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The news that NATO war planes attacked a Serb rebel base in Croatia and also bombed missile sites did not impress anyone. Everyone knows that these air fields can be repaired soon.

What was really funny about the whole macabre drama was that at a UN request that Serb warplanes were not destroyed.

It is really difficult to figure out the UN Secretary General Butros Ghali. It seems his policy of appeasement conforms with the hypocritical policies of most European states.

In the midst of Europe a relentless war and genocide is being waged against a nation who's only "crime" is that they adhere by a long and thin rope to Islam. It is precisely for this reason that the Serbian hordes edged on by Russian, Ukrainian, Greek and Bulgarian support are aiming to decimate the entire nation.

Added to all this is the indifference exhibited by some Western European powers notably France and Germany who have their own agenda. As the offensive against the Bosnians continue, as the deadly shells land in Sarajevo and kill and maim young and old alike; Europe is getting ready for Christmas. People are buying cards, gifts clothes and are planning for the big binge.

The war in Bosnia seems far away. To some, it seems like a bad dream. To others it may be the right thing.

Last Friday, a gentleman asked why the Muslim countries did not do anything for Bosnia. I told him it is a Catch 22 situation. If we are all gung-ho to support the Bosnians the Europeans raise the specter of Saladin (Salahudin) and speak of a confrontation between them and the crescent.

But we cannot do that. Too many divisions, no backbone, no media to communicate to the West that we mean business inertia and complacency have enveloped the Muslim world.

But is the Bosnian issue a religious conflict or does it have to do with human rights and self determination? That is what the world has to decide. And it cannot do that. Nor can the UN with its impotence do it. Then who is to bell the cat?

The United States and Bill Clinton have in fact tried to do something. But Clinton's wavering especially at the crucial hour helped drive the European point home. That is leave the Bosnians to bleed to death. David Owen and Cyrus Vance have the blood of thousands of Bosnians on their hands. They are as equal in guilt as the Bosnian murderers whose knives are now slitting the throats of innocent Bosnians. European leaders are no less guilty. As for Butros Ghali, all the perfume of Arabia would not wash the blood from his hands. 

The picture of Bosnian teenagers, their hands tied behind their backs, sprawled on the icy ground which appeared in Al Madina paper made its readers sick. In the heart of Europe, a terrible genocide is taking place with not even a whimper. By God, if these were Jews the whole of Europe would have stood up as one man and the Slavs would have had to crave in their holes. The United States would have bombed Belgrade out of existence.

But they are not and it is wishful thinking on our part to believe that a similar action could take place.

Then what is to be done? And this question I pose to all. Do we sit and watch the horrific scenes on the television and just flick away to avoid seeing it. Do we turn pages of newspapers containing news of atrocities in Bosnia. Are our senses so dulled that these reports do not activate our emotion?

Do many of us think and say: "thank God it's not us". Are some enjoying the pain being inflicted on these unfortunate souls? What is to be done? Have we even cared to write and comment on our feelings or are we only concerned with trivial matters.

Letters to the Editor on mundane and foolish subjects appear. No one seems to want to apprise the West how people are smarting at the revolting scenes from Bosnia.

In all honesty one can say that the Americans have shown a greater sympathy towards the plight of the Bosnian. Senator Bob Dole has been in the forefront of those that have spearheaded a call to lift the arms embargo on the Bosnians.

However, the Europeans with the Crusader mentality aided by UN Secretary General Butros Ghali are leaving no stone unturned to thwart the Americans.

No European leader has even mentioned the Bosnian situation and the gravity of the situation. No one can condemned the Serbian predators who are draining the blood of a whole nation.

On the contrary efforts were made to ease the embargo against Serbia. Supplies were coming in from Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, the Ukraine and a host of other European countries.

The Serbs should have the same type of embargo enforced against the Iraqi tyrant.

In the minds of many confusion prevails.

It seems that minds have become opiated.

What is more astounding to note is that foreign ministers of Scandinavian countries are going to airports to meet Tasleema Nasreen, a third-rate Bangladeshi writer - why? To show their support for her rights. She is being feted in European capitals and the sensibilities of Muslims are being snubbed.

The whole of Europe is up in arms ready to defend Nasreen to the hilt. Yet Europeans are being hacked to death right within their backyard. Do they have no rights or is it because they are Muslims.

Only time will tell.

Addendum for the article By Khaled Al-Maeena

The UN has turned down a last-ditch strike by NATO planes using its troops on the ground as an excuse. The Western hypocrisy and the deliberate actions of Germany and France to force the Bosnian Government to consider a cease-fire is hypocritical. Muslims are being attacked by a large force and the casualties are mounting. It seems the West does not intend to take any further action and the UN is not going to do anything because of the ulterior motives of its Secretary General, Bhutros Ghali, whose whole body is stained with blood.

To have such horror and brutality so close to Rome and Vienna is showing the face of Western hypocrisy. The United States which prides itself as the guardian of freedom should take unilateral action as it did with Haiti and Granada. They may then earn the favor of all freedom-loving people.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Europe, Human Rights
Views: 1629

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