Time to KILL the Bull

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While observing the current "Shock and Awe" Show Down in Iraq, one may wonder if the Spanish Monarchy, the current ally to the U.S. government, has coached the American War Hawkers in the thrilling art of bullfighting.

A lot of bullfights are organized as charitable events. This philanthropic aspect makes it somewhat easier to pay for the show and justify its inhumanity.

To ready the bull for the ring it is often handicapped - although this is officially illegal but that is a minor technicality. One of the tactics used is to smear Vaseline in the eyes of the bull to blur its vision.

In 1991, the bull - Iraq - is prepared for the ring. Ms. April Gillespie, the US Ambassador to Iraq, rubs Vaseline in the Iraqi regime's eyes by assuring Saddam that the US does not interfere in regional disputes of other countries. The game is now ready to begin and the Iraqi beast is ready to let loose in the Kuwaiti coliseum.

After the bull is prepared for the showdown the bullfight consists of three stages. In the first stage, the matador taunts the bull, making it furious and livid. When the bull charges it is stabbed repeatedly.

Our handsome and elegant US matador enters the ring displaying his shining weapons. The fight managers have studied the behavior of this Iraqi bull and know very well how the bull reacts to different incitement. The cycle of sardonic taunting is started and as the bull reacts the stabs of "Desert Strom" are delivered. The bleeding bull wimpishly retreats to his corner.

"We are in the process of destroying an entire society. It is as simple and terrifying as that. It is illegal and immoral."
Denis Halliday, after resigning as first UN Assistant Secretary General and Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq. October 1998

The second stage is the longest part of the bullfight where the bull is worn down with deep penetrating spears thrown into the bull's back. The blades of these spears continue to carve and dig into the bulls back throughout the fight, causing bleeding and tissue damage.

Between 1991 - 2003, the spears of sanctions and routine bombings of the no-fly zones wear out the Iraqi beast. This second phase of the fight leaves a bleeding infrastructure and Half a Million Iraqi children as part of the tissue damage that the Iraqi bull sustains. Former Secretary of State, Madam Madeline Albright cheers this stage and says, "this was worth it".

In the third and final stage and in the midst of the sounds of bellowing trumpets and roars of spectators, the matador goes for the kill. He stabs the bull between the shoulder blades. He aims for the bull's vital organs, often missing, leaving the bull to agonize and near death. Often, the bull does not completely succumb. It retains consciousness, even as the matador and his team begin carving off pieces of the bull for distribution as trophies.

In our ring with the Iraqi bull, the final stage is now set. Among the roaring trumpets of US corporate media, Construction bidders, Oil giants, and exhilarated war supporting spectators it is time to go for the kill. Our razor smart bombs may not always hit the vital organs of Iraq but instead, hit parts of the body that will be much more agonizing. But that's OK - it is all part of the SHOW. We know our winning trophy is secure.

The bullfight purports to be a battle to the death in which either participant, bull or matador may die. In reality, the bull never has a chance to win, and the bullfight is only a cruel spectacle of chauvinistic dominance.

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  1. Filfila from USA

    This article throughly explains what the situation with iraq is. The analogy is perfect. And hope that the war that is going on stops soon inshallah. Too many innocent people are dieing, I pray that peace will come inshallah.

  2. janice from usa

    i found this article very disturbing, but with the ring of truth as well. so much for the moral superiority of spain, and as for america's moral superiority, i could write a similar comparison of the slaughter of the pre-born humans in america and the regime of saddam hussein. hussein's torture chambers were no worse than america's turning the womb into a place of torture unto death. we have killed in the millions our own children-- all in the name of "freedom." may we open our hearts to hear our Creator's call to have mercy upon the innocents, and may we pray to be better ourselves before we claim to be the liberators of anyone else.

  3. rajawali from Teganu

    Hypothermia occurs when the body's core temperature is lowered due to exposure to cold.

    It can occur even at mild temperatures if exposure is prolonged. The body's natural defences against the cold consist of restricting the flow of blood to the skin so as to prevent heat loss, along with shivering and releasing hormones to generate heat. These measures are limited and are usually inadequate to maintain body temperature in cold environments.

  4. Muhammad Edris EDDIE A. MASORONG from Philippines

    I believe and the Light of the Prophet of Islam is guiding me, that only the dissolution of Muslim states and the establishment of One Muslim State is the ultimate solution to the present predicament of the Muslims wordwide. There is no doubt that America's long term goal is to secure the Middle East oil fields for global domination.

  5. Muhammad Edris Eddie A. Masorong I from philippines

    About seventeen years ago, I saw the Light of the Prophet of Islam (SAW) in a dream. Sometime, last July 20, 2001, a Malaikat appeared in my dream and instructed me, "Gather all the Muslims in Manila and tell them that the Light of the Prophet was passed on to you." What am I suppose to do? I have written an article entitled The Meaning of Laa ilaha ila-Allah.

  6. hyat ghadban from Canada

    I believe totally in what the Quran says and I would like to do on to others, as I would like done to me. But I am so appalled at the world that they don't come together and stop this horrible humane massacre. They sat back and watched in Jenin and they are watching now in Iraq. I can't for the life of me understand the Arab leaders how they can allow this bull, this beast attack their brothers and sisters from their own backyard. How can they believe that US is going to free and liberate the Iraqis I am sorry but they are stupid bunch of mules.

  7. rajawali from Teganu

    'one of the process in slaughtering is 'tightening the nooses'.

  8. sven from Israel

    This is a most ridiculous piece of drivel.

    You are doing a disservice to the World Islamic Community by posting this to your site.

  9. Zabeeda Ayube from Canada

    this is the most inhumane thing to do. it is so cruel and painful and I wish it could just stop. Why do we as human need such entertainment and tolerate such nonsense. I wonder what this world is coming to! I will never watch or encourge such cruelty to gods creation but only admire it's purpose in this world.

  10. Maro Bey from Canada

    Why is the bull so dumm that he really falls into his traps repeatedly?

  11. Mokaddes Khan from USA

    This is in reply to Indian's diatribon msg.12633

    "Why is ISLAM the most hated religion in the world today? Ever thought abt that?"

    Well, Islam is the second largest religion in the World. And is the fastest growing religion in the World. So I dont see how it becomes the most hated in hte World. Now the propoganda of the Media's throughout the World and by Governments such as the Indian Government to give extremely biased and bigoted pictures of Muslims and Islam does give the feeling that Islam and Muslims are hated.

    But as the fastest growing religion shows, the people of the World do not buy into that. They want to know more. And so they turn to books about Islam and the Quran. And in it they find truth, justice, peace and humility. And thus Islam remains the Fastest growing religion in the World. Alhamdulillah. Not the most hated. Maybe misunderstood. But only till they start reading up on it.

  12. msmith from USA

    How would Mohammed (peace be upon him) have dealt with a dictator who has invaded two fellow Muslim countries, has used chemical weapons against fellow Muslims (including women and children), and who uses murder, torture, and intimidation

    to control the people of Iraq? As I listen to the stories of Iraqis who have suffered barbarous atrocities under Saddam my heart is saddened. The suffering of the children is especially sad.

  13. Jim Clifford from USA

    Where is the part about the bull using poison gas against the kurds? How about the part where the bull gores a smaller bull in the pen next door? No mention is made of the fact that the bull has had direction from the entire herd time after time, only to ignore the requests, begging, commands or enticements of the rest of the herd. I agree with you, it is indeed time to kill the bull.

  14. shaheen from India

    Your comparision of Iraq to the Bull is very apt - but what about the spectators - the arabs?? They have forgotton that they are bulls also - waiting for the matador's sward. Are they so numbed by their airconditioned luxaries that they cannot see the suffering of a fellow Bull (Iraqi's). How can the whole population of these arab nations blame just their rulers - have they not heard of popular uprisings?? BUT the thruth is that they have got so used to their Pepsi and Mac that like children they are afraid of the thought of going without these essential luxaries. So numbed are they by all this that they cannot even see the blood of their brother being uselessly shed. When Iraq will be rebuilt - what an irony?

    It will be with Iraqi money and US inputs. It is like saying - "I do not like your father or your house. So I will kill your father and break your house. After that I will give you a new father and rebuild your house for you. But you will have to pay for all my efforts". How sick have we all got?????

    It is such a shame. How can we blame the US and its allies for all this. The people to blame are all the residents of the neighbouring and other Arab countires. How can these people sleep at night knowing that an arab child in Iraq is bleeding to death - denied its basic rights. You have also mentioned that we must try and change world opinion about Islam. What Islam??? Looks like there are no muslims left. I saw the US army removing the Iraqi flag and replacing it with the stars and stripes - they had said they were coming to help??? but they are regular soldiers invading another country. For the love of Allah - WAKE UP and take action!!!

  15. rajawali from Teganu

    'normally in our country, bulls is related with the lacking of brains'

  16. Indian from India

    Why is ISLAM the most hated religion in the world today? Ever thought abt that? That is because the followers of this religion are still living in the 6th century following the rules and customs of that period. ISLAM and its followers cannot stand non-muslims. Period!

  17. Ray from USA

    If US is interested in human rights then it should pay attention to the countries it supports and does business. With record of no less human rights violation, i.e.; Israel, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Algeria, Philippines and list can go on. Furthermore correct its own human rights records, and treatment of POWs. I personally think these American POW's should be handed to OBL for exchange for the POW's in Cuba. Obviously only simpletons believe this war is about human rights. I see American supporting this war with comments such as 'they are fighting for our freedom' etc. etc. This is perhaps the biggest self delusional comments to justify the war I have heard. How Iraq ever threatened US freedom? Difference between OBL and Bush is nothing, of course, world trade center was nothing more then a collateral damage, and legitimate military target, same way what US has claimed in Afghanistan where more then 6000 civilian casualties has occurred and in Iraq since the first gulf war, 500,000 children have died due to sanctions and now another massacre.

    See U.S. human rights violations http://www.thememoryhole.org/ on this web sites.

  18. Jayme Riner from USA

    The first mistake was made in leaving Saddam Hussein in power after he invaded Kuwait. Believing that he would adhere to the treaty he signed to stop the fighting. He puts out much propaganda via his TV station but he does not show that he uses civilians as shields and hides munitions in hospitals and schools. The UN allowed him to sell enough oil to buy food and medicine for the people Instead he has filled his privaste coffers while the people starve.When the ship channel ws finnaly cleared of mines after a week and food and water could be unloaded, people mobbed the trucks as they desperately fought to get at the food.I pray they will soon get enough for allto have what they need.Bullfighting I agree is cruel, I am glad we do not have it in the US.

  19. Richard Gaulke from USA

    I like the analogy of the bullfight to our policy towards Iraq over the past 15 years.

  20. badia z. fakaar-belhadj from United States of America

    Asalaamu Alaykum:

    The only bull I see these days is the constant yaking on the television about the wonderful American soldiers and the fearless English. I know the history of these people. Anyone who has the nerve to call someone else a "terrorist" forgets what they did to the Africans, African-Americans, Australians, Irish, Jews, etc. etc. The worlds biggest punk, cowards, "terrorists" are the English (the momma) and her children "America". She has to come to the aid of her children. Even the Europeans know that this "action" is wrong. It is not a "war". It is an "attack" on a defenseless people who should solve their own problems with their "elected" leader. They are deliberately killing people in Iraq. What does the world expect the Iraqis to do with a vicious, foul-mouthed, name-calling pit bull running loose in their country? Yes, I said it. Thanks for giving me the formum to do so.

  21. Awais from USA





  22. Claude Smith from Canada

    many in the audience have a profound dislike for the unpopular, greedy and immoral matador. Let us hope that like minds of the Bull will come out of hiding and teach the matador a lesson he will never forget.

  23. Ali Attir from Libya

    It is very logical what is said about the bull and the matador.

    but then we have to go back to when Sadam started both shatanic wars against his own brothers and sisters if he is realy muslem anymore, at that time he was the matador if not shatan himselve.

    Allah (SWT) does not change his (SUNAN)and he said:(WA ETAKO FITNATIN LA TUSEEBAN ALADEEN DALAMO MINKOM KHASATAN), that means if a leader make war against AllAH then He will taste ADAB him and his followers as well. Don"t you see that when the greatest leader our PROHPET MOHAMED(SAAWS) said that there will be fulse leaders among muslems will take thier people away from the straight path , now I think is the time that most of the leaders are taking thier muslen followers to loose DINYA AND AHKIRA. WA LA HAWLA WLA KOOTA EL BELLAH ELALIE ELADEEM.


  24. Trish Glynne from United States

    Let us hear not just U.S. bashing but a realistic accounting of the Iraqi regime that has sadisticly mistreated the people of Iraq these many years. How many innocent deaths are on their souls? True, the U.S. foreign policy has not been true to our definitions of freedom for all, but the American people are beginning to see that the politicians we have voted in have not followed our Constitution and Bill of Rights when it's come to dealing with other governments and cultures. Right now, since the U.N. has not had enough power to stop the genocide in Rowanda, and in Iraq, as well as elsewhere, the U.S. (who has many Iraqi-American citizens) has decided to take it upon itself to help. Believe me, if our politicians downgrade this action by fooling around with the Iraqi natural resources, I for one will be very active politically against any mis-deeds. One thing I believe is that we are going to free the Iraqi people so they can run their country with freedom for all - not just the Bath party politicians, but all religious groups ... the Sunnis and the Sheites, the Kurds, the Christians ... ALL of them! I can only pray that God shows us the way, gives us the will and the endurance to do his will and the Iraqi people will be FREE!

  25. Ahmadu Mohammed from Nigeria

    This article is perfectly correct. I pray Allah to save the entire Muslim world, Amen. Please keep up the good work may Allah Bless you all.

  26. delina from Indonesia

    Excellent comparison and very touchy indeed.

  27. khalid s. jaffar from india

    a splendid comparision of the barbarism caused by bush

  28. riyad amro from palestine

    But there are some cases where the bull could kill the matador.


    A very accurate way of describing this war.

  30. Crusader4truth from USA

    The Bull-ly will not win, rise up against the infidel bull fighter and he will be gored to death! leaving the majestic bull in peace...

    do not take infidels for your protectors..

    Allahu Akbar

  31. from Spain

    The Spanish town (91%) is against this genocide. The indignation this in all and each one of single us and is spoken in all the corners with rage and fear against the magnificent Americans. Now Syria, Iran, Jordan, etc... is those that they have to decide his future. Or together they stop this horror or separately the American wolf will eat.

  32. Allen from USA

    Yes, bullfights are cruel and senseless. Saddam Hussein, his sons and his supporters are cruel and senseless and have terrorized the Iraqi people causing death by starvation of thousands of infants and children. He does not go hungry. He is the cruel despot who has broken the spirit and the backs of the Iraqi people. To support him is to reward evil.

  33. Stefan from USA

    Very good analogy if the Bull that is the focus of this story were not one that tramples and gores it's own children. Bulls protect their herd, not attack others. It's terrible that the actions that allowed this to occur have happened, but the war is not against Islam as some of the respondents want to believe. Keep up the good work.

  34. Tim Bilodeau from USA

    I do not have a quarrel with the Iraqi people. The enemy is Saddam Hussein and the terrorism that he supports; this terrorism is not just against his own people, but against the world. September 11 tells us all that we can't just sit back and hope that everything will be all right. This war is not about Islam and it is not about oil, either. Why go to war over oil when we can buy it? There is mounting evidence that Saddam has aided and supported Al Quaida and other terrorist groups. A man who can use nerve gas on his own people, or do other atrocities such as throw people into plastic shredders where a person is slowly torn apart is not a person that is fit to live.

    I would also like to ask an open question. I truly do not understand Muslims and their way of thinking. Thugs professing to be Muslim can murder and rape other Muslims and not a peep is heard from the Muslim community. But let a non-Muslim slight Muslims in any way and then Muslims are ready to take his head. Why ?

  35. Michele from USA

    Although, I don't agree with the killing of humanity and this is an interesting analysis to say the least, I don't agree with the concept. In order to assess this would be to take a trip back in time. The gulf war would not have occurred had the bull not invaded the chicken coop on it's way to the sheep herd. Additionally, this bull in this context, had sharpened horns in which to inflict inhumane acts against it's own. Therefore, this bull has been cornered by the horns in which it inflicted it's own...

  36. abdelmoula from usa

    very wise article.the bull may die but islam for eternity.the bull killer will be down soon or later.may allah bless you for the work you do

  37. Maureen from Canada

    The best way to ascertain how civilized a country truly is, is to see how they treat their animals. All living creatures deserve respect and compassion. Killing an animal for "fun" or "sport" is not only uncivilized, it is extremely cruel. Perhaps Spanish people should be put in a ring with an angry bull and see how long they last being dehydrated, starved, and beaten before entering the ring --- the same way the bull is treated before greeting his death sentence of torture, humiliation and pain. This type of entertainment must stop. It is sick, twisted and extremely cruel. Any person who can find an iota of entertainment in viewing the torturing of an animal is no better than the man who is "performing" that torture. What a waste of a bull's life, and what a horrible way for that bull to die --- without dignity, without compassion, without being humane. I shake my head in horror and disbelief at this disgusting display of "entertainment" and I question what kind of people could possibly enjoy watching this type of heinous act ...

  38. A Watcher from UK

    But all the other bulls are watching and learning the ways of the matador.

  39. khalid from india

    This refers to your article'Time to Kill the Bull'-I am sure this time there will be a freak accident in which the Matador will be killed to everyone's delight.

  40. rajawali from Teganu

    internal problem of Muslims must be resolved by Muslim people because Syariah Law is enough to encounter the problems, non-muslim shouldn't be interfere, just give a simple analogy ' what happen to your car when you are using different manual?, such as using water instead of gasoline.

  41. Zafar ul hassan from Pakistan

    You are right but the question whose answer has to

    be looked into is : Why have the muslims degraded

    themselves to a level where they can no longer be

    classified as CALIPHA of ALLAH TA'ALA. This is the

    actual position given to man by Allah Taala at

    time of creation.

    When muslims fails to acheive this position then

    what happens is that the material envirnoment

    enslaves them. This is currently the case.

    We the muslims at this time should have the

    courage to accept the facts that our rulers and

    masses love western values but hate their people

    although it should be the opposite --- having love

    and affection for western people and hatred for

    their values so that they can be worked on to

    become muslims and so that they do not burn in

    hell forever.

    So instead focussing all our intentions at crying

    foul at USA and other western powers we should try

    to focus on the fouls being committing by the

    muslim UMMAH against the decrees of Allah Taala as

    seen in the ways of Hazrat Muhammad sallala hu

    alaihay wasalam. Till we do that nothing will

    change. Things will just get worse.

  42. Sven Tice from USA

    Even though I'm a devout Catholic, I've viewed the Islamicity site with great interest over the last several months. It's always very illuminating to get all perspectives on events. However, I'm a bit put off by the bullfighting analogy of the last posting. You make it sound like all Americans have been toying with the lives of the Iraqi people over the last 12-13 years for amusement. I'm deeply ashamed, as are millions of other Americans, that our country has invaded Iraq, and even most of those profoundly misguided souls who support the war are very ambivalent about it. You make it sound like we're all running around with steak knives in our hands, relishing the carnage, cheering it on like a sporting event. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most Americans, regardless of their politics, want this horrendous war to be over with as soon as possible. The idea that it's some sort of cat-and-mouse game with a big, evil empire (the U.S.) vs. a hapless free people in Mesopotamia is disingenuous and offensive. You've been fair-minded and honest in the past; I hope you are again in the future.

  43. Uncle Sam from USA

    Bravo Bravo!!!!!! Oh, Im so impressed with the eloquence of this Arab Diatribe. The real truth here is that you sorry Muslems wont take controle of a situation that clearly is yours and not ours. But, we as concerned citizens of this world are horrified by the attrocities that you have let go on for nearly 35 years and have done nothing to stop this madman from attacking all its neighbors and killing indiscriminately anyone whom he feels at anytime he feels and in some truly original yet totally barbaric ways I might add. Im sickened by you and your defence of this monster called Saddam and his two demon from hell sons, Im sickened by your compunction to spread these lies about how "The Americans and the Brits are killing women and children" I say HAAAAAA to you, .. You dont want us in there stopping this madman then YOU get of your lazy Arab or muslem butts and do it yourself. The world has been waiting 35 years for you to act!!

  44. Ekbal Qidwai from USA

    Salaam! Good piece.

    I cannot believe their arrogance and stupidity. CNN is showing bulldozers demolishing Saddam posters etc. If they had some sence & were NOT arrogent they could wait a little and use their proxies to do it claiming that the peasants have been liberated; liberated like the rascal Amirs of Kuwait; again CNN reported in interview All our 800,000 citz have ben given masks (Who cares about the lowly 2-3 million guest workers!).

  45. Victoriano from USA

    Sorry, but you miss too many points.

    First, neither the Spanish Monarchy or the Spanish People, agree with "Bush Oil's War", the Spanish goverment does, shame on Aznar, we'll get him out of power ASAP.

    Second, in the " Corrida de Toros ", we do not tamper with the Bull, and he have the chance to win, and often does so, hundred's of cementeries in Spain can testify to it.

    Third, we make sure the Bull dies as rapidly as possible, with the minimun gore, there is a 3 minutes limit for the matador to finish it.

    It's not about 'machismo', or 'chauvinismo', it's about courage of equals face to face, nothing close to the sneak way of the Texas Oil president, no-elected by his people, but, appointed by his croonies at the Supreme Court.

    We Spaniards are hard and a little bit cruel, but no way, we are as bad as to be compared with GWB.

  46. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Salam, "faez khan" - I think the English equivalent of Darjal might be Daryll, but then who knows?

  47. Daniel Kirkpatrick from US

    Assalam Alaikum,

    This article is written with very objective insight and anaylsis of how MOST governments implement their foreign policy and military strategy.

    The US government has been no different in this either. The US government's foreign policy in the Middle East is the same as it was in Czar Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Panama and any other 3rd world country.

    This same philosophy also includes the US Government's actions within its own borders toward the survivors of the Confederate States following the American Civil War and the American Indians.

    I do agree Saddam Hussein needs to be removed, but not as dictated by President Bush and his minions.

    Only Allah can help end this conflict to the benefit of the Iraqi people.

  48. rajawali from Teganu

    'red-bull, bullock, bull-team, bull etc, most of the names are in america, ??? just wonder

  49. Fatima M. Abukar from Canada

    This kill the bull article is surely inpecable. I just wish everyone would anderstand the reality this way. With great appreciation, thank very much for sending it to me. God bless and protects you and all Islam.

  50. Mustafa from U.S.A.

    The reality of this article is digusting. La Hawla Wala Kuwata Illa Billah

  51. nasrin from canada




  52. debbie kerick from usa

    I reaaly do not see where this tory has any baring on today's situation. In fact I find it nonsense. I get the Islamic Bulletin for current events in the middle east and use it as a base for lessons. Some times I wonder just who you really are supporting. Real people or some political backer. What is going on is terrible, its not what i wanted my government to do. But honestly if Iraq had been forth coming in some cooperation with the UN I think none of today's agrestion would be happining. I think both sides are to fully blame. I hate the thought of my friends hurting as well as my country men but how far to a nation have to suffer before enough is enough? My only hope and prayers is Israel is next. They should be driven out of Palestine with the same force as Saddam is being driven out. Iraq's people have had enough at least someone is trying to help. I don't see any other Islamic country helping the people of Iraq. Islam is the greatest religion in the world, to bad a bunch of idiots have to spoil it for the rest of us. Saddam and all the rest of the terriorst out there, all need to be wiped of the face of the earth, Then we can truly live in peace with each other. And let the bulls to eat grass and make more bull cows. There beautiful animals they deserve to be saved just as we all deserve to be saved, sometimes from ourselves.

  53. faez khan from UK

    What do the readers think of 'dajjal' as being the power hungry roman and latterly British (and US)empires set against the coming Imam Mahdi: It is said he will come next Ramadan when two eclipsed concur within the Holy Month? Also interesting -http://www.simedia.org/new/background_information.html

  54. B2 from USA

    So true, it is a horrible thing the allies have done to Iraq. Instead we should've been doing this to the cruel Israeli/Zionist state, because even though they haven't invaded another country without provocation, massacred a million people or deny people the right to vote, freedom of the press, etc....they still are a bunch of Zionist ... End the sanctions on Iraq! Put em on Israel!

  55. Brian Garrett from USA

    The comparison of the war with bullfights is interesting and largely accurate, but a couple of points are disputable.

    (1) If Madeleine Albright was trying to assure Saddam in 1991 that the US does not meddle in regional disputes of other nations, Saddam was a fool to believe it. Vietnam, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama and countless other wars and mini-wars described innocently as "covert ops" show this to be false.

    (2) The occasional (not "routine") bombings in the no-fly zones, as well as the sanctions, did nothing to "wear out" Saddam's regime--they harmed the Iraqi people to an extent rivaling anything in Saddam's power, but as far as Saddam himself is concerned, the sanctions did nothing but give him time to rebuild his armies and learn from his mistakes in the 1991 war, while the occasional bombing runs in the no-fly zones preserved the illusion for the American people that U.S. forces were in control.

    (3) What corporate interests will be promoted in the (presumably U.S -friendly) new Iraq remains to be seen, but the common mantra that this is war is simply blood-for-oil is not correct. The U.S. gets most of its oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela; we really don't need Iraq's oil. The U.S. has enough oil in the Alaskan wilderness (if the environmentalists would only let us get to it) to be self-sufficient by 2025 if we would only develop the resolve. This war isn't about oil, it's about George Bush Jr. finishing the job his dad started, and his own wounded pride at not capturing/killing Osama bin Laden. "Hey, we couldn't get Osama, but what about Saddam? He's a bad guy too, isn't he. Let's go after him instead!" What a pity--Iraqi civilians and British and American troops have to die just so Bush can _legitimately_ win the 2004 election.

  56. Nadeem Qadeer from usa

    This is an excellent article, but we all muslim can see it raise our voices but nobody is listning. Thousand of Iraqis have died in just one week of intense boming and MR Bush wants more fun his pleasesure will not stop untill he destroy every inch of that nation.

    My Alla bless us all and have mercy on Muslim Ummah. This is the time we shall wake up and break our friend ship with this county and stop depositing trillions of dollare in US banks, the money which is used against our brothers and mulim ummah.


  57. Judah from USA

    how patently absurd to blame the invasion of

    kuwait because the american ambassador

    said we did not interfere with territorial

    disputes between other countries!

    just plain silly!

    that makes it ok? such CONFUSED thinking

    saddam is the monster - the invader - of other

    arab lands

    some clarity, please

  58. Qatr Alnada from USA

    Thank you for the article. I hope the bull wins. The bull's victory might save the lives of the rest of the bulls.

  59. Nancy O'Barr from USA

    Salaamu Alaikum,

    How can you compare an innocent bull to Sadaam's regime? We are commanded to fight against the oppressors. If the Muslims don't do it, others will. The Muslims should not fear fighting against this evil man and use the excuse of the lives that will be lost to avoid their duty. Allah says (4:77) "They should have feared Allah: Why hast Thou ordered us to fight? Wouldest Thou not grant us respite to our (natural) term, Near (enough)? Say: Short is the enjoyment of this world: The hearafter is best for those who do right; never will ye be dealt with unjustly in the very least! Whereever you are, Death will find you out, Even if you are in towers built up strong and high! ..." Say all things are from Allah." Regardless of the motives of Bush or others.. this war is not wrong and not unjust. Its just too bad the Muslims didn't do it first. May Allah give all that are affected by this war strength and finally PEACE and freedom from the oppression of this evil regime.

  60. Mike from Canada

    Very nicely written. I shall pass this round to friends.

  61. 'Deji Okoya from Nigeria

    Whose fault! This is not USA fault, rather it is the fault of all Arab nations that kept seeking for security assistance from them so that they can perpetually be in government. We must remember that nothing last forever, except the favour of Allah. Noone can protect you except the Almighty.

    Most Arab leaders are corrupt;insensitive to citizenry problems and to worsened it syphony the wealth endowed in that region at the detriment of those that supposed to benefit from it. You colonized yourselves and now they are paying the price.

    Probably, this might be a wake-up call for all and sundry.

  62. Aaron Melamed from United States

    While I agree that the united states media has made a show of the War in Iraq. I have to dissagree that we are distroying a civilization. It is quite clear that Saddam Hussein is a bad man. He is a socialist has a fixation on Joseph stalin. He kills his own people women and children and I think that would catagorize him as a Bad Muslim. We are not against the Muslim people of Iraq. At least I am not. I think the Iraqis will be happy to have Saddam deposed most of them fear him. I like the Islamicity bulletins but I have to say that you dont have to always think of America as the evil ones There is evil in both countries Saddam is clearly an Evil man and power hungry. He is getting what is comming to him. Maybe it is Allahs anger. Allah kills the inocent along with the guilty so there is nothing to fear because the inocent will receive there reward in the hereafter and the guilty their punishment. No matter what It is all in Allah's Hands.

  63. Anisa Jama from Canada

    Assalam Aleykum,

    One should remember that, where is the US get the green light for even playing with the bull(iraqi).

    we as muslim are the no. one supporters of our enemy, if not me or you is our fellow arab muslim.

    As a muslim we should be ashemed and pray to Allah to forgive us and those who give their land and right to americans to fight our brothers and sisters in iraq.

    its wrong to blame americans, there not sending missiles from america, they are in our own land with our full support !!!!



  64. thomas from australia

    Hmm, yes this article is full of fact. It is so unbiased, and contains all the information I need to make a reasoned judgement about events in the ME.


  65. Salman from Pakistan

    It's the bull's own fault for it cannot fight back

  66. Rizwan Khalid from USA

    Nice story ! , Saddam has to go , this "bull" has to go , he has done more harm to the muslim cause then any other person. This regime has to fall , and I hope without civilian casualitites, the Iraqi public should not be punished or made to suffer for it's tyrant regime.

  67. hanna mahmud from UK

    I am saddened by the way that the world and world poltics seems to be going . We are finding out the plans te uS have, and they seem to want to take over everything, and make everyone US clones. The problem being that as a muslim that can never happen. as a muslim I pray that we stand up to this Us lead attack and rule, and become more involved. We need to stand united as muslims irregardless to what country we are from. When will people realise this. As part of the younger generation , that is what i think, that we should stand united and get involved in politics, otherwise , i am very scared of the consequences. Inshallah allah will guide us all. and make us strong.

  68. s.dean from United Kingdom

    very good and appropriat discription, it should be send to other media & importent public sources ie the usa uk goverment offices

  69. Imtiaz from USA


    Subhanallah brother, you have really splet out the game played here. I only hope and pray for the people of Iraq. The thought that we know the final result of this game(bull being brutally killed) if only allah could just this once, turn the tables.

  70. janet braden from usa

    That is an accurate and excellent analogy of a bullfight and the u.s. goal of destroying Iraq. Even the analogy of a bull is appropriate because (I think) S. Hussein's astrological (birthdate) sign is "Taurus", the 'Bull'. Any country that allows this practice cannot call itself civilized. Maybe this time, 'the bull' with the help of Allah, will kick up enough desert sand to bury its matadors alive.

  71. Mohammed Ilyas from UK

    Pity the major Muslim Governments do not see this, instead they hide behind their seats in power hoping and praying that the war will be quick so they too can enjoy the rewards afterwards.How blind they are and how long is their silence and denial going to continue? until it is their turn!!!

    We in the west claim to be humane and civilised, our claims could not be further from the truth. How peolpe can be so hypocritical I give up.

    I do hope and wish that our protests do make the difference in this world full of hate,greed and complete and utter injustice.

  72. Jay from USA

    to compare the actions in Iraq to a bull fight is most certainly obscene

    when you are talking about an evil man like Saddam who sanctions the rape of the women of Kuwait and sanctions the gassing of the people of Iran and the Kurds in his own nation of Iraq a man who accepts gladly the murder of those who would speak against him may only be described as EVIL.

    do not the children of Abraham deserve a better man than Saddam leading them are not leaders required to be obedient to Allah

    this is not a war against the people of Iraq but Saddam and those who support Him

  73. Dr.S.M.U.Ali from S.Arabia

    Dear sir,

    It is time that we should encourage the freedom fighters in Iraq, the way they are facing the "Super Power".I find it very discouraging to show them the painful and humilating end from now, how truthful it may be......

  74. nizar manji from canada

    thnks for the great comparision. it is a shame of what US is doing in iraq. only allah can stop the war or do miracles to stop the war. may god bless you all and may he bring peace and happiness in thes world.....ameen

  75. yazid from usa

    And how sad the people watching all this!!!

    HOW SAD as the Ummah and leaders of Muslim countries sit by and watch the beast, Iraq, grow from a calf to the bull it is....and DO NOTHING!

    EVEN SADDER as we all sit by and witness it's slaughter.....and complain.

  76. LOUBNA NASSER from U.S.


  77. Dr Ahmed Ali from India

    Sometimes Matador also gets killed by the bull.I wish & pray that it happens now.

  78. Michael Jones from USA

    I'd be more impressed with Islamic opposition to the attack on Iraq by the United States if the opponents had themselves taken action to liberate the Iraqi people from the dictatorship of Saddam Husein.

    Islamic solidarity can be a powerful force, but only when properly applied. Unless Arab nations are directly attacked by Saddam (as was Kuwait) members of the Arab league appear more concerned with preserving a tyrant than working for progress.

    It is worth noting that in the United States the constitution makes a clear separation between religious beliefs and government/law. Every individual is free to follow their particular belief, includingthe noble Qur'an. However the legal precepts governing most Western nations are anchored in constantly-evolving case law rather than the immutable Sharia.

    I did not advocate or support America's attack on Iraq. However, now that it is well on the way to being a fait-accompli, why not focus on how to provide Iraqi citizens with a truly representative government?

  79. Ahmad Mustafa from Canada

    If we have grudges against U and has been involved in actions like 11 sept., we should not be afraid of war. Now is the time to learn and teach a lesson and make avenges. Problem is we know "united we stand and divided we fall" but still go against it.


    This is a perfect example of whats going on in Iraq, and the Iraqi people have been surfering for the past 12 years in the hands of these cruel men(Rumsfeld,Wolfwitz,Perle,Rove,Abras) and intension is to destroy Iraq whatever means so that Israel and these GIANTS oil companies can get what they want. Which means whatever happen to the Iraqi inocent women and childrean thats not their problem. The plan for this invation is to give these Zionist Israelis the power to control the muslim world and to anialate the muslim people and if you want the evidence just take a look at what is happening to the inocent Palestinians people and the same is going to happen in all those Muslim countries and their people. You ask how do I know this, well mr BUSH anounced last year the countries that America(US) is going to attack includes Iraq,Iran,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Yemen,Libya. All these countries happen to be Muslim countries.

    So all I'm saying is the invassion of Iraq is just the stepping stone for more death of inocent Muslim people in Middleast and all this is for those Christian fundamentalist in the White House and the Zionist Israel to annialate the Muslim world.



  81. SAMED BILAL from USA


  82. Alexandra Paulson from USA

    Please do not politicize this site of prayer and learning. Let it be a haven for all to find peace

    and not the political leanings of those who run it. Islam is not only for Middle Easterners and the current thinking of the middle east should be separated from the message of Islam. Hiding behind religion to express the hatred and bigotry of the heart is an old way of thinking. It has brought on wars and countless lives have been lost this way. Please use this site to foster understanding and communication so that the light of Islam may shine not be sullied by tarnish of opinion and hatred.

  83. Imam Bilal Yasin El-Amin from USA

    Excellent! We weep for the bull... and the matador.

  84. Mark from UK

    I agree that this is primarily a war about Oil and money, but I see no mention of Saddam's brutality to his own people or to Kuwait. The US and the UK may be causing pain and suffering to the Iraqi people, but nowhere near as much as their own leader has done.

  85. Yaser Imtiaz from Pakistan

    This is a very Good Article, but i guess the Cruelty of bull fighter should be more expressed & every one should be knowing that the After affects of the Game, when Bullfigter & his team killed y medators , and people saw all this, then they says its cruel, but why dunt they stop the medators to stop atleast killing the bull. we must End this War & situations Once & forever & should protest as much as we can for this UNJUST & CRUEL WAR. And Should write more & more of American Aggression. And in confidence building measures we should also co-operate with the people who are protestting against it & should give the Christians that we are not against them but the agression of some people, who wants to eliminate the Muslims & should Spread the Message of LIVE & LET PEOPLE LIVE.

  86. kelelawar from Malaysia

    'killing of bulls for food is O.K since Iraqis have been sanction quite some-time' ... in order to slaughter the animals in a faster pace, we will use the sharpest knife ever made, ... your right to choose.

  87. Shafeeq Qaasim from USA

    I loved your story and analogy. I thought it was appropriate because I hate every harm that comes to any Muslim. But, though we may refer to Iraq as a helpless bull, it should be remembered that the Muslim Ummah has allowed Saddam and the U.S. to proliferate their evil in the midst of the Muslim territories. When I read the Qurn, it is quite obvious that we forget that we are not praticing nor implementing our deen according to the Qurn or Shariah. Allah says in suratul Al-Anfal (8:73), "Those who disbelieve are allies of one another, and if they do not become allies as one united block under one Khalifah, there will be fitnah and oppression on the earth, and great mischief and corruption". There are many other ayahs to reinforce this command. We are not helpless as the bull. We might be dumb, but not helpless. Allah is the best of Helpers, but he obviously doesn't help those that will not follow the Qurn. We live with and make friends with the kufaar, drinking, gambling, use ribah and too many other things to mention here. If we only did what Allah has asked us to do, we would not have this bull and matador problem. Finally, there are two surahs that we should read and spread throughout our communities. Surah 3:200 and 8:60, where Allah tells us to be prepared for war and make ready with weapons equal to our enemies, all under the directions of one Khalifah. Please read for yourself. Allah is God, and I am truly only a humble servant.

  88. Yahya Bergum from USA

    The kind of Americans that Allah might like us to attract to Islam are not necessarily limited to the 45% currently favoring an immediate peace in Iraq. I found what seemed like an interesting quote in the "The rush for Baghdad" article, from the Sunday Herald (via the link appearing on IslamiCity's homepage).

    Part of it reads, "At Camp Adler, where the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards were based, [in] one of the Desert Rats' four battle groups close to the Iraqi border, anxiety peaked two hours later as more shouts of 'gas, gas, gas' and one of 'Scud, Scud, Scud' rang out."

    The part I found so interesting was, "'Bloody Yanks. They should get in there and bomb the hell out of them,' was one of the few audible comments through the uncomfortable black rubber masks."

    Obviously, a few members of the "coalition" seem dissatisfied with the admittedly "unorthodox" policy being followed, so far, by the "Bloody Yanks" - a policy apparently favoring the use of mechanized infantry, etc., over other "less riskier" and "less costly" options, such as carpet bombing. May Allah protect all who have been placed at risk.

    I doubt that most of those who might be reading my comment would agree with the authors of America's (current) military doctrine. Never-the-less, I believe that risking a higher level of sacrifice (for the sake of realizing a lower level of total harm to all parties concerned) on the part of the aggressor's forces would seem to me to be "less contemptible" than compelling a higher level of sacrifice on the part on the defender's forces. Masha-Allah.

    Hopefully, our military planners will continue to consider choices such as carpet bombing to be less immediately preferable than less harmful options that also pose a greater risk of self-sacrifice - especially while formulating plans for "preemptive" invasions of other peoples countries. Insha-Allah.

    Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. (Wa Allah Hafiz!)

  89. Jinan Darwiche from USA

    I think you need to fix the dates. It was 1989 when the US ambassedor to Iraq informed Saddam that the US does interfer with regional disputes.

    It was 1991 that the US and its allies got Saddam out of Kuwait. OR I might be mistaken.


  90. yusuf Ali from India

    The Bull will rise again and when he attacks beware the wrath of the bull. america will regret the day it was born as a nation.

  91. kelelawar from Malaysia

    'so before the bulls can be eaten, they must be slaughtered'... we like beefs very much.

  92. Abu Saad from USA

    What a chilling and stark analogy! May Allah protect the innocent.

  93. habid khaliq from uk


    i am disgusted and sickened by so many "scholars" who refuse to mention the importance of bringing back an islamic state, Khilafah, aren't the muslims supposed to be one body, no borders, one!

    a question to your scholars, please please answer this -

    "suppose we had a Islamic state - Khilafah, just imagine we did, now i ask you - would america, israel, india even think of attacking, iraq, afghanistan, palestine?"

    we need to work towards bringing muslims together as one body and establish Islam as the religion on the land. hasn't Allah commanded us to?

    didn't the Prophet Muhammed SAW work to establish the islamic state?

    so why why why why why oh why??? are we brushing the importance of an Islamic state away.


  94. Alifah A. from USA

    Robert, Please take a break from responding so quickly. I implore you to reserch and read to expand your understanding. Try not to be so defensive and weigh the information and facts. We're not condoning Sadam Hussein's actions. We are saying that the U.S. provided the weapons, technology,training and approval for Sadam to carry out these actions then condemned him for doing them. Don't play into this game. Regarding the countries we "helped", if you read the unsanitized versions, you will find that the U.S. was usually instrumental in causing the problem, just as in the Sadam case. Again, sites to read are: http://www.whtt.org, http://www.yellowtimes.org, http://www.democracynow.org. We must educate ourselves. The world knows that most Americans are in denial or just don't care about the horrible crimes commited in OUR NAMES.

  95. madmax from Maroc

    Raplh, good question in your post 12161.

    Are the fellow Muslims you are referring to, the Muslims people, the Muslim intellects and the Muslim scholars, OR the rulers of the Muslim nations that are on the White House's payroll? Please clarify.

    In the meantime please read my posts 1079,1080, 1081 and 1082 in that order in "The peril of attacking Iraq". That will hopefully resume few things.


  96. Yahya Bergum from USA

    I am thinking that Allah (SWT) will be more forgiving of those who seek freedom for others than of those who seek to prevent it. May Allah grant us what we seek for others.

    It would seem that at least a few of the Iraqi people are now claiming to be liberated. I have not yet heard if they seem offended by Allah's choice of liberators (which I think should not confused with an appropriate choices of protectors).

    According to the Quran (2:217) it would seem that Allah (SWT) is tolerant of those who "break the rules" in order to rescue others from persecution. I am new to Islam, so tell please me, is it even possible to keep enough of the rules to justify supporting persecution? Could this not indicate a possible reason for the decline of Muslim authority?

    I think we are responsible for those who perish from our efforts to free them. I prefer that to being responsible for those who have perished from a (twelve year) effort to prevent them from threatening authority.

    I would rather be responsible for the loss of family in time of war, than for the need of a man to sell one of his kidney's (to perhaps start or support a family) in time of peace. Allah knows best - and we will all stand before Allah, in judgement, on the Last Day (or so I have been told).

    As Salaamu Alaikum.

  97. mohammed from oman

    very elegant and well written article,

    very good similation if thats an english word as like other words like decapitation,

    God help iraqi people and all muslims...

  98. ralph patenta from united states

    considering that saddam has terrorized and killed thousands of moslems over the years,why haven't fellow moslem's done anything to stop him? it is obvious that the islamic community is aware of what he has done and continues to do (to fellow moslem's)and no one takes action.WHY IS THIS? what am i missing here?

  99. madmax from Maroc

    Within the same analogy, the matador and his helpers will soon realize that they are fighting and stabbing only one part of the bull thinking they are confronting the whole "beast". InshAllah soon the spectators will witness that the injured bull (and I mean the whole bull) will dissect his barbarian "sportsman", and those are the rules of the game so dear to the matador and his helpers.

    The matador and his helpers will greatly regret playing this inhuman sport.

  100. Anne J. Ryan from USA

    I like your analogy. Especially since I have

    always felt bull fights were horrilbe. There is

    no question in my mind that the demons of

    war have been unleashed in one of the most

    horrible forms.I am ashamed that it is being

    done in the name of Americans.

  101. Robert from United States

    oh I agree exactly.. Iraq invades Kuwait. The U.S and a coalition force from around the world expels the Iraqis, but the U.S are the bad guys.

    Where spilled Kurdish blood in the deserts, streets, and rivers of Iraq? Who kills his closest advisors and son-in-laws?

    if you look at the history of the United States, while we've had our own flaws, we have always been the world's police. If it had not been for the U.S, we would all be saying hiel Hitler right now. So whether it be Europe, Korea, Vietnam, the Sudan, Somalia, or Iraq, we've always been there to try to take out the garbage. That's what we're doing now. So everytime you take a trip in your car, fly in a plane, type on the internet, make a phone call, you have an American to thank.

    We take out the garbage to make the world a more peaceful place and uphold freedom and democracy.

    and your welcome!

  102. M. Istehbab- - Kakakhail from Pakistan

    Assalam-o-Alaikum Brothers and Sisters of the UMMAT

    It is a shame for me as a Muslim male after seeing all this trajedy take place, I was unable to join hands in Jihad against the opressor! of the Muslim UMMAT. But ALLAH has given me a chance to share with my brothers and sisters the knowledge through which I hope they can prosper. US indeed has opressed, betrayed, divided the Muslims on all occassions. Let us join hands in the Muslim UMMAT and stop relying on the US for our progress. We do NOT!! need US for our progress. We need self confidence and relying on our own shoulders. Muslim UMMAT contains all the man power, the intelligence, the brain, the resources that ALLAH has given to no one else!!! If the Muslim UMMAT builds strong economic, social, educational, research ties within its countries and people, then we won't need the US, its technologies and for whatever that we depend on the US for. And in fact this building of ties will bring the Muslim UMMAT together yet again and a chance will arise where the Muslim UMMAT could be Re-UNITED to all its power and INSHALLAH ALMIGHTY will give it back the respect it once had in ALMIGHTY's eyes.

    Let us start working and stop this lazy, cowardice attitude of 'always enjoying' our lives rather. This life as ALMIGHTY has told Muslims is a 'test' for the Muslims, this life is NOT!! the place where Muslims will 'enjoy' there lives. ALLAH ALMIGHTY has provided 'JANNAT!!!' (Heaven) as the place for Muslims to 'enjoy' their lives in eternal comfort.


    I hope the Muslim UMMAT will once again start obeying the laws of Islam and there prosper to yet again defeat the evil of this era.

    Your brother,

    M. Istehbab- - Kakakhail

  103. mohamednur mohamud from somalia

    some our muslim brothers and sisters in the world are facing trouble war with no reason, but because they are "who they are" and that make a crime to face international war. i have a messege all my muslim brothers and sisters aroud the world.those fighting now are fighting, but those who are not "will be" weather you like or not;i garanteed. right now our iraqi brother and sisters are fighting with the biggest enemy in the world and are not have any help from their muslim brothers and sisters around, most of them are support to them but they are not helping. why? they think the enemy just want sadam but they don't want a muslim. let me tell you this they don't want sadam, but they want muslim.

    why? what makes sadam more dangrous than iron sharon. he is killing palestinian people every day. is sadam killing people everyday? the answer is no, so he is muslim.this enemy is not want sadam but they want muslim. they are preparing next Iran and Syria. why? because they are "who they are"so let is take what ALLAH said. " inyansurkum-allah, falaaghaliba lakum, wa inyakhdulkum, faman-tha-alladii yansurkum minba'dih, wa ala-allah falyatawakal almuminun

  104. Phillip E Ramsey from United States

    both sides in a war are wrong! Allah doesn't want his creation kill he wants then to grow and learn to live together.

    Please don't smear vaseline in our eyes, truth comes from Allah, lies from men

  105. ummsarah from USA

    MashaAllah!! Its a commendable article that I have read in ages....so very true. Have we learned our lessons or not??

  106. Noreen from USA

    An interesting analogy for the brutal massacre and starvation of Iraq by the US. The US also poisoned the "bull."

    By using depeleted uranium ammunition, the USA dumped their nuclear waste on Iraq, effectively causing Gulf War Syndrome in their own soldiers and killing thousands of Iraqis.

    The radioactive uranium, which has a half life of 4.5 billion years, also caused thousands of severe cancers in children as young as a few months, it caused thousands of lethally deformed babies even 10 years after the Gulf war, and it has turned fertile land into vast wastelands reeking with radiation.

    I would like to know if the American military is using depleted uranium ammunition, (illegal under internation law), a vicious wmd, in their current attacks on the innocent people of Iraq.

    I am also curious why this urgent issue has not been brought up by the UN or the media.

    If the US is using these illegal weapons of genocide, how will Iraq ever be rebuilt?

    What country will send its people in to aid the devestated people of Iraq, if they'll be exposed to crippling radiation????????

    Does anyone care????????

  107. Juwayriyah Mustafaa from USA

    Greetings of Peace,

    This explaination was perfect! Thank you. The down side is that the people that love war

    love the "Fighting and running of Bulls" they still won't think anything is wrong with this mistake. And the killing and maming of children is no more than eating veal. (Baby Beef). My eyes are filled with tears for the people who must listen to the noise, smell the smoke, and comfort the children. InshAllah is will cease before the next morning prayers. Bullfights don't last forever. And on rare occassions the Bull is spared.

  108. D. Patel from USA

    Killing animals in slow pace is cruel and against the morals of God's way. He did not ever want us to torture animals. What if we did that to the Bullfighter or any other human? Would we not cry against the acts? These Bullfighters and people who likes watching it should realize it is wrong. I have an idea. Let me kill these Spanish Bullfighters in their arena. These guys are stupid and powerless people. I hope I can run into these stupid Bullfighters and kill them for their acts. Thank you.

  109. Iskander Shalbi from USA

    They compare Hitler to Saadam Husien, but I say the argument doen't hold. Hitler came to power in 1933 by winning a small margin of votes. He then built the mightest miltary force the world had yet seen. In 1938 He used his force to attack a small insignifcant nation-Austria.That same year the world gave him Czechloslovakia; the world stood by and did nothing, for every nation-state was afraid to confront Hitler. Then Hitler turned his avarious eyes towards Poland. This discription fits G.W. Bush. The countries being sacrificed are Afghanistan and Iraq. Will the world refuse to let him attack Iran or Syria?

  110. Nydia from R.O.C.

    I don't support bullfight.

    I thinking this is brute.

    Thanks be to Allah.

  111. kelelawar from Malaysia

    'since mr.bush is a cow-boy, he is the best guidance of his bulls, but in Iraq, we don't play with bulls but we eat them... we eat them all'

  112. Sohaib from U.S.A

    Everyone around the world is writing stories and commentry on the subject, and there are demonstrations which have no effect what so ever on the war. So now we need some action. I don't know what that action is, but i think we need to do more then just attend demonstrations and write comments. Articles are important, but some other action is more important at this time.

  113. Sarfaraz from India

    This is one of the best article I had seen so far portraying the exact war structure.

    The only difference is that in a bull-fight, the bull is killed once and for all as a result.

    And so the Americans have to take care that since they are hurting the Iraq, they have to finish it completely.

    If they fail to do so, which is what one can expect as to happen for sure, then Americans beware, an injured bull can be the most ferocious animal that one can ever handle.

    Iraqis. Kill them all.

    Hurt them but do not let them live for future resurgence.