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Washington, D.C. - U.S. Rep. David E. Bonior will be honored April 20 by the Pakistani American Association of North American (PAANA), the largest grassroots organization of Pakistanis living in America and Canada.

Bonior will receive the organization's prestigious "Pak American Friendship Award" for those who have shown continuous support of Pakistan and Pakistani Americans living in the United States.  

The PAANA's annual conference is being held in Chicago this year.  The award ceremony will take place before 1,000 members of the group during its annual gala dinner.

"He's a great leader of all minorities -- all colors and all ethnicities," said Shaukat Sindhu, PAANA chairman. "He has been a leader in speaking out on the issues of many ethnic and religious topics.  We hope that he does become the next governor of Michigan. He will treat all minorities in Michigan equally and with respect."

Bonior has been a tireless advocate for peace and fairness in South Asia and the Middle East.  The congressman has visited Kashmir during trips in February 2001 and April 2000 as part of a fact-finding and peace-seeking delegation in the region.

 "I am very honored to receive this award," Bonior said. "We need peace in South Asia so prosperity can come to all people.  The United States needs a balanced foreign policy in the region and we need increased trade between us and Pakistan."

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Government And Politics
Views: 1278

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Asalam Alekam, It sure was refreashing to see an article stressing the need for peace,balanced foreign policy and increased trade between pakistan and america. im suprized im the first to write on this. im an american muslim hoping to start a business with fellow pakistani friend. Good job.