Take a Chance to Get to Know a Muslim

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In her compelling personal talk, Sarah Khan dares the audience to take a chance to get to know a Muslim, just as she dared to reach out to the very people she feared as a victim of Islamophobia.

Sarah Khan is a professional speaker and trainer. She facilitates dialogues and workshops on the following platforms: The Science of Communication through Connection, The Art of Mindful Living, and From Diversity to Pluralism. Sarah has been featured in Forbes Magazine in which she shares her journey from an agoraphobic to a public speaker and advocate. Her ongoing work in engaging local communities in confronting Islamophobia has brought her to elementary, middle and high schools across Southern California as well as guest spots on local television. She has been a guest speaker for various Interfaith Service Events at synagogues and churches promoting unity and coexistence. She has presented keynotes for various organizations like Kiwanis, Imamia Medics, Toastmasters, Muslim American Professionals, and Muslim Women Speakers. Sarah has also been featured in ‘Muslims of America’ sharing her message of intercommunal harmony.

Published on Feb 24, 2017

  Category: Americas, Featured, Life & Society, Videos, Women
  Topics: Islamophobia  Values: Courage, Harmony, Tolerance
Views: 924

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