Zionist Theses and Anti-Theses

A Martian political delegation to our planet arriving in 1948 remarked how lucky they were to have come at a time when Earth's political geography was undergoing a sea change.

They observed that the two major wars in the three previous decades were behind some of this ferment. Britain and France, the two great colonial powers, were being pushed aside by two new ones, United States and the Soviet Union. They observed the beginnings of another historic process. Taking advantage of the capitalist wars, the colonized peoples of Asia, Africa and the Caribbean were ratcheting their own independence movements. The age of colonial empires and settler colonies was coming to a close. Or so it seemed.

In addition to these broad-brush changes, the Martians noted some anomalous details. They wrote of events in the Levant-in Palestine to be precise-that ran contrary to the global trends away from colonial empires and settler-colonization. In particular, they reported the creation in May 1948 of Israel, a Jewish state, in Palestine; it was the culmination of a colonial-settler movement launched at Basle in 1897 by the powerful but despised Jews of Europe. This new state had expelled, both before and after its creation, some 800,000 Palestinians from their homes.

One of the Martian observers, in a dissenting note to the delegation's report, observed that the creation of Israel did not bode well for Earthlings. In a language that appeared to be taken from Theodor Herzl's The Jewish State written in 1895, he wrote that "the existence of this rampart of Europe against Asia, this outpost of Western civilization, could only be guaranteed by Europe." He predicted that since this new state had been created abnormally, in opposition to the new trends in global morality, it would face the greatest difficulty in securing the moral support of the publics in United States and Europe.

On this last point, our Martian observer was in error. He seemed to lack a clear understanding of the forces that had chaperoned this new state into existence. First, there was the longstanding desire of many Westerners to be rid of the Jews from their midst. [1] Second, most Westerners nursed an even stronger antipathy towards the Ishmaelites-variously known as Saracens, Hagarites, Mahometans and Arabs-the other branch of the Semitic family. Third, there was the guilt many Westerners felt over the Holocaust. Ironically, all these forces contributed to the founding of Israel. In creating Israel, the West could reduce its own Jewish population, assuage its guilt over the Holocaust, and oppose the Israelites against the Ishmaelites. The creation of Israel was one project on which the Jews and Western anti-Semites could cooperate heartily.

Our Martian observer also had little notion of the resources commanded by the Jews. Already, by the sixteenth century, the Jews had established themselves as Europe's leading bankers, since the Church banned Christians from usurious activities. In turn, the European Enlightenment brought equal rights for all citizens, allowing Jews to move out of the ghettoes, and rise to distinction in various professions. Far from being an "inferior race"-as the Goyims claimed-the Jews demonstrated that they had enormous gifts. In his book, The Jewish State (London: H. Pordes, 1967, 16), Theodor Herzl, explains that this was the result of "Jew-baiting" which had "merely stripped off our weaklings; the strong among us were invariably true to their race when persecution broke out against them." 

The moral case for Israel succeeded like a Spielberg blockbuster, a success produced by Jewish power and ingenuity, working to take advantage of Islamophobia, Holocaust guilt, and anti-Semitism. In hundreds of movies, television serials, books, magazines, and newspapers, the Zionists constructed a narrative of Jewish rights to Israel, Israel's distinctiveness, Israeli achievements, the victimization of Israel by its barbaric Arab neighbors, and an Islamic hatred of all things Western (chiefly Israel). Those who remained skeptical of this narrative were neutralized by more direct methods, including denial of tenure, defeat at the ballot, smear campaigns, and, occasionally, worse. [2] For too long, these campaigns of persuasion and coercion have represented Israel as a small, beleaguered but heroic country, defending Western values against the onslaught of Islamic vandals. Next to the creation of Israel, the launching of this narrative has been the greatest triumph of the Zionist movement.

Is it then foolhardy to oppose this political juggernaut? One might answer with Noam Chomsky (Milan Rai, Chomsky's Politics, 1995, 50) who was speaking about the media in United States, that "Any system that's based on lying and deceit is inherently unstable." The Zionist narrative about Israel too is unstable. It is unstable because it is founded on egregious lies that strain our credulity; it is unstable because the Palestinians have refused to make a quiet exit; it is unstable because Israeli repression escalates as it contends with Palestinian resistance; it is unstable because Israel contains the dynamics that pushes the world towards a clash of civilizations. It is all too obvious that as the Palestinian resistance rises, Israel has been seeking to draw United States directly into its war with the Arabs.

It is scarcely surprising then if the hegemonic Zionist narrative has begun to fray at the edges even in these United States. One visible sign of this is the movement to divest from Israel, which began some two years ago at UC Berkeley, and has already spread to more than forty campuses nationwide. In addition, there are indications that the growing anti-war movement is linking its opposition to the war on Iraq to justice for Palestinians. In Western Europe, the Zionist narrative has fared worse. A survey of recent opinion polls indicates that there has already occurred a quite significant shift in European sympathies towards the Palestinians. [3] A survey of Britain's leading writers, conducted by the Independent in October 2002, found that about half of the thirty-five writers see greater justice on the Palestinian side, only three on the Israeli side, and several of the uncommitted writers expressed strong sympathy for the Palestinians in their comments. [4] 

All of this suggests that the time is ripe for examining again, case by case, some of the leading Zionist theses of the past century. More than ever before, American audiences are perplexed by the dominant narratives about Israel, the sources of 9-11, and the inevitable clash of civilizations. We are at a turning point of history, for better or worse. If we can unravel the fabric of lies woven over the past century, we can perhaps nudge this historical turning point just a little bit towards better outcomes.

Promised by God

According to this thesis, the Jews have a legal right to Palestine because God, in the Torah, promised it to Abraham and his descendents some four thousand years ago.

There is one slight problem with this thesis. It has never been established in any system of laws that a religious document, purporting to record statements made by God, could form the basis of legally enforceable claims to property in this world. Imagine what would happen if courts began to accept individual or collective claims to land, buildings, rivers, and mountains that were backed by divine promises. Saddam Hussein might claim that he had a dream in his youth, which he had never revealed before, in which God had chosen the Iraqis to inherit the entire United States.

Apart from the legal questions, it would be a little hard proving that European Jews, those who demanded the right to emigrate to Palestine, were in fact descended from Abraham. Even the world's leading geneticists would feel challenged, trying to establish a connection between a present population and a putative ancestor whose existence has never been established historically. What if this connection was tenuous, or a stronger connection was discovered between Abraham and the Arabs?

A Historical Connection

More secular Zionists pressed their claims on the basis of a historical connection to Palestine. The historical connection is valid, but it will not support Zionist claims.

It is worth pointing out that the historical connection ended some two thousand years ago, when the overwhelming majority of Jews left Palestine for other destinations, mostly in the Mediterranean world. In addition, even during the few centuries when Jews had political dominion over Palestine, they were not its only inhabitants. But these are only minor problems. 

The real problem with this thesis is that claims of a historical connection, quite ancient in this case, cannot be used to justify present claims to territory. If this is accepted as a valid principle for appropriating territory, we should all start by vacating United States, since the Indians have a historical connection to this land that is quite a bit weightier than any Jewish connection to Palestine. The Indians had a connection to United States that was exclusive until the 1600s, and spanned some twenty thousand years.

A Distinct People

The Jews are a 'distinct' people, and, hence, they must have a state of their own. In this case, it does not matter where; it could be in Argentina, Uganda, or Palestine. 

This claim is fraught with difficulties. The Jews were a distinct people some two thousand years ago when they inhabited a single territory, shared the same faith, spoke a common language, and shared the same traditions. But since their dispersal, the Jews have been divided into many distinct Jewish communities living amongst gentiles, blending with their hosts through marriages, and creating new Jewish communities through conversions. Over centuries, these Jewish communities grew apart from each other, racially, culturally, and even in terms of their religious life. How much was there in common between the Jews of Russia, Morocco, Iran and Ethiopia, that could define them as a 'distinct' people?

Another difficulty with this thesis lies in its unstated second premise. It assumes that all distinct peoples have a state of their own. This is patently incorrect. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of distinct peoples-with distinct languages, cultures, religions, and lineages-through out the world who do not have a state of their own. In addition, most of these distinct peoples have a much stronger claim to statehood than the Jews since they constitute a majority in the areas they inhabit.

One encounters the greatest difficulty in this argument when the demand for a state arises from a 'people,' as in the case of the Jews, who  do not constitute a majority in any of the areas they inhabit. In the event, such a people can establish their own state only by conquering another people and/or expelling them. Indeed, that is how the Jews established the state of Israel in Palestine, by invading it under the cover of the British mandate, and, then, expelling the great majority of the Palestinians. 

Many Arab States

The Arabs already have several states of their own. If they were not motivated by anti-Semitism, they would not object to the creation of the only Jewish state. Instead, they would welcome and resettle the Palestinians displaced by the creation of Israel.

This is a racist argument. It assumes that the Jewish need for a state has moral precedence over the rights of Palestinians to their own homes, their history, their ancestral lands, their towns and villages. It blames the Arabs for not showing proper deference towards the desire of the Jews for their own state, a state that would be established solely at the cost of the Arab peoples. 

The Europeans too have many states-in fact many more than the Arabs-but would they agree to give up one of their states to create a state for some truly distinct people living in the Middle East-say, the Kurds-who are without a state of their own?

Israel Attacked in 1948

In order to paint Israel as the victim, the Zionist narrative claims that Arab armies from Egypt, Syria and Jordan attacked Israel the day after it was created on May 14, 1949.

Were the Arabs attacking an established state with a moral, legal and historical right to Palestine, or were they merely defending themselves-their lands, their homes, their historical rights-against a foreign occupation supported successively by two imperialist powers, Britain and United States?

The Zionist aggression against the Arabs had been set in motion well before 1948. At the First Zionist Congress, convened at Basle in 1897, the Zionists openly declared that their aim "is to create for the Jewish people a home in Palestine secured by public law." By "public law" they meant the consent and support of Britain, the leading imperialist power at the time. In his diary, the same year, Theodor Herzl (The Jewish State, 4-5) wrote: "At Basle I founded the Jewish State." In 1917, exactly twenty years later, the British gave the Zionists the imperialist support they needed. Later, the same year, once the British forces had occupied Palestine, the Zionist agencies began setting up the civilian, security, and military infrastructure for the emergence of a Jewish state in Palestine. And most ominously, Palestine was opened up to Jewish immigration. The Zionist invasion of the Arab heartland had begun. 

When the British wavered in their commitment to Israel, especially during the Second World War, they were replaced by United States, the new hegemonic power. United States threw its weight behind the Zionist project, and pushed the UN General Assembly to pass a resolution calling for the partition of Palestine and the creation of a Jewish state. Although the Jews in 1948 were still only a third of the population and owned only 6 percent of the land, the UN partition plan gave the new state 55 percent of the land, which included the best agricultural lands, most of the coastline, and access to the Gulf of Aqaba. Thanks to United States, the Jewish invasion of Palestine now carried the imprimatur of international law.

Should the Arabs, including the Palestinians, have acquiesced to an invasion of their lands merely because it had been sanctified by United States? One might well ask, what would the Americans have done if the UN-in a world in which Japan had won the Second World War-had first allowed unlimited immigration of Jews into Massachusetts, and then authorized its partition to create a Jewish state of Israel in 55 percent of Massachusetts? In 1948, the Arabs had done what I have no doubt the Americans would have done: they defended themselves against an alien invasion.

Only Democracy

The Zionists repeat ad nauseum that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. This happens every time the discussion turns to some egregious Israeli violation of human rights.

This mantra serves several useful purposes. Its objective is to remind Western audiences of their affinity to Israel. 'Democracy' is a code word for Western. In claiming that Israel is a democracy-and not any of the Arab countries-the Zionists are affirming that Israel is a Western country, it is one of us, it belongs to the Western family of nations. Therefore, go easy on us, because we are fighting your battles against those Arab barbarians. There is also the sense that if Israel is a democracy then it can do no wrong. As a democracy, Israel represents a higher civilization, which cannot engage in gratuitous violence against Palestinians. Finally, this seeks to convey the impression of Israel as a solitary democracy, beleaguered by, and heroically doing battle against those brutal Arab dictatorships.

But is Israel really a democracy? This depends on what are the boundaries of Israel. Israel is the only country in the world that has never declared or demarcated its borders. And for thirty-five years now, since the 1967 war, its undeclared borders have included the West Bank and Gaza together with their three million Palestinian inhabitants. Israel has been building illegal settlements in these territories since 1967, which did not stop even after the 1993 Oslo Accord. The expanding, armed Jewish settlements are proof positive that Israel never planned to give up these territories. In other words, the true borders of Israel encompass three million Palestinians who have no political and very few civil rights within these de facto borders. Is Israel then a democracy? Reverend Desmond Tutu, a leading opponent of South African apartheid, prefers to describe it as an apartheid similar to the one that existed in his own country for more than forty years. 

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A Beleaguered State

The Zionists deflect criticism from Israel by portraying it as a small country-a lamb amongst lions-whose very existence is threatened by hostile Arab armies. This image is hardly supportable.

Israel is a small country that packs a lot of military strength. Just consider the wars this country has waged against its neighbors. In the 1948-49 war, Israel fielded an army that was stronger and better equipped than all the Arab armies on the war front. As a result, Israel expanded its territory to 78 percent of historical Palestine, well beyond the 55 percent awarded by the UN Partition Plan. On October 29 1956, Israel invaded Egypt, in concert with Britain and France, and occupied all of Sinai and the Gaza Strip. Intense American pressure forced their withdrawal in March 1957. In June 1967, Israel launched a 'pre-emptive' war against Egypt, Syria and Jordan, and in less than six days occupied Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, and West Bank. Only Sinai has been vacated so far. In March 1978, Israel invaded Lebanon, penetrating as far as ten miles into Lebanese territory, but withdrew in June of the same year. In June 1981, Israel launched an attack against Iraq to destroy a nuclear reactor under construction near Baghdad. Israel invaded Lebanon again in June 1982, advancing up to Beirut, and remained in occupation of parts of Southern Lebanon till May 2000. Is this the record of a small country, beleaguered, threatened by its neighbors?

How does one explain this paradox-a small country with such awesome offensive capability? Israel was conceived by its founding father, Theodor Herzl (The Jewish State, 30), as a "rampart of Europe against Asia, an outpost of civilization against barbarism." It was clear from the outset that Israel would be a praetorian state, an armed encampment, with weapons supplied by Europe and United States. According to a conservative estimate, Israel has received to date some 95 billion dollars of American economic assistance. [5] It has used this largesse mostly to buy military hardware, the latest in the American arsenal, occasionally even before it is available to the American military. Israel has drawn, and continues to draw, upon the world's most sophisticated pool of manpower-the Jewry of United States, Europe, and Russia. As if all this were not enough, this lamb amongst lions has the power to bring doom upon its Arab neighbors. It is the only country in the region with an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

How could the Arabs, backward, still reeling under the impact of colonialism, divided, their strength sapped, their development blocked by archaic monarchies, match the power of a messianic but modern state, wielding the power of the most advanced segment of core capital?


A Martian political delegation returning to Earth in 2002 would observe how an anomalous detail from 1948 had now grown to threaten world peace. They might well credit a prescient ancestor who had foreseen all this at the very beginning.

That anomalous detail was the creation of Israel, an alien state implanted, with help from two successive imperialist powers, in the Islamic heartland. This was not a normal state. It was an imperialist creation, a colonial-settler enterprise launched in the twentieth century. Like all such enterprises before, it could only be implemented through ethnic cleansing, or it would have to construct an apartheid state-with the indigenous Palestinians tolerated as a class of disenfranchised workers. The ethnic cleansing was enforced during Israel's creation, and later, in 1967, when Israel expanded to include another three million Palestinians, it turned into an apartheid, more brutal than the one dismantled in South Africa.

After the Oslo Accord of 1993, it appeared that the Israeli apartheid was going to work. The PLO recognized the state of Israel within 1967 borders, thereby conceding the right of Israel to 78 percent of historic Palestine. In a delusional state of mind, Yaser Arafat, the PLO chairman, had convinced himself that he could have the remaining 22 percent, and run it, not as a Bantustan, but as a state. The Israelis had different plans. This was clear to all but the purblind from Israel's ongoing-and accelerated-settlement building activity, in violation of the Oslo Accord itself. But this did not disturb Arafat's delusion; he was getting quite comfortable with the policing authority over his Bantustans. This delusion would not last. If Arafat was to retain leadership of the Palestinian movement, he would have to show more grit, which he did at Camp David by rejecting the Israeli offer of Bantustans. And that led to the second, bloodier Intifada.

Many Israelis-perhaps a majority-are now looking at their second preferred option. They are open talking about a third, more massive round of ethnic cleansing that will get rid of all Palestinians, even those within Israel's 1967 borders. This will be the final solution of Israel's demographic problem. In the global conditions created by 9-11, when the Bush cabal openly embrace Israel's extremist agenda, this solution is gaining credibility. This cleansing will be launched in the fog of the war against Iraq. Two destinations for the cleansed Palestinians-at least, those who survive the cleansing-are being proposed. One is Jordan, whose King would be 'transferred' to another kingdom carved out of Saudi Arabia. The second favored site is the deserts of Iraq. The C-130 Transports are ready.

I am sure that even as these plans for ethnic cleansing are being developed, and their logistics worked out, there are others-in the scholarly branch of the Zionist enterprise-who are developing new theses to explain, justify, and morally validate this new demographic adjustment in the Middle East as another victory for Western civilization and, of course, world peace. I can imagine a conclave, consisting of Bernard Lewis, Thomas Friedman and Daniel Pipes-assisted by many lesser lights-vigorously debating the merits of the new Zionist theses that will sustain Israel through another millennium of hegemony over the Arab world.


[1] Ironically, Sir James Balfour, one of the leading architects of the new state, in an earlier incarnation--as British prime minister-had introduced a bill to limit Jewish immigration into Britain. Ian J. Bickerton and Carla L. Klausner, Arab-Israeli Conflict NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1998): 40.

[2] Paul Findley, They Dare to Speak Out (Westport, CT: Lawrence Hill and Company, 1985).

[3] Richard Curtiss, "Support for Palestinians Growing," The Palestine Chronicle, July 26, 2002: http://palestinechronicle.com/article.php?Story= 2002072615224 9126.

[4] The Independent, October 9, 2002: http://news.independent.co.uk/world/ middle_east/story.jsp?story=340954.

[5] http://www.wrmea.com/html/usaidtoisrael0001.htm.

M. Shahid Alam teaches economics at Northeastern University, Boston. His recent book, Poverty from the Wealth of Nations, was published by Palgrave (2000). The author may be reached at [email protected]. Copyright: M. Shahid Alam

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Assalamu Aleikum brother Fadi, good writing in your post 7987, I see that you are a good muslim Alhamdoulillah and I am encouraged by your determination and efforts to contribute to the unity of the brothers and sisters and as one voice expose the truth and help the rest of the world draw their own conclusion. This said, if I may ask you to provide us with an incontestable proof that "Ben Laden idiocy" has set you, me and the other brothers and sisters back a "great distance"? what are the means and the methods he used to set the whole community back a "great distance"? and finally what physical evidence have you been provided to draw such conclusion. As a Allah fearing Muslim I am sure you will not make accusations without being armed with strong backing. Please help me find the truth in this area. Jazak Allah alkhair and may peace be with you and yours.

John, face it you got your rear end handed to you by enough people here. Your responces consist only of childish insults, deliberate deception and myths. You simply could not argue with the facts in this article and resorted to type.
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Wolfgang: I would be interested what they taught you in school about the Nazis. If you can't tell the difference between Nazism and Zionism, then all that Federal and State money for your education was thrown down the drain.

Didnt Israel have strong ties to Apartheid South Africa ? Cant say I'm surprised.

Zionists are fascists. Scum like these should not receive one penny of American tax payers money.
Indict the war criminal Sharon !

You're right Mr. Norman, I shouldnt compare Nazism with Zionism. Zionism is far worse. You sound like a semi-teenager with your childish insults. The hallmark of a defrocked Zionist.
Jewish people dont need you Norman, and we certainly dont need or want Zionism which has brought tragedy to all. I suggest you consult the Torah before endorsing genocide and terror in the name of the Jewish people.

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john norman... surely a GERMAN JEW like wolfgang k. knows better bout nazism and its similarity with zionism...

Wolfgang: you need to do some reading, boychick.Brush up your history. And don't compare Zionism with Nazism: you only make yourself look like a schlmiel.

I used to be a supporter of zionism, like most Americans I had been misinformed about its origins and objectives. Far from being a liberation movement, it is nothing less but neo-colonial usurper settler state.
Upon further review of the facts there is no doubt that zionism is a by product of European fasicsm with a jewish twist. It is an ideology which poses a grave threat to the security and stability of the world.

Zionism is racism. Always has been and always will be. A morally challenged hyena like "john norman" wouldnt understand ofcourse, the man is rather irrelevent.

Zionism is NOT the " national liberation movement of the jewish people" John Norman. The Germans used to say the same thing about Nazism.
As a German Jew I find your accusations amusing to say the least. Zionism has been nothing but a disaster for the jewish people.

Wolfgang K: Zionism is the National Liberation Movement of the Jewish People. It is named after the Hill of Zion in Israel.

Of course, as a German, you would know more about Nazis than anyone else. You are in a priviledged position.

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Articles like these are gems. Nothing like the cold hard truth to terrify the masters of deception and terrorism.

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Finely,on behalf of muslim people we have nothing to do with terrorism it is all exaggerations and baseless being done to prevent the people coming to islam. Islam is piece,freedom and prosperity.

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I guess you don't like the fact that the true face of Zionism has been shown in the last coupe years thanks to the internet.

I knew that everyone would give his own reaction but what still hanging in my mouth is, people are born to be free, i mean they can practice any religion seems that acceptable and based on facts. so what i am asking you Abdirahmaan does Islam teachs you to go and kill or terriy an innocent people because of being no muslim.And John, can you tell,as abdirahmaan's point of view, way jewish are so objective than others and still occupying the Palestinian land.

Ahmed Elbasahi: I don't know how many people on this site understand French. Could it be that you don't want to show yourself up as a bigot, antisemite and racist that you chose to write what you did in French? Whatever the reason, it is unpleasant, hateful and contributes nothing to the debate about the tragedy in the Middle East.

Jieya you are correct we must "invite (mankind) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching." We need a grassroots movement in all our countries to promote wisdom and justice or all our countries will become states like Israel. Look at the article on iviews titled "Is this Global War on Terror? " Clearly no country is immune to the violation of humanity and if it is not checked by the wisdom, justice, and mercy of people of every nation, we will all become like Palestinians in Israel. In the US this would go along the lines of "its un-American to promote violations of human rights, do unto others as you would have done unto yourself, support justice in Palestine"
I realize that the US has become what its founding fathers fought against; Imprisonment without charge or trial. Racial stereotyping as official policy. Removal of peoples from their own land, extrajudicial killing not only of suspects but with blatant disregard of bystanders; if the US will come to imitate Israel then can we stand by and let other countries follow the same path. We must rebind peoples pride in themselves to their gracious and merciful treatment of others. "Love your neighbor as yourself" said Jesus (PBUH).
We are all become each others neighbors. In response we have all to become our brother's keeper or we shall all become either Cains or Ables. Read Genesis 4:6-7. The US was created to be a nation of the people, a people that governed themselves by mutual consultation just as God called us to do in the Quran. But if we are to reap the benefits of democracy we must take up the responsibility of democracy. We must make everyone knowledgeable, understanding and experienced in the path of wisdom, justice and peace.
This can not be imposed upon us from politicians or military might it must come from each and everyone of us. Where the people go the leaders will follow.

c'est travers des massacres d'hommes, de femmes, de vieux et d'enfants que votre mafia juive barbare a pu occuper la Palestine, gorgeant les Canaanens (les Palestiniens) qui habitaient - avant les juifs dans ce pays. Je me demande comment pouvez vous croire ou osez a dire que le gouvernement israelien n'est pas
criminel ?
Les non juifs nont rien contre vous personnellement. Cest votre idologie " religieuse" criminelle et raciste (que vous pratiquer contre les non juifs) qui provoque lanimosit de tous les autres peuples ( Grecs, Romains, Francais, Espagnols, Russes, Palestinens et Allemands) contre votre arrogante et criminelle mafia. Vous vous prenez pour "un peuple lu" et vous avez le culot de nous accusez de "racisme" ?

i would appreciate if there is a consideration to readers who are fasting. Arguments should be made for the sake of truth alone.

'invite (mankind) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly your lord knows best who has gone astray from His path, and He is the best aware of those who are guided.
And if you punish (your enemy) then punish them with the like that with you were afflicted. But if you endure patiently, verily it is better for the patient'. Quran 16:125 & 126

Hi Mr/Mss Quule, your questions are verey important points no one can unswer unless an extreme investigation concerning the matter is being made by a wise, normal,(i mean nonsemetic) and faithful person, besides, have a enough knowledge about history.
Though i am not that person but i here give you two reasons which i hope would make much clear for everybody come across 1- as you know there was a prophets send by GOD one after one adam,abraham,musas,soloman,jesus,and lastly mohamed they were all in one way and one agenda.therefor the hostility between muslim and jewish begun after jews disbelieved and rejected neither jesus nor mohammed and won't believe unless a prophet is belong to that small mischievous minority people. Arabs,Africans,and Earobians diferent color,rise,and traditions are now being brothers and sisters couse of Muslim or Christianity can you get that in jews? never ever. 2- Why the world turned? easily the more you envolve other peaple's affairs you end come to lose. If the prophet killers had not taken route in the West, Sep 11 might not have happend. If weapons of mussdestruction had not been used against US and UK(homesexual scandle and economy)there might not be fear of life in the heart of their land.

finely the world is waiting the finel whistle who is gonna blow, may be not far from your area.

Abdirahman..a sick twisted creature like John Norman wont address your points because he's a dirty zionist racist who is incapable of any logical discussion.
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Abdirahman: I don't engage in conversations with bigots and racists - so your tract will remain unanswered.

warfa guule: the antagonism between arab and jew began from the very first day the Prophet and Muslims decided that they had the only true religion and that both Christians and Jews were a "bunch of liars". It began the very first day that Muslims decided to take over the Middle East and other territories. |It began the very first Muslims decided they had a mission. And the very first day they decided to become Imperialists and colonialists.

I would like to ask the writer and anyone esle when and where the antagonism between arabs and jews begun? then it is possible the world to suffer couse of that resulted 11 sep and peaple in UK i mean not arab and jew, for example, have fear even to do their ordinery livelihood.
finely could the writer feed me what Zionist and Martians are meant.

dear JOHN NORMAN it is not the way you think, first you have got a wrong idea or misunderstood the islam and its spread through the world. There are many British peaple already being muslim so everywhere as long as peaple there are muslims is islamic heartland. secondly you need to think carefully what the real terrorists are if you arn't belong to them?(The killers of the GOD's prophets like Yahya and nearly killed Jesus)they went high twice earlier and was cought by Omar and Hitler and now they seem so and time is runing out for them who is gonna be the hero? bear in mind, it could be nonmuslim.

Israel is an army affiliated with a state. The present soldiers are adults; the future, children. Democracy is for the Jews, period. Those of us who gainsay this can answer Israelis themselves who constantly report this fact. Only those who are blind in conscience can see what happens in Palestine and still support a fascist state run by the tank and the bulldozer.

What kind of country claims democracy when most of their political leaders were military generals. How can you claim to be a democracy when you deny basic democratic values to the palestinian people. Detention, business and home demolitions, torture, lack of due process, political assasinations, armed incursions and the list goes on. This seems more to me like a facist police state.

asaalam alaikum,
This information is so factual and it is the truth. It is what most people fail to realize, but I knew this exact information and I do hold all of the same opinions mentioned in the article.

Thank you for having this article posted.

Could someone please fill me in on who is the Martian Political delegation tha M. Shahid Alam refers to? Thanks

Grendizer: You don't understand Yiddish either. If you did, you wouldn't use the word "putz" which refers to the female sexual organ. shame on you for bringing debate about very serious issues to such an appalingly low level. Real gutter talk.

Esther: (1) I am a Jew. (2). There were Jews in Europe long before the Arab invasions and colonial occupations of the Arabs began in the 8th century. Jewish communities were present because they were citizens of the Roman Empire and had every right, therefore, to be in Europe.


Its funny...you know something is wrong when you always hear of people who grow up being taught to love Israel, only to find the dream world weaved by the media and intellectual hijackings on the part of zionists over the years, leave those ahistorical notions and begin loving Palestinians. I recently met a higher up person in the Mormon church who told me it is amazing how many Mormon students who go to study in Israel, and I guess they have a Mormon School or something in the West Bank, and they go with this intense love of Israel and hatred of Muslims and come back hating Israel and Loving muslims and Palestinians. I have never heard of someone hating Israel and then coming to love it.

Lastly..the movement of Islam throughout the world has not only been refuted by historians to have occurred by "the sword" but in fact the exact opposite occurred. Yes there were Muslim rulers who behaved like a christian adolf hitler or a jewish ariel sharon in Sabra and Shatilla, but that was not how Islam spread. Just like Islam has become the second largest religion in the USA, Europe, the Largest Religion in Africa i believe, and second largest in all of Asia occurred because of the social justice system, dignity, and equality it brought to its adherents. The Jews themseelves have admitted that their Golden age occurred in Muslim dominated Spain and it was a sign of aristocracy to send your European child to be educated by muslims in Spain. Christian atrocities in S.America during the 1500s and all of what happened to Native Americans and Slaves during this time period should shut Christians up for the rest of eternity about who's religion is one of terrorism. Just because you have literally killed all your enemies and therefore you have no one left to fight you back in your spheres of influence doesnt mean it has been forgotten.

And Islam never sought to enslave anyone, there is simply no historical proof of that. Christians did though willingly.

Thank you Mar Antonette ! Esther take brother Ahmed's advice....it will do your condition wonders.....because you're not going to find any sympathy or support from anyone here except zionist cardboard cut-out "John Norman," in your false and hateful views of Islam.
A mind can be a terrible thing to waste

Hello, when I was a young man I was always curious about the Christian Holy places and desired to see them in person. Also a good friend, and a Palestinian, challanged me to go over there and see it for myself and I was a curioisity in Israel and the West bank becuase most of the peole ther had never met a tourist, traveling alone, who was not a Jew, a Catholic made them want to tell me more and be more open with me. Traveling among the Patestinians was the most wonderful experience of my life, and I found Muslims to be the friendliest and traveling among Muslims was the best experience of my life. Suicide bombing against anyone is inherintly evil and being a reasonible and intelligent person I am sure that you agree with that. Thank you for telling everyone the truth about the Palestinians, I have seen such injustices with my own eyes. You have the sympathy and the support of many Christians. Jesus' blessings be with you.

Didn't I ask you a few days ago to go and learn a little bit of history,you will do us a lot of good man once you try to do so...
the ignorance of Americans when it comes to history and geography is legendary.you probably don't know where the hell Spain is situated in the map,and if you know it I am sure you don't know where Morocco is located on the same map.
your claims are false and untrue,but I am not surprized cause hate,prejudice and faux news can really make you blind.
Muslims, populated Spain for nearly 700 years. it was their civilization that enlightened Europe and brought it out of the dark ages to usher in the renaissance.During the end of the first millennium, Cordova was the intellectual well from which European humanity came to drink. Students from France and England traveled there to sit at the feet of Muslim, Christian and Jewish scholars, to learn philosophy, science and medicine (Digest, 1973, p. 622).
In the great library of Cordova alone, there were some 600,000 manuscripts (Burke, 1978, p. 122).

"thousands of Jews and Christians lived in peace and harmony with their Muslim overlords." (Burke, 1985, p. 38)
you know what, jews and christians used to like to be tried in a mulsim court of justice instead of their own one.
when Muslims conquered other lands, they never undermine and slaughter their indegenious poeple,nor did they burn their books.on the contrary,their conquered lands become a flourished centers of science and culture,arts and philosophy...
when Grenda was captured in 1942,all Jews and Muslims that would not abandon their beliefs were either killed or exiled,others were enslaved by the church.
as Dozy says in his book 'The Moslems in Spain.'
"Cruel and fanatical, the Leonese rarely gave quarter; when they captured a town they usually put all the inhabitants to the sword. Tolerance such as that accorded by the Muslims to the Christians could not be expected of them."


Grendizer, I know the Crusades happened. However, that does not change the fact that in 711 AD ( which happened a long time before the Crusades) the Muslims invaded Spain. For hundreds of years the Muslims tried to conquer all of Europe. The Turks of course were the last Muslims that did this. The truth is the Muslims tried to enslave and kill the inhabitants of Europe. And yes after taking Jerusalem, they did cause a lot of Jews to go to places like Germany and Spain.

Bravo Grendizer ! You are a force to be reckened with ! Leave some scraps for the rest of us LOL.

What a childish respomce indeed, John and Esther. I'm sorry that you dont speak a word of Yiddish, John....that may expain why you take the most ..right wing position on the Middle East....you're trying to compensate thats all. How pitiful. Instead of calling yourself a "kafir"...you fit the profile of a "putz" nicely. Run along now John.
Its nice to see that the Pysch ward lets you out every often to post here Esther....unfortunetly you have no clue about the issues and simply opt to give us your primitive 4th grade banter.
I never said Muslims are perfect, however the level falsehoods and bigotry displayed by you Jerry Falwell Armageddon cultists needs to addressed.
Tell me Esther....how long have the Quakers been around as compared to the Muslims ? Jews came to Europe bacause Muslims drove them out ? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, to be welcomed to pogroms and the like by European savages. Ever heard of the Crusades by any chance. Its a damn shame that you fabricate history to suit yourself Esther. I really shouldnt be too surprised....you are after all a deluded european without the Klan sheets, plus you're nonsensical interpretation of the Bible leaves quite a bit to be desired. I'll bet you also believe George Washington never told a lie.
Stop trying to dodge the real issues. Both of you are sad deluded individuals indeed. Just like a pair of trained pavlovian dogs waiting for the bell to ring. Pitiful really.

With regards to the rhetoric about Islam and its nature, what has been stated by some peoples comments are wrong. Islam is NOT a religion of violence and terrorism. It is completely opposed to it. Any Muslim who is killing innocent people in the name of is Islam is commiting a grave sin according to Islam. Furthermore, it is innovation to justify the killing of innocents with Islam. for the muslims: kellel bidd'a dalala, wa kellel dalala fin nar.

I believe that Bush made a decent statement to the affect recently:

President Bush's Statement on Islam and Islamophobia

>(WASHINGTON, D.C., 11/13/02) -
>I'll remind the secretary general that our war against terror is a war
>against individuals whose hearts are full of hate. We do not fight a
>As a matter of fact, by far the vast majority of American citizens
>the Islamic people and the Muslim faith. After all, there are millions
>peaceful (sic) loving Muslim Americans.
>Some of the comments that have been uttered about Islam do not reflect
>sentiments of my government or the sentiments of most Americans.
>Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of people, is a peaceful
>a religion that respects others.
>Ours is a country based upon tolerance, Mr. Secretary General. And we
>respect the faith and we welcome people of all faiths in America. And
>not going to let the war on terror or terrorists cause us to change our


John Norman I know you are not a Jew. Neither am I. Grendizer, has this mentality that Muslims do no wrong. By the way Grendizer Quakers and abolitionist were the first people to say slavery was wrong. A lot of Americans did not own slaves, just as there were a lot that did. Also, America did not have as many slaves as other countries did. The truth is the Muslims tried to enslave and kill the Europeans. Not to mention they are partly to blame for bringing the Jews to Europe.

For your information, I don't speak yiddish at all. My mother tongues are English and French, so don't make a fool of yourself in broad daylight by making simple-minded assertions without proof to back them up.

If you can demonstrate to me how the destruction of 70% of the Jewish population in Europe compares in any way to the self-imposed tragedy of the Palestinians then,please, go ahead.

And a word to the wise, if you insist on calling yourself a goy (non-jew) that is fine by me but by the same token, I can call myself a kufr (non-muslim). We know how they were and are treated by Islam. But such a stand only serves to reinforce the idea that there really is a "clash of civilisations" building. Is that what you want?

Poor John, you seem to be especially high on self delusion today. I understand the "holocaust" quite well.....but unlike yiddish supremascists like yourself I dont see it as a UNIQUE event in history.
Only a diseased mind would place the value of ones persecution and suffering above others simply based on the membership in the "choosen race." Why dont you stop being such a craven apologist for zionist terrorism and genocide and grow a spine norman ?
We goyim (non-jews) arent stupid. Your crimes against the Palestinian people are real and known for the world to see, and no amount of lies and propoganda is going to change that reality.
Now go take your medicine John....

I personally feel that Muslims around the world should develop a stronger bond amonst the Umma. How.Firstwe follow the Qu'ran & Sunnah of Rasulullah(S.A.W). Then once we've achieved this objectivWe make our move! Allah (S.W.T)is the Disposer of affairs! we all know to clearly what zionist are all about. Therefor we must endure the adversities with the our upmost abillty,and rely on the Rabbil-al-Ameen. May Allah (S.W.T) accept our effort!(Insh-Allah)

Reader Grendizer should not use words, - like Holocaust - which they obviously have some trouble in understanding.

It seems your article has enraged zionist scanvengers...and why should it not ? It is one of the finest artices published on iviews.com
"job" "ben" and "arlo" are the type of jewish supporters of zionist terrorism who cant seem to come up with anything better that "racist, falsehood" etc in their condemnation of the article. Truth has a way of doing that to racist jewish hooligans who generally have their way intellectually terroriszing their opponents.
They scream holocaust yet have perpetuated it for nearly 6 decades in Palestine. They scream "anti-semite" yet are not semetic themselves and in fact murder semetic Arabs as sport. They scream terrorism, yet introduced terror into the Middle East.
They need to learn from brain dead jewish terrorist Irv Rubin's example of what happens to those support and promote genocide.
Stick that in your Matza ball !

This is a very good article full of extream
truth and it sheds a lot of light on the jewish
enitity's incepton . For those who still want to say its one sided read somemore actual truth and not zionist propaganda .and the best place to see it in its full reality is in the auto-biography of theadore hertzel one of the elders of the jewish entity . fead his own twisted thoughts in his own official auto-bi.
People need to wake up !
and you zionists need to realize your plan
is futile because Allah {Glory to the most High} is the best of planers . That is the ultimate reality!

Thank you for the well prapered artcle.It is really very claer that Izrails are there after being helped successively by the two imperialist power,Britain and United states, and no more difference between thier political which now focuses islam evrywhere. we see what is happening there in palestine now the second is iraq which is now the target the question is, will America be better than Sadam for the sake of Iraqies? and is Mecca safe after all?

You and your website spew falsehoods and hatred. You should spend more time chastising those members of your religion who seem bent on forcing thier beliefs on others through terrorists means. This path will only lead to the global rejection of Islam, and the global association of Islam to terrorism.

As you will note by American polls, non-muslim Americans distrust Muslims and are supporting efforts for tighter control of muslims entering, or currently in the USA. I don't think this is unique to the US.

Spend more time condeming the Muslim fanatics who continue to capture the headlines through terrorists activities and people will begin to accept muslims as peacfull, contributing members of the world community.


Pretty racist and one-sided look at the western/islam conflict. Never a mention of islams own contributions to the regions problems.

How about if the native american had the poower to gain their land back from the white people. Would the USA disappear and we'll hav United states of Native America run ny the ABACHE people??
How about when the jews left Egypt with Moses, They stole the gold from the Egyptian women. Can the Egyptian women claim that gold back with their intrset. Just wonder

All your Anti-Zionist rhetoric is simply an excuse for your own failings. Just like all other ignorant bigots you look for an accomplished people on which to place the blame for your own idiocy. Let the Jews have their place in the Middle East. Obviously they are the only inhabitants of that region who have done anything to improve the conditions of the people and the land.

I believe that the real war that the Arabs have to engage in to redeem or at least stop the Israeli epansionism, is on the media front, however, Bin Laden's idiocy has set us back a great distance. In the period before the 9-11 attacks, a change of tone was noticeable in the media's coverage on the middle-east and Muslim countries in general, it seemed like the Muslim and Arab immigrants were actually succeeding in unmasking some of the many zionist lies about Israel. It also seemed like the dissident voices here in the west were increasing as an effect of that, and as it should be known that when the voice of dissent uncovers the lies of the mainstream and offers a convincing and more humane truth in its place, the dissident voice gains popularity and on the long run becomes part of the mainstream and on the longer run replaces the mainstream, since it is the truth and since this truth is verifiable, then it proves the false-hood of the existing mainstream; it's only a question of exposing this truth, namely the one in this article and many other truths pertaining to the same issue, or to other ones which are related to it. Therefore all we are in need of is a microphone, to get our voice to the public in order to inform them about what is happening in the world and allow them the opportunity to choose for themselves what to believe and who to support for the sake of humanity. It is our responsibility as the real true victims to give our side of the story. We have to understand that the mainstream North-American media is biased and gives the Israeli side of the story for the service of a variety of their intrests,therefore we cannot rely on it or on any other western media for that matter to give our sides of the story whole and without the usual criticism and bagering. This leaves us under the obligation of creating our own newspapers,radio stations,and tv channels,without seeking any aid from the Arabic govnts. WE HAVE TO ORGANIZE OURSELVES,to do so we must unite


Your comments are quite irrelevent. God promised the land to all children of Abraham; Ishmael and Issac. Most of the zionists (Askenazi) jews have been converted from Khazars, and do not have the original heritage anyway, so using Torah, the majority of the rightful owners are the arabs (decendents of Ishmael) and the sephardic (real) jews.

During the wars, israel (with the help of france and uk) was armed to the teeth, not the arabs.

On the disproportionate number of jews winning the nobel prize, firstly if we start from the last 1400 years, muslims would have won most of the prizes hands down.

Secondly Nazis were good at most of the research, but that did not make them better people, you guys will go in the trash can of history just like the nazis if you dont shape up.

I don't condone to those who kill innocents and nor does the Quran. There is reward for those to die to protect the religion and not for those who kill innocents. Speking of which it reminds me, "Have you read Talmud filth lately ?"


- Jeff


No my dear Yasim.....that tiny whatever can be compared to an aparthide state par exellence.....
did you know that non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel?
Did you know that Palestinian license plates in Israel are color coded to distinguish Jews from non-Jews?
Did you know that Israel allots 85% of the water resources for Jews and the remaining 15% is divided among all Palestinians in the territories?
For example in Hebron, 85% of the water is given to about 400 settlers,
while15% must be divided among Hebron''s 120,000 Palestinians?


The writer would be hard put to delineate "historic Palestine", an area of land which has changed shape and form over thousands of years and been occupied by dozens of rulers, only a few of whom have been Arab. He informs us that it is part of the Islamic heartland, without telling us how that Islamic Imperium came into being - through violence and the sword. No, he wouldn't as it might bring a blush of shame to his cheeks. Next he will be telling us that Spain, Portugal and southern France and Sicily are also part of the Islamic heartland without telling us how he and his fellow Muslims intend to conquer it anew.

A pity that Islam is reluctant to delve into it's dark colonial past. If it could bring itself to do so, then it might learn something about the "other" whom it had held in subjection and try making amends. Forlorn hope, I fear.

Jazak-Allah Shahid Alam for making it clear that land is not a material thing reserved for a particular race of people. In my honest observation, I see the state of Israel as a Theocracy, and not a Democracy, simply because they reject any non-Jew to coexist amongst them, keeping in mind that Islam has, and does allow the coexistence of many religions in a State. To counter the argument of a previous comment that was made, "I don't think there are 72 blue-eyed virgins waiting for me in paradise." What does that have to do with the Zionist theses whatsoever? Disregarding that comment which is commonly taken out of context by many who use it as a weapon to create intolerance towards Islam, I can very easily take a passage from the old testament, where CURSES FOR DISOBEDIENCE speaks of the Jews:
"The alien who lives among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. He will lend to you, but you will not lend to him. He will be the head, but you will be the tail.
All these curses will come upon you. They will pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the LORD your God and observe the commands and decrees he gave you. They will be a sign and a wonder to you and your descendants forever. Because you did not serve the LORD your God joyfully and gladly in the time of prosperity, therefore in hunger and thirst, in nakedness and dire poverty, you will serve the enemies the LORD sends against you. He will put an iron yoke on your neck until he has destroyed you.
Deuteronomy 28:43-48
.....The passage above refers to the Jews in their disobedience to God, so, directed at the previous individual's comment, how are you so confident that the Jews are "God's chosen people" when their own book speaks of them being cursed, by Moses as well! If you would like to engage in debate, I sincerely welcome it. Again I would like to say thank you to Shahid Alam for using his knowledge to spread the truth. Amee

Samuel your comment is tottly irellavant to the topic.Ure and many zionist jews alike seek the slightest possibility to criticise our religion but have we criticise yours???

"And do not dispute with the people of the book(jews&christians)except which is best,unless it be with such of them transgress,and say,we believe in what has been sent down to you and,our god and your god is one,and to him do we submit"Quran(29:46)

The only time your religion is being criticised is when u go to war with us.Israelites kill thousands of palestinians even more than the terrorist.

ISrael is a brutual occupation force. All civilzed people should protest against the barabaric treatment of the natives of palestne by the invaders.

Also since the american government loves Israel so much , maybe they should establish a state for them in USA

A very interestingly written paper. You address all major problems and effectively attempt to refute them.
My only problem lies with the last paragraph. Israel cannot be compared to an Aparthide state, because it isn't one. The South African Aparthide state included specific housing locations for the blacs, distinctly separated from the whites where as Palestinians and Arabs live both within Israel, and the West Bank and Gaza. In South African Aparthide, blacks were only permitted to work under certain professions, however Palestinians have the freedom to work as anything they like. Plus, Palestinians are not subjected to being prohibited from entering certain parts of town, or restaurants due to their ethinicity.
Upon mentioning the 800,000 Palestinians who were exiled upon the Jews arrival in Palestine, I believe it to be essential to note the roughly 800,000 Jews that were exiled from the neighboring Arab and Muslim nations as well.

A major problem in this conflict lies within the failure of both parties considering arguments eminating from each side. This paper is to some extent committing the same crime. If one is considering a peace between two people of equal stature, then one must be fair.
Unfortunately, I am yet to meet someone like that.

Sam Cook's comments as entertaining as they are show the deep mental flaw of Israel's proponents - a lack of history and blatant dishonesty.
A hallmark of the rabid Christian right is their pathological support for Israel...not based on any real love for jews..just the fulfilment of Doomsday fantasies of armageddon. The so-called brillence of the Jewish people which Sam extols is nothing but a rehash of endless war against the peaceful peoples of the region by a racist colonial settler state with full backing from an arrogant superpower.
Infact, the OLDEST christian community in the world -the Palestinian one has clearly denounced the "christian" Doomsday cult as a heretic movement. But I guess for Sam and co. Palestinan Christians should just welcome their own extermination with open arms.
Bottom line Sam...God does NOT support the wicked, Jews are NOT the choosen people of God, they were favored at one time, a status they lost long ago with the breaking of the covenent. If every ethnic group in the world started behaving like the Jewish nutballs who claim to return to the land of their ancestors (never mind that they are Khazar converts and the native peopulation has been there for thousands of years)the world would be in an absolute state of chaos.
And no amount of lies and false references is going to change that.

God Bless you, keep doing the courageous job, and thank you for your honesty and your justice.

The arguments used by Zionists are really quite pathetic, and easily refuted. It is quite amazing that the American public has been fooled for so long.

There is a reason the world's superpower need a strategic partner/enforcer in that part of the world,what is it? Religion is always a cover, it keeps everyone emotional, instead of thinking and analysing.