Iraq invasion will threaten national security, strain US World standing

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Rep. David Bonior, D-Michigan, said today that an invasion of Iraq will only further threaten national security by splintering the broad international coalition against terrorism and fueling more extremist passions against America.

The congressman -- who returned Tuesday from a five-day trip to Iraq -- also said little discussion is being devoted to the humanitarian crisis facing innocent Iraqi civilians following years of economic sanctions -- a challenge America will have a moral responsibility to deal with, regardless of a regime change. 

"I think we have to be very cognizant of what war will unleash on the world," Bonior said. "There are important questions about the safety of our people in America as well as justice abroad.  The world is a very fragile place today and going to war threatens everything.  We strike first -- what kind of message does that send to India, Pakistan and other nations in South Asia?  It will break up our coalition with Arab nations that we need in the effort against Al-Queda.  I am very disheartened by the fact that people have not been addressing the implications that war will have on our broader national security concerns."

Bonior and U.S. Reps. Jim McDermott, D-Washington., and U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson, D-California, were part of a delegation that traveled to Iraq to press upon the Iraqis the need for unrestricted, unfettered UN weapons inspections and to gain insight into the dangerous implications a unilateral, preemptive strike would have on U.S. national interests.   The trip was organized by the Interfaith Network of Concern for the People of Iraq, a project of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, and LIFE for Relief and Development, a Michigan charity organization licensed by the United States and the United Nations to administer aid in Iraq.

The group met with United Nations and Iraqi officials, repeatedly stressing the need for the weapons inspections.   They also visited many sites - including the largest children's cancer ward, a water filtration plant and an oil-for-food distribution site - and talked with numerous Iraqi citizens about the "truly disturbing humanitarian problems" in the country, Bonior said.

"The Iraqi people suffer under a brutal dictatorship and they suffer under the most inhumane sanctions regime ever put in place.  We must act to alleviate the anguish," Bonior said.  "To ignore it or worse, to begin another war, will only deepen the mistrust of America and further complicate the effort to root out terrorism." 


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Older Comments:
Assalamu Alaikum

GW brought nothing new to the American Foriegn Policy, Since the United States Gave it's promise to The Zionist in Israel in 1947, WE as Muslims And Arabs should expect nothing less than what's happening today.

We are to blame to what is about to happen to the Iraqis, We are to blame to what is happening to Muslims everywhere (By WE i mean Muslims), Allah and his Prophet laid the platform To conducting relations with non-muslims. We know what America is all About no matter what George Washington Said. It's all about interest, America can't use the same standard with Israel because they will be "whipped", they can't afford doing it,because Jews won't let them...on the other hand America has nothing to fear from the Muslims and Arabs ,and it wouldn't think twice before murdering Muslims, Why? Because we let them....

Let's go back to the basics and stop fooling our selves, back what Allah loves and his Prophet foretold...let's hold dear to that,Then and maybe then Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala will decide to answer our Prayer...

GW not only insults the intelligance of Muslims but also that of the American people when he says that America HAS and MUST do this for it's security, i mean come on who is he kidding.

GW needs to wake up and smell the mess this country is in...after he does, trust me he'll realize that Iraq and it's people are the last he should be thinking about..

Wants to bring Peace and Justice to the Iraqis..Pleeeeeeaaase, isn't that what he said about Afghanistan??!! And isn't afghanistan still a mess??????

La Hawla Wa La Quata Illa Billaah...

I'm about to throw up in this joint...

Assalamu alaikum

Well, "madmax" aka "anonymous" you're still avoiding the facts on the ground. If you're so concerned about terrorism go bomb the daylights out of Israel. Point is kid, you just want to bomb innocent Iraqi's despite evidence to the contrary. Stick to what you do best, that is punching buttons on your playstation pad and downing a coors. What a maroon.
As for you "Esther" I dont belong to "the group of people who fly planes into buildings" Indeed most of the people who oppose this war arent. However I do know that you belong to the group of intolerant group of religious fanatics who cry foul at dissent. Do yourself a favor, stick to your regimen of geritol and Andy Griffith reruns.
You psudeo patriots obviously dont care for international law, human rights or any other norms unless ofcourse it serves your selfish interests. No better than pavolian canines paying tribute to the corporate crook-in-chief.

To "Madmax" "Esther" and all other chickenhawks and related supporters of irrational jingoism....grow up and get a dose of reality.
"Madmax" aka "Anonymous" you cant come up with facts so now you're down to silly defensive insults. How truly typical. There is only 1 country in the Middleeast that has nuclear and biological weapons and its NOT Iraq. You just want oil and no matter how many innocents long as your cowardly hide is safe back at home.
As for "esther" pick up the wrinkles of your eyes. I see your borderline racism is up and running as usual, guess your medications havent kicked in. You obviously belong to the same group of nutcases who are trying to jump start "armageddon" in the Middleeast by supporting war and terrorism against innocents. Christian fundamentalist messinaic cultists whose behavior is totally oppposite to that of the historical Christ.
Let me make it clear again to you chickenhawks - You have NO case, you have NO evidence, what you do have is arrogance and weapons of mass destruction which you are willing to point at anyone who doesnt pay homage to the failed coroprate crook at the helm.
Chew on that and choke on the facts you immoral war pimps.

As "Anonymous" firmly stated "The United Nations needs to learn that you cannot let terrorism go on". That's right, it's about time the UN gets it, we are in charge here, we have been conducting legal global terrorism for a half-century now and the UN should understand that it should leave that to our experienced men and women.

I regret "Counter Spinner" but I must disagree with you; GWB is not a failed corporate crook since he was (s)elected to lead the largest Corporation in the world, and whose primary Products and Services "BOMBS and DEATH" ladies and gentlemen, satisfaction guaranteed o your money US. Hey! GWB is even working overtime for a hostile takeover of UN, Inc. whose stock prices are at all time low.

Aren't you impressed with "Anonymous" writing style, I can see a book project on the way like Mao's Red Book, Nixon's Blue Book, Qaddafi's Green Book, Anonymous Brown Book (very familiar color).


Yo "Counter Spinner" why don't you take on someone of your size...uh...brain size that is! Can't you understand as "Anonymous" said that "We have put up with him for long enough!" isn't s/he right, 11 years is really long, long time, keeping all that black gold for himself and preventing US from grabbing our "lion's" share that's not fair to our fellow greedy corporate citizens, at least with the Taliban out of the picture the Central Asian pipeline dream will finally be realised, and at a fraction of the cost, what a deal. =>

Don't you see that "Anonymous" is right about S.H. by saying "He is nothing but a NO good terrorist" at least we have one "good terrorist" his/her president, after all his/her good terrorist is doing a better job by keeping at least some fellow Americans employed full time unlike Corporate America who just keeps phasing out jobs and cheating the stock market. At least he's meeting the quarterly numbers and the (live)stock holders seem happy.

This war will strengthen Israel and ironically weaken USA. Then Israel will replace USA as the Powerful State on earth. Then Jesus (peace be upon him) will return to kill Gog Magog, anti-Chirst, Jews (who now assemble around Jerusalem), and lead the world with justice to all. Then the world will end. It's inevitable. Period. Read the book "Jerusalem in the Quran" by Hosein, Imran N.

Counter Spinner you are a fine one to talk. Coming for a group of people that crashes planes in buildings, or bombs buildings. That is the present. In the past Muslims tried to rule the world. And they invaded Europe years before the Crusaades, and colonized Europe long before they were colonized by the Europeans.

the reps have actually spoken well, America invading iraq will only increase the hatred and magnanimous enornimety on the America and American, and even increase the faith of so call terrorist. In the first place, America should live iraq alone, the America have their weapon Iraq has her own too, so, what's the problem with that. While must the America see themself has the most powerful state. You (America) need to give others a breathing space and respect other country's soverignty.Let others make their weapon as the could since, you(America) have the right to produce weapons so do others have the right to produce weapones to protect the territory for God sake live this country alone. You need to keep your home place first before going out to distabilize the internation peace. Lots and lots things going within you not settled.And by the way, I think Bush has a special interest on this issue of Iraq because, i could remember that, it was during the Snr Bush that America was going into war with iraq and, during the regime of Bill C. nobody has the smell of war with iraq of Afganistan and, Bush, the Jr is on the throne now, war all over the place, I think J. Bush is having personal interest on this. Bet you, going to war is the solution to the issue at hand but, maintaning peace and orders with other less privilege country and stop the deceiving people with humanitarian aid. The support america is giving to isreal and others oevr the less one, you(america) choars two country to fight and come out and say you want to settle or call for UN peace keeping. Anyway, you should know, the heavenly father sees you well and is watching you cheaten over others know this, You soon going to fall if care is not taken.

Yo "Anonymous" why dont you and all your fellow chicken hawks lead the way into Iraq?
You war pimps are a joke. You dont give a damn about the Iraqi people, so dont give us your fake sincerity. If you cared about them, why not voice opposition to the genocidal sanctions ?! The sanctions have killed more Iraqis than Saddam ever did. The gas Saddam used was supplied by the US. NOt to mention he was best buds with Reagan and Bush jr. until he outlived his usefulness.
Iraq has no connection to 9/11 and you know it....this is simply an excuse to go after the second largest reservoir of oil in the world. You lunatics are the true terrorists of this world. You have no credibility, no case, certainly no morals and your president is failed corporate crook.
If this be democracy, it is the democracy of fear the world can do without!

I have to agree with everything Brother Abdul has said. Why do we as Muslims claim that we believe if we don't act like it. If every Muslim from around the world come together to stand up for the sake of justice and for the sake of fairness then we will be untouchable. You do not have to take planes to bomb buildings to express your anger or your views there are other non-violent ways of doing this. We first of all have to take the issue of money out of our minds. It's not about money because this is the main reason why all this is happening. Everyone of us is scared to lose our posessions and businesses or what not. We need to come together and stop all this nonsense. We sit down in our own living rooms and watch tv and see how the rest of the World views us. Doesn't matter what part of the world you are from if you call yourself Muslim you are automatically an enemy. It is amazing that in just one day that people have finally come to know of our religion, and whatever they know is not all pretty because we have failed to do our part and even after 9/11 we are still not doing our part and the main reason for that is our Iman is gone. We do not believe anymore, we sit down and complain about things that we have control over. We are just scared, scared of the wrong things. What we don't understand is if we as Muslims don't wake up and remove the stain from our religion by doing what we are suppose to do and be true to ourselves and look at each other as brothers and sisters this can only get worst. They see that we are not united and that we are blinded by money that's why countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are on their sides. Why are we so blind and scared?

I think it is ridiculous that you think the U.S. should not attack Iraq. We have put up with him for long enough! He is nothing but a no good terrorist. He has no peaceful intentions, but to terrorize, and kill even his own people. We need to shut him down, and if The United States of America arethe only ones who are willing to do so, then so be it. The United Nations needs to learn that you cannot let terrorism go on. The U.S. has met with terrorism in its true evil on September 11th and it will not easily be forgotten. The U.S. has seen the face of evil, and Sddam's face is right up there with it. So don't preach about national security, and if the U.S. invades iraq it will threaten it. But sorry, our national security was threatened once and we are not going to stand for it. We are sorry if you don't like it. I do not mean to offend anyone, but it is the truth, and is my opinion, which I have a right too.

This Iraq war is just another tool to make sure the next president to be Joe Lieberman. If US go to War with Iraq or not.. it does not matter. Bush will still look bad together with bad policies that just lead US to worst. The making of the next babylon is on the road.

The Bush plan is for Oil... plain and simple. Iraq is in a perfect positon in the middle east for the USA to control the world both physically and monetarily. The killing of women, children and none military personell notwithstanding. So who is reall mad- Bush, the dictator in Iraq or both?

Let's face it- with all the internal problems, an economy out of control and an army that's sat around doing nothing and getting paid for it - America needs a war.

Wars are vote pullers that every US president has used as a decoy from the internal mess in the US.

Agains all Odds
Congratulation to all the 3 Congressmen for their hard effort and standing for truth,peace and justice for Iraqi people ,though everything from media to politicians were not in favour of their visit as it reveals the truth and suffering of innocent Iraqi people only becuase of Sanctions it is time for all Congressmen to realize what sanctions had made and done and all Congressmen should stand now to life the sanctions on Iraq instead of declaring a devastating war which will not hurt the dictator saddam but will add more miseries and casualties of innnocent Iragi civilians

While it is nice that these three have gone to Iraq and have made these statements they will amount to nothing unless and until Muslims show some kind of real concern for what is happening in the world. I don't mean just writing in response to articles like this but get involved, in America get out get registered and vote. Organise to form solid voting blocks and get some attention let the politicians see us going to the polls in large numbers and hold those that we vote for accountable. The Jewish lobby is the second largest in America, where are the Muslims? Bush has just given Jerusalem to the Jews we cry foul in silence but what do we do. The Saudis' still allow the use of their airspace, Qatar and Kuwait still permit military bases. We need to cut out the nationalism and racisim that has come into Islam and keeps us divided. Now people from Saudi,Syria and other Muslims countries must be fingerprinted when they enter the country, put Americans through the same thing when they visit Muslims countries and see how long this practice will last. As long as we "call" ourselves Muslims and act like non-believers we will continue to be treated like trash. If Saddam is a threat Muslims should deal with him, but no we protest the war but do nothing to avert it other than talk. There can be no war if Muslims deny use of their land and airspace but we can't even come together to do that. Two thirds of the refugees in the world today are Muslims because all we do is talk. I am not proposing violence that solves nothing but I am saying it makes no sence for one fifth of the worlds population which controls over one third of the worlds natural resources to be treated like stepchild. All that is happening to us today is our fault!! and until we start to behave like like Muslims we will be the doormat of the world. So while it is a good thing these politicians are doing remember they are politicians and this is an election year.