Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches!

The Bush administration has taken a hypocritical stand against weapons of mass destruction (WMD), beginning from Iraq. The existence of a tremendous stockpile of WMD in one Middle Eastern country is systematically ignored. Alone among its neighbors, Israel possesses an advanced nuclear capability and a sophisticated delivery system. "No country in the Middle East has more weapons of mass destruction than Israel and no other country other than Israel has escaped scrutiny of its nuclear arsenal," reports the Center for Defense Information. Yet Israel is never publicly recognized as the largest producer of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East region. 

With stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and an extremely sophisticated nuclear arsenal, and an aggressive strategy for their actual use, Israel represents an acute threat to peace and stability in the Middle East. Citizens concerned with the unilateral invasion of US upon Iraq and pursuit of peace in the Middle East have an obligation to speak out forcefully against the Israeli WMD program.

Before we could resolve our dispute with the plethora of painfully mundane analyses of ex- Generals, the news will now be poured upon us about the next "axis of evil" member, Islamic Republic of Iran but not Israel.

It should neither awe us nor shock us. This is part of the fatal game being played out against innocent people of the world. With complete occupation of Afghanistan and now Iraq, along with total access to Pakistani airfields and seaport, the sandwiched Iran will be invaded next.

Sooner than we think the old footage of blind folded American hostages and the Islamic government of Iran (more democratically elected than the US President) will overwhelm the airwaves. This media blitz will parallel the next Presidential re-election campaign. Democratic party (re: Carter era) will be labeled as reckless liberals and Republican party (re: Reagan era) will be portrayed as the rightful patriots. The Bush administration will use these emotional reminders for retaining his seat of power in the homeland while stoking the touchy sentiments and the usual exploitation of Muslims (Shiites & Sunni) and governments (Iran & Saudi) in the foreign occupied lands.

And the global dissent of good people will be ignored to yet another preemptive invasion of Iran and they will be made to forget the bigger monster, Israel from the very discourse of "axis of evil."

Brief List of Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction:


  • Sophisticated nuclear weapons that can be delivered by ballistic missiles or aircraft.

  • Thermonuclear weapons.

  • 150MW heavy water reactor & plutonium reprocessing facility at Dimona, which does not even meet IAEA safeguards.

  • IRR-1 5MW research reactor at Soreq.

  • Not a signatory of the NPT.


  • Active weapons program with possible chemical warheads on ballistic missiles. 
  • Production capability for mustard and nerve agents.


  • Production capability and extensive research reportedly conducted at the Biological Research Institute in Ness Ziona.
  • Not a signatory of the BTWC.

Ballistic missiles:

  • Jericho-2 missiles with 1,500km range and 1,000kg payload, nuclear warhead capability.
  • Jericho-1 missiles with 500km range and 500kg payload.
  • MGM-52 Lance missiles with 130km range and 450kg payload.
  • Shavit space launch vehicle (SLV) with 4,500km range and 150kg to 250kg payload.
  • Unconfirmed reports of Jericho-3 program under development using Shavit technologies, with a range up to 4,800km and 1000kg payload.
  • Developing Next (Shavit upgrade) SLV with unknown range and 300-500kg payloads.

Cruise Missiles:

  • Harpy lethal unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with 500km range and unknown payload.
  • Delilah/STAR-1 UAV with 400km range and 50kg payload.
  • Gabriel-4 anti-ship cruise missile with 200km range and 500kg payload.
  • Harpoon anti-ship cruise missile with 120km range and 220kg payload.

Delivery Systems:

  • Fighter and ground-attack aircraft include: F-15I, F-15D, F-15C, F-15B, F-15A, F-16D, F-16C, F-16B, F-16A, F-4E-2000, F-4E, C7, and A-4N. 
  • Ground systems include artillery and rocket launchers.  Also, Popeye-3 land-attack air-launched missile with 350km range and 360kg payload, and Popeye-1 land-attack air-launched missile with 100km range and 395kg payload.

The nuclear-armed Israel is causing continual havoc in the region with its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons along with ballistic & cruise missiles ready for deployment on sophisticated delivery systems. The adjacent list of the Israeli arsenal helps one see the extravagant use of US Tax Dollars to develop WMD. For years Israel has been receiving on the average about US$3 billion a year. As recent as in March 2003, the US Congress gave US$10 billion as a special aid package to Israel.

According to the Sunday Times, quoting a senior Israeli intelligence official, "There is hardly a single known or unknown form of chemical or biological weapon ... which is not manufactured at the Nes Tziyona Biological Institute." (Usi Mahnaimi, Israeli Jets Equipped for Chemical Warfare October 4, 1998, London Sunday Times)

Sunday Times also reports that, "in developing their "ethno-bomb", Israeli scientists are trying to exploit medical advances by identifying distinctive genes carried by some Arabs, then create a genetically modified bacterium or virus ... The scientists are trying to engineer deadly micro-organisms that attack only those bearing the distinctive genes." (Usi Mahnaimi and Marie Colvin, Israel Planning "Ethnic" bomb, November 15, 1998, London Sunday Times)

In the recent book Israel and the Bomb, scholar Avner Cohen observes that Israel's nuclear policy has been an enduring success for Israel, because it has enabled the country to maintain a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East while avoiding the political liabilities associated with overt possession of nuclear weapons (New York: Columbia University Press, October 1998), p. 343)

People of conscious must discuss and challenge the Israeli nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction and initiate a vibrant debate hoping for, exposing at the minimum:

* The grotesque double standard of the U.S. condemning Iraq & Iran while protecting and enabling Israel to produce weapons of mass destruction.

* Israel's nuclear & WMD capabilities to public attention.

* Why the billions of dollars to Israel at the expense of essential programs in America.

Unless and until the world community confronts Israel over its covert nuclear program it is unlikely that there will be any meaningful resolution of the Israeli-Arab conflict, a fact that Israel is counting on with the encore of Sharon's era. "Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches," said Sharon. Let us extinguish his matches before he lights & destructs the region and the world.

The Bush administration also dreams of an encore with a war, death & destruction agenda. He must be denied of his dreams and be instead given dreamless nights. His recent request for a supplemental $75 billion from the congress is broken down into: $63 billion for the war itself, $4.2 billion for homeland security and $8 billion for foreign and humanitarian aid. One can clearly see the gruesome disparity between the war expenses and the humanitarian aid. Humanity seems to be always short ended by the inhumane dictators of the east and the west, both.

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Older Comments:
You have a very interesting point here. The only purpose of this from the US standpoint can be a powerful and ruthless ally in the Middle East. So if the US gets stuck with fighting an Arab State, they can call upon Israel, their friend and ally in the region to get them out. The other point I'd like to make is that the US may be arming Israel indirectly for it to support its zionist activities freely. There is definitely a double standard within the current US administration when assessing WMDs. The war in Iraq was waged almost a month ago yet to date not a single chemical, biological or nuclear weapon has been found in Iraq by the "coalition of the willing". This coalition is of the countries "willing to do anything for their own benefit & profit". History will show these leaders (Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair) and all their cohorts as victors in a war which was totally unjustified and uncalled for. This is a coalition to grab the oil from an impoverished nation (due to 12 years of severe UN-imposed sanctions) We in the Western World should be ashamed at our leaders and their despicable actions. War does not solve anything. Just look at the results of the two major world wars and all the other skirmishes that have happened after those wars. If the Bush administration has any integrity whatsoever, they will get out of Iraq and the Middle East right now and let the people of those countries choose their own destinies. As for Sharon making the statement of "... we have the matches..", he should think again. There are now perhaps a thousand more "Bin Ladens" waiting to take it to them. What goes around, comes around!!

'they are not the suicidal bombers, but they are 'Men Guided Bombs-MGB', the most advanced technology which man ever been created'.

Can someone explain to me the reasons that the greater part of the Arab World is willing to overlook the atrocities that Saddam Hussein has committed against his own "peace loving Muslims".
Yet the Arab world insists on spreading it's hatred of the Jews and the western world.Why not concentrate your energies on the overthrow of Saddam and stop using Palestine as an excuse for waging "holy War" against the Jews and the western world. I have seen repeated footage of Palestinian conflict photos circulated throughout the Arab world as a means to incite anger and resentment against the Jews. Now I am not saying that Israel has not been heavy handed at times but until the suicide bombings stop you will never achieve peace with Israel. Not that peace has anything to do with the greater part of the Arab world. And remember the six day war was not startd by Israel but by sneaky Arab Countries using the same methods that they are renowned for.

'one of the most common characteristic of 'dajjal' is they like to spread lies'

There is a big differerence. Israel never said it wants to destroy an Arab country, never used such a weapon and never threatened any arab country with the use of these weapons. You have a point if you advocate the existence of Israel

If Israel has nuclear weapons, then it is because it is a tiny country, the size of Kuwait or New Hampshire - 10.000 sq miles as compared with the 6.000.000 sq miles of the Arab world and because it has a tiny pouplation of just over 5 million people compared to the Arab world's 250 million. Ever since it secured its independence in 1948, thanks to the UN, it has been under constant attack by regular Arab armies and irregular terrorists. If the UN had told the invading Arab States in 1948 that they would be expelled from the UN, unless they pulled out its armies within 48 hours, the world would not be where it is today. I suspect that if Israel said it would give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for a US nuclear umbrella and an iron-clad defence treaty, the Arabs wouldn't accept even that arrangement. But the Arab world, which is sick, doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It complains about the US trying to secure Arab oil for itself. When the world has converted to alternative sources of energy, it will complain about the Americans not wanting to buy their oil. The Arabs need to get out into the big, wide world, see that it is not as fearful or as bad as they think it is and head for modernity. If they don't wish to or want to, then let them stay where they are and give everybody else a break. Stay put and keep quiet.

The author doesn't bother to mention that the US gives the entire Middle East about 30 billion a year. Where are the rest of those dollars?
And if Israel were to shed its weaponry its existense would exist only in history books.
Israel a threat to Middle East peace? Please, the Middle East does not want any peace. The rulers want their citizens kept in check. Stay home, read the Koran and pray 5 times a day. Allah will provide, if not Allah then some ruthless dictator or two bit warlord. These people thrive on other peoples misery. Live a life of futile hope in poverty, sickness, starvation and misery. Of all the oil dollars that flow into these countries, how do the citizens fare? A high standard of living? Yea, right, on 300 bucks a month.
Saddam Insane has not done one damn thing that is good for his countrymen. He oppresses, butchers, starves, humiliates and beats down the citizens that stand and praise him. Stand and praise him for what? The fact that he'll sacrifice his countrymen in a military onslaught that he brought on himmself while he hides deep underground in a concrete bunker.
I don't believe peace will ever be achieved in the Middle East. The only value in this war is if it slows down terrorism brought on by the people of the Middle East. It is obvious that Muslims greatest hope in this world is to die in a Jihad. That is an amazing hope for your sons and daughters who you've raised so well.
You can't manufacture anything, your standard of living is a walking example of the poverty charts and you believe that 99% of the problem lies in Israel and the US, with a little help from UK, Spain and about 40 other countries.
And when you rise up and preach about the Pope, remember he runs Pedophile INC.
And 70% of Americans support the coalition actions in Iraq, they just don't parade in the streets looking ignorant and disrupting our society.
Suicide bombers are vermin.
No justice no peace

the war in iraq i do believe could be part of a larger plan. If this was to happen, it would work, if it's so obvious, why hasn't anybody else seen it?

Israel may indeed have the arsenal you described but thus far they have restrained themselves from using and have abstained from injecting it in battle. When the Arabs gang on a tiny country with all sorts of threat that country is entitled to have the weapons that deter aggression against it. You and I know that the Jews were persecuted in the Middle East. When they recovered their land and were generous enough to share it with the Arabs, the Arabs would not have any part of that. They wanted to throw it in the sea because they believe in a hullucination that once a land has been invaded by Islam it is an Islamic land for ever. This is an aberration of reality. The Jews are entitled to have their homeland again. They recovered by the sword in the same way they lost it. Wal Harbu Segal.

Could you tell me where the information about Israeli weaponry originates. If true (and Mr Rumsfold may dispute it) it should surely be widely known.

as. thank you so much for having this article on your site. get the word out, ahhumdilliah!

usa is murder israei help it to ocupy stole oil lands kill muslems over worled it kill all people destroy worled love bloods

taken from,1887,179365,00.html?

"The invasion should be seen through the eyes of the Iraqi people. Whether there is war or no war, Iraqis are dying. " said LAITH MUHMOOD AL ADELY who is a half Iraqi.

You may find the rest of the article in the link given.

I must agree that the failure to apply equal pressure on Israel's widely acknowledged WMD capabilities is a serious error for the Bush administration and should be corrected.
While I do not challange the validity of the State of Israel(in principle), I do believe that it is reasonalbe to conclude that Israel's stratigic value is far less than the generous financial support we(USA) give them.
Let us not assume only bad things about Mr. Bush and hope his "Axis of Evil" comment was just an unfortuitous misstatement made in the heat of passion and political posturing. I do not think the American people would allow military action aimed at Iran under any circumstances known to me.


Chemical3 -- Active weapons program, but not believed to have deployed chemical warheads on ballistic missiles.

Taken from .


Sir, Articles on islamicity are very informative. Reading the articles is a strain on the eyes because of the very small lettering and very long lines. Please see the format on MSNBC and NY Times for example of easily readable articles.

We all new that the americana want oil and also to invade the middle east, then make israel stronger than ever. So the problem is the arab leaders and not the arab people. And what the arab poeple need to know is that, the americans will continue invading the whole world and take all its resources, unless all muslims both arabs and non arabs become one nation with one hear.

Now it seem, George Bush is the worst dictator the world ever had. Using WMD to anihiliate small country with 3000 missiles, hundred of thousand of bombs, and million of bullets, bit by bits.
Defying international opinion and UN charter.Bush is the one who doesnt care if charred remains of children littered the streets of Baghdad. What is Iraqis WMD compared to US thousands of thermonuclear warheads + Israelis WMD? afterall the whole world is in the process of disarming Iraq of WMD...soon Bush will declare modern crusade against Muslims... Tigris and Euphrates will really stated few hundred years ago...

Perhaps the Palestinians might care to extend an invitation to our armed forces - as long they're in the area, so to speak. If Palestinians should later feel like roughing our forces up, I should think our "peace-makers" should then take the hint - and leave the Palestinians to seek what they will.

Israel could hardly be expected to consider that form of territorial encroachment - at least, I would think so. Plus, it might possibly provide a means of, at least partially, delivering what every Islamic terrorist effort, of which I'm aware, has stated as one of it's goals - peace (with justice) for the people of Palestine.

Why not (at least) consider making the best of (what seems to be) a bad situation? George (W!) Bush did mention that he wanted a Palestinian state by 2005. It might (admittedly) result in a temporarily slow down - for various isolationist minded Americans and such - in "Operation White Star Liner" (I am guessing) but (I am sure) some sacrifices are necessary for the sake of peace in the Middle East. Of course, let's wait to see what Allah (SWT) wills to happen next, in the Middle East.

Awe, shucks - please forget that I mentioned it (Jazak Allahu Khair). What do I know, anyway?

As Salaamu Alaikum.

PS. Noreen, Jazak Allah, for your comment about "a shahid" - are there any equivalents for those killed by a rightful hand? I do not wish to appeal for fabricated religious rulings, however, if there REALLY were any equivalents, I am just thinking that it might make it easier for some more Americans to take Shahada - unless someone thinks the task should be harder.

Muhammad (God bless him) is the last of God's messengers. May God (who is unequaled and without partner) grant peace to Her messengers... and I beg thy forgiveness, for my devices, but please don't respond with, "God is a man." (For which man might God be? Uzair? Isa? God's peace be upon them.)

An eye opening article.

Inspite of all these - US foreign policy in the Middle East and Israel's possession of most sofisticated arms, the Arab nations in the Middle East and North Africa are still not united genuinely.

They need to leave aside their differences and put a solid master plan, common theme, common progressive efforts. Take the help from other countries then getting assistance from U.S.A. From U.S.A. they are not getting sincere assistance.

Thanks and regards.

Arabic is the language which our Arab brothers speak and understand, than how come they are not able to understand simple sayings of Almighty Allah that the Jews and the Chirstans are not your friends, unless you follow them. We the Almighty has clearly indicated this to us muslims, than why do our arab brothers leaders lik the boats of Americans. They are willing to to keep their wealth in their banks so that we can make the Americans rich, and in return the Americans can support and fund the Jews against us.
When will our brothers wake up, today it is Iraq, tomorrow it will be Sauid Arabia, than Iran, than Pakistan. I suggest that all muslim countries should join together and form a defence pack like NATO, stating any acttack on any muslim state by any non muslim state would be considered as acttack on all muslim states.
We should pull out all our wealth from USA and Europe, and form our own Bank, who in return should fund the needy muslim counties, on BOT basis.
All American products should be bycounted, so that we damage their econmy.
I futher suggest that we should have no boarders, between all muslim countries, and we should have a superim council, headed by Caphil, elected by the council and Madina should be the capital of MOHAMMADA.
United we stand, divided we fall.

I always had a doubt about american character in politics towards other nations. I have witnessed first hand the hypocrisy USA brings to International Politics. Watching the news on CNN and counter news on AL JAZEERA and watching the american reaction did I really see that freedom in america is because of Pentagon's liking. We hide our face behind diplomacy when in reality we commit sabatoge and spying. None other can it be seen through Israel. Mr Bush uses his "gut" rather than his "intellect". Any sane person can see that this will only inspire more killings towards americans. Mr Bush is man with very little intelligence in history and politics, but he is a man with great power. Fatal combination. He is also a man motivated through religion. He is an evangelican who believes that "JEWS: GOD CHOSEN PEOPLE" have to stay in "CHOSEN LAND" for the second coming of Jesus. Lets not forget that the Pharoah with all his might wasn't able to prevent Moses being borned. If christians think they can outsmart GOD they are WRONG!