MPAC Explores Relationship Between Hate Speech and Hate Crimes

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(WASHINGTON D.C., June 13, 2002) -- MPAC is strongly concerned that a rise in anti-Muslim and anti-Arab speech in American civil society is leading to an increase in hate-crimes and anti-Muslim and anti-Arab incidents that are likely to grow unless the hate speech stops.

On the same day that Southern Baptist Christian President, Rev. Jerry Vines, continues to refuse to repudiate anti-Islamic remarks he made at the SBC convention on June 11 calling the Prophet Muhammed a "demon-possessed pedophile", a mosque in Northern California was burglarized and vandalized with various hate filled expletives spray painted on the walls.  Milpitas, CA police have reported that they will investigate the incident as a hate crime.

In addition, columnist for the Washington Times Paul Craig Roberts writes in an editorial today, "Despite the terrible events of September 11, the United States government continues to issue hundreds of thousands of visas to young Muslims ... the unasked question is why the Untied States is allowing any visas to be issued to Muslims"

And activists in Orlando, Florida report that area talk show host Shannon Burke has aroused fear and outrage in the Orlando Muslim community by making statements that include, "We should close all our borders to all Muslims", "Muslims are cruel" (his producer Colin Brady said this), "Islam hates education.  That's why literacy, science and mathematics are regarded by scholars in Islam to be a threat to Islam", "Islam hates democracy and hates the United States" and "The bottom line is that any new invention, any innovation, is seen by Islam as an offence to Allah."

MPAC Communications Director Sarah Eltantawi said of these recent trends, "there seems a disturbing 'upping of the ante' when it comes to socially-permissible generalizations to make against Muslims and Arabs.  Hate filled, stereotypical and thoughtless statements can erode the tradition of civilized discourse on this country like a cancer, setting the stage for further breakdowns of civilized behavior.  Normalizing terrible statements against Islam's most revered prophet and calling for a complete severing of ties with all Muslims are sentiments completely at odds with a nation that prides itself on freedom, tolerance, and an educated populace.  We must double our efforts to spread non-sensationalized, accurate information about the seven million Muslims that call this great nation home and the fifth of humanity that practice Islam"

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) is a public service agency working for the civil rights of American Muslims, for the integration of Islam into American pluralism, and for a positive, constructive relationship between American Muslims and their representatives.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Nature & Science
Views: 2984
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Assalammualaikum...alhamdullilah...i and you all hope that Islam will be the best and only one religion that have no weakness...Malaysia now have a hot issue about Mahathir which will give his power as Perdana Menteri (President) of Malaysia to his assistant, Abdullah Badawi which now as Timb. Perdana Menteri (Assistant of President)...i hope that Malaysia will be one of the best country in this world...insya'allah...wassalam...Bario....

Why doesn't someone of the Muslim community stand up and denounce what is happening as far as Terrorism goes?Someone of influence. These people are killing innocents in the name of Mohammed. I belive in accepting all races, religons, and creeds but not if you are going to harm people in the name of God. That goes against everything God is no matter what religon you are. And acts of Terrorism are all based around religous beliefs, those of the Islamic faith.

I belive until someone says something the hatred and judgements will still be believed. Make people who don't understand Islam, understand that you are not about violence put peace and I don't think that is conveyed. Maybe then people will have knowledge. When people have knowledge they are not afraid and will not judge.


I totally condemn the handling of the speech by the SBC leaders and I am saddened by what has been said and the hate that has been created. BUT, I would also like to see the SAME KIND of condemnation in other countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other muslim nations where Christians are being tortured for their faith and hated for there religion. How many Christians have been jailed and never seen since they were arrested in Saudi Arabia? Why is it that NOT ONE muslim will stand up and condemn the Saudi govt.? I have relatives that we haven't heard from for years in Saudi because of their Christian faith. No muslim will stand up for these causes but every muslim expects support in America or India where there is freedom of religion. Please, lets have some fairness and see muslims stand up for the rights of other religions in other countries as well instead of all the persecutions. Till the time I see Christians get on national TV in muslim countries and be able to freely talk about their religion I find it hard to believe that muslims are peace-loving people.

Asalam Alaikum
The article of june 13, 2002 about hate crimes and hate speech is right in line with this country. Remember this country commited genocide against the Native people and went all the way to Africa to enslave Africans for over 200 years, hate is woven into the fabric of America. Being a muslim I knew this was coming after 9/11, also remember this country is controlled by Zionist Jews. They control all forms of communication, the government/legal field, finincial and education. All you have to do is read "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" to figure out what is going on. These comments should make us more steadfast in our religion as the holy quran have stated. This country is the biggest lie and do not be fooled. That is why I do not care what they say as an African American ... .. If they say up, it is really down , if they say down, it is really up. The "Protocols" brings everything to light and tells of the conspiracy. So all I have to say is that Allah a has given us a great relgion and do not forget it or aplogize for it. Peace be onto you, my brothers and sisters

It really amazes me when people of other faiths meet to discuss Islam rather than their own religion. They don't get more converts by bashing other peoples religion nor do the people listening to this hatred become more devoted to their own religion. The only thing they achieve is they make the people listening to this speech become more devoted to hating others, namely Muslims and vice versa. Why should Muslims tolerate this? We should protest outside their gatherings and tell them to keep their bigotry to themselves. It is just like what they used to say to about the Jews and Blacks, they only promote irrational bigotry. Muslims have had enough, it is high time we come together PUT OUR DIFFERENCES ASIDE and start solidifying our identity in America and defending it fiercely just as the Jews and African-Americans have been successful at combating such bigotry.