New U.S. immigration laws causing complaints and hardship

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The Patriot Act 2001, passed hurriedly by Congress after the September 11 attacks, which is being strictly implemented since October 1, has led to increasing complaints that people of Middle Eastern and South Asian origins or looks are bearing the brunt of the new law.

The new law, which has come under sharp criticism from civil liberties and immigrant bodies, makes it easier to bring about a more vigilant enforcement of visa laws, arrest and deportation of visa overstays as well as deportation absconders, delay in processing of work permits of aliens, a new and stringent procedure related to grant of student visas, and enforcement of immigration laws relating to students after they enter the United States.

Ironically, like most other immigration policies which have come to the fore now, the necessary procedures were already in place, some since World War II and others since 1998, but they had been suspended for decades in respect to most visiting foreign nationals. "Now, our national interest demands that such procedures be implemented fully to guarantee the safety of all residents of the United States, including US nationals and other visitors," Attorney General John Ashcroft explained. There are three components to the process: first, fingerprinting and photographing at the entry points to the country; second, periodic registration of aliens who stay in the US for 30 days or more and third, exit controls that will help the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) remove aliens who do not comply with the relevant regulations or are found to have been in violation of other US Immigration laws.

The nationals of the following countries are affected by the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS): all nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and Syria.

Also affected are other non-immigrant aliens whom the State Department considers to present an elevated national security risk, based on criteria reflecting current intelligence. According to a report in the Washington Post on 24 September, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) internal memo, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen have been added to the list of such countries. Intending visitors to be subjected to the new procedures would be picked out by INS inspectors "in their discretion", which means not all arriving Pakistanis may be photographed and fingerprinted. The fingerprints of the aliens undergoing NSEERS would be matched against a database of known criminals and terrorists. According to the Attorney General's office, in the past five months, during a pilot project using the same fingerprint technology to identify wanted criminals , INS was receiving an average of more than 70 fingerprint "hits" a week, resulting in the arrest of 2,000 wanted felons from January through July 2002. Fingerprinting is considered by the Justice Department as a foolproof procedure to identify criminals who have changed identities. Though an undeclared objective, fingerprinting would also help INS identify those illegal immigrants who obtained US nationality or Green Cards by changing the identities through which they entered the United States.

This would further increase the chances of arrests of many intending Pakistani visitors as a substantial number change their names and try to re-enter the United States under a new identity. With fingerprinting, they would all be like sitting ducks at ports of entry. Already, many Pakistanis have been deported from entry airports when their previous instances of visa overstay were discovered during the initial fingerprinting.

The INS inspector at the point of entry is one of the most powerful officials in the US because he has immense discretionary powers, and is not even accountable to an INS District Director. He can only be held judicially accountable and that too with great difficulty.

If a visitor remains in the US for more than 30 days, he must report to an INS office between day 30 and day 40. If a visitor remains in the United States for one year or longer, he must report 10 days before or after the anniversary of his entry into the United States. During the stay, if the visitor changes his address, employer or school after staying in the United States for 30 days or more, he must notify the INS in writing within 10 days of the change.

A tourist would be asked for evidence substantiating his declared purpose of visit, hotel receipts, ticket stubs, or in case he or she has been staying with relatives, documents such as postmarked envelopes showing their address. A visitor who is an employee would have to show payroll stubs, employment contracts and the like. A student would have to produce class schedule, official notification of the grades, student identification card etc. The INS officer could ask other relevant questions, and he could also ask the visitor to come with additional evidence after a period of seven days. Those designated for exit from the United States would have to appear in person before an INS inspecting officer at a designated port of departure and leave from that port the same day. In case of non-compliance, the offender would be deemed to be out of status and subject to arrest, detention, fines, and removal from the United States.

Source: Daily Times

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Immigration, United States Of America
Views: 1456

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Older Comments:
I am glad to see immigration law being enforced. It angers me when people enter my country and laugh about the way they have gotten over on our system. In southern California, people use their sister's I.D. or another realative whenever they want to apply for new services, and behavior like that really make me angry. It also make me angry when people apply for US citzenship, and lie about it. They will become citizen only so they can go back home and live, but still be American. There is no ther country that allows this behavior like the US. I gladly welcomes people to come to America, just don't abuse it.

Thus, the Qurn says: When angels take the souls of those who die in sin, they say, in what plight were you? They reply: Weak and oppressed were we on earth. They (angels) say: Was not the earth of Allah large enough for you to move yourself away from evil? Such men will be sent to Hell-what an evil refuge! (97-4).

Now this is what we call "democracy" justice for all.

HAYAO MATSUMOTO FROM USA said: speak truthfully but you need to relax, so calm down. As for Mr.Norman, you are correct that he is quite irrelevent, as he simply has zero credibility as his abrasive posts continually prove.
He's nothing but a racist ignoramus who is incapable of any real debate in a civilized manner. Mr. Norman is an evasive zionist coward also, i remember when he had nothing to say he started stereotyping me because of my Japanese ancestory in order to dodge the issues. should ban charlatans like him permenently.

Rest of Ans to Speak the truth. In Matt 5:17 & 5:19 Jesus has come to fulfill the law and the law tells of one God without sons & daughters. For God that moses mentioned had no soon or daughter & did not beget! "'By Jesus' sacrifice, he atoned for all who believe." Where in the old testament does it say of this prophecy? Please point it out. Because Matt loved to make prophecies in order to justify his point & unfortunately they were always wrong! "John 3:16: How can you discount this!?! You better discount all of John." done that since his writing was done way after the passing of Jesus & does not agree with the other gospel writers. "Matt 5:45,48. Luke 3:38: correct, we are all "children of God", but there is only one Son, one Christ." These two don't single out Jesus as the only son yet only John does that. For a gospel to be believed all four must say the same thing & not different things & then expect others to believe one over the other. So their writings are as the bible says collection of wisdome by priest who were inspired but were not companions of Jesus or the eye witnesses! Ex 4:22 You yourself said that God called a nation son. So God is use to calling everyone and even a nation & a moutain son that doesn't mean their God's son. By son it means all are God's creation. Everything. Words shouldn't be taken too seriously & out of context! "II Sam 7:14, I Chronicles 22:10: This points to the reign of Jesus Christ, the everlasting kingdom, from the line of David." But You & Johan said Jesus is son of God & even God himself. So how is he from the line of David? Make up your minds he is either without a father or he is as the 2 gospel writers say son of Joseph. Although they even got his genealogy wrong. one says up to 26 forefathars the other 41 till it reaches david.
which makes one think which 1 of these writers is 1 to believe & for that matter any of their words. Heb 7:1 by the way contradicts Gen 3:20 & Heb 7:3 calls him like a son of God....

Speak the truth,a well known fact. The president is a born again christian who prays in the oval office in white house and with diplomates of the same faith from other nations. Everyday according to the press reports the meetings at the white house starts with lords prayers and this is conformed by President. As a born again christian he himself has declared that his mentor is billy G. And frank G said the prayers when took the oath of presidency! He and his family are friends of pat robertson! And he himself has said that he acts and talks as a good christian. Thus he repeats the verses of bible in his speeches! How can you deny that a man who at the start of his war called the war a crusade and used these words wasn't repeating bible? Anyways, no matter what anyone says you will still say milk is black.
"Mark 12:28-29/Deut. 6:4: Jesus affirms that there is but one God. Don't see how this means "taking his own salvation" through God. See John 5:23." What is there that you don't see? You yourself say that Jesus(pbuh) affirms the one God. He affirms what mosses affirmed, 1 God without sons or daughters! And again the word son shouldn't be taken literaly. But if one is to believe in John's gospel then 1 should stop beliving in Mark's gospel & the others since John is the only 1 with these inspirations.(remember its not johan the appostle writing. And Yes people should honour him because God send him as a Prophet same as the others before him! And you had writen that people must take their salvation through Jesus but according to Jesus the salvation is only through one God & not him as was stated in the previous post. "Mark 10:18-19/Matt 19:16-17: Jesus states ..." Please re-read the verses. Its amazing how you can't see the connection to the fact that in Mark & Deut he affirms the one God, the God of adam, Abraham,... & mosses which was 1 God. & how he reminds of the commandments which also were of 1 God. So deny he does

Grendizer: if there is an artful dodger here, it is you.

Peacelover, Politicians use many phrases like "if you're not with us/then you're against us". It is a common saying. It is used without reference to the Bible. If one were to twist Matt 10:34 as Jesus' making a call to violence, then I would protest.

Mark 12:28-29/Deut. 6:4: Jesus affirms that there is but one God. Don't see how this means "taking his own salvation" through God. See John 5:23.

Mark 10:18-19/Matt 19:16-17: Jesus states that only God is good, therefore, if he were good, he is God. Jesus does not deny he is good here--he does not deny that he is God. It is ironic that the man calling him "good" in ignorance was actually correct!

Matt 5:19: Read in context, 5:17: Jesus has come to fulfill the law. The "moral" commandments of God's law remain. By Jesus' sacrifice, he atoned for all who believe.

John 3:16: How can you discount this!?! You better discount all of John.

Matt 5:45,48. Luke 3:38: correct, we are all "children of God", but there is only one Son, one Christ.

Ex 4:22: Speaking of Israel as His firstborn son, a nation, not the "Son".

II Sam 7:14, I Chronicles 22:10: This points to the reign of Jesus Christ, the everlasting kingdom, from the line of David.

Jeremiah 31:9 : (see Gen 48)

Hebrews 7:1,3: The Bible says Melchisedec, King of Salem is a priest, not calling him Son of God. Adam was created by God. Jesus was not created by God (see John 1:1).

Matt 10:34: Jesus is not calling for violence by "bringing the sword". Because he came, he disrupted the sinful lives of those who would follow him. He requires (v 33) that we acknowledge him or else he will disown us before his Father. Many were and will be persecuted because of their belief in him, even within our own families. There is no call to violence at all here only that people will be violent against those who believe in him. Yes this is indeed, an interesting read. Also try Matt 10:14-16

Thanks Peacelover. I mean no disr

Very good article !

Your utter irrelevance never ceases to amaze John...instead of dodging the issues why dont you crawl in your zionist rat hole ?

James:Obviously you have nothing to say of any great interest since I can't find anything in your two-line piece which might indicate otherwise.

Grendizer: back to the insults again, I see. That's your priviledge, altho' it adds nothing to the "debate". In the meantime, either get yourself a book of Yiddish terms or stop misusing them. You only make yourself look like an ignoramus.

And remember, the Israeli Govt is not involved in criminal acts
John Normon you and holocaust deniers deserve each other. People like you are the <> of the Earth.

John you are so pathetic and wasted in your petty lies and bigotry you cant even stay within reality anymore.
You honestly need get out more instead of getting high on zionist terrorist propoganda which you never seem tired of regutjitating like a pavlovian poodle in distress.
Go take some anti-psychotics and feel free to rejoin reality. What a sore loser. Mensch !

Grendizer: no thanks for your useless juvenile drivel. You really need to grow up. Your bigotry shows up too.

And remember, the Israeli Govt is not involved in criminal acts. It's futile to go into it with you since you're the guy who goes around with blinkers on, like some old dray horse whose been pulling wagons for so long that he can no longer remember where the stables are and just plods on regardless until his driver pulls him up short. Who is your driver, incidentally? Some guy in Cairo?

Ipf, dont give me excuses for your bizarre policies. My post didnt cut any corners, it only referred to selective racism in your immigration policies. I was referring to CONSERVATIVE know the same people who claim to be people of God and yet have a long and rich history of bigotry towards non-Europeans and non-Protestants. Dont misquote me and use that as an excuse to whine here. If you want to protect your borders, hold your government responsible for policies and actions done in your name. Stop blaming immigrants for your failures and do some intelligent soul searching yourself.
And usual you have much to say but of little merit....if we take your advice every Jew in the US would be held responcible for the criminal actions of the Isreali governments against the US, including spying by jewish organizations like the ADL and ZOA. Should they all be treated as if they have a connection to Johanthan Pollard...remember him ?
However I am all in favor of tossing Zionists out...since they are use other nations to fight their dirty wars....either way they'll move to greener pastures after they've drained the US dry....and you wont have anyone to blame but yourselves for that. How poetic!

Grendizer, why don't you ever respond with something intelligent to say instead of making sweeping generalizations such as that christians are all members of the KKK or that we are mindless followers of Falwell and Patterson? If any member of KKK claims they are christian are lying because they are not living or loving the way our Lord (faultless son. Mary 19:19)commanded of us.
These times that we live in are dangerous. America has to do what it can to protect all innocent citizens (including American Muslims)from the threat of terrorists. It's unfortunate that innocent MiddleEastern peoples are under more suspicion than other groups but you can thank the terrorists for that.
This world is a dark world indeed and we need to all pray for God's peace and for His peace to live in our hearts.

to Speak The truth. muslims respect everyone & believe there is no compulsion in religion & think its for God to decide who goes to heaven & who to hell! They love & honour Jesus(pbuh) & Bible & would not disrespect or twist words. But then lots of christians twist verses of holy Quran & muslims say nothing because they respect Jesus & Bible & above all God. But you got to admite the Western leaders used that quote in their war speeches that lead to death of innocent muslims which the gov'ts called coladeral damage & not a single good christian leader of the church stop protest useage of verses of bible for their war speeches. As for salvation Prophet Jesus(pbuh) took his own salvation through God as told in Mark 12:28_29 which is affirmation of Deut.. 6:4. He believed in 1 God who is alone, lacks any partner & warned others not to call him good for only God is good & to not give fasle testimony & defrude. Mark 10:18_19. Matt 19:16_17. Punishment for those who do that Matt 5:19. Beside John 3:16 forgets Jesus according bible is not God's only begptten son. Read Psalm 2:7 David is the son. Does that mean God had 2 sons? Jesus said God is not only his father but yours too. Matt 5:45,48. Luke 3:38. Oh & Jesus (pbuh) was not the first born or only son. Exodus 4:22, II samuel 7:14, I chronicles 22:10, Jeremiah 31:9. The word "son" must not be accepted literally beacuse God addresses many of his chosen servants as son & sons. The Jews have also claimed Ezra to be son of God. Who is mentioned in Hebrews 7:3 as like unto the son of God? It's Melchisedec, King of Salem, as mentioned in Hebrews 7:1. He is more unique than Jesus or Adam. Why is he not preffered to be the son of God? Moreover, Adam did not have a mother or father but was the first human being created by God in the likeness of God to exist in the garden of eden and on earth. Another good read Matt 10:34 ...But as you said & muslims know, Jesus was peaceful &never claimed himself to be what others claim him to be

Grendizer. You might have a point in there but the question would then be "Are the Scandinavian albinos - or some of them - interested in bringing the US to its knees?" The answer would be, surely, no. In the case of Islam, there are far too many Muslims, both outside and inside the US, who take the contrary, aggressive view and would like to see the US collapse in a sea of blood. Now, please note, I did not say all Muslims but "far too many Muslims". The US and the West generally are, therefore, fully entitled to take steps to protect the rest of their populations against an influx of Muslims who wish the US and the West great harm.

What a bunch of whiners.

As I said earliar if Scandanavian albinos were sneaking into the US....none of these buffoons would utter a world against it.
It about race, not just immigration. White Supremasicsts aka conservative Christians should quit denying that they have klan sheets in their closets.

Alright my man thats what I call a real post. Treat them as they treat you !
Kathy feel free to read up on democracy and freedom of religion when you have some spare time from worshipping the Hallaujah Boys Falwell and Robertson.
Muslims did all they could to condemn 9/ dont give us this CRAP about the Islamic community being silent. They did that while being attacked throughout the country both physically and by the media, and while being detained and deported thanks to Herr Ashcroft.
You so called defenders of "libery and justice" are liars who export terror thru out the world and then complain about being hated...OH BOO HOO HOO ! Your immigration policies are just a reflection of your hypocrisy!

In Response to "Peacelover" 8163:

Please don't twist Jesus' words. He is not calling for violence or action. He is merely stating a fact in Matthew 12:30. If you read those verses in context, Jesus continues in verses 31-32 that those speaking against him will be forgiven (should they seek it). Jesus never, ever called for death or punishment for those who spoke against him. GOD is the only judge in these matters, not man. No one can be "forced" to be Christian--salvation through Christ is a gift that can only be freely accepted. If you refuse Christ, that is your own choice--it is not up to any man to judge your decision or attempt to coerce you into accepting him. Shame on any Christians who believe otherwise: they are mistaken.

So-called Christians in history (and, God forbid, today) have violated this for their own ends and so have injured Christianity. Look at the hatred and mistrust that still exists against Christians hundreds of years after the evil persecution caused by the Church of Rome in the name of Christ.

This is much like those who claim to be Muslim but are violent today. If I were Muslim, and understood Islam to be a religion of peace, then I would do what I could to promote that peace and love and not encourage violence and hatred. I would come to the defense of my belief and vocally stand up for the truth.

The evil being perpetrated out there today in the name of religion (at least as far as Christianity and Islam are concerned) seems to me to be pure politics. Violence and hatred is the work of Satan, not God. And from what I understand both Muslims and Christians can agree on that.


NA FROM NA said:
Islamic countries should apply the same rules as the USA and other so called good christain western nations apply to muslims. when muslim countries are graced with the arrival of a good western christain visitor who supports such massures in his/her nation towards muslims. Take off their shoes, pants,.... and make them wait for hours in that state untill they are cleared. Apply the exact same treatment! If the gov't wouldn't do that then the muslim people of those countries should do that to the visitors what the USA wants it people to do when confronted with a suspiouses stranger. Meaning to be on guard from the big bad muslims and spy on them and record their every movement. So the muslims should show the good christains supporters of such messures who understands the reason behind such rules the same courtesy! Not because the muslims don't like them but because they are scared for their safety from these good christians as are the good christians of the big bad muslims in their countries. Also stop buying made in west products. By buying their products you disgrace them. Show you care for their feelings & don't want to insult it, by not buying their products! Studies have shown soft drinks & coffee does nothing but make you sick. eg, bad teeth, cause sleeplessness, etc. Also Malysia makes cars buy theirs. Next why go study in USA? Think of the paper work & a spy assigned only for to watch you like a hawk! That is unfair to the poor spy and the university to write reports every day of your movement to the gov't. Simply not right! Instead why not demand from your own countries to meet your needs withen your own country or go to countries where you are welcome & whose people are friendly & share same culture or faith? Contribute to their economy. Why not encourage creativety withen your own nation by visiting designers of your own nation for clothing etc. Give your hard earned money to those deserving of it & in the process build your own nation & economy!

During this trying time, I believe there should be an outcry from Islamic religous followers to deny their support of Osama bin Laden. Especially when he threatens our lives in America unless we convert to Islam. Where is the American Islamic community in supporting of the only countries in the world that allows freedom of speech and religion.


Esther, are you a native American?
Without immigration the America wouldnt't exist.
I'm not sure how you get the idea that China's population of more than a billion are all of one race. Maybe to you they're all yellow chinks? Now as to Sam's comments, "slay the indidels"? Your ignorance is extreme. Freedom of the press is anti-islam? From my understanding no one has the right to publicly burn the bible, quran or torah in the U.S. It's like yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater. Doing it will cause death and injury. But the point is, in Muslim countries they burn the U.S. flag in reaction to our sending a 2,000 pound bomb on their, and their families heads. You should be happy they're ONLY burning a peice of cloth.

Now this is sick... First they have the statue of liberty that is there to help the poor and the needing and now they make it a pain to get in the US... and when your in there they treat you like a ...!!!

Not only is it unfairly discriminatory, the new policy is foolish. All the terrorists would have to do is get recruits from countries that are not on the INS list.

However, we must recognize that the USA has a right to act as it wishes against foreigners who may pose a threat to its people. Muslims in some of the countries on the list should have thought about the consequences of their actions before they started dancing in the streets with pictures of Osama bin Laden following the 9-11 attacks.

As usual reading Esther's comments does nothing but amuse a person at her happily blessed state of ignorance and hypocrisy! :) But then what can one say? She is the mighty hypocrite European living not in forefathers land where she proudly claims her roots but in USA. The land of native americans which her so called good christian proud European forefather who were nothing but commen theives and the unwanted burden in European socity that were kicked out by the europeans dumped on poor native americans. They were nothing but barbarains! But will she ever admite to it? No way! But what is amusing that she doesn't take the name of going back and settling in her forefathers land which is europe yet she tells others to go to their forefathers lands! Hypocrite! As for christianity and being peaceful. No disrespect but the christians will have peace only when they make the world Christian otherwise they will keep the tradition of their forefathers treatment of the native americans! After all doesn't the spousedly peaceful people teaches Matthew 12:30 "He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters!" Luke 12:23 repeats the same thing and so it goes on. Words that President Butch the good christian repeats again and again. So either you become christains or we will destroy you and then they go and accuse others of what they themself believe in and are preached to. As for the other person wanting to burn the Quran. What does bible teaches them about someone wanting to reject the words of bible and burning it or the crosses and the laws of their gov't regarding someone burning crosses or bibles? First look into your own inner selves then accuse others of what you openly commite. As for USA making laws tough. Great! If they want to lose profits from those visiting and contributing to their economy and instead wanting to make their own economy poor then its their personal decision. More power to them!

Just when you thought the quality of postings got up...along come "Sam Thompson" and "Esther"...a pair of ignorant right wing psuedo-patriots with their phony views backed up with nothing, as usual.
Sam get your own views before regujitating thrash you learnt from Faux News, or whatever your nutty local preacher fed you. Your banal banter shows you have a thing for cheap polemicsm. You dont believe in freedoms only believe in your right to hate others no matter what....I'll bet you wanna a burn a Quran dont you ? Infact Bible burnings are all the rage in Israel...which right wing "christians" like you support in the hopes of igniting armageddon. You're a fascist phony. as usual show that are quite willing fabricate whatever suits your idiotiic premise. Muslim countries dont allow immigration ?! BS...they sure do...think the 40000 Americans in Saudi Arabia are a figment of state departments immagination ? Muslim countries allow immigration alright so please dont lie, b/c nobody believes you and you end up looking like a bonafide screw-up.
Immigration isnt the issue...its the race of the immigrant which you a problem with. You wouldnt be howling "Death of the West" ala Pat Buchannan if we had a boat load of Scandenavians landing on our shores would you ? Immigration is the source of America's're just afraid of competition in terms of hard work and changing racial demographics.
Its ironic Sam and Esther that you are the descendents of immigrants yourselves...ILLEGAL ones from Europe ofcourse who engaged in a little matter of genocide.
If you're so scared of immigrants...start mowing your own lawns, start picking your own oranges and get a real education....and if you're still to LAZY to do that...feel free to move back to your European roots...but I doubt even they would want white thrash in their streets.
I hope that burned you good.....that'll teach to blame hard working well-educated immigrants for your own failur

The problem is that America and all the freedoms it
stands for are exactly opposite of what Islam stands for.
Islam teaches it's followers to slay the infidels and
kaffirs. Well, most of America is Infidels and Kaffirs.
One of the basic freedoms we have, freedom of the
press, is totally anti-Islam - for example, in America it is
legal to burn the flag. What would Muslims say if
somebody burned Korans? Would any Muslims stand
up for that person's right to burn the Koran? I don't think
so. America needs to stand tall in the world for it's
freedoms, and Islam and Muslims immigrants are
destroying those freedoms. In any case, Muslims can
stay in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other "perfect Muslim

Greetings of Peace,

Esther, I disagree with you. Everyone who lives in the United States is an immigrant. Muslim-Americans have proven to be consistently better educated, more law abiding, and more productive in society than other immigrant groups, or with respect to the average American. Go to the hospital, and you'll find that many Muslim doctors. Visit your local technology company, bets are there are many Muslims. The misconception that immigration causes harm to a country is unfounded.

Let us be honest immigration is killing America, Europe, and Canada.One thing that makes China great is the people are of the same race, and more importantly not divided. Another point Muslims countries don't allow immigration. So why do we?