Islamic Law Through Distance Learning

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In today’s world of global communication and technological advancement, distance learning is a practical, convenient tool for many people around the globe. Through my years of experience in higher education and my regular visits to institutions of learning both in the East and the West, I have found that this kind of education has become a living reality that is thriving rapidly, despite of some challenges.

Let us speak a little bit about legal education that has become a scientific destination for many of the scholars of the study. In view of the hereafter and great benefits of this education, it enters into the circle of the beneficent divine science which is the key to afterlife and true happiness.

Allah the Almighty has spoken to us through this verse of the Qur’an where He says, “Then We set you upon a pathway of faith, so follow it, and do not follow the inclinations of those who do not know.” (45:18). It shows us the truth of the mandate behind this kind of education.

Through my meetings, I have learned that Western universities in Europe, America and other places offer sections to study Islamic Law. They are convinced of the importance of the treasures contained in this law, which despite the decline of many beliefs and religions, is an inexhaustible flow that flows with great benefits for both worlds.

We have decided with to provide all that is new in the data of this kind of education. The students will notice a progressive development in order to reach the optimal situation and achieve the desired goal according to the international quality specifications available for this type of education, We always welcome creative ideas and constructive suggestions.

In conclusion, I pray to Allah to give us victory and success.  I also seize the opportunity to show my gratitude for the support of the education given by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who began the march of science. under the shade of the tree. The great shadows and roots, and under it the types of science leafy fruit, which is what we earn in our time today.

We ask Allah the Almighty to help us prepare for this nation of Oman, and to bless all Arab and Islamic nations with growth and prosperity.

Ziad bin Talib Al-Mawali
General Supervisor of the project of Distance Learning
Advisor to His Excellency the Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs 

( Source: College of Shariah Sciences, Oman )

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Life & Society
  Topics: Islamic Law (Sharia)  Values: Education, Knowledge
Views: 1178

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