How Worrying is the Rise of U.S. Right-Wing Extremism?

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The number of reported hate crimes in the United States rose in 2016, the year Donald Trump was elected president, the second consecutive year the figures increased.  African-Americans, Jews and Muslims were all targeted.

Last week a Florida man was arrested after mail bombs were sent to some of Trump’s high-profile critics.

And on Saturday 11 people were killed in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. So, who’s to blame?

And does President Trump’s rhetoric fuel the hate?

Presenter: Imran Khan

Gregg Roman, former director of the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Glenn Carle, former deputy National Intelligence Officer for transnational threats at the CIA
Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc

  Category: Americas, Featured, Highlights, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Extremism, Hate Crime
Views: 740

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