Mahathir: Current conflict worse than Cold War era

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This summit meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the first to be held in the new century, indeed the new millennium, is taking place at a most crucial time. The world now lives in fear. We are afraid of everything.

We are afraid of flying, afraid of certain countries; afraid of bearded Asian men, afraid of the shoes airline passengers wear; of letters and parcels, of white powder. The countries allegedly harboring terrorists, their people, innocent or otherwise, are afraid too. They are afraid of war, of being killed and maimed by bombs being dropped on them, by missiles fired from hundreds of miles away by unseen forces. They are afraid because they would become the collaterals to be killed because they get in the way of the destruction of their countries.

The preparations and the measures taken to ensure security go on frantically. Trillions of dollars are spent by the world for new weapons, new technology, new strategy; the deployment of forces and inspectors worldwide. Those who cannot afford these security measures must simply await their fate and trust in God. Yet, despite all these, terrorist attacks have taken place where they are least expected, killing collaterals again. There is still no guarantee that the well-dressed, clean shaven family man next door might not become another hijacker, crashing his aircraft into buildings and killing collaterals.

In the meantime the economy of the world has slowed down and in some instances has been reversed, with huge deficits burdening countries. Jobs are lost and poverty is increasing even in the rich countries. No new investments in foreign countries or at home. With the threat of war oil prices have shot up, increasing further the economic and social burdens of the poor countries.

Aid for the poor has practically stopped and loans are not available as the poor countries defaulted and defaulted again.

Truly the world is in a terrible mess, a state that is worse than during the East-West confrontation, during the cold war. All the great hopes following the end of the cold war have vanished. And with the terrorists and the anti-terrorists fumbling blindly in their fight against each other, normality will not return for quite a long while.

Surely at some stage we must ask ourselves why this is happening to the world. Why is there terrorism? Is it true that the Muslims are born terrorists because of the teachings of a prophet who was a terrorist? How do we explain the pogroms, the inquisitions and the Holocaust which characterized Christian Europe for almost 2,000 years? Why did the Jews choose to seek haven in Muslim countries whenever Christian Europeans persecuted them? Do people seek safety in the land of terrorists? Does not sound very likely.

The Christians too were terrorized, not by Muslims but by fellow Christians who condemned them as heretics. They were persecuted, tortured, burnt at the stakes for their beliefs and forced to migrate. Seems that, the Muslims did not have a monopoly of terrorism, certainly not on the scale of the Holocaust, the pogroms and the inquisitions.

So it cannot be that Muslims are the sole cause of all these problems. If they are not then is it a clash of civilizations, a clash of the Muslim civilization against the Judea-Christian civilization, that is responsible.

Frankly I do not think so. Frankly I think it is because of a revival of the old European trait of wanting to dominate the world. And the expression of this trait invariably involves injustice and oppression of people of other ethnic origins and colors.

If we care to think back, there was no systematic campaign of terror outside Europe until the Europeans and the Jews created a Jewish state out of Palestinian land. Incidentally, terrorism was first used by the Haganah and the Irgun Zvai Leumi to persuade the British to set up Israel. The Palestinians were actually ejected from their homes and their country and forced to live in miserable refugee camps for more than 50 years now.

It is the struggle of the Palestinians to regain their land that has precipitated, first conventional wars, then civil protest and eventually violent demonstrations. The Israelis demanded European support to atone for European crimes against them in the past.

In desperation the Palestinians finally resorted to what is described as acts of terror. Rightly, this is condemned by the world. But the world does not condemn as acts of terror the more terrifying acts of the Israelis; the massacres in Sabra and Shatila, the shooting and killing of children, the use of depleted uranium-coated bullets, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes while the occupants are still in them, the helicopter gun-ships, etc. And Israel is now threatening to use nuclear weapons.

This blatant double standards is what infuriate Muslims, infuriate them to the extent of launching their own terror attacks. If Iraq is linked to Al Qaeda, is it not more logical to link the expropriation of Palestinian land and the persecution and oppression of the Palestinians with September 11? It is not religious differences that angered the attackers of the World Trade Center.

It is simply sympathy and anger over the expropriation of Palestinian land, over the injustice and the oppression of the Palestinians and Muslims everywhere. If the innocent people who died in the attacks on Afghanistan, and those who have been dying from lack of food and medical care in Iraq, are considered collaterals, are not the 3,000 who died in New York and the 200 in Bali also just collaterals whose deaths were necessary for the operations to succeed?

Actually the life of any human being is sacred, no matter if the person is a friend or an enemy. That is why war is not a solution. A contest based on who can kill more people in order to establish who is the victor and who the loser, in order to determine who is right and who is wrong is primitive and does not speak well of the so-called high level of civilization we have achieved.

The greatness of a nation should be based on a culture that values high moral qualities, aesthetics, learning and advancements in the sciences. Unfortunately thousands of years after the stone age we still measure the greatness of a nation by the capacity to slaughter the greatest number of people.

But the oppression and injustice is not confined to waging war and killing people; there is oppression in ideological propagation. We are now allowed only a democratic system of government. We admit it is by far the best system of government. But applying sanctions, starving people, denying access to medicine in order to force the acceptance of democracy hardly seem to be democratic. Actually, millions have died because they have not converted to this new religion. And millions more are suffering because they are unable to make democracy work, because of the resulting anarchy.

Relieved of the need to compete with the Communists, the capitalist free traders have ceased to show a friendly face. Their greed knows no bounds. They want countries which had fought hard to gain independence, to give up that independence, to do away with their borders, to allow the capitalists free access to do what they like to the economies of these countries. They call this free competition. As they merge and acquire each other, they become monstrous giants against whom the small businesses in the developing countries will not be able to compete. What is the meaning of competition if you cannot win at all. In the end a few of these monsters will control the economy of the whole world.

The sad thing is that they are not above cheating and corruption. And we know they can fail. We have seen how spectacularly they fail, losing 100 billion dollars in one year. And that is only one corporation.

Then there are the rogue currency traders who destroyed the economies of half the world, threw tens of millions out of work, bankrupted banks and thousands of businesses, caused the collapse of governments and precipitated anarchy - all so that half a dozen individuals can make billions for themselves.

Now the rich give no more aid. They do not lend either. And all the time the international agencies they control try to strangle the debt-laden poor countries which had been attacked by their greedy market manipulators.

The disparities between rich and poor widen daily. The rich have per capita incomes of more than 30,000 dollars, the poor only 300 US Dollars. Still the rich want to squeeze out literally the last drop of blood from the poor.

It is this which plagues the word today, this oppression of the poor by the rich; this injustice, this inequality. To rub salt into the wounds, the poor are always being told that they lack transparency and good governance, they don't respect human rights, they don't uphold freedom of speech, freedom of the press and so on and so forth, when in fact it is the rich who lack transparency, who do not respect human rights, who curb our rights to speak the truth about what they are doing, who use their media to hide their misdeeds and spread lies. How else can we interpret the operations of the hedge funds and the currency traders, sanctions and the systematic bombings of certain countries, the impoverishment of the already poor, and the censorship of news as well as distorted and fabricated reports about the South?

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Views: 4311

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Older Comments:
The current problem is not with its people, the problems lies at the hands of the very leader who has blatantly ignored and condemned the trust that was given by the people of that particular country.

Look at Dr. Mahathir..what does he does when he was in power? So does Musharraf, Mugabe, Idi Amin. They use their power to jail oppositions, use money to buy power and spend public funds which was supposed to increase the county's majority to their whims and fancied

Malaysia has a very good leader who is brave enough to tell what's right and what's wrong. Unfortunately, there is a minority of Malays in Malaysia, particulaly those coming from the Eastern side who is so stupid to understand what good leadership is all about. Some of those did post stupid comments in this forum. You can judge their stupidity by mere reading what they posted.

MKaiser aka Undercover aka Ryo aka Smokey
I tried to tell you that your approach was too extreme. Seems the editors agree. Can't see how you fit the definition of "Patriot" either. Look it up in a dictionary and let us know. I'm still interested in the things about the US you like as well.
Mike Hale, I was going to tell you to ignore Mkaiser and his ilk but the editors got there first.
Editors. Thank you so much for restoring a sense of decorum and civility to the comments.
God help us all. Peace.

Michael -- you are absolutely right. I was being facetious in my daily struggles. I was merely pointing out that I have reached a point in my life where I'm not struggling to survive or make money or raise kids. So I look around the world and pay attention to things and I have never minded people of a different political pursuasion than myself as long as their postions were based on some semblance of reality. Not spoon fed from the left, the right, or the religious. Amin writes well on these pages and I agree with quite a bit of what he says and I disagree with some things. He is articulate and cares about many things and writes with a great deal of knowledge. On the other hand, the ones here who wish no dialogue write only harangues and name calling to no end never volunteer any thing positive. The kaiser and ryo, somokey, and you have read all their postings, most are venemous, vindictive and childish.
What amazes me is that when people read newspapers and magazines from the left they are always believed and morally right. But when someone reads or listens to the conservative radio talk show hosts, or TV hosts, they are branded as mortal idiots. It's kind of like Saddam getting 100% of the vote, now that's a stretch. If Allah landed today in the Middle East and a true and free election was held for King of the World, even Allah himmself would not get 100% of the vote. Nor would God if he landed in the US and the same vote was held.
Just some observations.
I apologize for some of my comments, they are generally directed at individuals who are part of the massive problems this world faces. Ignorance can enter anyone's house at any given time and he stops at mine occasionally. But he obviously spends a great deal of time at some of these people's homes. You know the ones I mean, the ones that are drooling and yelling at their computer while they write their ceaseless name calling.
Have a nice day.
No Justice No Peace

Great article, and thanks for the link Michael. On a side I read "mike hale's" rancid post about himself..... there is NO way this guy could have been the US armed forces. His childish and stupid demeanor does not match that of a member of the army.
He sounds like some fat lout hopped up on talk radio and his own shallowness.

I must admit Mike, after reading your life story ( 1 paragraph long) I couldnt stop laughing. ....


Good job Michael, Its always good to see REAL Americans put facts before ideology.
"Csaba" your contempt for information counter to your own limited worldview is quite apparent. Why are you so afraid of thinking for yourself instead of letting the media do it for you? I dont expect intellectually challened morons like you or Mike the Chicken to understand, but its worth a shot.

Csaba, please copy and paste the entire URL in your browser and follow each of the links...

Mike, with due respect(to your age and experience) I think you have a very simplistic and unrealistic view of the current state of affairs. Unfortunately, we tend to believe our news media verbatim and take it at its face value, which is totally wrong.

Winston Churchill once said "Lies travel half the world before truth gets a chance to pick up its pants..." which effectively means that you have to search for the truth and what is bombared to u 24/7 is at best truth padded with fancy stories.

May I also advise you to strive to get some depth. I mean seriously, your comment "My biggest concern is ...lunch" sounds too shallow for a man your age.

Michael writes:

"Csaba, do even know that there are independent media outlets besides CNN, ABC, FOX and CBS..."

Fine, provide a link to one to back up your statements that the US is behind the current crisis in Venezuela, or that the US has 'pushed' North Korea into their acts of blackmail. The same goes for Mazinkaiser. I do not accept links to David Icke's site, Conspiracy-net, Conspiracyplanet, etc as proof. Surely you must have *read* something to give you these opinions you are stating as fact, so share with the rest of us.

Mazinkaiser - the only 'clown' is someone who *doesn't* demand proof.

Is this too difficult here kids? All I'm asking for is for someone to back up the statements they're making. You must have done this earlier this year in your grade 9 english class, so you know I'm not the only one who asks for this sort of thing. I know this is a religous site, but that doesn't mean that everything said here should be taken on faith.

The initial rumblings of the current debate over alleged Jewish and Israeli influence took place years before the election of George W. Bush. The Clinton administration was peppered with Jewish aides in key positions.

But the debate has gone fully public only during the Bush presidency. Several of Bush's current defense advisers were instrumental in the preparation of a 1996 position paper for then-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a darling of a number of self-described neo-conservatives, many of them high-profile Jewish Republicans. As one of its recommendations, the position paper advised Israeli leaders to "focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq."

The paper's authors included Douglas Feith, now Bush's Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Richard Perle, currently chairman of the Pentagon's advisory Defense Policy Board, and David Wurmser, now a special assistant to Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton.

The voices alleging undue hardline Israeli and Jewish influence on the administration also cite the appointments of the hawkish Paul Wolfowitz as Deputy Defense Secretary and of Perle protege Elliot Abrams, viewed as a persuasive critic of the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process, as director of Mideast affairs for the National Security Council. The Abrams appointment spurred an unnamed senior administration official to tell the Washington Post last month that "the Likudniks are really in charge now."

"The conspiracy theory appears in several variations, ranging from malignant to merely cynical," wrote New York Times columnist Bill Keller in a recent piece on contentions of undue Israeli and Jewish influence on American policy. "But it goes something like this: A cadre of pro-Zionist zealots within the Bush administration and among its media chorus (the 'amen corner,' as the isolationist Pat Buchanan crudely called them last time we threatened Iraq) has long schemed to make the Middle East safer for Israel by uprootin

The Iraq crisis as the War of the Jews said Israeli Bradley Burston, Haaretz Correspondent.

The Iraq crisis has triggered the largest pre-emptive anti-war movement in history, with millions on the march against a war that has still yet to begin. As the tide of opposition has grown, so has an undercurrent of argument that Jewish influence in America and Israel is a crucial factor pushing Washington into battle, in turn spurring furious debate over the line between free expression and classic anti-Semitism.

The latest focus of the debate was a congressional district close to Washington, where veteran Democratic Congressman James P. Moran Jr. sparked fiery condemnation by telling an anti-war gathering at a Virginia church why he believed mass opposition across the U.S. to an Iraq offensive had not done more to reverse the march to war.

"If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this," Moran said in remarks quoted Tuesday by the Washington Post. "The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should."

An onslaught of criticism followed, undiminished by Moran's subsequent apology. Voicing regret for replying as he did because his questioner had identified herself as Jewish, Moran maintained that his views pertained to organizations as a whole. "If more organizations in this country, including religious groups, were more outspoken against a war, then I do not think we would be pursuing war as an option."

Sophie R. Hoffman, president of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington, was plainly unconvinced. "When Moran realized just how outrageous his remarks were, he attempted to backpedal, saying he didn't mean what he clearly said," she said. "This time, it just won't work."

Hoffman's spokesman went further, calling Moran's statement "reprehensible and anti-Semitic."


I wish the parties mentioned in the speech could be made aware of each and every word of theis speech. An eye opener!

Michael --- The author writes entirely of suppositions. "Air for the poor has practically stopped". Not in terms of US dollars.
The N. Koreans - we have been giving them around 200 million a year since Clinton made the first agreement to get them to stop their nuclear program. This entailed fuel oil for heating and food aid. The soldiers reaped the biggest benefit of food.
Time and time again I read that the "Jews control the US government." The reality is that there are only 6 Jewish members of the Senate or the Congress. Israel and the "Jews" don't control anything in the US that is out of their normal domain.
Israel is a political ally of the US in the Middle East, right or wrong. But then again the United States has over 100 allies at any given time.
There is no better way than free markets to let people determine their own way of life.
The Saudi's this week declared that there will be no church's allowed to be built on Saudi ground. OK, I could care less. But the reality of that is a government that is intolerant of other people. "Racist" and I thought only us southern boys were racist. And David Duke ought to be in prison, he is a crook and a thief of low moral standards and very racist opinions.
The original World Trade Center bombing -- the perpetrators were caught because of the imbecile Mohammad Salameh trying to get back the deposit on the rental van that held the bomb. America should have realized that this act was setting the stage for future violence against the US. The FBI did a horrific job on that. One of the problems they faced was not violating anyone's "Civil Rights". Civil Rights for all citizens is a distinctly American invention. It guides how we investigate, prosecute and how we hold men in prison.
Guntanamo Bay holds terrorists and I wouldn't give any of them any civil rights, except the strange fact is they have all added at least 10 pounds since their incarceration there. Let's b

mazinkaiser -- get it right stupid. I'm a 51 year old Texan. I have three kids, two have graduated college and one is in graduate school. My youngest is an Eagle Scout and a sophomore in college. I own my own business and I make a damn good income. I have traveled extensively and will continue to do so. I have only been to the middle east for a period of 13 months and that was Lebanon and it was miserable. The worst 13 months of my life were spent as a United States Marine in Lebanon. But now I mainly enjoy life, I play golf 6 days a week and generally speaking my biggest concern is where I will eat lunch everyday. Because I live in America, I make a good income and we have the freedom to do pretty much any thing we want as long as it is not immoral or illegal. So you little twit, drive your cab, attend school because no one will hire you, or dwell any way you want in your misery, but if you want to insult me utilize the tools I've given you. ..

Csaba, do even know that there are independent media outlets besides CNN, ABC, FOX and CBS, who BTW seem to be more interested in Jackson, Am Idol or Joe Millionaire than the turmoil engulfing the world.

Just look at Guardian, Independent or Mirror to get the "other side" of the story, heck! why cross the Atlantic, just try Toronto Sun and I can assure u the news is significantly different.

Csaba, you need to grow up and mature a little before you can continue in this forum.

Bill, There is no such thing as "wealthy Islamic Nations" (it is just a myth like the unicorn...) there are no more than 4 countries that have a Per Capita more than 12K USD. All the gulf states have already been robbed of their natural resources and the corrupt leaders installed to protect our interests. These leaders were not only given peanuts (for selling their soul) but also protection from their own people.

Dont you think being the richest country we have a responsibility to feed the malnourished and help the poorer nations(irrespective of their religious belief), besides dont forget extremely poor countries like Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Mozambique are predominantly Christian.

Mike, my name sake. This is a free speech forum, so if you think there is nonsense back it up with an argument and proof or just keep ur thoughts to urself.

The Balkan conflict was ignored by us while the minorities were massacred by the serbs and had the upper hand. We imposed an embargo so that no weapons enter or leave the place,which effectively cut off the minorities (the Serbs were not affected by this embargo, firstly the inherited the massive armaments of Yugoslavia also the Russians helped them). We intervened only when the minorities were on the offensive for the very first time and were actually gaining ground... talk about double standards.

I dont understand what the fuss is all about NK? The SKeans are fine with NK and dont consider it as a clear and present danger. Also remember we cannot impose our will there because the weirdo there has power, if he didn't they would be annihilated just the way we are going to handle Iraq.

It is not surprised that the west no not understand the real cause of all the problems we have today specially in the Islamic world.

All this problem started with the illegal birth of the CANCER State Israel in the heart of muslim middle East.

There are over 1 billion muslims & total jews population only 7 million in Israel and 8 million rest of the world including 3 million in the USA.

Only 15 million people is causing so much problem to the world not only today from very beginin back to thousands of years.

Read their own holy book the old testament or the Torah. This people has been problem with the God by dis-obeying command by his prophets, killing them, denying Jesus and rulers in every country they lived. They broke convent with God so many times that God punished them repeateadly.

They are minority in the history but always used the majority for their ill purpose of selfish greed. Today they are using the Americans to do whatever they want and get away with it.

I know Americans well they are not bad people but the problem comes their government has been hijacked by the Jews lobby look at the law makers being one parcent of the population almost 60% of the law makers, in the both houses are jews, most high officials are Jews, state political leaders are jews, business leaders are Jews, look who is talking about war they all are Jews people.

US President has no choice but to be their puppet or they would destroy you like others.

They control over 70% of the world's money. What can you do, be their slave and be quiet. Americans never know the truth because the newspaper all own by the Jews, tv media like CNN, Cnbc, Abc, fox etc... Many reporters are Jews so they justify all the killings as long as they are muslim blood - pretty cheap anyway, a billion un-united terrorist.

They say anti semitic to get away, but you know that fact is a fact. You can hide the truth some time but not all time. read www.davidduke.

Csaba, if you actually were informed about world events from a real news source you might not demand "proof" like some kind of clown. Guess it has to be on CNN right, kid ?

As for Cecil, why should they pay for your war you ingrate? Infact why dont you go enlist and put your money where your frothy mouth is ? While you're at it take mike the chicken hale with you, its not like he has anything else to do besides be online on his parents computer.

Csaba, Cecil and Chicken-Male what a bunch of pathetic losers you are. Cant refute facts so its down to cheap smear tactics. Keep dreaming little trolls.


What proof do you have that the US supported any coupe attempt in Venezuela? What do you mean by 'supporting' the oil barons? Do you mean the US buys oil from them? If so, then, duh! That's kind of the point. And you think the US should not buy oil from Venezuela because... I'm not even sure what you're talking about when you're referring to Venezuelian oil barons - the PDVSA is state owned. Again, here's a clue - that's sort of the point of the whole situation down there.

Would you care to mention just how the US has 'pushed' North Korea into building nuclear weapons and test firing missiles over Japan? Or are you just making this up from the top of your head? Sort of a defense mechanism for the drowning?

Poor Michael,she wants to live in a fancy world where everything is somebody else's fault. Put on some glasses, get out of play school and go to a nice match box university somewhere, and we'll talk again when you can make some sense. Until then, you're just a waste of bandwidth.

Why not the wealthy Islamic Nations? Let them pay their way! Pay for your poor yourselves!

What is pathetic is the amount of nonsense spilled over on these pages. Now America is responsible for the atrocities in the Balkans, Bosnia, Kosovo, and I'm sure some places that have yet to be determined.
And anyone that is delusional enough to think the situation in North Korea is the fault of the US has a screw loose. It should be called the Republic of Blackmail and Deceit of North Korea.
His people are starving to death and I can read postings here of the Imperialist US trying to impose its inherently evil will on that Nation.
No Justice No Peace

Arjay, US never save Muslims in Balkan, the US actually help Serb goals in two ways

1. Putting Muslims under hard sanctions where they cannot buy or receive weapons for their defense. Where as Serbs continue to get weapons from Serbia and even Russia.
2. By fake bombing (its was a fact later even the pentagon accepted that their targets was not right), by stopping Muhajadeen from entering Bosnia and by supporting the UN forces whom are actually responsible killing of Muslims.
What ever the US did in Balkan was a show off and this is to save Europe from Muslims Muhajadeen.


Csaba, I DONT think you got it. No seriously, you said... "you're writing one of those sarcastic...believe anything they hear ...just as long as it's anti-US.", I am NOT writing about that at all, I was just pointing out that we are all over the place and want to left alone... this is ridiculous. Jeez, which match box univ did you go to?

In Columbia, who is overseeing all the operations against the rebels? In Venez, who supported the failed coup and is still supporting the mega oil barons there? I have no love for NKs weird leader but I know that if you push people too much, they are bound to react back. I guess you might have heard of Newtons III law?

Poor Csaba wants to live in a fancy world and see the whole world through her pink glasses, REMOVE your glasses and see, there is just red everywhere, that is the blood of the innocent.

Arjay, the only fact now is "If you want your country to survive in this world... get nucelear(the way our pres likes to pronounce it... hehehe)". Yes you are right we would be better off too, if we spend more money on our poor(10% of the population is UNDER poverty line, 1 in 5 kids goes to school hungry).

Ask any South Korean, he sees us as an occupying force, remember the posters on the bars?. The latest head of the state WON because of his tough stand against us.

About the Balkans, I am NOT a muslim, so dont put that on my face. The only reason we had to intervene was inherently the Balkans are explosive (remember what happened when an Archbishop was stabbed to death by a Serb youth in Sarajevo...(just FYI -WWI)) and we cannot afford to have another explosive front there.

Like a wise man once said "If everyone is against you then maybe there is a problem WITH you."

Mahathir could be a good speaker. But he is just one of those act-less (as far as Islam interests are concerned), talk-too-much muslim leaders. He would never execute those "good, brilliant" ideas, as much as he never wanted to see Islam being practised in its true sense of believe. He can only see material benefits of all things, leaving Islamic morality and souls behind. I dont think we in Malaysia would like to listen to him.

I would not ask Mahathir's sincerity on all his speeches and ideas. But happenings in his very own homeland prove he is always otherwise.

Mr. David Stone,
I would like to ask you some sort of historical proof of mass slaughter of Christians by the Muslims. I personally do not know of any.
1 million Armeninan Jews killed by the Turks. very true. This was also the time when the Turkish Sultan had a haarem of 300 wives and concubines and was getting involved in foolosh farcical wars of territories with the rest of Europe. These wars, of which Turkey was a part, had on the main, Christian leaders at the helm. Even the Germans then were devout Christians. The first World War resulted in the death of millions.
And even then your own precious "Lawrence of Arabia" was using the Arabs and Muslims as political pawns, which would eventually lead up to the breakup of Palestine and the subsequent forced expulsion of much of the indegenous population.
The 1 million killed by the Turks was disgusting. More disgusting were the millions more killed during the "Great War", A lot of them by such chemical weapons like Mustard gas.
So you see Mr. Stone I would venture that the Christian History is bloodier than the Muslim history. not to say that the Turks were essentially considered Muslims.
And of course lets not forget the Holocaust. The cross on the uniforms of the Nazis were of course Christian Celcit crosses. No doubt that Hitler twisted Christianity's own teachings to justify his own nefarious aims, but then what gives you the right to be so sanctimonious?

Nice words but he too is of the oppressors. Surahtul Maida defines who the oppressor is:

"Those who do not rule by what Allah revealed are the oppressors"

It is these impudent leaders, who refuse to implement Islam and refuse to replace nationalism with Muslim unity - that this Ummah is witnessing an unprecedented humiliation.

If Mahathir is so concerned why does'nt he implement Islam, declare himself the Khalif and set about unifying the Muslims. It requires a sincere Islamic State to set about removing the US hegemony from our lands and liberate the Ummah. Not only words.


Your dead on my brother your exactly right.

Is Mr. Mohamad the only sensible Muslim leader that we got in the world? If people esp. those in NAM took his straight-in-your-face advice, the world would no doubt be a better place.

Salaam Dr. Mahatir,

My sincere congratulations for being the Chairman of 116-nation Non-Alligned Movement.

Your article is well written and it is very frank and bold. Wish other Muslim leaders follow your footsteps.

Unity and constructive steps are the key to success of Muslim communities through out the world. We need to collect our intellectual crop to develope means to remove flase portrayal of Islam and Muslims.

Lastly, Michael I agree with you. You have better understanding of history and political makeup of our world.

May Allah bless all. Amen.


'he likes to act conspicuously, sometimes he not even know what is he talking 'around about' ... but anyway he has done part of our job. tq.

Michael - I get it, you're writing one of those sarcastic posts to point out how some people will believe anything they hear, regardless of how outrageous, just as long as it's anti-US.

Who is fighting in Columbia? Well, let's see, there's the FARC, the government, and various drug lords. Supporting a coup in Venezuela? That would be the Venezuelan governmental opposition. Fought the wars in the Balkans? That would be the UN. Causing a rift in the Koreas? Wait, no, I know that one - that would be North Korea with their weapons testing and their strange pseudo-declarations of war and bizarre attempts at blackmail.

You know, just because something bad happens doesn't mean that the US is behind it. I mean, you do understand that, right?

Like a guy once said - Get your facts straight... huh!

Dr. Mahathir raises very good points here. He is undoubtedly a Prime Minister.
In the core-periphery theory of global geopolitics, residents nearer the core have vested interests not to notice the disadvantages of a peripheral situation. But if those at the very core care nothing for the people around them, it becomes a very funky situation eventually.
Then our faith in God is really tested...

The Muslim Turks slaughtered over 1 million Armenians around 1920 or so. It was the worst genocide in the world at the time, and even now only the Jewish Holocaust surpasses it.

How can the speaker claim that Christians have never been killed en masse by Muslims? It is a silly lie, that Muslims around the world believe through pride and ignorance.

Islam also spread to parts of Europe and India through slaughter and rape.

Sure the past of Christianity is pretty bad. But Islam is not no better!

Get your own facts straight! The problems in Korea connot be laid on our doorstep. The psycho Great Leader there needs to tone it down. If North Korea spent more time feeding its people instead of building nukes the North Korean people would be better off. We wouldn't be in Afganistan if it were not for Bin Laden. My main regret about the Balkans is that we did not intervene sooner - to SAVE MORE MUSLIMS! Yes, the US saved Muslim lives in the Balkans. Makes it hard to have that "war against Islam" claim stick doesn't it?

Hey Kaffir guy, obviously you dont understand the intricate details of foreign policy and international politics, why dont you just sit and watch "Days of our lives" or Seinfeld and be contend that life is great in this paradise on earth. To discuss politics you need to have brain and exposure to the facts, apparently you dont have either, hence just relax and let others discuss. Just face it, its NOT your cup of tea...

John, is there any limit to your bigotry?

So what? It was NOT Jewish land anyway? If your Jewish Holy book says that the land belongs to them does not mean we (who dont believe in that version of that book) have to accept it as well.

You call that a state? the infrastructure is in shambles, the head of the state is imprisoned in a building, the police stations are routinely blasted. Lets NOT even talk about the economy, unemployment, malnourishment of children and other serious issue, I dont think you can handle that much.

Really! After blackmails and taking the world powers as hostages? Why doesnt Israel accept the 65 odd resolutions passed AGAINST it, if the legitamacy of UN is so sacred to Israel?

Give me one example of a massacre of Sephradic Jews in Muslim lands.

Yeah we were "rehabilitated" in Israel because you Ashkinazim did not want to take up the meanial jobs. Huh, you talk about discrimination...

Well, its a very calculated move made by the rich countries. They lend money to the corrupt leaders and then the rest of the country ends up paying the interest of the interest of the ... you get the idea and finally the rich countries end up "owning" these bantustans.
Dont forget these leaders are hated by their populace and every attempt to remove them from power is thwarted by... guess who? These leaders are protected, nourished and taken good care by the rich country(hey there is no OTHER rich country left anyway) also any opposition to these autocrats is handled with an iron fist.

John, oh John how low can you stoop in your support of the immoral?

So the "debt-laden" should, I suppose, be forgiven those debts and be given further assistance, but only not under the pretense that it is a loan. No, just give it to them. And while we are at it, we should all fall gladly on the scimitar, exclaiming as we die, "Thank God! Absolved at last!"

Nobody made those countries hire the money. And nobody really expects the losers ever to pay it back. If they want to sit there alone in their splendid squalor, they're welcome to it. Just leave us alone.

An eye-opener and a must-read; for those who are not familiar with the recent history and may not be able to look deeper into the causes of the present turmoil. Three Cheers to Mahathir Mohammad. It takes a lot of courage to tell the Truth. May Allah Bless you and all the Muslim Ummah, and awaken us all to act and speak to establish the Truth. Aameen.

Betwixt, leave you alone!!!, thats the dumbest thing I ever heard. Who is fighting in Columbia? supporting a coup in Venezuala, killing civilians in Afgh, detaining several hundred people illegally in G Bay? Who is hunting for people in Djibouti, supporting the illegal butcher of Sabra?
Who fought the most recent wars in the Balkans? Who is spying on ALL the gulf states? Who is causing a rift in the Koreas? I can go on and on...

Get your facts straight... huh! leave you alone.

A bit rich of Dr MM to castigate the West when his country has institutional discrimination in favour of his own people and agisnyt the chinese and Indian minorities. Unable to speak the truth about this, he can't speak the truth about anything.

1. It was never Palestinian land, it was Turkish land. If it had not been for the British, the six million Palestinians would be no closer to a state of their own today than the 25 million Kurds. 2 Israel was founded by the UN. 3. There were massacres a plenty of Jews in Arab lands long before the advent of Zionism. History, Dr. MM, history! 4. The Palestinians were forced toi suat in miserable hovels by other Arabs and no -one else. Contrast that with the plight of the Jewish refugees from Arab lands who were housed and re-habilitated in about 4 to 5 years. Talk about blatant double standards. The Arabs deploy them all. 5.Why do the rich countries no longer give aid? could it be anything to do with the theft of that aid which does not find its way to the people but, curiously, ends up in the Swiss bank accounts of the elite. Bokassa, Mugabe, Idi Amin, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein. Full of self-pity, the Mathathir's of this world misread the scenario completely and expect the rest of the world (the West) to pick up the peices and start all over again. Only one way to do that: submit to a mandate regime. If they don't want to do that, then you're on your own, bud.

MAT, you mean if Mhatir act to stop exploitation of his country by foreign interference in their politics and protect the interest of his people by controlling the media (stopping media from spreading lies and foreign propaganda) you think its oppression. Actually every third world country should be doing what Malaysia has done keeping the greedy at bay and protecting the interest of people

God Bless Mahatir... Wish All Muslim Countries had leaders like you ! You only have to see the tremendous progress that Malyasia has made.. The World would have been an entirely different place ... Long live Mahathir. May God reward you with long life to witness the triumph of the truth.
Referring to comments by one "mat" whoever he is .. is the one who is screwed up !
And we definitely do not want the kind of Democracy that the pig headed Bush and Blair are running !

This guy heads something other than a therapy group? That has got to be the most paranoiac, semi-intelligble, downright goofiest rant I've heard in a long time.

Most Americans would be perfectly happy if the rest of the world just left us alone. It won't. Everything that happens that is bad, right down to the weather, is blamed on America. Fine. Just stop flying hijacked planes into American buildings, and I'm sure we can work something out.

Truth is truth Mat, even if spoken by a Tyrant, which without any apology I know Dr. Mahathir is not.

My only observation is that we know all these, we read, we see, we experience.. you can continue to name them. But what is it to be done! Nobody can proper any solution. You know why? Because Allah's will must be done. The Muslims have missed the boat since after the death of the fourth Caliph Ali ibn Abu Talib and have been wallowing in ignorance and confusions since then, due to focus on material world that has turn us away from the true path.. That of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet(SAW).

And it is my prediction that this will continue until the Almighty do what He promised to those that change themselves. Then He will make Islam to prosper over all religions. You may asked could this be in our time, or our childrens, or ...? Only Him shall decide and His shall certainly be done.. May Allah forgive us, and remove the confusions in the Muslim minds and guide us unto Himself, Ameen.

Thank you Dr. M. Thank you for your courage to speak the truth in this dooms day. That'w why CNN and other western media did not broadcast your speach clearly because of what you said. Rights of the poor and deep down cause of terrorism. It is pity the world forgot that the modern civilization we claim today is completely based on the work of the muslim civilization that flurished in middle century the civilization of learning. It is matter of time the muslims will rise again because the lie could not hold for ever. Mahathir should be the leader of the world so it could be a better place and hope other war-mongers and state leaders could learn from him specilly the cowboy un-educated president of USA and his lovely partner British puppet.

Long live Mahathir. May God reward you with long life to witness the triumph of the truth.

Mahathir himself is a true oppresor.screwed up the elections, allowed only 1 opposition bi-monthly newspaper.who on earth want to read bi-monthly newspaper? spread lies about another faith-based opposition-run states, steal those poor people money (offshore petroleum tax).