the Christians and the Jews will play a vital part in the upcoming play.
Mr. K

Nonmuslims before coming to the conclusion that "muslims don't like peace" or "muslims are at war with everybody else for no reason" should atleast read a tiny bit history of muslims (I recommend ISLAM TODAY L.A. Times Bestseller).

Muslims who are sick of other people telling them what to do should realize that the author might be a good muslim himself and is perfecting himself by giving a sense of direction to the whole group of muslims.

There are certain things which a muslim can do individually and there are others for which you need a group of muslims to do. Both muslims living in the west and muslims living in the rest of the world are responsible for a better state of muslim ummah and the world as a whole.
And both have a right to contribute however small the contribution might be. The goal is to gain Allah's love apart from having a better life in this world.

You don't understand anything at all about freedom.

You are obviously not free to report anything negative about Iviews.

Economic factors were major factors in the Iraq situation.

Like Russia, France, Germany, Syria, Jordan, China, North Korea profiting for arming, constructing palaces, bunkers, and your own political ass! Saddam paid them all off!

Probably you too!

You only killed a few thousand this time! Yes, You! You should have gave them reality! But, you gave them Iviews stuff!

This was a humane battle considering you ass holes were trying to make it otherwise!

Some people don't believe that Americans landed on the moon!

After 9/11, what do you rate your chance of survival is if we know you did something horribly wrong?

No holes bared that is?

your articles are so intresting.because we live in america,we have all the false news.i support all the people who like this website because its one of a kind.and Br.Aslam Abdullah has answered questions of the alhadi students.
narjes and the alhadi 6th graders

Eyes fogged over. All of the arab nations of the middle east knew that Saddam had to go. Two invasions against his neighbors; 3 million dead; Kurds lying dead, gassed in the streets, and just what did these countries do to help the Iraqi people unload this cretin? Not a thing! This was the responsibility of the arab nations, not the USA, but did the arab nations live up to their responsibility? Not at all! Whatever the motivations of the alliance governments are, the fact is Saddam is gone and that would not have happened had the Iraqi people waited on their arab brothers for the assistance they so critically needed. It is amazingly disingenuous for Dr. Abdullah to decry the overthrow of a tyrant because it was done by the USA instead of the arab nations whose responsibility it was and who so clearly failed to discharge that responsibility.

Blame is always put on the West. The fact of the matter is that, Saddam's fall and the liberation of the Iraqi people was done by the UK and US. No other country bothered, even the neighbours or the UN. The world knew Saddam was evil and unjust to his people. SO why didn't Iraq's so called Muslim brothers help pre-September 11? Or even after?

The Middle East is in termoil, because there is no true sense of compassion or open mindedness. All faiths can practice their way of lives in the west peacefully and openly. It is only the closed mindedness of the Middle East which does not allow it's citizeons to practice other religeons openly. The Middle East has never been in peace and will never be in peace because they don't really know what peace means. What real humanity means. When non-muslims suffer do muslims feel that pain? When Muslims suffer - muslims and non-muslimd feel the pain, such as Bosnia and Palestine and this is the fundamental difference between a muslim and a non muslim.

Long ago someone said "Convert your words into actions". Our enlighted westren educated muslim brothers and sisters who learned a art of talking and visioningLong ago someone said "Convert your words into actions". If the words or lectures we gave can be held accountable as it is said in Islam, then we might think very carefully before we deliver. Simply, what we say we should stand up to it if no then we are the hypocrites. Most of us either accuse or blame our rulers, other fellow Muslims and non Muslims for our mischief's and miseries. As soon as someone blame you as an individual for your own miseries( personal or social), we try to find the side tracks or just end the conversation with the punch line that I know what I am saying. If we really mean to change our Muslim world please don't go to far just look inside yourself you will find the problem unless you like to stay in your self image fantasy. Change always starts from our self and then outwards it never starts from outward to inward. Let change ourselves and be a Muslim that we suppose to be and Allah will help those who help themselves. Not other way around.

Then lets get in there and do it right.

assalamo alaymum,

I completely agree with Abu Aisha

Look no matter what happned is from allah, not even a leave falls down without the permission of allah.

Close meaning of which allah says in quran, that if you belivers do not implement the laws of allah, a calamity will befall upon you or allah will send a tyarrant who will take away all your posssions so brothers and sisters let come to allah almighty who never dies. Tyrants have come n gone, allah gave saddam 30 years with all resources needed to implement the laws of quran but I think 30 years is too much looks veryone how allah punished him n his regime, the land became tight for him.

Another place allah says "ya aiyohallazina amanu kunoo ansarallah" that mean "o you who beleive, all of you become the helpers of allah" come let us take on this gigantic task, remember all the mankind is on brink of HELL lets invite people to allah. When slave of allah will be connected with allah thats call" the freedom". Do not kill anyone unjustly.

In short, remember close meaning of which our beloved Prophet(pbuh) said when a calamity befalls a nation even rightous among will also suffer n die but allah will judge them on the of JUDGEMENT according to their intentions meaning thier IMAAN.

So anyone who want to be saved from fire of hell let him die on IMAAN believing in Allah, His prophet and last day. When you saved from fire of hell, you are indeed successful.

Let hope from allah to guide the mankind to the straight path.


There is neither an agreement nor a disagreement over the theme of disunity amongst those who proclaim to be Moslems.

It may be worthwhile to ponder on Louis Farah Khan's (NOI 2002 Annual Conference) remarks to oneness of Muslim Ummah of Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) - is not what it is today!

History recorded and world witnessed independent territories emerge and claim uncensored membership to integral universal community of Islam; bypassing creation of any acceptable authority that can regulate nations who choose to follow the policy of acceptance and discard at will of the pure and basic principles and practice of Islam in its national and social systems.

This fact stems from globalization of petty personal interests; and refusal to accept authority from a system which prevents establishing and application of acceptable social order, law and justice under the guidance provided by so just and as moderate Islam.

The people of Iraq will be able to build thier country, and economy faster then the Afghans. Now is the time for them to get along with each other, and work on building their country.

Lack of Action? It's not our fault if CNN, MSNBC etc.. don't give you the whole picture. You just blamed others in your comments. What have you done to see the others' perspective, other than coming to this website and dissing the muslim perspective based on your half..knowledge? When any muslim wants to even say anythihg in this country the media calls it suspicious, aggressive, and gives it a bad name. For example, a dear, and may I add HARMLESS elderly couple was approached by the FBI at 5 am, or shall I say terrorized by the FBI, because they were peace activists. Sounds like what happened in Israel to the 2 slaughtered peace activists. No one on CNN talked about that. Hmmmm. Now who's going to hell? The truely oppressed or those who say they blame God?

It is just shame to justify the indignation and humiliation of Arabs and Muslims. Our "educated elite" appear to be the least able of strategizing or giving guidance. In facing our priorities, we show carelessness and demagoguery of believes. Our self-absorbency and unruliness are major hindrance to the establishment of a successful and prosperous representative miniature replica of our collectiveness. Indeed, there are many amiable and urgent tasks facing us (on the community level, ..), to unit and empower ourselves in order to be able to show "the witnessing" solidarity with others. Yet, we have failed individually and collectively to consciously consider these priorities. This failure has been either deliberate or due to "sincere" ignorance. In any case we have emptied our soles of a "claimed truth" and busied our selves with bashing each other and those who appear to have "authority among us" over us. I am having a hard time understanding this article. It appears to be justifying and glorifying the destruction and humiliation of millions of Arabs? This article (appears to) fit with the strategies of the Islamaphopes and antiArabists by demonizing the Arab governments and giving legitimacy to others who CLAIM freedom for Arabs to destroy these entities and societies. "If these forces had really cared for people and democracy, they would have allowed (???) the opposition groups (???) in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries to exercise their right of freedom more freely." It is honorable and dignifying when the natives free themselves from their (unjust rulers and) aggressors but its shameful and humiliating when they (natives, opposition) accept indignity and freedom synonymously. Who are we to judge these regimes and declare them unfit or unacceptable in order for others to destroy them. Let us be sure that righteousness and the ability to be free start here - with our selves.

Our hearts go out when we ponder at the real meaning of our status of dominated and colonized. This defeat of the Irakis is not a defeat of Islam, but an awakening, to the uselessness of nationalism and arabism. As an african, I have always despised the tendancy of arabs to think that they own Islam and belittle others in their faith. Salahud'din was not an arab, he was a muslim from the ethnicity of the kurds. As long as the arabs do not revert to the real teachings of Allah and his Messenger, Israel will be there and occupation will be their fate. Islam is not arab's culture. It is the religion of Humanity. May be we will wake up and unite ourselves or we will perish. May be we would wait for the Mahdi and the Messiah to come and free us. Or may be we would start considering that all the families of Islam belong to the same nation. Be you shii or sunni, we can find a common ground to unite ourselves in which is good (the welfare of our people). History will repeat itself, Panama, Irak, tommorrow will be Saoudia. When our leaders are lackeys of the capitalist, what do they expect when the masters have no longer need of them. THey will be flushed in the drain of history. So Chalabi beware. Did Saddam ever think when Rumsfeld was arming him to fight the Islamic republic of Iran that this day was coming? Certainly not. In africa, we have a saying: In monkey wrestling, whoever is not a monkey has no business in it. The war has just started, the end of Saddam will be InsAllh the beginning of new era: the global islamic revolution. From Africa to Asia, puppet governments will be toppled. Let us start first with Saudia and Egypt.

I think we have not to blame the coalition, but ourselves. The conflict was between kofr (disbelieve) and zolm (oppression), so you can't tell you are with or against. Everyone in the world is with or against from his own view, belief or his interest. Unfortunately,our leaders made non-muslims fight for the freedom of muslims, or at least that what they claim. Unfortunately, muslims are ruled by dictators for 3 or 4 decades every where.. I hope that changes, even if that wasn't the primary intention of the coalition.

As an American, I often criticize my own country, and I am deeply - and increasingly - suspicious of it with regards to the situation in the Middle East. Will Iraq become a free country now? It seems unlikely to me. It seems more likely that it will become entirely lawless like Afghanistan, or that a pro-US regime will be installed, just as Saddam's regime was once pro-US. And whatever happend to Saddam's supposed chemical and biological weapons?

I also totally disagree with US policy towards Israel/Palestine. I believe Israel is permanently colonizing what scraps of land the Arabs in the area have been left with, for religious and ethnocentric reasons. I believe it is the root cause of much of the Arab and Muslim hatred of the US.

Having said that, I invite Muslims and Arabs to look critically at themselves for a change, rather than wallowing in their own inflated sense of victimhood and self-righteousness. Throughout the Arab world, people are upset that the US has toppled Saddam - everywhere except Iraq, where there is genuine celebration. The Arab world was, once again, wrong. As bad as the US can be and has been, it is better than Saddam's regime. The promises of courageous Iraqi resistence were all ridiculous fantasies. Throughout the Arab world, people believed the obvious lies of the (former) Iraqi Information Minister, believe the stupid consipacy theories (4000 Jews know of the WTC attacks and didn't show up for work, etc), and are viciously intolerent of other religions (try reading a Bible in Saudi Arabia).

The US needs to be more self-critical. But the Arab world needs to be more self-critical, too. Let's all admit our mistakes.

Ya Rabb! May Allah grant the ummah with wisdom to know what is truth and fact and to not be blinded by empty promises of the jalahiya. May Allah grant the ummah with strength to rise up and protect one another and to pledge their faithfulness in word, deed and action. Ameen.

Israel is not an apartheid state. Saudi Arabia is which is why it is going to have to be regime-changed.

The UN Resolutions do not ask for Israel's total withdrawal from the occupied territories. They say that peace must be negotiated. So here is another example of self-pitying Arab self-justification. When are the Arabs going to grow up. You remind me of a bunch of pimple-faced, inadequate and inadequately educated adolescents.

It is interesting to read all the postings from the Muslim point of view. I don't understand why many of you, just post and post about the evils of the current monarchies in the Arab region but yet do not move a finger to fight them. In Latin American, we fought the puppet Governments, we needed no religious fervor, we just knew of the injustices and the situation in which we lived at the time. We had passion and a willingness to die for our cause. Mainstream Muslims are weak because in many instances they attribute all aggressions to the Zionist or the Evangelist and fail to see the aggression brought upon them by other factors specially the Muslim Extremist. I feel really bad for all the children that died in Iraq and innocent civilians, but besides blaming Bush for his impatience, I BLAME YOU THE AVERAGE MUSLIM for you lack of commitment to your self, your Muslim Brother and GOD, which (lack of action) has brought us to this upsetting confrontation. Your lack of Action, which is Un-Godly, has caused a Re-action with in the U.S. that is also Un-Godly. And now tell me, Who is going to hell?

Shame on us Muslims, for letting our destinies be determined by others. There is a lot of intelligent discussion in the comments posted on this website and its a good thing. The more Muslims we engage in a dialogue about the Muslim future, the better. But talk without concrete action is absolutely, utterly useless. Lets channel this discussion, this resurgence of Muslim thought to some concrete action.

Fully agreed. The digrace that befallen the Moslems currently and many years to come is as a result of the differences created and supported by the Shite, the Sunni, the Wahabi, the ulama, the "Excellency", the "Highness", the secularist, the fundamentalist, the PAS, the UMNO, the Keadilan and so on. We worship and pray to the same Allah, read the same Quran, follow the same Prophet Mohamad and yet we are fighting each other...mostly on petty issues. Now the Kuwaitis, the Saudis, the Kurds, the Shite etc are helping the American to kill fellow Moslem brothers in Iraq. Tommorow I can bet you, the Iraqis well help the Americans or whoever, to kill fellow Moslems in Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc. At the end of the day, only camels can survive in the deserts.

Thanks to Bush for reminding us of our disunity by his easy invasion of Iraq. Come on Moslem, time is running short!!

I agree with your statement, "They intervened because they wanted to secure their own political and economic interests."

This is not the end of war. This seems to be the begining of war against Islam. I can remember at the time of 911, USA adopted few strategy. One of them was to modernise the ISLAM. It looks like they will work on that strategy from now on.

I also believe Allah will protect ISLAM and we will see more war around the world.

I did not support this war, although I had very little hope of ousting Saddam without some kind of force. Even so, when you say "If these forces had really cared for people and democracy, they would have allowed the opposition groups in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries to exercise their right of freedom more freely." To this I can only reply, in over 20 years they did nothing to help the Iraqis. Also, you say, "The turmoil will spread to other parts of the Middle East and beyond, if the current rulers refuse to play the tune of the alliance." I say it may spread because if they can accomplish a free state in Iraq it will give the people of the other Arab countries the will and inspiration to push for their own democratic rule. All politicians have their own agendas and motivations, but sometimes these things can actually benefit the people in the long run. Of course people of conscience and faith have to stick together. That includes all countries. Without the attack of Sept. 11, the Bush people would have failed to get any kind of support for this war. It will always be cooperation, not hate, fear, and terrorism that will enable people to form countries that are fair and just. Yes, EYES WIDE OPEN, we must make sure that the US government leaves Iraq with a real, and workable chance at democracy. Baghdad was a great shining light during the "dark ages", and beyond. If we make sure that the people of Iraq are given the proper tools for education and growth, they will again shine. Please not so much negativism! Also, what you wrote about the Palestinians is good - we need to push for a proper resolution to a situation that can only be resolved with help from other nations. Too many decent people on both sides have suffered, been killed or injured. World opinion helped to get rid of apartheid in So. Africa, it took a while, but it worked. Blessings to ALL the people in Iraq, soldiers & civilians.

hmmmm it seems some people believe this act of murder and butchering was from God. Tell that to the thousands who were shown no mercy or compassion by the brutal terrorists in uniform. The truth of the matter is, there will not be another ruler who will justly rule these people according to the creeds of Islam. Do you really think that a ruler will come now who will 1. be just to these people 2. Implement the law of Sharia. 3 WHILE being the puppet of America? This war isnt some universal super hero out to bring justice to the world, this is to REMOVE any remaining justice people have and to remove any sense of Islamic identity people have. What the end objective is, people that are Americanized and willfully sell their souls and become slaves of the west. Is that what God really wants? for America and Britain to come kill thousands create a future base for further wars against Islamic nations? Saddam was brutal to his political opponents, so are other numbers of dictators around the world. For the past decade and more it was AMERICA and the west that were killing 5000 people a month in Iraq NOT saddam so please lets get our facts straight. The same blithering baby killers who today call for "liberation of the Iraqi people" were saddams best friend. God has nothing to do with this holocaust, its a bunch of murderers bent on world domination, and 911 was their first strike and God only knows when it will end

my God, does anyone even have ANY doubt that we are trully ruled and "governed" by ruthless, savage subhuman tyrants? No i dont mean bush and blair, they dont Govern us, i mean our royal .. such as the saude family and basically every leader that is dictating an islamic nation, the ONLY reason why ..bush and blair and all his thugs can hurt us so much is because we have no leadership. HOW the saude .. and boy toy king of jordan and the shameless, disgracefull .. of turkey and so on can even look at themselves in the mirror is beyond me, for a few blood soaked american dollar they have soled their very worthless, rotten hell bound souls, i used to think "why do muslims talk so much about a hell, if God is compassionate why even create a hell" NOW i know who exactly it was made for.

Posted By:jason
3/19/2003 - 5:41:54 PM, Ref: 11933


Dr. Aslam Abdullah, so you say the dictator fell and I say the statue of the 'lone flag bearer' of Allah-O-Akbar fell. The power grip of Saddam and his supporters has loosened but there was no humiliation. In fact the Iraqi's fought the illegal war imposed by international terrorists in most honorable way. Even in defeat they were victorious. What an honorable defeat, its the invaders who have killed thousands of Iraqi's over a decade many of the victims being 'our' children and sisters. Iraqi defenders made every effort to protect nations wealth while the invaders who have the far superior firepower called all the destructions.
Did you not notice that the thugs whom you praise to dragged Saddam's statue and looted the wealth of Iraq were just 'handful'. Many hypocrites existed among Muslims even at the time and in the same city of Medina Munawarah during the lifetime of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). But sure you praise the handful thugs who further loot Iraq.
Sorry Dr. Aslam Abdullah, to establish the universal system of peace and justice for all one has to return to Allah, his Noble Quran and teachings of His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Many Muslims today have aligned themselves with the 'awliya/friends of shaitan' in demonizing the oppressed be it Saddam or Palestinians or Taliban or... Muslims or Non-Muslim all oppressed masses... If they ever defer they do it with the methodology of eliminating or suppressing the oppressed masses of the world. Why Dr. Aslam Abdullah, why don't Muslims implement the noble Quran and help the oppressed masses of today be they Baathist's or Muslim's or Harijan's (untouchables in India). Is Allah-O-Akbar in the hearts and minds of Muslims? How come no other Muslim nation has dared to proclaim Allah-O-Akbar. Is it because today many Muslims would like to wipe the Allah-O-Akbar writings as western marketing gurus say 'out of sight is out of mind. But Allah remains Great, Allah-O-Akbar, Allah-O-Akbar.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah, so you say the dictator fell and I say the statue of the 'lone flag bearer' of Allah-O-Akbar fell. The power grip of Saddam and his supporters has loosened but there was no humiliation. In fact the Iraqi's fought the illegal war imposed by international terrorists in most honorable way. Even in defeat they were victorious. What an honorable defeat, its the invaders who have killed thousands of Iraqi's over a decade many of the victims being 'our' children and sisters. Iraqi defenders made every effort to protect nations wealth while the invaders who have the far superior firepower called all the destructions.
Did you not notice that the thugs whom you praise to dragged Saddam's statue and looted the wealth of Iraq were just 'handful'. Many hypocrites existed among Muslims even at the time and in the same city of Medina Munawarah during the lifetime of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). But sure you praise the handful thugs who further loot Iraq.
Sorry Dr. Aslam Abdullah, to establish the universal system of peace and justice for all one has to return to Allah, his Noble Quran and teachings of His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Many Muslims today have aligned themselves with the 'awliya/friends of shaitan' in demonizing the oppressed be it Saddam or Palestinians or Taliban or... Muslims or Non-Muslim all oppressed masses... If they ever defer they do it with the methodology of eliminating or suppressing the oppressed masses of the world. Why Dr. Aslam Abdullah, why don't Muslims implement the noble Quran and help the oppressed masses of today be they Baathist's or Muslim's or Harijan's (untouchables in India). Is Allah-O-Akbar in the hearts and minds of Muslims? How come no other Muslim nation has dared to proclaim Allah-O-Akbar. Is it because today many Muslims would like to wipe the Allah-O-Akbar writings as western marketing gurus say 'out of sight is out of mind. But Allah remains Great, Allah-O-Akbar, Allah-O-Akbar.


I fully agree with you Dr. Aslam. One must fully believe whatever has happenned is from Allah swt.

Allah wanted this regime to go and bring another ruler to rule these people and who knows it will be the same case for the whole of Middle east. These rulers have hijacked Islam for their own personal benefits and by not fearing Allah swt.

May Allah guide us during this period of turmoil.
Our Duas are with the Iraqi people who died during the war. May Allah grant them Paradise.

Lastly, there is a lesson for each and every one of us from the current happennings. Let us revert to complete Deen of Allah swt.

Allah Hafiz