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Leo Tolstoy once said that "Hypocrisy in anything may deceive the cleverest and most penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it, and is revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised." Just as al-Qaeda used their fatalistic interpretation of Islam to promote their agenda, Reverend Jerry Falwell is essentially proclaiming a political jihad against Islam in an effort to promote his apocalyptic worldview and lobbying power to the American public. History will vindicate or demonize us for the manner in which we react to such skewed and self-promoting rhetoric.


In the most recent installment of "60 Minutes", Falwell begun by smugly telling correspondent Bob Simon that the fringe element of the Christian Right dictates the policies to which President Bush adheres. He and some other evangelists proclaim to be stronger political saviors to the state of Israel than American Jews themselves. He basically reiterated Sam Huntington's myopic "clash of civilizations" thesis, in which Christians and Jews are on one side, with the dark monolith of Islam being on the adversarial end. Before you go out and buy an Israeli flag to fly next to Old Glory, Falwell's over-endearing gestures towards our Jewish brothers and sisters must include some non-evangelical context.


To many evangelical Christians, it is no secret that the establishment and sustenance of the state of Israel is a sign of the second coming of Jesus. According to Christian Evangelical theology, the creation of the Jewish state of Israel is a precondition for the return of Jesus, the battle of Armageddon and the Apocalypse. Falwell contends that it is his sincere love for his Jewish brethren that leads him to his unequivocal support for Israel. What he fails to tell the public is that, according to Evangelical doctrine, after the battle of Armageddon, Jews who remain on Earth will either be slaughtered in the battle or convert to Christianity. The Israeli Jews that were interviewed for the "60 Minutes" piece tried to distance themselves as far from Falwell as humanly possible. Many Jews realize the duplicity in Falwell's support; a support which ends in their death or their conversion.

Islam was next in the crosshairs of the reverend. He self-righteously asserted that he thought "Muhammad was a terrorist. I read enough to decide that he was a violent man, a man of war. In my opinion, Jesus set the example of love, as did Moses, and I think Muhammad set an opposite example." If I were to stoop to Falwell's anachronistic level, I would cite Leviticus 20 in the Bible, where the prophet Moses proclaims the penalties for various crimes, including death for anyone who curses his father or mother, commits adultery, or engages in homosexual sex. There are more examples of violence in the Bible, taken completely out of context. The prophet David is praised in Samuel 18 for slaying "tens of thousands," and in Judges 14, Samson kills 30 random Philistines in revenge for losing a bet. These are meaningless examples, because we don't understand the historical and cultural paradigms of the prophets' times. Prophets of Christianity and Judaism are also great prophets of Islam. They set moral codes that were unknown to humanity at the time. An attack upon any of these prophets is an attack on Islam.

The scariest aspect of this debate is the undue influence people like Falwell have within the current Bush administration. Commenting on Falwell's comments, a Washington Post editorial stated that "on [Falwell's] noxious mix of religious bigotry and anti-Muslim demagoguery, Mr. Bush's silence is deafening." Only when President Bush denounces and distances himself from duplicitous and conniving people like Falwell, will I ever be convinced that this "war on terror" is not an evangelical war on Islam.

Arsalan Iftikhar serves as Midwest Communications Director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). He attends Washington University School of Law in St. Louis.

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  1. Carina from Norway

    Lets face it, Sunni Muslims are intolerant ... who dont even accept Muslims from other denominations (Shias). They have traditionally opposed human rights and openly support terrorism in the World by backing thugs like Osama, Mullah Omar, Yasin, Abdur Reham, Bashir, Hambali (all common criminals) but great warriors of allah - what a joke.

    As for for Grendizer, you obviously are not a man big on facts....you must be listening to ignorant nicompoops you call clerics again.

    You've presented us with the customary muslim canard of half-truths and deliberate deceptions going on for 1400 years.

    Lets see....Muslims dont support terrorism, infact they are allahs warriors whose calim to fame is killing women and children having a picnic becasue they are impotent to fight armies.

    Islamic clerics sero IQ guys speaking language of savages of Arabia of AD 700. Something most of you islamofacist sociopaths trade in and most of civilized world gave up 1000 of years ago.

    If you are so concerned about terrorism, STOP supporting it and partcipating in it! Bottom line pal = get a dose of reality mixed in with a bit of humanity and forget your arabian savagery.

  2. Habib-ur-Rehamn from USA

    What falwell has said, people used to say in the time of our last prophet, when he was alive but "My Dear brothers and Sisters" the best way to correct him/them is to make our life the way our last prophet has told us, I mean his "Sunnah", so they will have all the answers, we should not loss our temper but instead of we should "read & read" and learn more about Islam and the final testament Qura'an so we can make our individual self ready for any kind of misconception. I swear to Allah every thing "happens on the face of earth has a wisdom and hikmah of Allah, and what this man (Falwell) has said, Insha Allah the listeners will open the history of Muhammad (PBUH) and will be able to learn more about him the same way 9-11 happen and every one was interesting in islam, and my request to the readers and all Muslim around the globe that please have a patience and be prepare your own self about upcoming events because the rising of Islam has already begun, and remember the handsome man in the vision of Allah is the one who "Read" so please study and learn more about our religion because the reading and then teaching is the best weapon a Muslim can use to explore the beauty of Islam. Insha Allah, Allah will give us the light of Islam and prepare every single Muslim to face the evil and keep continue in the mission which our last prophet had left for all the Muslims, Ameen.

    My biggest hope in this country USA to bring the entire Muslim nation together on one platform so we can all serve our Lord of highest bounties ALLAH, together and I already has started, please request to all of my Muslim Brothers and sisters and organizations and all the Islamic movements in this country, please keep in touch with me and U will hear my name in the USA that a servant of Allah has succeeded in this mission, the mission of last prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Insha Allah.


    [email protected]

    [email protected]


  3. ibrahim from usa

    apparently falwell,pat robertson,bill gram&son,hal lindsay...think they are prophets(false prophets spoken of in the bible that preach in name of..)and have always had negative views about islam and the prophet muhammed(pb).sept. 11 gave them an edgge to attack the faith of islam with help of the media ,isreal lobby,councel of forgien relation and and most big chueches worldwide.the religious right and hawks us the book of daniel and behind close doors claim that america is bound to fall down in ruins like rome and islam and babylon modern day iraq are the threat to world domination and surviveal of both isreal and u.s.unfortunately the muslims don,t have those great leaders of strong faith like those who led before us and made the islamic dynsties exel in every field.with the exception of some muslim orginizations that came out in defense of islam and the prophet we have puppet governments that have subejected the people through hardships and lack of education that once thrived and flourished in every field have not said word excep malaysia.maybe bush and sharon are are in regime cleansing not religion.

  4. salkaf from kuwait


  5. Adeel from USA

    It seems to me that Falwell is trying to make prophecies come true. If those prophecies were supposed to be true, then why does the Christian right wing NEED to protect Israel. Shouldn't God protect Israel or is he dependent on American aid to do that?

  6. tapha from u s a

    i read faldwell comments before it aired at cbs web site. i emailed them to let them know it's an insult to all muslims world. i told them 99%of all new revert to islam are christians,there leaders are affraid that islam is taking over their relegion they will say anything to make islam looks bad,they will never succeed.i said islam is the only none christian relegion that accepts isa(pbup)as a messenger and prophet.the koran contain his true storys.the jews dont accept him as prophet or messenger.they know that their followers will not join judaism,they decide to join them to bash islam,but they will fail.we all know the disgraced they received this past year with their priests,they been humiliated instead fixing that they attack islam.i told cbs that live debate between one muslim scholar and feldwell,i know they wont give any muslim a plat form to debate,but just suggested for them.we should not waste our time with faldwell even his own people hate him.

  7. Omar Abu-Antar from U.S.A.

    As salamalaykom to my Muslim brothers and sisters all over! I was angry as angry could be when I heard this lowlife "Falwell" make his sick and disgusting comments ! He isn't the only "KALB" to make blasphemous comments about ISLAM. Rev.Franklin,Robertson,Vines,and Ed McAteer to name a few of recent. ... Remember this ya Muslimin that ALLAH(S W T)will deal with these "lowlifes" in a way that we can't ever imagine!

  8. Yazid from USA


    It escapes me why everyone is getting upset, making a big deal about this or acting like it's NEWS.

    Falwell's thoughts, the story of the jews and the end of time...are OLD NEWS!!!

    Why do you think the UN supported the creation of Isreal!

    Why do you think Isreal receives Billions in support from the US taxpayers each year?

    Why do you think?

    See, the problem is...the Ummah DOES NOT THINK...so we are unaware of the things going on around us and don't become aware of them until they are making our lives difficult.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE...there's allot going on and being IGNORANT is no longer an excuse.

  9. madmax from Morocco


    Please let us all keep it down and let us not abuse the kindness of the moderator of this site.


    Perhaps you do not know that being a Muslim has nothing to do with a specific skin color and is in fact the least of the Muslim's concerns, as matter of fact I happen to be very "white" and there is not much I can do about it. Muslims are more concerned about character of individuals, the rest is absolutely meaningless. So please let us comment solely on the specifics of this article.

    Thank You both

  10. Emilio from UK

    Actually Esther, I know your type all too well. Your inane rants clearly show you hate Muslims and their faith. ..

    Who gives a damn who you do or dont trust ?! Muslims are decent folk, maybe if you ..would get to know them as I did. But this type of action takes decency, courage and class....somethings you clearly lack.

    Go spit your tobacco in someone else's face.

  11. Esther from USA

    Gee Emilio you do not seem to know me well. I do not hate Islam, but I am not stupid enough to trust these people. Of course there is a lot of other people you can't trust. Again I say you are in the same category as loud mouth Farwell.

  12. Rafath from USA

    Assalaamualaikum, At last Falwell apologized for his hateful and bigot remarks. Calling names to Prophet Muhammad may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him who was sent by God as a mercy to mankind. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, "speak good otherwise keep silent". Falwell failed to learn this lesson. I hope he and others like him stop using these cheap tricks to defame Islam and Muslims and above all great Prophets of Islam.

  13. Emilio from UK

    Oh please "esther, "madmax" "cole" drop the silly lies. Me being racist ? Thats rich coming of a pair of vile Islamphobes who claim to be Christian.

    The problem lies not within christianity but with white thrash distorting the Bible to their likes.

    Just the kind of support I expect from numbskulls who call a hillbilly butterhog like Falwell a "Reverend."

  14. Christopher Darwin Cole from USA

    As a person of Christian heritage, I find some tenets of Islam to be highly aggressive and offensive, yes, but I also know personally lots of good-hearted, worthy, loving, non-violent Muslim people who have focused on the more positive and peaceful parts of Islam and are no different in their actions from the finest Christians that I know.

    I don't pay much attention to Falwell's showman antics, so all I heard about before tonight was Falwell's description of Muhammad as "a violent man" and "a man of war," and, well, frankly, Falwell does have a lot of historical evidence in support of those statements. But Muhammad was other things, too, and I think it unfair to characterize him and Islam that way exclusively. Now that I've heard more about what he said, this quaisi-Christian could end up on the side of the Muslims. (Actually, I've never really been entirely on one side of the other and think the whole religion thing is a little kooky, but I love you anyway.)

    That business about "the lines being drawn..." sounds positively fatalist and unChristian to me. But then I always did think that Falwell was a religious extremist goof, and, believe me, everyone I know agrees with me.

    I don't know who Falwell's constituency is, but its probably the sort who wear big hair and follow the sleazy talk-show cicuit. They're actually something of rarity, but in a nation of a quarter to a third of a billion, there still plenty of'm around.

    Still--as bad as Falwell may be, you guys have Saddam Hussein, a genuine homocidal freak next to whom Falwell is just a clown. So, have a good laugh at Falwell while you can, because if the U.S. doesn't take Saddam out fairly soon, Saddam's going to be taking a lot of you out of circulation, not just us.

  15. Abdelmajid Doghri from USA

    Falwell is the mind of the bigot and the voice of the hyppocrite.He is looking down on the Jews and the Muslims.He is trying to attract Jews by making the Muslims and their prophet look bad.Jesus (May Peace be upon Him)never taught such a way of behaving.

  16. taqwa from usa

    bismillahir rahmanir rahim


    i'm writing in responce to the comments made by the so-called christian leader. being raised christian in the racist and hateful south i can't help but constantly be reminded of why i whole heartedly embraced this beautiful diin of islam. true islam knows no color race. the only race is the human race. Allah says he made all different nations and tribes sothat may know each other and not despise. people make the comments they make out fear and ignorance. they fear because they are ignorant and remain ignorant for fear of what they may find out, which is the truth. reason being, the truth is hurled at falsehood and varily the truth knocks out its brains.

    peace be on you all who seek the knowledge of truth!!!

  17. Abdul Wadoud from USA

    Jack, you do what so many folks do you take part of an ayat and quote it without any knowledge about the ayat. First read the entire ayat and if you must quote it, quote all of it. Second it helps to know the conditions of the revelation. That particular ayat you quote was revealed after war had been declared on the Muslims and this ayat gave the Muslims permission to retaliate. This was after the Prophet had been driven from Mekka by his own people and they are the ones reffered to in this ayat. Please if you would quote the book or indeed study it learn the proper way to do so. Permission to fight back was given only after being attacked and in all cases war is permitted to the Muslims only after being attacked. Also to study the Qur'an you should understand that what is said in one part of the Qur'an is explained in another also remember that in addition to being a book of inspriation it is a book of historical refference so to properly understand it you must understand and know the conditions for the revlation of each ayat. Like so many who claim to have studied the book it is obvious that you came to study it with predefined prejucices. There is a saying in the martial arts that goes as follows " A closed mind hears only what it needs to reinforce its prejudice where as an open mind admits it has some little idea and therefore is able to assimilate ideas which are new." As for the Bible read Exodus chapters 14, 23 and 34:14-16; Numbers 21, 31 and 33:51-56; Deuteronomy 2:12, 2:21-25, 2:31-36, 3:1-8, 4:38, 7:15, 12:2, 20:10-15, 20:16-17, 21:10-14; and, perhaps most enlightening, Joshua chapters 6, 10, 11, 12 and 23:12-13. Finally we Muslims have no Lords and Saviours we have only one Allah. and it was he who created your Lord and all else in this and all other worlds. Contiune to read and "Study" the Qur'an but lear how.


  18. Jack

    Since September 11, I have been reading/studying the book of Koran. May we live in peace? "When you meet the disbelievers, smite their necks till you have fully subdued them. Surah 47.4" Only then I realized that Islam despises Christians, Jews and other "non-believers". The answer to my question is unfortunately No.

    As I read a lots hatred and violence is presented. What can be do about this? Nothing only God wills will prevail. By Murdering K. Falwell can you be closer to God? NO! Yet, teachers and fundamentalist of Islam, or allowing people to do so, thinks so. That is totally wrong.

    Because "Man is on the run before God because he knows that he is guilty before God. However, God comes and seeks us and wants to reestablish a relationship of mutual love. It is God who takes all necessary steps to make this possible again. That is the story of the Bible from the first to the last book where we finally read about the new heaven and the new earth: "Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people and God himself will be with them and be their God." (Revelation 21:3) "

    Let us pray for our salvation or to be with him on the last day.

    And we ask this thru our Lord and Saviors, amen


    Assalamu Alaikum

    How to counter the such tremendous false accusations of the evil and wicked humans who don't have enough time to read about the final Prophet Of God Almighty?

    Should we just keep on protesting or do something that demolishes the very platform on which such people stand?

    I mean, we have just to convey the True picture of the Final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through books and films. Now a new animated film is going to be released in english on his Holy Life in this month. This should be helpful to some extent. Also there are lot of books which should be advertised by muslim organisations on news pagers and tv and radio stations. people don't come to us unless we go to them. We have to market Islam or do the marketing of Islamic Values. Consider them as products which are good for all. There is no time for just sitting lamenting and showing just anger at such people. Just make all the preparations and plans to market in Islam in today's world where in lot of new techniques are applied in a fierce competitive world, to convey the message across the people's minds and get them lured to the products. So please muslims, start now and see the tremendous results within a few months.

    Our inaction is quite evident. There was only one Ahmed Deedat out of 1.2 billion muslims. One Ahmed Deedat for such a great number of people!!!

    Are we just eating and enjoying the life and leaving the battle field for one weak and old person to defend Islam? Even though some are giving money (not at all enough), but leaving him alone to the firing range of the enemies. This can happen to any muslim, because Muslims have over the centuries become so lethargic that nothing brings them to their senses which can activate them to defend the Prophet(p.b.u.h) and God's Religion Islam which he conveyed to us during 23 years of dangerous situations. Social Service is another important aspect of Prophet's life. If you love him,serve the poor and help build a good soc

  20. madmax from Morocco

    Emilio, please note that I am in no way one of the "his followers" quite the contrary.

    Please take time to read some of my comments. As a Muslim I can confidently express that my sisters and brothers are certainly convinced that people like Falwell are IN NO WAY speaking for the Christians or the Jews of the world, he is just another instrument of Zionism period.

    "Say: "We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets, from their Lord: We make no distinction between one and another among them, and to Allah do we bow our will" Surat Al-Imran 3:84


  21. Esther from USA

    Emilo if you want to be taken seariosly drop your rascism. Madmax is not white as a matter of fact he is a Muslim. It seems your the one obsesed with pigment. I am going to lable you and others on this board with loud mouth Farwell.

  22. Edward Sheehan from USA

    I am a Christian and I don't believe that Falwell speaks for all Christians.

    I have Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist friends and we all get along quite well, though we do grieve together for the trouble that is in the world.

    It is for all of us of all faiths to continue to be friends with each other and, thus, disprove the fallacy that we are enemies.

    True, there are violent people of all faiths; however, may WE be peaceful people of faith and continue to live together in harmony.

  23. Emilio from USA

    What a surprise. White thrash Falwell is speaking from his rear end again, even more surprising his followers "madmax" "kurt" and the company of pigment impaired jingoists supporting Falwell.

    As a great philosopher once said " the last christian died on the cross."

  24. American Lady from usa

    Please know that most Americans are peace loving people and Falwell is not respected by most in the USA. President Bush would not even lower himself to commenting on what Falwell has to say. I am a native American, 54 years old and a Christian. In no way is the war against terrorism against Islam unless you speak of so called Islamic Extremists that seem to know nothing about what Islam means. Why don't the peace loving muslims speak out against the terrorists? Salam, an American lady

  25. Ruben Gonzales from USA

    I think Falwell's comments are socially irresposible because he claims to be speaking for all the Christian people and he is simply labeling all Muslims incorrectly. His words are angry words and he is being very ignorant.


  26. madmax from Morocco

    Kurt, oh Kurt. You know that everything that Grendizer said is true, I know you know, just like I know that everyone else knows, that there is no such thing as Islam supporting terrorism or any other nonsense, that is just a propaganda from hypocrites that refuse to take responsibility of their own actions and act like men instead of crying like babies. Something bad, very bad happened since the first half of the last century and is still happening as you are reading these comments. But judging from your comment 7071, you are probably not the type of person that like to do any reading and much less studying, so I believe you must have no clue at all about the reason why we have such a big mess on this planet. I encourage you to obtain one of the many books available everywhere, mainly a book that is well written, quite detailed and very easy to read, the book is from David Fromkin and is called "A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East". If you can afford to pay for the Internet access, I am sure you can afford to buy a book and hopefully arm yourself with better arguments the next time.

    Just an added note, the Turkish jerk that tried to assassinate the Pope is a lost soul that according to whatever source was working for the communist block in 1981, but to date, no definite conclusion has been reached as to the actual motive. Mehmet Ali Aqra is a professional killer. Falwell is a religious "leader" with a lot of friends in the US government and a lot of influence on his followers. I am sure you see the difference. And by the way where did you get the idea that the two religious leaders in America are on a hit list? Falwell does not speak for the Christian world, but you give the impression like he is speaking for you.


  27. Ajay from India

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    If you just think hard enough I think what Falwell has come up with may not be nonsense thing altogether, and without name calling Muslim world must see inside too; what has gone wrong and why. Also you need to account for history what atrocities Islam has brought about on people in all the continents.

    This might be right time when Muslim world may allow changes in their religion for good. We need reforms in all the religions but Islam is the one which needed most urgent and drastic changes.

    I know it's difficult to think right when you are on same boat and you find people who are of same view as Muslims are however I must say there are many people who are good, but most to be very frank with you in my own experience I found blind enough to call them fundamentalist.

    Thanks for reading my views.

  28. farrukh from PAKISTAN


    Reading the interesting comments given by falwell just gives me the idea that he dosen't have adequate knowledge of any religion. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) introduced a peaceful religion and the biggest example would be the conquest of Makkah "Fateh-e-Makkah" which was a bloodless victory. I hope that Falwell will acquire the basic knowledge of his religion and then Islam before commenting.

    May ALLAH guide us all to the straight path.

    Allah hafiz.

  29. Grendizer from UK

    Lets face it, conservative Christians are intolerant jerks who dont even accept Christians from other denominations. They have traditionally opposed civil rights and openly support terrorism in the Middle East by backing Israel.

    As for for Kurt, you obviously are not a man big on facts....you must be watching Faux news again.

    You've presented us with the custom right wing canard of half-truths and deliberate deceptions about Islam.

    Lets see....Muslims dont support terrorism, infact they are the victims of it thru dictatorial regimes and other puppet governments installed by your government.

    Islamic clerics couldnt care less whther you drink and drive head on into a tree....they are amongst the foremost critics of your policies and thats not "teaching hatred" its called speaking the truth. How many antiwar activists went to Islamic madrasa's ? Most Muslims dont even go to Madrasa's so apparently their lack of love for your BS policies stems from somewhere else - its called intelligence, something most of you right wing sociopaths traded in a long time ago for a lame myopic and arrogant worldview.

    Drop the illusion, you want their resources, you're willing to murder their leaders and install autocratic puppets while putting them down for not having "democracy", you support the seizure of their lands whether by yourself or by your proxys....all that and you expect them to think of you as decent folk ?! Your hypocrisy is disgusting.

    If you are so concerned about terrorism, STOP supporting it ! Bottom line pal = get a dose of reality mixed in with a bit of humanity.

  30. yasmine Barzegar from U.S.A

    Dear Mr. Kurt Spardel

    Thank you for your comments. God has given us a mind to think and give us a will power to do things. Everyone should read the law of God Jew,Christian or Muslim and make their own judgment. I think with the right mind we should be a peacefull human being.Please see the documentary of Empire of Faith by PBS.It will show you that true Muslims are man at peace. Even Prophets of God Moses, Jesus and Mohammad(PBUH)were insulted many times,but they answered with kindness.Please do not mix the issue of the fundementalist(Jewish, Christian or Muslim) with the true Muslims,Jews or Christians.I hope the people of the world educate themselves so we all can live in peace. We should think possitive if a person gives a Fatwa they should do the work; not sending the others!!!We do not need Fadwa's in my opinion

    we should read the Quran and implement the laws of God.

  31. fouad

    what a shame that such declerations comes from a man who claims himslef to be faithful and a man of relgion . and who knows deep in his heart that he was lying in every single acusation he made about profit muhammad

  32. gasser roushdy from u.s.a

    I would like to say to mrfalwell this is not the christian teaching which emphasis to love your enemy ,and who ever slap on the right cheek give him the left one. this what is written in the bible this what should be the true massage of christianty ,however mrfalwell seems to forget those teachings,who ever say some thing and do some thing else we call a "hypociate".

    The teaching of mrfalwell are obvesly not the teaching of christianty as a matter of fact they only promot hate discrimnation and a very obnoxious view against the muslims and islam and his blind bias to israel which he does not see any thing except "israel" even his own beloved country that he does see any more,we love the u.s and it peacefull people but we want to see the whole view"truth" un like mrfalwell who sacrifice every thing just to convay his own agenda .

  33. najma from Canada

    Falwell such an abusive man...calls himself a clergy...should be punished by the International Law and stripped of his postion....atleast the Islamic Ummah and the leaders should rise and punish him through words in the media. If no one does anything Allah Ta'ala will surely take him to task. But the beloved's Ummah will be questioned for whom he use to weep and weep and for whom he asked for forgiveness and for whom he will intercede in the Hereafter. And this shameless Ummah is just sitting and watching the blasphemes done to thier Prophet(Allah Ta'ala's beloved Messenger) by the non muslims? Its a shame.....wish we women could go and kill him or atleast torture him...scratch out his eyes and pull his tongue out..and let the world know that no one dare say anything to our Beloved Prophet.

  34. Giancarlo Vespucci from us

    Lambs paying attention to the self-proclaimed righteous get exactly what they ask for, even if unconsiously: "Think for me, I cannot!"

    The "Falwells" of any religion are not distinct, save for the honed but similar words flowing from intrinsically confused, if not pathological, minds. Essentially the "My Way" people, and there are many, many types, from many, many groups (religions, politics, businesses, etc) have no soul themselves, or at least not one they've actually found. Having one "installed" by a book undermines the millions of years of evolution that lead to its intrinsic beauty, value and power, that is, when a brain is not polluted by attention-seeking mad men/woman.

  35. khosro from sewden

    AS long as we muslim are not united we keep paing the prise.This man is one of the many who dare to challenge muslis faiht just because we are not united.Allah(GOD) forgive US all for being so weak.We all forget that without unity and brotherhood we can not stop this kind of irrational behavior.I hope mulims scholar find e way to solve our problem.

  36. Meme H. from USA

    Re: Comment #7035 by Mr. David Smith

    So, in order for them to fit YOUR definition or condition for "true" Muslims, the entire Muslim community in this country was REQUIRED to stand as a whole and denounce the 9/11 events?

    Did the ENTIRE "Christian" community in America stand up and denounce abortion-clinic bombers? I think not. It was simply ASSUMED, and hopefully rightfully so, that the majority of Christians would view such acts as an abomination.

    I tend to think that if the Muslim community in America HAD had stood as a whole and decried the events of 9/11, people like you would not have believed us, anyway--your mind has already been made up by what the media and people like Falwell have TOLD you to believe.

  37. Kurt Spardel from USA

    The fact of the matter is Islam is breeding the vast majority of terrorism in the world today and there is very little support for the war against terrorism coming from Islamic clerics. In fact, they are calling for violent attacks against Americans and other westerners. Now Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson are on their hit list for expressing their opinions. Did the Pope call for attacks against Muslims after a Muslin tried to assasinate him? No, he forgave the would-be assasin. What do Islamic religious leaders do? Issue Fatwa's ordering Muslims to kill, kill, kill.

  38. muneer Ahmad from kashmir

    dear brothers and sisters, lets put our trust purely and solely in One God who created all the mankind and the rest of the creatures to test them who among them shall keep rightousness and fear most in the affairs of this world with a firm belief that our life is going to be a document for us tommorrow on the day of judgement either in favour of us or against us. lets take to the path of justice overcoming the differences of our nationalities,economics,cultures and lifestyles, so that we may bring peace for our lonely planet for the sake of Love for our God.

    I appeal to the whole mankind to honour eachothers religious sentiments and cultural values that everyone gets in the cradle of their mother who is considered the most believable personality since the human race sta rted on the earth.

  39. Jon H. from USA

    Please do not think that Falwell represents Evangelicals. I am an evangelical christian and do not believe in his comments.



  40. Aqeel from USA

    There is a pease Rally in NY against Falwell's misleading notion. If you are in the area, I encourage you to do participate in this rally and may Allah bless us all for staying away from these narrow minded and educated but not educated enough to realize the difference between right and wrong.

    Date: 10/13/2002

    Time: 2:00 PM EST

    Location: 10th Ave 57 Street

  41. Omar Moonis from USA

    While Falwell's comments may be foolish, he has the right to make them. Freedom of speech no matter how repugnant used to be an important characteristic of enlightened Islam that we seem to have completely ignored in modern times. Where is the intellectual, stimulating debate that we so badly need today as a religion and a community? Instead, I wish there were more Falwell's, because by refuting such people we would also examine and reflect on our own faith and thereby become better practicers of it. This internal self-evaluation is lacking today in Muslims. The question we should all ask ourselves is: are we Muslims today because we were born Muslims, or are we Muslims because we have objectively reviewed other faiths and Islam provides the most complete set of answers. If the answer is the latter, then no matter how many personal vices you carry (and we all surely have very many), you will automatically be both a good Muslim as well as a valuable member of the global community . How can a Falwell compete with that? Our problem is that the enemy isn't outside, our enemy is within us. Look inside .... only after you like what you see should you look around .....

  42. Arie from USA

    The truth is there is blood on the hands of all the world's religions,possable excepting Tibetian Buddhism, because of the fact that religion is made for and controlled by people.

    G-D does not need religion we do.What is G-D without us? Why,still G-D of course.What are we without G-D? Any one careing enough to access this site realizes that we are lost without G-D.

    More people have been killed in the name of G-D then for all other reasons combined.They have been killed by people not by G-D.

    Mohammed killed the Jews in Medina. The crusaders killed both the Moslems and the Jews of Jerusalem.And the Jews killed the inhabitants of

    Jericho.One can throw in lots of other examples

    from around the world and throughout History.

    There are too many for a careing person to contemplate.

    The story of man's inhumanity to man is an abomination to G-D.And,in fact,is an arrogant denial of the true nature of G-D and is blasphemy by deed.I think this is the worse sin people can commit.

    I will breifly explain. There is one G-D.Common sence dictates this truth.For G-D to have the attributes of G-D there can be only one G-D and

    G-D must be Universal and for all time.

    Simply put, this means that we are all part of

    G-D and being one with G-D we are also one with each other.Sorry for those who want to play him vs me and us vs them. The spiritual truth is WE ARE ALL ONE.G-D did not create only some people or some things.G-D has to be the G-D of all or the

    G-D of none.

    The physical truth follows the spiritual.We can exchange body fluids and organs.Our DNA structure has been maped.Just like there is only one G-D there is only one race.It is called the Human


    The hard trick we have to learn is how to marginalize freaks like Falwell and to remove the trash in our heads that feeds our egos and blinds us to these truths.There are no winners and loosers.WE ARE ALL either winners or loosers.

    Peace be upon you and yours.


  43. Abu Sufyan from usa

    Bismillah was Salaamu Alaa Rasoolullah.

    The brother Abdul Wadud is correct. We need the Muslims to be about the deenul haqq - in name and application. Then we wouldn't have idiots like Falwell (or well flawed) making idiotic statements, we wouldn't have weak terrorists commiting atrocities against humanity, nor would we allow countries with terroristic tendencies to dominate us. What is wrong with the muslims that we canot stand together? Our deen commands us not to be divided, especially by racial or national lines. Don't we know that these prejudices were infused in the minds of muslims by the shayateen from Western countries to destroy the Ottoman Empire. I grew up a kafir but seemed to have better adab, and respect for others, than many people brought up in the deen. I'll leave you with this - The Prophet (saws) said, You will not go to Jannah until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. How will you begin to love one another? By spreading the salaams amongst yourselves. Every muslims should AT LEAST spread the salaam with the correct niyyah in their heart. May Allah give us good in the Dunya, and good in the Akhira, and save us all from the Punishment of the Nar.

  44. abdul rehman khan from usa

    all muslims belive on one Allah(God)and mohammed(peace be upon him)last nabi(prophet)of Allah(God)and belive on all the prophets who came on the earh to guid humanbeing towards right path BY Allah(God).you can not find a single muslim all over the world who disrespect any prophet.muslim belives Ibrahim,Isac,Ishmail.Yaqoob,joseph,nova,Moses,Jesus, as great prophets of Allah(GOD)Mohammed(peace be upon him)is mercy by Allah for entire worlds.he was very kind and full of love and mercy.he was forgiving,truthfull and honest.each muslim love him more than anything in the world.his teaching is peace and intention to please Allah ,his purpose was to guide mankind towards the right path so they know almighty Allah.who created every thing and control every thing and know every thing.he is super power and the strongest and bigest.ALL PRAISE TO BE ALLAH WHO IS THE CREATER OF ALL UNIVERS AND PEACE BE UPON HIS LAST MESSENGER MOHAMMED AND ALL THE PROPHETS WHO CAME BEFORE HIM BY ALLAH.WE AS A MUSLIM LOVE AND RESPECT ALL THE PROPHETS.

  45. Abdul Wadoud from USA

    As Salaamu Aliakum

    While I disagree with Mr. Fawell's statement. I must say that as Muslims we have none to blame but ourselfs for all of the misrepresentaions of Islam. I relate to you a story told to me. There was a Muslim speaking to a group of people explaining the beauty of Islam. It's message of peace,tolerance and equality. A message that the measure of man is how well he behaves. He went on to speak of the manner of the Prophet and his kindness to men,women and animals. After his talk he was aproached my a man from the audience who said "I like all that you say and if you can tell me one place in the world where Muslims exhibit these principles and have such character and I will become a Muslim today". The cleric began to cry and said" I CANNOT!!! all I can do is set a good example to the rest of the Muslims". I have said it a number of times and will contniue until I see a change the biggest enemy to Islam is the Muslims and until we start as a body to behave as Muslims and not "act" as Muslims the world will have the wrong opinion of us. To my non-Muslim friends please remember and understand that a lot of what you see Muslims doing has no place in Islam and wouldn't be tolerated by our beloved Prophet. And to my Muslims brothers and sisters I say Aquire true faith and live as we are supposed to all the world knows about Islam is what we show them. Let "La Illaha IllAllah" take root in your hearts for what is in the heart comes out through the hands. Until our behaviour changes we can only expect more of the same. Look at how the Prophet treated the Jews and Christians and see that even though they did not all convert they all respected him so much that they asked him to be judge in their disputes. "Allah the Dignified has no mercy for one who has no mercy for others", "O Abu Zarr when you prepare soup put a little more water in it and see if your neighbor needs some." "Allah is Kind and likes kindness in all things

    As Salammu Aliakum

  46. whish to remain unnamed

    Courtney does not have to apologize. Sharing an idiot's citizenship is not a crime. As for falwell followers, well, they are living proof that it's a free country ,even for idiots.

  47. Charles McGonigle from USA

    Good for Fawell. A Christen in your country is in much troble. Muslim's in USA can live in Peace.

  48. F. Kamel from usa

    Thank-you Mr. Iftikhar for your refutation to Mr. Far-well, oops, Fallwell's poisonous comments. As an American muslim who has studied Islam, Christianity, and Judaism I can honestly say that what we have in common is far greater than what we don't. When I hear comments such as the venom spewed out by the likes of Mr. Fallwell, it makes my blood boil, because they are based purely on lies. Even a person of a very mundane intelligence and an atoms worth of objectivity could not possibly come to the conclusion that the Prophet of Islam(PBUH) was a "terrorist" based on the historical evidence of his life's works. The real agenda of people like Fallwell is to demonize all Muslims so that when they decide to massacre us as they did the Jews( lets not forget what the Nazi's were, white christian supremesists)their shriveled up conciences will not bother them a bit!

  49. ahmed ali from u.s.a

    it is very sad that some muslims are still preaching peace to sharon and his buby bush .when attorney genaral said in chicaco chechnia terorist,and falwell said mohamed was terorist.what's left then?to beg? any muslim who insult jesus, musa or any other prophets is not a muslim.unlike christian or jew muslims pray 5 times a day. they this agree their goverments when it comes their beleive even though westeren agree with the goverment such.. egypt.sa-udi and so on..islam proof that they can live with both chris and jew when they were in power. crusader killed as much as they could when they took over the islamic rule .but islam did not revenge when they were back to power!!!.our hearts are not dark .like falwell, sharon, putin, mubarak, sadam or any one who is the enemy of humanty.as long as injustice are being commeting against chegnia ,plastine ,somali so on...there will be no good sleep for bush .finlly the cheer leaders i mean rumsfeild, falwell, ashorof. keep what you doing you recruting faster than they could recrute themselves the moslims . justice is on the way.every true muslim beleive they will be the winners. allah say so. (wal caaqibatu lil mutaqiin)so i wander who is the real tororistt.. only time will tell. wabilaahitowfiiq.

  50. David E. Smith from Canada

    A couple of comments here prove the validity of Falwell's comments. You don't like what he says about Islam being a religion of violence, so you decide he should be killed. How screwed up is that? Whether Falwell is correct or not (I tend to think he isn't) in point of fact, there was NO outrage at the events of 9/11 from the Muslim communities around the world. In fact, there were brief pictures of Palestinians celebrating! Until their leader told them to cool it. Until Muslims take a definite stand and not only make public their anger towards those who committed those atrocities but also denounce them as not being true Muslims, please expect that the Christian community will not trust you. We will continue to believe that you encourage such nonsense.

  51. wish to reamin unamed from America

    as this may be going on but why i ask. we muslims have ceratinliy not acted like the real isalm of peace. but no we have been showing the examples of reall terror. not trying to bring peace we fight blood shed with blood shed. i tell you why people are jumping to conclusions. because of example. my sister does as i do. she follows by example. just as people beleive by example. i tell you this article may conatin SOME facts that me be true but i tell you why talk so haterdly to our brothers the Christians and the Jews. they beleive in in god do they not and that they beleve in jesus and moses. do we not beleive in moses and jesus so there for do they not stand for similarity in our religions. Why show the world our bad side rather not show it the real meaning of islam. I TELL YOU WE HAVE NOT ACTED AS TRUE MUSLIMS!

  52. Fatimata from USA

    Falwell and DaddyBush controls President Bush. Falwell and his followers use political power to buy Pres. Bush. In my community, the majority of Muslims voted for President Bush. Christian like J Falwall are secret terrorist and hate anyone who does not follow their wicked Satan path. We as Muslim living in American need to use our voting power to stop Falwall for making decisions on how this country is ran. We as Muslim must unite, voice our opinions to our representatives and have one voting power. Falwell is a dangerous man and he would probably put us in concentration camps if he has his way. In fact, you never know what Pres. Bush and his followers might do. Again it is time for all Muslim to unite and pray.

  53. Christy Rose from USA

    President Bush's silence regarding the comments of Jerry Falwell is nearly as deafening as the silence of the American muslim community in soundly condemning the attrocities committed against Christians and women on a daily basis in most muslim-controlled countries. Wonder if there is any connection?

    As for the war on terror being a war on Islam, there are a few Americans who understand that if the US becomes a muslim nation, as muslim clerics have voiced as being their dream, the freedoms that we hold dearest will be a thing of the past. Therefore, some of us are quite willing for you to consider us as your enemy. We despise your political aspirations in our country, and we will fight to the last man, and the last drop of blood to keep you and your like from having any undue influence in our politics. Mr. Bush and his administration are not among those of us who feel this way, but give us time, and we will convince him, unless any more muslim attrocities are committed against our people - in which case you will do a good job of convincing him yourselves.This is, and always has been a Christian nation, which is why America enjoys the blessings of the 21st century, while Iraq, Iran, Sudan and other muslim nations are stuck in the 15th century.

    Jehovah Bless America, and one day Muhammed will bow at the feet of Jesus Christ and confess him as Lord!

  54. Courtney from United States

    I want everyone to know that Mr. Falwell does not speak for all Americans. I am currently taking an Islamic culture and religion class at my college and was shocked when my professor brought in a tape of Falwell saying that Muhammad was a terrorist. I'm embarrassed by his ignorance and want to apologize to everyone that this offended. Please know that there are very few Americans who agree with him, and the people who do agree with him don't know any better.

    I think I speak for most Americans when I say please accept my apology.


  55. ahmad from U.S.

    Mr. Jim Pretzel,

    What exactly are you trying to say? You don't state any clear point.

  56. ray deen from canada

    I would like to thank Mr.Falwell for publicly

    allowing humankind for letting us know how he really feels about Mohammed and Muslims.

    It is however, ironic that peace loving Evangelical Christians would choose to use Jewish people,in order to carry out there war against the Palestians,whom happen to be Jews,Christians, Muslims and Nomadas.I find it unforunate the West is unwilling to know all of these are anti Zionist State of Isreal.These are the real people who are been prosecuted for just being Palestians.

    We need to stop looking at each other as the enemy and start learning our history.A history that has divided India, Rawanda, Sri Lanka,and many others including Palestian.Let us start with Palestine.After World War 2 why didn't England, USA, Canada,and France carve out apart of Germany, and hand it over to the Jews.I would think that it make sense seeming it was their language,culture, art,and the only life they knew.Instead they choose to disrupt the lives of the Palestians.Let us look at the harm we have created, and correct it.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my views.

    R. Deen

  57. Grendizer from UK

    Mikeal, It probably makes sense to you because you belong to the group tooth-less trailer park inhabitants to whom Falwell appeals to.

    Your simplistic and opportunistic version of history is based on false premise. Do yourself a favor and get the facts straight.

    Its funny, how little you so called "Christians" represent the sayings and teachings of the historical Christ. If you really are into Christ, follow the teachings of his succesor Muhammed(saw).

  58. jim prestel from USA

    This article represents hypocrisy from the Islamic perspective. Lets's face it a person chooses to believe or not believe in God . Based upon a personal belief along with their personal experiences and education people form the fabric by which all decisions are made. To not agree with a final war between religions is to deny the teachings from Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

  59. Baaba from U S A

    I just wanna say, we mus act against this evil man who called Prophet Mumamed a terrorist. He will not be alive.

  60. mikeal

    It does make sense, all around the world Muslim thru the teaching of Muhammad, peace be with him. Are killing, raping, violating their minority Christian "brothers and sister". Or they turn their anger amongst each other.

    To have peace one must give glory to GOD thru the teaching of Jesus Christ. amen

  61. Noreen from USA

    Muslims need to focus their energies elsewhere.

    Falwell is an extremist tv evangelist who has no credibility. No one even knows who he is. He is simply copying the ignorance of people like Franklin Graham. The best thing we can do is to ignore him inspite of his remarks.

    He is not credible enough to be taken seriously except by his followers. This die will away if Muslims do not act as hysterically as Falwell and his followers.

    He is making outrageous and ignorant remarks because he knows there is no other way to attack Islam, but by falsehood.

    Thankfully there are far more non-Muslim and Muslim writers who have done their research and written the truth about Islam and the incredible life of Muhammed (pbuh), (a fabulous example is William Chittick).

    By getting hysterical over an ignorant man, we will only help him just as some Muslims were so helpful in promoting Salman Rushdies books, which would have otherwise just sat on bookstore shelves.

  62. asif hanif from dubai

    i think mr. falwell forgot that islam is the only fastest growing religion in earth and as a christian he didnt go through his holy scripture where jesus christ peace be upon him said as i will go i will send comfortor so that he guide them to right path and he will glorify you i think mr. falwell has to open his bible and go through it of which comfortor does prophet jesus peace be upon him is saying dont mrfalwell see that prophet muhammad glorified prophet jesus as a muslim we beleive prophet jesus as messenger of god i think mr.falwell has to go through his scripture and read about prophet muhammed

  63. Mokaddes from USA

    G.W.Bush is as evangelical and more hypocritical than any reverand out their. At least Falwell has the guts to come out and say what he believes about Islam and us Muslims. Bush does it underhandedly and much worse. Note his latest speech from connecticut where he says "Saddam's nuclear holy warriors..." What is this if not an underhanded way to make everyone feel that these are "Muslim terrorists". Bush is the biggest hypocrite of them all. And he is an idiot to boot.

  64. visited from hypocrites and pharisees, past is prologue i guess

    and you the new crusaders, you fight islam not for your disdain for its principles but for its courage and truthful action with reference to its word..there your weakened paganized version of christianity is revealed as it teaches with one side of your triple mouth that god teaches righteousness and resists those that behave against the holy scripture, yet you say that the only way to fight that is to sit and wait for the return of the messiah(he came once and those same followers he saved, healed and helped in any way they asked turned their backs on him and let him be paraded through the streets and nailed to a cross right in front of their eyes, the holy scripture talks of how jesus/isa-pbuh died for the sins of man, i state he died because of them, if his "faithful hadnt turned their back on him as cowards) and furthermore you talk of a peaceful way and you are surely aware of your antics all over the world thoughout history as you have invaded and enslaved and pushed out so many from their own homes on every continent and humiliated them and relegated the survivors to the cheapest and unvaluable pieces of their own homeland. there were of you those that spoke the truth of the scripture and denounced the enmity amongst your nation and denounced perversion of your followers and the subjugation by the infidels of your own nation, yet no action was taken for fear and cowardice and thus these evil factions among you have overtaken your country and enslaved your followers to the beast. you try to take the credit of a crusade against evil by discrediting those of islam that actually believe what you believe but rather than sit back, they fight against it and attempt even in futility to protect the muslims from that which corrupted you, for sure you must call the muslim a terrorist for to say they fight as they speak would be to incriminate yourselves of of fear and complacency, the superiority and rationale of islam will shine through to even the most devout christia

  65. LOAY from CANADA


  66. john norman from uk

    Judaism is not predicated on world conquest. Neither is Christianity. Islam is. Hence the violence and the need for violence. Here in the UK, we have a number of Muslim preachers who have warned the British People that they have every intention in setting up a Muslim State. Others in Europe have predicted the same future. And all of it stems from Mohammed's own words. It is plainly evident that the non-Muslim world needs to be vigilant.

  67. azman ali from malaysia

    Who's falwell, i think he should read enough. We in islam always respect Moses and Isa (Jesus), there're among the great prophets. Muhammad was always the greatest prohet in islam, no matter what falwell, bush administration said. They day will come where islam will bring the peace and prosperitry through out the world. I would like to call to all americans, stop your government to ruin the future of your kids.

  68. Shahida Ahmed from U.S.A


    Thank you v. much for the article. I wish this was published in the front pages of all the news papers in U.S.A.

  69. ragab mohamed from usa

    This is sick. People like you are to be blamed for adding fuel to the fire. You should be ashamed of your self to attach a prophet you know very well he is a messanger from God, just like Jesus, Moses, Ibrahim, and other prophet ( PBU Them all)Allah, for sure will take care of you on those comments.

  70. mohammed Hjiaj from Australia (originally from Belgium)

    Thank you for you very nice paper. You've said everything that need to be said. Again thank you and keep writing like that.

  71. Ehab Hasan from USA

    I totally agree with David C. It is these spectacular, greedy television companies which will stop at nothing to boost ratings that are to blame.

    Do the likes of Falwell and his war-makers really think that they will force the hand of God by creating and sustaining the state of Israel? Astagfur Allah! The might of God is above their evil cunning. It's almost like they want to force God to abide by the Book of Revelations. And they call Muslims crazy.

    I just want to remind my Muslim brothers and sisters that this is a fringe group who call themselves Christians. Real Christians stood by us after 9-11, guarded mosques and offered words of support. Let's not get sucked in to his devious plans vis a vis our understandable anger.

    If anything, his remarks have reaffirmed my Muslim faith (not that I needed him to do that, thank God).

  72. zilzaal azzizi from Washington,DC/USA

    I endorse Arsalan Iftikhar's article: "Falwell's Fallacies," except that it is incomplete and underplays critical issues affecting Islam/Muslims.

    First, one year after 9-11, all Americans have witnessed the spate of incessant attack on Islam/Muslims/Arabs, its noble personages and sacred symbols. Muslims today are in worse shape (from a psycho-socio-economic standpoint) than they were after the carnage and destruction of 9-11.

    The bigoted and ethnocentric assault on Arabs, Muslims, and Islam is coming from the fundamentalist, tripartite axis of the Rev. Frank Graham, televangelist Pat Robertson, and Rev. Jerry Falwell. Their attack is organized, sustained and well orchestrated, and is augmented by total silence from US political leaders, including the President.

    I disagree with Arsalan that this 'tripolar' axis of demagoguery is a "fringe element of the Christian Right." The fact is that these three religious leaders represent a substantial constituency of President Bush's republican conservatives. To diminish their import and significance is a grave mistake.

    Second, to categorize Huntington's thesis on the "clash of civilizations" as myopic is itself myopic, a view that belies current events. And despite claims to the contrary, unfolding US actions manifest a different reality, revealing a head-on collision between Islam's fertile crescent and Anglo-US war policies.

    Last, Falwell's depiction of apocalyptic events on the "so-called" Second Coming of Jesus is just that: a belief in the destruction of the anti-Christ and a fight for religious supremacy--in this case Christianity, over all others, including Judaism and Islam. But Falwell's belief is no different from that of Sunni Islam, which holds similar tenets on the Second Coming of Jesus. Islamic tradition holds that Jesus will defeat Dajaal, kill the pig, and break the cross. He will then lead an army and defeat Islam's enemies ... retire, marry and live for 40 years thereaft

  73. Mautaz Ansour from U.S.A

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Jerry and his Mob have struck again.Who is jerry kidding when he is talking like he knows what he talks about? NOT ME..

    I guarantee you, jerry's knowledge of islam is the same as my knowledge in building Rocket ships..(which is Zip,Nothing,Zilsh).

    I Appreciate the article, and Cair(Jazahum Allahu khairan) Has been Active in responding to the bigots of this country.

    All that Jerry is trying to do is get the Zionists on his side and his Ignorant christian clapping after him and saying AMEN!i mean come on,do you ever toon to TBN or The 700 Club? those shows are a big fat scam,with their big money gathering telethones and such,taking the poor peoples money inreturn for a whole lot of nothing.

    Calling my Beloved Prophet a Terrorist...News Flash for Falwell, Look in the mirror,don't forget Africa and what you did with your buddy Robertson,don't forget Asia and your money laundring and buying poor people into your religion..it's a shame that those people preach Love,Peace and Tolerance when they are the Farthest from them...

    Jerry I Have a Secret to tell you, i know that you are doing all this because you want the second coming Of the Blessed Jesus(peace be upon him), if i were i wouldn't be so excited, he's not coming to save you, destroying you and your liking is what he's going to do...Sorry

    As Muslims it's such a shame that we haven't really delivered when it comes to teaching the flok in this country about Islam and The great Prophet that Allah him self testified to his great and outstanding moral, conduct and honesty, History and Historians(at least the honest ones) have testified how great Mohammad (Peace And Blessing Be Upon Him)was and IS. but obviously Jerry and his cult are not Big on FACTS and HISTORY, Lies are what they promote, Lies are what they Preach, And A Big Lie is What they are living.

    "Never will the Jews nor The Christians be Pleased with you (oh Mohammad) till you follow their religion..." Qur'aan Surah (2),Verse (1

  74. DavidC from USA

    CBS is the problem. CBS encouraged Falwell's slander of

    Mohammed, then promoted it everywhere to raise

    ratings. They could have easily edited this out; it was not

    an essential part of the story. Falwell's bigotry is old

    news. CBS's encouraging and amplifying the slander of

    Mohammed for financial gain is the real insult to the

    Muslim community.

  75. Hannahzarah Avarraschild from U.S.A.

    And if the movie "The Message" was accurate Allah only gave Mohammed permission to fight back after the early Muslims were in danger of extermination. That is something the early Israelites can't claim in their war of genocide on the original inhabitants of Palestine.

  76. Ali from Pakistan

    The thing is that Falwell secretly loves tinky winky.

  77. Yahya Bergum from USA

    George Washington is often eulogized as having been "First in war..." George W. Bush seems to be suggesting that violence is a legitimate means for liberating people in countries where oppressive regimes habitually demonstrate an unwillingness to rule justly. So if early followers of Islam, who co-existed peacefully with peaceful neighbors, could effectively organize to defeat the regular armies of brutal oppressors, does the Reverend Jerry Falwell consider their victories to be tragic because the victors were Muslims?

    The Quran warns us of times when we should definitely not turn the other cheek. Please refer to Surah 2, Ayah 216 and Surah 4, Ayat 74-75. (Thank you, Ahmad.) Indeed, we Americans seem to think the world owes us a great deal for our occasionally having heeded advice that was available to us long ago within the Quran.

    Even if Falwell had not seen fit to confirm the matter for me, I would still have believed that God's Prophet, Muhammad, was capable of waging violent war for a just cause - that is to say, with violence for a cause the average American would have no trouble recognizing as just. My response to this is, "May Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, grant the Prophet Muhammad a mighty reward!"

    Regarding Falwell's use of the term terrorist, that label conflicts with everything I've learned concerning the conduct of God's Prophet (Rasulallah) in matters pertaining to war. Please consider the following entry from a (fully authenticated) Muslim source: Hadhrat ibn Abbaas (Radhiallaahu Anhu) narrates that Rasulallah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) used to advise the army before dispatching them, "Do not deceive, do not disfigure, do not kill children and those in churches." (I'elaa-us-Sunan vol.12 pg.31; Idaratul Qur'aan) -- Peace be upon God's Prophet. Peace be upon you, as well.

  78. Ahmed Hagos from USA

    It is disgusting ang ignorant to hear such

    comment from a so called revern. He should

    apologize without delay.

  79. Hayao Yamazaki from USA

    Superb article. As outrageous as Falwell's latest media stunt is, it really shouldnt be all that surprising.

    Falwell is a man who was an ardent segregationist, an opponent of civil rights, an open supporter of terrorism and ethnic cleansing in the Middle East as well as a con man who ran many scams over the years...the latest of which is "Liberty university" where Falwell is chancelor.

    In short, Falwell is a degenerate and those support his views are no less - psuedo-religious charlatans who are a threat to all faith.