Invasion Hiroshima Style

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American and British troops entering Iraq should bandage all cuts, keep their overheated rubber suits zipped tight, and stop breathing. It is dust, not bullets, that will likely pose the most lethal consequences to their invasion of Iraq.

American military strategist Harlan Ullman will not be accompanying them. But Ullman is excited about seeing his plan for mass murder enacted. Only weeks away from a "live-fire" demonstration over the streets of Iraq's biggest cities. Ullman compares hundreds of cruise missiles hitting Baghdad to moments of total devastation directed at another war-ravaged population half a century before.

"You have this simultaneous effect, rather like the nuclear weapons at Hiroshima, not taking days or weeks but minutes," Ullman boasts. [The Sun-Herald Jan. 26 2003]

Intended as a lesson for a worldwide audience, the Pentagon says its plan is intended to shatter Iraq "physically, emotionally and psychologically" by raining down on its people in two days more than twice the number of missiles launched during the entire 40 days of Desert Storm. The World Health Organization estimates that "as many as 500,000 people could require treatment as a result of direct and indirect injuries" from this unprecedented onslaught or radioactive high-explosives. [The Mirror Jan 29, 2003]

Extensive experimentation against urban centers in Bosnia, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq have shown cruise missiles to be wildly inaccurate. Military insider Al Martin recalls a U.S. general laughing during Desert Storm at the inaccuracy of American cruise missiles. "The defense contractors will get paid as long as the things go off and hit the right country," the general said. [All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion]

It will take up to 800 missiles to ensure complete demolition of Iraq's remaining defenses and infrastructure, including sporadically-functioning power stations, sewage and water purification plants. Repeatedly blasted in 1991 - then denied spare parts under U.S. and British embargoes - these key city facilities are located in crowded neighborhoods.

"The sheer size of this has never been seen before, never been contemplated before," a Pentagon official boasted to CBS News. "There will not be a safe place in Baghdad."

It's not safe now! Much of Iraq remains radiologically "hot" following undeclared nuclear attacks that have randomly distributed lethal air and food-borne radiation from Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions - without any mushroom clouds.

With a postwar toll of perhaps 650,000 deaths from lingering wounds, illness and DU exposure, Iraq has already suffered more radiation deaths than the 130,000 corpses produced at Hiroshima through American know-how and acute radiation exposure. [UN and Japanese figures]

The same type of uranium-tipped cruise missiles that carried cancer into Bosnia and Afghanistan will only add fresh "rems" to the radioactive dust of this distant desert land.

Even if resistance collapses following an urban bombardment unprecedented in scale, timing and ferocity, allied forces face the specter of severe casualties from the lethal legacy of their last munitions testing on the people of Iraq.

"If your son or daughter is in the military today, opposition from the hapless Iraqi army is not the greatest threat," warns Depleted Uranium (DU) investigator John Kaminski. "In southern Iraq, American soldiers will be sent into battle with inadequate protections against a proven health hazard that will almost certainly doom them to lives diminished by a variety of cancers caused by uranium 238, which means they may transmit these illnesses to their family and friends - and birth defects to their children -- when and if they return home."


DU shells retain 60% of the radioactivity of unspent "hot" uranium. Radiobiologist Dr. Rosalie Bertell warns that "it can be breathed in by anyone: a baby, a pregnant woman, the elderly, the sick."

A speck of Uranium-238 can cause cancer. The Pentagon admits to firing 320 tons of DU into Iraq's farms and neighborhoods during Desert Storm. Greenpeace puts the figure at more than 800 tons.

Foremost expert on radiation sickness, Dr. Helen Caldicott explains that DU dust is a potent radioactive carcinogen, emitting a heavy alpha particle that can lodge in open wounds, the lungs or the stomach depending on its pathways of ingestion. The result: cancers in the lungs, bones, blood or kidneys.

These devastating diseases are already surfacing in Afghanistan and Bosnia, while continuing to decimate the survivors of what the City Council of Detroit condemns as "genocide" in Iraq. With a half-life of 4.5 million years, Caldicott says that contaminated areas "will remain effectively radioactive for the rest of time." [San Francisco Chronicle Oct. 10, 2002]

Former Basra Dean of Medicine Dr. Alim Abdul-Hamid says he has "plenty of first-hand experience with Iraq's unprecedented plague of cancers and birth defects." The Iraqi physician is seeing breast cancer among women in their 20s. "In their 20s!" he repeats. "There are increased incidences of colon cancer, thyroid cancer - in addition to, of course, leukemia and lymphomas." [Counterpunch Dec. 28, 2001]


Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to the effects of radiation than adults. Today more than half of all cancers in Iraq are occurring among children under the age of five.

Helpless pediatricians in Basra have watched childhood leukemia and cancer increase up to 12-times peacetime rates. Hospitals throughout Iraq have reported as much as a 10-fold increase in birth defects since cities and countryside were strafed with radioactive munitions. [Counterpunch Dec. 28, 2001]

Pointing to a map of Basra, Dr. Abdul-Hamid demonstrated the dose-response relationship between DU and cancers, saying, "Areas which have got the higher level of background radiation have higher levels of cancers."

American and British military doctors insist that eating and breathing radioactive uranium is perfectly safe. So, they say, is being injected with mycoplasma-spiked anthrax vaccine. Believing these assurances, an estimated 250,000 disposable Desert Storm veterans in Canada, the United States and Great Britain currently suffer from debilitating "Gulf War Illness". [Bringing The War Home]

But because Depleted Uranium is unmatched as a shield and a weapon, international efforts to ban DU continue to be ignored by the U.S., Canada and Britain. Radioactive warfare is also a convenient way to redistribute mountains of mutagenic debris from atomic warfare factories to distant "colored" neighborhoods.


Dr. Doug Rokke knows these dangers internally. The American physician in charge of dealing with post-war contamination in Iraqi communities saw his medical records confiscated by the U.S. Army after long-delayed examination results showed radiation in his body at 5,000 times maximum "safe" levels.

Rokke, who headed the army's Depleted Uranium program after the Gulf Massacre, told reporters after returning from Iraq, "'Oh my God' is the only way to describe it. Contamination was all over."

Rokke's recruits measured dangerous levels of radiation up to 150 feet away from DU-fried tanks - including up to 300 millirems an hour in beta and gamma radiation. Alpha radiation registered in the thousands to the millions counts-per-minute on their Geiger counters.

"That whole area is still trashed," Rokke remarked. "It's hotter than heck over there still. This stuff doesn't go away."


Rokke's team spent three months cleaning up 24 tanks for return as outdoor exhibits to the United States. The army took another three years to clean up the tanks. But just three days after commencing their inspections, Rokke and his crew started getting sick." Over the past decade, 30 men out of 100 servicemen dealing with DU, "dropped dead."

Rokke says the biggest danger is the dust given off when a Depleted Uranium shell detonates. In heat fierce enough to melt armor plating, up to 70% of a DU round oxidizes. "This aerosolized power - uranium oxide - is the really dangerous stuff," Rokke says. "Particularly when it is inhaled."

Rokke suspects that, like many Iraqi adults and children, radioactive uranium oxide dust is permanently trapped in his lungs. Rokke also has lesions on his brain. Pustules protrude from his skin. He suffers from chronic fatigue, and cannot stop wheezing for breath and coughing. His fibromyalgia inflicts chronic pain in his muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Rokke's radioactive regrets reveal the hazards facing unprotected U.S. and British soldiers, as well as peacekeepers brought in from other countries - including Canada - to secure the second biggest oil fields on Earth.

Caldicott warns, "these tiny particles travel long distances when airborne." In Yugoslavia, Depleted Uranium fired into agricultural areas has irradiated food. Scottish scientists recently verified that residents of the Balkans exposed to fallout from DU-tipped cruise missiles are excreting uranium in their urine.


Even before American and British troops enter Baghdad's radioactive environs to "liberate" families suffering the sickening strangulation of their sanctions - allied casualties continue to mount.

In preliminary announcements of what may later be called "Gulf War Illness II", Reuters reports that "Veterans groups on both sides of the Atlantic say up to one in three soldiers has fallen ill after taking the vaccine, and six of them died in the United States."

"We have hard facts," says British-based National Gulf Veterans and Families Association coordinator James Moore.

"Two and Three Parachute Regiments have had anthrax injections. At least a third come down with flu-like symptoms and have been very poorly. In the United States, over 30 percent have come down with symptoms and six have died after taking the vaccine." [Reuters Jan. 8, 2003]

This is a war even the victors may lose.

Canadian journalist William Thomas has written Op Ed pieces for the Vancouver Sun, Times-Colonist and Globe and Mail while serving as a member of a three-man Gulf Environmental Emergency Response Team in Kuwait immediately after Desert Storm. Producer of the award-winning documentary, "Eco War", he is the author of Bringing The War Home and All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion.

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Is there really any hope? In order to direct such pain and suffering towards another human being, let alone millions of human beings, regardless of the motivation, these people have to have given up all traces of their own sacred humanity. Its not something that just fell by the wayside. It has been a choice made consciously in order to secure power and wealth.

All this for 1 billion barrels of oil per day. We may as well fill up our car's tanks with the blood of the countless people murdered in the name of the Oil God: the great saviour of power and profit.

When it comes to the murder of innocent people, the deliberate and willful destruction of whole communities, in order to make a profit, there is NO side. The United States government is just as willing to sacrifice its own people as it is the people of Iraq in order to make a profit. All that we are left with is the choice to place power and profit above the rights of all people -to live safe, healthy, free and fulfilled lives.

Nothing is worth the cost of murder - not oil, not power, not prestige. NOTHING. In the end, this universal fact will prevail.

To read this and think that millions of people
will die make me think of A. Hilter and its only
for oil, I think Hilter is alive in the white

Bill, only difference between lead and Depleted Uranium is its 4.6 billion year radioactive half life. Think !

DU is dangerous. So is lead. DU is not much more worse than lead. Outlaw bullets?

I was in Kuwait and saw things you seem not to want to talk about. I helped to bury animals shoot and killed while still in the zoo. Comforted women and children that had been raped or had their dads killed by Iraq. I guess its alright to attack the US as long as they do not strike back. Give me a break people.


I dont know what you guys are thinking but I am utterly dejected when I look at the "muslims" of today. Where our prohet and his companions Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthmaan and Ali where are we?? How lowly and pathetic can we get. I find it highly embarrassing to asscociate myself with the "ARABS" who are apparently muslim!! What cowardice and total impotence have the Arabs displayed when it comes to Iraq. It defies description. You guys are the masters of bending over and holdings thy ankles. But I guess we should not be surprised, the muslims in Palestine have been getting anihilated, humiliated and robbed for decades and all the Arab leaders can say is "America has to get more involved to bring about peace". I guess America can get more involved by perhaps supplying Israel with $12bn in weapons rather than the standard $6bn they give every year. This should really help the Palestinians. What a farsical situation the murderers are requested to judge their own trial!!
I wonder how many of the Arab Leaders will have been alive right now if Umar was still around. What would Umar have done to King Abdullah of Jordan and Hosni Mubarak for signing a peace treaty with Israel?? I guess we can always put the blame on the leadership...hey we are brave but its our leaders that are cowards! But Allah does not impose a leadership regime on a people unless their hands have earned it! Look at the Kuwaitis, they are going to provide full support in every possible way , to a nation that is guided by Shaitaan. A people that do not even clean themselves after passing filth are threatning to destroy a muslim nation and in the process kills and mutilate hundreds of thousands of muslims. And the Kuwaitis are helping them with Pride and joy!
Muslims everywhere should ask themselves which path they have taken and what answers they will have for Allah on a day when a father wont be able to help his son. May Allah's wrath be upon the friends of the Shaitaan.

Lot of noise around. I just like to remind that Bush can fool some people forsome time , all people for some time not all people for all time. Sounds familiar? It was a great American who said it, Bush requires to be reminded .

abdul...whoever you are? I presumed you're not a
muslim. If you are a muslim, no such infantile comment of yours should have come as such.

Hey "Abdul" or you stupid or do you pretend to shallow imposter pretending to have read the article to give us your verbal assault on the English language. C'mon you do better than this.

I wish an invisible hand grabs Wolfowitz, Perle, Rove, Bush, Cheyne, Pat Robertson and his entire sanctimonious gang, and every chicken-hawk advisor to the US Admin. and throw them in southern Iraq. Let them linger about over there seeing Iraqis upon whom American technological horror was visited.

But I say 'what's the point?' Because I bet after they're back here they'll still want war. Because I believe they are intrinsically evil. When you hear Perle say: "If we let our vision of the world go forth and we embrace it entirely, and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage a total war ... our children will sing great songs about us years from now," what does your moral radar tell you? Do you not get the hint of a mind going insane and can only survive -and blossom- with like minds?

But I must pay tribute to the people of Iraq. How many recall the horrors this noble people endured over their ancient history? How about the Mongols? In 30 days they killed 800,000 Iraqis. Famine and disease followed virulently. All told more than 2000,000 died as a result of this. Time and again the resolve of this people was tested with the result 'what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.'

Such a lamentable fate for a people whose backbone -once upon a time- was the export of enlightenment and knowledge especially to a dark Europe. Why are civilization tributes met with such ingratitude?

America has a hall of fame in humanity's history -it may have succeeded in Japan and Germany; but, slowly, she's erecting its own hall of shame -to dwarf the former- with policies gone horribly awry in S. America and Southeast Asia, and will visit the same devastation upon the Mid-East; with policies of monumental hypocrisy of accusing Iraq with virtually the same violations Israel has committed, not to mention exporting democracy -or forcing it at gun-point as in Iraq- to some Mid-East countries while deliberately propping their own sons of bitches in others

why is it that islam love violence and they dont have GOD memmory in there mind and they dont forgive at all

I am a youth,
caught in the throes;
Old Fashioned.

I can't find anything
in this life,
So I live-
for the next one.

How can one live
at such an hour,
knowing that others die
for want of succour.

At it's darkest hour,
lights lost within it's depth,
and yet; darker it will get.
For without doubt,
it is the time for the coming,
of the Anti-christ.

At each others throats,
and not enough blood
to quench all parched throats;
With each swearing oaths,
to put an end to each ones,
own misdeeds.

Ya Allah! Why do I feel this pain?
What causes my stomach to growl?
My skin festers to whose gain?
Is there reason to my suffering?

Why do they make me suffer?
Do they not feel my sores?
Or do they not care?
Why to stop one despot,
must millions of innocents suffer?
Why to curb one mad mans excursions,
Must I feel such suffering
to their exclusion.

"Yes, it is woth it."
Has she no one who feels
such same pains,
so much of the same.

They come and go,
all the same.
They sit in their own offices;
plush with leather,
their pillows soft like feather.
And all I can feel are the hard rocks,
when I don't even have socks,
while they walk around in thick soled shoes.

I've been forsaken by my brothers.
They live in palaces;
so cool inside,
velvet rich carpets.

While the others
are busy with their own powers.
Their hands bloody,
with the blood of their own brothers and sisters.

I know you see,
I know you understand,
I know you have a plan,
And I know you will show your hand.

To blot out the evil,
and the ones who conduct it
in the name of justice.

As you have promised,
so we wait;
for the one who will lead us
led by thyself.

And for sure there will come the cry,
from them who shall have no succour.
For the shout which will signal their end-
Is the name of the highest

and they wonder why there is a lot of hate direct towards them...