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1999 - Rubble is cleared from a gas station that the Iraqi authorities say was hit by US air strikes.

Secretary Powell, the most respected man in America and the only one in Bush's administration with respect abroad, wrote a most important opinion piece published in the Post on November 10, 2002 entitled "Baghdad's Moment of Truth". As Secretary of State the entire world listens to his opinion. Given America's war on terrorism and the unjustified rush to war on Iraq, a contained sanctioned and militarily deprived nation for the last eleven years, which has inexplicably and suddenly become a nation of "immediate threat to US and world security", it would only be logical that many Americans and foreign citizens would have written hundreds of letters and comments on Mr. Powell's article. Contrary to the people's opposition to war here and more so in Europe, the Post and other media outlets are beating the drums for war. America counsels parties to worldwide conflicts to seek peaceful resolutions and negotiations to end their conflicts and urges a break in the cycle of violence. Yet when it comes to the Middle East and Muslim nations America's weapons are the favorite means to end conflicts, control "oil threats", and ensure Israel's superiority.

While the Post always comes to the defense of any hint of alleged "Anti-Semitism" be it in Europe, the Middle East, or anywhere else, the Post did not see fit to write an editorial condemning the "Anti-Semitism" of Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggert, or even Jerry Falwell, unlike the powerful condemnation by Secretary Powell who personally understands racism and prejudice.

Our media has tragically become the "opium of the masses" launching soft drinks and wars upon the already weak, hungry, and impoverished masses in the third world. America's morality has been drowned by our media, advertising, and power of public relations. The uninformed void of Americans in their governmental policies is tragically filled by the powerful minority with money and access to the decision makers. Secretary Powell succeeded in simply delaying the inevitable massacre of Iraqi's by ensuring an international umbrella behind the "smart bombs" and the immoral killing Iraqi civilians followed by Israel's plan to attack Iran, then Syria, Lebanon etc. You may recall that it was Martin Indyk, the recipient of the fastest American citizenship in history, who formulated the "Dual Containment" of Iraq and Iran, which was a prelude to the "Dual Destruction" of both nations. 

The world breathed a sigh of relief when the much admired and respected Colin Powell was appointed Secretary of State, a balanced military dove among chicken-hawks. Unfortunately after repeated undermining and embarrassment by the Pro-Israeli lobby, Secretary Powell has decided that his future lies with "joining the hawks" rather than a principled resignation.

I am Anti-War but Pro-America, it's democracy, its values, its morality, its peace and security that will surely be threatened by what President Carter calls "Our Arrogance". No American business, institution of learning or faith, and no American citizen anywhere in the world will ever feel safe given our propensity for gun diplomacy, our shoot than analyze mentality, and our belief that our might will ensure our security and prosperity. When we kill it's "civilized and in defense of freedom", when we are killed it's "uncivilized terrorism" by those who are genetically born to hate us. America, like Israel, is now isolated and hated around the world. What a difference to the attitude of the world toward America prior to 1948. 

Being a "Muslim", under the Bush and Ashcroft regime, can negate ones citizenship rights. When Jefferson originally wrote "all men are created equal" blacks were excluded, now "all men are created equal" excludes Muslims and other minorities of color. We've come a long way in our history.

  Category: Americas, Life & Society
Views: 1972
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Older Comments:
To Sham Ali (8649):
Be VERY careful about the pronunciation of takfeer on Muslims. It is a trait of the Khawarij and other deviant groups which declare a Muslim to be outside of Islam because of one's sins. This opens the door for the bloodshed that has torn the Ummah. It is a serious issue an should be avoided at all cost!

you said that american "values and morality and democracy is at stake" i believe. My question would be, america has values and morality? Our children are whores, and thieves, and have no concept of what the word morality even means. Our parents are too busy worrying how to buy the hottest and largest SUV's to even worry about teaching values, my friend finding values and morality in america is like finding a Godly,true. well hearted and just man in the whitehouse who believes that his number one job is to look after the well being of this country and the people who live in it. Try not insulting our intelligence next time.

Having read General Powells statement,Im struck by one observation in particular;That the vast majority of US citizens are ,as strange as it may seem,unclear as to what our governments policies are with regard to palestine and the muslim world ...democratic countries must consist of informed people,otherwise power can be siezed and abused by interests which have no desire to see either justice,peace,or freedom for jews,moslems,or anyone else.It cannot be too late. There must be some way to get the US people, and ultimately,the current administration ,to see the error of blindly backing the policies of ANY foreign government,and to avoid an unjust war against a nation and a culture which has no place,in my mind at least,as an enemy of the USA

One interesting twist of US history is that Benjamin Franklin tried to shame congress into outlawing slavery by holding the Muslims up as an example, saying that they should not be less inclusive with human rights than Muslims. Unfortunately, Franklin died the day before the vote that could have sent the country into a civil war. The proposal was tabled into obscurity and slavery became the legalized economic system that almost caused the destruction of the United States and did cause the deaths of more US citizens that both world wars and the Korean War combined. (And that only counts those that died on the battle field not the African Americans that died as slaves) It took another 90 or so years before the African Americans got minimal rights in the 1960's fighting against a governmental anti-civil rights movement that included retitled McCarthyism, extrajudicial killings and other typical state terrorism. Don't expect that this fight for human rights to be any different. Indeed, expect that many will die standing up for freedom and justice. They know their lifestyle depends on the abuse of others and they are not unwilling to engage in it. But we can not mimic their methods. That would only allow them to call us hypocrites and use our actions to justify their own actions. Worse they will use our actions to justify their concepts. And at that point we will have failed as both humans and Muslims.
"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men (humans on earth) are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." If we can return the US to these concepts and get them to champion them instead of their opposite the rest should be easy. Though this won't be. It will take a push-pull PR campaign on many fronts. And will need to include the good will organizations across the spectrum from the Audubon society to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Majority of the Arab's Leaders are not united.They were well made corrupted or so called poisoned by the social life (no limits) of the Westerners especially The United States of America and her beloved axis-of-evils,of course The United Kingdom (Both Transparent One!) and Israel (Opaque One!)
With or without the United Nations "blessings" for the upcoming Gulf War II,I like to call the Highest Most Islamic Idol all over the World to condemn any others Islamic Countries which allows their country to be a launch pad for an attacks against Iraq by The United States and it's allies,denounce them as 'Murtad'! and 'Kafiruun'!.
Obviously,the word "Crusade" against Islam is still harvest deeply inside the heart and soul of The World President George Bush Shit Jr.,
Thank you and Best regards.

Muslim is not a teror but the american who looking for a war and wanted to destroy the islamic community in the world


I was sorry to here ur story, why a man would deny marriage is beyond me. The excuse of financial stability is poor one at best! I'm going to tell you something and it may hurt, as you care for this man! However I would be doing an injustice to you if I did not say the truth.
Being a Muslim is not about having Ahmed or Bilal Ali as a name. It is about ur actions. You cannot claim to be a muslim while u drink alcohol, u cannot claim to be a muslim while eating pork, and u sure as heck cant claim to be muslim while having sexual relations (or dating) outside of marriage. These activities and being a muslim are mutually exclusive. So u have to ask urself, the man ur dating, is he a muslim?? How is he a muslim?? Simply having mulim parents does not make one muslim!!
Tragically ur situation is similar to many others in the world. Where the guy is fulfilling his desires, all the while stringing the women along, with some rediculous excuse. And in the end after the guys has had his cake, he breaks off the relationship and goes along preying on other vulnerable women.
My advice to u Layla is simple if the guy refuses marriage, then tell him to take a long walk off a short pier. He is a deceiver, trust me I'm a guy I know what men think like. He is leading u into hell. I fear that u may let ur emotions get in the way of making the right decision....I hope not for ur sake.
Honestly the guy ur with now is not a MUSLIM, not by any stretch of the imagination. He is a HYPOCRITE (as described in the Quran) at best. Or more likely a HYPOCRITE + a MUJREMEEN (a criminal as described in the Quran)


Tapiwa,The only time we can't take Kuffars as friends is when they go to war with us,the passage u quote is extremely misintrepeted,Allah S.W.T has forbidden the muslims to follow suit the munafiquns that were living in Madinah to ally themselves with the mushrikun of makkah at the time the passage was revealed.The munafiqs only wanted to ally themselves to the mushriks because they wanted money:(However another pasage in the Quran tells us that it is not forbidden to take those who are not hostile against the muslims unless the muslim individual themselves has muslim friends.

Oh! people of America! Wake up! your government and your country has been taken over by the Zionists Jews and they are out to destroy all of of you and mankind. If you do not believe this, then set up an Independent Commission and let them analyse the truth of what the Zionist Jewish enemies have been upto! Please wake up, so we can live save the world and live in Peace for the next millenium! Oh people! read your bibles and Quran's and the truth is very clearly spealt out!!

That was a good article. The last paragraph was my favorite. Allah (swt) has already warned us not to take the kuffar as friends or protectors and look at what we've done. Our lack of unity amongst the believers has caused this. It is our own doing. Instead of symathising and supporting them we should just do as Allah (swt) has told us and stuggle in his path. If not then we will remain a defeated Ummah. Inshaallah others will read this eye opening article which exposes the contradictory actions that the kuffar make against us.