National Baptist leader makes 'hate-filled' Islamophobic remarks

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national Islamic advocacy group today called on President Bush, other elected officials and leaders of national Christian and Jewish organizations to help defend America's image and interests in the Muslim world by repudiating "hate-filled" Islamophobic remarks made at the annual gathering of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in St. Louis, Missouri.

CAIR made that request after the Rev. Jerry Vines, pastor of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida, told SBC conventioneers that the Prophet Muhammad was a "demon-possessed pedophile" (Rev. Vines is a former SBC president). Rev. Vines added that, "Allah is not Jehovah either. Jehovah's not going to turn you into a terrorist that'll try to bomb people and take the lives of thousands and thousands of people". When asked by reporters to condemn those bigoted remarks, both the outgoing and incoming SBC presidents said they supported Rev. Vines and his statements.

"This type of deeply offensive, bigoted and inaccurate rhetoric hands a victory to those who wish to drive a wedge between Muslims, Christians and Jews," said CAIR Board Chairman Omar Ahmad. "Reckless Islamophobic statements from individuals regarded as leaders in their faith community will harm America's image and interests worldwide and will serve to divide Americans at this time of national crisis", said Ahmad. He added: "Muslims revere the Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad as the ultimate moral and ethical role models who would never commit any act contrary to God's eternal message".

Ahmad quoted the Quran, Islam's revealed text, which states: "Say ye: 'We believe in God and the revelation given to us and to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between one and another of them.'" (2:136)

He added that anti-Islamic rhetoric by respected religious leaders could lead to more hate-crimes against ordinary American Muslims. A recent national poll indicated that "nearly 75 percent of Muslim Americans either know someone who has or have themselves experienced an act of anti-Muslim discrimination, harassment, verbal abuse or physical attack since September 11".

There are an estimated seven million Muslims in America and some 1.2 billion worldwide.

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Older Comments:
Mr Baptist leader:
I once was a Christian God fearing woman. I left because of people like you. You Christians claim to love God. God taught love. Jesus taught love and respect and tolerance. You have the nerve to condemn a group of people whose religion you don't even take the time to understand. I am now Muslim, I don't drink, smoke, take drugs, or run around with men. I am modest and kind to my parents, I am taught not to steal or cheat or lie. I am taught to respect people and show them kindness. My religion is love and peace. Those on the media such as Osama bin Laden call themselves muslims. THEY ARE NOT! Just like David Koresh in Waco called himself a Christian! There will always be nuts and psychopaths in any religion. Stop lumping the murderers with Islam. You might know priests are Christians and some are convicted of child molestation, so does that mean the Christians are all child molesters! If you believe in Jesus then I suggest to practice what he preached. Mercy, peace, love and understanding among all people. Signed a proud muslima, Glori

muslim throughout the entire world are passing
through a crisis.thank you for the beautiful
quatation from the Quran for the wise and faithful it is enough.
May Allah give all of us the srength to stand the crisis and explain the message of Allah to everyone.

He Is Ignorant...Blinded and Veiled from Mercy because of his open remarks against the Mercy to all creation...May Allah guide those innocent people who heard these comments by finding the true nature of the Messenger of God Peace and Blessings be Upon Him.

Jesus was not a simple Prophet which Mr. Parker had commented as "Agitating". Jesus is mentioned about 30 times in the Quran' and it is said that "He was sent to earth with pure spirit and he'll taken back to Allah". There are heaps of complements and praises bestowed upon Jesus on the Quran'. A lot of the Christians/Jews would regard the Quran' as satanic and Muhammad(PBUH)as demon-possesed and would brand Islam as "Intolerant"!, whereas Muslims highly respect Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all the biblical prophets and believe in the Angels.

This must be a mentally retarded insane person, only islam teaches it's followers to attain the moral perks and besides it's obvious to everyone what's going on with the christian institution these days.

There will always be "wedges" between the three faiths. Civilized people simple recognize the wedges are there and lead their own lives by their own faith. The SBC stepped the out of the bounds of tolerance, but to say Jesus was just a prophet is agitating, also.

Rev. Vines is a cursed to himself. Just like the whole world heard about this satanic comments, we will hear about his sorry end. Just watch!!!

"Verily, those who annoy Allah and His Messenger(SAW) Allah has cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and has prepared for them humiliating a torment" Quran 33:57

I am not at all surprized by the remarks made by
Rev.Jerry Vines the Swine because ALLAH(THE ONE AND ONLY)Jalleshaanehu already informed the Muslim ummah thru His beloved Messenger, The Heartbeat of our Hearts Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam-- in Surah Al-Baqarah
of the Holy Quraa'n,:"That the jews & christians can never be true friends of a Muslim".
ALLAHU-AKBAR....ALLAH, His word was,is and will always be true.
Only by loving and holding dear the Sunnah of our beloved heartbeat Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, ALLAh's dearest Habib can the Muslim Ummah hope to remain steadfast in these times of harsh trials and troubles.


Today, the life expectancy of any female is 80 to 90 years, and puberty was reached at the age of 14. 1500 years ago the life expectancy was 45, and puberty happened at the age of 9.
To get the most out of life it is only natural to get married as soon as possible.

As usual its becomming a proven 'theory' that American leaders speak out more often in ignorance than intelligence. Whats rather sad is how inadequate and unfulfilled Rev. Jerry Vines must feel, that he had to resort to making such ridiculous comments about Propher Muhammed (PBUH) to boost his ego and enhance is self worth. What I find so ironical is that he should make these comments at a time when the church is under scrutiny for child molestation. Makes one wonder if he is trying to throw attention away from him and his lot. Also if he really was a proper Christian then dont they also teach to not pick on other faiths and to repect all the way Islam teaches this.

You cannot judge an entire religion based on the actions of a few. Just as you cannot judge Muslims by the actions of a few, so you cannot judge Christians by the words of a few. Surely 9-11 would've have taught this to all of us!

Now this is what I don't get. Here you have a slob of a man called Jerry Vines, who curses our dear belover Rasul saws. And yet in our mosques, instead of exposing this type of corruption and exposing the dirt and filth which causes what they claim to be truth to turn into falsehood, our imams will just overlook this who ordeal and perhaps talk about how we should pray fajr salah at the mosque instead of home. One can only wonder when we will awaken, or yet awaken ourselves and not let the govt put ourselves and our mosques to sleep while they let the dogs out on the other end to eat us up alive bothy mentally and physically.

To clear up something that some people on the forum have raised: this bigoted minister is a Protestant, while the child molestor priests are Roman Catholics.

It appears that Baptists have a problem with hatred.

I think the Baptist leader needs more education in his religion cause as far as I remember there is violence in the Bibble as much as ther is in The jewish faith and Islam. Therefore making a comment that is based on a passage taken out of context is just blantly Stupid. In addition, I do not think it was wrong at the time to get married to a Nine year old in fact it was common so, I do not know how these 21th pedophiles priests are trying to preach about pedophilia. it is clear that it is a way to divert attention about their despicable crimes.

Peace to ALL.

Rev. Vines comments about The Prophet is deplorable. It reflects a hate against Muslims. It makes one wonder what kind of religious practice he does which tells him to make such remark. He is taking opportunity to express his feelings against Muslims.

I think if legal action and charges can be brought on him should be done.

His supporter is also deplorable.

I am glad to note that there are many people of other faiths are also deploring him.

Muslims and others are here to stay. They have burnt their boats to make the west their home.

They cannot be terminated.

Be watchful rev. vines!
* Watch your thoughts before they become words.
* Watch your words, before they become actions.
* Watch your actions before they become habits.
* Watch your habits before they become character.
* Watch your character before it becomes your
* Save your destiny before it is too late.
Many people utter grave words before giving it
much thought. Haste is waste. Haste is from Satan and from ignorance. A person with knowledge
speaks slowly, thoughtfully and with great care:
otherwise he remains silent.


Folks, just forgive him. Muhammad the Prophet forgave the people who insulted and made him bleed with stones in Taif. He also forgave the cruelty of the Meccan people. Don't worry...Islam can defend itself, so cool your head down.

I quote Rumi:

Moslems and Christians and Jews
raising their hands to the sky
their chanting voice in unison
begin to arrive
how happy is the one
whose heart's ear
hears that special voice
as it begins to arrive

clear your ears my friend
from all impurity
a polluted ear
can never hear the sound
as it begins to arrive


i am tired of defending our faith to bigots and islamiphobic people. the reverend obviously if afraid of islam. he should be condeming the priests and the cardinals that prey on little children and abuse them.
he has no moral jdgement on any one.
i do hope that he is not a molester and trying to divert the attention away from him and his fellow preists and reverends.

These remarks usually come from athiests and to hear these hate-filled coments from a pastor is disgusting. This is no different than athiestic arguments that God almighty had raped a 13 year old girl named Mary and got her pregnant with Jesus. Of course a muslim would never believe that. It could be that he added this false non-sense just to distract the attention from his "God-filled" priests who are molesting little children.

This type of garbage, hate and senseless mocking

of one's religion only direct those with sincere

questions about Islam to Islam. This is suppose

to be a man of principle? As a christian, I was

distraught,confused at how incomplete the bible

was. Oh yeah, depending on which one you read.

In the bible it states that Jesus (PBUH) was

tempted by the devil for 40 days. It also states

that GOD, ALLAH (SWT) cannot be tempted. Jesus

(PBUH) cried out 3x's to GOD, ALLAH (SWT) to

remove the cup of death from him. It states that

Jesus, ESAU (PBUH) raised the dead, okay who did

he pray to ??????????? JESUS, ESAU (PBUH) is his

only begotten son? Astaghfirullah ! This is mere

blasphemy. The same bible, King James Version

states that David, Dawud (PBUH) as the only

forgotten son, Astaghfirullah ! David , Dawud

was born before Jesus, Esau ! Get it right! Allah

(SWT) is self sufficient! Has all,knows all and

the sustainer of all. SELF SUFFICIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Issac (PBUH) as the first son of prophet Abrahim

(Alaihis Salaam)? Even in your own bible, yet you

continuously negate the facts. Ismael (PBUH) is

the first born. Sarah (PBUH) asked her husband to

go unto their egyptian maidservant, Hagar because

she could not produce a child. After conception,

of Ismael (PBUH), Issac (PBUH) was born. How many

wives did Solomom have ? 700 with 300 concubines?

You wonder why sooooooo..... many are converting

to Islam, the one true religion. The list can go

on. Read the Quran, The true book, the only book

that remains in it's original state.


I am sick and tired of making excuses for a delibrate and calculated attacks against our belief by people like the Rev. what is his name may he burn in hellfire.Why we just sue the sbc for defaming our prophet and our God Allah. The only way they will learn to respect our religion is to go after our God given right to defend our belief through the Americal legal system.They got the money . We need to give that money to charity. People in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechniya and and many other Muslim land are suffering .They need our help.Thank YOU Wasalam.Allahu Akbar and Muhammed is His Messanger.

.../... Cont'd
I would urge the people that are following these charlatans to do themselves a favor by preventing these limited minds from doing the thinking for them, as much as I hate to say it, this shall backfire sooner or later. Get yourselves and your children into the habit of learning about others and their cultures, about what pleases and displeases others, open up your minds and encourage your children to do the same. Finally I am addressing this especially to mainstream America, you may not be aware of this, believe it, learn it, our beautiful planet is called Earth (in English) not America.

I have the following saying from Mister Ahmed Hulusi printed in very large fonts, framed and hung on my office wall, it would not be such a bad idea for others to do the same.

"The greatest barrier for a human that bans him from seeing the truth is his approach with prejudice. "

Allah Hafiz


Obviously, ignorance, stupidity and mediocrity reign over the world.

I would urge my Muslim sisters and brothers to be grateful for being informed just like brother Abdullahi wisely stated. The more we find out the true nature of those religious and political leaders, writers and other charlatans and unfortunately as well as of the majority of the non-Muslim populace, the better it is for the Islamic Ummah. In my humble opinion this is one of the best (bitter) medicine we need in order to cure a disease called COMPLACENCY that has ravaged our Ummah for over a century now.
Do not take it on any of these mediocre leaders that are representing their nation, as you will be wasting yourself, BESIDES, WHAT ELSE IS NEW here? We are fortunate to be Muslims and I would encourage you to always defend Islam and also urge you to make use of your God given intelligence, mental health and other God's granted means to educate yourself and your children on every useful science and discipline, and whenever possible educate others about Islam.
However these so-called religious and political leaders are doing more harm to their own people than to us for we already know what the real issues are, and praise to Allah we are dealing with "our problems" slowly but surely.

.../... Cont'd

Assalamoualaikoum !
My impression is that the National Baptist leader is following the American politicians who have openly come out and made derogatory remarks about muslims and all to do with muslims way of life.It's purely meant to make muslims in America and worldwide feel on edge.This is a deliberate ploy to attack us the muslims for telling them the truth that Jesus P.B.U.H. is only a messenger of God and not God himself.When innocent muslims were being butchered in Bosnia,Palestine and Iraq no muslim leader or religious leader came out and attacked christians and insulted the prophet Jesus P.B.U.H. because he is more important to muslims as his teachings are from the real God,and not the man God.He informed the world of the future coming of the prophet Muhammed P.B.U.H.Yet they claim to follow their book ,but conviniently forgot the real message of Jesus which was that he had come to fulfill the Ten Commandments of Moses and not to start a new religion.He wanted to put the Jews onto the right path and also took the liberty to declare that a comforter will come and He (Muhammed P.B.U.H.) will guide the whole world to righteousness and onto the right path .When the christian religion dbecomes desperate this is what they get up to ,and the remarks of the national baptist leader is not unexpected.The Holy Quran couldn't be inaccurate.

Rev. Vine's poor remarks reflect his lack of
sound knowledge about Islam as well as history.
But most of all, his remarks reveal his intense
prejudice. I want to tell rev. about the fate of
a person who spoke evil & unjust words about Prophet Mohammed (SAS). He died soon and was buried in the grave. Next day the earth spit him
out under open sky. Three times he was buried and
each time the earth vomitted him out. Subsequently
his corpse was left unburried. Rev. ought to fear Allah and His severe punishment, not only in this
world but in the Hereafter. My advice to Rev. is
keep his big mouth shut and control his offensive tongue. My own opinion is that the rev. is a bigot who should go to school of mannerism to get
lessons in public relations and humility. It would pay for him to remember that Jesus(pbuh)
taught his followers humility. I suggest the rev.
to read his bible (esp. book of Matthews)- rev
would excite angry remarks from muslims all over the globe. The rev should retract his evil remarks
and tender public apology to global muslim community.

Assalamu Alaikum,
Monstansar, I totally agree with u. And Roschelle, become a little bit more educated before u go on saying that the hijackers were Muslims


It might seem befitting for a Baptist populist to preach nonsense, but our approach should be different and dignified. We should not launch retaliations filled with fury; on the contrary, we should 'educate' the audience of these preachers. As a muslim I am aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Our 2 major weaknesses:
Lack of education and the inability to keep our heads calm.
Islam will prevail (a promise made in the Quran), all we have to is to live up to the Quranic expectations.

The Comments made by the Pastor in Missouri are a disgraceful attack on Islam nd tolerance within a Civilised Society.
The Pastor has insulted the Prohet Mohammed and should be prosecuted under Blasphemous Law.

First, National Baptist leader hate black people than aplogize recently but they are the same hatefull people. Now, they hate muslim like they do blacks next they will hate Chinesies.
Only is islam you see that Mohammad (peace be upon him) live, work, and prayed will every types of people like black, brown, and any colors.

We muslim need to unit and pick a leader who live like Allah want to and fear him, like the companion (Omar(RA), Usman(RA), Ali(RA)) of Mohammed (Peace be upon him). Than we can fight any body with Allah help.

Hmm the more we try to please non-Muslims, the more we'll be dis-respected by them and Allah swt. Why don't we tryt please Allah swt. Remember that honor comes only from Allah swt, no one else.

For Mr. Vines to make such a irresponsible and racist statement, shows not only his ignorance about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) But also the inate hatred that the southern baptist have for other races, religions, and cultures different than their own asinine beliefs. Why did'nt they (southern Baptist)address the history of their own beliefs and practices in conjunction with the subjucation of the African race. Why did'nt he discuss the rape of children by the catholic church? Of all the things he could have positively said for the peace of mankind, he chose to make a comment that could bring more hatred and division among the people of the world. I cannot believe that a man who profess to love God, would make such a statment derogatory statement towards one of his prophets

It is sad that ignorant people would group all Muslims together with the terrorist who highjacked the planes on 9/11. What those people did was wrong and NOT condusive to what Islam teaches. Also, it has not been proven without a doubt exactly who was responsible for the horrendeous acts. When "Christians" bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors, is it fair to catagorize all Christians as murderers? No, it is not. Was it fair to Japanese-Americans to be put in concentration camps during the war "just to be on the safe side"? No it was not. Just as you can't judge a people, or a race by the actions of one or a few, neither can you judge a religion the same way. One could SERIOUSLY mis-judge Christianity with the overwhelming allegations made toward the Catholic church, which is where Christianity began, but that would be un-fair and inappropriate to do so. The only way to make a fair judgement against anyone or anything is to know for yourself what he/she/it is about. The kind of ignorant and bigoted thinking expressed by Rev. Vine is the root of the problem of the US and has been for quite some time. In my opinion, Americans need to get off the band wagon and start researching things for ourselves. We need to stop accepting anything that we are fed and think for ourselves. While this would take much more effort than what most of us are used to, it would turn this nation into the truly great nation that we all want to live in.

Thanks, Keep Moslems iformed.


Brothers and Sisters this is a very upsetting article to read but insh'allah may Allah give us the patience and emaan to deal with these weak and hatred filled comments towards this beautiful religon called Islam. Islam is not a racist religon but one of peace and modesty. As stated in a hadith , the characteristic of Islam is HAYAAT, - shame / modesty.

All i can say in reponse to those facist and pathetic remarks is that as Muslim we are condemned, verbally attacked and called terrorists if we speak out or opinions on contraversial matters yet if anyone else does its accepted and freedom of speech? I think this society needs to re-evaluate its idea of bias and justice


Are you surprised by this? What do you expect? The Southern Baptists are known for their intolerant views on a number of issues. Still, they remain one of the most popular and powerful denominations in our country. So, I guess a lot of people believe what they have to say, or at least, enough of it to stay within the denomination. I kind of liken it to the Roman Catholics, who by no means are unanimous in their agrement on everything that the Pope states, but who believe enough in the rest of the Catholic doctrine not to seek religion elsewhere. I don't think all Muslims are in agreement with everything Osama Bin-Laden states either, at least I hope not, but this doesn't prevent them from being Muslims. So, likewise, I can't believe that all of the Southern Baptists share the views expressed by this particular preacher either. They are not, however, going to buck members of their little "social club," at least not openly.

This is not the first and this will not be the last time for ignorant and stupid people to make such comments. We muslims have to educate and organize ourselves to better confront such fanatics. They are simply envious of Islam. They plan and Allah plans and Allah is the Best of Planners.

It is disappointing to note that CAIR Board Chairman Omar Ahmad was more concerned for the 'image of United States' in the Muslim World than the horrific comment from some illiterate and ignorant leaders of Christianity who like always talk with words of Hypocrisy.

I would like to ask him if he calls Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) a "demon-possessed pedophile" then HOW OLD WAS Bibi Marium when she conceived Prophet Jesus (PBUH) ? She was 13~14 years old when she gave birth, which makes her 12~13 years old when she conceived the Prophet of Allah. How come this is not sick (which it isn't, according to the cultural difference) and Prophet Muhammed's marriage sick? May Allah forgive me.

As far as the image of the United States goes, it is as hollow as the leaders of this SBC.

We are Muslims and Islam does not allow Nationalization. You cannt be a Muslims and an American or Saudi or Yemeni. You are only muslim. Your origin could be Saudia or Yemen but not the identity.

Jazak Allaho khairun