From Madinah to Pakistan

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As we celebrate Pakistan's Independence, let us first reflect on the starting point of Hijra.

When Prophet Mohammad ﷺ migrated to Madina from Mecca, no one could ever imagine the establishment of an Islamic State that would become a guiding light for the world. This state was formed based on a supreme ideology of 'La Illaha Illallah' (There is no god except Allah) and the charter given by Allah: 'You are the best nation (Ummah) that has been sent forth unto mankind for you enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and have faith in Allah.' (Quran 3-110)

Prophet Mohammad ﷺ and a handful of his followers worked relentlessly with extremely limited resources, and within ten years, the entire Arabian Peninsula submitted itself to the will of Allah. The ideology of 'La Illaha Illallah' gave a comprehensive framework of goodness to all of humanity.

This Islamic State produced God-fearing rulers who had the best intentions for the people of the land. They ruled with vision, equality, discipline, and principles. These leaders provided leadership in all aspects of life; political, economic, moral, and spiritual. They also provided guidance and motivation to the people to strive for the continuous improvement of their situation and convince them that Allah does not change the conditions of a nation unless it changes its inner self.

Gradually the quality of leadership eroded, and slowly, the Muslim world lost the spirit and ideology of 'La Illaha Illallah.' The Muslims began to slip into a period of decay. But wait! The ideology of 'La Illaha Illallah' must remain supreme. Countries are continuously formed and disintegrated, leadership is always changing and kingdoms come and go.

About 1400 years after the Hijra, during the decaying period of Muslim history, there is once again a spark of the Ideology of 'La Illaha Illallah' in the Indian Sub-Continent.  People cry out to form a nation that will submit to the will of Allah. After years of struggle, on August 14, 1947, a country appears on the world map that is explicitly formed under the banner of Islam. The birth of Pakistan was not only a fulfillment of a dream for the Muslims of the Indian Sub-Continent but also a sign of hope for the entire Muslim world. The spirit that propelled Pakistan on the world map was beyond the need for a political/economic structure and nationality. The main objective of this spirit came from Madina, where the first Islamic State was formed.

Allah fulfilled his promise to the Muslims of the Sub-Continent as mentioned in the Quran (3:139) 'You are bound to rise High if you are Faithful (to Allah).' At the time of independence, the prestige of the Muslims was High for what they had achieved. My dear brothers and sisters, on this Independence Day, I would like to remind ourselves of this promise of Allah. We are bound to rise high if we are faithful to Allah and his prophet.

Let us remember the miracle birth of Pakistan. How our leaders fought for freedom? How many martyrs gave their lives to free the Indian Muslims from British subjugation? How many people worked day and night to take care of the malnutrition of this newborn country? The magnitude of difficulties in every corner of life is beyond comprehension. It was only Allah's help and the sincere belief of the Muslims of Pakistan that made the country stand on its feet.

The founder of the nation, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, put down three cornerstones to build this country: FAITH (in Allah), UNITY, and DISCIPLINE. What have we done to these cornerstones? Faith has been substituted for Secular values devoid of spiritual essence. Unity has disintegrated into ethnic violence and discrimination. Discipline has been replaced with chaos, disregard for law and order, and exploitation of the system. The love of Allah and God consciousness' has evaporated from our hearts.

My dear brothers and sisters, we must go back to the roots of the struggle that made Pakistan  was inspired by our faith in Islam. The Muslims of Pakistan must reignite the true ideology of Pakistan; 'La Illaha Illallah,' not merely by words but by practice. If we are to progress, we must revive our values and morals according to Islam, be truthful to ourselves and our faith, have the courage to accept our faults, and learn how to unite and discipline ourselves. We have to stop criticizing others and share the responsibility for the misfortunes that have fallen on Pakistan. We are passing through a time of unprecedented stress, but being Muslims and having faith in Allah, we must put our faith in practice and ask for Allah's help.

It is time to seriously ask our selves:

1.   Do we want Pakistan to prosper?

2.   Do we really want to establish true freedom in Pakistan?

3.   Do we believe that Pakistan is a gift of Allah?

4.   Can we be responsible enough to take care of this gift to the best of our ability?

I am sure Yes! would be a unanimous answer to these questions. Then let us pray to Allah:

O Allah, we worship you, so help us and guide us on every step we take. Show us the right path—the path of those whom you love and bestow your grace and mercy.

Please forgive our shortcomings with your grace and mercy.

We pray that you give us the spirit, strength, and guidance to establish your law of peace, liberty, and justice in the land of Pakistan and make it a beacon of hope and inspiration. Eliminate from our hearts the malice and disease spread by the workings of Satan. Protect us from our enemies. You alone do we worship and you alone do we ask for help.

Mrs. Muzaffar Haleem is the author of "The Sun is Rising in the West" published by Amana Publications Inc.

  Category: Asia, Life & Society
  Topics: Independence, Pakistan
Views: 9805

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Older Comments:
Very nice article.

When I looked over the view of a person named Muhammad on this page. I feel very sorry to the educated muslim youth who con answer all these confuesed jewish propeganda against Pakistan.
It is definitly a jewish fitna which has been planed to damage the image of the country which is the hope for the Muslim ummah all over the world. forget what scolers said in the past think what to do now about the jewish conpresy against Pakitan. Do not you think if Pakistan would not be so stronger as it is now, india could stop run over the pakistan. And all the friends of the westren powers recognised them in ther clear and true face to make the Muslims slaves again.
look to the future that is nocking the door and asking the Muslims do not make your minds and hearts buisy in such a rubish ideas that when Pakistan was made who was right and who was rong. but think how the claver enemy twisting the minds from the current situation and trying to rais the disputes amongst us. come on my younger writers and hold the pen and fight for the oppressed muslims who are being sloughtered all over the world just because of the faith.
let us break the threds of the net which is made by the jewish and their costodians.
this my massage
your sincerely

salamu alaikum

it is very easy to say let us make a country an islamic one. but there were my dear brother many attemps and none succeeded till now. so by just making duwa we do nothing but by keeping people passive the way they already are. how are you gonna do that. where are gonna start?
dont dream my brohter. the prophet knew what he wanted und not like the many islamic groups who just waste peoples time money and energy. so please either you show how you are gonna do that in a reasonable manner which must islamic or please dont mention of any islamic state neither in pakistan nor anywhere else.

AsSalamu Alaikum,

An interesting article. Much better than the prevailing rhetoric that Pakistan is an Islamic nation. However, I would like to ask if the then Indian Congress leaders were more compassionate and agreeable to the demands made by Muslim League leaders at that time, including Mr. Jinnah, would there have been a Pakistan? Why do all the rhetoric, that we Muslims seem to vocalize regarding Pakistan, imply that we were all working for an Islamic state from the very beginning? And if that were so why was their no progression towards Islamic Shariah? Today we have a Secular state whose current leader is an Ataturk fan, so we can only imagine what the country would become in the near future.
Also, these claims that Pakistan was the solution for all Muslims in the subcontinent implies a lack of Islamic spirit on that part of those Indian muslims who didn't migrate to Pakistan. Hence we should be careful when we portray Pakistan to be the end-all for all of us.

So, Let us drop all this claims of Pakistan being the hope for the Muslim nation and concentrate on working towards an Islamic nation there and elsewhere in the the world. And let's understand that our commitment has to be to Qur'an and Sunnah, not the Pakistani, Saudi or any other flag.

May Allah enable us to fulfill the responsibility of being his representatives in this dunya. May He give us the strength to return to the Qur'an and Sunnah and to follow them in all steps of life.


Im sorry, Br Muzaffar, for your short-sightedness in comparing Pakistan to Madinah, and Prophet Mohammed to Jinnah. Pakistan was not created for islam, it was created out of fear, fear of hindus, that they will one day kill all the muslims. Creation of pakistan, divided muslims of india, and those who remained now face the punishment. Do you know all the scholars of that time, including eminent deoband scholars, and Shaikh Abul alaa moudoodi, moulana abul kalaam azad were opposed to the idea of pakistan. Muslim league was filled with non-religious leaders. The common notion at that time was "at least those who migrate will be safe". I ask the question, are they really safe? Both the people of india, and pakistan today continue to suffer bcuz of this biggest mistake of the 20th century. While governments continue to spends millions on war machinery, people in both countries suffer as the war is used to blackmail people to increase military spending which only enriches the pockets of big arm manufacturers in west. Pakistan is still a unstable country, (dont blame jews for this please).
The fools who created pakistan, are now doing same damage in kashmir, Please leave kashmir alone and solve your own problems first.


M. A. FROM USA said:
Pakistan is a sorry excuse for a country simply because its foundation is rotten. Basing a country on religion alone does not guarantee success. In fact, quite the opposite. And if following Islam should lead to our betterment in this world and the next then the case of Pakistan definitely disproves that belief. Pakistan is the only country that was ever made in the name of Islam. And what a disaster that has been! More servings of Islam, anyone?

Assalam-u-alaikum everybody.
After reading some of the comments on this site it is clear that some of our "broyhers" are not aware of the hisrory of the Sub-continent and are perhaps dellibrately trying to cause hatered amongst Muslims.
Let me make you aware of the reasons why Pakistan was created:
Pakistan was created because muslims were prohibited to carry out their religious duties.They could not sacrifice cows,on Eids,and eat the meat because they were sacred to the Hindus.They could not keep beards because they apparantly "resembled the Sikhs" and they were beaten to death.
Hindus,Sikhs and the English were all united against them,and did not allow them to hold higher posts in the govenment.Basically they were made to sweep the floor.
There was a person named Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who recognised this unjust treatment of muslims and inspired them to take up higher education and to demand thier rights.
May be it was the intention of the English to cut the India int o smaller bits,so that they could rule over the people easilly,but it was Professor Allama Muhammad Iqbal who came up with idea of a separrate land for the Muslims.He did not live long enough to see the birth of Pakistan,but his dream was fulfilled by another person called Muhammad Ali Jinnah,who also died a year later,in 1948.
Wheter he was a practising muslim or not he did a good thing for the Pakistanis,and we should rebember this.If he was a convert muslim then he probabley thought it was his duty as a muslim to help other muslims in India who were oppressed, by striving for a separrate land,where they can practice Islam without any hindrence.
If it hadn't been for Mr Jinnah then who knows our relatives back in India would've been burnt alive,like many of our brothers in Gujrat.
It is now our responsibillity to think for the better of Pakistan,which we can call our own.

I hope I havn't offended anyone,if I have then I appologise for this inconvenience caused.


Mashallah, a very good article. We should strive to make sure that the ideology which was the basis of its formation does not fade in to darkness.

how a good and very very atractive site, i am very thankful to him....
pakistan is a islamic country and you know it a port of islam.....and there people and particular there young people have exitment to about islam and now days there is one country which have to talk and war any enemy of islam and any where in the world.
you see what are going in kashmir, palstine,chachnya,and so many other country....
but all the muslims are sleeping and particular arabic country......


Dear Brothers and Sister,

Some of my comments have been misinterpreted, and other comments have been mentioned which sadden me. The first thing I would like to clear is that the Koja community is very Muslim indeed it is the Ismailis that claim not to be, secondly, we have some people insulting out great religion, without any premise or reason. One thing we should all remember whether from China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Spain or Russia if someone is a Muslim that is a far closer bond than two people being of Pakistani or Indian descent. Thirdly, what is truly ruining us Muslims and Pakistani's in particular is that we have so much hat filled in us be it for Israel or for the United States or for Shiites. If we were change this hate to a better use than perhaps we would be in America's position and the Palestinians would be in Israe'l position forget your hate for Indians, Jew, Americans and SHiites and stop dividing yourselves into Hanafi Shafie and so on. A Sunni is a Sunni and all Sunni deserve to be called Muslim and Sunni has the right to call a Shiite a non-Muslim only Allah has the right. Lastly, I do realize that the people that visit this site are mostly educated so the people I want to target will never read this but I would like to defen my comment that in Pakistan many people think it is an insult to call the Prophet a 'human' like you or me. I have proof of this, perhaps the person who called my comment ludicrous has not been to the villages or even to the houses of some in Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Hyderabad and many more places.

It is not the mission of Islam to isolate Muslims from others. The Indian subcontinent would have been a better place with a united India. Our leaders spend billions on weapons rather that advancing education, eliminating corruption, and fighting poverty. Jinnah was an English puppet and Pakistan is a country built on the fear he created.

Whatever might have been the motto behind the creation of Pakistan, the public very quickly have forgotten the purpose of its creation, bypassed their attachment to their country, shifted to someone else the individual responsibility, dumped their patriotism as a useless and unwarranted characteristic and allayed the fear of Allah.
Though the reports come out of too much backwardness, poverty, illiteracy, rowdyism, lootings, recent rap cases, political uneasy, or anything negative of this land can be viewed as calculated, exaggerated and wanton propaganda to some extent, as if they never happen in any European or sub continental countries, they do surely send some shock waves across the world,particularly across Muslim World.

The average citizen of Pakistan, when he lives in his own country talks much about his land and its place in the world. Once he goes out to earn money abroad, slowly but surely he distants himself and occasionally raises his country's flag above his shoulders. Once he gets his pockets full, his bank balances touching to the multiples of 6-figures and he acquires wide contacts,he tends to forget the every goodness song of his patriotism all the years he was singing and very fast he moves towards Western Countries-USA,Canada,England,France,Germany etc.

When you question him,he has a lot many excuses for not going to work for the improvement of his land. He, as an individual Expatriate Pakistani stands a proud symbol of Pakistan, leaving behind his country under-developed, rather you can say, going decayed and void of Investments and Industries.

It is not the Islam, which makes the people of Pakistan poor, but it is the people's petty-mindedness, selfishness and love for ostracized culture that made Pakistanis remain backward.

The more you be away from Islam, the more you become shorten, rotten and go crawling to the surface of the land,to remain hooked and kicked by aliens.
Then you will be no more to say "Pakistan

Muslims have no idea how foolish you are to continue criticizing other Muslims.
Please note it is a grave offense to falsely accuse or implicate a people or an individual.

Pakistan is a struggling country with many many poor people, largely due to a string of corrupt
leaders and governments. This scenario is seen
in many third world countries.
Instead of bashing of Pakistan, stand up to help it or at least give it credit for being between a rock and a hard place.
Because it is a poor nation, does not mean all its people are not Islamic, women and the poor in Pakistan are not oppressed any more than they are in India or any other 3rd world country.
A whole nation can not be condemned because of the actions of a few.
Read the Quran and stop behaving so pathetically.

You are deliberately forgetting the fact that the country called Pakistan was created in the minds of the people by Ali Jinnah and that was a ploy by the British government to cut India into two parts. Did the people of India fought the freedom struggle under two different flags or ideologies? No.. they fought for a common destination and be it Allah or Lord krishna or Jesus.. all are the same and we are all worshipping the same person with different names in different ways. It is indeed very henious to differentiate people by saying Allahs people and people from other relegions. Dear brother the colour of blood in your body and mine are red.
And there are more muslims in India than in Pakistan.. remember that. And India has been the place where all religions have co existed for centuries and will continue to do so despite the so called Jehad from Islamic militants from across the border. Also remember the Pakistanis were once Indias and basically will remain Indians.

I think it is Islam that is the cause of Pakistan's failure. Ask yourself why is it that People of the Book in western countriesand Idolators in Asia Pacific have prospered wheras Allah's people remain backward and poor. Among immigrants to the UK, Indians and Chinese have prospered according to a study by the University of Essex. But Pakistanis and Bangla Deshis are the poorest people in the UK. Both Hindus and Muslims were originally from the sub-continent. The only major variable is their religion. Islam stifles women and free thinking. You cannot prosper with such a religion.

as-salaam-wa-alai-kum brothers and sisters.
yes pakistan was a new inspiration in the hearts of many muslims. yes jinnah worked tiresly to form a nation on the basis of islam. but we have to be sincere.and ask ourselves this question. did jinnah do what he had promised. he had promised to form a nation on the principles of islam...that is one thing that has not occured till this day. for that we critisize him. he had decieved the hearts of so many.and let me make this clear we must follow our faith with true iman. we must continue to do good. we must continue to promote the ideology if islam. today i say we must clean our hearts. accept wat is wrong...and correct our past misdoings..without doing so we will not progress.

K2 FROM USA said:
In Pakistan there is oppression of women, orphans and the poor. What nation which fears Allah would allow this? Women in villages are treated worse than cattle, are even afraid of walking outside alone. They are not given there rights under Islam. Orphans are enslaved in brick factories and the poor are oppressed at every turn. What kind of Muslim nation is this?

I have read some of the encouraging comments made by the brothers and the sisters and this has led me to say this:
We as Pkistanis should thank the late mr Jinnahfow,whether he was a convert muslim or born muslim (as some people have informed us),for relentlessly struggling and trying to acheive a separrate land for us to read the prayers 5 times a day.
Since the 55th anniversary of Pakistan's independance has gone,what we should be reflecting on is the progress that we have made and how we've helped the country to prosper.What we should also be focusing on is how can we make it a better place to live in.
Unfortunately Pakistan has not progressed alot over the past 55 years of its life.That in my view is due to the anemosity that exists between different political parties.We as Pakistanis havn't helped the country aswell,because we are always looking for ways to benefit ourselves and not the country or it's public.
As for how we can help the Pakistan to be a better place to live in is concerned,I think the thinking of the Pkistani people needs to change.We need to think independantly,for the prosper of the country and Islam,and not follow the thinking of our political masters,who greatly benefit and the poor Pakistani is left where he was.
I would like to add a last point,if i may have the permission.This is that we need to unite together as a nation and analyse every situation with calmness of the mind to ensure that we don't play in to the hands of the enemies of Pakistan,who want nothing more than the destruction of Pakistan and Islam.

Forgive me for taking your time.


I congratulate writer on this great effort.
The article really revives the faith of a muslim, specially, a pakistan national. It ends with some excellent prays infront of Allah(SWT).
May Allah(SWT) give us an urge, a motivation to achieve the objective of the creation of Pakistan, set by our forefathers (Amen).

Now, more than 50 years after independence, see the achievements of a non-tolerant religious society. What makes anybody think this bigotry which shamelessly says there is no other god but Allah can lead vastly different mind sets of the world towards peace. It is an illusion to say PBUH, because there won't be peace until either you kill everybody who is different or you embrace diversity and find a framework that works for all. It is a shame that Indian sub-continent had to be divided reducing the chances of succeding the poverty in harmony and peace. Scholars like you should atleast realize it is time to focus on contemporary social arrangements rather than outdated impractical systems which succeeded only through barbaric slaughtering of people. In this age of near instant global communication, you cannot hope for slaughtering to establish this 'La Illah Illallah', because people who do not accept it the way you blindly do can be heard from every corner of the world. You can only kill people of different faiths in a small part of the world like Pakistan, but nowhere else. If you accept this truth, why drum up the basis for the creation of Pakistant as the beacon of hope?

After reading some of the comments it is easy to see why the Muslim Ummah is not united, and hence in the current situation.
To clarify, Jinnah was not born a Muslim, but did convert later in Life, as Muslims we can not hold the practices of ones family or children against someone. If he created Pakistan for political goals, that would have been a bad call for such an intelligent man, as he was quite old and died very soon after.
As for people who wrote that Muslim's in Pakistan do not see Prophet Muhammed as "human" that absurd; having travelled in Pakistan and having both Pakistani family and friends I ahve never anything remotely similar.
Women are not oppressed in Pakistan, that is largely western propaganda. Nor do Muslims follow the "taleban" in pakistan; most of the population is moderate Muslim. The few extremists and backwaardness is due to South asian cultural beliefs and illiteracy in true Islam.
Please not it is a grave offense in Islam to falsely implicate and accuse.
A commenter also wrote that if Pakistan was not created, Muslims would be a large majority in India today. Are Muslims a large majority in Israel? In my opinion some Hindu groups who today can not tolerate small Muslim groups in India, would have done everything possible to eliminate a Muslim majority.
Celebrate that any Muslim people are able to have a free home, despite the extremists that exist, instead of slandering your own people and making us all look even more pathetic.

Pakistan is currently a key player in the Islamic and International world. Despite it faults the people of Pakistan have struggled to maintain their identity as Muslims with hugely varying ethnicities, inspite of extremist groups and individuals among them.
There is no true Islamic state, however, Pakistan has provided a free homeland for millions of Muslims who may otherwise have suffered similar fates as the Muslims in Gujarat, India are today. Though as the underdog to India, Pakistan,s security has been threatened many times and still is, it has largely maintained its borders with India and absorbed millions of Afghan refugees into its already crowded lands.
It is also home to large numbers of Kashmiri residents who being largely Muslim did originally vote to join Pakistan in 1947.
The Muslim world should strengthen ties with Pakistan and applaud it for its strength despite being between a rock and a hard place.

I agree with some of the comments questioning the commitment of Jinnah to Islam and Muslims. Mr.Jinnah was not even a practicing Muslim. He couldnot read and write Urdu, the common language of Indian Muslims of the period. He never offered a single salaat and used to eat pork and drink alcohol everyday and openly. He belonged to the Khoja community who donot even consider themselves Muslim. He had a big ego and couldnot stomach the fact that he was not given the position he desired within congress and set about to avenge this. Indian Muslims, simple and gullible as they were, fell for his charm and were completely taken in by the fact that a western educated 'brown saheb' was speaking for them in british english. He exploited the Muslim masses to fuel his own ego-trip and has harmed the cause of Muslims in the sub-continent by creating Pakistan. He was assisted in this by Aga Khan, the Paris based philanderer, the present Aga khan's father, who was very active for the creation of Pakistan. After the creation of Pakistan, the Aga Khan didnot feel the need to say a word for the Muslim community from india and has completely vanished from the scene. Again, Muslims were fooled by the 'Muslim sounding' name of Aga khan and were deceived into believing that he was their supporter, whereas, infact he was pro-british. If you look at the leaders who worked for the creation of Pakistan most of them were england-educated and all the religios scholars were against the creation of pakistan; this fact itself should convince anyone about the true motives behind the creation of pakistan, which was to divide Muslims of India and harm their cause.

Aslmu Alikum,
It was depressing to read some of the comments written by some people. Especially from Rayan B.T... We have to look beyond the petty. We (Pakistanis) all know that there are problems. There might have been other reasons in the minds of people who were involved in the birth of this nation, and there might be corruption of character in those and current people. But we need not forget "Allah is the best of planers" so therefore I agree with Muzafar Haleem who wrote "from Medina to Pakistan" the actual act of the birth of this country is a re-enforcement of the ideology of Allah. And he is the best of the planners, looking at Islamic history we find Allah took corrupt peoples and turned them into tauheed loving slaves of Allah. Please have some faith in Allah, he is watching and will Insha Allah show us the path if we keep asking.

Also a comment about the oppression of women in Pakistan. To some extent the writers are right in this context. But what saddens me is that the women and Men of Pakistan and other critics are thinking of liberation of women in western terms. I don't know of a women's organization or the pundits who cry foul play about women rights to fight for women rights that are laid down by Allah. No one wants equality as described by the Sunah and the Quran, every one wants to take off the "Dupatta" as the "Bras" were discarded in the west not so long ago. If we keep walking this path we will follow suite. In conclusion I would like to ask my sisters whom I agree are oppressed even by "Islamic" standard should fight for there "Allah given rights" and not to follow suite, and try to mimic the west.

May Allah give is all hidaya and give us ability to walk the "sirat-ul Mustakeem"


The problem of all Muslims, in Pakistan or every corner of the world is only one. Faith in Allah and follwing the sunnah of Muhammad s.a.w. They must all discard every single failed effort they dearly follow today and learn the traits from the best of the best, i.e Muhammad s.a.w's way of changing the thugs and bad crooks of the Quraish into radhiallah huanhum najmain. Today's Muslim scholars, intellectual, leaders, alim, gurus etc must accept the bitter fact that what they have done so far had failed to enhance Islam.


I am a pakistani and nothing would make me happier then to have religious pakistan, but the truth is Pakistan was never religous if we look at history it is reocrded that Mohammed Ali Jinnah drank alcohol, I know this because I am related to him. Besides that he wasn't religious and the only reason Islam was 'used' to create Pakistan is that is the only thing that at that time would make the people unite is religion. I do not deny that Pakistan as a nation was needed but how can you say Pakistan was ever religous when their are Mazaars and Durgas throughout Pakistan and the people have always opressed women and in a country in which if you say the Prophet (PBUH) was a human they become offended. My point is that Islam should spread in Pakistan but we first must accept that Pakistan was not created for Islam but it was created under the banner of Islam to generate warmth towards a new nation. In a country where the Literacy at its highest point was 60% and women were always opresses we cannot say it was religious, although the people were better. Islam has been misused by many for their own gain but it has harmed the masses, Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a great leader but that was all.

The anniversary of Pakistan's establishment, rather than being an occasion of happiness, is one of sadness, humiliation, and bitterness. I sincerely doubt that Pakistan's leaders, and by extension, the Pakistanis themselves (for a people will always get the leadership that they deserve) were, and are, truly guided by the spirit of Islamic ideology. This goes equally for the secular minded, 'educated' class, as well as the ignorant 'religious' mullahs. Where is Pakistan's promise for Muslims of the subcontinent? Did Pakistan do anything meaningful to stop the latest massacres of Muslims in Gujarat? Has Pakistan ever apologized for the atrocities its army committed during the civil war? Can anyone point to any aspect of Pakistan's government or society that is worthy of emulation as an Islamic standard?

The ideology of Pakistan was romantic and inspirational for my father and those of his generation. But, with the benefit of hindsight, we see the cruel, harsh, and bitter, reality. Sadly, I must conclude that the ideology of Pakistan, was, in fact, a gross fallacy, and a crime perpetrated on the Muslims of the subcontinent, who died in their millions, and are still dying.

There is no comparison between Madinah and Pakistan. The wisdom of that earlier era is nowhere to be seen in the present.

A.-S. Malik

K2 FROM USA said:
Pakistan is a sad excuse for a nation and especially to claim to be a Muslim Nation. Being Pakistani born I am not proud to say this, but it is the obvious. I cannot believe that Allah (God) would punish a people who follow his religion, which leads to the conclusion that maybe Pakistan is not a country which fears Allah.

How can any country which oppresses its women, leaves its orphans helpless, and ignores the plight of the poor, be considered a Muslim Nation? Does this make sense?

Pakistan is no different than all the other nations claiming to be following Islam. Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, etc; corrupt and evil to there core. It is time we Muslims begin to look in the mirror before we critisize other countries.

Mr. Humayun is obviously totally oblivious, or totally uneducated, to the fact that Pakistan was actually not the handiwork of whom he claims it was. Moreover, he does a good job of ignoring the treatment that Muslims are recieving, and will be recieving as long as there is a Fascist ruling party in India like the BJP, and its wings of Shiv Sena, and Bajrang Dal. I would much rather be a Muslim from Pakistan, a struggling country, and live my life with however much dignity my country can provide me, than be a cook in a Hindu kitchen in Hindu India. The Hindus in India need every excuse to slaughter Muslims, and the Muslims in Pakistan thank their luck and God for giving them Pakistan. I would request Mr. Humayun to open his eyes and see what Pakistan has done for Muslims in the subcontinent. Plus, it gives India a hard time in every possible sense. Which is definitely worth it!!

Thank you and may Allah bless you for the sincerity and true Islamic spirit that is evident in your article. Unfortunately as you can see from some of the posted comments, we have many 'Muslims' who have rancor and malice in their hearts that prompts them to say mean things (e.g. Br. Humayun) even in the face of a genuine attempt at making the best of what we have. Pakistan is in a mess (STILL ALHAMDULILLAH BETTER OFF THAN INDIA (remember Gujrat? I can say this as a born and raised Pakistani who has visited India often) because it's leaders and then masses lost their way and strayed from the sirat-al-mustaqeem. Otherwise Pakistan would undoubtedly have been a beacon for the WHOLE world (not just Muslim) world to follow. A beacon of peace, JUSTICE, equality, tranqulity and spirituality.....or in short a beacon of the ISLAMIC (Prophetic) Order! THIS WAS the meaning and raison-d-etre of Pakistan NOT TO become just another "Muslim" country. This may, Inshallah, still be the destiny of Pakistan, unless those who have no fear or love of Allah will succeed in making it just another corral for economic animals, thereby serving the cause of Shaitaan. Thank you again Sr. Muzaffar Haleem. WS.


Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision
Attorney general shows himself as a menace to liberty.

By JONATHAN TURLEY, Jonathan Turley is a professor of constitutional law at George Washington University.

Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace.

Ashcroft's plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants.

The proposed camp plan should trigger immediate congressional hearings and reconsideration of Ashcroft's fitness for this important office. Whereas Al Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties.

The camp plan was forged at an optimistic time for Ashcroft's small inner circle, which has been carefully watching two test cases to see whether this vision could become a reality. The cases of Jose Padilla and Yaser Esam Hamdi will determine whether U.S. citizens can be held without charges and subject to the arbitrary and unchecked authority of the government.

Hamdi has been held without charge even though the facts of his case are virtually identical to those in the case of John Walker Lindh. Both Hamdi and Lindh were captured in Afghanistan as foot soldiers in Taliban units. Yet Lindh was given a lawyer and a trial, while Hamdi rots in a floating Navy brig in Norfolk, Va.

This week,the government refused to comply with a federal judge who ordered that he be given the underlying evidence justifying Hamdi's treatment. The Justice Department has insisted that the judge must simply accept its declaration ....

Asalaamu Alaykum Dear Writer,

I could not agree with you more, however, I believe it is time for not only the Pakistani Muslim, but all of the Muslims in the world need to go back to ideology of 'La Illaha Illallah', not merely by words but by practice, Inshallah.

May Allah Unit us all and save us from the torment of hell fire. Ameen.

Pakistan was created for political reasons in the name of Islam. Thousands were killed to create Pakistan. Indian Muslims are better of in India. The current state of Pakistan speaks for itself.

Creation of Pakistan was the biggest fraud against Muslims and Islam. Is Pakistan any different than India? Yes. It is. More Muslims have been killed in Pakistan than India. Pakistan is more more corrupt and dictatorial. Islam is practiced more in India than Pakistan. Pakistan was the handy work of Patel, Nehru and pork-eating alcohol-drinking westernised and un-Islamic Jinnah. Almost all the important Muslim leaders and Ulema of India, including Maulana Muodoodi, Abul Kalam Azad and Jamiat-e-ulema-e-hind, were against the creation of Pakistan and they have been proven right.
With the creation of Pakistan Muslims were divided into three groups and weakened. Hindus, on the contrary, were united into one entity called India. Had Pakistan not been created the population of Hindus would have remained the same as it is now. But the population of Muslims in India would have been 320 million(India 160 million + Pakistan 140 million + BanglaDesh 120 million). Just imagine how this could have translated into political power and security. It is precisely for this reason that Pakistan was created and then divided again).

Jinnah's grandson is still in India and is a big Parsi industrialist- Nusli Wadia of Bombay Dyeing, a big textile firm- and he is not even a Muslim! What did Jinnah give to an ordinary Muslim of India and Pakistan? Poverty and corrupt rule.

Sorry joann but the USA is THE most corrupt nation on earth at this time. We OUTSIDE of the usa know this....

Salaam Alaikum-
Pakistan is the MOST currupt nation on the planet at this moment. It has been thus for decades and will continue to be so for future decades.

WHY? Because Pakistanies are ARROGANT, PROUD, and PRIDE filled with their so-called "Gift from Allah."

The Pakistani people are generally ignorant and practice a twisted form of Islam similar to that embraced by the Taleban.

Until they stop, ALLAH will let the suffering and agony go on in that land.

No speach, no national pride, no celebration...NOTHING can stop this until the people themselves change their ways.

assalaam alaikum,this is the first time i've found out about the formation of the country known as pakistan. i must say that i feel enlightened that its origins are truly honourable. may the almighty Allah continue to bless & nurture pakistan, so that leaders of renown will come to the fore.

I'm sorry to say this, but there's a myth surrounding the creation of Pakistan - i.e. that it was created for the sake of Islam. It wasn't! It would've been nice if it had.

Pakistan was created by a man who used a religous group to meet his political ends.

It is easy to use words to describe lofy ideals, but a true test of leader ship is putting these ideals into practice. Let me give the writer a reality check on how Paksitan has achieved its goal . First it decimated an entire nation, formerly East Pakistan, now Bangladehs because they wished to keeptheir own language (Bengali) when they joined hands with Paksitan. Mr. Jinnah, the man who appears in the photo, went to Bangladesh and said "Urdu and Urdu alone will be the national language of the entire Pakistan" When Bangladeshis fought back, Pakistani troops raped women, killed old men, pillaged villages and committed untold number of atrocities upon a fellow muslim nation.

Now Paksitan is one of the most corrupt Muslim governments in the world - with fundamentalists, money lauderers, durg traffickers, and a power hungry dictator all vying for leadership in that courntry.

Given all this, Pakistan seems to me , to be the complete antithesis of a nation dictated by "la illaha il Allah.' It will do well for Ms. Haleem to take lessons from history ...

ASAK Mrs Haleem,
Just wanted to drop a quick thank you note for such an excellent and inspirational article.

Job well done!


Great article - should be sent to the media in Pakistan and printed in all news papers there. People of Pakistan need to be reminded that they have a major responsibility to abide by the Islamic principles. The current conditions of Pakistan is an embarrassment to the philosophy on which the nation was built and the expectations of the Muslim ummah.

I agree with this article. In addition, I like to remind American Pakistanis to play a proactive role in developing its economy. Take investment and skills back home! Yearly car demand is 100,000 units and increasing rapidly, but production is only 42000 units of cars. Set up companies would that make Personal Computers,Servers, Printers, Mainframes not just import them. Pakistan has great engineers but no jobs available. We must have Faith (in Allah), Unity, and Discipline in each other!

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim
Assalamu 'alaikum,
I wish to extend my congratulations to my brothers and sisters in Iman on the occasion of the fifty-fifth anniversary of the independence of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. May Allah (SWT) guide us all to His Sirat-al-mustaqim, Ameen.