Three Tips to Strengthen your family

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To deepen the love and to improve communication between members of your family - spouse, children, parents - you should aim to establish the following three activities in your home.

Firstly, perform some of your daily Salat collectively with your family. Prophet Mohammed said that, 'When you have finished your [Fard] Prayer in the mosque, you should offer the rest of your Prayer at home for God will bless your home because of your prayer.' (Muslim)

Secondly, establish an usra or family circle to study the Quran with your family. The Quran alludes to reading of the Quran in families and in home in the following verse:

And remember that which is recited in your houses of the Revelations of God and the Wisdom. [al-Ahzab 33: 34]

You should aim to hold these sessions at least twice weekly, if not more regularly. Remember that the first recipients of the message of the Quran were the members of the prophet Mohammed's household. They were the one he paid most attention to in the early phase of his mission in Makka. So, you also must ensure that you spend adequate 'quality' time in educating and training your family.

Thirdly, develop the habit of having meals with your family. This will also provide a golden opportunity to interact with everyone, discuss family matters and reflect upon issues of the day.

Compiled from "In the Early Hours" by Khurram Murad

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  1. Ahmad Gwadabe from Germany

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakat,

    I think that are very good tips and I will try to preform them Insha'allah.

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakat

  2. M. Abdul Latheef from india

    Well..! generally understood topics...Connected with Religious social welfare..well thinking and Alhamthulillah very well supported by others..May Allah bless and make everyone follow the prophetic way.

  3. Bashirat from Nigeria

    My comment is this poem



    ONE: Don't miss the boat.

    TWO: Remember that we are all in the same boat.

    THREE: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

    FOUR: Stay fit. When you're 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

    FIVE: Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

    SIX: Build your future on high ground.

    SEVEN: For safety's sake, travel in pairs.

    EIGHT: Speed isn't always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.


    TEN: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

    ELEVEN: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting.

    Pass it along and make someone else smile, too.

  4. Mohammed Hanif from UK

    I found this article very enlightening and inspiring. Its simplicity belies the deep change that putting it into action can bring, inshaAllah.

  5. Ayesha from Canada

    My mother always told us that a family that prays together and eats together stays together

  6. Mohamed Said from Tanzania

    I appreciate your advise and may Allah SW reward you for your efforts to educate the umma specially during this trying times.

  7. abu from england


    how are you going to perform your nawaful in jamah ie with your your family unless it is tahajuud. what other way can you pray with your family collectivley

  8. Mohammad Amin Taher from USA


    All that I had wanted somebody should put in words for somebody else to understand.

    as simple as that, Isn't it? Just Have Combined Salaah, Combined Quraanic Recitation, and Combined Meals. Thats it. It doesn't take any more. ThankQ Allah Miyaa.

  9. yasmine from U.A.E

    As Salamualaikum va rahmatollah

    My daughter,my son and I are following the pillar of Islam,but my husband is not and recently my son has stopped praying, but he is fasting.My husband is only chosing what is suitable to him such as fasting but not praying. Please advise me.

    Thank you for your time.

  10. L. A. H. KHAN from India

    Excellent suggestion based on Sunnah and Quran which are very simple to follow or implement.

  11. wali-uddin jameel abdul-wali from U.S.A.

    as-salam-alaikum this is an excellent way to understand whats going on with your family and improve familly unity and improve understanding of QURAN.

  12. wajiha alavi from U.S.A

    Assalam-Alaikum,this is an excellent way so that we muslim's can prove ourselves not only religion wise but also culture wise to be the best in the whole wide world exactally the way our holy Quran say's.It can inspire other's to participate in our habbit's and get to know what exactally Islam mean's.Jazak-Allah Khaire.Allah-Hafiz

  13. Arshia from USA

    As salamualaikum .

    Alhamdulillah these tips are very helpful and subhan allah ,we are trying to follow them.jazak allah khair.


  14. Mohamed Razi from Sri Lanka

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Jezakallah, send us short and meaning ful messages like this to make our life the way the almighty allah wishes.

  15. Rasheed Khan from South Africa

    Excellent article - I would suggest that in view of the fact that a lot of us do not understand Arabic - just read it parrot fashion - we should read from the Hadith in the language the family understands.

    Was Salaam

  16. Riaz Syed from USA

    Dear brother

    salamalaikum wrwb

    I read your article and found it interesting.

    I think reading Quran in a group is a good thing, but it should be stressed, bring an alim to give lesson on Quran.

    Also, remove all other distractions of life such as TV internet connection etc especially if kids in home. Entertain reading books, arrange Dars of Quran, Hadith etc

  17. Fakera Nazneen from USA

    Insha-Allah, I will start implementing it immediate on REGULAR basis. As a mother I take 15-30 mins before bed time and give my kids some Islamic knowledge by reading books and translation of Quran. However, can I get some info or helpful hints and some Dua to read to bring my husband closer to Allah. My husband gets upset when it comes to any religious talks, and does not want to attend any religious events in Masjid. Although, my kids do listen to me and we spend quality time in and out of my home specially on subject of Islam but my husband diverts their attention by turning TV or takes them out or he does not want any noise in the house so it becomes difficult for me regardless of time of the day. He takes his authority of husband/head of the house way out of context and tries to implement it negatively. It has been over 15yrs since marriage and things are getting worse. As a father he does not fulfill fatherly responsibilities and spends money very conservatively and I can not even mention about the obligations as husband. As a working mother of three and trying to manage family on my own is affecting my health greatly. Do you have any info on how to cope with this circumstances and can you recommend some dua I can read to make things better for my entire family. Jaza kalla Khair.

  18. Shafiyq from USA

    This is a very simple reminder of the things we need to do with family that we sometimes overlook. As a busy man as well as a Muslim, I know sometimes I take my family for granted. These three things alone WILL serve to help strengthen the family unit.

  19. muhammad ndako from Nigeria

    Assalamu alaikum,

    please kindly Quote the relevant hadith were prophet muhd(pbuh)said one can pray with the family at home. and what is the meaning of (fard)

    Thanks wasalam.

  20. mani from Pakistan

    they were very impressive and practical tips.we are so busy with our daily routine that we forget to give quality time to our families.thank you for reminding us.May Allah bless us all.amen

  21. SALIFOU BELEM from burkina faso

    your article is good enough to remember to us how to deal positively with our family.i hope i'll read such articles in the future.assalamu aleikum.

  22. mahmood khan from australia

    excellent approach. Doing salaat together bridges the bonding of the family.UNDERSTANDING the recitation is not only challengig ,but so satisfying.Most times so awesome and inspiring .We ask younger family members to leasd the prayers not infrequently. Raises their self esteem.Brings them closer.

    Family usras are very helpful. Someone has to do the research . Discussion of the seera and azbaabe nazool can encourage all to become pro active. BUT the head of the family will need to be the role model.!

    Eating together is unquestionably an Islamic tradition and must be maintained at all costs. The father must help in preparation of some meals so that feeding the family is not delegated exclusively and singularly to the MUM in the family . Other members should be rostered to cook regardless of the insatiable dish. No one is perfect! Last but not least is to encourage conversation ,re current affairs ,we all need to learn to listen. And listen actively with empathy. Mahmood khan Australia.

  23. Ali from United Kingdom

    I think this is a very good article but it needs the addition of 'without the television on' at the end of the first sentance of the third tip.

  24. Danish from England

    Jazakamullah khair for the reminder. Having a pious muslim family is the essential foundation for the success of the Ummah of Nabie-e-kareem Mohammad, sallaho alaihi wasalaam. From this foundation we can work towards the community and the well being of muslims and mankind throughout the world

  25. Izaz from Canada

    Alhumdulillah absolutely well placed. We definately need to strengthen our families before we go out of the house. The three mentioned activities have proven for me to be the best means of getting everyone together and gainig more knowledge about Islam on a weekly basis.

    Would absolutely strongly recommend to any family trying to learn more about Islam

  26. Zahiri from Sri Lanka

    Alhamdulillah, these are more valuvable points for every islamic family,should be implemented ,for the victory of this world & the hereafter

  27. Dora Wong from Australia

    Thank u for this timely reminder. Life is so busy we neglect our priorities sometimes.

  28. Rashida from U.S.A.

    Alihamdulilahi, this article is good. Jazakunllahi Akhira to the writer. Ours is a young family but the three tips are something we practised every day. We pray at least 3 salat collectively, study the Quran and the Hadith after Fajir prayer, memorise a verse or a short chapter of the Quran and the meaning every week and eat together. Alhamdulilahi, the practise is really helping my family and increasing the bond between us. I will enjoin everybody to make it a family ritual too. Maa Sallam

  29. Rashida from South Africa

    Verily Allah most high speeks the truth - in Cape Town a large city in South Afica this is a custome that the muslim comminity are very much used to - and Algam-dulillaah is works.