Manufacturing Anti-Semites

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The first Israeli victim of Saddam Hussein is a Zionist myth on which we were brought up.

It is stated that Israel is a haven for all the Jews in the world. In all the other countries, Jews live in perpetual fear that a cruel persecutor will arise, as happened in Germany. Israel is the safe haven, to which Jews can escape in times of danger. Indeed, this was the purpose of the Founding Fathers when they established the state.

Now Saddam comes along and proves the opposite. All over the world, Jews live in safety, and only in one place on the planet are they threatened by annihilation: Israel. Here the national parks are prepared for mass-graves, here (pathetic) measures against biological and chemical weapons are prepared. Many people are already planning to escape to the communities in the Diaspora. End of a myth.

Another Zionist myth died even before that. The Diaspora, so we learned in our youth, creates anti-Semitism. Everywhere the Jews are a minority, and a minority inevitably attracts the hatred of the majority. Only when the Jews gather in the Land of their Forefathers and constitute the majority there, will anti-Semitism disappear throughout the world. Thus spoke Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism.

Nowadays this myth, too, is giving up its blessed soul. The very opposite is happening: the State of Israel is causing the resurrection of anti-Semitism all over the world, threatening Jews everywhere.

The Sharon government is a giant laboratory for the growing of the anti-Semitism virus. It exports it to the whole world. Anti-Semitic organizations, which for many years vegetated on the margins of society, rejected and despised, are suddenly growing and flowering. Anti-Semitism, which has hidden itself in shame since World War II, is now riding on a great wave of opposition to Sharon's policy of oppression.

Sharon's propaganda agents are pouring oil on the flames. Accusing all critics of his policy of being anti-Semites, they brand large communities with this mark. Many good people, who feel no hatred at all towards the Jews, but who detest the persecution of the Palestinians, are now called anti-Semites. Thus the sting is taken out of this word, giving it something approaching respectability.

The practical upshot: not only does Israel not protect the Jews from anti-Semitism, but quite on the contrary - Israel manufactures and exports the anti-Semitism that threatens Jews around the world.

For many years, Israel enjoyed the sympathy of most people. It was seen as the state of the holocaust survivors, a small and courageous country defending itself against the repeated assaults of murderous Arabs. Slowly, this image has been replaced by another: a cruel, brutal and colonizing state, oppressing a small and helpless people. The persecuted has become the persecutor, David has turned onto Goliath.

We Israelis, living in a bubble of self-brain-washing, find it hard to imagine how the world sees us. In many countries, television and newspapers publish daily pictures of Palestinian children throwing stones at monstrous tanks, soldiers harassing women at the checkpoints, despairing old men sitting on the ruins of their demolished homes, soldiers taking aim and shooting children. These soldiers do not look like human beings in uniform - "the neighbor's son" as they look to Israelis, but like robots without faces, armed to the teeth, heads hidden by helmets, bullet-proof vests changing their proportions. People who have seen these photos dozens and hundreds of times start to see the Israel in this image.

For Jews, this creates a dangerous vicious circle. Sharon's actions create repulsion and opposition throughout the world. These reinforce anti-Semitism. Faced with this danger, Jewish organizations are pushed into defending Israel and giving it unqualified support. This support enables the anti-Semites to attack not only the government of Israel, but the local Jews, too. And so on.

In Europe, Jews already feel the pressure. But in the United States, they still feel supremely self-confident. In Europe, Jews have learned over the centuries that it is not wise to be too conspicuous and to display their wealth and influence. But in America, the very opposite is happening: the Jewish establishment is practically straining to prove that it controls the country.

Every few years, the Jewish lobby "eliminates" an American politician who does not support the Israeli government unconditionally. This is not done secretly, behind the scenes, but as a public "execution". Just now this was done to the black Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a young, active, intelligent and very sympathetic woman. She has dared to criticize the Sharon government, support Palestinians and (worst of all) Israeli and Jewish peace groups. The Jewish establishment found a counter-candidate, a practically unknown black woman, injected huge sums into the campaign and defeated Cynthia.

All this happened in the open, with fanfares, to make a public example - so that every Senator and Congressperson would know that criticizing Sharon is tantamount to political suicide.

Now this is repeated in a big way. The pro-Israel lobby - which consists of Jews and extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalists - is pushing the American administration to start a war. This, too, openly, in full view of the American public. Dozens of articles in the important newspapers point this out as a plain political fact.

What will happen if the war ends in failure? If it has unexpected negative results and many young Americans die? If the American public turns against it, as happened during the Vietnam War? One can easily imagine a whispering campaign starting: "The Jews have pushed us into this," "The Jews support Israel more than they support America," and, finally, "The Jews control our country."

Furthermore, Sharon may sooner or later bring about a revolution in the Arab world. This will be a disaster for American interests. American Jews, now completely identified with Israel, will be blamed.

Anyhow, the conspicuousness of the Jews in the United States, especially in the media, and their disproportionate influence over the Congress and the White House, can backfire one of these days.

Of course, the special political culture of the United States encourages such phenomena - but that was also true in Spain of the "Golden Age" and the Weimar republic in Germany. History does not have to repeat itself, but neither should one disregard its lessons.

There are people in Israel people who secretly wish for the victory of anti-Semitism everywhere. That would confirm another Zionist myth on which we were brought up: that Jews will not be able to live anywhere but in Israel, because anti-Semitism is bound to triumph everywhere. But the United States is not France or Argentina, it plays a critical role in the Middle East. Israel's national security, as established by all Israeli governments since Ben-Gurion, is based on the total support of the United States - military, political and economic.

If I were asked for advice, I would counsel the Jewish communities throughout the world as follows: break out of the vicious circle. Disarm the anti-Semites. Break the habit of automatic identification with everything our governments do. Let your conscience speak out. Return to the traditional Jewish values of "That which is altogether just shalt thou follow!" (Deuteronomy 16,20) and "Seek peace and pursue it!" (Psalms 34, 14). Identify yourselves with the Other Israel, which is struggling to uphold these values at home.

All over the world, new Jewish groups that follow this way are multiplying. They break yet another myth: the duty of Jews everywhere to subordinate themselves to the edicts of our government. to the edicts of our government.

Uri Avnery has closely followed the career of Sharon for four decades. Over the years, he has written three extensive biographical essays about him, two (1973, 1981) with his cooperation. Avnery is featured in the new book, The Other Israel: Voices of Refusal and Dissent.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Middle East
  Topics: Iraq, Judaism, Occupation, Racism, Saddam Hussein
Views: 5272

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Older Comments:
Dear Mr. Avnery:

While your insights are right on, your perspective lacks the "whole picture". You negate to see the reasons Sharon does what he is doing, and for whom he does this. Just to point a "moral finger" at Sharon, or any Israeli leader- and cast blame- the other side of picture is not presented. The other side is not that the Palestinians are or are not to blame. The other side is who keeps disgusting people like Sharon around for the Israeli public to tick their name offs in the voting booths once every few years or so? From where does Sharon derive his power from to be able to do what he does and face absolutely no criticism- in Israel by Israelis? It can't be because of the media as they are supposed to be highly critical of the right in Israel. So how come Mr. Avnery, they are so quiet now? Why can Israel kill ten Palestinians a day in "raids in search of terrorists" and the event has trouble making the front page in Israeli newspapers? I know who stands behind the radical Islamic fundamentalist movements- from where they get their cash, their political support, and their expertise in making bombs. My question for Mr. Avnery is from where do you think Israeli leaders like Sharon, Bibi, Peres, Beilin, Rabin- derive their power from? For whom are they working for?

We know nearly all Arab leaders are corrupt. Why are the same charges not brought against Israeli national leaders by leading thinkers such as Uri Avnery?

JAMES FROM USA said: sound almost desperate to lash out at any any person who identifies you for the 3rd rate smear artist that you are. Your latest post proves this quite well.

Awww poor John...feeling a bit persecuted are we ? How about you try being truthful for once in your misbegotten life ?
Zionist propogandism has destroyed whatever feeble excuse of a mind you had.

James: if that is the level of debate you descend to then there is no hope for the world. That goes for all your friends on this site as well.

Excellent article ! I'm e-mailing this to all my friends! And Mr. Norman, will you please shut up with your narrow minded drivel. Thank you

Superb article.
Grendizer I believe you have made your point quite well, no need to further engage this idiotic fool. Its obvious he didnt read the article.
Keep up the good work.

Which history book do you learn your facts from John Norman ?!
After reading all your posts, its obvious you are nothing less than weak-minded thrash talking Zionist smear artist.

Grendizer: if there is anybody ion illegal possession of alnd in the Middle East - outside Saudi Arabia - it is the Arabs. Just remember, these are the people who conquered, occupied and dispossessed the original inhabitants in the entire area from the Empty Quarter to the Atlantic coast. Check your history book, if you have one in the house, that is.

You know usual I have to yank your foot out of your mouth.
Dont feed us this CRAP that you dont hate sure do, you've proven this beyond a doubt by posting here for YEARS with one stupid retarded post after another detailing your hatred for anything Islamic.
You claim you "pathologically hate any and all religious fundamentalists blah blah blah." This is by far the best example of your hypocrisy and lies John. Your slave like endorsement of all things Israeli shows...especially your support of the bogus biblical premise used by zionists to justify their illegal occupation of Palestinian. Hell you dont even recognise the occupation. You also recently endorsed christian fundamentalist nutcase Jerry comments about Islam. In short John you're a cowardly liar, nothing less should be expected from thrash talking Zionazis.
If you truly expect anybody to buy your phony excuses about hating fundamentalists, you must truly be a deluded idiot.
You're a zionist propogandist and a hater of Muslims no matter what, so dont deny your ugliness. What a worm.

How mistaken you are, Grendizer. I have no hatred for Islam or Muslims, so long as they leave me alone to get on with my life. I do have an almost pathological hatred for any fundamentalist who think's he's been inspired by God to go out there and make people's lives a misery and hell on earth. I cut them no slack and give them no quarter.

Thanks for the spell check John....I knew deep down you must atleast one positive trait. How's that for humor ? Not that this in any way cancels or reduces your vast hatred of the Islamic peoples or their faith.

Grendizer: Well, that was certainly a rant. I would like to point out that in your boiling anger you managed to mis-spell three words (see if you can find out which ons they were) and you repeated several paragraphs. Why I am not sure as they don't aid your case at all. Not that I,m conceding that you have a case in the first place.

You must learn to be more civil in your arguments. Just a word of advice. Lighten up, too. Humour helps.


Right on bro!

As usual John Norman, the jewish supporter of terror does what he knows best...lying ad fudging the facts.
John you're not fit to kiss Brians's feet. Period. Arab and Islamic organizations like CAIR, ADC in the US are NOT supporters of terrorism unlike the JDL, ADL ZOA and countless other zionist organization which call for murder of all Palestinians and annexation of their land. I'm sure it annoys you to no end that civil rights groups within the Arab and Islamic community are active.
I've said it before're an idiot...a dispicaple racist who has NEVER posted anything of merit here. You should thank the folks at for allowing you to post your thrash here. Then again they probably figure a deluded bigoted moron like you shows the true of face of Zionism for all to see in its ugliness.
I expect nothing less from a zionist groupie. Either way you're not going to get away with it....remember Irv Rubin ? LOL

On the contrary, Grendizer, there are any number of Arab-American organisations that urge and would wish to see the US - and European Governments - fight on their behalf against Israel. I suggest that you look at AAIUS, CAIR and other such bodies and read what they would like the US to do.

These same organisations also engage in sustained smear campaigns against both Israel and Jews in the US. Some of their work is hardly distinguishable from antisemitism.

I stand by my comments about Brian Sprague.

It sure does make for a legitimate argument when its fact-based, Drew. Royal Flush!

Nice job with the article!
Once again Islam plays from all sides of the poker table. It must be nice to quote from both the Quran and the Bible in oreder to develop your ideas.
That makes for a legitmate arument.

Zionists' actions, malevolence, and hateful nature are witnessed by plenty people around the world; their gig is up. Except here in America where, I now firmly believe, just about any resource you could think of is committed in some way or another to serving this entity which has proven to be nothing but a political liability for us here. We are ready to war against all the Arab countries to please a country that has no scruples in spying on, and lying to, us time and again, that has no self-respect to turn down our largess. Where's the logic in disarming every nation in the Mid-East except this treacherous one? How does this serve peace and stability in the area? From their record I would no more trust them than I would Saddam, N. Korea, or any member of the Axis of Evil.

But what I really loath with unspeakable intensity are the Pro-Israelis who have no less thirst for blood, in spite of their academic grandeur and pomp, than the ravenous IDF themselves. In a nutshell: pro-Israelis want Palestinians, whom they regard as dogs no less than the Zionists themselves do, killed. It's one pogrom committed by the Israelis and condoned by the filth that is personified by their fanatical, misguided supporters.

As for the Evangelists who are licking the Israeli boot to hasten the second coming of Christ , I just hope Christ comes out soon enough to tell them thanks for siding with the very people who vexed me every step of the way, thanks for turning a blind eye to atrocities committed even against Christians in Israel (read Taking A Stand In Front Of A Church That Takes No Stand,,)thanks for being as guilty as the Zionists, and now you want salvation? Far from it you betrayers.

Israel is very young, it's history is turbulent and bloody. If it is to survive it must exercise wisdom and foresight not treachery, truth-twisting and might.


If I were a rich man I would buy some bill boards and write upon them "If my country were being invaded by religious fanatics with a nazi like chosen race mentality I would defend it to the death. If you wouldn't you shouldn't call yourself and American (Briton, Frenchman...) As long as one Palestinian is treated unjustly there will be no peace in the middle east. We frequently fall into hypocrisy when we fail to love our neighbors enough to treat them as we would wish to be treated. Shame on you for supporting Israel" This needs to be done in all the capitols of the world. But especially the US and England.

I think Brian's definition of "democracy" is quite sound John. You're the one who needs to learn the meaning of the word.
Democracy for you is rights of all type for Jews ONLY, yeah real Israel-style BS that is.
Arab-Americans arent urging the US government to fight wars on their behalf are they ? There are no Arab counterparts to Jewish organizations like the ADL, JDL, ZOA and dozens of others who terrorize, silence, smear and censor opponents of Israeli terror. Real democratic institutions arent they ?
Go force yourself to learn some real history instead of staring blankly at your Ariel Sharon pin-up.

Evidently and quite clearly Brian Sprague has not the faintest idea of the words "democracy", " free speech" and "free circulation of ideas". Does he think that American Jews are not Americans? Who else has he read out of the American community? Armenians, Greeks, Italians? Does he believe that Arab Americans don't use the lobby system as frequently and as feistily as others? The sentiments of his letter look disturbingly like bigotry to me.

Uri what a brilliant mind you poses. Your over all synopsis speaks volumes of truth. I'm of Hispanic decent (Mexican/American). And recently the topic of Israeli lobbyist has been brought up several times at family gatherings. How is it that a very small American minority appear to dominate Americas foreign policy in regard to the middle east, or in another words how have we (Americans)allowed this to happen? And what can be done to change, what we perceive to an unjust one sided debate ( only due to the fact that should anyone even attempt to discuss the topic they are labeled ant-Semites ). Just a little insight fo those of you out there reading this web page. Best of luck to you Uri on you're carrer. And to those of you that disagree with me. And insist on dragging my Family into a War of your own devise. No, that I as an American have a right to disagree with you. And that I and those that feel as I do will oppose yourself righteous interest as we see fit.

Excellent article. Although I am a Muslim, I read this article with fascination. It is my beleif that radicalism and extremism in all parts of the world is rising whether it's extremist Muslims, Jews, Christians or Hindus. Look around and you will see that these extremist groups are rising by discovering political platform as a formula to advance their agendas.

On the other hand, I beleive the moral, yet silent and perhaps confused and manipulated majority in all religious camps comprises of an army of one, whose only agenda is to live peacefully, but fails to consolidate as a power to speak and be heard by the power brokers.

As the article points out, once things go wrong, the same army of one will start speaking and perhaps echo a voice of sanity. Unfortunately, this moral majority may not consolidate its power until something terrible happens.

I appreciate the author's perspective and hope that our elected officials would find ways to keep religion and politics separate. Until religious extremism from all sides is stopped by a few sane power broakers, our wars will be fought by the political prostitutes, knowing very well that for a short term gain they are exposing themselves and their people to a greater and spreading disease.

Thanks cousin! I hope we can live to see the day when we can disagree because of our intellectualy difference of opinion in a healthy debate, but not because of one's faith.

this is the first time i've actuallyagreed with an israeli.nice work, truth really does triumph.

You are simply brainwashed or intrinsicly evil. God does not approve of your type of killing, mutilation, torture. Thank God for ultimate justice for you will get yours

pray to your ancestors for forgiveness...for the Lord G-D of Israel and TRUE Jews(you ... arab ...)forgive you not.

Thankyou Uri, What you have expressed in your writing is what I have been feeling for the last few years. I was once a ardent supporter of Israel, but now after watching almost three years of brutal repression of the Palesteniens I have found myself becoming increasingly hostile towards Israel. It is good to know that all people of the jewish faith do not believe in the policies and tactics of the current government of Israel, and I hope that, what may come that God, Allah, Yahweh protects you from the current fait of the Palesteniens.

Antisemitism is manufactured by antisemites. Antisemitism is not created by Jews. Only an antisemite wouldwrite such egregious nonsense. In this case, however, Uri Avnery is neither an antisemite nor a self-hating Jew. He is, though, a Jew who hates Israel, someone who believes that of all the peoples in the world only the Jews do not have a right to a State of their own. My advice to Mr Avnery: is opt out, take a one-way ticket to Baghdad or Cairo, those bastions of Arab democracy in the Middle East.

Excellent article, peace is what ever normal person wants. They Arabs,Jews,and christians once all live in peace, lets hope this happens again, very soon

A worthy and wonderful sentiment. Let them all(Jews) return to the pattern of justice and peace-loving in which it will be noted that they are a wise and good people, Insha'Allah. For those who now stand for truth and justice, may Allah be their Champion and may the respect they earn be given them. As for we Muslims to whom have been given the final Message - may we not forget our own failings and may we also stand for Truth and Justice remembering that our faults and misdeeds have even less excuse - judgement for us will be even harsher! May the Almighty in His Wisdom and Mercy help all of we sons and daughters of Adam, for indeed we are a sorry sight right now!

Tight Article!