Scientific breakthrough in Islamic based medicine

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A Malaysian based company that has scored a scientific breakthrough in herbal based medicine is looking for international funds to expand its business globally, officials of the company said on Saturday.

Edelstein is the company manufacturing the products that are registered and patented in Malaysia. It has recently been granted several licenses by the Malaysian Ministry of Health(MOH).

The licenses are recognized world wide and allow the inventor to produce and market the medicine worldwide, Professor Dr Azizah Hashim told in an exclusive interview.

The Professor, a lecturer at the University Putra Malaysia (UPM) Faculty of Agriculture, added that after 20 years of R&D in Europe and 5 years in Asia, Edelstein look set to become a major manufacturer of this unique health based products in the Asian region. She added that Edelstein look set "to become a major manufacturer of this unique health based products in the Asian region."

The Kuala Lumpur based company has plans to produce the Habba Sauda and Hilba based herbal medicines on an industrial basis.

Impressive curative capabilities

The products are purely herbal oil extracts and in powder form, designed to have immediate reactions on the patients who absorb the contents in fresh milk, fruit juice or some other beverages. "The reactions after taking the medication are immediate in most cases. The patient can feel the difference. The product works by cleansing the body of any toxins and enhancing the patient's immune system," the professor said.

Tests carried out in Malaysia by different official agencies found that they contained 8 out of 10 essential amino acids and hormones, vitamins and even mineral nutrients that are required by the human body. "The products are able to cure chronic diseases. We have cured heart diseases, asthma, and various types of cancer, strokes, sinuses and diabetic. The result can be immediate or after 1 to 3 weeks or more," Professor Azizah Hashim said.

The company has already invested heavily on research and development that has given intrinsic results baffling local and international medical circles, said Ms Hashim.

Investment Potentials

Edelstein is a Swedish-Malaysian joint venture with Lutfie Abdullah as the main researcher and inventor of the product. Professor A. Hashim has been involved in the R&D of the company for the past five years. She has tested the products on plants, animals and humans and the results she says are incredible.

The company expects to raise a sum of $4.4 million for the production of the medicines which will be in form of oil and powder. The capital will also be injected in a franchise operation starting with the opening of 9 restaurants in Malaysia. The capital is also needed for the production of traditional cosmetics. These cosmetics are in form of powder and are effective within 7 days of usage on the face for example. "The results are astounding" the promoters of the product said.

The restaurants will sell exclusive health food and drink and will be based on concepts used by huge multinationals such as MacDonald's etc. "This business venture is in accordance with the Shariah principles and will be managed by experienced and qualified professionals." Lutfie Abdullah said. He added that the company is ready to share the management portfolios as well other positions if necessary but will keep a tap on the secret ingredients that make its products unique in many ways.

Thousands of patients have been given relief by using the Habba Sauda and Hilba products which has been improved during the past six years in Malaysia.

The system used to extract the oil is the only one of its kind worldwide. The unique cool press system allows a direct extraction of the oil from the herbs and that maintains the therapeutic properties of the products.

Professor Hashim said some renowned pharmaceutical companies' world wide has offered to purchase the oil extracts from Edelstein but the company refused to sell at this level. It is waiting for an investment partner willing to take the risk to produce this product on a large scale. For further information Professor Azizah Hashim can be contacted on this email address and following fax numbers.

[email protected]

Fax: 603-26931401

Or 603-26972805

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Malaysia
Views: 816

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