This War does not Represent the spirit of America

At this moment when our tax dollars are turned into dust by our invading army, we must make our views clear to those whom we elect to defend us, and our values. Our young men and women in uniform are doing their duty. They are following the orders and we must pray for their safety and security. But we must question our politicians who put our soldiers in harms way and become a cause for the sufferings of Iraqi people. While we pray for the safety of Iraqi people and our troops, we must declare our opposition to this unjustified war that Mr. Bush has pushed us in.

Saddam Hussein is a tyrannical ruler. So are Husni Mubarak, King Fahd, Amir of Kuwait and Ariel Sharon. You can also include the leaders of Azerbaijan, Niger, Angola and many others in the same category. Saddam should be removed from power, not at the cost of the destruction of the country, but through a legal and non-violent movement.

Saddam Hussein built weapons of mass destruction. So did Israel, Pakistan, France, China, England, North Korea and India. We also built weapons of mass destruction and have used them in the past. The responsibility of removing these weapons from the world lies upon the United Nations, not on one nation in its hegemonist's designs. Saddam Hussein has sponsored terrorism. But his terrorism was directed against his own people and Iran while we watched on the sidelines and provide his regime with support. His terrorism has never been directed against us. There is no evidence to link him with al Qaeda.

The Bush administration has tried to build a case to wage war on Iraq but in the process has created a graveyard of failed diplomacy. It has imposed a war, the price of which will be paid by the Iraqis, other people of the region and the taxpayers of our country. Innocent people will become refugees once again. The destruction and the future rebuilding of Iraq will help American and British multinationals to earn the dividends of war the Iraqis will work for the multinationals for a few morsels.

After the war, we will buy Iraqi gas at a cheap price. We will have exclusive rights to own Iraqi oil wells and we will have the monopoly to control the rebuilding of social, economic and political structure of Iraq.

This is a wrong policy. This is not a policy that is consistent with the sprit of American. During his campaign Mr. Bush promised that he would not engaged in national building. Now he is engaged in world building. His myopic vision of the world has reduced the United Nations to a non-entity. He has humiliated billions of people who opposed this war. He has introduced a new law of violence in our world politics, a law of violence that we thought we had dismissed during the Nuremberg trials of 1945.

The America that we know and believe in is not an imperialistic nation. American is not a protector of multinational corporations and special interest groups. American is a dream that every nation has: Pluralistic, prosperous, respectful, humble and just. Many Americans struggled for these rights even after the bill of rights were introduced in our constitutions. African-Americans struggled for this pluralism, prosperity, and justice and put America back on its track when it had lost sight of its vision.

Civil rights and Human rights activists contributed to the American struggle of desegregation, tolerance and human integrity sometime at the cost of their own lives.

This dream lives on in the minds of millions of American. They believe in democracy, human dignity and freedom. But those who serve the interests of special interest groups often deceive Americans of their true intentions. Those who understand the limitations of Mr. Bush's intellect have circled him with their hawkish ideas. They have used American resources to deprive Americans of those values that America took pride in. They have brought in their own agenda and have caused the country the most severe damage. They have taken the country away from the path of humility, justice and liberty and pursuit of happiness.

This war is still wrong. But we are praying that our soldiers return home safely and be a beacon of liberty and justice at home. We pray that the people of Iraq are spared this torment. We must direct our criticism against those who have manipulated us, even if they happen to hold the highest offices in our country.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor in chief of the Minaret and Observer.

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Older Comments:
i dont want war

To Judy Schulten:

When the Americans drop their bombs (WMDs, if I may call them) over Iraq, these WMDs, no matter how precise they are, will not distinguish between Saddam's army and the innocent Iraqis. These Iraqis, mostly children, will be in the path of these devastating weapons. How would you assess the war if, instead of Iraqi children, American children are exposed to the devastating effect of these WMDs? Would you then support it?What's to be proud of when innocent lives are lost, including those of the young American soldiers now in Iraq, fighting for a war whose objective is unclear? 9-11 should be remembered for what it unleashed -the destructive effect of war, not as staging ground to launch another war. Iraq's atrocities were directed towards his own people and neighboring countries; they were never directed towards the Americans. If there are people who ought to restrain Saddam, it should be his own people or those that he oppressed. Would you strike at somebody who has not caused you any harm, just because you feel he is a threat to your person? That's paranoia. And that is sick! In the case of Iraq, diplomacy was disregarded in favor of preemption. What is going to happen when all the countries in the world see one another as threats? We will have doomsday ahead of us. And how are you sure that the Iraqis want their freedom be fought for them by the Americans? This war, which is unprovoked, is immoral because it maims the senses, subjugates otherwise sovereign nations, and, most of all, violates human rights. Isn't it sad that this war changed every good thought one has toward the US after 9-11? The US is now perceived as enemy and not a friend. I always believe that to be a proud American is to exude humility and compassion, not aggression and hatred.

What an excellent article! Short and absolutely to the point. May Allah bless the author for opening peoples eyes. it's very simple to understand.

The writter of this article is among the very few that for our own pain have come to see the truth. The media and the people that run America have faulted to all the values and traditions of our country. Our country have forgotten where we came from and why.Just as the Israelis forgot the holocaust and on a daily basis torture (it is legal in Israel)kill and push Palestinians out of their legal home land (read Holy War by karen Armstrong). The Americans fight a war of opression against a country that might have been opressed but alive. Who told Mr.Bush that the Iraquis wanted to be freed at all costs? Nobody, there's bigger fish to fry but they fail to see them because the agenda is another.

Jazz'k Allah Khair Dr. This is the most honest
and true essay that I have read. I totally agree with you. Great job.

Assalam Alaikum,
This war represents this country. As Muslims we need to face reality and not sugar coat crap.. Speak up on all form of injustice. This country represents injustice from the time of the Indians and it will continue to do that. Insha'Allah we will stand up, unite the ummah and speak out against the corruption and the injustices that has been inflcited on innocent people by Americans, who believe they have the right to murder others. We must fess up to what Americans are about--many of them are down right evil. I pray for the destruction of them and I will never support a group that try to invade and force their thinking on others. they are evil we must establish them and we must pray for our brothers and sisters in the middle east that thier lives will be spare and they will we victorious

US needs to keep to itself. See how innocent people are dying? Free speech, my foot, the media here is controlled by the FCC (Federal Communication Corporation). That's why all the REAL news comes from other countries. The troops are also being knocked off. God is slowing them down with the sand storms. The world is against Bush except the butt kissers. Truth will prevail. Justice will happen, as God IS JUST. Amen.

When the US troops went to war with Japan, they fought for their country. When the US troops go to war with Iraq, they go to fight, not for their country, but for a flimsy reason that Iraq poses a threat. While the former is patriotic, this time around is unredeemable self-sacrifice. Killing innocent Iraqis and sacrificing the lives of American soldiers for one mad dictator does not make an American proud. It makes him alone and isolated, raking the ire of his neighbors, making him the enemy instead of the friend to turn to in times of need. I consider one a proud American when he exudes humility and sympathy, not aggression and hatred.

polls say that most americans vote for this war and that Bush is more popular now than before the war stated ,what polls are they looking at?they anounce this on the news all the time and ive never been asked neither has any one i know is it on line only? i harp on this because governments will do this fake things so as to blow the opponents off, you know make them feel they are overwhelmed by the other side and hope that makes them go away,i feel its too late for the america we knew the population seems to be asleep or simply thinks it will never affect them ,i refuse to believe the other alternative their just cruel and dont care as along as it is not them.i know it will come back to hunt us they allready shot down the yellow for showing things about the iraq war , its only going to get worse now the celebretys cant speak out or they are threatened with black list ,every radio station is so republican they massacre any one who dares to bring up dates or quotes or just a simple logical aswer to something that doesnt make any sense to them. ive stoped listening to people try to put their view across its almost all radio stations so i dont listen anymore if you know of one thats fair and lets the public express themselves with out beeing ridiculed or made to feel unpatriotic because you ask questions let me know but i bet you its going to be hard, this is how dictatorships start they take advantage of some sittuation and litle by little start taking away previlegies untill you realize you finally have how its done in third world countries and youll see.

I am sorry you beleive President Bush to be no better than a dictator as Hussein. If you will remember we didn,t need anyones permission to go to war legally. In November section 1441 was passed and to apease other polititions president Bush did try to do things the right way,particularly also for the american people.I beleive Bush is the first president in many, many years to have high morals and very high pricipals. For the first time we have a president who is following his heart and not what outside pressures are wanting him to do , particularly other countries. Afterall this is where god resides, in your heart.How could anyone see and here about the horrible atrasoties that have been comitted by Hussein and just sit back and do nothing as an austrich with its head in a hole. As for Hussein it will come out his involvment with september 11 and the weapons of mass distruction. The majority of americans do stand with President Bush. Some times you do have to fight for the freedoms of others as well as for yourself.As for the united nations we did find out who our friends are and who are not.I believe we will find out soon paticularly three countries who have been helping Hussein acquire some of his weapons and wmd to use on his own people and then the deaths of the Iraqis and many others will be on their hands. If the president has to answer to anyone and the american people it will be to our creator and not to the enemys allies. I am very, very proud to be an american and anyone in this country should be to. The only ones complaning are the anti american people. You definitely don,t here the troops complaining. God Bless them and may all that god sees fit in his plan come home soon after all their there so you and i can can be free also from monsters like Hussein. I would not be able to write this if i lived there because there is no free speech there. I do not mean to offend anyone with my comments but i feel i have the right as i am an american.God Bless all

Amar - Wow. Thanks for the "new entry" about exporting pornography. Sympathy for Hollywood is at an all time low here.

My thinking is we might not (easily) prevent them from making it, but (I think) it's export could be tightly "restricted" as a dangerous product, so to speak. The issue would (quickly perhaps) become a simple matter of economics for the studios - I would would think. Jazak Allah.

Recent polls? They didn't ask me. I'm deeply grieved and humiliated by this war. People all around me are saying "God bless America." Well, I say in addition to that, "God bless the Iraqi people."

thank you very much and i do agree with your comments.

ROB FROM U.S. said:
This is not a policy that is consistent with the spirit of American. I disagree. Recent polls show that 70% of Americans believe this war is just and necessary. If your are a child in a school yard and your money gets taken away every day by a bully, you have two choices: Either continue giving your money to him to avoid getting your butt kicked; or, knock him down flat and teach him that you won't tolerate his abuse. (Telling the teachers never works since he can beat you up after school). Military force is the only thing Saddam Hussein understands, as evidence by restrained concessions he gave the inspectors in the final days before the war. He had 12 years to capitulate to the requirements of the original UN resolutions but instead, developed more weapons of mass destruction while continuing to repress his own people. Now, we as Americans are faced with the potential for these weapons to get into the hands of those who wish to do us harm. Since we can't rely on any nation in the region to disarm Iraq we are moving to elliminate that threat while at the same time liberating people from the tyranical rule of Saddam Hussein.

Amar - may your dreams be realized. Also, Allah (SWT) would appear to be tolerant of liberators.
Please review my comments regarding establishment of the jizya. I believe it would lead to a restoration of Muslim global authority.

Certainly what you say is true. However, I believe that you might be missing an important point in the message of Quran, 2:217 - concerning the tolerance that is shown us by Allah (SWT) - with regard to wars of liberation and shelter for refugees (of numerous faiths). If suffering the amputation of one's appendages, in front of one's family (for the crime of speaking one's mind), would not be considered by Allah (SWT) to be persecution then I would have to concede, I am likely in error about the meaning of persecution.

Also, I certainly doubt that I could ever be offended by you. Remember, I am little more than a barbarian - saved by the mercy of Allah (SWT), Insha'Allah. Peace be upon you. May your dreams for the glory of Allah (SWT) be realized. May you, yourself, receive the full measure of such guidance as you wish for others, such as myself.

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. May Allah bless him.

Brother Yahya Bergum (post 12240)


I pray that Allah (SWT) protects and guides you and your family always, Insha-Allah.
From Indonesia to Morocco there are no Islamic states in existence on Earth. None rule by Islamic Sharia (Islamic jurisprudence), including Saudi Arabia. Yes, the majority of people in these lands are Muslims, and the rulers also profess to be Muslims, but they do not rule by Islam. In fact, to these rulers Islam is an anathema because it challenges their privileges bestowed upon them not by Allah (SWT), but by the West, whose interests they guard at the expense of their own peoples. E.g. in 1994 democratic elections were held in Algeria monitored by the EU and UN, who deemed them free and fair. The Muslim Party won 95% of the votes, but Britain, France and the USA ordered the army to take over. Why? Firstly it would be a Muslim government, never mind it got 95% of votes. Secondly, it was going to use the vast natural gas reserves for the benefit of the Algerian people, and not the West who controlled them. Over 80,000 people have been killed since 1994, mostly by the military junta installed by the West, disguising themselves as Muslim fighters.
As for America being favored by Allah (SWT), I disagree strongly. America has the largest gambling and pornography industries, the largest oppression organization in the world aka CIA, and homosexuality is rampant etc.... Does Allah (SWT) favor countries with these traits? The Holy Quran is full of tribes and countries which Allah (SWT) has destroyed for far less. Most Americans I have met are good people, with a few exceptions. But America as a whole, hum...! Jesus (PBUH) said you will by no means enter paradise, unless you are better than the Jews! ("Holy" Bible). How then does Allah (SWT) favor America when it openly violates the Ten Commandments?

If I have offended you in any way, then I most humbly and sincerely ask for your forgiveness.


I am still guessing that Allah will allow the victims of terrorism to enter Paradise before those responsible for their losses. I am currently guessing this would apply to all the victims of terrorism - which (I am currently guessing) would make suicide attacks (for the cause of Allah, if that were indeed true) amount to genuinely noble sacrifices. Consider a little Dawah, first perhaps.

Perhaps if you wanted to test this out yourself, you could try blowing yourself up in a vacant field - in front of international news crews. Naturally, I am guessing that I should not be advocating for others would I would not seek for myself - so please don't!!!

I am guessing, never-the-less, this could prove more effective to one's cause than trying to "take someone else with them" (which is an interesting expression - Alhamdulillah). Please consider for a moment why this could possibly be the case. Regardless, I declare that Muhammad is God's messenger.

As Salaamu Alaikum.

i have to say , i totally , one hundred percent agree with the author of that article, every word he said is true, america doesn't intend to help iraqis they just want the oil, its only a political interest , it doesn't intend to help rebuild the country, look what they did to afghanistan, can you honestly tell me afghans are now better than they were before, how has their life changed, how many civilians died
the same thing will happen in iraq, they could have taken out saddam but they didn't, and a lot of innocent iraqis will die, may allah help them.

It's possible that this war on Iraq is about the control of
Oil or part of a "Zionist Consparicy against Islam" but do
you Muslims ever ask yourselfs: Are these consparicy
theories the most parsimonious explanation for the
political situation? or do they allow us to not feel
ashamed because they balame our problems on
sombody else? The Germans were in the same
position as you after WWI, They grew up after WWII, I
suggest you grow up now, support the liberation of Iraq,
the death of Saddam, and the creation of the first (real,
[Egypt doesnt count]) Democracy in the Arab world. But
of course what do I know, I'm brainwashed by the
Zionist consparicy, so are all my elected officials., so
there's no point in voting is there? Why would there be?
it's all a consparicy!

Stories like this make me think your article is tilted.
War hits close to home for reporter,1249,465035263,00.html?
By Geoffrey Fattah
Deseret News
My father was born an Iraqi, but he died an American serving this country in the U.S. Army.
Somewhere near where U.S. bombs turned parts of Baghdad into an inferno, my father was born and raised. It was a regime under the Baath Party that forced my family to flee Iraq, some with just the clothes on their backs.

It troubles me to see Americans taking to the streets to protest a war they know so little about. Saddam Hussein is an evil man who has tortured, murdered and caused much suffering among the various peoples in Iraq.
My feelings about this war are mixed, but it is clear to me that this man is a threat not only to his own people but to other countries.
I am not naive, however, to think that the United States is wholly motivated by freedom and love for democracy in this war. If that were true, we would not align ourselves with Middle East governments rife with corruption and human-rights problems.
Some persist in calling for the United States to "give peace a chance." What chance for peace has Saddam Hussein given? How far do you negotiate with a dictator ruthless enough to torture people in front of their families? To live in Iraq is to live in a constant state of fear.

Read complete article at link above. I tend to have feelings that match the author.

I mourn for all of our people and the Iraqi people. We will see how this "all" unfolds. Remember we have election in 2004. If the American people do not "Impeach" him sooner!!!

If you want to bring about an Islamic state comparable to the USA, please contemplate America's own equivalent of the "jizyah" system. I personally believe that it is an integral part the reason Allah (SWT) has not apparently forsaken America some time ago. Besides: how could the true Muslim world ruler, who is yet to come, abolish a tax that no longer appears to be levied by any Islamic states?

Abu Hurairah reported Allah's Messenger (pbuh) as saying, "By Him in whose hand my soul is, the son of Mary will soon descend among you as a just judge. He will break crosses, kill swine and abolish the jizya (a tax payable by a community which accepts the protection of a Muslim ruler but whose members do not embrace Islam), and wealth will pour forth to such an extent that no one will accept it, and one sajda (the position in Muslim's prayer where the forehead is placed on the ground), will be better than the world and what it contains". (Bukahri and Muslim).

(As Salaamu Alaikum.)

I write this letter with a heavy heart, and a deep, sincere apology for the senseless acts of violence that have been wrought on the innocent civilians of Iraq. If for one minute President Bush thinks that bombing Bahgdad will bring him gratitude from the Iraqi people, then he needs to put things into prespective.

Let's imagine that after 9/11, members of al Quada continued to destroy New York with bombs and invading armies because they hated the Mayor of New York. Let's say for example that Mayor Guiliani was a terrible, murderous tyrant. Would New Yorkers welcome al Quada operatives with open arms, and ticker-tape parades? Why should the Iraqi sentiment be any different?

Someone took a poll and said that 70% of all Americans support the war in Iraq, well, no one asked me.

To K2. I agree with you and I understand Allah is judging our deeds. However, supporting this war also will be judged by Allah in the judgement day.. thinking about Bush doctrin to be the judge for every nations leader and the idea to remove anybody who disagree with America first of all is not democratic. Judging Saddam for what bad deeds he have done is not right because Bush himself have also hundreds of bad deeds... You see the economics and half million iraqi babies died due to sanctions. Also lot of inmates is executed under Bush even though the FBI themselves says they should not be executed... Muslim need voice and be smart. We all listen to others all the time, but is the others are listening to us too? The only few group of people who are not willing to listen to other does not have anything to do with Islam.. mostly due to their ethnicity.. I am not pointing fingers now, but if you always get around the people, I bet you will be able to identify these group of people who are not willing to listen and it will give you answer why their nations are in trouble.. dont get me to their attitude...

So I agree we are not to judge.. I am not judgeing you and I just want you to add more.. beside pushing us to listen to others, I want you to get deeper, try to do it yourselves and ask these people to start listening to others.. Then you will understand what I am talking about.


the war will cause an devil to america

I think that it's a very bad thing when
we fight for reason that won't benifit the whole
of the people it's very important for the world
to think about what's become of America way of life and morals of our people things that we
can do in our own back yard is alot fist taking
care of our young teens and helping the poor that are already living in a rich country but are poor trying to live in this world. to not have a good job are any job is sad. just look at when sept 11, when they cut all the services for the poor people. you tell me where is the justice of America think about what is fair you tell me
people of American.

I think we all are united on the belief that war is not what we want. The current situation (if the media reports are to believed) shows that democracy is implemented when it suits the people at the top, who encourage us all (i.e. people of the world) to abide by it, all the time.

I am an American, and a Born Again Christian. And I have this to say about your hatred, anger and animosity against me and my nation and beliefs. Try all you want to destroy us, fight us, hurt us, kill us, and we will respond only with one thing.... LOVE. We love you all, and Jesus died for you all as well. I serve a higher power, and all the nations of the world can turn against us, but it won't stop the power of LOVE.... We are doing what is right. Time will tell. I have no fear of you or your Jihads... My faith is in Christ. God Bless America!

'when mr.bush orders his soldiers 'come on, eat my shit and drink my urine' and the soldiers reply, we just follow the order eventhough our spirits won ... very funny!

you and george bush have the same iq. this is apples and oranges. we support the tyranical regimes in saudi and other mideast countries and wage a war to takeout saddam. why not attack saudi where the 911 terrorists came from. i think 911 was a good catalyst to obliterate saddam (i dont support him) but it sickens me to see bush and his cohorts host them on his farm and while leaving the real issues in the dark. most in the world condemn the war. isnt democracy the rule of the majority.
wake up matt....go live in saudi and u will know what tyranny is and why does govt condemn those regimes

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Dr. Abdullah. Why should another nation be expected to disarm when we are not willing to do so ourselves. It breaks my heart as a mother to think that children and innocents, our service members included, to be forced to lose their lives, harm their very moral outlook, to take the life of another, just to satisfy the greed of Mr. Bush. I believe we may have a dictator now in power in the US, for he is encouraging our Congress to pass laws that give him more and more power and in the process is eroding the power and rights of the people of the US. Americans, I call upon you to read the basic Constitution of the US and your bill of rights, maybe then you will understand what you have already lost!

it is my expetation that america will be sent out of the UN for going against it.otherwise we should be clearly told that the UN is under USA.

I think most people against this war are too naive and are fools to believe Hussein can be taken out any other way. Just because there are other bad leaders out there that haven't been dealt with (yet) does not mean we should leave Hussein alone. You do not know what freedom costs and probably never will. I fought for this country myself and am ashamed to have Americans like you voicing your nonsense about "conspiracies" surrounding this war. You just better be glad there's people like me and Bush around, so that you can have the freedom to make your comments. What is wrong with trying to allow the Iraqi people the same freedoms? ..

Very good article by Dr. Abdullah. I hope Muslims will continue to speak out against this inhuman war. Yes, Muslims have problems, but I would remind k2 that we should not blame all the problems on the world on Muslims. A causal look at history will reveal that much of the problems in the Islamic world is due to colonialism and our failure to carry out what is in the Quran and Sunnah. Nevertheless, we must remain steadfast to speak out against all injustice. Never taking the path of self pity.

70 pcent of americans polled support Presedent Bush and support this war. enough said

F N S said:
Finally someone who has spoken what I feel and cannot understand why more people do not share this opinion. We the Muslim Ummah stood by while Iraq and Iran fought each other all the while armed by the americans. We are to blame the Ummah is to blame the Iranian and Iraqi governments are to blame, they could have resisted the manipulation and threats and enticements that they were offered no doubt, and the countries that create and fund and turn a blind eye to monsters such as Saddam Hussein are to blame. We are all equally guilty. To change this situation we must first each of us change ourselves, look for good in people and when you see oppression vow to rid the oppressed of their oppressors, no matter how powerful or rich. The cookie crumb path leads from Saddam's door all the way to the white house and we are all on trial here but who is paying the price? Once again the children pay the greates price. The Iraqi children have suffered and died in their millions and continue to do so and now the children of the invading forces suffer, when will daddy mummy come home?

Dr. Abdullah, your article is terrific. I have said many times on this website that most Americans are not the monsters that many claim them to be. Your thoughts are important, relevant and most of all very pro-America. Here is what a great American had to say about criticism of the president: "The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else." Teddy Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star",May 7, 1918 May God be with our troops and the Iraqi people.


I very much agree with Dr. Abdullah. This counrty hass been lied to and that is why the administration had no time to listen to the United Nations. The main "proof" of Saddam seeking nuclear weaponry was a falsified report sayign he saught uranium from Niger. This document is not supported by the CIA. More about it is on Rep. Henry Waxman's website. But this lie persist because the American people have failed to be an informed and active population. We have no excue for this, we are not oppressed. It is our Consitutional duty to remain active. We have failed our ancestors. I have had family in harms way in almost ever major terrorist attack on this country. It was never Iraqi people who committed the acts. It was always rich Saudi men. This is not to say that all Saudi people support terror. Only pointing out the facts. Of course the Iraqis give little resistance. Not only is their dictator a horrible man, they have learned that resistance against strong military only brings pain. We are now their occupying country. They will undoubtbly fight by attacking and running. This will be called terrorism. Not people wanting self rule. We could have supported them in their efforts towards self determination but instead we will impose our own goverment there. Democracy can not be forced on a country by forgieners. It can only be saught by the people who would seek it. Such was the case in India and South Africa. There is now such thing as a good occupying force anymore than there was such a thing as a good slave owner. We could have supported the efforts toward democracy in the Northtern no fly zone. We could have supported peace efforts in Palestine and Isreal. But instead we go in guns blazing and add more chaos. Terrorism thrives off of the choas and poverty of the third world. Our enemy should be these. I hope all the troops come home. I hope all the Iraqis live through this. I hope America wakes up. I appologize to all those we oppress.

The US, being the only superpower in the world for now, is on a mad drive for hegemony. However, there have been other superpowers in the past that acted exactly the same way, but they did not enjoy for long. As God mentions in the Quran He has always set one superpower to check against another, or else there would be too much mischief on earth.
What America is also doing at this time is overstretching itself. In the end something has to give.


K2 FROM USA said:
Muslims have become a bitter people. Blaming the USA for all its problems.

Unwilling to even listen to an opposing point of view without becoming angry, their blood pressure rising, fists clenched.

Note that their is not a single article on this site which gives an opposing point of view. That maybe Allah will bring some gooodness out of the turmoil in Iraq. That it is Muslims who have brought misery upon themselves.

But I suppose this has become our tradition, to allow for no dissenting point of views. An intolerant, angry people.

Allah will not judge us by labels and our empty angry rhetoric. He will judge us by our deeds.

Do we want to be a people angry at the world, blaming everyone for our problems except ourselves?

Or do we want to known as a tolerant, kind hearted people. Full of mercy and goodness to mankind. The type of people others aspire to be.

What quality of character are we known for today?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always was willing to listen to opposing points of views before making any decisions. Why can't we do the same?

What I have learnt is not to tar all Americans with the same brush.There are so many Americans against this war yet their protests and those from around the globe are ignored.
Initially it was hard not to be 'anti american'but reading this and also watching the news (of war protests)made me realise that there are still compasionate ,rational and just Americans.
My heart breaks with the loss of innocent lives in Iraq.
May this war end soon.
Peace to all.

Dr. Abdullah:
Very nicely written article which addresses some fundamental issues. In particular I would like to add that as long as mankind and governments and societies put their faith in weapons of mass destruction and for that matter all types of weapons they will find themselves in the same kinds of situation that is occuring in Iraq. The day will come when humans when pound their swords into plowshares and government taxes will be used to construct societies not to destroy them. Until the Messiah returns on His glorious day we humans have to continue to suffer the insults of the Dark Ways of Satan: greed, violence, control, & materialism. The final days in which we live will see more tyrants emerge but Allah will bring their final destruction in the end. It is all our sincere hope that the American people will not forget the beautiful principles upon which their nation was created and continue to receive the blessings of their Creator, the Almighty, the MErciful ONe.

I respectfully disagree. I think we Americans are always at fault when we tolerate persecution.
(Yes, anywhere.) I think God will tolerate my country only so long as we shelter refugees and we seek to eliminate persecution. (Yes, everywhere.)

Muhammad is God's messenger. Allah Hafiz.

I agree that war should be the last resort.We should let UN, the representative of countries in the world,decide. But USA chose to do it alone, like a big bully with disregard to the opinions of it's allies. Now the world will be divided and more problems will be created which is worse than the bombs that were dropped in Iraq. We the citizens of countries should make it clear to the people we elect to run countries that we have to abide by the world opinion not to satisfy just a person. While we try to save lives we should not kill the spirit to live and war is worse than that!

REF: m16a1

What you said is non-sense. I don't know which America to do live in. America USED to have, but not any longer.

thank you very much for this article.

with all of the bashing present on this site right now, this was a very welcomed article.

the key to ending hostilities is understanding of one another. While we may often disagree, we can further peace by understanding the viewpoints of others.

in all honesty, the average American citizen knows very little about politics in the Middle East and understands even less.

heaping coal on us for our ignorance does nothing but build up feelings of anger.

this article, however, was very well written and thought out. It takes a different approach rather than the verbal lashings of other articles.


M16A1 FROM USA said:
The author fails to address the fact that America has one of the best civil rights records of any nation. "Nuremberg trial", Good Lord, those trials were to prosecute people that were actively practicing genocide. Of course, if you want to talk about genocide why don't we visit the Israeli conflict. In America, African Americans have an exceptional standard of living. Much better than they would have in any other country or nation. The United Nations has made itself irrevelent and the United States has an obligation to protect its citizens from agression, whether foreign or domestic.
And the hate spewed out of Jason makes me question his actual residence, I don't believe he is an American living on American soil. America was responsible for the end of World War I and II but I guess Jason doesn't understand that concept.

Well As I said this stampede couldn't be stopped but it can be turned. You have shown how strong you are across the world. Now it is time to work with the angles and turn this stampede on Israel. If not, the days will become dark and a destructive wave will cross the earth in an s pattern.
There are almost as many "Endtimers" in the C3I of the US as there are Zionists and their allies are those that are fearful of the pattern of population growth across the world. Remember that there are three dark horses to the apocalypse, war, famine AND plague and they will try to create all three. In this global economy diseases spread worldwide so they put all life at risk. Disease needs a particular environment in which to thrive, that is the threat, that is the cure.
Don't let your efforts lose momentum, not now. You have shown your strength. Pause and darkness prevails.


War angest irqe is very denger in the world.


Dr. Abdullah while I appreciate your patriotism, I must ask you, how did you come to the conclusion that the "american spirit" is based on democracy, freedom, love and humbleness? I hate to be the one to point out this to you, but the very foundation of america is based on murder and terror. from slaughtering the natives, to humiliating and enslaving the Africans, to waging wars after wars after wars in that left millions dead. lives and nations in ruin. Please by all means refer me to a time in history where america truly possessed such wonderful, and ideal qualities...its just now america seems less and less to give a rats ass about what the world thinks of it, so its showing its real face. america has never been a place of democracy and freedom and humbleness. If it had, it would seek to share that with the rest of the world. It supports brutal dictators, oppresses others with an iron fist. it has always been and always will be a hypocritical, brutal entity, bent on world domination. Even the "founding fathers" were nothing but self righteous, racist pigs, again WHAT america ARE you talking about?