Modern Warfare is Immoral - Including War Against Iraq

Modern war is essentially immoral. The lethality of modern weapons of mass destruction creates a situation in which war will inevitably kill innocent civilians, old and young. Modern war destroys ecology and hurts generations that are yet to be born. 

Modern warfare is fought at too high a price, creating unavoidable collateral damage, including so-called "friendly fire".

In addition to these general repercussions, the proposal to wage war on Iraq suffers from several other problems:

1. The justifications offered to wage this war contain lapses in reason and are both internally inconsistent and present a double standard relative to other regimes in the world. The announced justification for this war, repeated ad infinitum, is to rid Saddam Hussein of weapons of mass destruction. All Americans agree that ridding anyone of these terrible weapons, especially reckless dictators, is highly desirable. However, no convincing evidence has been offered that indicates with any certainty that such weapons exist in Iraq. Everyone from media personnel to former weapons inspectors to several elected officials have visited these sites and testified that claims that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction are unsubstantiated.  We believe that an extensive inspection program, one that aims genuinely to discover weapons and disarm Hussein and not to conduct covert operations, will abrogate the need for military invasion. Such an invasion would in fact encourage Saddam to use any stored weapons that may have been in a preparatory stage.

2. Ridding Iraq of its dictator, Saddam Hussein, is offered as a second justification for war. MPAC would like to stress that such an undertaking is noble, and we stand today as we have always stood unequivocally against dictatorship and oppression. However, this responsibility remains that of the Iraqi people and any international non-violent intervention. The United States has dealt with past dictatorships in Romania, Czechoslovakia, Poland and even the Soviet Empire without the need for military invasion.

3. The third stated reason is that Iraq must be forced to comply with United Nations resolutions. This reason has been criticized for its obvious hypocrisy the world over, and can not be taken seriously while our administration continues to reduce the stature of the United Nations by declaring openly that the United States will act unilaterally with or without United Nations approval.  Furthermore, the sheer number of UN resolutions Israel has simply ignored with impunity with the express help of the United States adds to the hypocrisy of this claim.

4. The fourth reason offered is that Iraq represents a threat to its neighbors. However, these very same neighbors have registered their strong opposition to war against Iraq, in total contrast to the circumstances surrounding the first Gulf war.

Given the paucity of evidence that war in Iraq is morally justifiable or necessary for the security of the American people (in fact, much evidence points to the fact that the opposite might be true), we offer the following reasons to oppose war in Iraq.

1. This war will increase the already unbearable suffering of the people of Iraq. The same people who suffer at the hands of their dictator have had their misery compounded by the senseless, unproductive sanctions programs enforced by the United States and the Untied Kingdom. These same innocents will be turned to "collateral damage" as a result of this war.

2. War will put American soldiers in harms way for unjustified reasons.

3. War will increase the already dangerous levels of anti-American sentiment in not only the Middle East, but in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere. This anti-Americanism will sew yet more seeds of extremism and terrorism against our people.

4. War will further tax our ailing economy at a time when our country must address issues of homelessness, health care, poverty, substandard inner city schools, social security, election reform, and other very important domestic issues.

5. We have learned from history that when we unleash violence abroad, an upsurge of domestic violence results. The tragic story of husbands murdering their wives upon returning from Afghanistan offers one such example. Gang violence, murders and rapes as well as drug related crimes and domestic violence consistently increases after times of war.

Dr. Maher Hathout is the Senior Advisor of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the spokesperson of the Islamic Center of Southern California

MPAC calls on peace-loving citizens to join hands, hearts and minds to reverse this rush towards war.  MPAC believes that empowering the Iraqi people by lifting sanctions, offering nutritional and medical aid and increasing access to accurate information in that country is the best way to encourage the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

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  1. AJ from India

    So Rashad, what's wrong with other countries profiling Saudi citizens (and other nationlities like yours) or even barring their entry for the sake of security and morality (their Islamic morals need not be considered as morals by others).

  2. Rashad from UK

    Saudi Arabia's decision not to allow Hindus or Jews into parts of the Kingdom is nothing other then effective immigration control to protect the moral integrity of the country. On closer inspection you will find most countries have this clause in their immigration laws. So, Kumar you may have to reconsider your comments.

  3. Billybob USA from USA

    I say NUKE them all and let God sort them out!!!!!!!

  4. Ibrahim Fernanzdez from venzuela

    Sunil Kapur..

    SO what if Saudi Arabia doesn't let jews or hindus enter? Saudi Arabia is one big religious sanctity. What business do jews and hindus have there? there are no tourist attractions .. it is religious ground. don't u dare cite it as a fallacy on the part of Islam.

    Similarly, Muslims would not be allowed to enter the hindus most sacred place ... not that we'd want to of course.

    To Islamicity : please do not censor this message.

  5. Mazinkaiser from UK

    I really wish hindus like Sunil Kumar would try something new here - telling the TRUTH. Hindus do work in Saudi Arabia. As for this newfound Hindu love for Judaism...its based on the current allience of Jewish and Hindu fasicts.

    Kumar's tactic is deliberetly ignoring the real issues and hiding behind myths and exagerations. I guess what happened in Gujrat and what goes on daily in Kashmir by Hindu terrorists is A-OK in his mind. Bottom line Kumar is an RSS fanatic.

    And "Yaz" are you for real ?

  6. Yaz from USA


    Interesting article. Now let's address the same issues when it comes to "Muslims" attacking other people.

    For some reason the Ummah has turned a blind eye to the things people are doing in the name of Islam. Is it because Muslims are at such a disadvantage that we must engage in immoral behavior as "they" do when they attack us??

    I beg to differ. I've surfed the internet ever since 9/11 and I HAVE YET TO FIND ANY LITERATURE FROM THESE "SCHOLARS" WHO SAY WHAT THE TALEBAN AND BIN LADEN DID was no and will never be Islamic!!

    But sadly, all the learned souls that prech the word of Qur'an remain silent...

    I'm interesting what the latest propoganda ... ahem.. I mean ruling by some holy guy is on KILLING CIVILIANS!

    I believe that if Qur'an makes it HARAM...then NO SCHOLAR can make it HALAL... or are we doing what we accused the christians and jews of doing....CHANGING OUR BOOK?

    I would like to address this issue and quit posting all these feel good articles and get to the meat and potatoes....

    I bet that would NEVER happen!

  7. m


  8. Sunil Kumar from India

    I think the most brutal warfare has been inflicted on

    Muslims by other Muslims. Look at what Iran did to Iraq

    (thousands times worse than what the US will do).

    Look at what Jordan and Syria did to the Palestinians

    (no wonder the Palestinians would rather live in Israel!)

    Why do we not speak of these problems first?

  9. Sunil Kumar from India

    To m,

    Saudi Arabia does not allow Hindus or Jews to enter

    Saudi. It is interesting that I can not enter Saudi

    (because I am an Infidel) but Saudi Muslims can enter


    Please understand what your religion is doing to the

    world, and then maybe you'll understand why most of

    the world looks at Islam as being violent religion.


  10. Grendizer from uk

    Bill, for God's sake get off the crack man ! Your post is absolute nonsense.....which Muslim "rewarded" Bin Laden ?! But since you're sooooo concerned about starving must then agree that sanctions are wrong and should be lifted of the Iraqi people yes ? No ? yep thought so. Another hypocrite deflated !

  11. Bill Cecil from U.S.A

    The difference between morality and responsibility in War is not clear in some circumstances.

    Bin Laden started by attacking soldiers trying to help food aid workers distribute food to starving people. Was that a moral or a responsible thing for him to do?

    Why do Islamic people reward him for doing this? Did the starving people deserve to die? Were the winning warlords moral and the starving immoral? Isn't this modern war? Confusion!

  12. Grendizer from UK

    Dear M, Nathan is not confused, he is ....(wrong), period. A .... neocon wannabe who is AFRAID of facts and makes up his own little world of cowboys and Indians. Nathan is the type who has probably never left his home state yet deems himself some sort of "intellectual" on world affairs. This seems to be the endearing trait so many these cretins who cut their teeth on Faux news seem to share.

    His post had nothing to do with the subject at hand, so he made a few childish remarks and off he goes like a spineless warmonger. Dime a dozen

  13. m from uk

    Nathan, please explain to me how saudi arabia does not let non muslims enter the county.I think you're confused.

  14. Noreen from USA

    There are terrorists who call themselves Muslims, and dictators like Saddam who are in power because of greed and political power (He was in fact put into power with the help of the CIA).

    However, the commentor saying that Saudia Arabia does not allow non-Muslims in is mistaken.

    Saudia Arabia does not give citizenship to anyone, probably because there are a grea number of Muslims who would like to become citizens.

    However, there is a large number of non-Muslim and Muslims who live there to work as traders, business people, teachers, doctors, etc.

    A prominent number of nonMuslims there are the American soldiers, as Saudia Arabia currently has the largest American bases in the Middle East.

    The US government has killed more civilians than any terrorists of any origin.

    They intentionally bombed water and electricity infrastrucutures and used ammunition made with uranium during the Gulf war and in the 1993 and 1998 bombings.

    The no fly zones over Iraq are imposed by the US and Britain, not the UN, and are illegal.

    The same number of children in Iraq die due to US imposed sanctions EVERY 2 WEEKS FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS AS HAVE DIED IN THE WORLD TRADE CENTERS. (See Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, by Free-Will Productions, by Brohy and Ungerman, narrated by John Hurt).

    Some wars may be deemed necessary by some, by they are not fair when an army that is supplied with $55 million per day attacks refugees with stones and a few guns. Or when the world superpower attacks a country that has been under the most extreme sanctions the world has ever seen for 10 years and has already been bombed 3 times in that time.

  15. Nathan from USA

    In reading this article and the comments posted, it

    seems to me that any body, who does anyting, to any

    Muslim, is wrong. Let's face it folks - TERRORISM IS

    NOT JUSTIFIED! Kafirs are people too! Take a look at

    what pathetic countris all Muslim countries are - Saudi

    Arabia will not allow Kaffirs to enter the country. If the

    USA would not allow Muslims to enter America, this

    webiste would have a field day! Talk about the pot

    calling the kettle black!

  16. nasarudin md said from malaysia










  17. concerned human

    If we learn any thing from history is that the oppressors never understand justice, nor do they car for the well beeing of others, the only way to deal with them is to physically remove them from the sacred cities of Islam and cut the oil they use to fuel their war machines by any means necessary.

  18. BigBrownCheese from usa

    Dear M, Ajay is a typical Hindu RSS fanatic....the type of low end sadist who fully approves of "warfare" like against minorities in India...Gujrat in particular. Now when the roles are reversed...well then they'll start crying foul.

  19. m from uk

    This messege is to small minded Ajay.Where do i start.You say that modern warefare is not immoral.Tell that to the people who have experienced it.Have some courage, tell the truth.

  20. Ajay Mittal from USA

    (1)Modern warfare is not immoral as it ends sufferring quickly. Look at Kashmir, terrorists have killed multitudes in slow manner. I see no difference in Muslim invadors slaughtering people by swords in ancient days and the modern bombs. Infact this is the ONLY way to get rid of terrorists. There is no other way. These are deadly terrorists. They dont see only America as their enemy but the entire community of non muslims as their enemies who have to be converted somehow. If not immediate violence, then they are prepared to wait until they grow their populatio of believers through large families. I am fed up of terrorists and I would rather see a quick resolution through modern warfare.

  21. Hayao

    John Norman as usual givs us his pathetic posts on Israel's "innocence", obviously this guy doesnt feel that international law is applicable to the jewish terrorist state....but if $$$ is involved, they'll rush for it !...such chutzpah!

    Normans tin pot zionist views only reflect the neurosis of jewish supremasicsts towards the goyim. Run along John, Dr. Phil should be on soon.

  22. An American Patriot from US of A

    warfare was utlized by our holy prophet Muhammed, and we should not be ashamed of it. The armies of Europe who were in the path of Islam during its "Golden Age" were impressed by the advancing Muslim armies regalia, pomp and circumstance. Those Europeans learned a thing or two about how to fight nobly.

    To defend oneself is allowed in Islam. What the Bush administration is doing is ramrodding its politicial agenda upon the nation, and upon the world. That is wrong, plain and simple.

    It is sad that "modern warfare" has devolved to where we are now. Imagine future "modern warfare"?? I don't think its going to get any more civilized. How very sad for future humanity.


  23. Noreen from USA

    Ammunition made with radioactive Uranium used by the Americans in the Gulf war and bombings in 1993 and 1998 has caused severe cancers, mutations,blindness and illness in Iraqi children, adults, and even in the unborn.

    It is also the cause of "Gulf War Syndrome" (originally blamed on Saddam) in thousands of American soldiers who have gone without compensation, as any compensation would mean the US government has admitted liability.

    The use of Uranium which can penetrate anything and has a half-life of over 45 billion years, is illegal.

    The US government also blew up water, sewage and electricity infrastructures in Iraq (even though "Our quarrel is not with the Iraqi people" said by Bush the oil dimwit).

    In fact AS MANY CHILDREN DIE IN IRAQ EVERY 2 WEEKS FOR THE LAST !) YEARS AS THE NUMBER THAT DIED IN THE WORLD TRADE CENTERS, due to American imposed sanctions and continued bombings.

    The no fly zones over Iraq imposed by the US and Britain are not UN imposed and ILLEGAL.

    The US and Britain want to attack Iraq and get rid of Saddam the dictator, because they know if sanctions are lifted, his government will favour French and Russian oil buyers.

    Israel has killed over 3 times as many Palestinans and oppressed them for 35 YEARS, suicide bombings are a futile act of revenge that is a relatively new occurence. Israel has also imprisoned thousands of people without charge, gased people (see the film After Jenin, shown in the Canadian film festival) and shot foreign journalists and photographers.

    One side calling the other "evil" or "terrorists" does not erase the number of dead and maimed caused by these "democratic freedom seeking" governments.

  24. NS Hakim from USA

    Suicide bombings or killings of any type are immoral. What is even more immoral is the regime that creates conditions of that sort in other countries. South African leaders have commented that the conditions that Israel has created in Palestine are worse that what was seen in South Africa during Apartheid.

    Israel is currently in violation of many UN Sanctions. It is the most condemned country per UN resolution logs. The most significant violation it has committed however, has been a violation against humanity. Any regime that deprives a population of its humanity is wrong - be it Saddam Husseins or Ariel Sharon's.

  25. john norman from uk

    The UN Resolutions which Israel is alleged to ignore are not mandatory but are only recommendations.

    secondly, some of those UN Resolutions are also addressed to both the Arabs and the Palestinians. By the same tiken, then, they are also in breach of UN Resolutions.

  26. S.I.Aboobucker from Hong Kong

    All the modern warfare is immoral including war against Iraq, because when it comes to war the entire humanity will be destroyed. This is all due to the selfishness and self pride of those who call themself the super powers.If the so said superpowers are real peace lovers they would not have attacked the Japanese with atom bombs, the Vietnamese with Napam bombs and the Afgans with all the ultra modern killing weapons. The endless greediness for world power will make them carry out more distructions to the humanity. No one can save this world from the war mongers but Almighty Allah who will definitely punish them the way he punished the wrong doers in the past era.

  27. Grendizer from UK

    Kafir Ken I'd bet you'd blow yourself to bits if you lived under the right know..under occupation, without an airforce, navy, tanks...that sort of thing. People who have nothing will eventually lose hope and use their own bodies as weapons...tragic but true.

    Maybe if you had an appreciation for justice and humanity you'd understand, ...

  28. aishanoor from canada

    Modern warfare IS immoral. Anyone who sees the result of landmines or chemical weapons, or who considers the horrors of nuclear war ought to agree. Unfortunately, at present many Muslims seem to buy in to the 'balance of terror' argument: that what Muslim countries need is more terrible weapons to counter the ones that the sole superpower and its surrogates already have. Billions are spent by oil-rich states and poor Muslim states alike on weapons whose spare parts come from the US or Europe--in otherwards, these weapons can't be used without the permission of these states. Meanwhile, an estimated 80 percent of refugees worldwide are Muslim, and 60 percent of Arabs are illiterate. Money can be found for next-to-useless weapons, but not for fighting poverty, homelessness and illiteracy.

  29. Kafir Ken from U.S.A.

    The most immoral warfare of all is terrorism and suicide

    bombing of innocent people. No matter how "evil" you

    think the Kaffirs are, NOTHING justifies killing innocent

    women and children.