Lines Drawn!

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The lines have already been drawn: Jews and Christians are on one side and Muslims on the other.

The final verdict has already been given: Jesus offered a model of peace and love, so did Moses but Muhammad offered a model of violence. He was a terrorist. The truth has already been spoken: Muhammad does not represent Islam.

The final prophecy has already been revealed: the Major battles will come, blood will be up to the backs of horses (or tanks) and two-thirds of the Jews will be killed, while the remaining third will convert to Christianity.

And the pledge of allegiance has been changed: every time the President of the United States shows the earliest indication of holding off his support to the state of Israel, he will be subject to pressure by over seventy-million of the Christian right. Ariel Sharon should rest assured that Mr. Bush will always do the right thing. There is nothing called Palestine. Palestinians should go to some other country.

These are some of the points propagated by Jerry Falwell that Mr. Bob Simon of CBS astutely exposed on the 60 minutes show on October 6, 2002. Ironically, on the same show came Mr. Abraham Foxman, President of the Anti Defamation League, a prestigious Jewish organization, to lend the support of his community to the Christian right as well as to celebrate the support Israel is getting from extremist right wing groups, in spite of their leaders; impossible to swallow anti-Semitic overtones.

I don't think that these points warrant analysis as they speak for themselves. Bigotry does not need to be analyzed; it only needs to be exposed. There are several issues however, that deserve public awareness and debate.

What was said by Jerry Falwell raises questions about the level of discourse in America. Since the sixties, we the people succeeded in setting a national standard for expressing our views. We don't speak anti-Semitism in public, we are careful about racial, ethnic and religious jokes and we show sensitivity to what is sacred and important to others.

We don't feel that politeness in public discourse contradicts freedom of speech. As a matter of fact, it makes our rhetoric more mature and productive. To break this pattern with Muslims, especially with false statements is not only to hurt Muslims and the figures they hold in the highest esteem but also to damage the standard set for our national social discourse.

The Bin Ladenization of the discourse is another important issue we need to be aware of. The nadir of terrifying statements were exemplified by the following: Islam is an evil religion as was said by several ministers in the Southern Baptist conference recently; Mohammed is a terrorist as claimed by Jerry Falwell and Jews have to convert to Christianity as was exhorted by the founder of the moral majority. These statements clearly indicate the low nature of discourse that many of the clergy is engaged in.

This logic has led them to assert that we are good and they are evil. Good should prevail and evil ought to vanish. If we allow this logic to be widely projected, accepted and sometimes sanctioned and adopted by the national leadership, we are in fact putting a nail in the coffin of our democracy.

Ironically this logic has become prevalent after 9/11. This is no less than cruelty that is incompatible with faith in God. It is awfully cruel to exploit the pain and anxiety of our traumatized nation, to further a political agenda or to achieve power.

We must ask the question: Where does the Bush administration stand on the issue of these issues? Mr. Falwell has made it clear that he has enough clout to pressure the President on his administration's policies towards Israel. In a democracy this may be understandable. However, we elect our President to represent all Americans, neither the most vocal nor the most organized.

When the issue crosses the line from free speech to hate speech, our President should freely speak against hate, because the alternative will ultimately lead to discord at a time when we need to galvanize the nation in solidarity to deal with the eminent challenges we face in the post 9/11.

The silence of the Administration should not prevent people of faith from speaking up their conscious and their mind. They don't have to denounce or condemn people, but they must speak up. They may support, oppose, or analyze, but they should not refrain from saying what they consider the truth. There is a saying in Islam: The one who is silent when truth ought to be spoken is like a mute devil.

Dr. Maher Hathout is the Senior Advisor of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the spokesperson of the Islamic Center of Southern California

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Christianity, Occupation
Views: 2660

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Older Comments:
Thank god jerry falwell doe s notspeack for all Americans.they see right through that biggot hatemonger swine.When Farrakan spoke against jews the racist media[fox news,msnbc and 99%of all the talk shows]are up in arms ,but complitly silent when that pig opened his filthy trap.

I will recommend Mr. J.Hart to read Bible again and see that "Jesus, the Son of God" himself claims to be "Son of Man" many many times, and when one of his disciples says that he(Jesus) was Son of God, Jesus forbids him from telling this (that Jesus was son of God) to anybody. Why? And why did the disciple tell this, defying the command of Jesus?. And why should Jesus be the only Way to God? Because he is Son of God? But he himself claims to be Son of man in Bible!. Rich and Mighty are least likely to reach Father as per Bible's Teaching. Is West then really blessed?
This is the peril of blind belief, that one does not see the distortions that crept in the scriptures over the time. I myself did not believe in exclusiveness of Salvation belonging to a particular religion. What about ignorant Pigmies in Africa, who never heard of Jesus, or Muhammad or Buddha?. I tried to search for answer in Qur'an and sayings of Prophet Muhammad and I found Answer at many places. Readers may search these themselves,(can't quote,spaces limitation), one being the reference to Salvaltion to particular type of people belonging to Jews, Christians etc. One of the answers is that "This (Quran) is the STRAIGHT way". Notice that it does not say "THE ONLY way". There may be ways with detours, that may or may not lead to the Goal, or the ways that had been tampered, like Bible which has different versions for different Sects. Notice not even single word of Quran has changed, despite there being Sects like Shias, Qadiyanis etc). So which scripture should one follow(If one really wants to follow): those which had discrepancies creeping in over time or the one that remains unchanged over time, full of wisdom. But this wisdom will be grasped only by those who are ready to shed preconceived notions. IT REQUIRES PARADIGM SHIFT. LIKE IN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, To learn object oriented programming one has to unlearn procedural programming(shift paradigm) before one can understand Object Programmin.

Jhart , "Rockofoffence" are typical American chauvenists...people who have plenty to say without any real knowledge. Dont waste your time on these half baked peons.
Manjit Singh is another comedian, the type who can really bring the house down at an RSS rally. Manjit you really shouldnt cloak yourself as some sort of intellectual....because at your finest you're just another weak minded anti-Muslim polemecist of Indian variety.
Manjit you wouldnt go to Hajj even for free so dont dwell on why cant go to one. You know full well you really dont any real issues to discuss...besides anti-Islamic demogogery displaced Hindu fanatics and their Sikh allies. You must be pretty damn desperate when you're down to supporting Jewish terrorism for mutual benefit.

Dear Rayan, agree with you on Guru Nanks Hajj. But the question dear friend is why can't I go and perform Hajj today? Why has Islam become exclusionary in the last 800 years. Conversions Sir I do not agree in principal, howver your point is acknowledged and is we in India are aware of this phenomema. However I must dis agree with you on Kashmir has always in History going vback atleast the time of Mahabartha (Hindu text) is quite cearly mentioned as one of the pratognist in that text was the subedar(appointed officer) of the king of Hastinapur.
Pakistan and Israel I do believe are same issue?
I will put my general email her for you:
[email protected]
I would wish to continue our correspondence if you so desire.
I wish to have an intelligent debate not be involved in hate filled correspondence.

J.Hart has displayed such immense ignorance that I am absolutely dumbfounded. Sir, I don't mean offense please, if ye be a seeker of truth read. For you to say that Muslims have stayed in the same state since they began believing in Islam is perpostrous if not ridiculous. We have only began to lag in the past 300 years, and that I admit is our own doing. But, for you to deny that Islamic civilization not only paved the way for present Western society, and in fact made it is sad. Muslims made the first hospital, first unviersity and we were the first non-Vikings to sail to America not Columbus. Besides this we brought Algebra, modern Chemistry, Astronomy and Human biology. So please, before you comment research. Besides all this the Qu'ran mentioned the expansion of the universe as well as evolution and that the earth revolves around the sun, Islam is for Science and technology unlike other faiths and does not have to change through time. The people who you see professing Islam in many place around the world are illiterate and have learnt Islam through what others told them. If you want to learn Islam, read the Qu'ran not propganda and not listening to a lunatic named Osama Bin Laden; he is not an Imam nor a scholar.

I would like to comment on 'RockOfOffense's' comments, they are ignorant so that disallows me from becoming angry. Sir, all I can recommend to you, if you be a seeker of truth is to refer to history, not propganda. No knowledgeable scholar or historian of Islamic civilization be they Jewish, Chrisitian and so on, will state that the prophet of Islam was indeed a noble and peace loving man, of that there is no doubt. Islam is not violent, nor is it like Buddhism, Islam is moderate and just. To Manjit Singh, again sir you are misinformed. This fear of sword you speak of is incorrect and gorssly exaggerated people in India switched to Islam for many reasons; truth, hate of caste system, political prowress and many other factors. For you to say that would be a great error on your part considering the origins of the 10 Gurus of Sikhism, as well as Kabir. Guru Nanak if you recall your history also performed Hajj. If you read recent news 400 Dalits(Untouchables) are converting to Islam because of its equality, this occured 800 years ago as well. Once again, you have brought three unrelated issues and mixed them together, Pakistan, Israel and Kashmir are such diverse subjects that you cannot compare them. Kashmir is similar to Tibet and Chechnya. As Blaise Pascal said "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."

I agree. When the Jewish ADL begins to enlist the help of the Christian Right in Israel, we need to be worried. Although I am a Jew, I do not believe in the tyranny Israel is imposing upon the Palestinean people, and while I do not support violence on either side, I feel that until the US. cuts off arms shipments to Israel there will be no peace.

In the context of your cultural socialisation, I understand your motivation to honour "Islam" However, Jesus said that he was the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man can come to the Father except through Him. The "Christian West" has been blessed through honouring His name. Islamic nations for the most part have never progressed beyond the state they were in when they were first forced to embrace "the way of submission" It is my prayer that all Islamic peoples will come to know the JOY of salvation which is found only in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Why do we not see more Muslims in the media broadcasting that Islam teaches Jesus but Jews often consider him to be a criminal and false prophet and reject him entirely? If we want to bring Christians to the side of Islam, this is the key, most Christians do not even know that Islam supports Jesus! Even if theology is somewhat different, this point needs to be shouted from the rooftops, then we may see a shift in support.

Klein wrote:

"I believe that people who either commit or propagate crimes of hate are the real evil -- be it be it a bin Laden or a Jerry Falwell."

Maybe. Except that Falwell hasn't ordered thousands of people put to death. Bin Laden has.

I dunno. On this site, I see a lot of outrage about how Islam is viewed in America, but no outrage over planes being flown into buildings in the name of Allah; I see outrage over how Palestinian refugees are treated but not over how Israeli women and children are blown up every few days in the name of Allah; I see outrage over how Christians have treated Muslims but not over Mohammed's butchering of Jews in Yemen.

You are correct that professing Christians should not kill Muslims. But the stereotypical view of Islam will not change in America until Muslims in America begin to criticize the violent element within Islam -- including Mohammed himself. Until that happens, your silence sounds pretty much like tacit consent.

You say that you don't approve of violence. Great. What's your view of Palestinian "homicide bombers"? What's your view of Osama bin Laden? What's your view of Saddam Hussein?

[email protected]

It is obvious people like Grendizer do let facts come in the way of a good story - as Fallwell.

Mr Grendizer I am a Sikh not a Hindu-the question to belong to RSS will never arise.

If you cannot accept political reality than the problem is yours not rest of the world. Israel is a political reality, like Pakistan if you accept Pakistan you will have to accept Israel.

As to Emilio Kashmir has belonged to Hindus for thousands of years. It is muslims occupying kashmir (they are all hindus who because of the fear of sword became Muslims about 800 years ago). The west (America and Britain whom you hate so much) divided India as they divided you. So you cannot support west division of India and not west division of Arabs. You use the west to divide places like India, Serbia, Russia, China etc but when they do the same to you - you start killing woman and children in the name of Allah. All that the so called Allahs warriors are doing is killing woman and children. Please correct your own house first because that is were the problem is? Remember why empire got defeated? Arrogance.

That is why Islamic terrorrism will be beaten this time as well. Arrogance of suedo 8th century superiority that can at best kill women and children.

Aslaam-Ali-Kum....this is so sad...can any of you tell me what little people like myself can do to represent the right kind of Islam???
INSHALLAH Allah (SWT) will fix everyhting....AMEEN
Shaa'ban Raat Mubarakh

yes i know this is all happening but it only ourelves to blame. have we (the mulsims) been acting like a kind and peaceful religion. no. we are as i speak acting like terroists, but not only us it is the christians and the jews as well. the statement is that only the strong will prevail and lets just pray it is one of the god abiding ones.

The Israelis have about as much right to be in Palestine as Indian occupation forces in Kashmir. Hindu terrorists and Jewish terrorists have a lot in common.

I believe that people who either commit or propagate crimes of hate are the real evil -- be it a bin Ladin or a Jerry Falwell.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) rejected terrorism. Very clear. He rejected those who were racist. Muslims must not even touch the hairs of non-muslims. Muslims must protect those non-muslims in muslim country.
Muslim cannot attack women, children and old human. Muslim must protect these people. Muslim must not behave like Jews today, who even kill children.

The problem is: Muslim did not follow Islam and the guide given by the Quran. Muslims reject modern knowledge ie science and technology as secular. Where as Quran contained quantum physics, medicine and others. Now muslims are weak as a result of their own blunders. Today in dogs eat dogs world they desperately fight for their survival. Everybody bully them for they are weak. In Palestine, Bosnia, Russia, India, China, even in Muluku everywhere they were being bullied and humiliated. No other choice, muslims must return to Islam. Islam will give them strength to achieve balance of power to continue their existance and of course with Allah SWT permission. Insyallah.


Dear Rayan, you are wrong on three accounts. 1)Israel is also jewish land. They have right there as anybody else.
2) Both Pakistan and Israel area result of colonial political mechanisms. They are a political reality irrespective of what the religion says.
3) Lack of numbers does not make somethjing wrong or right.
I am not pro and anti Israel but at sometime in political life like India accepted partition so will the Arab world have to accept it (in case of Israel). The key issue is having peace and moving forward for the develpopment of Plaestinian people. I veryy little knowledge of their suffering throuhg the Palestinians who were Government India Scholrships in my college. I wish they can have a normal life by making a poitical compromise like India made incase of pakistan.
many thanks

Seems like we have rabid RSS goons like Mangi Singh support of zionist terrorism....what an absolute surprise.

I'm sorry to say but Manjit Singh's comment is incredulous. Please don't compare two completely different issues. Pakistan was created for a variety of reasons whether incorrect or correct. Israel was created because after the holocaust they needed a homeland. Why? Simply because all the western nations did not want them in their country e.g. Canada, US, Austalia, France and UK. They had to search for a place where the locals were most vulnerable and could easily be persuaded or forced to give up land. Besides this, Pakistan is not holy land to either Hindus or Muslims, I know it is for Sikhism but that is irrelevant because of their small numbers. Israel is holy to all three monotheistic religions. Besides this, it is a sign of the day of judgement that Muslims will once again gain control of Jerusalem. As well in the Torah after the state of Israel the Dajjal and Messiah will come. So you see, you cannot bring your sentiments against Pakistan in an issue that is unrelated.

To Sam and other bleaters about Israel.

Yes US and UK created Israel in Palestine. SO WHAT? US and UK created Pakistan in India.


To Alan, You need to read my comments more carefully before assuming that I have radical ideas. Every friend of mine, Christian or otherwise, knows that I don't condone terrorism. What you want to hear is some head of a prominent muslim organization to say "I am sorry for what somebody else did in my religion's name"?



For those questioning the integrity of the prophet Muhammad, Get a life. There is no such thing as terrorism in Islam. Terrorism is only a human ideology created from within fear and ignorance. Whoever wrote this article is clueless about Islam. There is nothing wrong with Islam; it is those, Muslim or no Muslim, who pretend to be and use it to fit their needs and wicked desires. Those are no different from the corrupt American government and its radical views. American government and others helped establish Israel in Palestine, now they want peace! They'll never have it, and their day will come and they will not be ready just like 9/11. Enough talk about Islam and let's focus on the real problem with the American government; hate to the Muslims -- love to the Jews.

Alan just gave a PERFECT example of whats wrong with America and western thinking in general. No sense of accountability for the terrorist actions of their governments. Selective history and hypocrisy at its finest.
Muslims have repeatedly condemned the events of 9/11....but for these frothing proponents of empire that is not enough. I wonder how much condemnation is in order when one is being illegally detained, physically assaulted (ask a hijabi) and subject to daily doses of anti-semetic vitriol from the mainstream media.
People around the world dont hate Americans because they love mom and apple pie, democracy and human rights, they couldnt care less whether Joe Sixpack downs a Coors or a Heinken.
People around the world are sick and tired of American policies which have brought death and misery to millions. What Americans need to do is join the ranks of those brave men and woman who march for global justice and raise their voices in protest, instead of basking in irrational jingoism and denying the blood on their governments hands.
Its as simple as that.

Adeel just gave a PERFECT example of what's apparently wrong with Islam - No sense of collective accountability for the actions taken by the radicals in the faith. If someone wants to use the Qu'ran to justify murder and chaos, that's a-OK with Adeel; he's his own man with his own version of Islam. The moderates - if there are any - are silent while the lunatic fringe runs the show. Any wonder why non-Muslims are scared here????? With Adeel's logic then I guess what Falwell thinks is A-OK, too! He's just one guy with some radical ideas! Not my problem!

Of course - that's CRAZY. We must all CONDEMN both bigotry and terrorism that is the result of extreme interpretation of our faiths.

The question about Mohammed still echoes here - would HE condemn or approve of terrorism in the name of Islam?

The people around the world that hate America are entitled to have their opinion. I was born and raised as an American Christian and I disagree with 99% of my governments policies. I think we should mind ourselves and let other countries do as they please. However, our military presence in the Middle East is permitted by your governments. If this is troublesome to Muslims they should vote for new leaders or attempt to become leaders themselves. The murder of unsuspecting civilians around the world by extremists only forces us to move backwards as a global society. The 1% of United States global policies I do agree with is to stand up to these bullies rather than quiver and appease - such as France and Germany.

Islam continues to grow at a rapid rate in the U.S. and many Muslims have had a love affair with the Democratic Society and Government. Now that the affair is over don't be suprised that you are now on your heels fearing the wrath of your enemy. Either Islam will consume its enemies or its Enemies will consume Islam i.e. the adherents to Islam "Muslims." Rome persecuted the Hebrews and early followers of Christ only to find it self consumed and become a Christian government and society. God has a plan and his plan is unfolding daily. As individuals we can be deemed to be powerless and may be powerless against governments with unlimited resources.

Why do people insist on "Condemning" the 9/11 attacks? What you have to understand is that there is no heirarchy in Islam. I can speak for myself and I don't need the pope or the bishop to speak for me. If you want to know what muslims think of the attacks, then ask them. I am sure they will be happy to give you their opinions.

Another article pointing out an extremist Christian view without acknowledging the extremist Muslim view. Here is a question: Would Mohammed approve of suicide bombers and the 9/11 plot that killed innocent people? If not, then Muslims must CONDEMN the terrorism that has become rampant in their faith. If he would do those things, then Muslims must seriously question their faith. Either way, Muslims MUST ACT NOW. Today the world views this faith as a creator and harbor of evil. The only way you overcome that is to become partners in eliminating the hatred for Christians and all other non-Muslims that seems to have taken over Islam. American Christians are very scared, and that is why some are irrational, but you will not change that simply by calling them bigots. Change must start in ISLAM. Muslims must take responsibility and action for their own radical extremists, or we are ALL doomed.

after viewing this article i think every person has right to give his opinion on any matter but at first he should gain full knowledge and observe the matter keenly.i think this is comletely ignorance to comment like this on a religion which is ruling a largest part of the world.i cannot call that mr.jerry educated and mature. if he thinks he is how can he give such ignorant remarks about our religion and our holy prophet(pbuh).i will call such non muslims ignorant and immature human beings just care for their own benefits.shame on them.

I would like to say that Muslims Orgnisation IOC should not ignore of jeryfall statement. They should must take action against this person like Irani Fatwa. Other wise next time someone else can say . So we should must stop this by any mean.

Finally, the truth is comming out. "Oh you who believe do not take the Jews and the Christians as your PROTECTORS.....". "Allah will not change a people until they change themselves..." Allah has spoken the truth.

When will we(the Muslims) wake up from our slumber. The Arabs from whom the greatest of creation, Muhammad (SAW) came out, are those that are selling the Muslims to the West. You only need to watch Saudi Channels 1 and 2, LBC, Syrian TV etc and see how Westernised they have become. Look at Turkey, they have finished all preparations to joining the groups of the lost ones. And we say people like Falwell and Co would not come out to say what they like, seeing how much they have achieved in turning the Muslims to adapt to their ways. Inna Lillah wa inna-Ilaihi rajiun.. The truth is bitter, but clearly we can see that the present day Muslim is doomed. But there is still some chance; RETURN TO ALLAH, compeletely. This is a message to all Muslims before it is too late.

To dream and imagine that your course is right based upon no foundation, is very, very easy. To justify your hatred for the other because they are as backward as you is laughable. Wake up and get out of the 13th century!!! We are all humans, not fable believing morons. There is no Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, etc. and especially no virgins awaiting the misled and misguided suicidal youth.

Assallam Alaikum,
Do not spend your energy quarreling with a fool (J Falwell). In the thousands of years of western civilization, one thing has remained constant, the desire of the mushrikeen to control the resources of the world. Western religion has always been used as a device or tactic in the West imperialist enterprises (From the Crusades, Spanish Conquest, African Slavery, British Empire, and the North and South American and Indian situations). Even today, that are richly funded whose sole purpose is to undermine majority Islamic states no matter how corrupt and ruthless the alternatives might be. The fact of the matter is that many people like J Falweel obviously do not acknowledge the humanity of anyone who is not like them. A non-Christian suffering in Baghdad, Palestine, Afghanistan is not worth the same in their eyes. If they were then they would reject the murderous habit of Sharon and Saddam H when he was killing thousand of Muslims in the war against Iran. Instead, these people were the best of friends Geo Bush and Geo W during these times. I don't believe that American people are inherently evil, but much the Germany during the times of the Nazis, American soldiers during Vietnam, the killers in the Rwanda genocide, otherwise good people can be swayed to do unspeakable things for job or a since of perceived dignity that they may never had before. The one thing that can defeat western imperialism is Islam. And that's what puts Islam at odds with the west. Falwell does not want to call a Palestinian brother (Christian or Muslim), nor does Sharon. Their ill-founded sense of superiority with money and military might may seem to give them strength, but it eventually also be cause of their demise unless they turn to Islam.

Allah (SWT) said in the Holly Quran that ' they plan and I plan, Indeed I AM the best of planners'....It seems to me that the more bigots like Jerry Falwell try to defame Islam and link muslims to terrorists, the more people wants to know about these accusations and study Islam. Once they study Islam they soon well realize that Islam does not incurrage or advocate violence and terror in any society. In twenty first century people are more educated and well aware of what is going on around them. They no longer accept any propaganda and false accusations of one group of people over the other without any solid prove. Bigots like jerry Falwell can say anything he wants to say to defame Islam as much as he wishes to but the majority of people around the world specially in United States of America are smart enough and educated enough to find the truth by themselves not through someone who has a very sick and diseased mind.

Aslam a lacum-Grendizer: I hope you will find better ways to disagree with others such as Chris. To cut down and ridicule others will only cause more hatred and anger. Their must be a better way.

After reading your analysis of the religious divide in America and pondering your conclusion that there seems to be a growing divide between non-Muslims and Muslims it dawned on me to ask you this question:

Why is it that anyone, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Budhist etc. can visit and tour the Holy City of Rome and the Vatican just by buying a ticket and reserving a hotel, but I a Roman Catholic and one who the Koran describes as an infidel, cannot visit, let alone roam free in Mecca and Medina?

It is difficult for me to beleive that Islam,as a religion, will ever be able to achieve parity with the religions of the West, if this situation can not be addressed.

What is at least implied (if not adamently asserted) by this situation is that, unless one converts to Islam, they will never be worthy of being permitted to gain access to its Holiest Cities.

There is no other major religion that has this sort of idiosyncracy.

It connotes (and consigns)permanent second class citizenry for all non-believers and asserts an arrogant, exclusive possession of the truth.

How does the leadership of Islam justify this?

God Bless-Jim


after reading this aricle i have come to the conclousion that the (is) of loose morals and character..who knows nothing about the religon ISLAM ,he is an ignorant person ,a person who has no knowledge about other FAITHS . jerry farwekk what do u talk about other people and their religon ,first look at your self and ur nation..u people have no direction at all.. U R LOST SOULS ..indulge in drug voilenece all the evils of the world..i would recommend u to read Quran with translation and then read Bible ,if u have some sence left u will find out the diffrence . The statement which u have written about PROPHET Muhammad (PBUH) I loathe you i despise u from the depth of my heart and with that i also pray to ALLAH to seek you guidence and to show u the right path, which is ISLAM and which is Truth.

i would just say that people like mr.jerry farwell are still living in the age of agnorance and they dont know anything about truth that truth is ISLAM.

Part 3

The West had only little trouble between Greece and Turkey.

At last i wanna say to all a part of Jawid Shahna, India, his words. "Read the Quran and the biography of Muhammad."
But also read the Liturature of the "other" side. Then I hope ALL Humans will understand that in point of evolution
we as Humans are growing towards a better place for all!

And Grendizer... each civilization has learned of the Civilization that was before them.
And most were killing their teachers!! Democraty from the Greece to the Romans for instans.


Sarato, Human

Part 2

And yes u can choose if u like...for peace and the wellfare of all Humans.
We Humans came this fare and we are nearly closing in to provide all people their Basic needs.
I hope that Mohammad Akmal, USA praying will help.

"I pray to Allah to give them guidance and show them straight path.
Some of them are too arrogant and even have forgotten that there is a God."

Instaed of Grendizer, UK his words.

"You claim Saddam models himself after the question what have you been smoking ?
Its painfully obvious you have a 3rd graders perspective on all of this.
In short kids, keep your fake sincerity to your selves.
Stick to your routine of being semi-literate capacuino-sipping yuppies who want cheap oil for their SUVs.
What a bunch of hypocrites!"

Grendizer why so agressive towards Chris. Why are you revering to smoking?
Dont u dear just to say to Chris that he should eveluate his words after reading the Quran.
We all can read and read between the lines. I would say, u show no respect for other peoples thoughts.
Are we DR. Maher Hathout a kid? And whats ur perspective then? Your words only provoke.
Because there are enough literate non sipping capacuino Humans who understand the oil industrie and their goals.
just read the words i wrote in the first paragragh.

To Omar, UK i wanna ask why he puts the 'West' next to the US.
If u had read the books that talk about the last 60 years historie u would have known that
the US and Saoudi Arabia putted in the regimes. Read the books that goes about the CIA and the FBI and
take a look at documentries that tells u what happend during wars and oil wells.
A lot of European Humans understand that the US starts wars or CIA infiltration in Countries that have oil for the US his home market.
But the 'West' didn't start any war because of oil. The 'Old West' started wars because of land and religion.
In the last 60 years the West didnt had a

Part 1

As Human to Human i want to respond on this articel and the reactions of some people.
I think the article Lines Drawn! 10/16/2002 - Political Social - Article Ref: IV0210-1762
By: Dr. Maher Hathout is correct. Correct in the definition of the Bush administration.
You can make propoganda and break it. The problem is mostly that the breaking is afterwerts.
But what breaks propaganda? yes, right...Humans! as we are agressive we also have a mind.
In the last ten years i have seen more and more documentries of Amaricans that show howe wrong
their government was during the last 60 years. The wars that Amaricans fought during those years were all
because of the propaganda that the government spread to their own people. As soon as the people knew the truth they ended the wars.
In Vietnam it were Veterans of this war that stopped their government from going on with this war.
They told their famalies what happend really in those countries.
The amarican people stood up against their government and Kissinger had to stop his campaign.

I beleive that the Lines are not yet drawn. There are some pieces of the puzzle missing.
And when a Dr. like DR. Maher Hathout spread the word that the Lines are drawn, he is also then using a form of propaganda.
From the Islamic point of few i would get the idea that there are 2 sides and that u as Human have to choose.
Well i think thats just the whole point. If u choose u have to fight. Why? You have choosen.
In a world that is so "black and white" thinking your choice has that effect.
And you contribute to the first part of Dr. Maher Hathout articel.

But when u look at it from a Human side, wich we are all...i dont see the point of choosing sides.
As Humans in all religions we all wanna grow in spiritual metter.
And we wanna grow as Humans to give our childeren a better future.
And yes u can choose if u like...for peace and the wellfare of all Humans.

see Part 2

It can always be noticed that people all around the world say that there problems in life is
due to America. People in Middle East, Africa, Latina America, India and China all says it's because of America only their life become hell. This absurd thinking should change first all. Unless the people in these countries are not helping themeselves,there life is not going to change. America might be doing something wrong, but people can easily defend it by changing their attitude. Stop putting all the blame on America.

I'm not American. I think I have better insight into what us foreigners don't like about America. It's the fact that Americans have the arrogance to think they are righteous, when they EXACTLY the same despicable things the people they condemn do.

Don't get me wrong, the whole Middle East is full of dictators (inc. Israel's 'democracy' which is founded on the basis that there must always be more Jews than non-Jews in their country) who should be deposed.

The US (and the 'West' in general) should not forget who keeps these regimes in power, and who started them (US & Britain in most cases).

If you meddle in other people's countries, they'll meddle in yours at some point.

All these liberated gentlemen from the west who do not hesitate to call blind shots at Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam will do well to read the Quran and the biography of Muhammad. If they decide to be sincere, which they are not right now, they will realise their folly and recite the Shahada. Insha_Allah.

Muslim Brothers,
Islam and Christianity, Judaisim is well discussed in Islamic books. How does Islam treat major Indian religions like Hinduism,Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains? Quran is silent on prophets of these religions. Sikhs I can understand as Sikhism is only 700 years old. Hindus, Buddhist and Jains go back 2500 to >5000 years old and ancient Hindus even 100,000 years back. Why is Quran silent on these faiths?

Falwell, shud be read as fall 'into' well.... If you don't like any religion, then don't comment on it either... You practice your religion, others will practice theirs'......


Falwell is a moron. His Christianity is a primitive form which may have been acceptable in the time of the Spanish Inquisition but not now. However, culturally, it seems that some parts of the Islamic world are still about 200 years behind other modern humanitarian forms of Islam. Allah will judge those fanatical clerics and groups such as Al Qaeda. In Bali they have the blood of other Muslims, women and children on their hands. I would not like to be them on Judgement Day.

GRENDIZER FROM UK said: never ceases to amaze me how intellectually dishonest and 2-faced westerners can be, as Marc and Christopher's comments prove.
Marc, your silly rant proves not only how poorly informed you are, but also how primitive and ficticious your state of mind is. Muslims couldnt care less about your "culture" or atleast whatever table scrappings are left to consume whenever the next Star Wars flick comes out. Your ancestors were picking their rear ends when Islamic civilization was at its height. Not only that, Europeans learnt from the Muslims, a fact they routinely deny and minimize to this day. Europeans responded by invading their countries and killing their about ingratitude.
What do Islamic charities do ? Well, they sure dont brag about feeding the poor, they dont pocket funds from gullible senior citizens thru lavish telethons.
Chris oh chris, you seem confused, or rather trying to turn this into yet another lame excuse for invading Iraq. Arabs stealing oil ? How does that work ? Oil within their countries doesnt belong to them ? Those corrupt despots in the Arab world were installed and are still in power thanks to your governments interference. You claim Saddam models himself after the question what have you been smoking ? Its painfully obvious you have a 3rd graders perspective on all of this.
In short kids, keep your fake sincerity to your selves. Stick to your routine of being semi-literate capacuino-sipping yuppies who want cheap oil for their SUVs. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Exactly as stated in the Al-Quran !
What did the Christians and the Jews think
when they started developing all kind of
weapon of mass destruction together since 60 years ago, and at the same time forbid any Muslim state from having this.. just wait and see they will use the Hindus to destroy Pakistans capability in this WMD.
Modern time crusade is around the corner ?

It is true. The Muslims harbor an intense hate for all western culture. If it is indeed true that the white Christians have looted and plundered your land, why then will you, as true Muslim peoples in the Middle East, do you let your Sheiks and Kings steal ALL the oil? Who builds these huge palaces and harbors extravagant wealth (i.e. Sultan of Brunei, King Fahd, etc.)?

Take a good look in the mirror. It is the Christian faithful that feed the hungry, shelter the poor and heal the sick, no matter how imperfect we are. What has ISLAM done?

Amen to that! All I heard about was Falwell's description of Muhammad as "a violent man" and "a man of war," and, well, frankly, Falwell does have a lot of historical evidence in support of those statements. But Muhammad was other things, too, and I think it unfair to characterize him and Islam that way exclusively.

I find some tenets of Islam to be highly aggressive and offensive, yes, but I also know personally lots of good-hearted, worthy, loving, non-violent Muslim people who have focused on the more positive and peaceful parts of Islam and are no different in their actions from the finest Christians that I know.

And that business about "the lines being drawn..." That sounds positively fatalist and unChristian to me. But then I always did think that Falwell was a religious extremist goof, and, believe me, everyone I know agrees with me.

I don't know who Falwell's constituency is, but its probably the sort who wear big hair and follow the sleazy talk-show cicuit. They're actually something of rarity, but in a nation of a quarter to a third of a billion, there still plenty of'm around.

Still--as bad as Falwell may be, you guys have a guy who claims to pattern himself after Muhammad. Saddam Hussein is a genuine homocidal freak next to whom Falwell is just a clown. So, have a good laugh at Falwell while you can, because if the U.S. doesn't take Saddam out fairly soon, Saddam's going to be taking a lot of you out of circulation, not just us.

I totally agree with Dr Hathout. Jerry Falwell has made a despicable remark and the US administration is totally silent. Keeping quite means, US administration is also passively endorsing the idea. It indicates how much and how fast America is changing.

It is very ironic that a nation which started more than 200 years ago to become a beacon of light and a city on the hill for the whole world is advancing rapidly towards moral bankruptcy at the dawn of the 21st century to fulfill the Zionist agenda.


Mohammed Safiullah


It is a very nice article. Thanks to Dr. Hatout. But the fact is what Falwell said,' it is christians and Jews Vs Muslims. What Mr Bush said at one time is still true,' It is a war, it is a crusade." Sooner we realize better it is. Every day on TV radio such a poisonous propoganda is aired that I get so depressed and wonder, Is this freedom of speech or Hatered or Racism.
I pray to Allah to give them guidance and show them straight path. Some of them are too arrogant and even have forgotten that there is a God.

Abdul Wadoud I agree with you brother. On the day of Judgement Allah will put us to account. And we will not be able to blame America or any person for our poor behavior. Allah will hold us to account for what we did.

Thank You for your wise analysis, and having the courage to speak up. I am a white Muslim woman from Iowa, a state in the Mid West of the United States. I was raised Protestant Christian, and converted to Islam recently while I was in Palestine. I choose to wear a full hijab, with only my eyes showing. Some people make very racist comments to me because of this, however many more people go out of their way to be kind to me, and to those people I say Shukkaran, thank you, and also I say thank you to the wise professor for taking the time to write this excellent analysis. My boyfriend, who is Jewish, was disgusted about Jerry Falwell's comments about the prophet (peace be upon him) being a terrorist. Being of the Muslim community, with a Jewish boyfriend, and Christian family, I know that we all want peace. However it is hard to make peace when people like Falwell, Sharon, Bush and Cheney have most of the power in society. It is very hard. Thank you, Salaam Aleiqume, Mas Salaam, Mariam. Free Palestine.

This most unfortunate statement from Mr. Falwell is only the tip of the iceberg of anti-Muslim sentiment and rhetoric. These feelings and opinion are only now coming to fore and in a sad manner serve the purpose of exposing the myth that Jews and Christians will ever be friends of Muslims.

This is clearly stated in the Holy Quran that Jews and Christians will never be the friends of Muslims, not until the Muslims stop following their true faith. The "civilized' world is not so civilized when it comes to protecting the holiest of personalities in Islam. How can anyone forget Salman Rushdie and how the whole western world stood behind his most horrible depiction of our Prophet.

Also it is clearly stated in the Holy Quran that Allah has not sent but one prophet who has been ridiculed by the non-believers. It is there utter dismay against the true faith that in desperation they lash out with statements like Mr. Falwell.

In the end, I can assure all christians and jews that never in a thousand years will they find a single Muslim speak a single word of disrespect against Jesus and Moses, because we believe that they are one of the most prestigious prophets of Islam. Mother of Jesus, Mary has been given the title of Best woman in universe in the Holy Quran, and it is our faith to respect her too. We name our children after all these Holy personalities, so the least christians and jews can do is stop people such Mr. Falwell from disrespecting our Prophet.

As Salaamu Aliakum
I address my comments primarily to the Muslims and pray that you will read and understand.
I must say that as Muslims we have none to blame but ourselves for all of the misrepresentations of Islam. I relate to you a story told to me. There was a Muslim speaking to a group of people explaining the beauty of Islam. It's message of peace, tolerance and equality. A message that the measure of man is how well he behaves. He went on to speak of the manner of the Prophet and his kindness to men, women and animals. After his talk he was approached my a man from the audience who said "I like all that you say and if you can tell me one place in the world where Muslims exhibit these principles and have such character and I will become a Muslim today". The cleric began to cry and said" I CANNOT!!! all I can do is set a good example to the rest of the Muslims". I have said it a number of times the biggest enemy to Islam is the Muslims and until we start as a body to behave as Muslims and not "act" as Muslims the world will have the wrong opinion of us. To my non-Muslim friends please remember and understand that a lot of what you see Muslims doing has no place in Islam and wouldn't be tolerated by our beloved Prophet. And to my Muslims brothers and sisters I say Acquire true faith and live as we are supposed to all the world knows about Islam is what we show them. Let "La Illaha IllAllah" take root in your hearts for what is in the heart comes out through the hands. Until our behavior changes we can only expect more of the same. Look at how the Prophet treated the Jews and Christians and see that even though they did not all convert they all respected him so much that they asked him to be judge in their disputes. "Allah the Dignified has no mercy for one who has no mercy for others", "O Abu Zarr when you prepare soup put a little more water in it and see if your neighbor needs some." "Allah is Kind and likes kindness in all things
As Salammu Aliakum

Thank you Dr. Hathout for writing this article. When it comes to Islam and Muslims, it seems that any one can say derogatory things and no one would protest: not Muslims, not Christians, not Jews, not Hindus or any body else. When it comes to Islam, there is no fairness. What can we do? We need a lot of guidance.
Thank you

Mohammad Syed

I am an American and I do NOT agree with Jerry Fallwell. He is an extremist. I neither respect nor agree with him. I am anxious for the next election to come so that I may vote for anyone who will run against Bush. Falwell may be loud but he does NOT represent many many many many Americans. Bush did not win his office by a majority vote and I am looking forward to our system providing the opportunity for him to lose by a resounding majority vote.
Mohammed spoke of a brotherhood of people. That is the ideal and, as a (for the moment) non-Muslum I recognize that His message is of peace, no matter what lies may be spread about Him and His teachings. Please do not listen to people like Falwell... trust that there are sensible Americans who can reason and recognize his foolishness. Trust that there are Americans who respect Moslems living here and abroad and who do not desire war and who do work for peace in the entire world. We truely are all brothers in this world.

americans have been fed too many stories of rightiousness, of us cowboys- them indians, us civilized them savages,then it was us whites them blacks,us whites them yellow,us superheroes them aliens-martians. its a long list of fantasies on radio then cartoons & telivision,through hollywood.there always has to be a an apparition, a monster,a villain to keep the common man entertained. always a percieved threat from the other world that is not america. the russians always wanted something bad to happen to america,now its the muslims. they want to live their hollywood fantasies, and have actually started beleiving in it.of course theirs is there is world politics (oil-politics)behind all this,so now everything muslim is bad /evil so much that they wont stop at even abusing a holy person, a man of god chosen by god himself to lead these very ignorant fools to the right path.this false sense of pride and self glorification will prepare the grounds for their downfall, history stands testimony to all the proud nations biting dust, and history always repeats itself . what more can I say, even a fool can predict what is so obvious. it could be a natural disaster, or a world war where two worlds will fight- america and the others.or america just might be saved as there are some people with conscience still living in america.they`ll opt for a change of regime in america,and prevent history from repeating a pompeii .

Muslims have the Salafy, Christians have Falwell.

The largest worldwide Christian church, the Roman
Catholics, have included a statement about Islam in their
official statement of faith - the Catechism.

841 The Church's relationship with the Muslims. "The plan
of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the
Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the
Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and
together with us they adore the one, merciful God,
mankind's judge on the last day."


Note that it places Islam first and above Judiasm,
rebutting the author's conclusion.

The only "line drawn" is between those who try follow God
and those who use God as an excuse to further their
financial and political agendas.

This is a disgusting article. I can not believe that this rev. has said such things about and against Muslims.

Lots of americans have a misconception of what Islam is.

I don't believe Mohammad was a terrorist for doing what God commanded him to do, in fact then all Christian leaders are terrorists for attacking latin america way back when and for attacking the hearts of their followers with hateful words.

I am saddened and disgusted by this article. :(


I totally agree with Dr. Hathouts essay.
It really tells the truth about the Christian rights evil thinking and hatred.

If we keep worldview in mind, then a lesser known ideology of Hindutva which is at odds with Pakistan and forms it's basis on Zionist ideology, is equally hateful of Islam and a menace to the survival of 130 Million odd Muslims of East Asia.

So if I may add, We literally have Jews, Hindus and Christians ( in that order) on one side and Muslims on the other with Buddhists and Communists standing by as audiences in this exciting Clash waiting to jump in during the Denouement