A Hijabi's Guide To Building Your Hijab Collection

Hijabi wearing Bokitta's pinless hijab (Photo: Bokitta.com).

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Are you a new Hijabi or you already have some hijabs in your collection? Building a hijab collection can be tricky as every other hijab on display looks tempting; here is a guideline that will help make this process simpler.

Whether you are thinking about buying hijabs and building your collection for the first time or you are looking to refresh your closet, either way you should be cautious to select hijabs that surely work for you. Anything that does not match your taste and lifestyle will keep hanging in the closet no matter how pretty it is, you will hardly get around to wear it.

Buying a hijab comes with a variety of decisions to make regarding fabric, color, style and length. If you build up a hijab collection that complements your skin tone, you are likely to use all of them in your daily routine. The hijab collection should be stocked with materials that you love and are comfortable with. Don’t forget to pick up a few pinless fashionable hijabs that you can wear every day and will get you hijab-ready in seconds.

Keeping hijab wardrobe up-to-date:

Gone are the days when hijabis had limited options for hijabs and could wear the same ordinary hijab for years. The world of hijabs is changing its trends really fast and it is important to keep your hijab wardrobe up-to-date. Stock up new trendy hijabs in your wardrobe so that you can always have a fresh one to wear. Take some time out to swap them when a few seasons pass.

The most essential thing is to define your style which you would like to portray, because your style says a lot about you. If you are a classy kind of a girl then you must go for pearls and lace; if you work in a modest office, plain hijabs with multiple colors could be your savior. For a hijabi, the first item of clothing someone will notice on your is your hijab – so, you have a chance to portray your desired persona through a hijab. Whatever your style is, this will be reflected through your hijab.

Know your ideal hijab colors:

Choosing an ideal hijab color depends mainly on your skin tone. If you choose an array of classic colors that complement your skin tone, then you can dress up like a breeze. Every woman has natural skin tones that may be warm yellow, cool red or may be the mixture of both. It is totally like choosing makeup shades; hijab colors that go well with your skin undertone give you a natural glow and spark up your dress as well.

Those who are having warm skin tone must go for warm colors. This helps in giving an added glow to the skin. On the other hand, cool skin tone looks best in pastel shades of blue, green and purple. You are the lucky one, if you have neutral skin tone because you can easily wear any shade.

  • Light Skin:

If you have a light or fair skin, then white and black hijab are a must-have in your hijab collection. The colors you should avoid are beiges, browns and camel color.

  • Medium Skin:

For those who are having medium skin tone, can go for solid colors as they look amazing anytime. They must stock taupe, blush and mink when building their hijab collection. Black also looks great on medium skin tone.

  • Dark Skin:

One should be very careful while choosing a hijab with dark skin. Do not forget to include camel and mocha in your hijab collection as they will completely blend with dark skin tone.

Don’t forget under-scarves in hijab collection:

Under scarves also plays an important role as they make or break a good hijab look. This will make you feel comfortable and confident that your hijab look is impeccable. If you have recently started taking hijab, you can experiment and have fun watching tutorials online. In this way, you will learn exactly what to do and how to feel great in hijab every day.

If you are still building your hijab collection and want to buy some under scarves, start with the basic colors like white, black and beige and then you can go on to buy a few more colors later.

Selecting materials for hijab collection:

The next thing to know is the materials that work best on you. This usually depends on what hijab style you prefer. Here are a few hijab categories that you should definitely stock up and include in your hijab collection:

  • Plain Jersey hijab:

This is all time favorite and most popular hijab. This material is very easy to wrap, style and you don’t need to worry about pins. The fabric is so soft and suitable for every season. Plain jersey is a must-have in every hijabi’s hijab collection.

  • Lace hijabs:

Lace hijabs are becoming increasingly common as these hijabs have a huge potential in current and future fashion trends. You should definitely have a few in your wardrobe.

  • Kleenex cotton:

It is similar to jersey stuff but is little bit transparent. It looks great with same color of under scarf. It’s a good choice and best for everyday casual wear.

  • Khesha:

This material usually relates with Arabic hijab style and is made up of very light fabric. It has linen feeling with light elasticity. This is so good for women who have issues with hijab wrapping. The best thing is that you don’t need to iron it every time before wearing.

  • Chiffon:

This stuff seems gorgeous and comes with an outstanding collection of colors. It can be a best choice to wear on any occasion so it must definitely form a part of your hijab collection. Your wardrobe definitely needs some pins to keep chiffon hijabs in place - it will look exceptionally beautiful if you use some crystal or a pearl.

  • Prints:

No hijab wardrobe can ever be complete with a few favorite printed hijabs. Your normal setting - professional, academic, travelling, casual etc – determines the kind of printed hijabs that should be a part of your hijab collection. Floral prints look pretty in every type of setting. There are other staples like stripes, leopard print, abstract, polka dots that are good additions to a hijab collection.

Building a hijab collection:

It is natural to feel excited when you start building your hijab collection but remember not to pile up a lot of hijabs in one go; buy a few hijabs, wear them in routine and see which kind makes you look most stunning. Do not buy all hijabs in similar colors or material – diversity is the key to a perfect hijab collection. Start ordering hijabs in different colors, textures, styles and materials. A signature hijab style is crucial for all hijabis. Try to build that collection which frames your face just right and creates the perfect rippling folds. Hijab plays an important role of pulling together your whole look.

( Source: Bokitta )

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