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Thank you, President Bush for your Eid greetings, we are indeed greatly indebted. And thank you for telling us, one more time, that your new war is not against Islam and Muslims. It was time that you reminded us that we should not take the B-52 bombers showering bombs on our cities so personally. Indeed, the six Iraqis who died on the first day of December are not to be counted among the dead; they were illegal combatants, working in an oil factory.

As Muslims, we are grateful to you for all the food packages that were sent down from the Afghan skies during the last year. Had we been the children of Israel, it would have reminded us of our great past when Manna and Salva was sent down by God. Let me assure you, Mr. President, American peanut butter tastes so good that our Afghan children became so keen to pick up the food packages that they could not even distinguish between the food packages and thousands of canister bombs that your B-52 bombers left behind in their wasteland. But, of course, it was their bad luck; we will just add them to the list of collateral damage. That way, we will not have to go through the tedious ritual of calculating the number of dead.

I am sorry to hear that things are not going well back home. Some unpatriotic Americans have started to ask questions about your war of terror, excuse me, war on terror. They ask for results for the 40 billion dollars you so graciously and hurriedly sanctioned for the great war. That little audio cassette that recently surfaced at the Al-Jazeera did not help much, I suppose. Although you have the Al-Jazeera's Kabul correspondent firmly locked up in a cage at camp X-ray (and thank God, the international union of journalists has not made a peep about him), this little island of a network keeps coming up with trouble after trouble.

You were, however, more successful with Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, the German Justice Minister who so rudely compared your new war policies to that of Adolf Hitler; thank goodness, she was quickly sacked by Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder for poisoning the relations. I must also congratulate you on quickly getting rid of Mme. Francoise Ducros, the Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien's Director of Communications, who so ungratefully called you a moron despite all the soft lumber that American companies so cheaply buy from Canada in order to help their economy.

Mr. President, it is heartening to know that the new Department of Homeland Security is finally off to a grand start. With an operational budget of $37.5 billion and nearly 170,000 federal employees, it should keep the homeland secure. Just let no American walk out of your great country without the protection of pilot-less drones for streets of the world have become very dangerous for them.

I hope that with your ambassador in London so ardently standing behind you in your war after war, it should not be difficult to soon control all the unruly streets. Whatever happened the other day in Amman should never be allowed to happen again. I think it would not be a bad idea to send a little congratulatory note to your distant relative in Amman for taking care of the matter so promptly. I hear the little town of Mann is also grateful to you for bringing all the world attention to this tribal region. The price those little rabbles had to pay was not much, I suppose, compared to what the Afghans have paid. It was merely a double digit number that they lost. But we will not call it war against Muslims; after all, it was their own king whose army was doing the job.

Mr. President, in your Eid greetings, you have rightly told us that the new year is full of promises. We look forward to the new ventures. Afghanistan is indeed becoming a little too dull and although great news is in store regarding Iraq, Hans Blix and his team of inspectors are taking too long. Please hurry up or else the current rating will start to go down and you know very well how difficult it is to whip up the hysteria once it has subsided.

You know that anthrax cannot be used again to create fear. (By the way, the little leak leading to the US military was plugged very well and I sincerely hope that all patriotic Americans will remember never to ask any questions about anthrax.) So, what are we going to do next time? How would you generate new waves of fear? I suppose those little Napoleons in thousands of homeland security offices would come up with something. Perhaps, you should ask them to start cooking something like the danger of a bio-engineered mosquito bringing a deadly virus. That would be something!

It is my sincere hope, Mr President, that in the new year, you will not be so lenient with men who keep bothering you with their silly questions about Afghanistan. I was shocked to read a report by one Robert Fisk who sketched a graphic picture of little children being blown up in the deserts of Khost. He also had the nerve to draw world attention to the endless queue of mutilated civilians sitting outside the hospital in Herat, hoping to get an artificial leg. Likewise, people who keep mentioning international laws, protocols and agreements should be stopped from reminding the world that in your war of terror (excuse my slip again, Mr. President), you have not even spared ambassadors. No one has the right to remind the world that Ambassador Mullah Zaeef is still locked up in a cage in Camp X-ray.

I am glad to know that early in 2003, Germans will take charge of the Afghan ordeal. It would be their boys who would risk their lives for this grand show which, we all know, will only last for as long as money keeps coming. But I am afraid, Afghans are rather notorious for their tenacity. There is little hope that what the Soviet Union could not achieve with 140,000 men, we can achieve without large-scale disasters soon erupting all over this unruly land. Those who keep saying that the Afghan adventure is headed for disaster should all be locked up with the "illegal combatants". (By the way, that was an excellent invention for which its inventor should be amply rewarded.)

That reminds me to say that events like the appearance of those four pictures of C-130 planes carrying their human cargo to Camp X-ray should not be allowed to happen again. They do bring the specter of war crimes being launched in some court, somewhere in the world although you have rightly declined to sign the international charter which would put the American soldiers in risk. But the images of those shackled men, which recently flashed on millions of computer screens around the world, was not nice, to say the least.

I am also sad to know that some Edward Saids are still around. They keep talking about an impossible linkage: the suffering of Palestinians, so carefully crafted by a 2.1 billion dollar annual aid to Israel and numerous supplements. They have maps, numbers and pictures which they keep showing to the world. The appearance of a new great wall here, barbed fences there, burned olive orchards, destroyed homes, pieces of dead bodies scattered on streets, made-in-America gun ships and helicopters bombing the refugee camps. Of course, your war is not against Muslims and certainly there is no link between the suffering of Palestinians and the catastrophes Americans continue to experience abroad. No, the world should accept the verdict of your "man of peace" who looks forward to his new term which will complete the task of fortification of Israel.

And finally, let me close by thanking you, once again, Mr. President, for the opportunity you so graciously provided to some of our Muslim brothers and sisters to come and visit you and Laura at the White House at the beginning of the month of Ramadan. That great occasion will always be remembered by them and their children and their children. They are eternally grateful to you and Laura. I am sure you also value their friendship because they the harbingers of an intellectual northern alliance you so desperately need at this time. With all the best wishes for your new year adventures I am, yours sincerely.

Dr Muzaffar Iqbal is a freelance writer
[email protected]


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Views: 5172
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Older Comments:
I read your article and would like to congratulate you on this good work.Please make sure that He himself(President Bush) gets to read it.
Good luck.

The good doctor would be well advised to wake up to reality. Were he living in the majority of the Middle East he would be spoon fed what he was "allowed" to write. Writing personal opinions about anything from the price of bread to people being spirited away never to be heard of again will all probablility get you arrested.
And any comparison of President George Bush to Hitler is idotic and shows the true stupidity of Dr. Iqbal. Obviously his doctorate was from a mail order house for about $50 US because if he paid for more education than that he was truly defrauded. The next time he should try for lucidity and less stupidity.
Mike Hale

Excellent Article. We need the exposure from different angles to wake up Muslims.


It is quite heartening to see that Dr.Muzaffar at least had the guts to separate himself from the "intellectuals" who he says went to the White House to meet the President. Had he counted himself among the intellectuals, that would have been disaster for intellectualism.

I am sure that Dr.Muzaffar has taken into careful consideration the fact that the US and Jordan are the only 2 countries in the world that even recognize petitions of asylum from Palestinians. The rest of the sick Muslim world would rather sit and blame the US for their problems while shutting the doors in the faces of their Palestinian "brothers and sisters."

I am also sure that Dr.Muzaffar is aware of the sick homosexual culture that is part of the Afghani society...that worse than any bombs or wars, the people themselves take great pride indestroying their children by using them as sex slaves. Yes, Muslim country indeed.

Dr.Muzaffar also very conveniently forgets that without US aid to the rest of the Muslim world, him and his family and all of the people he seems to be representing would be begging for food. Israel has worked diligently to reach where it has today, and that includes 3 wars against Muslims "with the army of angels" to help is quite an interesting fact that the Arabs couldnt defeat Israel in 3 tries...once even outbumbering them 16 to 1.

So while all this crying about US policy may seem politically correct for people like Dr.Muzaffar, the fact still remains that he is a part of a defeated culture, and combine that with a culture that doesnt like to accept defeat, and you have a whining culture.

Whine, whine, whine.

Wake up and smell the coffee, Dr. have been defeated. The only way left for you to get any kind of respect is to clean up your act and stop blaming the world for your own problems. Look in the is quite simple.

Brother Iqbal
I really enjoyed your article, well thought,well done. i believe we should elect you special reporter to president push about islam and muslims

Wow! you sumed very well. it was very well put to gather and well supported facts of what our president is honored for.

Thank you

Wonderfull Job Dr Muzafar Iqbal. Great Article

Peace be upon you Izhar. The problem is the ancient one. The spirit of evil traveled with the Zionists from Germany to Israel and is now trying to establish itself in DC. It has found aid and comfort among a people either unwilling or unable to expend the energy to develop their moral and mental strength and combat it. They abandon reason and take what their political and religious leaders tell them on faith alone and thereby fail. Those that abandon reason become treats for the tricksters. They have forgotten that the price of peace is eternal vigilance. In confusing security with peace they have become inverted. Security is the absence of threat to the body. Peace is the absence of violence in ones soul. The solution is the ancient one. By the command of God evil can not be killed nor even defeated by human weapons. That is not the point of this existence. The point of this existence is to select those with what it takes to become servants of light and the servants of light must prepare them selves with practiced understanding. Evil is not fought with evil but with truth, justice and graciousness. The absence of our tools are the tools used against us and it is a proxy war against the souls of God, that seed of light within us all. The solution is to become God's Gardeners, to prepare the land, plant the seed and care for its growth into the tree of life. We do this by the spread of our tools so that others may become gardeners as well. Evil can not be defeated but it should be given no quarter, no body without roots sunk deep in truth and leaves glistening in the light. Justice lies in doing for others what we would have done for ourselves, it immunizes and sustaines us against the dark.

You are correct Ali, this article is nothing more than whining. Islamists in the West whine, and Islamists in the "East" plan and commit acts of mass murder (and also whine). A sorry bunch, the whole lot of them, and they are dragging the Ummah down the path of confusion and despair with them.

ALI FROM U said:

hahahaha, he really CHECKED president bush! Dr. Iqbal really gave him some salt to rub off his shoulder. Alhamdulillah! Prez. Bush doesn't know what he is talking about half the time...

a good analysis of the events which took place after sept. 11, 2001.this true form of hypocry which responsible leaders of the great nations are showing. i will suggest our common american friends that they should look by themself the realities of the world, no doubt that yous is a great country and every body in the world realizes it but it does not mean that you have right to do everything wrong or right.this is really a shame for the international community that an ambassdor of a country is being held as prisoner, is it against Geneva convention.whole civilized community is talking about conditions of the prisoners in the third world countries but no body is concern about the plight of the detainees of the are rightdr. iqbal that people who were invited to WH WILL BE PROUD B,COZ TILL THERE ARE MEER 'JAFARS'

Well said Dr. Iqbal. It is really sad that great nations still do not learn anything from History. I think its time all the history departments, archives, museums, etc. in the world should be closed down and the money can be spent elsewhere i.e. on war on terror!

Well Said Charles Jacks.. I agree with you 100% but, what will be the solutions as they administration have been successfully discounting these opposition truth?.

Thank you Dr. Iqbal for your fine article.
You have spoken well for millions of Muslims around the world (like me) who are getting sick and inferurated of having their intelligence insulted by Mr. Bush. He is adding insult to injury by claiming he does mean harm to Musilims and Islam. Yet he and his hunchmen have not left a single charitable organization, bank, freedom fighters that is linked to Islam without stamping it with "Terrorism". But Sharoon is a man of peace !!
His predecessor said something similar about Iraq during the War to Take-over Kuwait (I do not say librate Kuwait). Yet his Secretary of state (Albright?) at the time answered - when asked was is worth the lives of one million Iraqi Children - YES it is woth it.

As the saying goes "Enemies prefer to appear as Angles." Humans are not born with the senses necessary to see good and evil. We must exercise consideration and rely on the ancient maxim "by their actions you will know them". Practice consideration and look to the result of a peoples actions to know whether they are of good will or not. But realize few people are of sufficient incite and intelligence to do this to their own self, especially if the devil has a strangle hold on their frontal lobes. (Love God and do only good folks)
Bush is not hard to figure out. He stutters while speaking about compassion but waxes eloquent over destruction after which he returns to a constantly confused countenance. He surrounds himself with "hawks" and appoints war criminals to positions of power or invites them to the white house and calls them "men of peace". He destroys the environment in favor of money. What we see as irony and hypocrisy in his speech is God's little reminders trying to burst through into consciousness.
As for the others, I recently saw an analysis that described them as "counter-revolutionaries". They hate the idea of individual rights and universal vote. They wish to reverse the American Revolution and turn the USA into a church installed aristocratic empire. It seems far fetched but I think the pattern fits. We already have the destruction of individual rights and constitutional protections in favor of "national security" signature warrants. All Bush has to do to have someone killed or locked up forever without representation or judicial review is sign a paper declaring them an "illegal combatant" and he has demonstrated willingness to do it after the fact. I am afraid that US citizens will soon get a taste of their own medicine All that can be done now is wait for the next election and given the last one I am reminded of how Hitler came to power. We have become what our founding fathers fought against. King George. Counter-revolutionaries in deed.

Pretty tough words "GM John"....spoken like a true lily livered chickenhawk, full of threats. Been reading too much Tom Clancy have you ? I hope they send your sorry rear end to Iraq.


Go and watch some cnn and the like boy!!!
Stay at that's better for you.

Read it out.. Worth reading

Mr. Jefferies, with people like you around, its easy to see how the state of american democracy is in shambles...You claim that our country is doing the right thing....tell do you justify dozens of interventions around the world ?
The charges you accuse Muslims yourselves commit them on a vastly epic scale yet have the temerity to accuse others of it. The sheer hypocrisy of your post sets new standards in deception. The one who needs to look inside is you. Get of your racist war mongering platform, if not the word "freedom" cannot be a part of your vocubulary.

Islam and Muslims, hear you children cry for you.
You should have never started a war, you will now
have to count the high cost in your lives lost. A
better effort would have included a better vision
for your children, now you watch them die for you
and for nothing else. Your sadness is seen by all
the world, your visions destroyed all your young.

One poster said: "There is a limit to arrogance."

True -- arrogance is self-limiting, but many times there's hell to pay in the meantime.

Paul said: "Never forget that Saddam Hussein was the man that invaded Kuwait." True, but -- enter "April Glaspie" into any search engine and nose around for a bit, OK? I do very much think you mean well, I've been in the US military myself -- I'm a Vietnam combat veteran -- and what you say is true for much of the military but not all -- as usual in any human endeavor.

A lot of us US citizens need to poke around a bit and understand what's been done and is being done in our name. If we're pleased to call this a democracy we'd do well to get our fat butts out of our SUV's and read something like Noam Chomsky's "World Orders Old and New."



I am Pole and my nation was also severely damaged in history. Geographical place between Germany and Russia turned out to be not very lucky. Even now Poland stands before next sovereignty loss, this time in so-called European Union, which seems to be something like Society of Maniacal Greed and Absurd. My grandfather was shooting to Germans in 1939 in Warsaw, I wonder to whom will I have to shoot in my life, whoever invades my country. I wish it never happens. Earth was ment for all people, also for those who can't help but manipulate and disrespect others. After all we will be responsible for our actions in life no matter what nation we are from. So it is good to concentrate on our own life. If everyone would think this way, there would be no wars, and men would be exploring cosmos, ocean deeps, art.
If you look closer to recent events in the world you may notice that there are strong signs of inevitable fall of the US in the near future, as American conceit is really large. History of Rome, Britain, Soviet Union confirms that. Neither created environment for living there people sufficient for decent life, and they were based on exploitation. Brutal strength rules over honor also in the USA case. What is important though is that nations are not good or bad, there are only some people from those nations who are immoral. We cannot blame some people for actions of others. It is only that power lures so much those of skewd conscience. I do not need to look far in this case. I am ashamed of government of Poland. For me there is no Poland now the way it once was and I would be proud of. But there are still Poles who I believe can make Poland the way it should be. And the same I believe in every other nation there are people who are trustworthy, no matter what their governments do.
Marcin N.

Hello. I got this link on a board on war issues. I am not a fan of Bush..the man scares .. me. I think he is a psycho, but there's not a lot we can do. In my personal opinion the people here are good people but we dont dont do anything because we fear own government above all else. The people arent in control anymore, but most have been programmed the way they want us, those that dont fall in line end up being considered kooks. Well fine then I am a cook. I know the media here wont cover the true and the media there probably functions a bit the same way, but I want both sides of the story. All the items mentioned in here 95% of them I havent heard about. Does anyone have links to these stories. I want the truth and I am sick of being programmed to fall in line.

Thank you and I am sorry...some of us truly are so sorry. If you have the links...please email them to [email protected].

This is nothing but more gasoline on the fire for anti Islam senitment growing in the US. And is still confusing to me. On one hand, Muslims state this is not about Muslims, yet, they suggest the U.S. allow Muslims to launch attacks against our country, and citizens around the world. Not to mention others.

What should we do? Parley? It would resolve nothing, as you know. No, our country is doing the right thing. Of course people will die. Ours as well. But then, Muslims are already killing people all over the globe.

Indeed a tragedy, as the world stands at the precipice of peace, Islam will not let it pass.

Islam must look within. Perhaps it can return to its roots of higher learning.

Sadly, everywhere I look for information on the Muslim community, all I see are defensive postions stating what the U.S. or our leaders are doing wrong. In some poor attempt to justify the ubiqitous crimes against humanity committed by Muslims. It reminds me of dealings with my child who sometimes refuses to accept personal responcibility for his poor behavior.

Someone within Islam must step forward with a message of peace to stop the violence. The current clash of cultures will be devasting if unchecked for all parties, but none so much as Islam.

There is only one God. Yours and ours. He is a creator, not a destroyer.


Stop your war of terror Mr. President. As the late Philip Berrigan said "it is impossible for the U.S. to fight a war against terrorism as the U.S. is the biggest terrorist of all" also it has the most weapons of mass destruction!

It is precisely ignorance such as yours that the US is in so much trouble. Yes, you were a military man... I wouldn't brag about it. It is the presence of the US military in so many countries that causes problems. Protecting what? US interests and nothing else. I lived most of my life in Kuwait and Saudia Arabia and found the people to be kind and gracious. People are people with the same dreams and hopes as you.


It's expected for us to disagree with each other since we are all free thinking people however, Grendizer, I find it troubling that you question my being a Muslim.

Is it because I have a view that you do not perfer or do you honestly know what is in my heart?

Shame brother...shame!

ALI said:
I could've never said it better."GOOD JOB"

You will never understand what is really going on till you realize what the Council On Foreign Relations is.

BELQIS said:
I like to congratulate you on writing this excellent article.

Keep up the good work your reward is with Allah(SWT).

Is you letter to clear your own conscience ?
To prove the rest of the world that some of you americuns are still ok ? I don't like generalizing but it seems most of you are rotten, your ideology, your hopes, your fears, things you love and charish. What does your letter prove ?
You are desperate and ignorant ? How many times and people does have to write and read before actions is taken before it is too late for millions of innoscent lives ?


Regime change begins at home.

I pray that God will soon punish Bush and his administration for the "evil" doers that they are. They are nothing but stupid idiots and the people who so blindly follow them.

Absolutely EXCELLENT article!!!! Thank you, sir.
I guarantee you....I and many, others are VERY well aware of all the lies being told to us. I am a citizen of the world first and foremost...I am just so very sorry what our leaders and others belonging to the New World Order are doing...I send love and prayers to you.

Peace to All,
This article made me laugh out loud. Thank you. I'm a US citizen, and I'm glad to see that the doctor has great insight on what is really going on. We cannot sit around embracing illusions. Let's keep our eyes open as well as our minds.

My country has real problems. Our adversaries do in fact display real virtues. Articles like this one, however, seem to accomplish little in bringing that to light.

The article indeed contains some interesting information - but the insults were too evenly dispersed (throughout) to encourage people (like myself) to seriously consider most of it. Also, if the author is trying to suggest that my country is responsible for restoring sexual discretion to an unchaste world (or for that matter for plotting to put "La ilaha ill-Allah" into the hearts of terrorist-targets throughout the world) then the author would seem to be misdirecting what might be mistaken for praise.


Oh, and I was also hoping to see Allah's money - forwarded by people like myself from the portion with which Allah (SWT) provides each of us - paying for more articles based upon Ayat and Ahadith. Jazak Allahu Khair.

Yazid...aka John about you quit pretending to be a Muslim ? How much more pathetic can you get?
By the way those are Kurds, not "kirds." It was a great article...I doubt you could do the same.

Why is Dr Iqbal a fool??? Because he has not addressed all muslim problems i one article???
He has a point in his article, and so do you. Why do you have to call a fool any of us. President Bush is a devil, and so is Saddam Hussein. The cause for unjustice and dictatorships in muslim world is to be looked for back home, but also in Washington, Paris (in case of Algeria), and so on. Dear Yazid, don't call our brother Dr. Yazid a fool. Selam


Dr. Iqbal is a FOOL! and so are ALL of you who share his thoughts. These kind of thoughts are exactly why the UMMAH is suffering.

Where was noble Dr. Iqbal when the Taleban were starving the widows and children of martyr's BECAUSE THEY DECIDED it was haram for them to work.

Where was noble Dr. Iqbal when Sadaam murdered thousands of Kirds during Asr and Maghrib?

Why does Dr. Iqbal not address the SELLING of the brotherhood for IMF loans by Egypt, Qatar, Turkey and a host of other "muslim" countries?

Why does Dr. Iqbal not speak of the unjust and hate filled ruling families that opress EVERY muslim nation on this planet?

I think it's because it's ALWAYS easier to blame others for OUR problems.

To the wise Doctor! The US is propogating it's own self interest and could give a damn about Justice or Fairness....WAKE UP ... yes it's wrong of them to be that way....but do you honestly think they care what any muslim thinks???

The answer to muslim problems are in muslim hands...but some point missing finger pointers would rather US all continue to blame others for our problems instead of FIXING THEM!


One thing should be aded here, and that is, of course, 9-11. The truth about 9-11 is very simple. Rich Saudies come to America to get some training for their own purposes. FBI gets list of all muslims who had the flight training. The chosen ones get kidnaped and killed. When job gets reported to the center, hijaking beginns. But, ups, one of the "hijakers" calls from Saudi Arabia complaining that he is still alive. After finishing his training he returned home. Another "hijaker" had been living in hereafter for about a year before 9-11. What a lausy job, FBI. You better be more professional.

Salam to everyone, very good article, beautiful! Also, I have something for Mr. Paul, don't forget that all the chemical and biological weapons that Iraq had and used in the past was provided by USA. And Saddam became powerful with the help of USA. And when he used chemical weapons against the kurds, USA turned a blind eye on Saddam because he was the "friend" at the time. Now that he went out of control... We are not trying to protect Saddam, but we are trying to protect the people of Iraq.

Wow, Mr. Iqbal! What you have accomplished in these few paragraphs, I could have only dreamed to articulate. The sarcastic tone is very well employed that it would have made Chaucer look like a novice. Thank you for your column and would only wish the LOSERS who are trying to defend Bush, the low-IQed hypocrate, to go watch, or read some 'other' "pro-American" parrot media like CNN or FoxNews; to voice their virulent comments. Blind patriotism is not welcomed here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha hah.....whew..
eh..paul,your advice should go to your president,not us.

It is a pithy article which outlines how USA's interference and selfishness has caused so many deaths and it also exposes its double standards. Though numerous articles have exposed them.

Mr. Paul is one of the 90% Americans who are ignorant of world affairs. Hardly any Americans know the Asian geography, the culture.
Whatever the problems with the Muslim world he pointed out why are you (US) out there, leave us alone we will solve them ourselves. Almost all rifts between Moslem nations are ignited by the West (divide and rule).
Moslem nations are another ignorant lot, who are lazy and ruled by corrupt regimes which invite the West to feed on their wealth in return for crumbs of technology.

There is absolutely no doubt in the openness of US, many muslims find more opportunities in US than in their own countries. So many Moslem families made themselves richer and comfortable in US.

There is a limit to arrogance. Many a king has perished many a nation broken, injustice will never win. If US continues its high handedness, it will perish not in near future but long term, it will lose the esteem it gained in the world as a nation supporting good causes. US is making itself an enemy of Islam which will never pay her.

Muslims should not fear US they should fear God only, then no problems.

excellent!well done dr muzaffar.have usa not learned a lesson from sept 11.oh!but dear mr bush sends out other peoples kids in the front what will he care how many wars are created.poor american mommies.........more body bags for u to see.stand up and stop the war crazy mr bush.

Abu Jahkim I believe you when you say you're an American, that little rant proved painfully where your type originate from....but are you sure you're a Muslim ?
Seems to me that you're the one whos upset that there are still people who will NOT be scared into silence.

In response to Paul, I would like to remind him of a few details, HE, conveniently left out. First, it was the US that supplied your "mad man" Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons in the first place. The order of the day was to gas Iranians who threw off the cloak of imperialism by kicking out the Shah of America (I, I mean Iran). Second, wasn't I the US that promised the Kurds protection if they were to rise up against Hussein then let them be slaughtered after the Persian Gulf hostilities ended? Did you, conveniently forget t hat too, Paul? As for the no fly zones, the excuse of Allied warplanes being light up by Iraqi radar is becoming more difficult to believe since not a single plane has been downed in the past 11 years of these war games (Thank God). As for Afghanistan, when we conveniently forge them again like we forgot them then, we may be, shamefully, repeating history once again. I am an American, Paul. Born and bred. I love my country and would defend it to the death if necessary. This is precisely why I would not forsake it to a corrupt government to plunder the land and its people. This is precisely why I don't trust my government. I think it is the Washington bureaucrats who have the problem.

Mr. Hart, how about you go learn the facts instead of regurjitating media myths about Iraq like a lemming ?

Excellent article. We muslims around the world have a lot to thank Mr. Bush for the hardship our brothers and sisters.

I'm not very impressed with this. Instead of being sarcastic, why don't you try and find a suggestion to fix the problem.

Never forget that Saddam Hussein was the man that invaded Kuwait. Saddam Hussein is the one that has used the horror of chemical weapons on his own people.

Do not forget that after invading Kuwait that Saddam lost the war. He was forced to surrender and as part of that surrender signed a pact that to this day (11 years later) has not been fulfilled.

The no-fly zone over Iraq is to ensure the survival of the Kurds living there. I noticed you didn't mention that. Probably it doesn't fit your "agenda".

As far as the six Iraqis that has died. American/Britain have been complaining for years about the targeting of our planes in the no-fly zone. I am sure it is a tragedy for the family members of those killed. But the targeting MUST stop. I would be willing to bet that many more Iraqis have died than that for simply disagreeing with Mr. Hussein.

Yes, I have been a U.S. military man. I live in another country and have a CONSTANT fear of my life from terrorists/weapons of mass destruction in the hands of a mad man. I am tired of it. I am tired of living in fear and so should the Iraqis.

As a former US military man I KNOW that we are trained to respect life. We are trained to win with minimal damage. To protect those that are innocent whether American or the nationality of those we are fighting.

Those pictures that are floating around the internet (yes I have seen them), show me a few pictures of an Iraqi or a Taliban prison. I sure anyone would rather be tied up for a few hour trip than have to be imprisioned there. As I understand it the conditions there are worst than WWII concentration camps. Why are you not complaining about that?

My last bit of advice to you...

Always remember:

If you seem to have a problem with everyone else, maybe YOU are the problem.

Think about it.


After reading this article, the thirst to complain is gone! All said, all well!

I am an American. You are too bitter at the
world's beurocrocy and their selfishness that
you are missing the gift that Allah has so
graciously given you. Stop crying about
fairness and lies from your little hole in the
mountains and if you hate America so much,
crawl out of your pit and stand guard at a post,
because we are going to come over there and
when we do, you are NOT going to be happy!
The pain your country has suffered is tragic,
and my heart goes out to those who are trying
to rebuild, and those who have lost much! But
to those, like you, who are too scared and
angery to move on with their lives, who would
rather complain and try to get a pity vote from
the UN, you are no better than the rats who
infest your scum-infested caves. Sadaam and
Osama won't be the last to get their just
deliverence, people lke you are who stand in
the way of peace and prosperity for all of your
country. Get over it or get over here and fight
along side your brothers of Islam, who are
fighting a pointless war. Give it up already.

I liked the style of writing and the embodiment of truth that was reflected with such respect to our president.

I hope he gets a chance to read it, insha allah it could open his heart to the truth of Islam and mend his wicked ways.

The need of this hour is to strengthen our bond with Allah, through understanding of Allah's majesty and greatness and following our beloved Rasool Muhammed Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam.
And we need to remove the fear of the superpower and put the fear of Allah SWT in our hearts.

We know for sure but indeed we need to develop conviction in our hearts that we only worry about pleasing Allah, the rest of the world will fall on our feet Insha allah.

We need to stop worrying about the bushes and the advanis and the sharons, they cannot harm us if Allah does not will.

O people Allah is great and if we develop this love of Allah in our hearts, and if we love to obey Allah's commands and follow in the footsteps of our Rasool Muhammed SAW, then Insha allah, Allah will put all the bushes and the sharons and the other criminals under our feet.

This is the only way for success to muslims, there is no other short cut.

May Allah protect all muslims from the wickedness of the enemies and give us the true guidance.

I agree with this article very much. The doctor covered everything. Great writing doctor.
Jaza'ka Allah Khayer.

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