A Naked Bid to Redraw World Map

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The island bit over the weekend was a revealing farce. The three wannabe liberators, determined to export popular rule to Iraq, had to flee the protests of their own peoples to an inaccessible retreat in the Azores. How fitting to choose an island chain originally settled by a Portuguese Crusader whose goal was to encircle the Muslim world with Christian armies.

Unlike the other leaders of his tiny "coalition of the willing," George W. Bush can at least claim a slim majority at home in support of his war after selling frightened Americans the big lie that Iraq is connected to 9/11. But how do British and Spanish leaders claim to be acting in the spirit of democracy when almost no one in their countries supports going to war without the backing of the United Nations, which has now been gutted? Instead of a U.N. vote and a final report from the chief weapons inspectors, Bush jettisons democracy with a 48-hour ultimatum.

How dare Bush and company champion freedom and the rule of law after running roughshod over the U.N. Security Council following their failed attempt to intimidate or bribe a majority of members into compliance? Clearly, the independence demonstrated by the council among countries large and small was one of the U.N.'s finest moments.

Instead, that independence has been termed treachery by Bush, who singled out the French for his opprobrium. Like some barroom hustler, the president of the United States snarled that the French "showed their cards" and he dismissed their compromise offer of another 30 days for inspections. His fear must be that the inspectors were doing their work all too well and that with even a little more time they would have completely robbed him of his excuse for war.

It is incredible that Bush and Blair show such contempt for France, a democratic ally that has, according to U.S. intelligence sources, played a key role in the war on Al Qaeda. Rather than simply acknowledge that France and most of the world sincerely disagree with us on this one, Bush and other hawks have attempted to bludgeon with chauvinism those nations that have not fallen in line.

And not only are we ignoring world opinion, we have stained our national reputation by throwing around lies. The United States lied to the world when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he had "bulletproof evidence" that Iraq was behind the Sept. 11 attacks and then failed to produce a shred of credible evidence. Bush repeatedly has made a lie of omission by telling us Saddam Hussein "gassed his own people" but neglecting to mention that in the immediate aftermath of that attack 15 years ago, his father gave Hussein's government $1.2 billion in financial credits.

And Bush lied to the world by telling us Iraq posed an imminent nuclear threat. U.N. inspectors instead have pointed out that they have found no evidence of a nuclear weapons program and that some of the documents they were fed from Western intelligence agencies had been faked.

In the end, it is despicable how the White House has denigrated and short-circuited the clearly effective work of U.N. inspectors because they failed to manufacture evidence supporting Bush's rationale for preemptive war.

The Azores gang apparently realizes that if it doesn't start dropping bombs now, a peaceful solution to the crisis might actually be found. In this coming war, Hussein, as loathsome as he is, is not the aggressor -- we are.

This is a truly frightening moment in history. Acting as if divinely inspired, Washington is now setting out to violently remake the maps and lives of the people of the world. This is an idea that old colonial powers England and Spain should have long ago discarded, after learning the hard way that people need to make their own histories. Whether this war is short or long, extremely bloody or just bloody, the stark fact is that a barely elected president has made the United States the first colonizer of the 21st century, openly declaring that he plans to reorder the politics, economy and culture of the Muslim world.

The world's current unprecedented hostility toward the United States, only a year and a half after we enjoyed its deepest sympathy on Sept. 11, is not a statement of naivete regarding the obvious evil of Hussein but rather a profound alarm over the imperial endpoint of Bush's design for the world.

Robert Scheer is a columnist for The Los Angeles Times.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: George W. Bush, Iraq, Saddam Hussein
Views: 4152

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Older Comments:
Actually I was pointing out the misinformation you have received, and in the absence of objective viewpoints, I have pointed out the side that you have missed.

I think the what Malach is trying to say is that the US is the only good guy and the rest of us either innately evil or just plain dumb. After all noone in the world can ever be as smart or politically correct, as the Americans. After all the lives of Israeli's and Americans are incomparable to those of the rest of us. After all our children are not even worth the bulldozers of the Israeli or the Missiles of the
Americans....Go America Go..but never forget all things will come to an end and GOD WILL JUDGE!!!!

and let it be known and realised that there are more nations in support of this effort than any other war besides world war 2.

another conflict that the international community failed to step up to was in rwanda.

towards argument that sanctions hurt iraqi people:
false, if it were truly sanctions that hurt the people of iraq, then why would saddam spend so much money on building mosques and palaces and other things that glorify him?
he has spent millions upon millions of dollars for himself while denying food and medicine to the people, which he keeps stored away to give people the opinion that it is sanctions and in an effort to control the people of iraq by controlling the food supply in a negative manner.

another argument that bush is wrong because of international opinion.
international opinion did not want to get iraq out of kuwait, international opinion did not want to stop hitler.
international opinion did not want former president clinton to bomb iraq, but he did anyway, was this a flagrant violation of international law and policy? was it undermining the un then? What is the difference between the democratic president and the republican one?
they said and have nearly done the same things on the same arguments.
whereas clinton accomplished nothing by bombing iraq, bush is taking the issue seriously and is willing to make sure saddam is disarmed.

as to war for oil argument:
the oil is for the iraqi people and only for the iraqi people.
little known that the last us official to talk to saddam directly during the invasion of kuwait, but that saddam was wanting to give american oil if they would turn their head towards the invasion.

also, it would do better economically to lift sanctions and allow saddam to put out as much oil into the market as he wanted. it would reduce prices world-wide.
even through the un sanctioned oil-for-food program, the benefits economically are far greater.

Many of you are making arguments while refusing to be objective.
Concerning Israel's defiance of resolutions:
if a look at the resolutions is taken and the history behind the events is taken into consideration, it is easily seen that the resolutions only berate israel while saying nothing about the others in conflict. Also, the usa has not always voted against resolutions concerning israel, otherwise they would not exist as the usa has a veto. it has abstained, it has rejected, and has supported various resolutions.

Concerning America in Iraq:
The cease-fire agreement from 1991 states several things Saddam must do or face removal from Iraq by force. It was a cease-fire, an absence of hostility to reach a specific goal in the interests of both parties. Saddam has had 12 years to meet those demands (by the United Nations) and has refused to obey by them. It is by UN authority that the usa has the authority to do as it is doing now.
Since 1991, two other resolutions have been given that also give the explicit and implicit use of force.
It is not by terrorist affiliation (although it does exist) nor by an imminent danger that the usa has the legal authority to take action, but by the resolutions set forth by the international community.
the other permanent member nations, minus the UK, have never had the intention of truly disarming iraq, but wish only to benefit economically from a tyrannical regime.

Let them redraw the maps and comtemplate to control the whole world but history had shown and Al Quran had warned all oppressors and powerful nation , it is a failure and the destruction awaits them , let us Muslims not be afraid and deterred by thier show , steadfast with Allah is the salvation , Namrud , Pharoah all have the same ambitions but they too meet thier doom , worse still , Allah had destroyed them with weakest element & creature , water that we drink!!! & a lame mosquito !!!! and both are in common , oppressors and powerful & kufr against Allah ,..

Allah is Khalid !!! owned the whole universe , he is absolute authority , choose the faithful & obidient over the arrogrant & kufr , let us ammended our strong ties with Allah , Allah is great protector & refuge for the weak ,...Mighty Allah ruled the universe and under his command , let us be steadfast , not deterred , pray & steadfast way to victory...

USA is abusing its power, why they want to kill moslems in every place in the world, is this what Jesus ordered you to do, I do not think so.

For free oil, you kill thousands of Aphgan people and you killed thousands of Iraqi people in 1991, and you want to continue eradicating them now, are you human beings???????

I know that many of the Americans refuse this unfair war, if I did not see the demonestrations, I would say that all of you hate the humanity but the demonestrations indicated that there are still many good people in America.

No one can stop this crazy cowboy, whatever he does, He will fail as his dady did before.

Stop this unfair war, remove this spoiled boy from the white house, and next time, take care of choosing your president.

Why you kill the Iraqi people, you killed 100,000 Iraqi solidier were withdrawing without from Kewit, why you kill surrender people, you are just like Dracula, never fed with blood.

Israel is flagrant about international law for past 50 years. Every resolution, against Israel, by world community has been vetoed by US. Why does not America hold Israel up to same standards, huh. This is not the first time US is in voilation of UN law and not to talk about Geneva convention. I think GWB should be declared by international court, Iraqi's should file law suite in IC and then lets see if GWB can get out of America without his guns.

The article is good. America is to be blamed but what are muslims doing to get united and technologically sound. Even God doesn't help those who don't help themselves.

'the war is a naked prove to those who can't see'

It is my impression that my president fears Allah perhaps exclusively but not yet absolutely. Never-the-less, in that his administration appears to be abandoning their "justice" nonsense, perhaps my country will yet enjoy Allah's mercy, Insha'Allah.

Allah knows best. Salam wa Allah Hafiz.

(Jazak Allahu Khair.)

The U.N. is full of countries that hate the United States. Why would you expect the U.S. to look to them for our interests. The U.S. didn't make the U.N. irrelevant. The U.N. made itself irrelevant as an international governing body, by not upholding its own laws, and resolutions. It would be like passing a law against murder and than not prosecuting the murderers after they commit the crime. What would the murderer fear, nothing there is no reprisals for his actions.
The U.S. is hated, our people are hated, and we will do whatever is necessary to secure our safety. Bottom line! When it comes down to it no body else is going to do it, so we have to.

I agree with the Article. Also, I will not believe the Republicans next time they say we beleive in the rule of the law. Since they ignored the rule of law.

Bush has destoyed the concept of the UN and international law. The entire concept of the UN is a catch 22 in that in order for countries to abide by its rules the countries have to believe in the UN's authority. The world's problem with Iraq was that it wasn't obeying the UN. However, Bush has completely underminded the UN's authority by not even going through their procedures. So the very weak case Bush already had is now dead. Think: The US attacks Iraq for not obeying the UN. The US didn't obey the UN. Therefore the US has no case (not to say that there was much of one to start with). If there is no reason to go through the UN then everything the UN has ever done has no weight to it. The US, N. Korea, and Iraq should all understand this completely that the UN has no authority if no one believes in it. Now what is keeping a country from disobeying the UN? Nothing. Obviously, all you have to do is believe that you are correct and have the biggest guns and you can do whatever you want.

And let us not get started with Israel's defiance of UN resolutions and Geneva Convention laws. But for the US to do anything about that would be like them sending armies into New York.

The entire world complains about US foreign policy. Would it not make more sense (and cost less) to review that than to flex muscle or even throw a punch when a country doesn't submit to US will? Instead, the US chooses to wage war. But for every one 'extremist' the US kills we have just planted the seeds for 5 more. This can only last for so long. The Romans, Ottoman Turks, Mongols, and British all had empires that came and went. Did they see it coming? Yes, no, maybe. But it does appear America is next in line.

I appreciate Robert Scheer's courage to state the truth. I am really concerned that the people of our country are becoming sheep, willing to believe and follow whoever will feed them.

I believe there is a definite need for change of regime in Iraq. Since we are going to do that we should also change regime in America. How can any human being can ever accept President Bush to be superior then him or to lead any body any where in the world, there are few cattle in Crawford, I know won't object. Anyhow take me I more educated, prettier, more intelligent not only in baseball but also in world affairs, even though I was not born in America, but I speak English more fluently. For God sake my pinky has more neurons than President Bush. Pick me to be your next President.

Abdul Wahdoud: it is good to see that Abdul Wahoud, against the war in Iraq, is for taking down North Korea. Or is he

Beautifully written article, Bravo for your understanding of the muslim world.

Very good read especially coming from a major media source. Mr Scheer brings home the bacon. The U.S. is alone in this it has no one to blame but itself. They have thrown diplomacy into the winds. Some foolish people think that Sadaam has had 12 years. No the Iraqi people have had 12 years, 12 years of brutal sanctions. I wish these folks who are so bent on war could be dropped off in Iraq for 6 months, I'm willing to bet we would have more converts. They forget that Iraq is a country with 23 million people, and believe me, it is they who will suffer the most from this war. Most of those who give us a whole lot a lip about Iraq are moral cowards, because when comes to Israel, they shut up like a good dog.

Not a lot to say but for those who want more news than they get on CNN,FOX or MSNBC
try these links if you aren't afraid of the truth, by the way what ever happened to two sides to every story?


Few of you know that it has not been 12 years as you keep spouting. Inspections stopped at the US request in 91 because of distrust on both sides the US said Saddam was blocking inspections and Saddam said the US was using the inspections to spy on his country. Both claims later proved to be true. And if you read either of the above articles espically the one from the Mirror you will see more that for some reason the American press did not want you to know. Just like the fact that Bush's pastor and a collition of religous leaders paid for some anti-war ads and none of the television networks would sell them air time, but they sold the army,navy and airforce all they wanted. I am not saying Saddam is not a tyrant but 180 countries voted Bush the most dangerous man on the planet for a good reason. All I am saying is stop the lies. If you want to invade and kill Iraqis go ahead and do it just stop telling me lies for why. Just tell me the truth "We got more guns and money and no one will try to stop us so we will and while we'er at it we will steal some oil too."

As Salaamu Aliakum,

Just a coment on some of the comments. What right did Saddam have for invading Kuwait? None. So what right does Bush have to invade Iraq? None. Saddam used gas on the Iranians, True but who supplied him with it and then oppossed the UN when they branded him a War Criminal and then gave him one of the largest Ag Grants ever at the time? The US. Who did the US choose to get even with Iran for dumping the Shah? Iraq. When did the US declare Saddam a criminal? When he attacked Kuwait without first being attacked and without US approval. None of the 9/11 bombers were from Iraq, Saudi and Pakistan so why not invade Saudi? That regime is just as corrupt. There have been numerous attempts by the Iragi public to overthrow Saddam and each time the promised support of the US including Bush Sr.'s never showed up I am sure that some of you attend salat with refugees from attempted overthrows. 3000 bombs in two days is not liberation it is murder. If it is ok for the US to invade Iraq because of a perceived threat then it is ok for China to invade Japan or Russia to invade Egypt or for any country to invade any other for that matter if the threat is "perceived". Color it anyway you want it is still wrong no matter who does it and the world should stand up to stop it but as long as there is a profit to be made from blood. Iraq is not the first and wont be the last.
Finally N.Korea not only has the bomb but the means to deliever it any where in the world and they are not threathened why? They have an army one million men strong and four million more on reserve. Bush and the war mongers are for all there talk bullies and cowards and since Vietnam only attack the weak and crippled that is why Iraq and not N.Korea and that is why the rest of the world is arming even as we speak, you see bullies have no real friends only people that fear them.


What Mr. Scheer (and France, et al.) decline to consider is the numerous 'final chance's that the current regime in Iraq has squandered in an effort to buy time and hope to escape from the agreement they signed to divest themselves of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.
In view of that it might be reasonable to conclude that it may not be possible to end their threat through inspections alone. But Mr Scheer (and the French & Russians, who both negotiated lucrative contracts with Iraq in the last few months) cannot tell us how much time and how many inspectors are needed if 12 years of patience are as insufficient as they have proven to be. Their blindness to this fatal flaw in their program is contemptable; at least as contemptable as the dictator they support.
And it is a reminder of how many people will not believe anything bad about this regime's intentions and capabilities. At least not until *after* the tens of thousands have died of anthrax or radiation poisoning.
Of course then they can carp about how the administration failed to protect these innocent victims.


Mike Hale, you sure your not the same guy as John and Kevin?

They awfully sound very alike.


There are alot of claims made in Robert Scheer's article. It would be nice to see some of the statments made backed up with fact. Alot of what is said seems to twisted to appear anti-US or atleast anti-Bush. The same comments could be made of France's action or any other members of the UN security council. What right Does the US have to go to war in Iraq, little, but if we don't who will? Does anyone think other countries in that part of the world will protect us from the real perpatrators of 9/11? I support this only because there seems to no other acceptable option, other than sitting and waiting for the next terror attack.

Brilliant, simply brilliant. Bush and his cronies are on a path to divide and conquer the Islamic world. I just pray we Muslims wake up and smell the 'destruction' in time.

There have been 147 wars since the end of WWII. Only two were stopped through the offices of the UN: Korea (1950-1953) and Kuweait (1991). What is this great explosion of theatrics by Robert Scheer? As a columnist, he evidently picks his facts to suit his arguments. Fact is, the genocide in Rwanda was not stopped by the UN. Action in Yugoslavia to stop the massacre and ethnic cleansing of muslims was not authorised by the UN. We have waited for years for the UN to get off its but and many more mislims would have been killed. Is that what he endorses?

We have to suppose that Bush Snr. thought that Saddam was going to be a reasonable man. It is ridiculous to suggest that because the US gave him money 15 years ago, that Saddam can behave as murderously as he wishes now. Nor did Bush Jr. mention "an imminent nuclear threat", he mentioned a threat from weapons of mass destruction that include chemical, biological and nuclear. If there is a despicable character in this play, it is Robert Scheer who seems perfectly willing to see tens of thousands of his fellow-Americans incinerated and who thinks that corrupt Middle Eastern regimes are morally superior to his own country. It would be agood idea if he has his citizenship revoked.

Mr. Mike, I believe it's very unfortunate that a person would need to make up some lies to prove he's right. First of all, check this link and you'll see that Mr. Robert Scheer is for real a columnist.
I know you didn't say he's not a columnist, but you said "But in checking with the LA Times I find he is not listed as an employee so his credentials are suspect. Maybe he's a wannabe employee." I'm not going to comment on what you wrote though, because I believe it's your opinion and you're entitled to it and I respect it even though I disagree with it.


Are you so naive, what ever be the authors background dont you accept the open facts. Its well documented that its the US who suports Saddam when he was at his peak of crimes. US has the blood of Iraqi people in its hands.

You are a living dead

Excellent article telling the truth.Please refer toStephen Pelletier of New York Times article on Jihad un spun entitled "You mean Saddam didnt gas his own people"

Robert Scheer writes the best pro-Palestinian column diatribe of any columnist that I have seen. This is the exact reason why so many pro-Israelis and anti-Islamic people despise this honest and courageous man. This is a wonderful article and I hope to read more like it. May God Bless the innocents of the world from the tyranny and intoxication of power!

Mike wrote: "the UN, where a vote is most easily determined by the size of the bribe". I don't know whether that happens in the UN actually. But what about the blatant American attempt to bribe Turkey?

One thing about Turkey. If the Turks assist the U.S., they will do it for just one reason: To protect themselves from American threat that will come from the south as well as through American embargos and boycotts against Turkey! Turks do not fear saddam at all. They fear America, which is a very close ally of theirs.

Do you see the point? Even a very close ally of the U.S. like Turkey is afraid of America! This is not a good thing, this is the beginning of a disater. Even their closest allies will hate Americans and Israelis.

Very sad for America, very sad for the whole humanity.


Why does the US object that France vetos a US-backed proposal that is serving only the US emperialistic endeavors? The US has vetoed so many times proposals that would incriminate Israel for its behavior in the Middle-East and do not serve US or Israeli interests. what about European and Asian interests?
Or is it that the UN should only pass US approved resolutions (ie the UN becoming a body to legitimize US actions only)? This is getting even clearer as President Bush has declared he doesn't need UN approval to launch the war. Why was he then seeking that approval a week ago? It is clear the US does not care about world opinion if it cannot harness it to its own strategic purposes (ex. the wave of sympathy in the aftermath of Sep.11).
The day the US invades Iraq, the UN will have lost its credibility and its status as mediator of nations. Apparently a superpower like the US does not heed any another nation and gives itself the right to do anything it finds suitable for its own interests (or Israel's). If Iraq had the weapons of mass destruction as the US claims, the US wouldn't dare invade it, just like it didn't dare confront Korea with the recent nuclear issue, or China with the spy plane issue.

History will always repeat itself, nations get powerful, they rise, their ego sky-rockets, they nurture emperialistic thoughts and actions, then their own ego and their belittling of other powers brings their demise. Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, British, French and other empires are all history's witnesses.
A day will come when rising nations like Korea or China will stand up to the US and the US will openly have to settle with whatever these nations propose. (Why China would want some day a share in the Iraqi oil as well!!!)


Re: Mike....

You said: >>

You forgot the 2nd resolution was to take place ONLY AND ONLY IF IRAQ WAS NOT IN COMPLIANCE WITH DISARMAMENT. As far the whole world was concerned Iraq was in compliance and disarming. But that was a nightmare scenerio for Bush and Blair, because they had a different agenda. They knew that the longer they waited the more the world will realized that Saddam never was a threat to anyone and that would ruin their plan which was conceived many many years ago to control the Mid East and protect Israel which was created by the British and now is being protected and nortured by U.S.

I would like to thank the author. Very educating indeed. I pray to Allah, "oh Allah, people give sense and peace to BUSH and the elderly people with nuclear buttons ready... this people lived their life and now they don't have anything...What about people like us: teenagers...Congress....THINK ABOUT OUR FUTURE..... IF CHRIST IS GOING TO COME ... HE IS GOING TO COME...HE DOES NOT WANT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE'S BLOOD ON HIS HANDS... U.S IS DOING ALL THIS FOR CHRIST AND ISREAL... ONE DAY IT WILL FAIL. CHRIST IS GOING TO COME: THAT IS IMMINENT.

Mr Scheer writes a hateful diatribe of the Bush administration and I find it strange that he has no quarrel with the UN, where a vote is most easily determined by the size of the bribe. The UN should be a body that is actually acting in concert with high moral principles regarding the citizens it is there to protect. France was the country that jumped up and down wanting two UN resolutions, the 1st to identify Iraqi compliance with disarmament and the second to authorize military action. Then France reversed itself and said it would veto any resolution regarding military action. The French have lost all credibility and the author fails to address that. His anger is with Bush,the Republican party, and conservatives. But in checking with the LA Times I find he is not listed as an employee so his credentials are suspect. Maybe he's a wannabe employee.